The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on November 4, 1939 · 16
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The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma · 16

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1939
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SIXTEEN THE DAILY OKLAHOMAN SATURDAY, NOTTEMFETl H, Satan Finds Work for Idle Hands to Do Having Fun Means Learning How Riches Theory Gets New Slant Parents, Schools Blamed by Mother A Capitol Hill mother Friday ch lenced tho theory of Mrs. Julia Vn Antwerp, 105 Northeast Eighth street, that lack of riches might account for exemplary behaviour of eastsidc children Halloween night. But Mrs. J. H. Hollingsvorth. 816 Southwest Thirty-fifth street, agreed completely with Mrs. VanAntwcrp that rearing children properly is a big job and one that is slighted by Without pointing to the number of complaints from the northwest part of the city Tuesday night. Mrs. Hol-lingsworth did point to the small number from Capitol Hill. Of the 169 complaints, only 33 were from that : Schools and parents swer to the minimum o Capitol Hill, Mrs. Hollin think the families rhe thing we have to fight in is that our children have so littl do," declares Mrs. Hollingswortl is the mother of three daughter: explains her way: iff . yr3BBswr.i. " mm i Mrs. J. H. Hollingsicorlh. Sasha. (left), Jo and Frances examine some of their hobby elephants. J I ! Court Fight Seen To Block Ban On Racing News Wire Injunction Sought On Grounds Service Is Public Utility CHICAGO. Nov. 3. UP The Na tionwide Horse Race Information Service, confronted by prospects comnletc collarse of its vast. wire. : work, planned a court fight Friday nlgnt in nn cnort to continue opcr- xioiv for Kirkiand, the continent-scanning nirc dominated by M. L. Annenberg, reported he would seek an injunction against interference wit on the grounds that it utility. He announced he would apply for injun before I by Illinois Boll Telephone Co. for termi KienberK airencies. The Western Union Telegraph Co. io ned the American TeleDht Telegraph Co. in deciding to take Service Ordered Halted John Neal Campbell of the Chi "ago law firm representing (lie West 'rn Union told reporters executive: if the wire company in New Yorl ivoutd send formal notice of the de ision next Monday to United State; District Attorney William J. Campbell the children 1 fat "That isn't my back y back yard." she says. ".-planning it. It's surpris cins taKc charge of diffei r garden, for the flow, She pursue a hobby. Frai years old. has 230 chin 304 perfume bottles. , has 100 salt and i Sasha. 9 years old. lit cut glass. They're a about their collections moderate circumstanc Hollingsworth. "Our Army Recruiter Enlists Brother Aggie Sophomore Goes Into Field Artillery A few days ago Herbert R. Meyers. more student at Oklahoma A. and M. college. Friday he was on a train j 27 years old. who has been in t I recruitiner dutv here. Mvers made Hying trip to Stillwater and brought ' his brother back with him. enlisted i him. and saw him off on the train for ! California. j men enlisted Friday. Others wet I follows: u For Fort MacArthur. coast art! Cnpeiton. 19 years If You Want To Indian Land Trust Be Broadcast, Period Extended See Television , r . Roosevelt Continues I WKY Show Will Put Present Arrangement Your Picture on Its Receiving Screen ow be "televised." feature of the members of t their relations with th News. Inc.. Illinois Na 'ws, Inc.. and other rr "It all depends." said Jair ripen, general manager of I idc News, "on the injunction s i openi i Jack D. Paul E. At Lee school members of t ent-Tcacher James E. Miller. 18, Shawnee; Gilbert Bolt. 19. Shawnee: Oscar Gaylor 18. Shawnee, and Ben W. Shaffer jr., 19, Kaw. For Fort Sam Houston. Texas, medical corps: Lawrence J. Wigley, 21 years old, Paoli; Wayne V. Gooain, decided to distribute apples to the children Halloween day. Each room nJuC,at rVlrl Henry J. Wyatt". 19. E rin?rn iv f,, J . rfirf William L. Ward 19. Allen. tween harmless fun and property tlamace was explained carefully. They all had a good time out here" Mrs. Hollingsworth says, "b'St they were nice about it. Excent for somebody turning on one fire hydrant Cany ol Proctor, ! Campbell ultimatum to the wire com j panics. He filed a demurrer in fed H ' oral court to the indictment chat-gin 2 j Annenberg. Ragen. their services am s i others with furthering a lottery b; " j supplying information to bctlin lott Jndictm he dc Because no Oklahoma City station is licensed to broadcast television, the demonstrations with individuals and the two NBC pro grams to be originated hen if th televised only to the in the auditorium. j they have received specinl exemp- ! j lions. That means they cannot sell j j land allotted to them by the govern- l ment without permission of the de- j j The government issued trust pat- j ing sets j allotted to individual Indians. At ihu ! in lien of the wire service. One al- end of a stated period, the Indians h-tiuhml wui to uncpi udKi-ut the NBC prograi 1 be broadcast i the ' i at nil. real mischief i social activities of mdicap the family, lk it most important fid rid of them.- Mrs. Hollincsworth concedes. 'I don't blame children from those homes for anything they Her idea of the proper attitude for a mother is that shown by the Capitol Hill woman who took 12 small children around on "handout night" Halloween eve. She docsn"t agree that "handout nicht" is a form of blackmail that influences children for "They much vigor, they Capone Pays U.S. $20,000 to Clear Way for Release CHICAGO. Nov. 3. (V) Al Capone, through his attorney, cleared the path Friday for his release from finishing an 11 -year term for Incomp taling $20,000. This amount, plus the $37,092.29 paid Jan. 4, 1939, represents the total fines and court costs assessed against the former gang leader when good behavior. Capme would be eligible for release from the federal prison November 19. Tulsa Makes Its Bid For New Safety Mark City, Tulsa Friday observed its nincty- 103-day lingsworth maintains. ' They ask for the fun of it. If they've been trained at nome, it doesn't lead to blackmail or anything of the kind." or popcorn, fruit, and candy for he; small visitors, and her home was ont of the most popular in the neighborhood. But she doesn't think; A man in the next block left his ir parked oa the street all night and wasn't touched. "It's all a matter of how the par-its behave." says Mrs. Hollings- State Health Chiefs See No Menace In Silicosis Spread unless period October 21, r marked the 122nd day : fatality. over the national chain. These programs will be Pancho and his Ridge Runners, Saturday Sentencing of Alford Is Scheduled Today Roy V. Alford, convicted in fee commit a felony, will face sentence by Edgar S. Vaught, federal judge, Saturday. A motion filed by Alford's attorney. Sebe Christian. Sapulpa. for a new trial, will be before the judge for consideration. The 35-year-old former welder, who was tried in con nection with the disappearance of S5.000 from the safety deposit box of O. A. Cargill. city attorney, laces Work Administrator To Come November 16 Col. Francis C. Harrington. 5l-yeai old work projects administration chief, will arrive In Oklahoma City 6:30 p. m. November 16, for a one-day Colonel Harrington will confer No- numerous relief problems which beset Oklahoma. Heads of the WPA here i der is another such vith only : Health department heads of Oklahoma. Missouri and Kansas, meeting In Joplin. Mo.. Friday with Dr. R. R. Savers of the United States public "nothing alarming." with regard tojWomeS Aboiit HoUSe rd of Citv in deathless tional Safety council. Tulsa will have of 201.400 and Tulsa T48.OOO by th! council. Yells, Bands, Crowds Greet Sister Aimee LOS ANGELES, Nov. 3 (PJ- onlwhh Spivey and Adwon Trials rur kjjt ro uecemoer pom around an arch of triumph in the patio of the union station a crowd of 1,000 persons thronged. A yell leader sprang to a platform and directed the rooters. "S I S "T E R "Sister, Sister, Welcome Home." Aimee Semple McPherson was back from a vacation trip to Florida and the Grand Canyon. She led members of her flock from Angelus Temple in singing, "God Bless America." Windows Gone, Owner report silict Oklahoma health commissioner, and Dr. F. P. Helm, secretary, of the Kansas state board of health, said full-time county health units already are being established in the Kansas-Oklahoma portion of the mining field. The health authorities declared there is definite evidence that silicosis Is on the decline and not a Imajbr health problem. Theft c day by Mrs. F. G. Suttman, 2632 Northwest Fiftieth street. During the last week, deputies were told, thieves have taken screens and windows from a vacant house at Southwest Thirty-eighth street and Millers boulevard. Deputies were asked to see that the rest of the place is harges of i Adw held s city evasion will probably b the middle of December. Charles E. Dierker, federal district attorney, said Friday. "I had hoped to get the trials on the November docket." Dierker said, "but I don't see how they can be put on. The court is going to Woodward for the first week in December, and on its return, the trials will probably be scheduled." Charters Granted r jr.. Idabcl: Jane Lockett. Z APPOINTMENT Instead of individual allotments! the have headrights which allow them t participate in any income of tr tribe. Maytubby explained. Zero Hour Set For Battle of Blackwell Stillwater No- Carmon corps, said i-noay. The exercises will Inst from 5 p. m. Saturday to noon Sunday and will be under the supervision of Col. G. A. Lawrason, Major K. S. Whittemore and Major Warren Hayford, regular army officers. Meals will be served from arniv field kitchens and the Lake Elnckweil cabins and club house will be used as quarters. Stephens Certifies Three Work Projects Stephcr Bizzell Favors Greater Measure Of Student Control NORMAN. Nov. 3. (Spccial.t President W. B. Bizzell said Friday he will consider the petition of 450 students asking that student reprc- "I thi; trouble," with John Caldwell, Oklahoma City, president of the Student Good Gov- leae the movement, designed t self-government to university stu- "Thelr Idea is all right." Bizzell said. "If we can work out the details I think we can get something worth iiitte Drpora be done about putting more students on them remains to be seen. be that their charter forbids Literary Fraternity Elects Eight Co-eds NORMAN, Nov. 3. (Special. - Eight University of Oklahoma wome administration director. approved ; Delta Phi. national honorarv litcrar three state projects Fridav which to- .1 fraternity, it was announced Pridav b tal SIG4.530. ! Miss Goldia Cookscy, instructor i ine projects are: Ottawa county, tngnsn ana sponsi mty. in : nishing $20,689, and Pitcher. $6,340. uarvm county. WPA' funds are S38 814. and Wynnewood, $29,479. Cus- $57,408. and Clinton is furnishing Munson Senate Seat Will Remain Vacant be federal census supcrvisoi sixth congressional district. Phillips said the post wil specinl special ele tion would be held" Every d ay . Someone NEEDS A IJft both Cart Jean McTaggart, Edna Patterson. V, Walker. Eldorado. first Choice of millions who make ST. JUUKFH ASPIRIN thei: thought at the first warning of inorganic pain or cold dis- comlort. And remember, ton. St. Joseph Aspirin is. . . bringing you the EXTRA PROTECTION in aspirin that only cellophane affords... 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