The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 19, 1948
Page 5
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MONDAY, JANUARY 10, 10.18 COURTRn NEWS Coming Events Social Calendar Dance Given at Legion Hut For Coltilion Club, Guests Air. and Mrs. R,]ey D . Jones of Manila, Mr. and Mrs. William CMWshc and Mr. and Mrs. b'lbctt ^Txiffman were hosts and hostesses Saturday nisht. when they entertained Cotillion Club ineinbcr.s and i large number of quests with a jance at the Legion Hut. The table from which assorted party foods were served was covered with a white cloth and decorated Bladioli nnd white, flowers In keeping wilh the Valentine motif, cen- Al The ])ospil;ijs Illythi-ville Hospital Informal Party Given For Mrs. William D. Godwin Mrs. Lloyri v . Wise and her (iiutsliter. Mrs, Clarence S. Webb entertained with an informal drop- in party nt the Wise home Saturday afternoon complimenting Mrs. Wi.liam D. Godwin, who was before her it-tent marriage, Miss Wilma Hertz ui Milwaukee, Wise, The dining table, from which assorted [>ait> loods were served was covered with a lace cloth and held as a centerpiece, a low crystal bowl filled with yellow button chrvsan- Mrs. Daisy l-'ovd, city. Vhi'.lnla Ann Unbhtson c u y -Mis Harold Smith, dtv. Mrs- I.. II. Mnorei city' .Icwi'll Dean [iliikin. i-lty Bits of News and Mrs. Elton Kirby, Mr. and'Airs.' ! Montandon.'Mr 'and M"S 't-'rcd Flee' ^Ophomorc Class Elects man and MI. and Mrs. Frank wiiit- Secretary and Reporter worth. | ' r Mr. and Mrs. Harman Taylor. Mr. I Bonnie Jean KuunU has Ijcen tml Mrs. ECI Williams, Mr. and Mrs. ! elected to serve as secretary of the BJnn Heath, Mr. and Mrs. Rich- sophomore class of Hurilcttc Hid iccker. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin School for the now year and Vir- nrd Bec Smith, Mr. and Mrs, Samuel r Norris, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Godwin Mr. and Mrs Marcus Evrard and J. A. Leech. Miss Bolli'nger Becomes Bride of Roy Halsell Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bollinfer of Manila today announce the marriage ol their daughter. Miss Wanda Bellinger of Blytheviile to Roy Halsell, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Halsell. The wedding was solemnized Jan. 13 in senatobia. Miss., with e Rev. II. L. Martin, paslor of i First Baptist Church, officla- IE. The bride wore a black crepe dress fashioned with a drape ef. feet, and black accessories. She pinned at her shoulder R corsage of red carnations. 1 pinia Pierce n.s reporter. The results of the who's who con. test sponsored by the cla.^s are a. 1 , follows: most boauiiful girl, Aiun- bell Lutes: most handsome boy. Jack Watkins: most studious, Sam Young and Jean McDonald: be-t one all around. Ammbell Lutes and La-1 scholar! I von Easley; cutest, Marjory Wind-1 ,,, oi , Ul „, ™ 15ick Kordimier and Johnny Guirioi ol ijttic Kuck, „.,_,,.,, tllc weekend sui-sls ol Kulhryn Martin mid her iiurcms, Mr. and Mis Sler- lins Martin, Mrs. Clco Langsion and Mrs, R. C. Rose have returned irom H.J; Springs, where they spent two xveekj. c F ,'} VC t '' So !'"- v " Dilv 's. sun of Mr> f «, ?, V1S ' lla ' 5 bec " dismisses from Walts Hospital where lie un denveiit an emergency appended lomy recently. His coiulillon is sat. isfnctory, Mr. and Mrs. Willin,,, M . Bnnls . WI^'M"' th " Wckc " cl "> °"'«°'« and 'family*"" ""' F " rt B "" lst « Mr. and MI-.S. c A. lltmton have etu ,,ed after .utendlng the fu- Tuesday Tuesday midw Club will mrcl at the home of Mrs. |> [1V ),. ii,, u ,|,,r s on Baslne.w Women's circle 7 of th,> , ,„ •nst HaptlM Chinch will mrot wnn i J "'- s - L-niri.ln Jiu-kwm cilv Or. tuina Nici at 7:30 ,,.,„. j Walts iiosplut Mrs. w. n. iiii,-krtl nt liasM-tt will M''»- Hurl Wilkinson and tmhv speak at n jolnl meeting of Central , UiU'doln-. * "" b " U> • and I.ange l'nrem-Tca>'her AKS<.. Veni Tlm-r-l. Slcele M,, nations, in the main auditorium ol K»ill McCrav. me i ,.(,'.. "n, ]-'v«.,"Z" S '., C !: l " Vl V '" 3:M u!' S ' ""*"'•'' """•'"»- W«lc. Mo " l<lt M '' c 'iltoiiiih, Curutheisvilli, aw cwr law c. w . Jo ic.sboro. M, , bl ' ot "" r - immch yesterday in cMaunch died In 81 ""' '" ' S '" ble - V "' 01 , or n- month o, Ham and Leroy Quails; ideal couple, i "ed odiv a ' ' « I Jack Watkins and Jackie Jones' most popular girl. Marjory Windham; best personality. Bomue Koontz ami La von Easlcv: bc.-.t dressed. Betty Jo Smith: nio'st buy crazy, Minnie Lloyd; most girl crazy, E. L. Thornton; wittiest. Willie 'or roll for ni e Kriut £ j •"ary, It was nntioun- I Major K. J. Marston I ir'ni-rt* | Ccm P fr 'Military School' 1 ! ° ri ,'' makc lhr rira »'s list. ! a cadet must have attained an I avcraue of «7 or above in all his classes for o nc month ,TS E t. Charles Vickers of Ihc Marines has returned to hi s base at ~ and "W gg est b^. *^ ^^Tt ^ * ^Mrs. S. S. Patterson „ class spon- j U™ T ^^ S """ «'" -Mi', and Mrs. Jimmy Williams of Half Moon arc the parents of a son born Jan. 15 «t tj, c Baptist Hospital in Memphis. Their first RUi'--' 10 haS bcen named J«mes e/'£ ^'^ImFSS T'tn'e ' ™< <-<»" Bridse Homc~DcIn- ^^^^^^ &sn£**s jr 1 ^ ^^^^^°^^^:\^^.^. - ~ service in the Army and is now owner and operator of the P| V I""' ,T. h . ey v .y m . mak . c Hielr home 'in ""*" Quarters hi Mrs. Bowen Is Hostess To Demonstration Club tval will be held nt 2:30 |>.n, ,,,, ( | l-nntic Rscmtlve meeting nin | m . mediately followhiK the joint meet- jni!. The inectiiiRs will be Jx-lii in the YomiB Peoples Ucpiirtinenl ol the clnn-ch. Mrs. J. c. Kills will I,,, |,,,sU".s to i»«n ami Cutimry i),id^e Club. Mrs. Jji|| (Jiltiow enlei'iiniuit; Av^ilon llunco club at her hume. hosiess to Wednesday llndtc Club ai her home. Miss Iva Scay and Mrs. House Mac Eiierdt. biKtc-clcct "of Joi; \'.ii'i Clcir, with a dinner partv at the :- beny home. ' ; ' Thursday -Mrs. K. B. Cn- Hill entertain Thursday Unichcou Club I Mrs. niehard Prichavd will be > 111 Stl'.-iS to Jully EiLSllt Club. j Mrs. c. A Cunningham will en- I icrlain Mid-wi-ck Club members a Ucr liume. Mrs. f. n Jo,-,,,.,- n ilt i,,, j u , su ,..., lo Thuv-day contiact Club. j Club Eichl mrellDi; at the home! "I Mrs. Jesse M. U'lille. j Mrs. S. C. Tucker hostess to mem- ] bers ol the Octette Club at her j home. Bunco CJub met'tinti at the home i of Mis. Otho Stanlicld. Pliebean Stindny School of l-'ii.,i Baptist Cluirrh meeting at the luilne of Mrs. n. E. Vanl]n,,.sor a i 7 -JD p.m. with. Mrs. F. E, uiley and Mis Hubert St-ymore as cr'-hoM".sses Trhlav stevi,"?. 1 ' 1 (;i 'I" 1 '«'»l. Kt«-le. M,,. Mi- ic PJVSS,-,. Codlcr. M,, Alldra Kay W|,||e i !t( . , .... Unono Hull, rlty, Mr, Mis. uy auin nnri bllbsi| Jj>|)( _ Mrs. Hoin-it A. Porter and baby. Mrs. JoiM.^io,. (lollunrf. M()i Osccala Events .Holiday ' Miss Anderson Is Wed To Illinois Resident subject for the devotional'' Prayer". The members sane song, 'Arkansas". "My the Mrs. S. B. Rozcllc, newly clccte-l president, presided during the business meeting, other officers elected I 0 . ^t.i^i v/**i\;(jif, l_Mr'CLC(t Mr. and Mri. H. c. McColloli-h I ,? EC "' e W '' th her are Mrs - Hanna. r ^.T'liiti.. *^j__. __. ^-wjwuojj VIC(*-nr»»i;rfI(iMf -\r~^ iif_iA^ ,, *•• **•• "M-ysULiOllg of Manila, today announce the marriage of their daughter. Miss Nell son" A " derson ' Io °- A - A1Ic " Jr., The ceremony was solemnized at the home of the bride's parents. H - Rodgcrs. song leader ,, •=* • •"•••f. n..ii.n,-|, ;in(l !• Mrs. Sudie Cecil, recreation le-uler Al ''"' c >' Conway. For the •• ' ' " "'"' name of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. K- F. Kirshner. Miss Carolyn child, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Pred R Child, will be initiated in the Quill and Scroll Wednesday night at the Holy ,\n- gel.s Academy in Jonesboro. Dr nnd Mrs. child will be honored guests. Ann and Llewellyn White of Oss their uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs Mis. Paul Dyrnm rnti-itainnif, C. B. C. Club members at her hmiu-. Civic Calendar Tupsilay Lion's Club—12:15 'p.m. American Legion—11:00 p . m . Wednesday Kiwanls Club—l^-io lnl) Central p. T. A. Kxecutive Board- J:30 p.m. Followed by P. T A me, I Ing—3:00 p.m. Girl Scout Troop—8:00 p.m. Thursday Rotary club—12 10'p.m. u/'alr!'"?! Cl " b '""' llll ' T "' ""• !wmr Hirls ami bn.v.s basketball R',',"',, (.iMOiiln vs. <^,M, ( .]| ,| lr , r(S fl:u|1 pji| ' Ma.-k i-.ridn-"":,'; 1 , 11 ^ Alw ,,, all la|.!nn, m,'cliii K ,,t | tlr i jPKlnl . ,, . at T:OD p.,,,. '"" Hut.i, Os?eon "" rl b " VS '' a ' lk(lll ' n11 Same. School. S ' °"' '"''''' nl lhc H 'B h Airport News n^pliS™;;;!,^'!-,-,'- 7.30 Friday inch! j,, (hp p( y . Inll Bt committee wm bc considered Cad" m'ti, Tf SC " 1 " 1! °"' "' 'W-s "re* "King Ihem to ,,|[ c ,id - vice-president. Mrs. Walter Pc,,,,,,,- ler Jr.. secretary and treasurer , , j" ...,.,« ui vj-;,- Mrs. Elmo \Vright, reporter. Mrs. I c , eo ! !1 were thc weekend guests of e Cecil, recreation le-uler ' u ""' c >' Conway. various groups, chairman - , JaT T S V KIUan l' lctt la M "Ight "« Luiiie 01 tne Dride's parents , ?, are lMrs - Howard Bowcn ) '" , lc "' *-.?" where he will be . Friday January 16, at 8 p.m with clotlll "8. Mrs. Janl Jackson, home ! ""' yEtl nt 11C " R " g Mart " Mrs ' | the Rev. P. M. Sweet, pasior of the ' 5'' ounris ' Mrs - ""'nan Spicer pw- I ^ " a , n - y n ,'^ lnfnnt laughter will " Manila Methodist Church official- C " S ' Mrs ' EIlno w r'8ht noultrv ' ' ," ™ ater ' ing. l ' °"' C ' at Mrs. Herman Smith, healtl Mrs' I Co " ;ilU ?" of V '"« M * Ann Robln- _ A_ program of nuptial music was ?. Jlari <* Jloward, education,' Mr^ '< '?"' *£!!!. ''".° f .*?: nnri Mre ' Fr «'_ A program of nuptial music was presented by Miss Betty Houston The bride wore a grey flannel suit with black accessories and pinned a corsage of red roses at her shoulder. Her only attendant,, Miss Patsy Ann Milligan of Blytheviile. wore i black faille suit wilh black accessories and her corsage was of white carnations. Charles Howard, education ' James Pcrmcntcr, nutrition aim Mrs. H P. worsley, home furnishings and home industry. In thc contests played, prizes man Robinson, who was dismissed from the Blyheville Hospital tcdav is improved. During the Whiter months, Mr Manna, vice-president will preside 4 A, I """""p vice-president will preside Ira 0,11of Blytheviile. served M r. «« the meetings in the absence, nf Hen as best rnnn Mrx. Pn7oli,, :-!„_. = ••"- "-f-imjuj, A ICtCU- tioii was held at thc home of the Dride's parents. Out ol town guests attending were Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Call or Memphis anri Doyle Honsou and Osborne Bowers ol Dell. After a short wedding trip Uncouple will be at. home in Alton, Luncheon Compliments Bride-Elect, Fiance Miss Ethel Mae Ebcrrit and her fiance. Joe VanClevc, were honored yesterday wnen Mrs. Cal Gos- sctl entertained with a three-course luncheon at Flotcl Noble. ^ The table at which the lunclico.i T«as sen-eel, was centered with a low crystal bowl fin c d with pink glad- ioh and white narcissi. Guests for the affair were members of the two immediate families. Miss Eberdt wore a green crepe dress with brown accessories. Miss Gennetle Flake's Marriage Is Announced Miss Gennette. Flake, daughter ti Mrs. Laura Flake and the late J. L. I-lake, became the bride of Willie Hopper of Blythevillc. son of Mr and Mrs. E. T. Hopper of Stcclc. Mo.. Friday night 8 o'clock at the home of the Rev. H. L. Robison. pastor of (he West Blytheviile par- The bride, wore a powder blue cicpc dress with black acccsories and a small black hat Their only attendants were Mr and Mrs. Laurence Young. Mrs. voung is a sister of the bride. Mr. and Mrs. jjop l>C r are making thcir^homc at 1 13 Chickasawba. Relief At Last »For Your Cough R ° 7 - Clle , jt, v.imtilL., \% lip \V the ccretnony. a recep- spend several months in Florida. former Arkansas Girl To Sing Over Network LOUISVILLE, Ky.. Jan. 10 IUP)- I'ornier Arfcansan Jeanninc McDonald. daughter of Rcl , nn<1 Mrs . Infant Crumb Buried Graveside services were conducted this afternoon at the Dogwood Cemetery lor Martha Crumb infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs Hubert Crumb of Blytheviile. who died at her home here Saturday. Besides her parents she is survived by <-ne brother, Hubert Joe Crumb of Blytheville. Cobb Funeral Home was in charge ol arrangements. Meeting Sunday afternoon. January "I r, .*, S-A-A-Y Mom . .. Look What's Up At . The Tof Shop r Shipmenf of Bassinettes Just In! Bassinetfe $5.95 Basket Liners $5.95 Bathirtette $19.95 De Luxe Dresses $1.98 to $6.95 Tetter Beds $5.95 Car Bed $4.95 THE TOT SHOP Mrs. Maurice (Shirley) Sanders 11(1 Smith Second SI. Phone • Shower Gifts • Valentines • Story Honks » Rirthday 6'if(s Library M. 1). Tullos ilnv to llot SDI-IIIKS jcsterrtiiy m || u , ulyilicvllle 1'iyln, Clubs Acnonca. considerable llyln R activity was irporli'ii jil i|| t . Mii-|ior| svMmhv despite th f ,.„],! weuiher' Last, week's snow It-it no H-I> ,, n ||,,; (ifhi's coiicivio niuwajs us It did on dowii- lov\n slreets. Transient pilots who landi'd hole '.<•••' wee klnl.'iideri the Inllnwhi"- liuytiiuiid w<»ul.s ul Wiipcllii la' Klinson; \y. s. Carroll of Huston" \a,, neechnatt; tieorRe Mitchell. o( Ci. K. Klsnei- of Banner. Ml'rll.. cv.v,- »ii; .3. Godlrey ol Hun nor. Lus- combc; Mr, nnd Mrs. D. A, llarto ol Lebaium. Mo., stinson. Rend Coiii-u-r Neivi Want Arts. Little Rock Developer Dies After Short Illness MTTLK ROCK, Ark.. J:,,,. 19.! Hll'l-riuuTal services will be held H-i-e temon.'.w lor W IX Cainnmck, I.llil'' Hoik biisliu-.-s nnd veil] estate' man. who died yesterday nfler ti ., C.iniiiii'ck hud spent (he last fe*- .veins IjiiUdiiif- hoiisln;- develon- mi-nl.s iiiHl^only recently sold thc Ills lit .t lioushii! development I «as tin- :i,;i)-nn|t Cammack Village I at tin; We:.tern outskirts ,>f lattle [ l.itrr he and dis iiMoclates coin- lilrtcil i he bi« rlveislclc ilevel<)|)- nu-nt, ami have Hie ICI-nnli iiiv- I on-llir AiKiriiiiriits uiuler construe- ! lion mnv. i lie is survived by his wile. Mrs. | Kali' 1, Cnmmnrk. and one brother 11. C, fammnrk o( l.ittlc Roi-k. PAGE FfVB HEADACHE Cjpudfn* rtllivti hMdtch* ._,... =r_ »«H"K1IM 1C, MquU. ltl h . I!"*VSE!» *'«cit»ti jre jirtjj, 4i>Ml»4 " " "> t« begin mini ti« YOU WOMEN WHO SUFFER HOT FLASHES FEEL CHILLY- Here's Good News! MllTcr IJOMI |,ot ll.uihiT. f,-,-| ny, in lirirutu.lniiiihV, wi-nl;V f" liy I.yilli, K. I'liikhnin-n liitml 7".!""'"" ""••»"' " wise, , 10, n'uhm'ri 1 " '"" 1 ' 1 *"' rrill *""'"' < > hu'j'a.Viit'n 1 * Br '' lt m " llrl1IC ° |MI oiS-^,SE"X';!s;'i? '^i^^-^"^ Lydia E. Pinkham's'vEGEVflBLECuMPoilND^ Moss Bryan Jnvllcs yiiur selecllon «I Ivy, Tea Roses and Pom-poms to decorate th* Hanging Vases and Flower Bowls in your home until garden flowers arrive The Gift Shop HIM Kasl Main Street BE SURE TO SEE THE MIDNITE SHOW After the Wrestling Match GEM THEATRE Monday, January 19th "Fun On A Weekend" v/ith Eddie Bracken and Priscilla Lane PLUS COMEDY Box Office Opens at 10:30 Admission 25< to All Continuous Shows Kvifry Day Nox Office Ol>ens 1:45 Show Starts 2:00 USTi'.N TO KI.CN 8:00 a.m. |->ns ,,. m . i : 3j p llic R.ixy Kusl Time Today Something in the Wind with l>i':um:i Ilurliln mill Dnniilil O'Connor I'.vr.inioiinl News anil Shorts t'niil. Slicnrlng Sunday l:15-ll:o( Tuesday nnd Wednesday >s COMING TO THE RITZ Wednesday, January 28fh at Midnight A BIG STATE ATTRACTION . ore Ki nil be broadcast from a to 2-30 3 rn °°"' Ccmral Time The McDonalds are originally frum Pope county. Arta« sa .«. where Mr McDonald, now publicity director of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville. «„. (or SCVC1B , years city editor of the Riissellvin. Daily Courier-Democrat. The family moved to Louisville in 1914 iron. Arlcadc.'pl-iia, Ark. u ,,j ., ww^.i u . ivt:ii tYmilll'IUJS will be served later in the evening Mrs. w. c. Colston requests all Stamiir.1! ? I1Inbow Girls (0 com c dressed in oiamiaru i formals. i . FAY BMNTER • HENRY HULL JEAN And Rheumotic Pain Sufferers Now find BLESSED REUEF i n lammi.-! C--J223. Often you start to ft tii.-k rolicf_»ftcr Ihe fiwt. tpoonfiit. Cn . CREOMULSION * ai FINAL CLEARANCE All Shoes Left on Rack All Sales Final Tuesday and Wednesday Only E'&7. Q^CH^cSZ VMV\ Cnntiiiuniis Stlnwins: Every D»y Also Short GIRL SPOOK HIIV Otlicu Oiicm S;30 Show Slarls 6:45 Opens Sunday I:M; Starts 1:15 Continuous Slums Sat. i Sun, in Mshl Kvcry Night Kxccpt Saturday ,Vi> passes honored on Sunday at Uovj Theatre Montgomery Ward l.sst Time Today If I'm Lucky NT SALE with Vivian lllalnc ,t Harry James I ox Xcws anil Selected Short! 'I'ticstliiy Wednesday DOt'Ilt.f. t-'KATURE 100 Yards of Fine Quality MILL and BOLT ENDS ! Look/ jr^T'^i ^?=| Bl<i FIRST-RUN N£W 3-STAR »» Including Decorator, Materials, Woolens, Paints, Rayons and Curtain Goods • 100MEKAND (ONE) BEAUflFUt GlfU. {lonAi, f/cff 4 Muli'mf on flit e/i,'no ADMISSION 75c to oil. TICKETS SOLD IN ADVANCE Gel Yours N'mv a ( Ri( z Box Offi Cl Nl'Jf/.fO*

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