The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 12, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 12, 1947
Page 4
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-'PAGE FOUR (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS TURE8DAY, AUGUST 12, 1947 Brort Com Crop Its Housewives Meat Supply Next Spring to Dwindle; ; Price to Stay High BY KVTli . CMElXElt (United PrfF.s £<nff CorrespoMfnt) WASHINGTON, Aug. 13. (UP)— Housewives cat) look for » sharp rls» In meat supplies this Fall oucl Winter !iut slimmer ratious iu.lEtS us resu t of <v^intl!ins'corn crop prospertsj A^rfiuHUro 1 DcpKHmc'nt officials said icdiiy. ;Tliis jrtltcni in meat output Is expected (4 result "from a pinch in feed supplies and from prices too high for piufitablc livestock production. Tlicie are fears tiiat the corn crap :wl)J not 'only be f'.iorl but 'pnor \n quality as well. K-irniers already arc fceiiiK \vtirued to prepare for. mucfci "soft" earn, that is corn whicl) has :Poor feeding value >>jmJ cannot ens-* ily be sKJred.^ ' , . " Tliis means thai much'of the 1517 harvest \yi!l 1 bs' fed to •livc.i'.r.-k oar- Jy in thg Ecaspn inid the "IvcstoiX quirldy nis'.icd off the market. Mil- liials vvHI not to fattened lonj enwEui to produce Hie choicest cuts of meat.. . Tne nen al H!CT<y>Ke in tncf and I*Mk rro^i'cfiriii durir'^ the Fall nnci Winter nvjlf's'K fttpc'cVcrt to \ie eve" n oie m?rked tiispi usual :w • farmcis 'liugliter . livcstoik they cannot feed. But co'nsuii:rrs will have to pay for their hrief feast by a ionner "period of scarcity. Unless consuiucr inccine 'drcps sharply, An\er:c.-.ti^ . may te in for niiotlier skinisjy nie:\l quota next £"prins 3nd Summer with prices .perhaps even higher than at 1 present.' Only a few TCeK^ ago, copnrt- ment officials v;cre Jiapefcl tftat an adequate crop wou'cl the overall tension on food prices anc\ perhaps bring the lirsl breafe in'the cost of llvlr/i. nut this hops ia^e.'l •with the ending of the brief spell of . gcod' crowing weather in the corn belt in mici-July. 'Come Unto Me U.S. Official Confers With Indonesians DATAV'A, AUK .12. (UP)—U. ,S. Ciiiisii, Ueneral Walter faold ,llcw ' •> ,ii>!'J:tkurtu today nncl u/ienl n airly Ihrcf? }jcnr.s in conference wilh the Indonesian cabinet on llic Amprt- ciin »'.!rr a! ;',oorl offices to .settle I'ae JJiitcli-liuloncslnn dispute. Hohiriiinj; lo Bntnvla at S:3j i>.n lp I (1 (;otc said hi.s visit to the Hepuljli- cnn capital was "wonderful, 1 ' Hf_declined lo discuss dclat's ol his confcrcm'c immediately* I'sotc csl-y.j'.ished direct, cotilno.t with Kcjwbllcan officials nmid ia- t ri'!isin;;ly serious churned UiallxHh tlir> Dutch ;ui(l Hej)iiljHCiiiis arc vjfl- lalin Blhe truce they begun a wceK Totlr.y's Dutch coin:nuniquo .s:\id Nell)fi-];ind'i tMici's IKK! clrhcj) Jii>- inibli"an Muenillu Iwnds frcxn llje fjout'nrrn oitlskitts ol Malan;j, in J.ivn. .An:>tlu'r ^ueri'illa K 1 '^ 1 '}) \VHH s"»Urr«l five miles Eontli o't Malaui;, the coinnvsiiunue wild. The Hard Way -hlot Facts This (Ji.'tmn(icn)ly composed piclsirc w;j,s .snnppeil hi n l iirripli it lit iiter when the worUMnmcii Pilamnw&e Play, color [ut pre-JiM) tut ion of th:? life nnct (cachings of Jesus, opened for its 2Ul!i season. Here, Nelson Leigh plays I he part ot Jesus in Hit scene ol Christ in Snmnria, Storm Over Caribbean Moves Toward Coast MIAMI, Flu.. Alls. 12, <U[') The Wc:UlK'c Hnrpau advised, taciii.', lluit u .small Iroplcal Hlnrin was tk l - vclaitittK nvc.r tJic Noclhu'e.'it C'ar- ifjlu'an Ki'n which ni:iy inovo tnl-iiul orcr the Yncatutt |i',']j:.i.siiia lui.-j -if. U'l'Lioon. O'i'Jiicj' nf Ihi 1 storm iv?is Jocaic^J Kf.rnr ITifj inilrs Nf of S-AMJI JftfoJuJ, ;ni<| WMS J!DVhiB In ;i nort. l i- wc.stci'ly (lit'oc'.ion iihoul 15 inilo:; ;KI hour, I The s*'--M winds ui) Lo <ir* | jniU'.s nn Jifint wt rr cojilaincd jn sqnulls OKtontlinLj (ir»n llic otejiu; center, Tlio disU!ib;»M(;p uovci'prj n 150-inilc ui'Ca i:i i- northern .;;cuii • circle. Indication. 1 * wcrt thnt Llio storm Officer Shoots Two on Street In Texarkana TEXAHKANA, Tex., AUR. 12. P» — A Tcxarkana, Tex., police ofllcer sliot and seriously wounded two brothers following a fifilit o" a 'ousy Inler.scfitibn here last night, apparently shooting In defense a- Kalnst a knife attack. The brothers, lay G- Prosi, 22. and liis brother, Raymond, 21, both of Texarkana. were; shot by Officer Floyd Watson who had been summoned to stop a fight bctwen the Frost brothers and a third party. H. E, Dorr, the third man, .was later treated for knife wounds. According to other officers, the Frost brothers advanced on Wat son after tlir original, fight was broken up. llosnital attendants said that Loy NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will within the time fixed by law apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas lov a permit to sell beer «t retail at 104 W. Roosevelt Slri-ef; Blythcville, Ark., MissiEsijipi county. The undersigned slates that he is n cilizsn of Arkansas, ol good moral character, that ho has never been convicted of a felony or any other crime Involving moral turpitude; Hint no license to sell beer by the undevf,-;;n«\ lias Men revoked in five years la-st past; and tlvit the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the lau's of this state, or any other state, relating to the .vale of a!colio!io illumes, Mary Garrett S»l'scrib;d and sworn to before me this 11 day Of -A"J;>. 1947. Elte'.vbeth Mason (SEAL.) , Notary Public My commission expires 4-23-50. Crash Victim Dies WALNUT niDGF., Ark., Aug. 12. tUP>-Xuncral services will be held here this afternoon for Dennis Chester Tintoyvilte, 21, who died in ft Jonesburo hospital after Ills car wss struck by n train in Walnut Jiidgc. 'P'.ic accident occurred early Saturday moniinii. Frost svas in a critical condition because of a single shot in t For Sale Hclniilt fi-a. McCiny Meat Display Case cquipi'L'cl with new coils, new eomi>re.v>er ttnil expansion valve. DeHvofod and Installed with one year guarantee and free .service. $470 Deli Scott Refrigeration Co. 1211 W. Main Pli. 2200 Promoted •>^. «-,Tva,-,j •-".•/i-arTjr* ^^:;&*-*^Sy iflM ^•*^H T^i^sS^S''^ ^ ? .J|fe "'S«* ): ^' rf . £&$af,.-i-y r"" '- 1 -' *, ~ ;• t,f»^i mm Demand Death For 'Plotter' SOFIA. Anu. ILi. tui'i — The nvrf.cctilioti lncJ:«y f>nnaiulcfl I he flrntb penn'tv for NLI:O!II 1' Agrn.;1on I'urLv jratkT ohavi;i;(l with cnnrph'ncy to ovfrlhrov; tb(.- Uul- Tlic jjfo.'xooiitiftii opener il.s .MWI- m:>(iru toriny a It or n ^rirf .sc.s- ,vl«u jT.sln-ridj' drvo'r-J lo [lie in- ti'ocltii'ticn of (foc'usnents. Proscc-iifion c', trirncr 1 aHrufil *h;it Fclkov plaunc-l to overl1»n>\v I lie (towrntjicttt (h'dii^h the ttsc. of KC- \Vhitf S ii: of the sfi.Mn Jet f]j>s onl ttio class y, heir lo the ox, Ion ids the |unciil club's all its phases in ;i hot cJo^j (i Ifiuvk club loo, lit. and strilrc Inc \ the Yucatan >ik for oti'f.latw!tnir grulPKlsts. lie died on May -I. 19-IS. at the aye oi 81, We Handle Your Car With Care! Wheel Alignment Eliminate uniiBcc.ssary exncnsc' in wear of your tires by lolling us kc'cp your car in perfect alignment. Our gunran- tecH work, will save you money- Tuneup - Lubrication Your car's motor will hum smoothly if you bring it to us for regular checkup. Our experts will spot those minor flaws before they develop into serious trouble. ,p*Dt «*"« PASTE SHOfe PGI.ISH 10^ Expert Motor Care You can entrust your rm>lor troubles, no matter how .serious, to us. Here you'll get a prompt, uccurtilc diagnosis of your car's ills . . . awl factory-trained men will make those repjiirs fff-ccntly and economically. CAUUTIIERSVILLE, Mo., Allfe'. H.-yRoy Jtl. Goodman, an ciniiloym here far the past sevcvul yenrs ol '.he Arkan.^iri-Mis.soini Poivor Company, lins br,E-u pvouwtcd to local nitji'r . of tile compimy's "of/Ice at C'jvfUnR, Avk. He tins already nssunien* hi.s new duties iimi moved l\ts faiuily to Corning. Activ? in civic wot'lc uOiilc in Cn- vuthtrGvillp, Csooclnian wns a incin- bpr niiti officer of the Junior Cliiiin- b;T of Commerce. YOI5 SET Col. rtosclicr Lund, chairman of the US's Balkan Commission nt L=ke Success, N. Y., scans Ilic ceillng^high iiile o£ docnmciUs preoeiVtcd lo the commission by the Balkan peoples during i-pcc:\t invcsiigatioii of charges that Albania She! Yugoslavia were baclc- in2 TGrcek leltisl surrrillr.s. Recognition for Arkonsan FAYBTTEV'LUC. i\vk., Aug. 1'?. ll)!') — Tile \'.llc »r. Noilll F' 1 . Drake of Yaycltcvillc ..will receive nationwide rci'opniLion in tlir pnb- liciilion of llLr U. S. Gcologic;il Survey, early In 1SHG. Hngll. D. Mi-ier, one of thr n;i- ticn's leading r.iir.t'tolocicnl rmUiovi- ties. jald in rajTt'rvillc yostrrday thnt lib is K^l^crinK malcri^l lov n a.OOO word riirmoir of Or. Drake. A^nnlivc of WuslunjUon county Dr. Drake \vu;; one or Ark:mr;;i.s WiTH LEE MOTOR SALES East End of Main St., Blythevillo IOATIOK r'^rf" -all Guy :c- .._.„. seen dropping Snlo lilc-saving nel liuld )>y his comrades Tjjt iw is making a leap equivalent lo a drop from n tour-story (,j> v buijfiing. He's one of Uvo dozen: rookie imoUe-calcrs Jvom tho i New York City firemen's college who demonstrated their skill and .; J MlHty^gaUlescanolding formed by, two 85-toot extension ladders F <.1U "I IIV. very hcsi lubrication job, ilotic in strict accordance with factory service specifications, always brim; your Mercury to us. 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