The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 12, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 12, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE TWO MLTTBEV1LLK (AKKJ COURIER NEWS TUUKSDAY, AUG/JST 12, 1947 Indonesians Reject U.S. Offer Report from Capital Favors UN as Agency To Mediate Dispute BATAVIA, lAug. .12. <UP>—Semt- *, j^pfflelal reports from the Inclorie- "-•^.•jiari republic capital of Jogjakarta ^> ;u. indicated today^ that the republic ' *>*hss rejected all suggestions that , 5J^the ' Unllcd States arbitrate l\v: ' w _Du(ch-";inao!}<?sian dispute. «*K. The agency, An••" tars .slid a JIOB- Indonesian niessaa. 1 T"" )'as_ b"cn sent to United Slates of- i.'T'fftials as ijic result of "U. S. Consul*~. General Walter Fooie's flying visit v - to Jogjakarta-yesterday. "^ The agency salt! Roublican olfi- ,,. .cials frmjarenUy .Insisted Unit any *• «. arbitration be done by an Inlcrnrt- *• ' tional commission set, up through ^ the United •Nations Security C.T.IU- "Cll ....... i ' •: . 'The Indonesian reply was transmitted nmid an • cver-inereasiui< „ number of armed clashes, Including 'riix Indonesian guerrilla attack on a » *\Vest Java mountain resort when! ' "British officials \vt-re visiting. Shouting and waving Hags, the Indonesians, swooped down on the - - resort 6.0CO feet'up in ihe mountains "~near Bandoeng. -Indonesian bullets shattered windows an<i sent j £ ." roof tiles t.ying. - j Z-. . The Dutch host and British guests tt< hastily manned three dilfiom.s and ' matched bullet-fpr-bullcl until tlu- , "Indonesians withdrew, leaving oiw k Buenilla dead. , ' t Women and children in the'auil;!- ' .ing sprawled on the floor while Ihe **__ rklrmlsh was fought. The British guests Included a B'i- lisli vice-consul, a ' press attache, an Information officer and his wife. ind a liaison officer. They were visiting A. A. Noervcorts, Dutch cur- ntcr of «the iHuitenasivT Botanical Gardens. The Indonesians \verc be'ieve-1 unaware thai Britons were in the , .building, an isoluled structure three - miles from the nearest highway. No~ 'body in the tuiklins was hurt. "_ Today's Dutch communique re, 1 sited other instances of Indonesian violence In .Java and Simvilr.t • " despite a loraiarl^n 11 truce." The' ccnmumltiue. sala 350 EVlerrUias' attacked n Dutch patrol " -eohthwest^of Ambarawa, south ol __ 'Sem'arang,'using-hum) grctiades and ^_ nTPCh'irieguii fire. ".' ..In all. tlifee Dutch soldiers were -- ^.5ltd yesterday and four wounded, the communique saul. Army Plans Operation , -Snowdrop' • -WASHINGTON, Aug.'IS. (UP) — __ The Army Ground Forces today be** i in piepiir n for "Oi,erallon Snowdrop/ 1 — a mock nlrbornc in- i"~'vaoioii'of snonbound "enemy" tei-- >-, itoij lo lest i'te fighting effective«" : JIESS of new Winter-equipment. Gen,. Jacob L. Devers, ground *" r lorces corn'mttuflev, nr.nounccrt thtil 150 officers and men will begin arriving next Friday nt Pine Coinp _r;ih Upper New York state to pre" pare'fdr the mr.neuvers. These ad- ii vance units now are en route from Camp Cnmpbc!!, Ky., anil . 1-oit Meade, Md. - - "Operation Snowdrop" will In.-••- volve 2,800 Infantry .soldiers, mast *,'.'of them from Fort Bragg. N, C . , The-y will first undergo an inten- *--™£lve acclimatizing program begin- .^"•••nlng Nov. 1- The aerial "invasion" i;;"will take place sometime in Fcb- n,.'ruary in an uninhabited-section of V'^ihe hugs reservation near (lie at— Liberty Cash G roccry r $ He's Telling 'Em Brewsler Hits At Hughes Movie Senator, Vacationing In Maine, Assails Fifm "The Outlaw" Hoarded like a HibJic.-il prophet, Shelby Kver North Carolina pi'cneher, poinls an licensing linger rit ;i known bootlegger tuicl sounds .off nboiit Ilio evils of drink. Elder fiiagf! was one of a numlicr of religious speakers :it tl>c annual "Smijiii'; on Die Mountain" festival at the base of Ui"indJiillicr Mounl:iin, IJnvillc, N, C. Every year since 1024 mountain folk ol North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky am) Cicorgia have galli- ered there by Hie thousands to sing and listen to music and oratory. Kiri's ol Lake Ontario. Bulldozer-; and tractors will bfc flown In by ijlldors to set up an "ulrhead." The tronps will lanrl on !l)c no.v airstrip In the AAF"s huga C-82 "llylnu boxcins" aim will strike out over the snow In sleds and toboggans. I Cor Prices Increase Wnst Wnter in CumberlniKl, Is the deepest lnl:e in England. K lias » maximum depth of 250 feei. It was Christmas In Mu.-,cow when it wns ilnmmry 7th hi New York. IJKIRC-IT, Aug. 12. (UP)—lluclixm motor oars went up $45 to $95 tod'-iy. George II. I'ralt, Hudson vice pre.-i- iclent in charge of .sales, said "rising m:iU'J-inl nml labor t-o:;l.s' j'oj-c- cd Hie increase. • Hudson was the >-jurlh mniiufuf- •turi'r to boost pi-ices v/ittiin the p^st livo weeks. PrevioiJitly, pi-ice inc.T.i- ses lauglng up to $203 weft: imucnm- rcrl by flencrul Motors, p,ick:n-J and AUCiUSTA, Me., Aug. 12, <UP> — Son. Owen Drcwstor rested his dispute v.'itli Howard Hughes today on 11 jitntiuneiil that Ms moral code would ••(•omiiuvc favorably" with Unit i>[ ihr millionaire plane nmkci and inovlc' producer "who fount llnii' while others were fighting the war to produce 'The Outlaw. He refcrrfd to Huyhcs' inotioi (ilctin-c. stalling June Uuxscll, whicl moused a controversy' because u! [ilii'Kfd montl indiscretions. "I have been gratified at tlu relatively Few skeletons which hi» been found in my closet," Brewst said. the Maine Republican rceelvi (he imilFC ol OOl' leaders In hi home stale yesterday while nttcnd lilt; a Republic:!)) Slate Commute inn-liny. The iilininnaii of the Sen ate War Invi'sliKiUInf,' Commute left a Mibcommlttce Inciulry hit lluyhf-:;' war plane contracts las week In l)0i;ln the Maine vaqatioi Hpfi'niDii to his exchange witl Hughes, Hiw.'stt'r lold the commit lee: "I have come home full of po! son arrow;;. They have been shot i me nilher assiduously In recent week:;." To which Semite Majority Lender SVnllntc While, R.. Maine, replied: "Anyone who tackles him (Brcw- sler* ilocs .so to hi.s eventual regret. I IK-VIM' MIW anyone who likes to li|;l)i like he does." "I have taekletl SIOO.OOO.OOO lie- fore and managed to survive," Ri'i'wslw said. Cc.mmenting on Hughes' charge Unit he "folded up and took u run- out puwder" to Maine, Brewsler laughed mid suicl: "The record shows that Hughes limes requested the committee CHOOLFIRE Continued from Page 1. Head Courlei- News Want lo drop the Brewsler phase of Ihe Iiivcsllmillon and that he reluci- unlly accepted the committee's in- vilittion fur him to U'stlfy umlt-r oath. It's quite clear who cried 'enough' and \vho threw in the sponge." Brazil nuts arc not ciut'n'aied, hut grew wild on 150-foot trees in the jungles. rom liiovtng their towns to llcht . fire outside the elty limits. Iiiixorn [Ireiiien nnswero:! the •all and later, vvlien most of the damage had already been done, oniln anil Wilson flreme^ arrived Most i>r the fire fighting was lone Kith a pumuer trailer belong- ng lo the IJEB Wilson C'o. it was setllns abtiul two blocks from the school and j-j.j CO be dragged there v a tractor. 'the blaze ^dried added hcadsvay ,vh'iii It was found that the |>nmi:«Y contsilnca iiuithci water nor jjas to inn the piiiiiji engine. A shortage of hose alsr> was blamed. Mr. Ellis (Jointed out a valve on a. woler line located in the boiler room but said it was useless as there was no hose available at the school. !i.OOO Foil <if Hose Used When the puraper and hose from the other (ire departments arrived, wilier frojn a dmiJinifc (litc)i nearly a mile away wan played on thn bhr:e About SOCO feel of liosu aa.s iLsiul to i-cnch ihc ditt-h, which is the only large supply of water in the vicinity. The communlt.v's water supply is distributed from n small imoiphonnr located In hack i,s the Victoii.i store, about Uvci blocks from liiv .school. Water was sprayed on the teach- eraBe, Mr. Ellis' residence, to pie- vent possible spreaduij; u[ the Ur' to it. The teacheraae is located n- Ixiul 50 yards Northwest of the school building and was unliarmcii. Mr. Ellis has been principal n', the schol for Ihe past two years Eight teachers are on the school':; faculty. Construction t'n the sulioo] bnild- ini; was begun !i> iK'.ti and completed In 1839. It -vsis built by the Let- Wilson Co with 1'WA Inbur and funds. At a cosi. of $5WiO, both the Interior and exterior were redecorated this Summer. Termed one of the most modern schol buildings In Northeast Arkan lonie was badly damaged. A telephone call -A-HS iv.iwlp ly sununcn aid from niytlipvllle. A desk sergeunt, ut the ]ioli;e stalion referred Die call U) Fire Chief Ssy Head, who left Instructions for the Victoria party to call hi!!.. ::t his business number. Hcv.ever. tlie per- .s'on sit Vitiovin did net oil bac.'.:. Mr. Head laid loday. ami lie did net talk to -him. Mr. Hea<! pointed oi:l that there Was nothing the E'.y.heville fiiv- meii could have done and that the depnrlnicnt does not niuiver calls out of the city limit'; unless actual aK ean b« given. The water .snp;)Jy used was loo far fro-n the fire trj be Uuntiu-d iiy pumiK-i' e;niiptnei\1 here, he .said, A single de:k of cards provides (he means for ]:la; ing 73:i t'it'fer- ent games. iBanks in Klhiopia have carried tars of salt as a re- t-erve. Tlii- Uoman.s inlrocluc-cd Iho ba;;- pilic- into Sct>'/.un:i. Tlie ins'.rn- )nent \vus kiUAvn in ancient l'..yin. ChaUlea, and Persia. ngl'.md'.n cat pc,ui!alion has been estimated ,'.i ',':. '.'":<} 1. COLEMAN OIL BURNING HE A TERS AVAILABLE Place Your Order Now and Be Ready for WINTER , **sf Ket for »r«okfa« „_ Top oil 0« aK-AlMricgii brtokloil ol (nlh — (•<«, «99« ond u(!ec wi4 ^.moling. i ol ty 1 Donvti Itey-n •xxte on tfio ipol by lh« >~ - BOWNrriAJtE Owiut mKhlM-lraih-Hol- •^ *««ci<><n-iwlrili«<it CK row bo, today! CHOCOLATE COVERED WWTS „ 25 GLAZED MMWTS ^25 (Without Tank) 5l!GARED MM9TS Do?. 17 You Are Familiar With This Famous Heater! It is a Recognized Standard of Value! Come In Today and Sec Our Line of Oil Heaters Charles S. Lemons, Furniture Sf Home Furnishings Modestly Priced! sas. the Victoria school had acco- moilatlons for ^00 grade-school students. The Victoria fire was the second large school building in Mississippi County to burn this year. Early in the Spring, the main building of thn shawnee Consolidated District at Joiner burned anil only recently tlie suiicivntcndcn!.'! NEEDLESS TIRE WEAR DAffD STEERING "WANDERING AND WEAVING' TIRE POUNDING GO TO AN EXPERT! OUR MODERN STEERJNG AMD WHEEL ALIGNMENT SERVlCt IS BEST FOR YOUR CAR REGARDLESS OF MAKE SHELTON MOTOR CO. Fhone 438 119 West Ash St. Any home can have the modern luxury of plenty of Jiot v/arer any time, at law cost, and with (he fast efficiency that made Coleman famous. Gee all ihcse benefits for your home! IT BURNS OILI-Nnclecirlc connections ncedcdl You can use it anywhere! IT'S AUTOMATlCI-No fire- tending, no work! All the lint water you want, at a uirn of IT HEATS FASTI-Plcnty ofhor water, oil tlie time for rook- ing, dishes, h:i!lis, laundry, doxen^ of needs, LO'W FUEL COST! -Only half a. penny for :i bit; hot Imli, less lliiin a nickel for a big week's wash. Convenience roils so little! 20-, 30-, AS- GAL. SIZES AVAIL ABLE -We'll have right iizo for your I'lume! Charles r { , : . : * V?--> :il If? 1 - BIGELOW CARPETS AND POOM SIZE RUGS One .of many beautiful HOADLOOM floor coverings in our collodion ol fine carpets. Come in and see our new^slock modo by the famous BIGEOW WEAVERS. You'll be surprised ond delighted. Priced to your budget. 9x1?. Rugs — 6S We arc unable to offer room xi.ze ritftx ut Una lime, but we have (lie assurance from liif/vlow that than wilt (K; tihlc lo supply lhc\\\ later in the near. CHAtHES S. LEM urniture Jlnmu FnrnlHhinftH, Modestly Priced

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