The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1931
Page 4
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PAGE POtffc _BLYTHEVIU.R. (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 10, THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS TUB COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS O. a BABCOCK, Editor H. W. UAINKS, Advertising Manager Sole Natlonil Advertising HejirreonUllve*: The Thomu f. Clark Co. Inc., New York, FhlUdelphii, Atlanta, Dallas, San Autonto, Sail ftanclsco, Chicago, et. Louis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered u secona class matter at the post office at BlythevUlc, Arkansas, under act ol Congress October C, 1817. Served by the United Press simscairnoN BATES By carrier In the city of Blytlievllle, ISc per week or J6J50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius of 50 miles, »3.00 per year, $1,50 tat six months, 85c for Uiree months; by mall in postal zones two to six, inclusive, J6.50 per year, In zones revcii and eight, $10,00 per year, payable in advance. What Price State Aid? A a meeting tomorrow the stale legislative commit leu on sclioul problems will take up two administrative plans for the public schools of Arkansas, submitted by. :«, committee of llus Arkansas ICiluciition association, and will also seek agreement upon a program of financial relief for the schools. One of the suggested administrative plans is a consolidation program, the other a county unit proposal. Either, or a combination of the two, is desirable. Arkansas lias too many small school unittj for economy? or educational efficiency. But the governor has slated that he will not "call a special session of the legislature to act upon schoul affairs unless the legislative committee agrees upon a program for providing the ihonuy -necessary to relieve the schools of.;their financial difficulties. .Here io dungcrous ground, and it is to be hoped Itiw't the .school tattlers of the state in their desire for, a stronger educational system'and in their anxiety to free the schools'Of financial embarrassment will not permit themselves to be swej)t into endorsement of any new tax outrages or any extension of an already top-heavy and burdensome rfiate bureaucracy. It is boUcr and in .the long run cheaper to keep our schools a local responsibility than to invite or accept state aid at the cost which such aid almost invariably involves. Lei. us not forget that the state, must come to us ior the money that it gives us. It cannot call down money miraculously from the sky, nor dig it out of the earth, but must tax thc'pcople of Mississippi county and other comities for everything which it gives them. lOxperionco has shown that ^dollars taken from us in the ^various taxes the state imposes are quarters when they return to us. We will 'save money if we will seek am| obtain the right to tax ourselves for what we need, rather than invite Little Rock to send new tax collectors among us for ,-iioncy to be diverted to serve political purposes and dissipated in collection costs and administrative expenses. . , Laughing the Depression A way Ilowevdr you regard that 10-day party Chicago threw publicly for "belicr limes" recently, ,it had a more stimulating effect on the city's business lliitn all .Hie cheery prophesies of our I'ollyuiw economists. It helped confirm what the administration 'has long contended, that most of thev.dill'iculties of the present slump are largely mental. Chicago's celebration, in which an estimated (juarler of a million persons reveled in parades, carnivals, street dancing and confetti-throwing, to the sentiments of "tfood times ahead" and "reluniimj. |/rosperity," was a tremendous triumph for psychology. Merchants, rciXH'ling increased sales, said that not for many years has business been so Maybe what this country needs to help lift ilj out of the depression is more jubilees a la Chicago. A rousing celebration can have a tonic effect on business; can be electric enough to awaken people from Ihe .slough of despond. All credit lo Chicago for tackling the depression "bull" by tbe horns! SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Speaking ol Spanish omclcls, how nbout tlio scramble In Alfonso's old kingdom? Argument By Radio It is interesting to note that Germany and Russia are cowUicliiitf u sort of verbal war by radio tliese days. 11 began when Soviet broadcasting .stations started .semlint; out revolutionary speeches in the German language— lor the consumption, obviously, of potential communistic converts on the German side of tin: border. Now the German* have retaliated by broadcasting, in Russian, lectures crit- icising conditions in Soviet Russia. This particular; squabble will probably be ironed out peaceably, enough in •short order. TUit the germs of a veal international argument are there. Modern science, by, facilitating international communication, seems to have provided one more source of possible friction. "Imagine! Paying that doctor $10 to have him tell me don't walk right." WASHINGTON LETTER flrcccr Norris and Politician .Sey-] wiittcn the statement produced fi iiiuur Arc Temporarily l-'rct of I Sejmour's office. He had had no Indictment for Perjury, Hut I promises of money whatever, he There Is Plenty of SJvidcnve JA-ft ; said. Much more entertaining fir New Charges in llie Senator than liis subsequent efforts to re- 10 same time not demand IOD lany sln>s from the kitchen to ic Icebox by the person who Is esponslble for the cooking. Chimneys should also be In peeled for fire hazard before p«r- lasing a house already built anl :andlng for tome time. A house •1th light plaster or light paper •ill require less artificial Jlgn^ ;an a house that Is decorated in ark colors. Clothes closets must jc sufficiently., insect protfl to ermit the control ol moths. The modern home demands hot ater at any time, pro)«r drain- go for carrying oft household aste, water scaled Iraps against, ewer gas, laundry tubs that are vatcr tight and many other \t- Inemenls of plumbing. In its pamphlets on the subject, he Department of Commerce pro- ides a check list so that a person uspcctlng a house before pur- liase can carefully indicate the iccessary improvements find re Inements and thus have some :onccptlon as to what the house vlll require in order to make it jafe, healthful and economical. THIS CURIOUS WOI NdPCfON, TODAY IS AN tVWfAJ A&OUT To LY SHIZET> THE ceov/N /wo CXfcMiED HttASEiF! UECISIO.N ON VOLUNTEERS On May 19. 1917, il was announced Unit President Wilson had decided not to avail himscK of the authority to organize volunteer divisions. A provision in the draft bill yavn him authority to-form lour divisions of volunteers If he so desired. It was understood that former President Roosevelt was to head this volunteer army. What the president Old announce, however, v.'ns that a division of the United States regulars would be seat to France at the earliest date practicable, to be commanded by Major General John J. Pershinj, who hart been in command of the expedition to Mexico The Secretary of Navy also an- noimcrd on this day that 26,003 marines would accompany the 'rshhig expedition. TUS FAVWWS & CODING BACK, AFKO. /MCtl Op (TS SAHO OlO , Xorris Wot A California clrl sued tor 525,000 damages when she. lost IIOL- sonse, of smell in nn auto accident. She'll be lucky if-she ccts n scent. BY UOUNKY UUTCllKl: NEA Service Writer WASHINGTON-Osorgc: \V. Nor- rls, the famous Nebraska j;ru- trael and make it sound nice are some of his recorded idsas on politics and national alfcirs. I-'ouylit Nums on Hughes Ones reason Grocer Norris hud said he ought to ho elected to sup- ccr, and Victor Seymour, the Re- plant Senator Norris was the lat- publicnn politician who \sas tuci tor's fight against confirmation of master mind in the plot to de- I Chru-lss Evans Higher, lo be Chi?f lout Senator George W Moms by I Justice ot the Supreme Court. Nye cnlcrln: him in Gvocer Norris last, year's primary, arc When Will Shakespeare said, "S«cet arc the uses of udverrity," lie couldn't, have foreseen, of course-, such a thing as a depression. Some movie slars show more than an interest In reels when they fish for compliments. temporarily free ol indictments for perjury. But the evidence on which new indictments against safely asked him why he felt Hughes should have been confirmed. "Well," said George, "he lias An a:i-ycni--old man returned to n western university nflcr nn absence of CO years. Probably he has his thesis [Unshed at last. Several uilcl-weslcrn towns have given up supporting baseball teams. To thuin, it is still the national pastime, with the accent, on Ihc "past-" thcm will IK sought embalmed among 035 p printed testimony taken Nye campaign funds committee in Nebraska. Grocer Norris, l-hc hem-hiss reveal, besides laying the basis for indictments, also qnr.hlicd for nn nwnrd of the lur-hucd electric toaster for bright sayings of 1930. Read the hearings and you realize what the country rntss'jd when Nebraska didn't send (Jroccr Norris to Die Senate. Dr-nicd lie Aidrd Campaign always been active in politics, and he has always, bncn putting in his time that \vay, and so HQ was en- cs of | titled to it il anybody was." by tlie- II B s »i,| hi: felt he had a good The president of the American Bar Association Is Mr. C. A. Boston of New York. A man about towns, nt Is were. A teamster in San Francisco was ciwarelcd damages when he fell off a wayon and broke his artillclal leg. Thai's n corker! rliiincj to win because the name familiar miuoou- Thirteen Is Lucky For Wedded Pair EAST ST. LOUIS, 111. (UP)— Friday the 13th. held no fears fo: Earnest Schell'jr and his bridc-to- bc 50 years ago. So they married on the traditionally unlucky day. Vt, a gckl)u wedding anmver- y licld here recently Schellcr and his bride of yesteryear recalled 50 years of good fortune, "ft may be unlucky for some people but it sure was lucky for us," Sehel- Icr declared. The pair lind 13 chil- timi. seven still living. X=g;=H~ • SOME TMIE AGO,., IMS RESTS' KEPT Trt SECf&TC SILK. /MAKING fOK Cffdi/l ly t)£CG£i OtATW, TO Aft. VW5 SHOi I - ..C11M1.IUSM CHURCH EXCUSES — By George W. n.irti»m— I sent word to the minister ot in church tho he had heni;}! our chutch last, week to cc:ne aiul name mentioned as one see me, for I surely thought my members, time had come. 'T felt rather Now I've either got to ashamed to send for him as I had church and make a ' not teen In the church since he pay something or he will becnmc our Pastor. But he did not seem to hold that against me for he did not mention the fact, and he had been in the house for ten minutes before I discovered that our church had changed pastors since I was there. But os I did not mean what I said visited me. Why can't a know positively when the near. If he ditl lie would Just what to promise. It m that the doctor and this pr made it up lo scare me. If out they did 1 won't be imdc felt 1 would not be here much longer I thought I might as well obligations to go. Well at talU to him. He surely is ;i gcod i did not premise any d man and after such a beautiful amount, nor ditl I promise p.-aycr I felt better. every Sunday, and for a wi I've now concluded that it was. can't go ns I will have to r. hardly necessary for me to have ( Sunday after having work- sent for hm now since I'm able to' week. Then there was so be cut. T remember Unit I made | that, came to £C2 me th^' some very foolish statements and; lake me a long time to lev promises. But you know how it is calls. when a pcrscn is scared. He said he hnd been in charge of our With weather conditions church for eighteen months but, able, pigeons fly more did not remember having seen me :i minute. "George W. Norris' 1 was and Senator Norris was lar. Familiarity with nn unpopular name wouiU help a candidate "if applied to n different person," he said He was sure he could [jopu- larizc the name if given a chance. As a matter of fact, for years people Imd been calling him "Scn- :itor" a wouldn't n nickname feel so strange and he f nom- Scymcur's sltitcmcnt—taken after inatcd and elected. He fell if he the plot to kill oil Norris by. enler- liadn't tscii ruled out of the pri- iug a man with exactly the same J mary lie would have forced Scn- r.^ had collapsed- was clear and i ntor Norris to have withdrawn, won Whnl tho pitcher probably hums as the heavy hitter takes tha nlale: "Mm, mm. how'd you like lo -take u walk." OUT OUR WAY By Williams Out O -TRICES— LOOK' AT Tt4EM V-JMCa";. — V<lO \<E> A 1VV TIME HE>S ,-\V\tR 1 WOwV BE. MO FAILORHS . M>Y GRAM PAP A BOP.JJ GitV4EP!AL , BoT WAS -Too HOUW& -FER TH' 11>^- WftFJ AM' Too OLD FER Trt 1 OMrt-WAR ^ M>-/ PAP IMlAtRvfEO IT, BoT TV4' C(\J\U AH TH' SPAM\5rt WAR ~ OVD Too CCIK'lSC. "Have you hnd any c'cnlact wllli the pending senatorial cumpai^n in Nebraska?" hg \va^ atkfil. "None \vlitiLever," s.iicl Scytnom. "When ciid you firs', knov; miy- Ihlng ol Gcoi-ge. W. Norris of Brokeii Uo\v?'' "When I Ea-.v his filing in the papers " Allcr Seymour's sccrclary, Ksll'.cr Alton, had testified about typing the Grocer Norris c.unp.iiyn state- iiient for Seymour, o'.hcr wilnesEes Icll over vieh ollior In a rush to tell the truth and Stale Treasurer Slcbbius. principal primary opponent cl Senator Korns. ii.ul to admit that hi: had uinu Seymour S50 tor the Grocer .srcris fllins lei; and a S500 bond kr "campais" ex\.ruses" 1 \\Hli which Norrfs ciis- aiiiie,.\rcd oti a var.uicni. Ir.dictmciil5 ae.iijitt the pair have Ineu clisinis. d t:?cauL.t: n j!:dge foinid they fn'.lul to spccily tlie materiality of the defendants' answers. Cjrcccr Norris h::i>,-'.[ had tesli- fliil that. ciHrriii-j th.- iiriniaricb \viis his own iili 1 ;!. ;li..t ]:r had spent '.its own money U:H! lie hac the primary and then licked Senator Norris in the election. Used Al Smith as Issue Grocer Ncrrls appeared as well qualified fov senatorial honors as .]'.e oflicers of the Loyal Ucpub- ican Ciub. which circulated scur- •ilous anti-Senator Norris .me. The "club" had advised Ncbrr.s- <a voters that Hoover an-| Al cmith agreed on the economic i:;- aics and that Norris apparently mi supported Al in 1028 ouly x-cause he was wet and rcprs- =cnted "corrupt Tammany' 1 . "What is Tammany?'' the ?;o?- rciary ot the club was ariied. Some kh:d of a Catholic politi- fiil tnachino in the IJnst," tiiO ri-cords shows he rephed. "Wlurc in the East? 1 ' "I couldn't say." N'cr could he "say off-hand" jusc \vhriL economic issiu'.s Hoover and Smith agreed upon. Hut it was the "dub" president himself who insisted that, Sena- lur Norris hn-.l been disloyal to President Hardinj when he introduced a r:5olu!icu to investigate the Teapot Dome scandal. How lo judge Health Factors In Buying or Building a House Kililor. <r Hypfci. thr li,.,li iic Nal:r.:in! <: Utihbatiou c; v; : made!-: i 1 .;, : Stales Dciurlii-,.!! 1 . i pamphlet C.LI -I;,-.-, House." I-'rcm tl-.e ;: :•-.: health llii-rc .MV i;:.,; cemc-d in ;'-Mi_.L-.' arc o-.duiaiLy . r..;-. by the prr.-:in v, .a licnu 1 or I:I;L:,.I] :I (en th; <:OCL- ; .!:.. -,. color o» th. 1 ]\r.: • gres; i :• :.. rar mciv :;;;• . ; point of ^io".• ^; ;. plumbing. ;;.c -\ atmosph;r; ar.^ -...' ity of the f-.;r:-.-.; x tllatien. The .-.;: .fi;o;ils are greatly concerned with h,- American \ llie prrvontion of dampness, bc- i. and uf cans? urong construction or dc- Magazinc ! feiicration \\ill mean that rah iiuailtoe 0111 will iwiir into the house and down :: has just,:lie sidrs rather than tcins con::• '!'.c United. veycd to the ground or lo the Commerce «• ' se-wcr. : > Judge a i If the house has no cellar, some I provision must !>c made 1 for ado .-f view of-quatc ventilation ur.rErri-.eatii tin - i.ictoi-3 con- j hour,". The :|'cps within aiu . house that ! without th? house should provicli /I'.'.lc 1 thought ' lor ftilllc'.cnt width an.1 suCicicn :- purchasing [prndiii-.l ? lo make- unlike] <.:u'. TOJ of- i tlK 1 possibility of accident. Th :y.,'.fie on tho . '.ivl:v: rccai OiighL Ij i;i >i picnl .'.- ^i.'.e of th;|cf sunllcht. but t'.ie wir>;lo»s nee, O.-position of : not be so lisht that the light wi: . he glaring. The ttiuiy play i.;' from the .iccL-.i for llio elu'.dixn should als .n;:luy is the Uavo plenty of light and good ven ..-.ire lo the : tllntion. :•..!-. tho qual-' The rtfrigcnlion. ir by ice. ..:-.(! the veil- r.ius^ provide for havir.s the ice i :r ^r.d down:p'.i: In from the outside and at| THE WELL-DRESSED MAN He's a little sensitive about clothes. The golf stockings, which he likes rather well, match his brown tweed knicker suit. .. his necktie, purchased uptown, bears an authentic label. His hat-is right . .. his Oxfords all they should be. A well-dressed man — aged eight! , . LO.U':<US.U.!J His mother, you may be sure, reads the advertise-meats. There a re so many pertinent and.valuable suggestions in them ... clothes to wear, labor-saving devices for the kitchen, hints on health, places to go, ways to save money... that in her busy task of making men and women out of active, intelligent youngsters, advertisements are really indespensablc! Read the advertisements in this newspaper ... especially if you are raising a family! Advertisements tell you what you are buying before you spend a cent. They give you the latest ideas, the most recent dcvel- mentsof trustworthy manufacturers. And with their up-to-date news of clothes and refrigerators ... of watches —airplanes — electric tubes -- they keep you abreast of your children! Read Ihc advertisements ... your children do!

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