The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 19, 1948
Page 6
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fAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JANUARY 19, 1948 Truman Admits Data Withheld Government Neglects To Tell All About Speedy New Planes By Ch»rl« Corddrr United' Press Aviation Writer WASHINGTON'. Jan. 19. tUPl — ^ie military establishment has a hot potato in the proposal of President Truman's Air policy commission that aeronautical information V subject to wartime restrictions. Mr. Truman told Ills last news •onference thnt he himself considering any form of vo Couple Found Starved and Cold With $27,000 Hidden in Home WALWORTH, WIs . Jan. 19. <ITP) » —Doctors fought today to save the lives of an aged man and wife who were found starved, Kick and freezing In their sinialld home with 127.000 sewn Into Hie linings and pockets of tholr clothe* nnd hidden In the house. The couple. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wat-chain, nfoout 70. were found In their onc-.story frame cottage la-st j Wednesday but authorities did not [ rovoal the facts of the cnse until yesterday. Hospital Attendants laid the? were In "i>oor" condition. j not ! Officials veer mystified by the | ... 1 fact that Ihe Warehams «ppn«fnt- ,, , ly husbanded their money with ml- Regional Plan For Colleges Gets Approval For Studies How Louisiana's Gubernatorial Wallace Race Gets Hot xing everything new planes. Toiling reporters pres- *nt he was sure none would want ;.,,_ , lo give away secrets, the President! car U™ s ,1'.' mid he did not believe censorship necessary. Defense Secretary James Forres- tol says he u "interested" in voluntary security measures and, according to a spokesman, is considering the possibility of asking a press advisory committee to consider the matter. The Air Policy Commission avoided Ihe word censorship. II said: "Whatever the difficulties or objections, the commission believes that continuing and rigid enforcement of wartime security measures with regard to advanced aeronautical development is necessary now." proposing an overhauling of "our policies as to military secrecy," the commission said "details ol our new •ir equipment and technical Information as to our applied research •nd development which should be kept secret are often released to the preis. O( No Interest, Truman Sayi Its report contended this information "is of no interest to the American public but it is of intcr- »st to nations competing with us in the current race lor air power." On the other hand, the commis- •ion said. Americans are not fully Informed on the "dangers of the military situation that they are facing and of the preparation they •ught to make to defend thern- telves." It snid foreign governments have facto on these matters. Military lenders figure a law on the subject would (conflict with the bill of rights. They [eel an agency •omea-hat like lhat headed by Byron Trice during the war might be unacceptable In peacetime. That leaves self-policing by the press un«« criteria set up by the military »nd a press advisory committee. Whatever solution is worked out. •ny aviation reporter will testify that both the military and the press have had a tough time with the question of withholding aeronautical Information since the war ended. . Publication of the fact that the B3ll XS-1 has exceeded the speed n( sound Is the most widely known sample. Tip lo that time, other na. tions reportedly felt that it would be costly and dangerous to use piloted planes in supersonic research. mcr and Fall, but became free- spcnders durlitf! annual Winter va- Florida. I The Warehams were found In I their home by Village Marshall Ellery McCullough who was nccus tomerl to ''keeping an eye on the place" each Winter while the couple was down South. When they K-lurned, McCullouph said. Warehnm would give him a small gitt for watching the house. McCullough had not seen the Warehams for several weeks and assumed that they had made their usual trip. Last Wednesday he tried tiie door of the house. lie found It unlocked. Entering, he discovered Mrs. Wareham unconscious on the floor. Her husband lay nearby on a bed, suffering from cerebral hcnimor- hage. The Inside of the house was CIIICAGO, Jan. 19. (UP)—With Die way paved for the Progressive Citizens of America lo become, the NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 19 lUPi — nucleus of Henry A. Wallace's third Louisiana's gubernatorial campalpn parly. PCA state directors buckled reached fever heat today on the down '.oday to learn how to gel out eve of the Democratic primary after the vote for Wallace in December, candidate Earl K. Long heard a Professional politicians of the or- "• s - Congressman repeat, without uiiilnalion herded 24 state directors Congressional Immunity, charges Into hotel rooms for » concentrated wlllcVl lx>m ? hns called libelous. two-day course in political science. Rep. .James Domengeaux. D., La.. The directors had attended the yesterday In Lafayette, La., doffed PC.Vs second annual convention llia Congressional Immunity and which roared approval yesterday of l' e originally made on the floor of a pioixwcd platform embracing repeated charges auRinsl Long which most of Wallace's political views. | "'e House of Representatives last The delegates condemned lh« ^""'^"X- Marshall Plan and Truman doctrines, find set out lo get rent controls renewed, wages; increased, prices Irozen and rolled back, and rationing restored. They also voted for destruction of America's stockpile of atom bombs I and an Immediate stop to manufacture. NASHVILLK. Tenn., Jan. 19. (UP) —A plan lo establish regional colleges and universities, financed . Jointly by Southern states, today I had the approval of the Education [ Committee of the Southern Governors' Conference and Meharry College for Neproes here was offered lo the stales as a start In Ihe program. Five Southern governors met. here yesterday and voted In favor of the plan U) relieve the burden on separate stnl*s of providing higher education for all citizens. At the name time the Boi\nl of Trustees of Mcharry College offered to turn over the privately-operated $8.000.000 Institution to the ' conference us an outright gift pro-'j vided the school "lie operated at its • prpsrnt hi[;h standards." The committee's regional .school [ plan and the offer of Mchnny now goes to the 15-mrmlier governors conference for further considera- t ion. Oov. William T. Lane of Maryland, president of the conference, said he would call a meeting with- ; nmi three minutes. The plane was piloted by Russell Tc-gluriin, of Amllyville, N. Y. Teg- tm-an .said a 95-mile tail wind helped him maintain an average, speed The original denunciation caused Steam-Powered Boat Holds Lead In River Contest I i VICKSnUflG, Miss., Jan. 19 (UPS —The steam-powered towboat Ko- : koda cluiiR to a narrow lead In Its upstream race with the dlescl-dnv- cn Helena as tlic two river boats passed licie curly todny lit tliclr 1,051-mtte contest from New Orleans to St. I.oiils. The Helena was reported gathering speed and linullng up on Its rival bia the Kokoda hung on to the advantage It gained the first day out of New Orleans when the Helena developed engine trouble. The two vessels began their race Thursday afternoon at New Orleans, each pushing four barges loaded with 10.000 tons of cargo. Officials of the Federal Barge Lines, which own.s both boats, estimate the entire race will take about 10 days. Clipper Flies Atlantic In Record Time of Five Hours and Three Minutes SHANNON AIRPORT, Eire. Jan. 10. (UP)—'Hie Pan American cllp- |wr Challenge clipped 20 minutes olf llic Atlantic record yesterday Long, brother of tlihe late Hucy P. cKliiRfish) Long, to lite suit for $1,000.000 against Domengeaux. former Gov. Sam Jones and two newspapers. Jones is running against Long In their I " le race ' OI ' governor, and Domengeaux Is supporting Jones. _ _ In His suit. Long alleged that j ArmyTulhorUies'were'lnvesti^ting Jones and the publishers of the New (ne crllsh nf a c . 47 i r _ ws[mri ,,,.,„,, C-47 CRASH INVESTIGATKD 12 P C-47 Crash Investigated WASHINGTON, Jan. 19 <UP>- Orleans Item and New Orteat: Times-Picayune "conspired" to hav.; Domcngcaux denounce Long muScr Congressional immunity so that the. charges could be pviblished throughout Louisiana. Ix>ng culled the Congressman'^ charges libelous and challenged him in six weeks to ai't on the proposals. Should the governors approve the plan, it would then presumably to strewn with rubbish nlthoueh the j p,(> sc iHcd to Individual state legis- out.side and the yard were ncnl j ; ntur( ,. s ( O r final consideration, first time I by flying from Gander NrwfoYmd- i lo relent them In Louisiana with- laiul.'lo Shannon Eire, in five hours; 0 " 1 his Con B icsional Immunity. Dometigeaux answered the challenge yesterday by repeating bis nnd clean. It was the first time anyone beside the Warchamis had been in the house In vcars. Scene irf Filth After (h« Warehams were taken to a hospital, authorities ocean examining the place which McCul- lotish described ns n scene of "unbelievable ttHlv" They found »25.MO In cash In the pockets and linings of the 'tattered clothing scattered about the house. Elsewhere In the house they found $2,200 in cash and several bank deposit slips. McCnllovigh snld the home was piled with hundreds of yards of new dry goods, old rags, new and old shoe.s. battered hats and yellowed newspapers. Hundreds of paper bags filled with feathers hung In the attic. I "Mrs. Wnrehnm never threw » I thing away." McCmlough said. He said the Warehams formerly lived at Freeport. ill., where they have relatives. There were no electric or proper heating facilities nit hough the Warchmns had lived In the house tor 15 years. McCiillough said county officials had found letters tcllinn of dealings with realtors in New York. California. Oklahoma and Missouri. He snld Hie couple's real estate riolrUiigs would "lake considerable time to estimate." Walworlh County officials planned to (MR Into the rubble In the bouse for morr possible hidden Read Courier News Want Adj of almost 400 miles (in hnur. The plane carried 80 dozen eggs as a gift from Boston to London. charges on a broadcast over g ion a I network. a re- Read Courier News wan; Ads. 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FASTER/ 5AS/EK/ COMPLfTf CtEAN/NG/ So the Air Force tried, with voUin- | wen tt.h but delayed action In hope tary prew agreement, to put the lid i Warchain's condtlfon will Improve. on XS-1 information. --- •• •--• - 11 lt * Whatever the merits of the Air | Farce request and the reasons for ! not observing the agreements, the Information was published by K magazine in great detail. Book Contradicts Reports The problem of what security Information is may be exemplified in the Air Policy Commission report Itsell. No reporter could gel Irani the Air Force the current active strength of that service because it would indicate the nation's combat, potential. But the commission disclosed that the Air Farce at present has about 560 heavy bombers and 2.300 lighters included 1n an active 10,800 aircraft, Another problem is that of information on specific aircraft being withheld or only partially given out on security grounds. Reporters 10 this day are told that the radically- designed six-jet XB-4T bomber "in the 500 mile class," But in a book, "They Tamed the Sky," by Douglas J. Ingells, published in November 1047, Brig. Gen. L. C. Craigie, then the Air Forces engineering chief at Wright Field, O.. is quoted: ". . .The Boeing XB-47 having a radically swept back wing which . . . permits speeds of near 600 miles per hour/' Six hundred is a lot different from 500 in this case, as tiny foreign government \voiild know. It would indicate much more about American progress toward sonic speed and high-speed flight in general, McGnUoush .inltl the couple would ifvvc (ro?,eu to death if Lbcv had aln unattended tor another day. Years Take Toll YORK, Pa. lUPt— The York Col- Kiate IiisULule. 148 years in biisl- M. will be shut down at the end of the present term. The .school opcnUed nt n loss lor Ihe la'sl J5 years. 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