The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on November 13, 1939 · 1
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The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma · 1

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Monday, November 13, 1939
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jfcWeather Newsday MOSCOW Fice discloses Kui wants Finland to yield bases ia Arctic as well as Gulf of Finland: Russian papers hammer at Finnish -obstinacy" The Only Morning Newspapef in Oklahoma With Associated Press Wirephoto THE DAILY OKLAHGM AN Daily October Paid Circulation i VOL.48. NO. 309. Morning and Sunday SIXTEEN PAGES 500 N. BROADWAY. OKLAHOMA CITY, MONDAY, NOVEMBER, 13, 1939. SINGLE COPY PRICE: Daily 5c. Sunday 10a Five-Man Board Backers Pick Election Slate Six Men Named For Distinguished Service to Schools London Tn"Z Bejgian "mediation efforts, puts next up to Germany: Winston uiij admiralty lord, declares ma will fight until Germany has j school board Sunday by the id "enough:" war office announces j nominating committee of the rithdrawal of all troops except po- . group of citizens who sponsored ajjce in north China. Six men were indorsed for the Esperantistineto 2B LERNANTINO Mi estas Wanda Tinkle. Mi havas sep jarojn. Mi logos ' en la deka strato kaj orient-fin-avenuo. Mi estas 2B lernantino ce Putnam school. Mi studas Esper-anton. ankau, kaj ricevis ml an Esperantan ateston. (Mi skri-bis tuin. Cu vi povas legi gin?) initiation and adoption of the five-member board ordinance. Diric President Lebrun tells Those indorsed are J. Wiley ar,s would-be mediators Ger- Richardson, ward one: Roy many may establish peace by "rep-' Turner, ward two; Dave Mc-iration of Injustices" to Austria. ) Kown and Ai Robinson, ward Czecho-SIovakia and Poland: high ! three; Edd Hisel, ward four, and command says French repulsed Gcr- : VVarren H. Edwards, member-nan thrusts on western front. j atiarge. i All six of the men indorsed are Rorlin Ce31 report French I members of the present board. All Benin effort to take niu near j except Robinson have been Indorsed pirmasens beaten back despite "air- by the citizens committee which was idane and heavy artillery." i responsible for defeating the ow ; plane anu i school board in last April's election. I Netherlands and Second Election Resetted wnuc it expressed regret mat il Texas-Mexico Span Collapses, One Dies, 6 Hurt Bridge Cables Snap And Cars Plunge Into Rio Grande The. Hague ministers t irprise conference : place, the committee Sunday expressed ! candidates. ar authorities ad- There is no necessity for a pri niteci States citl- election for any of the position ns in Belgium to be ready for any ! vvich six c3DCiidates have filed. emergency. I election for that place Mussolini orders 23.000 out bv thc committee. i men added to army. ; issued after the meeting. Brussels Rome poin Cancellat Move Abandoned M' ALLEN, Texas, Nov. 12. (P) Francisco Delgardo of Edin- Texas. was missing and six other persons were injured Sunday night when their automobiles plunged into the Rio Grande as the S50.000 interna tional bridge between Hidalgo, Texas, and Reynosa, Mexico, collapsed. Four of Delgardos compan ions, two of them injured crit- ally, were pulled from the ater after the bridge cables broke near the Mexican side. The injured are: Anastacio Espi-nosa. Edinburg: Abundio Amador, Hargill: Vcnustiano Garcia. Hargill; Baldemar Santana. Mission: Joaquin Gonzales. Edinburg, and Pedro Garza, j live on Tenth street and Vest j v Si Cablc snaps. Too End avenue. I am a 2B pupil j santana was In another automobile I at Putnam school. I study : that plunged to the bank of the Unit- ! F-snprnntn also and received ' cd States side of the river when the ! my Esperanto certificate. (I S wrote this. Can you read it?) ! Wanda is the daughter of Mr. j and Mrs. S. A. Tinkle, and has i been studying Esperanto only ! for one month. LITTLE ESPERANTO GIRL Wanda strained cablc on that end of thc bridge also snapped. Two automobiles fell Erkko Threatens to Recall Delegation to Russia Unless Moscow Modifies Demands Poles Dismiss SmiglyRydz, Beck Rule Hit Possible Federation With Czechs When War Ends Hinted ;a of what the j ;hoiUd not originate with the tec. since it was indorsing only m for the job. and political might be suspected. iiToday's Fund Total Is Eagerly Awaited ! the United States side, rolled down ! The Delgado machine was submcrg- ed. Some witnesses reported seeing j Dclsado floating down the muddv j stream. He was clinging to a plank. PARIS, Nov. 12. (By Wireless) The answers of King George VI of England and President Lebrun of France to the teleeram sent by King Leopold of the Belgians and j Sunday with Netherlands on November 8. were communicated beforehand to the Polish government. No message from the neutrals had been forwarded to President of the Polish republic but Allies Inform Holland Peace Is Up to Berlin King Says War Aim Still Stands, End To Aggression Is Goal LONDON, Nov. 12. Britain responded to a Belgian-Netherlands mediation offer pledge to give mrt. wi-nest consideration to any German proposals which might "afford real prospect of achieving" Britain's avowed aim to halt German sion." . Soviet Fleet Paper Reveals Arctic Bases Also Wanted From Tiny Neighbor in Addition to Gulf Ports HELSINKI, Nov. 12. (TP) Russian-Finnish negotiations are on the verge of a break-down, Foreign Minister Eljas Erkko said Sunday, and unless Russia modifies her demands Finland's delegation probably soon will be recalled from Moscow. The Finnish foreign minister told a press conference he would "regret very much" if. after more than a month of negotiations, it became necessary to recall the delegation but "if there is no advance in negotiations there is no other way." "We think the discussions have reached a stage where it should have been possible to arrive at some kind of a result," Erkko as- The foreign minister did not reveal details of the discussions but observers expressed belief Russian demands for a naval base on Finnish territory at the entrance of the Gulf of Finland and a revision of the border on the Karelian isthmus were the stum- aggres- j bling blocks. In Moscow, the Soviet navy's newspaper, rtea neet, sut The British reply was made j Russia must gain control oi Dotn siaes oi tne uwi ui r"l,ailu note from King George vi rinmsn dictta un wic aaut tuaai tu iviu.-u. ................ signated 0. S. would be like with th the saddle, purging such thin? schools, religion, uolitics, the press i j . . . Republicans debate holding a ! late 1940 convention, hitting hard hi j five. i short campaign . . . California's j dor governor thinks Washington should jtion help his state pay SaO-a-mouth pen- j ncw ilons . . . Beds that teeter endwise Rj are used to aid arteriosclerosis victims, j Crov 1 chairman of the committee. imittee statement rcporK It Will Show Amount j Of Work Yet to Be Done: Of- Jerked clothing, plunged into the cold nci s ipp i ted J uc o tm an un- State Twelve , Sill." big gui to boom for them today Oklahoma press t lealnar on safety The ; that December. Monday noon will tell thc s in last April's election, since the j the campaign to raise enough money . )edebrj; un; u' a b03't'"fr0m th-ordinance was not in operation. ! to support 15 Community Fund agen- j icm sidc arr"ivej O'Xcall Is Chairman j ; tbrough 1940. j Rodrisuez said the bridge ; If the 1.000 volunteer workers report slowly into the water, pledges totaling even close to the low- J wctSo&er riniiv fiwirf sn far in the campaign. ! ,..., .. th ,,.,,. nr :areful deliberation we de-j ,vin"be little ?.wbt about the j crs. naddllnjr around in boats. icn ! budget quota being reached. i hampered in their search by : If they fall much below that figure, which 1 shot jid satisfactory appro Rodriguez said he did i worthy and qualified candidates C.l.. The citizens committee in-; ' dorses six men for the school ! iTon' XST"- Mirrors, Buttons S in hTen StSZAnd Wires Create lUoti Modern Miracle ! ported last Friday l tallery overflowing for Opinion " ,pula: 5 fell in thc bridge was built in 1928 and r uruL ) ; dow lo be reached. s beei Snow Cruiser Near d.iGoa, Ties Knots In on Eastern Traffic who. butt i IS dom planted the Munich: casijv obtainable at municipal mies DOROTHi THUMP- . audltorium any day this week, during Wisconsin's need of 21 mil- ; the public demonstration of the syn-e rr-ifc? Governor Heil in a ! chronized transmission of light and FRNK KENT sees a rav i sound, being sponsored by The Daily Okiahoman. Okianoma uity nmes. Stockman and .vi of hope; Morgenthau b-.;:!get ideas wy prevail . . . ALSOP and KINT-NER report the capital's frosty welcome for the Soviet ambassador. the f Ihe that the fast uace set in the earlv davs has been maintained. If J FRA.M INGHAM Mass. it lasted through the weekend will be j opfoiv 20 miles fron The budget this year Is S3Jf raised a" year ago. The amount repre- field thc 15 participating age: leaving S96.7G2 halted here Sunday ight after a 132-mile trip from Pitt- i one or the greatest traiiic -ents of tieups in Massachusetts history. rtcies. Public Safety Commissioner Engei obtained i the 'Si- .aSc sh on which images of the will be seen. The buttons, dozei them, are on the amazingly, compl ed control boards from telecasts will be handled by fternoon ich the ; ZU',n Riirnc Hntrhp? Aq for radio engineers, technical Pug f-Q Reach Port Cn-rfc Tall Tiger tales hich doesn't exactly make' the Soon- ; telrCa ers happy as they turn to the Mis- ; p m Ls Kansas State . . . Washington and who want to find out about the inner I PORTLAND. Mi New York both win in the pro race, mysteries of television, but anyone j The NorwcgiBn s remain tkd for the top . . - Dominic. : "f11 0 , ' i. fnr rivl tr.iro of the famous DiMagcio brother ! ;nd ;dinisSion be by card. For ic; of Baseball, is purchased oy me . remainder of the week, the closes. A report of S35.000 Monday i will be considered good. Anything be- low that will mean there is hard work j vith ; behind t estimated re involved in extended some full diplomatic i On November ! v Polish which the two lead ing personalities, besides the president, are Premier Sikorski and Foreign Minister Zalcski. had published In the Official Monitor,- printed in Paris, three momentous decrees which show in a striking manner that the Poland of tomorrow will differ radically in its political structure from the Poland that crumbled last September under the impact of commander-in-chief spector of the general The marshal procedu: here- rated tolds him largely re- nrilkh -ovprnment ' tn Ouopn Wilhelmina of the "We have stressed all the time we are willing to consider ques- of the Belgians, who on Novem- ; same time we must look to c ber 7 offered their good offices! ; to Britain. France and Germanv j . to work for restoration of Eu- j lrVPr Af f UPfl ,ere careful not to repeat that mission, and, on Saturday, they ob-ained full Polish approval for the he Hague. It was not an empty csture, but a positive step. It means rope's peace. aim was redemption After Collision ; Mili- declaratlons bv Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax "must form Dart of any settlement" of the current conflict, the British monarch's reply said. Britain's ally, France, also replied Sunday saying it was "up to Germanv" to establish peace "by repara- (Texts on Page 4.) posed on Austria. Czecho-SIovakia and t Scv Poland." i and The king declared consideration would be given "any proposals from Germany" if the neutral rulers, acting as mediators, were able to present anything conforming with Britain's purposes. Drunkenness Charged, Three Are Injured Three persons were injured. non seriously, a driver was charged witt drunkenness and drunken driving, f car. was overturned.. three ambulances and fire, truck screamed to thc s lislon Sundav afternoon at Northeast Seventh street and Walnut avenue. Ravmond Mcintosh, Negro, 30 years" old, 812 Northeast Seventh street, ran a stopline on Northwest street, crashing into an A Churchill Says Belgian, Dutch Fate Involved, Too LONDON. Nov. i lord ( night tl , Britai of hij : huge trundled by at an average speed of 10 miles an hour. The 132-mile run was made without accident despite a course that took it over Jacob's Ladder in the Berkshire hiSls and around "hairpin" turns. "have failed to comply with the the" ''did not reflect public opinion and did not take care to alter electoral law of 1935," which deprived Polish citizens of the right to select freely their own representatives and mil car, police said. After treatment at Oklahoma City General hospital for minor injuries, he was put in jail on charges of drunkenness and drunken driving. Miss Helen Collins. 21. of 636 Northeast Twelfth street, and Miss Dorotha Crockard, 22. of 721 Northeast Twelfth street, passengers in the cab driven by Jimmy Lee. 2". of 23 Northwest Fifth street, received bumps on the head. Miss Collins was admitted to Oklahoma City General hospital and Miss Crockard to University. th defense and ability to remair neutral," Erkko said. His only hint on the nature ot the demands on which the negotiations are stalemated came when he said to American newspapermen: "I believe there is a place called Sandy Kook ol New York harbor. How woulc you like to hand that over tc some one?" "That is the position today," Erkkc sitions. There is o but we have come so far it is din cull." there was a issibility of resumini negotiations later, he replied, it "de ponds on circumstances." Erkko shrugged off Russian pres. attacks as "part of the game" bu added "when press attacks consider take them int Concerning a Tass reuort of Fin nish "stubbornness" in thc negotla- is probablymcorrcct. I think we are both a bit stubborn." Erkko said he could not say at present when the Finnish delcgaUon might be recalled but added: "I think I will know tomorrow about 4 p. m." Threats to Finland, Jibes At U. S., Are Renewed MOSCOW. Nov. 12. (Pj Wide- will be decided!! : leaders i index of Features ilo programs j Society j Three in Car Jump i 4s Switch Engine I Backs Into Machine Three persons bound i for church I Sw&J morning escaped injury when I Icey jumped from the car in which ! -aty were riding before it wratneast Twenty-ninth street ana I Shields boulevard by a Santa Fc I itch engine. o- b. McNarv. 40 years old. 536 -atujiisi forty-ninth street, onvi -. .uc car. said the awjppea at the crossing for tne ta to go by. Then the car rolled on tract McNarv. his wife, and Mrs. fra Riddle, 630 Southeast Twenty-fimth street, jumped. TTie northbound engine, traveling ?a"is. carried the stalled ma-ae 15 feet down the track. The gwas George Wylie. Arkansas Small Girl Hit by Car ln ?ront of Her Home I 'ised la tj by a car in front of her home. f -f released from Oklahoma City - uuspuai atter ff ' KetuJeth Paul ?K9 Northeast Twe heldbi-Mlica. s j Monday to Continue Fair and Moderate Sunday night. He forecast i and said he believed warmt in the south, central portioi state. Tuesday other wood scraps i Yarmouth. N. S.. o the Atlantic, her of rival here Sunday. Her bunkers nearly exhausted, thc vessel, which was bound here, from Throndheim. Norway, ran into a head wind off the Maine coast. "So strong that we couldn t gain against -j Airplane Crash Kills "each Three in Mississippi !S FARMHAVEN. Miss.. Nov. 12. OP) " j Three men were killed here Sunday when their airplane crashed in flai 1 ! while circling a wooded ; landing snot. it the ! The b03ics wcrc burnea beyond sweeping condemnatic rule o? Marshal Pilsut that "the fate of Holland and Bel- j A fire truc; like that of Poland. -zec"-; gasoline from thc street which nao , d Soviot navai demands ut)on ipilled from the smashed Mcmtosn pinlancJ jnciUding bases In the arctic car- as well as in the Gulf of Finland, , . -r I if j were disclosed for thc first time Sun- I hird lerm IS Urged day as Russian newspapers hammered WICHITA. Kan.. Nov. 12. P J at what they called Finnish 'obstln-Young Democrats of Kansas, in an-jacy" against coming to terms, nual convention here Sunday, urged j An article in the newspaper Red that President Roosevelt be drafted to Fleet, organ of the Soviet navy, said run for a third term. and the French republic. Declaring Britain's r her anti-U-boat iorccs tnrce far better prepared to endure st malice of Hitler and his avy stronger. Girl, 10, Fatally Burned n jCPLilN, Mo.. Nov. 12. (.P) Evelyn S phis. Tcnn. except Tayloe, 10 years old, was burned route back of the ! fatallv Sundav. Her dress caught fire leans after ill be fair andfrom a trash "burner. t Saturday w-forc mphis - Hall me party wts believed n 3 Memphis from New Or-ittending a football game similar to High for Tulsa and Muskogee, hat registered was 57: Way-58: Gage. 62: KiMcAlester Girl Shot In Hunting Accident -(Special.- J'ALESTER, Browder Allows a Peek at His Idea of Red U. S., Purges and All tional union ought to be thc motto e.i nppar-i obeyed ail. around.' n emergency ! that thc members of : izovernmcnt have unanimously come to thc conclusion that the directorial regime set up following upon the coup d'etat of 1926 was to be regarded as the major cause of Poland's tragic misfortune, that thc Polish people must not be allowed to entertain any doubt a that an abrupt departu past had to be made as soon as possible. It was explained In support of that decision, by an authoritative voice, that the foreign policy carried out by former Foreign Minister Beck since 1934 was wholly unintelligible unless related to that min- NEW YORK. Nov. 12. (IP) Browder, general secretary o Communist party in the United States exnanded Sunday night on his ref- Earl; "shown in public debate as not t Abdoo. 18-vear-old clerk ; ne .rt"u ir a McAlester department store, wasi in a serious condition in a hospital here late Sunday of wounds suffered in a hunting acciaent. Boston last the i cial rvive. - Industry, national economy, proper- Alders ripeness for He said In an interview that he "had not been dealing with the question of how to effect" transition but rather "to showing the . Mildred Geskini Badcen. 16 Louise. 20 old. both of McAlester. An ac cidental discharge of a 16-gaugc shotgun carried by Badeen pierced her richt thigh. Dog Shoots Man in Foot Nov. 12. i.-r) the foot Sun- dog. While hunting JAMESTOWN A hunter was shot i shotgun. The- dog stepped hat fv nnrf rofiK: would be takei Thc press Is "a .great industry: therefore, it is impossible to think of it continuing as it is." Browder compared each phase of the government he recommends with tne present 1 the He Russian govei ; asked whether he thought constant "liquidation" of of-ercv. and citizens would be to" the establishment of the which. punlth he said. usuaHy are put out ot ousi- j vation ness." probablv would meetjhc same j ficials, fate as the 13 non-Communist parties j necessj that survived revolution in Russia i social ii The educational system would fol- j "We d leave Congressman Dies to low Communist ideolocies and become Wendell Wilkie." Browder replied, "adjusted to the needs of the people Wilkie. president of Commonwealth . . . instead of capitalists." and Southern Corp.. recently criticized its present leaders and teachings. R- j present from the patter it ' thought that the door ought to b in attempt. Federation With Crechs Another Interesting feature of the government's progr j-Slovakia. democratic hostile attitude taken by Beck and other Polish ministers of the period tated by nate oi institutions whlcn existea mere. They did not realize when they shared in that country's dismemberment last year that they were really diggihg Poland's grave. Sikorski and Zaleski and their friends now consider that, in the future, the Polish and Czecho-SIovakia democracies must pool their resources, and, as regards military and diplomatic affairs, enter into thc closest possible bond, a bond possibly amounting to a federation of some kind. To that effect, exchanges of views have already been begun. of September." "I go so far as 'to say mat if we come through the winter without any large or important event occurring we shall in fact have gained the first campaign of the war," he added. Asserting German troops were concentrating near'the Netherlands and Belgian borders. Churchill said. "I shall not attempt to prophesy whether the frenzy of a cornered maniac will drive Herr Hitler into the worst of all his crimes but this I will say without a doubt, that the fate of Holland and Belgium, like that of Poland, ;cho-S and .vili Britain to Withdraw Troops From North China LONDON, Nov. 13. (Monda; The war office announced early J 5 of military c mfUct in Europe" Britain would maintain in North China only enough military forces "to protect property and maintain order." Military sources in London said the British forces at Tientsin, where a Japanese blockade of the British and French concessions has been in effect since June 14 to force recognition of Japan's "new order in Asia," would be reduced from a battalion to a company. Air Raid Alarms Awaken Paris Early PARIS. Nov. 13.--(Monday) UP) The faint hum of airplane motors i and the heavy firing of anti-aircraft batterfes gave Paris ite second air raid alarm of the weekend Sunday. The motors were believed by observers to be those of German reconnaissance planes flying in the direction of Paris. The air raid sirens sounded at 4:20 a. 'm. An hour later, the all clear signal was heard. The city experienced a 70-minute alarm early Saturday morning. ; gain control of Finnish f HAW HAW DOD BOGGLE MY &INNACLEJ V DISS ISS DER. SVELLEST OW) 8AKGAIN VOT I EFFER DID SEE Make yourself and others as happy as The Captain by taking advantage of this opportunity. Save on your Okiahoman and Times yearly mail subscription. Fill in the order below. You'll save from 25 to 34. Act NOW. mm. MAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS ONLY In Okla. and Texas $7.45 l5eT $7.45 f, $5.45 EX. $4.95 Daily and SOnday Oklahornan by Times and Sunday Okiahoman by J2 Okiahoman. Week Days Only by Oklahoma City Times Only by L'BSCIUPTIOVS

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