The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 11, 1947
Page 3
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'MONDAY, AUGUST 11, 1047 '("guv) University Gets Big Endowment Coca-Cola Tycoon's . Relatives Contribute I Additional $7,000,000 I ATLANTA, Ga., A»K. 11. <UP> — Atlanta's Eniory University, which jlirsl expanded from n .simiil college ns the result of a mllllon-dollnr Pitt from the late Asa G. Candlcr. today 1ms a $7,01)0.00:) endowment from CaiulH'r's relatives. , Emory officluls say the new gift. Is in the form of stock in Asa CS. t'andler, Inc. It was presented to ' Hie school by Howard Cmiillei 1 , son of the man who mnde a fortune l>y founding the Coca-Cola company. Reliable sources say tlie Rift iimount:; lo atnut one-nail Uic ovil- standiiig slock in the luiifc corporn- tion, which holds valuable real ns- late In Atlanta. New York and liul- limore. Annnul income from tlic stock is estimated at $500.000. It lias also been disclosed that Ktnory officials arc negotinllng mir- cliasc of the mnainhi'4 stock in the corporation. About halt the remaining .slock reportedly is to be nought from Walter T. Candlei. brother of Howard. When tlieso purcha.sps are completed the school would receive an annual income from the corporation stock of around Sl.000.000. The Inige corporation owns three large business business buitdinrjs and other properties in Atlanta, as well as large office buildings in New York and Baltimore. The elder Cancller's first liift of $1,000,000 allowed then-small Emory College to move from Oxford, Georgia, to Atlanta and lo expand Into a sizeable university. Subsequent gifts from the Coca- Cola tycoon during his lifetime have been estimated at around SG.OOO.OOO i nnd have allowed the school to I embark on nn even greater expansion program. Among his gifts was a $2,000.000 teaching hospital for Emory's Medical College. The Candbr School of Theology at Emory was named for the multi-millionaire, one of its founders and strongest supporters. Tlic university is presently undertaking a long-range development program and has aimed at raising 52,500,000 this year. Polps Report Uncovering of Nazi War Crime/ Jap Emperor to Publish Book on His 22 Years of Marine Biology Research TOKYO, Ails. II. Ui>> — Illrohiio pliu, s ,,, puiiijsi, „ |, lH) i< on his 22 years' iwnrrh In Mi- rlne biolosy, ,\ WKS ro ;i llo |.. rcjioii- cd Eaturdiiy. ' ' Because of ),| S "sacred" character, Ilirohito pn.v| ou . s )y mls m,^;,. to publish rc.suits of his studies under ills nun name, iillhoitsh lie was fr«iiii'iuly consulted by leading biolo»;i:,i s of oilier nations. 'It : is cluimed cm; cni|H-jor dls- corcrcd nml chissiftod Bo new species of nmiitic hfc froin I0a'> lo PAGE 10)3. •In r<-<v:.l .vcjirs Ilirolillo 1m s( mllccl MI rlrtle.s ill li.vdiraja 111 till' . L viV> MUTclllidin!; Jji;>:m. T!ie emperor is ali^i said to be an umhorltj on ixnicliology, the branch ol 'i. soloj-.y do:illnn wltli shi'l s or moliui'ki, and occaslon- nlly fonsiilis with Dr. 11^ O. •Srlicru'k, noted Calilnriila K<<olo;;l»l who heads the Kuprtrme Cn iiinmrs Nalu>ul'Hi'.simriTS Bvcl ftixUTn million tons ol r.\ui i snow mil u|!<;n tin> 1'iirtir.H a lii:v cvi'iy MTOiul of the d;\y lilt-Ill. lid Read Courier News Wanl Ails, above, received frem oflic-iul Pulir.h source'.-. , sfio-.vs members of a Soviet war crimvs t risoners of war. This is ;il Komannvha Cum members said they touiul muss tr:ivcs aption n FXii Komor victim supplied l>y Polish ininii a collective criivc of nv.-o, Poland, imcl commission s lit the NU/.IS. $40 Pension Check Endorsed With Thumbpnnt of Corpse WASHINGTON, Aug. 11. (U1 J > — The Secret Sci v:co repnnod yps- lordny what it cnllcd one of its sitjuit.',trst case.s—euclorsc'Ticnt <i( a $ 10 government penrsio:; check with the thumaijrint of a corpse. In his annual report on Si^cn-A Service activHics, Chief vlan:ei J. Miilotiey to'd the story o! n. CUeyeanc Indian v.'omaa, \vidovv uf a scout, who guided U. S. troops durinc; the Indian wars. Each month she received a $-50 pension check. Since she coiiM not %rJte, she endorsed the cheek hy tluimbprhil in cntei* to cnsh it Shortly after she died, her regular pension check, arrived. Rela- lives took «the chrck tn lh^ fun-- cral parlor whore her body lay, FAMILY MONUMENTS \ Sec our many new designs, carved from RAINROW GKANlfiZS, beauiifutly jxjlishcd nnd finished. Reasonably priced. COMPARE VALUES wcrllty to record a wonfiy.'.ii(inie . , . your name! Jno. C. McHaney & Sons "Your IMonumont Mon" Hlyihovilic, Ark DOLLARS -TO DOLL UP YOUR HOME- New fixtures, new paint job, repairs — make your old house a new home. Get the cash with a F.H.A. Loan from G.C.P.C. Up lo Shears to repay. 122 W. ASH ST. - BIYTHEVILLE Phone 292» GENERAL; CONTRACT PURCHASE COBPOR&TION snioiivcil the Uiunrb ol her riijht >">n/{ \vil.h ii>k and prusiicil l'ic check against it. Vncti they \istxl the rhe«,U lo pay a ^rc-jery tdll. But somehow — the secret sLTvicu ciuln'L :uv !>f)v; — th;; Tieasvn-y l^cp'AvUi^iv, It-.nrn- ed t!iat- the voman \v;is dead ;m:l refused to honor the check whwi it was p res?. 11 ted fur jmyiueti'.. Tht* r fro;isury tuniRd tJir* [;>]p?k ever tt> the Secret Service, wliidi rcpovlart Uint the rclalivcs r»i Vhe dead womrui fin:il!y i^:ji>:eit out ihc debt tn the grcccr. This, Mu'.nnry s.ftu\. %\ is ,Vo:4 one of the: 2S.COO Tortied c);orkr, ihe Kscrct Eci vice inve.stiyiil'.'-.l -.Ui'.'iij:; U'.e "12 monlh:s enclc<l Juno 3.1. The forgeries jigfji-ogntecl J2.CS11 W'O. 'J'h ere wert 2,C»0 an'csi.s nn:i convictions. There were nlso 16.0*30 '(.r»oci Ijoiids, mostly stolen Irom niiiil boxes. 'I hey had ;L. maturit.v va'.iie of $1.C31,C^. TJic-.e WLT-J 'iM arrests made jn connection with tlir The Secret Service also $:55,CC3 of t;0£U5 currenc coins cinvitij; the year. Of ili 'J33 \v:ts foreisn'-iiinrto. bro by refugees aiid othci tri t clutling 'sennion. L-jltlc of rign ronnVerleil -is be: i\c J entered - tv.u',c channels, I said. There svere 92 cau»Lcvfcl rcsl.s nnd fj^ convSolJoiu the yrfir. lie icp-rtrrt, a .sl crease ovef the pre^inus is 1 3 lo Rcan Courier News wani Ads. For Sale Rebuilt G-ft. McCray'Meat Display equipped wilh new coils, new com^i'csse-r and expansion valvn. IJclivcred and installed with CITC year guarantee and free service. $470 Deli Scott Ucfrifierafion (!". 12M \V. j\Iain I'll. 22(>0 We Handle -Your Car With Care! Wheel Alignment Eliminate unnecessary expense in wear of your tire.s hy letting us keep your car in perfect alignment. Our guaranteed work will save you money- Tuneup - Lubrication Your car's motor will hum smoothly if you bring it to us for regular ciicclviip. Our experts will spot those minor flaws ijcforc they develop into serious trouble. •j/KiS'fe I 1 '.«:";£'' Expert Motor Care You can entrust your motor troubles, no mutter how serious, t (> us. Here you'll get a prompt, accurate diagnosis of your car's ills . . . and factory-trained men will make those repairs cffkendj' and economically. LEE MOTOR SALES East End of Main St., Blythevillc Careful, Mister! Figure of man ;il right and the OD[)-|)Oiincl nciial 'bomb at left poitit up tlK' tremendous six.e of the '12,000-ponncl bomb which the Army Air Forces nhm to lisa in ;i Icsl b:j:nbii>f!. Approxi- iiiiitcly Iwk'C us largo as the largest "bloi-k-bnslcrs" dropped riurh:;; the war, (lie monster was developed by t!u U. .S. .Army Oulmincc ill 19-15. IN r iui: '•'Hf.KASAWUA IJISTR7CT, MIS.SIS.SII'l'I COUNTY, AKKA.VSAS Mildred Prunk Trail, vs. I'lui Hoy A. Trial, Dcl'ondiiut WATINING OIU>I:R Tlic clcfpndant, Roy !A. Trail, is hereby warned to appear in this court, within thirty days nn I nns- u'cr l!;n comiiliiint of the plaintiff Mildred Prank Trail, and upon his [ni'.urc so to do, said coinoLiint will bt taken as conte.sscd. Witiu-ss my liana as clcr>; ol the Chancery Court for the cmrk- iwba, District of Miwiswpp; County, Arkansas, and the seal ol paid court, this 8th t>:: yof AU"- iist, 1047. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk Rrid anrl Uoy, AUys. tor Plff. Oscar Fendler, Ally, ml Intern 8:0-10-23-30 Head Courier News Want Ads. OUR MODERN STEERING AND WHEEL ALIGNMENT SERVICE IS BEST FOR YOUR CAR REGARDLESS OF MAKE CITY LOANS Repayable in Small Monthly Installments Low interest Rates Quick Service BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION 124 W. Ash St. Phone 3545 Concrete Culvert-tile Kl«« u l»" la 36" (Iti'inforced or W«n-l(rlnrorped) <'tn-:i]"'r uiul I.IIIIKIT l,*Mnt Mian any utlu-r IUIil K r, Mal»Ut, (Wiicri'tii unlls for Smillary I'rlvy—ConiTelii Seiitlc 'J'aukK. A.M. Webb Jlwy. 01 N. at State line llli! 7M • NEEDLESS TIRE WEAR • HARD STEERING! • "WANDERING AND WEAVING' • TIRE POUNDING CO TO AN EXPERT! SHELTON MOTOR CO. Less Noise — Longer Life with Rubberized Undercoating „ . /"= ! J/r A IB Ihrnueh. Prolccts vllnl i ngulnsl rust, »t(d corrosion. I Scuts cracks, keeps out fumes ntul dusl and dciidcnr, vlbrulion noise. ' '"^ Fords f-jlf- Chcvrolels ic 'if Plymouth* r- - -'only $30.00 RUSSELL PHILLIPS Tractor Company ' ' Douglas Ijiwson, Slur!' So. Hig!i\vfiy •(>! I'limic 2171 Vhone «S 113 West Ash It takes ci lot more than lust a telephone "I'm a telephone installer. I. put in telephones for new customers. And, believe me, I'd like to put 'em in right now for everybody. "But telephone service lakes a lot more thnn just a telephone. It takes wire, cables and poles, and complicated switchboards. These things have to be ready and working first. "It takes time to make switchboards and dial equipment, and it lakes lime to fit them inlo the present telephone system. Bui factories arc turning them oul faster than ever before, and we're putting them in as fast as \ve gel them. "It's not a short job or an easy job. Hut we're hard at work. Since V-J day, we've put in ono miilon telephones in the Southwest. That's nearly twice as fasl as prewar speed. Just as soon as we can, we'll be coming your way with telephone service." j SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE CO. ,Q REPAIR Have vn UK; wniiTi; family's «|I<H> rnsls Ihrniiiili tin- jrar—!>>• kl-«)l im; Ilicm In Kcmit n-|ialr wtlli «u line Hi)rliiii;in-,lil|i am] lmi K l iliiiilll.v m.ildl.ils. \Vhll.--ynu u-alt lucl anil dp replaccmen and shines. HALTER'S Quality Shoo Shop For Electric Worfc CoH23W; ;, \ BOB'S Electric Shop, • Farm Wiring • House Wiring • Motor Repairs • Appliance Installation SOO N. Fifth'St. UlylhJville, Ark. Good Used Furniture Is Found at JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. SJ3 E. Mala Ph<m» Z«7 Pride & Usrey GENERAL CONTRACTORS Excavations and Backfills Phone 517 Highway 18 West at Pride Addition R»- : FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks , Aquello Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS; plain or reinforced • Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver ['hone 691 . IF blue Monday plagues you on Sunday, call 474-475 NU-WA LAUNDRY- CLEANERS Day Phone 3371 Night Phone 2527 WALPOLE-ELECTRIC; Complete Electrical Store Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 117 So. Second SI. Hlyllievillc, Ark. Estimates (Jliidly Given FOKKfAt MttCVW SSRWCE ALWAYS Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer 1'lioric ;M79 Jilythcvillc Ark. 112 Walnut St. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 "The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ T.w Soiree .f PETROLEUM , <,„«„ ' DtpemUbte Senle. PRODUCTS KR »t CMCTT BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS <l MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151

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