The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on November 17, 1939 · 1
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The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma · 1

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1939
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The Only Morning Newspaper in Oklahoma Wiih Associated Press Virephoio norUW'estern frontiers regard- J ifttr tbeir convictii jfciy comes to town to fur divorce suit . Kftds r& tafce over a c jrapiKW orchestra. . strickler claims testified that Strict! Inch Strickler hart handled J R. S. Worthy, head of the C r.ionej . . At City ohce depart ficce, free, shuns the spotlight . . Wheeler pieaas tor uemo- . " OS ptf harmony . . . Roosevelt s Th(, car ha(j to fill Butlers place -will be bCforo from H. union ' Hitler plays a bum game OfSjnternational chess, DOROTHY THOMPSON. What's the will to Keep on snovoi- jtt Jajgests EDITH JOHNSON. '2xsrrelt could strong-arm a labor ip itak ALSOP and KINT.VEH. ifcfcsdj are cheating the pravc dig- ZS ROGER BABSON. . Stocks rally substan-tially under leadership . Lijht showers fail to keep market down . . . Cotton tea tack after Wednes S; THE DAILY QKLAHQMAN Dally October Paid Circulation Mornlns IOCS: inks 706-to: Afrlcf VOL. 48. NO. 313. Morning and Sunday TWENTY-TWO . PAGES 500 N. BROADWAY, OKLAHOMA CITY, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1939. SINGLE COPY PRICE: Daily 5c. Sunday 10 dOn British tanker B r's first Indian ocean at-Oberlain discounts naval a -price we pay for command Inspired sta.cmcnt say; 111 Germany to wage offensive . war to "1 berate ! rs?--jCounsel Claims jron continues. Officers Frame Strickler, His (MOSCOW against Finland light industry de- j Questions Infer Jealousy of Record As Car Detective With Malice Toward None Bill Murray to Compile History of Constitution ENID, Nov. 16. (Special.) I Jake Strickler is the victim of a j frameup in which jealous peace j officers, irked at his remarkable I success as a stolen car detective, j have played a part, defense j counsel intimated Thursday in 1 rough and tumble cross-exami- j I nation of key state witnesses. The trial of the former chief j investigator of the department of public safetv will move into its fifth day Friday with the state's case still not completed. Indications pointed to the likelihood that the trial will last over into judge. Oklahoma's' fui William H. Murray, a mellowed historian, statesman and gentleman farmer, came to town Thursday ready to talk nicely even to the Chamber of Commerce, and prepared to start writing with malice toward none some of the turbulent, early-Oklahoma history he helped make. The former governor's arrival here for a rare speech to Hie Chamber of that Murray rt directing complla- niloii and the first, leg- nry G. Bennett, president of a A. and M. college and the H. Murray foundation, an- New Challenge By Nazis Seen As Whistle In Dark Empire Destruction Threat May Be To Hide German Split A new declaration of Nazi Germany's prime war aim as destruction of "British supremacy in the world" due to allied rejection of peace proposals sounded oddly against the actual war background. Progress reports from all the battleless battlefronts of the war. afloat, ashore and in the air. had faded to a mere murmur of activity as that challenge was uttered in Germany. The new Nazi war purpose, credited European wi t falling asleep. German Raider Takes War To Indian Ocean " Armed Vessel, Perhaps Pocket Battleship, Sinks Tanker Off East African Coast LONDON. Nov. 16. (P) The European war at sea j reached the Indian ocean Thursday with the reported sinking j of a British tanker off the east African coast by a German ! raider. ! Dispatches from Capetown, Union of South Africa, told I of the raider's attack on the 706-ton Africa Shell and said the ! captain was taken prisoner. I Some reports said a "warship" sank the British vessel but j authoritative Capetown circles described the raider as an armed merchantman of about 10,000 tons. The ship went down 180 miles northeast of Lourenco Marques. ; Mozambique. This is the Mozambique channel, an arm of the i Indian ocean between the Portuguese colony of Mozambique on I the east Africa coast and French island of Madagascar. I The German pocket-battleships Deutschland and Admiral Scheer. both 10,000-ton warships, have been at sea for months. ' Some reports have said the Admiral Scheer rounded Cape Horn after operations in the south Atlantic. : The sinking of the Africa Shell was the lirat report oi open tions by German raiders in or near the India In the World Enid last ; hied G. Harris aid. The car " Irs Jury Convicts General Motors ?3; On Anti-Trust Law Indictment; ngm Stockholder Sues Firm Officials British War Dog Slips Into U. S. Port of s tel the OA::- ! SOUTH BEND. Ind.. N nqp.'. convicti d the renera jy .-aid. General Motor.s Sale- Corp. Mis Presence Explained G.MAC Of Indiana. d1 had ''phone caH f rom Okfa- Tne j u r-v acquitted 17. ftv that thi car could be S. Knudcen. president of Ge at Kingfisher and that he took man of the board. n from Enid to Kingfisher the Jurors reported to Special Judge Walt ng of October 15 to recover the ...j IH that tnn, had rpacrJed a verdict 2; ?H rSiV SsidVaS after they began deliberations. Kusted. former head of the Ok- Judge Lindiey adjourned a City police stolen car division, to 10 a. m. Friday. Undo cceded Strickler as head Sherman act. the corpora fined up to $5,000 Corp. Motors and Alfred P. Sl rrfent of public , defense attorney On cn praised S! c by Hai i of the det jtispess notice as 33 Eoot e ? 1 te Titn Missouri Saturday . . tej-Ssg's Coach Johnny Law en: n . . . Golribugs end hoi ight against Emporia . Index of Features 0 Bmes race fcly Television fe Far in Future So If You're Worrying About Cost, Stop kler headed the The indictment charged roiLSpiracv to monopolize time-sales financing of automo biles. $155,000,000 Squandered By Officers, Suit Charges i i 1 n t n of hi t nateriitl '" 1 ! Oklahoma's fundamental law in which j he participated. Murray is ready to i sit down and write with the objectivity i of an historian even the records of , , . ! some of the fights ho fought. j He was reminded that behind the i actual compilation will lie a personal ; I drama in which he found and fought; pang of Okl! City police department cleaning up thi; City car thieves ve the Oklahom. NEW YORK. ful fiaures Thursday 6.,Vi- oanninc ! of these thieve. Kirkcndall asked. objected. Kirkei . General Motors Corp. officers and dsrectf.-s v.hun : leged $155,000,000 had been "nr. propriated, wasted and squanderec ekholder Career Men Cheer 5 City Appointment Of OllieJ. Black Assistant Treasurer To Head Department He Served 22 Years ?rial which Do ; about "he Her uray paint streaked with rust, the British cruiser Saradoc slipped into San Diego harbor under cover of early morninq fog Thursday, She sailed Thursday night for an unknown destination after inking on enough fuel to reach a Canadian port. She is the first British warship to visit a U. S. port since the war began. (Wircphoto.) - ?-war the Indian ocean became equalize' educational ' opporit Oklahoma. In preparation Fran; the work throuR when and where British aihes in tne west n. whether there rhould be s :ch c tack at all. Thai, rumor eirci ;at a tune when both allied and trnl observers are wonder.n- vhv Joy Riders Steal Three Autos From City Firm's Yard one of the main theaters of operations of such vessels. Among those raiders there in the World war was the famous little cruiser Emden. Lloyds E. Si cider Davis, nii! Seven-street has been appointed fi- Did von send Gi to sell "strickler that asked Kirk -I did n i Kirkcndall referred from J. W. Nt Strickler to R 'elfviska sach as is being de the Municipal auditc Wichita rails. Sliiffiaa F'KSaal stage, w ft Wspect for wjd !t M. general ?Alishing we. WKY. which led t aore than 25.000. a t i"s taxed caracrtv of ; 22 tbe fourth day. em Lines Will endLow Rates fa niL-oads 'rh-r aa-oau- Pr- r?-': tS3e fiie xVh5 f"" confererxT a :iat stolen car?'; Amdng lhe defendants named were e top irm The ptirpow o, the foundation k to ( abjU) " Stle" l Sate defendants be SS Ed to a car , u med that a mM JMmm '-V.'X '-.l, t''',:," I,', V'.- vu-,Chv nu duties of the c" C o E.' Murra J bizh ar west bey Conservative Ge ie turned thumbs dowj ;or attack wore biamed by Russell ; 1 two ir detective, for the theft; she! : before dawn Thursday ; she :;d car lot of the Hall : bean street and Franci :ar, abandoned si vered by ioIiee lists the Afn n tanker built with a 23-foot 'Arkansa, caused a meat Thursday wh two Texas 1938 lici he said Strickler t foot bluff in Ozark introduced i Furness Line Transfers Ships to North Atlantic ped off the world ; r, illy fam rlin just pi The Deut.-chland off Newfoundland Oct' professional he Norwegian ship Hai Jlc the ears : On Sentembcr 30 :ated bv the : frewhter CSfc.meut was s wc-e " ke'ot : Brazilian coat bv a ears 'weren't identified by British sou are suspected rr.iral Scheer. Aftr th: ranging from ; mission; Judse Tom lina! court of appe.i i B. Murray, Oklahoi Is and Mas- sh ship- : would 1 Then Armstror Canadian Warship uFtetSl Fires Across Bow i1heaSSrt- ;0 Alaska-U.S. Boat wvative army opinion. i fV.C tZ Armv Leaders Fail to Talk !lUC'- If this Version of the split between (J, Nazi diplomats and army leaders over policy is correct, it would do more to explain the strange leuiarey in.o $UB$CJZIPTIC?N MAK DANOV CHRISTMAS G(FT (r )ff!ce : 1 the S Capone Quits Prison for Hospital .-man had a spotless rec- Canadian naval asurer." said Black, "and ; shot across the X i-as any scandal in this the North Coast, As far as I'm concerned. 3. C. IS. i'.4Ti An Amer who arrived Thurs-an trip, reported a esscl had fired a lever will be." n said no promotions of the ?even employes in the depart- would be made until he dis- the matter with Black. He : ; expects to follow Black's rec- j idation on this point. I Other Tlaccs List ,e promotions are made auto-Orvin C Cri t, first s i i" employed in the department; . vears, is expected to be made which carried 1 ew of 75. said the i: Snndar nieht when Canadian vessel thought the! mough when ordered to do so. Borkland said he thought it wa; o safeguard against Grounding, bu; 19 stopped the ship immediately ai ! More Rain Forecast For Today, Tomorrow tween the Nazi foreign T Hitlers inner councils About all that can be made of It at this distance is a conclusion that at least an important urns of German victory" possible to Germany is a negative one. Nazi soldiers have stoutly maintained that they could hold the westwall. Talk of -bloodbath" air war" came whollv from Nazi political figures, including the fuehrer himself j iister. I American Planes Can Be Pushed, Not Flown to Canada I WASHINGTON, Nov. 1 6. (i?) I American warplane.s can be pushed or j pulled across the border for delivery ; in Canada, government officials held ;. informally Thursday, but they can i V hCEEP ON 6IVlfMG r EVERY DAY OF Junior is right. A year's subscription to the Oklahoman and Times at these low rates would be a dandy Christmas gift. Place your order today and save 25c'o to 34 on next year's mail subscription. ZIP-OFF i as educated in the Oklahom; hools. He is married, lives a orthwest Thirteenth street, ant ? daughter. Oilie Mae Biack. V. Holiday? Take Your Choice;42 ; PECOS. Texac. Nov. 16. Mity-i ed ' e occasional light rain over the i state except in the extreme the northwest xas forecast for , : and Saturday oy Mr. Whitney dav night. He saw no drouth ; :r ::i his charts. Tlve temper- : is due to remain about the j ifall in Oklahoma City amunt- i as ! recorded a t Mc. !e st er. v. h i r h rj-'oody happy. This is their conclusion after days of discussion of one of the most in- j iricate problems raised by the neu- j trality act. The officials held that export of ; airplanes to a belligerent is permit- ; ted under ir.e neatrauiy at under international law ti war planes to a belligerent consu- ; iT xould permissible, they a.y. i to fly a plane to the Canadian bor- : ml:t of 1 side, and then wheel it a MAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS ONLY In Okla. and Texas Daily and Sunday Oklahoman by rnott 7,45 f"x Times and Sunday Oklahoman- by moil 7.45 Oklahoman. Week Days Only by mail $5.45 fiYr Oklahoma CityTimes Only by j mail $4.95 T't-t

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