The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 11, 1947
Page 4
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six BLTTHKViLiJB <ARK.)" COURIER NEWS Qld Vets, Their amilies to Get ens/on Boost ^WASHINGTON', Aug. 11. (UP) — The Veterans 'Administration said tbday. that next month it- will begin paying « 20 per cent Increase In' .'non-servlcc-connected , pensions to veterans of the Civil and ^>aiiisli-A)r.erican \yavs. *VA «»1.1 also pay a similar increase in death comi>ensatUm to their dependents effective In September. About 113,030 veterans and ^,033 dcjx?ud*iiU are affected. The Increase, which was voted )>}• the 'last session of C6ngre.s.s, will total abDUt J29.003.000 for "he fitxt.year nf-u-Uien decline rapidly, .VA estimated. i 'Payments now range from less than $15 a month to $100 monthly. They average about S1CO for Civil 'War Veterans,' 4*0 for their dependents; J7S for Spnntsh- ••Ameriean War veterans and $43 for their dependents. , i In voting the higher rates. Congress cited the increased cost or living and the advanced age of most or the recipients in addition to the fact that this is the first raise they have received in recent Lots of Babies With No Place to Live Says World Too Exhausted to Wage War • ROANOKE, Vn., Aug. !1. (UP) — Supreme Court Justice 'Robert Tf. Jackson left Roanoke Snturdny sitter predicting that nations of the world are too exhausted physically to WKBC nnolli'cr war for :it '.east 25 years. Jackson, chief American prose- CH1CAGO: nirth vote up 4%; dwellings short 100,000 10.6%; dwellings rRANCISCO: Birlh rsite up 10.1 %; dwellings short .41,000. rate up 17%; dwellings short.10.000 NEW YOKK; Birlh rate up 13.9%; dwellings short ISO.QOO LOS ANGELES: Birth rate uj> 7,3%; no housing i-elief sepn for years . Birth rale up 12%; dwellings short 20,000 for hardship cases along * thousands of units 1 X 1948 figure; latest available^-—- NEW ORLEANS: 1938 19JJ Wit NOW The critical housing situation is in no way eased by the fact thnt America's birth vatc is steadily rising. Small chart at lower left shows hov/ the birth rale keeps zooming upward (solid lino), while construction ot new homes lias not yet reached pre-SvaV levels (dotted line). All birth rate figures for the cities mentioned arc based on the increase between the 1939 rale and, today's rate. / MONDAY, AUGUST 11, 1017 The liiHlsii jxinitynciijhl is jici (•(Hud In 'WflKlo lo thnt o[ the Bullish )»>i)iiy. 'Die penny actu.V.- iy weighs tv;o penny'.s'fighls. Club 61 Blythevillc, Arkansas — — Highway Cl Korth Dine and Dance Couples and Parlies Only Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By KTJOENE iVJWKLS,, MRr. For Reservations Telephone 044 culor at the Ntiranljerj? trials, .•Coke to the Vlrglnin St:ilc Uar Association. He said he bolieved nalionnl leaders do not vvnnt another conflict, but warned ihr.t in another (jiinrlcr-cpnlury Die destruction of World War II will bo forgotten «)«! Europe will have recovered. "Only lh e future can evaluate the iinporlanci! of Hie Nureinbcri iriuls in lhe prevention of futnrc wars." he .said. "Dill in niy opinion they have given intcr'naliniml Uiw ti stronger bas;.s ' for dealintr with ntssrcssor nations." Rtad Courier Ncfe Want Ads, "I'm beginning to think this stuff about being a pal to vour son is a lot of bunk!" FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERIULT. BLO83ER Signs of Life ERTH of o DOLL '.^77-' ..... Q by Hilda Lawrence; Distributed by NEA SERVICE. INC. . XXXI .("THE mask, the costume, and the . J - music box were on Dr. Kloppel's table. Mark pointed to tlio hiole. "So," he said, "that's the •key. If that isn't Hull) Miller's mask, it's a copy." - "Copy?" ' "The girl who killed Ruth heeded a mask wil'h a mole. She hee'ded to show her ugly, hidden Self ,10 (lie public ami give, (he iin- • pression that Tluth slill walked the earth.' She had the mask she swiped Irom Miss Campbell's "•S-oom, but it was what you might • :call unadorned.. So she removed • j"Rulh's mask and subsiituterl Miss '.'Campbell's, or she marked Miss : Campbell's to look like Ruth's. • This mask rode down In the ele- hvalor with Mrs. Marshall-Gil) ''"•when Ruth \vasr dead." "Rut Mr. East! -It she took llic- • original away from lhe poor girl, it would be—I mean it wasn't n very neal^" "Listen. If this is lhe.original, t it isn't' stained because she got • hold of it first. Get me, first. And that would be easy, too easy. Ruth. Miller^atibay, like a .little cottontail facing a man with a gun. No . trick al all. Simply snatch it, do • the grisly job, substilule the other ; wm)ii she was half-conscious. Go oh.downstairs and parade around. A beautiful alibi, foi- self and victim. I don't know why I haven't ; heard it. Why hasn't somebody given me a wide-eyed stare and , said, 'Oh, I'm sure I saw her, Mr. • - East. I'm sure I saw her nt 9:30 or 10. The mole, yon know. I think I even called so-and-so's attention to her.' Why hasn't somebody given me lhat?" "Maybe because it • wasn't '. lieecled." ' - ' . * * * J "jlTARK.turnccI and twisted in his -' x chair and went on with n sudden, repressed fury. "Somebody Vied to me! Not a good, big Ue that I could see coming a mile Tway, but a mousey litlle stinker .liat merged with the landscape. Some smart (jirl fed me a smooth 'ilde whopper (hnl got i>y because t was the natural, normal thing 'or her to say. Such as, T went nlo the lounge lo see if lhe fire loeded more wood. 1 Thai's (he «!nd of thing ! mean, that's what ;i woman IJKC- Plummet- ctmld give me if she wanted to bide .her ac- lual wlicreahmils, and I'd su-alloiv it whole. She might have .been walling up h body in the cellar, i)lit I'd have a picliirc of lhe old 3irl messing up lhe wood basket, because that's her type. That's how I've been reasoning, aiid Ihsl's where I've gone wrong. I've put ton much lime on lhe oul- slanding deviations from routine when what 1 really want is the small piece of extraneous matter lhat some bright girl slipped into lhe machinery. Il's so -small and so simple that I don't know what I is or who did it. But somebody looked me strainht in the eye, 'oldcd her hands in her Inp, and lokl me she was breathing, Mr. Bnst, just breathing. And she's niy girl." X"Gelting mad now, aren't you Dr. Kloppcl said with satisfaction. "In -people like you it's a good sign.., . . You've been on this case less than a week nnd look what you've done. Then look at Foy." "I haven't got time to look al Foy. 1 haven't got time to lake those girls aside one l>y one and beal a lite'story out of each and double check. Thai would do it. And Foy hasn't got the time, either. Foy and I ought lo lake turns at 24-hour duty in tha place, but if we do. I'm afraid we'll be opening anolhoi- window If you gel what I mean. . . . ; don't like my girl." "T")O you mind telling a practically superannuated storl "My uirl Is the kin a who -»ul<!rr» nko it when she was five years old ind soine other kid in (he block vas prettier than she was. When he was ten, she couldn't take it vlicn some oilier kid got belter nnrks in school' 'or had moi-u pending money. She can't taku inythinK now, nnyihing that tiakcs her feel inferior, imposed n, ov Rols in her way. Anybody vho does that, even xmcon.sciouslj', asking to be a dead duck. My ,hi will (tumble on the impussiblc ind bring it off, because she runs iround wilh people who've beeii aufiht ilial nice girls don't do bad lungs. Nice girls do anything and very (JiiiiK 1 , as your stork trade nust have taught you. My girl ;.-miuled on Htith Miller. Ruth Miller was a threat, slill unelassi- ed, but a Ihrcal the same, io out she wetU. And for sevci'al veoks it looke<3 like success. Then came in, then Foy came back. That must have burned tier up. but it hasn't finished her, not by long shot. Look nl Lillian liar- is. One ot these nights I'm going 0 wako up screaming my ;ivl is walking in my sleep. Walk- .nKjmrt talking, tcUing niq V\iat it she's caught she'll blow the place ip and herself with it. She's capable of it, too. If she c;m't have wluit she wants, then nobody else can. Life is cheap.' See?" Without warning, a door slowly opened in the back nf his mind, a door thai had been closed and camouflaged. He could almost see a face peering through. It made him whistle nnd kcpl his mouth open after Ibo \vh\sUc had stopped. Dr. Kloppel looked at him interestedly. Mark didn't see him, he was seeing someone else. Ilia girl. ... She had staggered her appearances, drc-ssinj» for the part cnrh lime. She had gone upstairs ns herself, done her work, atul returned weaving KuUi's mask. Then upstairs again, then down as herself once more. If she used the second Hooi- us a base, she could do it half a times. She wouldn't be missed, not gone long enough at a stretch. She had broken it up, spread it oul; Ihcre one minute, not (here the next. No wonder ... no wonder. . . . (To Be Continued) Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasxwb« If It's , INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection • Accident & He;i!th • Hospitiilizntion • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Unrglary • Plato Oiass • ToniiKlo • Surety Bonds Aviation A SUMMER, JOB -- Al" LEAST. WHEN RUSTy: TAtES A GIC.L OUT HE CAW PICK UP Trie WITHOUT' GETTING sr. WHY, LAEDSy. YOU'RE ACTUALLY SITTING UP/ GATEWOOD GROCERY 1 Phone 975i * Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch V. ft. Pf. £th • 7 Crown 1.35 2.^5 ^.15 5 Calvert 1.35 2.65 4.15 '• Schenley . 1.35 2.65 4.15 • Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 4.15 T Hill* Hill.. 1.40 2.75 4.40 I Old Taylor 4.35 6.90 I Four Roses 2.85 4.50 t 5% Beer per Case $2.88 j GAS, reg 17.5c; Ethy! l<).5c\ AIIBrandsCigarets,ctn.$1.35i Chamblin Sales Co., Inc. Sales Sfiuk'linker Service First by Far With a Postwar Car Modern time-saving tools are provided I'oi- our (rained mechanics. They their skill nnd the cni' tools to give you better service. We repair nil makes of cars and trucks. Guaranteed Used Cars 1340 Ford Super ?.-door 11141 I'lymouth 2-door IDIi Plymouth 4-door 1910 Tontiao 1946 Chevrolet !5 I on I'taltup !!>« OMC % ton Pick iu> in 15 Dndge'/, Ton Pickup ID41 Chevrolet V, (on Pickup Lots oT Others to Select From CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY ,.' r Your'Sludefoaker Dea'cr "First, by Far Postwar Car- BH! Cliarilblin —RR * Ash St., Thnne ZlfliV-- WASH TTTBBS QUICK, KOOMTll PBOSEWA'S M.KEMH STABTEB' PHOHE 6EOADCA5TIMS STATION...TBL PAPP THM BUSTER'S Ml IMPOSTOR...TELL HIM I'M RUSHlNS TiKE ROMfeV TO THE STUDIO! Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplc ..A.NO MOW, FOIK SOAP 15 -?. .UOIAEW TO lose! ER-PEOUD VOPCE-'- : -NOW LETS SEE...THM B6MT THEiE.FAMOUS ;•: PHONE NUMBER 1? B^B'^...NO^M IN -SHE A- FIOWER. OFSOUWG.-5 JAMJHOOD!.., • THIS B16 SPECIMEN Of DW*MIC BUSTER KfttllKftK Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Chnrlrs a. BHtncrW. M. <nill) Wilson just how much you know nbim your girl?" U SURE VOSE Tf?i,CK5 V55 LitTuE f\Y H05S 15 v5= CRC-3S-' VStvE. GOT t> S PURTY SOOfO-' By J: R. Williams E6AO, BOYS.' AR£(^1 TO Rf\\'E AAV CAR. FOR DUE. LET ME ftOD TO On, NOT HIM MUCH—ONI Y THA ALLUS S ROL'MD Tn' SIOV'E AN' 1 SPILT ^^\' PANCAKE P-VTTCC \ I CAM T GVE.M Bt : SICK.' VO1I K^ AL\VAV UWPER MY BEP WHEM HE'S IM "ICCLll-1 i- -- ONE TIME I USEU LK/NvtC -\v THAT 30LLV SOUND SCIENTIFIC DIS- CO\'eC.V X TH& Uooo ' rlA\)E \ME GOT SLBGH BELLS; PlCVCOP/ LOf\OED. TOO/ IS IT STO&IE OF VoiJRS, V. T. HAMUN JST LOCK AT TM.XT TuATlON.' I TELL IS S^. TKAM LCGK.DCC. CO^'S CONTAC DiD J33IJ5H CANN'BALS.' \VHY. A PC,NT IN TK 5TCSV? AU_£Y CC!= OP =5C3\SON SEE.XS DCFI.NIT&L1 1 ~O BH BY SSMXT V.-SS BEEN OM THE SCREEN o~ \VONMLJG'S CENTAL PICTURE WHV MOTHERS. -GET GEAV (rMA_U,jBV and_nALI'H HE KNfW M06UL\/ VOL! A14KE v^ WAS IOO FAS! A 1 5DLVW6 A AVUROtR> DRIVER TO TRAMP \SOUHD t«Y. ONlY ON THE BRAKE BEFORE I YOUR FOUR-STAR HE 6OT TO THAT I MURDERER HAS came back to the Mogul YOU f KMJRE THIS \ IT All FITS. HE BUTtER.CRIBB, IS WORKEOONTWE OUR 6RAKO PRIlf I CtR5. HE COO ID PACKASf, EH ? /HAVE DONE THE JOB IN A FEW l-'RKl) H.AKMAN BOOTS AKT> HER BUDDIES 1 IMAGINE HE IEFT [KOtlbH 6RAKC FIUIO IN THE MASTER CYUNDER TO STOP THt CAR BY THE tROm DOOR THAT'S WHERE I SAW THE PUOOIF COUIDN'T FIGURE DOT. DUO, T. . H TO voti: You'yt ft TtRRi7-\C JOB O1.D PV-flCt *«E AtL 5« W *WITF Off AS AN ACCIDENT nu ida Fouxo THAT .BRAKE MiVKto Wrw, PINT.

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