The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on August 2, 1966 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 3

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 2, 1966
Page 3
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The Ottawa Journal .-"' ' " . Tuesdoy, August 2, 1966 ' ' " ' The Ottawa Jourrnlx "3 '"'- RCAF Officer Wins Queen s Meda By PETE McNAUGHTON . SOUTH MARCH. Ont. CP- Jonn Ruckpaul If hoping the Queen's Medal he won at the Dominion of Canada Rifle A-sociatioa championships Monday will have tome 'promo tional value. The 30-year-old flight lieuten ant from the air base at Com Lake. Alta., captured the medal a top air force shot In the Sir Arthur Currie match, fired at distances ranging from 10 to 800 yards on the, government'! huge Connaught range near this community west pf Ottawa. He said later he .hopes his success in the event will convince the recreation association at his base to devote more money to shooting. "We've been trying to convince them for a long time." he said. "Maybe this wilt help. We (Vm'I even have a place to shoot. We have to go IBS miles away to Edmonton." Ruckpaul won the -medal for the second time. His other victory came in 1963. He had not fired the government issue C1A1 rifle which competitors must use. In the Currie in nearly two year un til be fired seven practice shots Monday, before competing. - Winner of the other Queen's .Medal, awarded lop shot among serving members of the militia, was In doubt and DCRA offi cials were to consults with the defence department on the eligibility on one of the candidates. Bob Clerk of Westmount. Que., originally was declared winner on the basis of his 18 in the Currie the same score as Ruckpaul. . However; Dick-Hampton of AIMston. Out, 'a member of the supplementary reserve after his retirement from1 the permanent force a few years ago, had 171 and the question arose whether he could be considered a serv-l ing member ml the militia. ' Cpl. C. E. Hockett of Camp Gagetown, N.B.. had -top score In the Currie. lit of a possible 200. Second was Cpl. E. C. (Sta) Stuart of Edmonton with 170. Both are active servicemen and ineligible for the Queen's Medal. HAMPTON WAS THIRD Hampton was third, L. Cpl. Jv W. (Matt) Matthews of Ed- roonion fourth with It 'and Ruckpaul and Clerk fifth. Hampton, who' became the,, lftth Canadian in nearly a cen-tury of, shooting- to win the Queen's, prize at the Common- . wealth championships at Bisley. England, last month, continued bis outstanding shooting with his third - place finish in the Currie and second r place finish hi the fberwood match. Clerk alto bad a fine day. In addition to finishing fifth in the Currie, be tied for second in the MacPougall match,' first event '--counting toward the aggregate that determines Canada's 11-man'team at Bisley next year. Ruckpaul and Clerk headed 1 the list in the Helmer service , conditions aggregate, based on the 10 snatches fired w th the CIAI. Each had 411 of a possible S7t, one point better than L. Cpl. Larry Rankin of Edmonton and three better than Stu- - . Matthews, was fifth with 471. Followed by Hampton with 471.. The annual matches continue untH Saturday, -x Ancaster Marksman Wins By One Point Sporting Rifle SOUTH MARCH; Ont CP)- uruce wilkins of Ancaster. Ont.. has won the national - sporting rifle championship' on bis second try. -Wilkins. 33. a draftsman. edged veteran Clint DaMstrom of Calgary by a single point with a score of 1.331 out of 2.40 in eight matches fired Sunday and Monday. Wilkins had a sizable margin over DaMstrom, a 42-year-old geologist, in the number of shots hitting the X-ring a circle the size of a 23-cent piece in the centre of the target- Wilkins had 124 thou in the X-ring - to III for Dahlstrom. Herman Weber of Toronto pumped 428 shots into the cen tre of the target but his third-place score was 2J4. two short of Wilkins' winning total, -Mrs. Lou Wall of Hamilton. making her first appearance ia the f ial finmpwrathipti won the ladies sporting rifle title, beating her, .only competitor, Mr. Ida Troilitaka of Tor onto, with a score of 2.323 to 2J0S. for her opponent. - TAKES JUNIOR. TITLE The iuaior title went to Ted Harrison Jr. of St. Catharines, the only entry.- He-had a score of 1181. ' " The other two national smallbore shooting championships. decided. Saturday and Sunday, were won -by Americans. Earl Hamb. a Detroit policeman, woa-the open pistol title easily with a score of 1,722 out of 1J08. well abead of cond-place Pete Koateeki af-Matta- pen. Mem. wen had a AS' - - , Qutntoa Mar of Victoria nn-ished third an woe the Canadian dotal title 'with a score of I in DCRA Matches ' ' . AIMING FOR THE TOP ' ' - - ' ' " ' ' X ' X i - These four, men. all former Queen's Prize winners at Bisley. England, are af """"""Oa f competing in the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association meet at Connaught Ranges. I - I?1 TPKV l ftjw ' A : Tbey are. from left Norman L. Beckett. Major R. W. Hampton, Giinnar Westling . . I " WM II He' I 1 1 1 15 I and CoL Desmond Burke. Winners of this competition are eligible to compete at I " lLl IT IC 1 B u 4 iC X i next jeer's Bisley matches. ijoutm ro by Do Wia.) ' OaT aT rT "jC f Competition Close iQrs ! 1.S83.. two poinu better than, SOUTH MARCH,. Ont, (CP) .he was decwedwinner on the) VI ULXH JTJTK. YJ IX I tf Maj. Edson Warner of Lennox- basis oiliest, fiiiai slicts V r r championships with victories irtl HamrXon of AllirtonOnf ..l I -. ' I Al l the Bytown and S h e r mso d I nnaer.UD in I I NEEDS KTUCBUM I J I Batches. V -I nuKmvriUaWC I i I ..- X i , I - "7 7- N I who competes nntaiiy in the eUMmft small jlwre sttooting wlawawWwwas, awanl TI Mit al I 23 from COtyards ia the Bytown r a thtt Sherwood. . Ia faeth matches, Warner's scorewas leejuaTled by other shooters but I I . "The .new station lit njr at (new statJoo, lobjht t a lovely sight. cabt stood h Bloeline' Text Thefr company TTj,, holds the taai tesSise tor thel!!ner mto fourth-place Ron Wootger ol Re-1 glna. ; S.-' ' Ed Summers of Akron. OhioJ woo the open match rifle title with fide score of 1.184 out of I 3 JO, He had a comfortable 14- point margin over Nick Keganl of Ottawa who was second ml the open and first in the dosed. I Mrs. Oint Dahlstroai of Cal gary bad a easy time wamingl the ktdiee' match rifle title shr we the only female entered. She-potted a respectable score of 2J87 eut of Up. x , : j Outnumber Travellers Curious Ottawa's new railway station Is proving to be quite a crowd collector.. ". - ' x V "'Hundred of capital arta residents have passed through its glass portals since the station sent. off it first train at 8,04 a.m. Sunday, They cant te see what 32,' , hat previded la the way ef feeUtie fer train travellers coming lata end gain eat ef Ottawa. Levers ef the aid and tra-dHleaal received qtdte a Jest. The , new station rotunda (actually a square) is starkly functional, thank to steel, concrete end glass construction. It interior color combination is black and cream, with splashes of crimson. Architecturally speaking, it can best be described as airport hangar modem. Bottom half of the walls is concrete and top half glass. The roof is criss-crossed with iron beams giving it a hangar appeal One man who Is happy the new station is Station JUas- ter Cliff MacNam'ara. Surveying incoming trains, passengers moving briskly offVatforms. through tunnels ana up escaia- Crowds tors into the station proper. Mr. MacNamira said It was a vast inprovemeat ovef the old Union station. "Here we've got an intercom1 that cover all the station area, something we sever had at the old Union Station. Aad ta lighting Is fost must be a milli I I CO. ,nrn Ui 71 ., - J,'.- ! M it-'.A'Urt.JlaWw. 0. yXi l if fell SELF-PROPELLED UNITS ARE - 1 5 ue? . of the last an r. atwaaaF waaw- a CPR FIRST OUT OF NEW STATIO tJwirnol Wwf v DomkOon watt! tatiori ng lines of tbeir f root of the sta- s transpor t pas- the city Sunday rhere is service available. Fare tor single person to the Chateau Laurier are about IIJ8..TWO or snore passengers , are charged 29 cents each. From an operations point the tiansiUon from o(d to new statlaa went smoothly despite the fact that workmen will be aromd until about Oct. IS puttmg final tnochr oa the sew statjoa. 1 Two train were late arriving according tn Mr. MacNamara.l "Our biggest opening day problem was. shooing little boy off the tracks. We're lucky nobody got bit." , Some 10 persons were hand Saturday night at the old Union Station to see the arrival train into the, M- station. jmlause greeted the CN from Montreal to the west when it arrived at 130 a.m. Sunday. SOUTH MARCH. Ont. (CP-An eigluyman Province of Que bec Rifle Association team has Dundonald match at the of Canada Rifle As sociation ciuunpionships. The match, in which shooters fire rapidly from prone kneeling positions at distances of 20 end 30 yards; was shot Sunday. The Quebec team had a total of 1.070 out of 2.400. well abead of the runner-up Patricia Pats' Canadian Light Infantry from Edmonton which had a total of A ' -- Coming aoon - world renown) ' homnit Blackburn Hamlet 1,2 y ' . aw Thb tnow described the 1! Regatta, c AOT M i KORWAY BAY- t ever bad. That': 'fkials Norway Bay eluded here Saturday. A record I 30 entranU comoeted for honor in 92. event. And ideal summj In The Swim ttracted a large spectators to the weather number snow. evigny and Richard; Cumming were named joint innera of the Georee Her man Memorial Trophy award- - ed each year to the regatta champion. -Winner in at Ni v yBay , fcwaaaaiaaeaw?aBf e,i ijM0Kmmmmmm4k LONG WTANCs? SWIM XMAMPS : , A groups of m11lng , . . photographer after ft Norway Bay Regatta, long frank Healy nd winners-, beWnd re Cathy L ' rWi 14 Vears and over m the long dis tance swim boys 14 years end oven Robbie Peterson, Danny Cowley; boy 13 years, and under Frank Healy, rie Healy. Girl, 14 year ndoven Cathy Leadman, Martha Leadman; girls 13yeer and under Judy Sevigny,' Nancy Megitl. Other winners in swimmini events MJoys: uuiy wit Hill, t.'., w "-J m Smith, Gordon i n, Paul Ebbs; Kanay ri is. Girle: Shirley Ann Lee, Kim Lawton. AnrFenton. Karen McLean, Ruth Cowley. Wen dy Mcl TRACK AND FIcXI Eric Johnson, Grant Johnson. Tommy Charron. phen Kelly, Stephen Hucft, Richard Cummiitc.' Gordon Cathy Collins." Barbara Ano Rick Cumming. Randy Harris, Peterson. Julie Harris. CaUiy Barry Beardskey, Sue Gal-Wbnperis, Nancy Megill. lichen. Wuz Pa tenon, Nancy 4artha Leadman.- Megill, Jim Smith, Barb Gtd- , Motorboating: Jun Ander- lichan, Scott MacLean, Margo son.. David Runge. Bernie Fenton. Geoff Amos, Ruth More. BniceRobinson, Chuck Woolsey. ,r . BeardsTey - .- Waterskiing: Wuz Pater-Canoe and RowboaL' Tom son, Robbie Peterson, Ruth Mackey, Mrs. Mary Mackey, . Woolsey. ' SWIM young swimmers pose for eing named winner of the 1966 ! distance swim. In front are Judy Sevigoy-13 years and wider -Ann Fenton, Julie Montgom MacLean, Paul Ebbs, Johnny Villeneuve, Bui. Paterson, Bruce Burkhol der.-Larry ' Murphy, Gregg Dunn. Robbie Paterson. Garry McLean. . John Ebb. Frank Healy, Girls: Dawn Smith, Debbie Daly, Lauren Christine Mc-Nab, Margaret Glinsky, Eliza-. beth .Cumming, SaHy Huck, Janet Ebbs, Keren McLean., Cindy Johnston, Lorl Bowes, 'fr-i t A TlCHAMPIONS, dman and Robbie Pat- inner. ' - (Journal Photo by Oomlnlon-'WIs) Stahan, Brendh Runge, Patty uements, Peggy Doherty, -i n of Mr.yend Mrs. Jr. R. nd Mr: Larry Sevigny, 575 were nameO)oint winner ot norial Trophy awarded each RgatUchempion. ' II ' ! I U. ' ' , Richard Cumming. on Sevisnv. dauehter of Mr. Golden Avenue, Ottawa, the George Herman Met year tp the Norway Bay n ii V THE fcUDAS GUARANTEE AGAINST RUST. CORRO SIOH BLOWOUTS. ETC IS VAUO ATTHE4o9mT , DAS SHOPS ACROSS CANADA AND BuX mce AAUrfLER fNSTAUATION WHIIE YOU y IVA1U1 - - , FREE, PROMPT SHOCK ABSORBER tfSPtCTOrV AUCJcEOfT CARDS ACCEPTED. - 1772 CARUNG AVENUE (at Broadview) - 722-7621 X M0KXTHUR. Sin totSfaJB... FRIDAY ...; , 8 gjn. to 9 ijv SATURDAY ... 8 a m. to 3 Zn. European Exhaust SyxUmt Owr SpetMty FREE ESTIMATE . 3 NOW EWROLLDWG! Canada's Oldest eFinet Chain of Health Spa'a. jtSTfol a .! : ,-fl i? ' 1 fOLMMX VIC TMyS 1 C(T I 0H 0 VUMlilt Canada, Olciif I v - - II IA f yaarn.lJJ.N A ll....,.v-ViS Canada' Finest Established Chain of Health Spa'a. SOON IN ptTAWA with Jabuloas TROPICAL SWIMMING POOL litloretatieei 729-6165 1 y VK TANNTS timber, enjoy the mart templet, m4 teurfcMjs txitifie end their ineitaWiktp H hm-eured across Conode and threwmiad tk. n a ' " aiinii aakn tair ervon i m i i Y' mil rniQUR V.i T T I? :n M TI TryTUTrryic 4 QLUBS UNDERCONtRUCTION -

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