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The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma • 3

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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THREB THE DAILY OKLAHOMAN, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5. 1935. Raging Waves DonH Scare These Pretty Girls The Debunker WAIVER ASKED ward councilman, but the city pan board declined to authorise the deed Monday until Skirvln signs the waiver. The American Oil and Reftntny Co, headed by Sklrvtn. holds an oil end FOR PARK SITE REPEAL ISSUE GOES ON 1936 STATE BALLOT 80-MILE GALE HITS FLORIDA, KILLING FOUR gas lease on we part irmcs.

Harlan Deupree. municipal counselor, is scheduled to confer with Sklr-vin's attorneys Tuesday on the wairer. was pointed out that the school Negro Stadium May Be FOOTBALLS ate V1WM Built on City Land. Whether the city shall deetf part of board has a public works grant with which to build the stadium, but that a budget appropriation lor the purchase of a stadium site was cut out by the county excise board. Unless a fushini? Wind WWP Over Protest Time Is Ended On Initiative Petition.

Washington park- to the school board site for a Negro stadium Monday depended upon willingness ot W. B. FROM grant may be lost. Moore told the park board that tha plan is part of a proposal through which city officials hope to solve tha Negro park problem. The city will act Sklryln, hotel owner and oil man.

to sign. a' waiver to surface rights on the property. to deny the people the right to vote on whether they will have control. 143,000 persons signed the petition and they supposed there would be some form of control." Notice of the petition for flat repeal was published- October 25, and The proposal was made by a com to purchase a nearby Negro park site. A $15,000 appropriation is available.

mittee headed by A. J. Moore, second Gulf of -Mexico. COSTING "rROM ONE -fin rme with them, and new Biscayne noraUybout tour feet bwfnvhtrcMWWfrf flattened. Work- live wlrrifht Damaged 'ttfySrArra'dta.

owned by Mrs. the 10-day period for protest ended Monday, During the football season, we hear nearly every one talking about the players "chasing the pigskin. According to Coach Clyde Smith, University of Missouri star, -there arc no footballs that are made of pigskin used in any football game. In fact, the sporting' catalogues not even list such a thing as a pigskin football. They are all made of cowhide or calfskin and there are many different grades of these skins.

Thus, we shall, have to change our sporting vocabulary and The oroposal would remove the in hibition against liquor now in the SIPIECIAILS -77777- all statutes dealing with liquor. The Methodist ministers and lay-en. meeting at- declared ROAST FRESH "the only issue should be, shall wi ITALIAN STORM IS FUN Waves, some of them mountain high, Monday were sweeping the coast of this millionaires' beach at Palm Beach, and wirephoto shows some daring girls who seem to be having the time of their lives in the raging waters. talk about the Doys cnwws calfskin instead of the pigskin. (Copyright.

1035). i 2lfaav dashed against a nearby (S) retain our statute dook measure. prohibiting sale of liquors." The group pledged every effort to defeat the repeal of prohibition at the ballot boxes, and expressed the conviction that people will not vote for bridae and badly damaged. I a hr'dze smashed Into a concrete 1 Reach end of INJURIES OF CRASH COLD BRINGS tfcrvivwar. out a 40-loot mm WITH i 0f pavement and reducing VICTIM ARE SERIOUS BIRTH CONTROL LAWS ASSAILED repeal wnen tney are miormed of chaotic conditions In other states where repeal has been lifted.

FUND DEMAND reals but the citj lsx pxi uih- Miss Mary Fiers Showing! Company Wins In. oi many wealthy oeoole mm WTTM APPLE SAUCE 12 Little Improvement. v.vr. niMnrm Mondav revealed it Palm Be and West Palm Beach r.ied damage, although CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE launched the chief offensive to raise tHnVnff hronkfast Mon- Road Crash Suit The Sooner Distributing Co. Mon more interest in the subject and in training students in its use.

Surgery Instead of usual medical treatment in 50 percent of gastric ulcer cases was advocated as a means of avoiding cancer, by Dr. Fred W. Rankin, Lexington, Ky. He declared that fully one-half of all gastric ulcers are "malignant," and that 22 percent of them will be cancerous unless operated upon: "1 prefer the direct attack on malignant ulcers," he declared. "A gastric ulcer must be proved definitely to be benign before it Is turned over to a physician for medical treatment." On the other hand he said that ulcers of the duodenum must be proved "intractable" or become complicated before they can be operated upon safely.

CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE doctors were prohibited from giving out any birth control information. "But I think no doctor Is declining vnc Flers. city horse SV- j. rU f.i.V. p'i he Ocean boulevard at Palm Beach.

sucli oral infor- drizzling rain to start canvassing for to give, in his day von a verdict in a district court damage suit brought against it by Mrs. Pauline Rosales In behalf of a minor daughter, Vivian. woman, received a broken left clavicle and a fracture to her second lumbai-vertebrae as a result of an automobile mishap Sunday night 20 miles south YaehU he fit. Howe underprivileged cnuarcn aim uum-ent families. it i Th yacht Chalena.

owned by; Charles E. P. MeCann of New The suit sought damages lor der present conditions." MiLIpir" nntient at the Okla- injuries alleged to have been received by the child when a car in which she r-o rinnnmt hosnital. also sus driven jh the Arcadia into the eausew and badly damaeed. Capt.

bcrs of Oklahoma City's popular younger set, fared forth loaded with tained severe cuts on the head and is riding crashed into a trucic Mn McGuire of the Cnaiena pcrtfd his b-w. was some water. i apples to sell in lobbies df downtown buildings. Sales are expected to approach the Si.OOO mark by the end of suffering from a slight brain concussion. Her attending physician re-rmrtf hnr rnnditlon as unimproved.

parked "two feet on the -highway" at night. The accident occurred several months ago on U. S. highway No. 77 four miles north of Norman.

The yacht Lone Star, owned by Hcnrv " of Boston, ws u. niH v-mv nicturcs will be taken Scuted atop primes In Biscayne bay. to determine the extent of the head Virgil Browne, president of the bst refioaicd herself. A homemade bar in a house at Shawnee avenue and the Newcastle road was raided Monday by deputy injuries. Cornells Vnnderbtlt's Winchester Olympics Protest Planned A nationwide drive against holding the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin.

Ger improvement tunates at the klckoff breakfast. Rev. Paul Ouillian Braised work of the rode out She storm safely In the bay. sheriffs who found 20 gallons of corn Oklahoma City who agencies. whose workers, he said, were No reports were available.

iw rooivnt hrokpn lee and a back in many, due to the alleged discrimination of the Nazi government against the Semitic race, reached Oklahoma from Commodore William K. Vander- whisky, half a keg oi wine, and seven dozen bottles of home brew. w. E. Acee and Clint Johnson, deputy sher CAT CTE IR A 221 WEST FIRST ST.

laking every effort to see tnat. money its in the hands of the most de- jury. In the accident. An examination tiirt's Aha. which was anchored at Monaay reveaieu nu his private pier at Fisher's Island, City Monday when about 150 protest petitions were circulated.

iff arrested Alfred Henry, charged with possession of liquor. Miami Bench, I pointed out that administrative costs of the fishing fleet had the Mian ap- The visitor citd figures showing sales of millions of dollars worth of contraceptives by eight firms which now manufacture them with the statement that "I think contraceptives are being used in greater amounts than Discusses Birth Spacing Doctor Findlcy also went into the subject of the proper spacing in-the births of children as having a physical bearing upon the race. "Doctors think that, all things being equal, parents should grow, up with their children that is. have them while they are young so they mav enjoy life with them. "However, there are several things to be considered, the most important of which is the health of the mother; the second, economics.

None should bring children Into the world unless they can take care of them decently." In a symposium on anesthesia Mon-dav night Doctor Findley said that from the ignorance and early prejudice against use of drugs the medical profession has perhaps gone too far in the other direction. Against "Twilight Sleep" "Women are demanding painless childbirth, and the physicians are making every effort to satisfy that demand." he said. "No drug, has yet been found that will wholly relieve labor pains Without endangering the I compared with an average of more famed Pier 5, headquarters foi that Is called the world's largest flsrang fleet, was wrecked. A charge of driving while drunk was filed Monday by E. W.

Brown, assistant county attorney, against G. C. McBride, after state highway patrolmen said they followed him fmm Mav avenue to Classen boule CHRISTMAS GIFTS for Stevenson's Sub-Club Members vard on Northwest Thirty-ninth Report of the nominating committee street. McBride is scneouiea ior arraignment Tuesday before Evert Cris-morc, peace justice. four men for oitice was passed n.i a revised constitution was adopted at the Monday luncheon of the Okla 5ROWNS Second Floor, First Street WALLPAPER BARGAINS homa City Transportation club in the li.

U. Shepherd, president; Ray Stein, first vice-president: A. W. Jenkins. CrockeABlistered.Burnin6 TOE IRRITATION i director Formal elc tlon wil: be held November 18.

ff commonly called athlete's foot helped amazingly by Rcsinol. I Its medication quickly soothes the disconiiort, S. Kalfcbremmcr. living 12 miles on Southeast Twenty-ninth st suffered two broken ribs and a lives ot the motner ana cnua. He argued agamst "twilight sleep." saving, "the patirnts do not remember having any pains afterward, but thev have them all right." "Doctors must not be indifferent to the sufferings of women, but there is a limit beyond which they dare not go in giving anesthesia," he said.

Dr. Ralph M. Waters. Madison. outlined progress in anesthesia dur We have a large selection of beautiful patterns priced from 1.62 to 3.22 per room Cooh House 9S Paint, gallon hastens healing.

Monday when county officers' said the car in which he was riding: cciiirieri with another car 11 miles east of the city on Southeast Twenty-ninth street. Kalkbremmcr's son, P. A. Kalcbremmer. ing the last century.

ical scho take of Utduabte Ptiie to 3txi fo aTew IflinuieL Eu4y llftyiA 10 SSL prizes IF BOYS IF pmLS Snd'Cnadio. four jort'adlo, 4 tubes SrdUbUress Boots Ktmrt Jiffy lrd th Shirley Tcmplt 7lh Metal Cratt pal" 91hViBaU-bearfnr 0th HudmitS Com- PSBjCTKjjr j99 I In a. wide choke of fia- 1 ypllPS'lffll' bVS ishes in chrome arid por BBTC''- celain or in porcelain pMBy I JbI I with contrasting trim. IHL--' 'COBHB I Rofcxrwhaw het Incon- SSBHiL SmSnKSPTB spicuous always' cool md. easy to HUH Tlllllfc VfjlNJ I Chromium boroec boKpanTTTH Ky m3 KT1 ZbBIBBbI 1 ii 8iSitfdPx -A) Coa HHermctically sealed K'LfliWiSilMiflP" I cttls feufn' fodj nd P'f Hone piece frejh air I (C) Gives burner box beau.

cracks JHKpSB.H I tiful Rtflecu Hfor heat B) BatfB'BEs PVvS I heataddingefficiencytoburoerH Rounded corners; no ajpPT' HIBHHHHHIIH Bplace for greaie to XH KJZ-" tcM I PKHMBEMO collea. BPBfcl 'LJ Patented buraer; saves BHHHLmmmi iajd other types; no cold spots; jaSaoi-Tray ()EaTl jB'BHE HfelSCi original losta-Fiame sugar fromj SbBB NL. Hl fKHjalK jWI '1 Two commodious utensil feP? ISi I drawers oo roller bearings H. fcki -f vl I which operate back and fonh HHBHLMmW BBBSSff'Sr wiuidieeasefafi Band Sears l'B BlBHHiHBIS Hmeats. etc on both BBBHc Bf inside of meat instead 81 wBB Bf BB oflosingtheraiopa.Bj BwJ aBBM LJt BT able for any article in our big catalog or for merchandise at Sturm's, Pettee's or Stevenson's News Stand.

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