The Vernon Daily Record from Vernon, Texas on July 9, 1928 · Page 1
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The Vernon Daily Record from Vernon, Texas · Page 1

Vernon, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1928
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T he V ernon D aily R ec A great deal of publicity i.i being given to a law suit in Dallas over a question whether a church tabernacle con be erected in a certain district wiihout violating the city building code or interfering with rights owners of adjacent property. An injunction was granted prohibiting the erection of the tabernacle, pending a hearing of the case on its merits. It seems that the terms of thr injunction were violated and the pastor of the congregation was placed in jaijf for contempt of court. * * * The case is of interest in Vernon by reason of the fact that the judge of the court which granted the injunction and later ordered the pastor placed in jail is a former Vernon man, Hon. Towne Young. Before becoming a lawyer and moving to Dallas, Judge Young was a reporter on this very newspaper. He is favorably remembered by many older re si dents Vernon. He moved about seventeen years ago. As to the merits of the case before Judge Young, it would be presumptuous to express an opinion. It may be stated as a general proposition, however, that it ill becomes a minister or a church, as it does a citizen who professes to be law-abiding, to defy the courts. Courts make mistakes it is true, but they represent the law and as such their edicts should be respected until set aside through legal processes vouchsafed to every citizen. * # * If Judge Young had not taken up the law, H. T. might never have be come a citizen of Vernon because he succeeded to the job as reporter on The Weekly Record which Judge Young vacated when he took up the study of law at the State University. Just imagine what the course of events might have been if Judge Young had elected to remain a newspaper man! He might now be writing copy for a column like this, but most likely a better one, and H, T. might have been the judge of a court or something. A* & No doubt it will be observed by regular reader of this column that mention was made herein of the early launching of a campaign f><r rain. The announcement was made Saturday, and Saturday night a splendid tain visited Wilbarger County. Thei. is nothing like results. it. Afc ik I.ynn W. Landrum, accompanied by his wife, who is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I». \V. May of this city, visited over Sunday in Vernon. Mr. Landrum is an editorial writer on the Pullas News and is taking a brief vacation. He was formerly on the editorial staff of The Record in 1919 and 1020. Mr. Landrum hud not visited Vernon in some five years, although Dallas is only about a six¡.our drive by automobile from this city. He was astounded at the progress of Vernon, as anybody would be who has not been here in five years. When a Dallasite admit.- a town looks good you may conclude that it does. Dallas is a gretil and proud city and Dailasites are usually slow to admit that other cities have anything much of interest. # # # Work on the main structure of the Pease River bridge should be finished this week. Next it will be necessary to pour the concrete paving on the long approach to the bridge fron the south side of the river. Probably by September or even earlier the bridge will be opened to traffic. This announcement is made for the bene fit of the subscriber wh< about a year ago addressed an inquiry to thi- column wanting to know when the new bridge would be completed. Give II. T. a little time and he can answer most any question. A customer put another question to this column, but as indicated above, it can’t be an wered offhand. I his questioner wants to know when th- School Board is going to tart work or, the new ward school building. It was generally believed that the new building would be ready by the time school opens in September, but that hope seems destined to disappointment. As to when the work w 11 b* started, H. T. will keep a close watch on events and let the customer know just as soon as he finds out some thing. THREE PERMITS ARE GRANTED THIS MORNING LEASED WIRE ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTS VOL. Ill, NO. 214 (A-P) Means Associated Press PUBLISHED F.VF.RY Y1ÎRNON, TKXAS, MONDAY, .11 I.Y11, ïüiîs ~ WEEK-DAY AFTERNOON (A-P) Means Associateti I ’r« - ; WEATHER Tonight and Tuesday gener* all) fair. ■IUCÈ FIVE CENTS COTTON PRICE BREAIS $5 BALE •M American Consular Workers in Syria Reported Assassinated NO DETAILS OF TRAGEDY MADE PUBLIC Statement Saya Assassination Is Generally Believed To Be Result of Family Feud—Woman and Husband Are Killed During Night. Former Senator Is Dead Washington, July !) (7Pi Consul General Knabshue at Beirut, Syria, reported to the state department today that Carrie Saleby, a cl-rk in the onsular office, and her husband hud been assassinated on the ni«ht of July No details were included in the message beyond the statement at the issassination was generally believed to be the result of a family feud. The message said the Consul Gen eral was taking all necessary action and asked that Mrs. Hester » . Bryan, >t St. Elmo, Tenensse.s be advised a., she was believed to be the nearest relative. State department ercords show that he dead woman was a daughter of Francis X. F,rd, of Lexington, Ky•, in vhich city she also had a brother, S. A. Erd. Her first work for the government was clerical duty at the embassy in Paris in 1912 followed by similar duty as Beriut in 1917. She vent to Beirut a second time in H*2!) and ha been there since that time. She was married in lKiil. BOY CHARGED WITH MURDER FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD YOUTH WAIVES EXAMINiNC TRIAL IN WICHITA FALLS Wichita Falls, Juh !.» <4’» Charge >f murder were filed today agains John Hobbs, IT), in connection with th fatal st:.'-lib;n>' of Ernest McBride. E i e sterdav near Newcastle. Hobb vaived examining trial and probably ,vi 11 await the action of the Septem >er grand jury McBride suffered a 'ingle stal .vound in the abdomen and death wa ilmost instantaneoups. Morris Hobbs jrother of the youtii being held, wa ibout 150 yards from the scene of the tragedy but said that he did not *hat oecurnd. RECEPTION COMMITTEE APPOINTED TO MEET CANDIDATE W. E. Clark was issued a permit this morning for the erection of \ $7,000 brick veneer dwelling on Bis mfirk Street. T. A. Murray was granted a permit for the building of a $3,500 busines on Main Street. John P. King was given a permit for building a $350 garage an Wilbarger Street. IS A £ 5 > OC lATip r»fies3 ( iiNC* f*v,vOo t>) OEOROE e. CH AMGERLAiN FOGLEMAN TO MAN WHO SOLVES BUSINESS PROBLEMS ON CHAUTAUQUA PROGRAM IN VERNON H, pea !.. Feman, k here this evening l he Value of a Man of Chicago, will it 8 o'clock at the Red th-IIorner Chautaitijua, nan has been hailed as Mr. Fogl* ■ru.- tias with an int* a nefficiency." er orator, “a verita with energy a letism,” “live, *i compelling.’ The greater life has been iiher fellow > lem. He has e hat red of busi in “A great teacher,'1 " “a whirlwind speak ble dynamo, pulsating dn vibrant with mag inspirational, praetn part of Mr. Fogleman' spent in helping the olve his biggest prob- •onducted salesman-hip iti PLEADS FOR INDIANS HERE Chief Nipo Strongheart, a dc •Cend­ ant of the Yakima tribe, made a spit ited plea for the enfranchisement o itie Indian to about 800 people .ii ¡he Chautauqua tent Saturday night He explameu me ideal of the Indian, and expressed the hope that the v hite man wnil Id try to help create the l'eei mg and understanding wni.-H has ieivtotore been lacking bet'Veen the two race>. "We are sending thousands of dollars to the Far Fast, we are spending thousands for the poor in Mexico and otliei places, why not do .something for the native born Americans?" thi cniei asked. "The young Indian is taught the lesson of life through the careful training of his parents, tne mother devoting her entire time to her children and the father teaching his son to hunt and fish, taking him with him a? a companion. They are taught sell reliance at an early age, and they are taught to respect women above all things, and protect them ever against himself. The children of the Indian family bear the name of the mother, ather than the father, which is ex plained in that they are born of the mother's flesh and blood and not the father's. From tune to time they re eeive a different name, and their names signify their outstanding chat s or accomplishment.'. "Before the Indian is permitted to consider marriage with a young girl he must have attained three loath ers, each with h meaning, one for pati enee, courage ami bravery, and two additional ones for hon >r must be added before he may be married. In this way the Indian protects his wo men from marrying unworthy men and there ino cause for divorce in his government, Although the white i Continued on page 4 ) Italian News Agency Message Denies Report Contained in Dispatch Io Paris Newspaper Announcing Death oi Injured Man. Rome, July 9 OP News Agency which h; slant touch with the N •rations through the I>i Milano, announced ers that Nat ¡lie Ceccio had died from injuries ■rash were false. Th ■fani t se ship Citta day that rum i, motor chief •eceiv d in th. HAWKINS S,tr.Sl GOV. MOODY DESERVES \Us t i ‘ tateme Juh In n written il liant Iv Haw lire, candidate for that (.i o v. Dan i m peachmen t " for \\ his alleged f. election laws. Hawkins tel ti at )■' ist tu name from »allot, as V ttor Th .mi; Lieutenant V\ ilman • : Moodv fron t lu­ re to ed to count i Demi th»**. I!, I, d Mi primar; e for Ivi it h I he Others Reported 111. A dispatch to l,e Matin of IV-.ri- from Virgo Buy, Spitzbergen, stated that l eccumi had died from hi in juries and that the four remaining urviviir- of (¡"nera! Nobile’.-, fatal rip to the pole were seriou ly ill Die e men are Lieutenant \ If red \ ig lieri, navigator; Profe sor F, Bohoim ek. Czchoslavagin nieternlo^'ist ; (¡iu. eppe Bioni, radio operator, and Feliupo Troinana, engineer. SMITH SHAPES TWO ELECTRA \ reception committee of 56 citizens of Wilbarger County will greet Vlvin Owsley .candidate for the I'nit- ;d States Senate, when he arrives in ernon to speak tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock in the interest of his andidacy. Mr. Owsley will «peak in the Vet- on Theater, where an ice cooling ays- ein will make the hou e comfortable for a large audience. The speaker wlil be a guest of the Rotary Club at luncheon tomorrow MAN KILLED WHEN CAR SIDESWIPES TRUCK Beaumont Cu Ramirez, 38, Pot Arthur, was killed when his automobile sideswiped a truck near Neder- nad. John Martinez, f>6, Fort Arthur, suffered several broken ribs and ssibly internal injuries. YOUTH IS DROWNED WHEN BOAT SINKS lasses in such great industrial ii utions as the Standard Oil Company Ford Motor Company, the America! xpress Company, The Firestone Tin nd Rubbei Company, the Mutua Life Insurance < ompany, the Cadillac Motor Company, the Chicago Kxantin ei and othe; nationally known nisti tutions. He has addressed the chambers o commerce, Rotary clubs, Kiwani clubs, Lions clubs. Optimist clubs and various busines* men's organizations in all tne principal cities in ever;. Stale in the Nation. Gilbert Jaffy and his orche tra are scheduled to entertain this afternoon at 3:30 o’clock. Jatfey orchestra .sill play also tonight, preceding Mi Fugleman's lecture. Fhis orchestra i omposed of two violins, ’cello, base and piano. Jaffy plays popular melo- lies and popular classics. Church Workers Await Outcome of Court Fight SJAJl M 0 T 0 R C Y CLE COL! IDES WITH TRUCK NEAR HENRIETTA r, Wichit Fleetra, gar Wal when their a truck nea in a Wichita Fall Fleetr ter Hughe ■ killed an fatal Ij d F hu W ital. SUGGESTIONS OF FRIENDS BEING RECEIVED AT ALBANY BOND MONEY $60,000 FOR NEW WARD SCHOOL BUILDING ARRIVES a yalc active rilanci lifcak wa; civartp nti! much lare iw Orleans, , 1 11 Ì y (A I’) A decline of nearly $5 fea In red I he cotton market toda} in one of the most trading sessions witnessed on the New Orleans e\■ in some time. The primary influence behind the the bearish (¡ovrrnment er cult ¡vat ion July 1 of 1 r t han i raders ex pee ted. report showing an in- I 1 per cent which was r\M> KF.i'oin i i> i ’ oorku I HAN l\ l’UI \ loi S \ I. \K FOUR OUT OF Juh art non Stand Heported danti r cent ie I o\' . , the Hep d fot re pi d of like tl Dallas—Paul Grissaffi, Irowned near Hutchins whet io at sank in a small lake. 14, his va row TYLER HAS $80,000 FIRE DAMAGE SUNDAY Tyler— Loss estimated at $80,000 was caused by fire Sunday which d* itroytd the S*ann building. Renuhlicans To l Center Campaign in Eastern Area Theater Owner Held Following Youth's Death l>iek* • heb when h with h Wa alh Judge T line if tructioi 1st tabi er mane engregati( uspetid oj three d< July y ,-F. 1 Wednesday's wne Young's coi the injunction of the fundamt ending out- hearing ii irt to deter halting ron ntalist Bap nacle here shall be mad* t, volunteer worker of th* had decided today t< tions for tbe present igned tf deputy sheriffs the site reported they had thin«- all themselves today. The -cene of the controversy .shifted today to Austin, where Henry C Willis, counsel for the church ,wu- ittemptmg to obtain the reiejfe oi the Rev, J. Earl Anderson, pa tor ol the church, under a writ et habeas corpus. / ............................—___ jf. — PARACHUTE JUMPER FALLS 30(1 FEET TO DEATH hington, July cun campaign plan.-, on the Fast and it a Herbert Hoover hm« Washington in th headquarters here i Another front por the making, aithout .Mr. Hoover it seen priate name for his vonId be a back yai ipacious residence >n R Street here ha ’ant front porch bu Republi et» trat in» ikely tha return t< i be nea * the fi h camp th. Heavy Rain Is Reported North of River Sunday ooo \ rk e..! but only to m actual cui* Allo wane - h a k estimate, the for about lad, flooded out in In-it week of ■t'entre similar I nere Marked tin SHIP WRECK Captain of Chilean Army Ship, Unable to Avert Disaster, Commits Suicide on Bridge— Vessel Battered to Pieces on Rocks. s.tnti:uif, Chile, July i* -f-T‘> Of ame non persons aboard the army t an-port Amgamos only four were ulive today to tell how the vessel had pounded to piece? on rock*. The cat astrophe occurred at Punta Chitnpel, neat thi1 South Chilean Coast town of Lebu, Friday night. < aptain Kill The captain .unable (•>r. committed s'iicidi the -h* Th* tin l.'U GEORGE E. CHAMBERLAIN DIES IN WASHINGTON HOTEL sor. to avert disa#- on th*' bridge, found on the but the exact probably will known -ince after leaving 'mi! with 2‘.H perHori» aboard made several stops en route p additional pa sengers. p hail been loading material hiban navy in the (iulf of ,'hen a ti/rm broke lute in ■noon. The vessel left the Ie it ut Foi several hour« led again«! wind and wave badly battered. Heavy (teas the rudder. The ship started nwa d the breakers. Frantic ut help were .ent out. None t 10 p. in., the vessel crash* ■ rock?' about 1100 yards from lioatH * apul/.e. attempt ^ to launch life •re made. They capsized a» ■ lowered into th*1 tf emend- human freight wan k by the breakers o the angry sea. d children perished ** other* remained The th; Courtney Makes ! FADER DEAD' Atlantic Attempt but Turns Hack YOUTH S HEAD HURT BY DIVE REGINAL HOBSON SUFFERS LACERATION OF SCALP AT SWIMMING POOL FORMER PRESIDENT NORTHERN PACIFIC DIES OF Globe Circlers Flying Across Siberia Today Moscow. July Mear., and iharie flying acr OSS Sib« tempt to b reak th< the i'lobe.The ¡a at ii I m 1; st nigh a, in., toda V for K Actress Saved ' by Son of Tin j Plate Magnate Mr, ; , Old Rockefeller LONG ATTENDS FUNERAL ' Home To Be MoV€¿ of crash victim T 0 Coney Island Eiphteen Persons Killed in Train Wreck in India India, Jt the -íítfh» ; I ti* ef, (th STEAM ROLLER FATAL TO SAN ANTON‘0 GIRL tiled i f ht at ti Norwah, Bengal. K Seymour, Ind., July !♦.—«,W—Kver-' ett Via, 22, of Indianapolis «00 feet to his death beie yesterday, — when the third parachute in hi triple gan Antonio. Eliza parachute leap from a balloon failed ^ 7> daughter of Mr to open. Via fell head first into a ronger, died Sunday field, the bodjfcj,being buried two feet received when kno- CAFE PROPRIETOR IS FOUND DEAD AT LUBBOCK Y ! th chic! injured. e-‘i An tn I Mr f rom :-;d <1 o v in thé ground.steam rollet last Thursi W M Lubbock John li. lì tjuiies ptoprietor, found dead i by a * ied a verdict of death (: widow and »i* children /here t who p >i survi rn 89 ! Reptile Flew, be moved to ! W tshington On-e a great ref * :>e 50,000,000 , used tu fly over Oregon. The »! •. . York's play - !<jry of fossil remains of such a crea- have opi>o: Jture in Oregon rocks is noted by ; a« Smithsotiian Insittutiou. ^ I "T Ài

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