The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1948
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 17, 1948 'Prospector' Still Hopes to Find Treasure GREKN COVE SPRINGS. Fla.. Jan. 17 (UP)—Nearly everyone but prospector O. B. Mobley gave up hope of finding » $4,000,000 plrnt* treasure here tod.y. but the 80- 'far-old miner started his fourth of digging undaunted by a ser- of setbacks. City officials were plainly worried by the big hole the bespect»led Mobley was gouging Into a downtown street with his steam-shovel crew. But Mobley went through another test with his home-made divining rod yesterday and reported that 'a strong pull" showed him (he gold was still there, underneath the street. A day's excavation went for nothing yesterday when qulcksnnd seepage ami a cave-in of bricks and street curbing reduced 'Moblcy'.s Pit" from a 21-foot hole to R depth of 10 feet. Mobley said he might install super-modern freezing pipes to stiffen the quicksand and eliminate Die sepage of water from the sides of the pit. Still with the old prospector wns his sponsor. Dr. H. H. Humphries of Jacksonville, Pis., who put up more than $8,000 for the digging operation. City officials, who marie a deal with Mobley whereby the city would get 10 per cent of any treasure he finds, said nothing. But they looked worried when the street caved In. An earlier setback came when pipes carrying muck and seepage water out of Ihe pit burst from excessive presure. But Mobley just put in new and bigger pipes. "The gold is there, 30 feet deep," Mobley says with conviction. "We'll get to it when we widen the ho!e »nd get Ihe supports put In." t .Reflecting collars, that fit aromvl irbor, bay and river buoy* to mark shipping channels, make the anchored warning floats more easily seen at night when searchlight beams full on them. JJm'HKVILLE (ARK.) COURIKR NKWS XXXII [T didn't need Mudge's slartlcd "Mother!" to complete the pic- lure. It was thtre for ill to see as th« revealing lights beat down on them—the tame honey brown hair, Ihe s;ime light goldci, eyes, the same incredibly Hue while si;in of mother and daughter. Their identity of coloring which had made me feel that I had already seen Madge Narncy somewhere the very llrst time I laid eyes ni)on : ier. The ,l;iy 1 (..nnie directly from my appointment with Uavclla ,o Sound Set Three where Madge was playing the parf O J the secretary. "1 wouldn't wanl you to use o dead woman's iipslivk ." Ha- vclla wa.: saying hoarsely. "No. I guess you wouldn't. Not that particular dead woman's lipstick, anyway." Bob Lei)>lian said and stepped out into the glare of Ihe lights. )t was then we knew how great nn nelrcss liachol lia- vella would have been, for a Meeting second terror tortured her face, and then it was gone and Ihe mask o{ composure thai was her professional face slipped into place. She turned and walked toward Lciphrm—she mot him hall way across the stage. Her voice was low but clear. "I'll co with you," she said. "I'll go with you. Only, please, no scene here. . . ." That was what fooled Bob Her composure. He was unprepared (or the capsule of poison she slipped out of her purse and swallowed on the way downtown. She was dead when they reached the lospital. • • • ! DON'T know how long navella had ueen carrying ih.-it capsule of poison with her. Maybe from ;he beginning for she mils I have known (hat the poisoned lipslick was a menace to her. Maybe from Ihe day she learned that I had gone back to her shop for a refill for my own lipslick and II had seemed lo her guilty conscience that 1 imisl know soim 1 - tlilnK. When she had decided llial il was necessary lo kill me. Most certainly she had cimied it with her from the moment when she rend In the ncwspnpm of Marie Maloney's Uealh — from poison. She knew then i\ was only a matlcr of lime until the police would have the poisoned lipslick in their possession, and she knew its analysis would point straight lo her. For after all iitrojiiu sulf;itc. common!;' callcrf bcllnclomia. is n cdmmon stm-k-in-n-uUe will) any cosmetician who manufactures eyewash. What navella couldn't have known about was'Hie mass of evidence that h;ul pilcti up ajjainsl me—because 1 had IIu 1 same poison. There were slill a couple of puzzling points ahoni Hie mic when we gathered in Hob Lr-i- phan's oltli-o al lipjidciuartcrs and talked it over. One was why H:i- velln had reacted MI violently lo Jell's decision lo blc.Mcli Mai'ljje's hair and use her as a double for Avis. We had guessed skclchily at something like Hie reality but only Madge was able to till in Ihe details. "The snrae thing happened lo Mother, when she was young." Madge said through her tears. "She was just an extra ;it M;i,v«jrc studios when Lila llampdcn died — remember? There wi-ie only a few scenes of Lil.Vs last picture uncompleted and Die studio wanted lo finish it. Someone discovered how much Mofher looked like Lila and they faked Ihe rest of Ihe picture with her. She wtif thrilled—she thought il mr:mi stardom. Instead of lhat it was the end of her film career, ts'o sludio wanted to use her after thai—the girl who looked like a dead star. You know Hollywood, always looking for someone new, someone different. "AfOTHER mndt up h«r mind Ihen thai I should hnvc the chance sho hud missed. She spent her life tuul nil Ihp money she inude i>rcpiuing me lo be a slar. She even kept our relationship secret at the studio, because aht didn't think it would help my rhonees to be known as the daughter of the head of the make-up deportment. 1 don'l Ihlnk anybody knew about u.i, only Jimmy Peters, lie met Mother at nur house one night.' "When I told Mother thnt Mr. Ilavcrson was going to take the pnrl of Ihe i-eaetar) 1 n.way from me and have me play n double role for Avis—she acted like * crazy woman. She snid it would not happen lo me, the same thing that had happened to her. She snid she wiiuld not let ii happen!" Madge looked blindly in mv'di- rection. "That was why 1 ciimc to see you. Miss Uonn. 1—1 thought Mother must have been there, too, (hat evening. I thought she must have clone somc-lhinM to have caused \vh;il happened. It was loo iihvinus. Avis dying immediately like that. . . " The other missing sequence 1 supplied. The reason Art Clrvcs hud died. "They sat there in his parked ear bolnw mv window • long lime , . . making low, 1 suppose. And of course, Avis would put on fresh lipstick afterward In the dark she look oul her new lipstick hulracl cil llu- one she hud used earlier. And Ihen Arl must have kissed her afjain." "There was enough alropin sul- fale in thin lipslick to have killed half a do/.en people," Uob Lciphan said. It was Jcu'. of cinnsc- who persuaded Madge- that she should go on as the star o! my piclurc. regardless of what had happened It was even her duty to go on. Jell insisted, since her mother had literally given her own life lo give Madge this chance. "And (hat's the end of that." Dob Lciphan remarked when the others had left us alone. And then he looked at me. He came across the room and took me in his arms. And for us it was the beginning. i'HIC CM) PAGE SEVEN KKECKI.ES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER 1-el's l,ook OUT OUR WAY ByJ.R. WiiliamsjOur Boardingi House with Moj. Hoople SODA MUST HAVE RUN OUT OF-SRUB HERE AT THIS LONELY HORSE CAMP- LOOK HOW GLAD HE 15 ' i TO SEE 'TAIN'T GRUB--HE TOOK THIS JOB TO HELP HIM QUIT SKAOKINV I PROMISED I'D BRIMG HIM ONE CI&ARfcT A MONTH. AN' HE'S AFTER Classified Advertisements Otrne* flluttir .rtnr. K«w&rd. Cftll W73. t|14-pk-21 L0*t: Oold-nmm«d cMld'i gl»»SfS. BalurcUjr *rt«rnoon between uoug&n St. ana Oeiu theatre. Cull 3939. Reward. IJH-pX-21 Ptttonal . Erarylhlnit u « Your Umlly w«nu you to com Volition Wanttd The Jeep can handle ANY job w ' 10 »n or delay--rcgardlexi ««lMr. troubleaornB loads. -S." I' " POOLE MOTOR « »"" Po °'*' Owatr Si. Op- 'RSL' .,' " 1 « 11W »T «1 »t Sterl., !.(o. ftiCiat »t««l. M. l.H-ct-2.1 Privat* Rooms One or two rooms. KUclipn iukvUet:(.- optlon.l. Plion. MM. ifii-ci-Jl Bodroom. »» "• Nlatfc. rhon. J3M. ilia-p1t-2|ia Prom bedroom, close In. Constant not wnttr. Phonrs 2062. l!n-pK-2l SKURI1Y Savings at work here are loaned to home owners and are backed by one of the soundest types of security known...first mortgages on selected residential property. , W6RE 6 A LETTER FOR VOUR 5RO\NNIJP SON, POP A P66K.OMLV IT LOOKS DlFFEREMT FROM HIS USUAlX ' •• RUM OF-MWL—RESECTION V GUPS FOR MOVGLS, REGRET& \ THW HE 3UGT MIGSED VMlNMtMG ) ANOTHER LIMERICK CONTEST, / AMD 3UST PL.W^4 DUNS/ THAT'S THE )'#> BOUGHT HIS SELF- z?( RISING AUTOMATIC BED/ ^> —T HOPE •'••& H^NiESi'T DECIDED IT'6 '•* A A.IJOTHER AVOTORIZED ROCK1K1& CHAiR THEIR TJOUGH KJE'LL HAVE TO ROLL- UP HIS Read Courier New n want Ads. CALL EVANS GROCERY •'or Free Delivery 2597 Steel Oil Barrel Racks 423 MISSOURI ST. PH. 313 Sonlh Second HURR.Y OP.'WE HAVB ~\ SHE NEVER. "* . . TO MEH VOIIK. AUNT VISITED US ' IN Tew ktfoze, OAOOY/ ' WAY, HILDA/ I LCAMT SHB SAYS I E/,r A( jy TWS -/ MOWS ReMEMBL'K, kIDS, SUES Y"Oil,L A*''* °"'" FASMK)N£ro / I W "OS " K THAT WOMAN /. ,,^, VOUR AUMr HESTER. ! "It se«ins such a short time ago he wns a bnby—and here li« has a girl already!" Now Answer Tluil Oiu 11 v A I, VERMEER They Move In on Private Room* Bedroom, men or couple. Call .Bedroom, 318 N. Ninth, Call 2^28 _ l|5-pK-2,5 Comfortable b«aroom. ClOM to town Men only 310 W Walnut Wanted to Buy Several trailer loads of CORN, HAY, and POULTRY Phone 949, Lewis Poultry 419 E. Main. u J ?! n *"., mod ' !rn h <""'. Close In. cash White PO Box 128. Blythtvllle. glvinc particular.. l|i3?pK-"£ Wantea to bur or ieai>-Sniall grocery nnd flung station coniblnrti wltli nK quarters In back. In so m]|n< raliu or Hlychrvlltc In «mr\!l town or on Busy l,l g l lw ,, y . Write liox AU car« ol Courier News. l|16-pR-23 Wanted to Rent Foiir room House or npurtmr-nt. Coll arLB Bakery 2073. l;n-ck-tf "No tliRiiks, I'll ride with Red ... He has his repair work done at T. I. SKAV MOTOR COMPANY!" BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE— NORTH TENTH Phone 315L-,.. 8 was too careless. Sonyi'j brothers jumped me quicker than 1 thought they would. By iMICHAKK 0'MAU,KY and RALPH LANE SURPRISE.' 1'IL f T NOHC Of Yt DRUNKS iVEK ^•tOO ma I] V WASH TUBBS Ity MOSLIK TURNER OH, UK- TUSSS! TOU JWEki'T MET JMMJO- EXPERIMENT WITH 3ME OF THE PRINMES WHT 51101)1 DCLFAR, ML DOUBf fcSTO /GOOD WVR. TUBBS wu occwy OH, VTHM'S HK(\T WFO LIKE TO KNOW, c ^, HELLO. \ WE WERE TO MEET Wtt HERE ftGES AGO CJWOL! \8Ur HE HMU'T RETURM6D FROHAUSWER ROOM.3&MMO...MUDI NO MOHKEV 8U5IME5S THIS HUE The I5n(lie's On By FRED HARM AN AHEAD COT OFF THE TR-MSI OKARCHEE'S GOT /||l|J IV AllGEfOUiX '^SbSafei^ By V. T. HAiVJLIN HOOTS AND HKI{ By EDGAR MARTIN VM rXTRKto NOO \WV5V VJWbXM9MrtiA\c, I WWW 1& O? TO 00

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