The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 26, 1952
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JUNE 26, 1952 $253 Million in Wages Lost Already in Big Steel Strike KEYS By GIB STALKY PITTSBURGH M>i _ The great steel strike of 1952 already has cost Philip Murray's 650.000 idle Commodity And Stock Markets— Niw York Cotton July Oct Dec Mar, Open High Ix>sv 4010 4010 3971 3722 3724 3K71 3096 3703 3536 3676 3684 38-10 close 3978 3«)2 3659 3B40 New Orleans Cotton Open High Low Close July 4007 4010 3970 3913 Oct 3718 3724 3675 3679 Dec. . 3633 3702 :<6SG SfiflO Mar 3682 3656 3G43 3644 Soybeans Jly fiep Nov Jan Mar High Low Close j 32o^4 3?3 3^^> '4 j 3!0i 2 3(M> 2 309 | 105 293', 2!W'-, i J95' 2 291'2 294>i slcelworkers about (243 mlHion dollars In wages. As the strike goes into its 2Mb day with _little sign of a break there are" repons of increasing hardship from all sections of the country. Layoffs in allied industries are increasing almost hourly. In addition to the 650.000 striking steelvs-orkers from coast >o coast the latest survey sli6«'s that 216.320 workes in allied industries either have been laid oft or ordered not lo report for work after July 3. The number nf workers, in Allied industries already off the pavroll is 166.520. Heavy layoffs are starting jn the auto industry. About 30.000 Mich- lean auto workers alone face immediate or early lavoffs. ( Moiois has expanded its layoff program to include plains at Snemau- after previously announcing fur- louch schedules fnr Flint and Detroit plants. Trarle'Chrysler llupe for Hesl Ford and Chrysler fay they hope to keep production soina. The OM layoffs, first in the Ministry, will extend into the remainder of this in the will 'o* te time. At Cleveland, General Motors Fisher Body Division has laid off 100 workers. It expects to halt production Tuesday. Idling 3,200. From city after city come similar reports of hardship cases among strikers and their families. The powerful steelworkers union do«s not pay strike benefits although its locals make an effort to aid so- called hardship eases. Some 1,600 strikers In the Canton and Youngstown. O. area, where about. 43,000 sleelworkers are idle, have applied for relief. At Canton, stark County officials said any striker a.sking for relief must work off his food orders at Ihe rate of 75 corns an hour. Ohio law reriuires this of any abled bodied person on relief. The. Chicago welfare office reports 100 families of strikers in the Chicago-Caumet-Oary area are now applying for aid daily. They are being given checks lor food. I At Duquesne, Pa., a steel com-| mimily of 6.500 near Pittsburgh, the Cay Council declared a stale 1 of cme.rspncy. Mayor Frank Ko'• - •*[• -^nt le'tru's to cnmi>any and PAGE FIVE to President iCTrri that the mills set: \ I [[1 e nulls get ' N«w York Stocks A T and T Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola ,\ Gen Electric. Gen Motors . . . Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester J C Penney Republic Steel Radio ...... ... Socony Vacuum . , Studebaker Standard of N J Texas Corp Bears U S Steel Sou Pac 153 1-8 57 l-2i 45 .50 1-2 77 5-8 112 1-2 60 1-8 57 3-4 65 3-8 ' 21 1-4,' 32 3-4 69 3-3 41 3-4 3fi 7-8 39 37 EO 1-4 58 3-4 53 3-4 39 1-4 81 5-B Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. I*— (USDAi— Hogs 6,000: aclive; barrows and fills 50 to 15 higher than Wednesday's average; some under ISO Ibs up more: so'.vs 50 higher: bulk choice N r os. 1. 2 and 3 180-230 Ibs 21.15-50: latter paid freely by shippers and butchers, mostly for choice Nos. 1 and 2 190-220 Ibs: 140-170 Ibs 20.00-21.20: largely 20.3? up ••••'.!-. some 240's to 21.15: 280-325 Ibs mainly odd lots 18.50-19.75; 150-170 Ibs 18.25-20.00; 120-140 Ibs 16.00-18.00: sows 400 Ins down 17.15-1800: mostly 17.50 up: heavier sows 15.25-17.00; stags 13. CO-IS. 00: boars 10.00-13.00. Cattle, calves 700: generally steady to strong at the week's advance and moderately active on all classes: few good and choice ftetn and heifers 28.50-32.50: tilil- W-y aod commercial 32.00-27.50; utility and commeciaj cows 18.0022.00; canners and cutters 13.0017.50: utility and commercial bulls SO.OO-H.OO: canner and cntter bulls IS. 00-18. 00; good and choice vealers 27.00-80.00: sorted prime to 32.00; utility and commercal vealers 19.00-36.00. Sheep 600; spring lambs opened steady to strong: choice and prime largely 27.00-23.IH): some held higher: utility and good grade in odd lots 24.00-28.50: cull t n r o \v o u t s 15.00-17.00: few to feeder buyers 17.00: small lots good and choice clipped lambs 13.00-20.00. with yearlings out at 2.00 discount; cull to good ewes 4.50-6.50. .MUSlr FOR SHOrPKHS-Meinbcrs ol niyihe- vllle High School's summer band dassi-.s put. m an appearance on Main street here yrsterday to provide music for .siiouucrs taking admiiMze of -Value Day" Iwrisains. nircctcd by Rubert Lipsromb, BUS band dirccior. the young musicians will be mem- fcfis of t) lr senior and junior high school bands this Irtll, irnurjrr -Vcus I'lliitu) (Continued from Paee 1) week, there was no apparent indication ol any union shop compromise. Halleck. refusirm to elaborate on his prediction, said it came from the highest sources The National Prodiiriicin Authority, meanwhile, primed a crackdown on any steel hoarders or black marketeers. Enforcement officers were told by their chief. Robert Winn. t o keep a close check on steel trade channels. Violators of the ban on hoardine and black market operations risk ''immediate criminal prosecution." he said. Maximum penalties provided by law are a year's imprisonment. sio.000 fine or both Obituary Former Resident- Dies in Greenville Services for Walter Drummoild. former Blytheville resident '.vho died Tuesday in Greenville. Miss., were conducted yesterday afternoon In Greenville. Mr. Drummond moved from Blytheville. to Mississippi in 1935 He was 63. He is survived by a son. W. D. Drummond of Greenville, and fnr- m"rly of Blytheville: a brother. M F. Diummnnd of Blylhrville; two half-sisters. Mrs. Ocorsia Saddler and Mr?. Tennie Frrrrst. both of Blythrvllle: and a hair-brother, .rack McBridp of Blyrheville. ONE-STOP TORSION of "trans-car" machining line is this on- in use at Cleveland Cadillac plant making Walker BuSMoa tank hull-- [ One operator stands on the catwalk being lowered into" position at left and controls all drilling operations. 1300-Foot Machine Can Turn Out a Tank Hull Every Hour hull reaches (lie end of (he line other surfaces arp s , o , lrK | b} , |, al)ks of ciatit wheels at tolerances measured in fractions of an inch Cost of the hult-an-hour "railroad" was SIS million in 1950. estimates Wean, .since then the price taB has ri-en ,10 per cent but five or six of these monsters could nut our entire, armored vehicle program on awar-time footing. Thoueh the entire line has never a "trans-car" machining line—first of Its kind in Ihe ivorld The Cleveland Cadillac tank plan' is masine WaH.ct Bulldo-r tanss with a multi-head zrinrler and driller. Two more are beins? installed Other firms throughout the country are speeding defense efforts with the many-headed Wean machines. Cify Library Gets 48 New Books List Included Books Given As Memorials A total ol 48 new books have been addwl in the .shelves nf the Blytlle- yille Public Library, according to Mrs. Ira Gray, librarian. These include the following memorial books: In memory of Mrs. J. D Hooker— "Blue Riose Billy" by ! en-ki. donated by Mrs M A. MldnJeton. In memory of Mrs W. B Fullerton—"Maryland" by Writers Pro- Sram. donated by Mr. and Mrs. Murray Smart. In memory of Lewi? Ne'.vbtjl "Introducinn Alaska" by Calrtwcli, Mr. and Mrs Elbell Huffman; "Makins Useful Things Out of Wood" by Gottshall, Mr. and Mrs Chester Cr'ildwcH. In memory of C A. Tant—"Famous Paimines" by chase. Mr. ami Mrs. Harold Davis: "Southern Gardner' bv Bralliar, Mr. and Mrs. James V. Gates. In memory of Mrs Jennie WaR-^r Seeking ists, Stenos The Navy ts looking for typist-- ami ftenncranhcrs f nr civil Service posit inns in Washington. D,C A ci- ilian representative nf the Navy Dr-paitmcnt. Mi=s Allhea H .Vichrjis. will lie in Little Hock until the second week in July lo lest and rrcomnic-nd lo headquarters (or appointment those whomen who qual- St ill-line salaries, rirpciidme on abililv and experience, ranne from S2.050 to S3.n. r j a year. Typists must have a speed of at least 10 words a minute and stenographers must he able to take dictation at 80 word's per minute. Ap- plicanls who already have passed Civil Service tests need nol be re- tcstcri. but rmisl. h ave an interview ait!-. Mis.? Nichols Mi>s Nirliols will be locaied at the Navy necruitlnt. Station in the Old Po.<! Off be Building in Little Rock from !) am to 5 p m. and until noon on Satur- Maclntire, "Seven Plays" by shnw. "Southpaw at Fly Hawk" by Rand, "Rial-tins Pitcher" by [>rkcr. "Siviss Family Robinson" hy Wyss', "Talcs from Silverland" hy Finucr. "Teen Talk" by Glen'dinine. "Ten Brave Men" by Daujherty. •Thurber Album" by Thurber. "Tomboy Rr.iv" by Holber?. T " p sii " CLEVELAND (NEA1 — The nation's tank industry has a production weapon up its sleeve that is infinitely more complex than its own fire-spitm garmored dread- nauchts. Ready for mobilization if war shoulri break out is the 1300-foot- Ion? 'trans-car" machinins line which can perform 24 continuous machining operations — drilling, borins. milling and grinding — to turn out a tank hull an hour. All of this with one man at the control.-, where previously workmen swarmed over the hull snd took four times as long to compete, the job Equally as amazing as this production robot is the storv of its birth. Two years a?o all 30-year-old R. J. Wean. Jr.. president of Wean knew about tanks was that they are ferocious land monsters, difficult to produce. In Xoicrnlier, 1350. the Detroit. tank arsenal, which masterminds the nation's tank prosram. contacted Wep.n and asked that, his bonmlnj vc.une ensinccrin? firm come up with a mass production i method for turning out tank hulls! and turrets. j ' Reasoned Detroit. "If automobile f engine blocks can be milled, bored. drilled and ground in one contmu- j oils operation, why nol tank hulls'" Tank hulls are considerably more' unwieldy and several tons 'heavier ternary optimism Wean took Ihe challenge. «« "ac^ engine worke riO production basis with defense items—including a project for the Atomic Enerey Commission. At the same time Wean keeps strivine towards its coal "the automatic factory." Wean's team of almost sn eii'2i- neers and 200 skilled machinists and assemblers is ready to start the 12- month job of producing (lie lotl-T ' "trans-car" line, but as with manv other thines. the issue of war or peace will be the deciding factor. From the 1300-foot, line, only a I hundred engineering man - hours ] and a hefty bundle of blueprints , i later, the Wean team had complete i j plans for a 1300-foot "railroad ; I which, with one man at the ron- j trols. ran heat the best orthodox' j methods of tank production j three to four hours i The tank hull is mounted on a ' ! "trolley car ' which moves down ihe | line and stops at the first station : where the car is automatically po- ] sitioneri with pin-point accuracy. I I Touts descend to bore large holrs.1 then the rail car moves on. At one j stop, 10 different surfaces are mill- \ : cd A: another 110 holes are drilled simultaneously, and before the lank vo hful nres dnt ^"if, on, ortin^Tr, • no M , '' nave '., C ° ? ° Mlmv that I ' •••••••• t ,,, v , 99mm ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE With the Courts City of Blvtheville vs R p p a t- tcrson. rarryin? a concealed weapon, appealed from Municipal Court Chancery Court: Oenctal Contract Piirrluse corpora'.ion vs. Sam V .Simmnns, re- plevin and foreclosure. Phone 4fi21 Show Starts Weekdays p=S 7:00 p.m. Sat. & Sun. 1:00 n.m. Open li:;ill p.m. Show Starts at Dusk. 2 Shows Every Nile. THURSDAY & FRIDAY First Showing in Blylhevillc 'THE GREEN PROMISE" with Marguerile Chapman & Waller Brcnnan Cartoon & Comcdv THURS.-FRI. DOUBLE FEATURE j£ —PLUS- 7HffAST SlOt HI Added Cartoon & Shorts RUl POWER STKR1HG Is Best f Prive PeStfto Rre Dome 8 or R>wermasterSix.f MOTOR SALES CO. 110 West Walnut—Blytheville by Thomas. "Behind the .Microphone" by Flohr-rlv. "Brtsy and Joe" bv Lovelace, "Bomber pilot" hv Harkins. "Olffnrni.i On!4 Rurh" bv McNe«r. "Complete Gliirie to Drawing" bv Simons. "Chimney Corner Slorips" bv iiutchinson "David Copnerfield" by Dickens "Electronics for Yoime People" oy B"ndick. "First Book ol Airplanes" by Bendick, "First Book of Automobile" bv Tatham. "?'la-s o! All Nation^" by! Smith. "Forty Odd" bv Bard, "Golden Hand" by pjmon. "Oolrien v.'edee" by Lovelace. "Green Oln^e r Jar" by Jtidson. "Holiday Round-Un" by Pannell. ".lolinny Annlcseed" by Atkinson. ' Jobnnv R"b" bv Allen. "Kincijnra n[ Fly- inc Men" bv I.ittenn. "Landina nf the Pilsrnnis" by Daueherty. "Manual (or Chevrolet Owners" by Packer. 'The Monitor and the Merri- i mar" hy Neuhcreer j "Much Atio About Musi,-" by Louance. "Mystery of Fhehf hy Orcsre. "Newspaper Writinrr and Editini!" by sieve--. "On Safari" by \Vald"rk. "Oil" Hundred Plavs fc-r Children" by Burack, "Only Child" bi- D;cks<7n. "Paintbox Sumtner" by Dickson. "Pony F,ypress" by Adams. Hcfriceration Enelneerin?" b y RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. THURSDAY "THE LADY SAYS NO" ,In;in C'nnlfu'ld David Nivt'n FRIDAY THREE STEPS NORTH" Lloyd Bridges & I,ca f'ndov-aki s A Turin AY "YOUNG DANIEL BOONE' David Hrticc <fc (hrisfine .Millc r NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "lour ('oninuinity Cenler" MANILA, ARK. Maliner.s Sal. S: Sun. I'hnne oS Till US DAY "RETURN OF THE TEXAN' Dale RnherUon Jnnniip Dm FRIDAY 'CARIBOU TRAIL" K.indttlph Srnlt SATIKDAY 'CALLING V/ILD BILL ELLIOTT" \\ilrl Bill F,llin(t House Committee Asks Cuts in Armed Forces Bill fund, «ked by the .dminiatration for the armed «ign "id, atormr, energy ami „ variety, of other J&S'o.*" 1 ' 61 " 1 "-"™"-" 7 '-! The commillee. headed bv Rep ! Cannon (D-Moi, said the agencies Involved should Ret alm, ? O n tin 283.133.180 instead ol the $13 15o'- 688.280 President Truman asked. ' The money provided in today's bill is separate from rcsiular liude'ot appropriations already considered by Congress for the Defense I>- partmenl and the Atomic Fmorjjv i Commission. Their recuiar budircts I much larger, have been reduced already. The new funds supplement ap- : propriations already considered for the coming year or actually made for the present year, and are, primarily for construction pro' grains. No bis agencies were spared the committee's cuts. The largest WT. . The Commerce and fnterlor Departments gnl wha! they requested S716.S3fi for Commerce and S5'5 000 for Interior. The extra budget at approved in full. The Labor Department was cut from 416.870.000 to SS.SOO.OOO most of Ihe cut beinir in funds for "rants >o stales for "incmnlovmenf compensation and employment service administration. The Federal Acencv was slashed from Silo,710,100 to' j,n.. 537.750. the committee reiectin" amonc other things the entire 30 million requested for school construction. The S15O |2n noo rut made bv the committee m (ornicn aid funds was £™^ lrtc '' nl " - lp ^ 'ban some had 'o,,. A group ol defense a«cn,-ies was \ The committee made a mndlrrct S'nor/™' '^•"r^^nn- r^i '° C<111 ^" ™' '« ™"« n !u ' ln( ' H «Pl»i»<"l, and results In incre Ti T- . , • "• ' ~i"<"nru, ,uit] le-Mins in increas- The^Economic Stabilization Acnn-: crt arms output abroad Further CA u:.bA' got nothing, the corn- cuts. 11 said, "would be short mmee saying ii would cr>ns:drr i sighted." * RETREAT FROM SUMMER HE AT RCARoom Air Conditioner ^N'o nrni to ran ofl lo Ihf mounlnrn- or srashorr lo «ca|,t [l,r hru. An KCA K«>rn Air Cnmiilinnrr will bniiprrwilnifjumaj,, rcBoptclimalcfti- lo vour r, Mn hnmf. .. five Ton cle,in, frrth. frlirrrd «[ r ||, C y fi , 'roiiml. S»» why KCA or'vai you h«H»r air comfirioni'ng "HEARI-OF-COLD" COMPRESSOR "AIRflOW" GRILtt RCA fACTORY SERVICE * SIZE fOK evt*y «OOM $229.50 llb., a l !„„,... lab* up to 71 wtik t« ix>ri COME IN FOR FREE DEMONSTRATIOr4 Johnson Office Equipment Co, 106S °-5th Phone 4420 HOMEMAKING Can Be Made EASIER... There's no. nertl fnr vnu lo spenr! henuljfiil Summer tla.vs ind(H)rs. scrtib- liinjr and ironing hraps of soiled laundry. Let us fake over your laundry chores al a surprisincfv low cosl. We take mclic- ulous care. BLYTHEVILLE STEAM LAUNDRY a CLEANERS PHONE 4418

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