The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 12, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 12, 1947
Page 5
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 12, 1D<17 BI.YTHEVILLE (AKKJ COURIER NEWS PAGE Fiy]0 Georgia Closes Prison Camps Trigger-Happy Guards Blamed for Killing Negroes During 'Riot' ATLANTA. On., Aug. 12. (UP) Georgia's sta'o highway prison camps wore abolished today in a: order disclosing a new Investigation inio Die July lllli riot at the Olynn County Camp where ci| negroes were killed by prison The board's decision to close the p.Uite's two ren.ainins camps came •after a hcurlnft at which Sain I.e- vine, a member of the Qlytin County Board of cnmmi.ssioncrs branded (he? sl'iyings as "murder." "There was r.o justification for ho killings," Levlne said. "Tlic chief of co'inty police and two policemen were there but they didn't *cc any reason to shool llje prisoners Tlicy had tear gas Bims they could have used." A coroner's jury held the shootings justifiable. The grand jury failed to indict. l.evine said that minder warran 1 .; have been swoyp out against tlVJ guards and v;ill be presented to the next Brand jury a'. Brunswick, o!) the Cicoigia co:i-.t Tlie shootings climaxed a iTemon- ..Tration in the prison stockade af- icr the convict '-ad bfcn retur'icii i tlic ro'i'l Rf:iu'. The riot alley devcloi rd i ftcr guards or- I <!ered the NV^r} '.uisoners into a i t'Kch oreupien by poisonous sr.akos. "A NcgrD is :,fraid of a snake, find so urn 1." l.winc said. Levinc sail! I hat he "saw til? [ Negroes w.n.v; t'.Tv fell." "Two wero i:Wed where they ; i-rawlcd um'cr tlic bunkhouse and two others r,'_- ihry ran under thru' cells," he said "The only thing 1 they were trying ta escape w:i:; k de:ith. Only o>.< nicd to Bet. over he fence." If the prisoner:; iiad planned to isc.ipe, he said, they could easily J have overpowered tlieir two guards I on the road instead of waiting uti- i I til they were back in the barracks ; suiToimdc/l by guards and police all heavily armed. . "Tlie rcnsoif the Negroes refused to gel down in a ditch and work was because there were two water moccasins in the ditch," Levme said. Levmc, speaking as a private citizen, branded itio guards at the I Brimsxvick Camp as "trigger-happy" and illiterates. I The state al one time operated I nine highway prison camps. The I last two closed - Glynn County 1 for Negroes, and Charlton County J for whites — were operated by I tile higlnvay department with labor 1 furnished by the correction board. J Tne Highway Department hired I wardens ana guards. T The Brunswick Camp confined 70 I Neqrocs; Charlton Camp, -18. Corrections Director Charles Wil. ianis said that Si) county public ("works camps.. i;i which prison la- I l.or is used will continue on road I work. 1 The slate also plans to use 100 I prisoners from Georgia State Pri- I son at Reidville to work on state 1 highways witbir. a 30-mile ra- I dins. Man Who Did Something. About ll Suit Delays Hiring of New Director I/TlbK I5CCK, Art., Aug. 12.— Ui'>--'Appoinlnii'nl of nn cx^ct:- tivc diivrlo;' for Ihe Arkansas legislative- Council today awaits the CCMI<> of a suit fili'd recently by J-.uncs M.vkrell. LilUc Kock riullu amim; of ihe research tui\n wi\s delayed by the council meeting here Ipfdiiy.' Mai-krell lias .sought lo Dili payment of the director from eirertii'ncy funds, of the Suite U'.uuri of I'.scal Control. Meanwhile the coimcii mimed committees lo sillily iwssibllitle.s ol unilorm stale laws governing iniini- cipil cnurls, recodSiication of ui- Miriur.'c laws mid leKlslutlvc rocom- mi'Ud'.ulons ol the Arknnsus Medl- c:il Society. 'i Jie nnmicipul courts committee is headed by J. W. Dickey of Pine lILu!I and includes Glenn Xlmmtr- 111:111 ol North Little Hock. Rep. C.irltnn Cnrrli! of Jefferson County. Son. llussell K'rod of Slioaui Ki i-ings, and Rep. Dewitt Poe of Uosluv. '1 ne insurance committee Is headed ty M. J. Harrison of Lltlle Rock r.ud is composed of Sen. Ijawrence llli.rlHvi-Il ol Pino IJIUff. Ucp. Cllf- lon Waito of Wasliiugton, T. M. Siinncti or ilie University of Arkansas ami W. J. Smith of Ulllc Hoik. llnadm:; the medical group is Ijr. ti. Kins', Wiulc of Hot, Springs. OUi- er committee menibers include Hep. Carl IIf!tulriy. of Sevier, Hei). Marv,n liyrd ol Crittenden, Dr. 11. C. Farmer of Van Burcn and Sen. Eric Cavines.s of Danville. -•• Something's Fishy nu, . thC Mnid C v ?' Ul wlrtc - p >' ed j \M ciiuiihi (ii the Chest Uivcv L>y , C., palJc . Tito l n pnily etnen. in* this, » H-,», ol Cupilol mn ,| untl When the hcnt \vavc became too much for W. L. Morriselte, a v:holO£;Ue Piorisl manager of Metnpnis. Tcnn., t\o jnsi retired to a cold storiiEe vault to finish his dictation amid bunks of llowci's! His secretary, Virginia Hamilton, found it more convenient to \vc:u- her fur cont, liul and galoshes lor protection a^.nnpt the failing "dry ice" snow her boss ciraled lo cool off. Vacationists Flee Resort Area Plagued With Tons of Dead Fish And the Pilot Walked Away Correction Dormcycr Mixers as advertised in our yesterday's atl were incorrect. These Mixers arc rail- Trade items at — SiM.75 and JIMMIE EDWARDS Furniture Company "Sec Jimnilc First" 301 Kribl Milin I'lionc 2187 JacksonCounty Voters Decide Wet-Dry Issue NEWPORT, AlX., AUK- 12. (UP) —Jackson County residents went to the polls today to determine 'Die; IcRiil sale of liquor will continued in the county. The ipalgn closed last night, with « meeting c.l wlilch Sam Mortis of Texas, a temperance Icctur- f-i. was the pvil^clr-al speaker. Meanwhile, in Conway County, clrctiou coinmlrnioncrs have t\amod es n nd clerks for the local option etccuiip. scliediilcd for Aug. i 22 in Howard Township. The town••'•'•• voted asainst legal liquor sale in fi county-wide election in 1944 although the county went wet. And al nenlonv^lle a petition [or a Henton Countv "wet or dry" election was tiled with county jvuige Joe Hcaslcy today. villons alonu MIC route. i Hardest lilt, Uio,H!l>, l.s tile OuU L-'oast's ir.ulti-mllilon dollur cflitl- m-iTinl llshli:g InclustrS'i Olum flsn. 'inu'ii claimed that what il,image ,lu> (isli-kir.i'r hud not wrough luid bjen completeii by "bad publicity.", "We cuu't, evc'n sell the ilslv *'« ralch lar out in the uiilf :iwiy Irom thi' 'red tide'," one fisherman Ki'l.ill flMi miukets remained open but they reported iK'iimmls wove (inly for fish imported from other sinas, .Some re.stainnnts removed ftsli fruni ttii'lr menus. U>ynl civic club fish Irys, wilh members promising to eiit most of their poil ions, luu'e failed tn pvovc pO]mlar. Most Piuellns County res- Ident-s, their nostrils sensitive to lliu lahiU'd :di', didn't wnnt to even we 11 lish, let a!one eat one. Maine Iiad 123,000 milch coirs 00 its fiirms during 1945. ' . . ijiu'Rc 1 fr«Ks I'Dine from siniiU n:«s, while Miiall Irngs come from Courier Now.i Want Alls. Clean ,, .': - •'•'' : , •>'..! i ««i I Recondi Honed USED CARS Await Your Selection at SHELTON Motor Company 119 W. Ash Phone 438 .* » t 'I « *•„ ten f. <a,HAHW.VITK. Flu., Aug. 12..- (UPl-Soine '.ill milos ol Fioi'ldn Gulf Consl ivsori benches were prnc- ttcully Hbnm!i>iml by vni-iilloncvs lo- :lny— left lo [he whims of u sca- iilci'O-orcansiii, I BOOili of an lu-h wide, and .sweatm;- crews of workmen biiryitm inns of dead fish. 'Bench projii'ily owners estiirmlod the lutcsl. uluick's ol the "red tide" has cost tlicm a million rlnllarn worth of busiucKs. I'incllas County health 'authorities have wiirne:! batlicrs to May out of the "muddy \" waters \\\-A\ have dealt inslnnt death lo an estlniuted billion li-cli. County EiiRlncer W. A. MrMulleii, Jr., said he had spent over S3.0M In the last It) days cleaning beaches, lie used 35 men, four road scrupeis nnd two bulldozers. But. nil nlHiiK the sand strips stretching frimi Piiss-a-CIrillc on tiv Southcrti tip of the IMno.llus I'enlii- sula to Clcimvaler Hcach, volunteer crews pitched in to bury tin' fish carcasses. Miles nf dikes ami nets were .stretched offshore to keep tic.vl Ude. On h Plumbing For Sale Haiti lulis, Closi-ls, LnvaloritH, (ill" inch all-metal Acid- Kcsislinn Cabinet Sisiks witli double drniu board. Atilniiiiilic (HI iind ICk'ctric Wak'r llfiilorK. Also Septic 'ranks. All I'ipi 1 *lt l''iMii»KS nvccssary 1<> install your complete bathroom. Osburn's Plumbing & Heating 1920 West Main St. Phone 875 sioncrs certified Die vote, bill Unison claims tliiit Ihcy failed lo count nil nbsniitee balloE.s. He petitioned tlie Midlsou eomt on th' grounds. Sheriff Denny .said yeslerdiiy thai his opponent v,idled six months t contest the ran, " tic wa: afraid other Pe.'nocralic cnndtdale:- inight follow my action and \\\ nn pfflcc." Butt sold Hint today's hcarinu will decide whether the chiuicellr should prolilbil I lie Mndlson Conn ty courl from procccdhiK in tin election contest tinder the ehanccrj court's Jm'isdlcllonal powers. Torger Klcvcn, 23-ycnr-olcl Air Corps escaped ilcnth when his plane dived into a telephon l&'&M veteran, miraculously ____ . pole nnd in Atlanta, Ga. Here, the nec n g enson wres n a . burns cfter Klcvcn shtunicd Uo\vn Uic i Ic v.'UUoiU 1113 so much as n scratch. Madison Sheriff's Election Contested by Republican HUNTSVILI.E. .Ark.. Aliff. 12. 'UP> — The nnfy Dcinocr.ittc can- clid.itc to win an office In Macll- .son CoiinU' duriiif' last year's elcc- ttn:i — Sheriff licrry Denny of liiintsvillc — said he is going to flefit an attcnirt by bis Rcpiililf- can opponent to have him ousted. A suit conlesij-is his election Is bcine, brought in Madison County by John Robert not.son. thii Repub- in. candidate Democratic Slier-- iff Denny's petition to halt. Madison County hcnr'ii)|;.s on the con- trovcrsy will !>•: heard In chancery covirt in rayp.tlcville today by Cliiilicellor Jol'n 1C. Bull. Dolwiii tiled the suit six months after < Sheriff Denny hail ,won the eic.-tion at the polls by a 33 vote lnnri;m. Ma<li.son County election commis- ; NOTICE! New Oponinu Hourx Open ........ 7 a.m. Close ........ 5 p.m. Tuc.sdny and Friday Nii;hls Open Till 9 I'. M. Siitiirtlnys, Close I :00 p. in The WASHERETTE Aiiiomittic Self Service LAUNDRY Phone 966 Main al Oivisiim South Carolina Cracks Down on Drunken Drivers COLUMBIA E. C., A«(,'."l2. (UP) —The State Htili'.vay Dciwrtmcni reported l.^day that 5!0 dri/err,' licenses wen- rcvnl.c-J In .South <;:•- rr.lina tor <!rii:'.-;;-.'i driving dnriji; July. Of that total 2(> v.cre revoke tl ;:i'nnnr.rnny. i.i.<' the re'^t w-?r^ taiirn away fot \,Tiyin^ pr-rirul-i. A hij!lr.v:iy inlnjl ic]ir>rl sairl I'n- worpt olfrniU-s 7.cro drivers bc- '.ivcnn tbi' ases o! 17 and an. Li- ce'-isrs of 2VJ c!:-:vcvs in that ,u;e g:-ou]i were si>si>r::dr<l. Ynir, famed l^oX-maker. \va-s a •[•arii^if p:;ii.'.cr before he loo>; lo I lie clesisnins of locks. Less Noise — Longer Life with Rubberized Undercoating zed uudcrcoalinp, pprayed * [ under your car prevents tenders | i msliiiB through. Protects vital i ] parts ugainst rust and corrosion. J i Seals cracks, keeps out fumes and ! 1 I . dust and deadens vibration noise. * i' 5 C SI cam Cleaning only $30.00 (if necessary) .... $1.50 RUSSELL PHILLIPS Tractor Company So. Highway (!! Douglas T.awson, Mionc 2!71 ME HELP of Another :u;iu is needed iu ouv New Business Department. Tlio type we're looking ff> r i.s <i niglt class young fellow, ciUier married or single, from 23 to 32 years old, preferably with some previous s.iles experience, courteous, sober and industrious. ;;l;\iiiii<; pay and excellent opportunity for advanccmciil, in capacity U'.^ Hui.servi::«i- for this district, includinK Klytlicvillc, Monctle, I.cai'livill'j and l.dxora. .Similar position also open in Caruthci'svillc District. If you're intercslcd in this "job wilh a future" and can qualify, please apply (o PRRSONNET, DEPARTMENT Blytheville, Arkansas Ark-Mo Power Co. NOTICE- The County Board of Equalization will meet at Osceola, Arkansas, on August 18, 1947. The Board will also meet in Blytheville, Arkansas, on August 25 ; 1947. BoHi meetings arc for the purpose of equalizing taxes in this county. Any person having business before the board can meet thorn on these dates. Elizabeth Blythc (County Clerk) GET SET FOR WINTER... ^ There's no question about it! Now is the time to be , thinking about having those water pipes checked in cind around the home . . . and you'll take those early icy blasts of winter in stride. Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN,! "Water 1» Your Cheapest Commtfttff*

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