The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on November 13, 1939 · 15
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The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma · 15

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Monday, November 13, 1939
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1939. THE DAILY OKLAHOMAN luxury to Spare: Liner Becomes 'Ghost Ship1 Italian Vessel Hit Hard By U. S. Ban on Travel X noted American author, j bound for Germany writes of ; li. ernprience on the almost empty kalian liner Rex. Editor's Note. A, tOTHBOP STODHAIW inlns burcs suddenly pia LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE No Compromise Cooyrtfitit. I93g. By Harold Gray Television Apparatus Installed for First Shows Today Technical Side To Be Discussed By Engineers inted 1 has played my j Tuesday Programs And Rest of Week To Be for Public s! Television's wonders will begin un-M folding for Oklahoma City at 2:30 11 1 p. m. Monday, and the process will '. be practically' continuous for' the re-e i mainder of the week, on an especially the i Of the 12 shows scheduled this week win on ordinary passports Tmmed the travel flood to the me. Se. So I " to Europe .n almost empty ship. The Italian liner Rex is one of the I mainder ol Vcranfortablv accommodate 2,000 the arena of Municipal auditorium. SK.1 ne8rly l-WM thJTaX this trip, all that splendor is j ular benefit of radio engineers anc wff lavished on nreciscly 25 first technicians, there will be no barrier-fIaf pasnge -. small group Z, S! ?r Mlon- a short row of reclinmB hear detailed discussions of how if; chairs on the promenade deck: a pa- j ao"e. theiic Ule cluster of L. Jit, ovldent-os of i only Mondav night's has any re-njones twic arc ..- -. -- - 5iet: r;;- -H buinc -s le aders r.B-jus ssrv Some in Tourist Class I Aflep thal thc demonstrations will bo Back aft. in tourist ctass.Jt's prac-; wide open, witrwao admission charge ecrs occupying one-fifteenth of the j and a' p. m. daily, available space. And up forward, the: You Can See Both Ends osuallv crowded steerage (decorously . Informality will be the keynote reehristened third class) has scarcely : throughout. Wide aisles have been more than 100 denizens. What a con- i provided between rows of seats which trast all this is to the recent west-j also will have generous space between ward trip, when the Hex reached New them to facilitate moving in and out. York crammed to more than normal Spectators will have their choice of he stage for microphone and cam-amid a maze of lighting ecjuip- (vesterdpk- two hard customers called att the tecum home to warn xjohu to drop his TKVESTK3ATIOH OF JASPER KEYS DEATH- JOHH'S REACTION ViWS PROMPT AND VIOLENT - ( ANNIE'S HUNCH NO -SOME OF WAS RIGHT-JASPER NICK GtfTT'S t KEY'S DEATH V4fS i BOYS VANISHED U 40 ACCIDENT- ) lj f SURE- IT'S PLAIN C WELL. IT GEE- YOU SURES ( fEAH? I WAsT f THOSE COWARDS CD RATHER ENOUGH-HIS QUICK V SURE DIDN'T ARE BRAVE. UNCLE 0 A FOOL- I 1 WONT ATTACK ME- fl HAVE IT THAT f DEMISE WAS WORTH TAKE NICK'S JOHN - WOW ! TH' (j LOST MY t j BUT PROM NOW5R U WAY THAN TO A HUNDRED THOUSAND BOYS LONG WAY YOU TORE INTO TEMPER AND YOU. JILL. AND ANNIE, GIVE IN TO 4 I TO ANSON sJOQ SO TO LOOK L THOSE TWO GORILLAS) MY HEAD- J WON'T BE SAFE A GANGSTERS'.) NICK GATT JUST DD W US OP- AND KICKED "EM JL J I FOR A SECOND- JSrfT S ANSQt UT O' HERE JP ' 4!J LTL ABNER A Het Time in the Ole Town Tonight! By Al Capp Passln? the Straits of Osbn.k: always a memorable experience. Miter about mid-afternoon. Th( Ml ef cloud-masses shot with "learns of watery sunshine. At one moment a magnificent rainbow spans the broad straits like a mammoth suspension bridge. On the African shore, the jizced Sierras of Morocco are draieri in mists. By contrast, the mountain"; tf Spain are dappled sunlight, '.heir Strom slopes tinted with tender preen. As we enter Algcciras bay. we sec Gibraltar's outer harbor crowded with . reproduce : the v. The sight of the impounded ships visibly annoys all the Italians aboard. Officers are tight-lipped and stewards ; Lai casual glance at what's going on, visiit nil afternoon or all eve-to watch everything. The pro- mosphere ot th informal. Equipment Is Installed Two Radio Corporation of America ingineers, Harold Marklcy and Walter :ather i addition to the television become indignantly vocal. I view the j its SI. 500 iconoscope or "i scene from a vantage point on the i six receivers, which comb n wvi-i7ri nv- ! mechanical radio unit wi al tender approaches us from shore, i scope and light-receiving machinery. Of(k I : iciiir. military constables, which j PO mployi iu?Jf WU- TviftDVl PCP5 O' GOURMET AH MIGHT I f CHUCKLETACHUCKLEf-NATCHERLY I I TAB INAlV Wi"J i9t iDueo rri BURN EK .BUN T "Dur I ( "5HE3 5KEERED T' COMET . STOP DAISY Jj The Weather OKLAHOMA Fair Mon Tuesday, warmer exxept souti Monday: warmer except northwest portion Tuesday. NEW MEXICO TFXAS- Portland 60 31 lleves his mind. "Look at all our ships ! . in here." he shout?, "isn't it a shame? ; '' If those English goad us too far," f 1 that sets off a sailor who is painting i nearby. He joins us. gesticulating j ' - i M' mtsh x sn h the Eng- li5h act.' he growls, "I vent thr tie Ethi p; in i C ' The stage is a standards, from th blazing hot lamps give enough lllumii To the left of the stage is a glassed-i control booth, in which all the sany complicated operations of com- ining ann monauiattng I though probably : persons fleer standing very ere ier's stern. I shudder ii?ht happen if the jjhat impulse. But, ( Three Germans Nabbed By this time, most of the officers have climbed aboard, so I go I televisi they can eather around th ; to watch the other end of the The engineers say about 300 Due to arrive Monday afternoon, in time for introduction to the technical men. is Chicago's Television Queen, chosen Saturday night from a large nip of contestants at that city's oe oest suited to appearing heroi : the critical test of the ship's cat-.;o. Just outside Oic door, flanked by thc constables, "and our three Germans of military age stocky men in their thirties or often pla thi I am told they have been d all the afternoon to sooth their k they should be pleasantly I tiful subjects. Thc Chicago girl, whose identity had -s or , noc bee,, iearned here Sunday nitjht. ssivc. I w-i!l be brought to Oklahoma Citv by iking ; Dick Hooper. RCA engineer who will rves. ! aid Markley and Lawrence in the ulied. : demonstration. She will remain liere during the week and will appear twice laily. aownstalrs to the lower gangway. ; Mondav afternoon Edear T. Bell I nurry on deck to watch the ten- will open the show. There will be der again. It is now dark, but bv our numbers bv WKY artists including snips H?hUs I can see some cheap j Fee Norton. Jean Marshall, the Rough Fancno and His Ridger suitcases hnnded aboard thc tender. ! Ridci short rope-ladder: then the three ) will be televised a Germans: then the second constable i technical discussion UKt the RriHcl, l,!,(! cinoArc The Germans, clad in raincoats, light Carets and huddle around their Knty baggage. As the tender chugs : p' British accents': ""You can go j tniight away now!" Acreage for Sale 121 rrSAS NKAR HEAVEN Farms for" Rent 123 Farnis for Sale 12-1 0),2-l' "3:hterms.bOHinandnLnd SjST'W" lncuuVvntlSn". -SlFJ1 lBrnrs- !?? C'-i r:! "i" north j pj w'VWtTTKCe si55. Lawrence will talk c television. Murkier will conduct a lie forum when the experts will can think of. and Hooper Monday night will see the sr 191 ; WKY artists perform, and also Muse, new 19-year-old ballad sfnger from Cameron Agricultural college at Lawton. Kerr s depart present a style show, and the city's many of their colleagues on the tele- Dickinson Class Discusses Ethics Of Chrysler Strike CHARLOTTE. Mich.. Nov. 12. Gov. Luren D. Dickinson led his Bible class in the little Eaton i Methodist church Sunday in a dis cussion of the ethical values he sa! in the Chrysler Corp. labor dispute In a discussion of the text (Matthew 6:19-34), the governor called sons to the sentence: "Lay not up for yourselvt one of sik receivers DON W NSLQW OF Ht NAVY L-onso otion bv Lieut. L,omdr. rrank Y. MarrineK, u. in. i.;s?As?r ;s SEEP,. ,d comes from the gyyyQgg BOMBERS ? I JT NOW THE W LUCKY WE'RE IN fl WOT RED LOOK AT THOSE TJ GET IT, SON? Z" I p,?C-.v tfS 8 If i will be an idea! , DID THEIR STUFF THAT ' BATTLE'S OVER T A SHIPPING kANE - Jig W LIFE BOATS AND TUE PEOPLE iHC NO PA55BNGERS. ph "&nA2MSJ0 ! S for 15 minutes for ' y iPtMAPIMP' CH AWOFD i'sl WF f AW UFI D PFVI iPDS A DP ioM K I DM TUP iAIA HOP'S DPfK TUF VnPI D TPI IISF J TUEN C-pheston 57-8 73 47 h OVER A SQUARE MILE. JilllV TME SALVAPORS COAMN6 FROM 1H K THEY'RE ALL MEN IN WORKING 1 WAS DISBANDED 7 MERCEDES V fff'S i llS , !? h -feu OF OCEAN utMplj IVv SURVIVORS ALL DIRECTIONS .MM fr CLOTHES, AND NOT A WOMAN .OR JTN ENGLAND COLBY 15 M S g? WZtFlVo & i . , : ; nersonated bv Plymouth citizens, the S "which j MICKEY FlNN-A Chance! - - - By Lank Leonard SSe? tah2aSnK! atrionSUSPCn i t 1 r 1 T- V V W j 1 l - ins meal over open fires in ancient V7 fwSfllRVri P GUESS LATE FOB DINNEG, ItECQIBLE. f XNV M!CkEN-OUQ DOCTOR I , SULFAPVRIOlNE TABLETS freely-killed deer and fowl followed TSlTTYS KING TO THE 7 HE'LL BE MRS- FINM-HE TOM? AS 11 BETTER. HAS JUST CALLED A Ff -AND IF HE tSPONDS ancient Indian paths along Town sounn ana .'.'7,L- r .V-" ' 7.r. ToVS2 - 7Tk y ouvcinaMC -d a ;fl ! Ri IT vaP wriNIT kfwnw celebrate Thankscivine November 30. veToctev I KING. kT ' Li THROUGH A j TO THE HOSPITAL) WSM'T pV" ifV CONSULTATION . ' UNTIL. MORNING.' . able to see-ai- is a verv rri ,TlWS , to see how ENOUGH J m N 1 i I- - - .- Chief Promofes Murray xtsrass rJ 11 ferJ kSsAVZ- w CT " tea- n to station coPtoin dppp-ed ,v.ili ; ' i ' y i fr si jj j I u i nsn x- . i i taste i. n n- r. . - !.:.s x - the reception at one 'KJgJ VSS 1 , "TN llSi L 1 CHARLIE CHAN Character Created by Earl Deft Biggers Going Overboard for a Blond By Alfred Andrlola Another War May Cost . , ? K . : j -yr, Kh7 Us iU billions a Year I ' ( HObiat I I ( oon't se a Fool , a f promise you wont Jf WAIT-. Uf oMID1 ) ftt -, In ths compu6iom ( poNY -UheIuetavvayI i WAIT- j nSsS FOLLOVV1M& THE DI5- XyQQjf ) f------d N HER BACKfj fl:(-J !!feg2' insolvement in another war idwst. I LETS MURDERER. g 0 Usi US -'ild d there win be MAAW, ESCAPES WM WWtHk ?W A--OTJ 9 T J 'VH' ald of IMng for wtferntions to come." by the three en- AMO JUMPS OVER- WCJSTf HKfVWP fer?SViiri -TO W Vif ! XfcJS ! Oocfor JlaariccZ'a orecctsf: science of BOARP . 1M4L JSPffl L "V JS Kl W Mffl 1 t,v RRIKJIKl IIP FATHFR (A Full Pa-e in"coloiin the Sunday Oklahoman Every Week) By George. McManuS ; N lDTS-IX'" I P7v-TM,e & A CAMOUsl fsTOLl-V- LOOK AT HUH-WEALL HAVE 1177 mh uHnt Z, htlZm I hcalTW CESOPT-ITI5 I SO I WOTiCE-T-NERE'S TMaT 8UMCH OF OLO P; HCWDY-STRAMGEP5" : RHEUMATISM AMD ALL BUT M- Mt-i-f cloudy, Avindy, eastern Oklahoma w5riDW 5pamou5 ab'gCEmete acmesdpans- r suppose vou all , WEURIT15 - BUT we M '"ME HERE L . moderately warm, fair, calm; west. va-TEC WUICM CUQES 4 ktlW SeEOUTOPWV TUEV LOOk AS ,p CAME HEtoGit DIDM-TCOME ME:I5- !; AMD GOT IT- U, t:r central Oklahoma warm. fair. calm. au ACMES and pains- fll: VWOCW- , J THEY W5E OVER- CURED Ol YOUf? I WE WERE l-i-.,--1-- . , low barometer: extreme western Okla- aClIrh! wSd P-- jW- nEJ y 5ma modcratcly C001' parlly cl0Udyi i ' ' r ! " 7. , , r I for the American Scantic liner lor- 1 I C nnnm Predicted I thnsaW ooUcfcs arr null nnd void J putes between air earners ouu 01 lu uv MQtorsn,p uses rQr mactide which sailed from Jersey City " I fjj J L.Tr ciw o oA on any I by the American Arbitration associa- , . Q Saturday. BALTIMORE. Nov. 12. - W) - Dr. 1 AAyiuAtc in- S Accepted by Air Lines "eU-ork of tribunals ! ,NOrr" IVUUIC lU W The Mormactidc. carrjing S.000 j Harrj. Elmer Barnes, widely, known j '" "M.rSirttt , c-m Tjpical of trade questions are NEW yoEK Nov. 12. W The tons ol tires and spare parts for autos j njstorian nnd sociologist, asserted I reeaidim: any of the forcKoini: oollrirr. I CHICAGO, NOV. I2.-)-C0L Ed- Ugrccmcnts for mutual use of equip- j en linc motorship Carolina j along with a genera! cargo to Bergen. ! Sunday that ..a capitalistic economic hffi comnunicoie wLb U.e under- 1 co, an- questionable advertising terms and Thorden arriveo tounoaj w u, it f " f07 a orthern Euroncun 8 aoorm-u u luu . . wuhMter .pIrc iusurance Company accept- practices: standardization of flight sengers, six of them Americans, after ship to leave tor a ."the rnopc'." j continues and if we go in. which we I of New York jf an procedure: regulations concerning taking ic uuintui , " . ....-..- r ,nn0t horr.,fi 1 will if it continues another year, it I in, ntu il55 .a,L ,o- nmiontrt : tn Ameri'rans. means the end of our government." i Telephone 3--22S this conflict with "its great wealth?" ( Arbitration Setup clarcd justification would depend 0 the conditions under which the cm ployes worked, and were of thc opin ion that the Chrysler Corp. had right to weaitn if it treawa n ers properly. Dickinson had annealed clergy of Michigan to offer prayei Sunday for a speedy settlement c nnnnccd Sunday the formal agreement providing e advertising terms and Thordei icedure: regulations concerning j taking i-schcduled flights and malnte- e 01 adequate scneauies.

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