The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on September 27, 1940 · Page 20
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 20

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1940
Page 20
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20 Speeding Cars Deadliest Hazard To Men at No. 2 Flying School 15-Mile Hour Limit Set Between T.CA and Uplands School Gates Guards and Signs Warn Traffic By HAL MILLER. Drastic step have had to b taken to save the lives of student fiyers, officers, faculty members, and Air Force and civilian workers at No. 2 Service Flying Training School, Upland, from believe it or not automobiles. Public notice was directed to the hazard yesterday when it was revealed in Magistrate's Court that an Ottawa motorist, convicted of two traffic offences as a result of the incident, ignored sentries' orders to halt. Shots were fired, but he sped on and was baled into court after investigation by County Constable John Brown. Many Cross Daily. Aircraftmen make several thousand crossings over the Bowesvllle Road each day. Barracks are on the east side of the highway and hangars, offices and equipment buildings on the west. A short elevation south of the school's main gate obscures the view of northbound motorists, and several airmen were almost struck before speed past the gate was limited to IS miles an hour and warning signs were put up. The limit applies in the area from the Trans-Canada Airlines aerodrome entrance to a point just south of the main gate of the training school. The road has been placarded for some distance north and south, warning motorists that they must slow down. "We are Just trying to protect the lives of the men who make several thousand crossings over the highway each day", explained Wing Commander Frank McGUL O. C. of the school. There is a very real hazard from passing traffic Drivers eosning to fast over that hill to the south of the gate are' likely to pile into a file of men and kill several of them.' Reducing the speed limit was found to be a very necessary measure because of close calls experienced by several men who were almost run down by passing cars. Three sentries are on duty in the area constantly and they po- . litely invite fast drivers to reduce their speed. Could Erect lights. "We could Install traffic lights, but we didn't want to do anything that might be an imposition on drivers", said the O.C. "We don't wish to interfere with the public pleasure in any way. The area involved covers only a short distance and we do not believe that wa are imposing any hardship on the public, especially in view of our object of saving the lives of the men. "The area is clearly designated and there are signs erected for some distance on each aide of It warning motorists to alow down. Three guards are on doty and they nave instructions to ask motorists to slacken their speed." The magistrate's court prosecution indicates police are backing up the R.CAT. authorities to the limit in this matter. Can Save Time. Applicants for enlistment in the R.C.A-F. can save time and personal inconvenience by carrying out two suggestions made by bead-quarters. All prospective recruits living at some distance from the nearest cf the 19 R.C-A.F. recruiting centres should first write to the commanding officer of the recruiting centre to arrange an appointment. The second suggestion Is that when the applicant keeps the appointment he should bring along all the necessary documents for the completion of his application. These are a birth certificate, a marriage certificate if the applicant is married, evidence of education, two letters of reference from reputable citizens or employers, a certificate of discharge if the applicant has served with His Majesty's forces at any time, and what other personal papers the applicant considers GET A '100 LOAN Repay $M a month am ruiurtm or aotA. Ke Tt hiiirti er ukuiw. Itaq warily the mmm 4J. UAIAMTtn MTMINTTAMI DM. eav nr rrpii 11.11 tl.Ot MJS 33 29 &2S2 7S.7 .7J 1M . 112 14.1S 18.91 JKSt law U.64 17.08 TOM 27 JO 4095 IIS IM t.7S 11.67 15.47 23 SS M hr ik. SmU U a .in HOUSEHOLD FINANCE corporation op Canada mSMhSW OTTAWA, ONT. f are tWrnt, Owe Electric Me. i-rni may advance his chances for enlistment . Bishop la England. Arrival of Air Marshal W. A. (Billy) Bishop, V.C., in England was reported with the reference that he was "Canada's ace flyer in the last war . On the contrary, he is generally considered to have been the Great War's outstanding British aviator. At the end of the last war he was the holder of the following honors: Victoria Cross, Distinguished Service Order and Bar, Military Cross, Distinguished Flying Cross, Chevalier of the Legion and Croix de Guerre. He brought down 72 'planes according to the official count, but Is generally believed to have bagged more than 100. Among Canadians who stood second only to Bishop among British airmen was Lieutenant Colonel Raymond Collinshaw, Commander of, the British Em pire, Distinguished Service Order and Bar, Distinguished Flying Cross and Croix de Guerre. He was credited with bringing down 60 enemy machines. Along with these were many others, Lieut CoL. William George Barker, Victoria Cross, Distinguished Service Order and Bar, Military Cross and two Bars, Croix de Guerre medal for Mili tary Valor (Italian) and was credited with destroying SO enemy machines. Major Donald MacLaren, Dis tinguished Service Order, Military Cross and Bar, Distinguished Flying Cross, Chevalier of the Legion of Honor. Croix de Guerre. He was credited with 48 enemy 'planes and six balloons. Vacancies In R-A.F. Commissions are still available in the Royal Air Force for qualified pilots who are normally beyond the age of acceptance for flying duties. They are needed for duty as pilots of aircraft in non-operational work such as flying instructors, ferry pilots, pilots of aircraft employed in the training of air observers, wireless telegraph operators and air gun ners, etc. Hitherto applicants, who must be between! the ages ot 28 and 48, have been - required to have at least 200 hours' solo flying, including recent experience on modern types of aircraft The Air Ministry has now decided to reduce the required number of hours of solo flying from 200 to 150. Appointments will be in the rank of Pilot Officer with pay of Its 6d a day and allowances, with the opportunity of promotion to Flying Officer (18s 2d per day) and Flight Lieutenant (1 Is 9d per day). Forms of application may be obtained from the Air Ministry (S.7.e.(9)), Adastral House, Kingsway, London, W.C.2. New Air Force Song. Remember "Well Never Let the Old Flag Fall", popular song of the Great War? Its author has written another, dedicated to Air Marshal Bishop and the boys ot the R.CA.F. The title is "We'll Win the War With Wings", and the chorus goes like this: He's the pride of the Nation, The eyes of the Fleet Wings Wings wonder of Wings. This side of creation, no one can defeat Wings Wings wonder of Wings. In a World all his own. Like a King on his Throne, The Monarch ot blue skies alone. On his glorious wings, here's the story he brings, We'll Win the War, with Wings." Dr. Cliddon Speaks Af Hull Rotary Preparedness is the very best slogan for any part of the British Empire today, Dr. W. O. Gliddon, Federal Air Raid Protection Of ficer, told members of the Hull Rotary Club at a luncheon held at Ches Henri Hotel Thursday, Dr. Gliddon who was introduced by Fire Chief Emile Bond spoke on "Incendiary Bombs . According to the speaker some of the incendiary bombs dropped by the German raiders in Great Britain weighed abput one pound, two ounces. Some ot the raiding aircraft carried as many as 2,000 of these bombs. Water only intensified fires generated within these projectiles. Most effective weapon against them was sand. Work of the AJt.P. in Canada carried out under auspices ot the Department of Pensions and Na tional Health was outlined. The speaker was thanked by W. T. Wilson. In addition to Fire Chief Bond, Deputy Chief A. Audette, Emile Caron, secretary, and eight fire men from Hull Fire Brigade were special guests at the luncheon. Eugene Decosse and Paul Le may were appointed respectively chairman and secretary-treasurer of the Christmas Cheer and Crip pled Children's Fund Drive Com mittee. H. Leon Leblanc, president, was ia the chair. . Spend Honeymoon In Raid Shelter LONDON. Sept. 28. (CP) An sir raid warning drove Stan Kills, of London, to a Shelter. There was a pretty young lady. It was love at first sight Three weeks later,, in the same shelter, he proposed to her and with the roar of guns ringing in her ears she accepted. The sirens sounded as the wedding recep-, tion ended and they spent their wedding night in the shelter, where, Mrs. Ellis says, "we're spending most of our honeymoon'. Japan's Reaction To Metal Ban TOKYO, Sept. 27. (Friday.) W Tokyo sources today saw in the United States embargo on scrap metal to all except western hemisphere countries and Great Britain an indication that the United States plans further aid to China. There was no Government comment, but authoritative circles said they thought the embargo an scrap is merely the forerunner to a complete embargo. The press declared Japan is prepared for the embargo action, which cuts off the source of about 90 percent of that country's scrap imports. The embargo places the United States more definitely on Britain's side, the press said. Oppose Conflict Of Gov t Authority VANCOUVER. Sept. 28. CP) The 36th annual convention of the Trades and Labor Congress voted today to seek restoration ot the "single authority of the Department of Labor" in the awarding of Government contracts. It passed a Montreal resolution that charged "conflicting authority" now exists. The resolution was submitted by the Montreal lodge of the International Association of Machinists and received unanimous endorse-tion. It charged that the Department ot Munitions and Supply, "by abrogating to itself authority to set wages and abrogate working conditions agreed to in conferences between employers and organized workmen ... is creating an evergrowing discontent and distrust in the minds ot workmen". CINEMA TIME TABLE CAPITOL "Boom Town". 1 40. 4 18, SO. 9M. LAST COMPLETE HOW-4J0. CENTRE "The Boys From Syracuse", 12.30, 2.5S, 5.20, 7.40, 10.08: "The Earl of Puddlectone", 1.45. 4 10. 8.30. 8 53. LAST COMPLETE SHOW 1.55. REGENT "Men Afalnit the Sky" 12.00, 2.40, 5J5. SJ0; "Dance. Ctrl, Dance", IM. 4.00. 7.00, M. LAST COMPLETE SHOW (J. ELGIN "He Stayed Tor Breakfast". 1.41, J.48. til. IM. J3; "Younf America Plies" 1.17, i li. $31. IM. 139. LAST COMPLETE SHOW SOS. IMPERIAL '"Maryland". 1.07. 2.80, . M. M: "Calllnf AU Huibandl" -1.44, 1 JO, 44. Stage Ihow-SJ.-RIALTO The Slaters-. US, JS1, ii. SSI; Torged Passport''. SJ0. J0. SJO. ' MA YTAnt "Waterloo Bridge". 3.10. "One Million B.C.", 4X0, 7X0. 10.30 ItlDEAV 'Tlorian", 12.30. 3 30. 6 48. HI: Pinoeehlo". 1.12. 5J1. t.30. LAST COMPLETE SHOW SJL AVALON "Untamed". J.08. .17. 10.04: "forty Little Mothers". 1 JO, 4.43, I JO. Stale Shew 7J. VICTORIA "The Hurricane", 2.18, JO: ."The Return of the Cisco Ktd". 4 AO. IjOO. 10X0. ; SOMERSET "Typhoon", 1 JO, 4 JO. 7.10. 10X0; "Musle In My Heart". S.04. J. tM. rRANCAIS i"Wn Street Cowboy", 12 JO. J0, 410, 10 O0; "Conspiracy 121,121. Tk$ abova billing and tint tchtdults art tupplitd by local thtatrt managers. AMUSEMENTS. See the HAPPY GANG at the Auditorium WetL, Oct 2nd, 8.30 p.m. Proceeds for Liens Club War Services and other Welfare activities. STARTING TOMORROW! HIT No. t BOB HOPE Pauletto Goddard "THE CAT AND THE CANARY" HIT No. Jane Withers RITZ BROS. "PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES" r SATURDAY MAT. ONLY) I NEW SERIAL 1st Thrllllaf Episode Setnrdai "Oregon Trail" With Johnny Mack Brown LAST TIMES TOOAY1 THE BISTERS" TORGED PASSPORT" THE OTTAWA' JOURNAL! FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 2T, 1340. King's Police Medal Presented To Inspector Robson Armitage Justice Minister Lapointe Makes Presentation To R.C.M.P. Officer Who Caught Bank Robber Justice Minister Lapointe presented the King's Police Medal to Inspector Robson Armitage of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the presence of Commissioner S. T. Wood, fellow officers and a score of N.C.O.'s and constables in a short ceremony held in the Justice Building Wednesday morning. Mr. Lapointe, in his short speech, recalled the incident which led to the award. At noon on March 8, 1930, Inspector Armitage was passing the Rideau street branch of .the Bank of Montreal when he heard two shots fired and saw two men rush from the bank. Inspector Armitage, though he was unarmed, gave chase and at-temped to stop one despite the fact the latter threatened to shoot. The robber broke away and turned Into a lancway off Besserer i street. Following, Inspector Armitage intercepted him coming from the laneway, grappled with him and succeeded in holding him with the help of several civilians until he could be handed over to the City Police. "The action of Inspector Armitage is particularly commendable," said Mr. Lapointe, "in view of his knowledge that the man whom he apprehended was armed, and letters of grateful appreciation have been received Inventor Offers Gun To Canadian Army TORONTO, Sept. 28. (CF) A new sub-machine gun which, its inventor says, may revolutionize army warfare, has been offered "for what it is worth" to the Canadian army by a New York designer. The designer, who wishes to remain anonymous, says the gun can fire single shots as a single automatic type, or as a full automatic tire 300 to 700 rounds a minute. It is approximately 37 inches long and weighs 8 1-2 pounds, he said. "The recoil is so slight that even a woman could fire it", he said. Arnprior Returning To Fast Time Sept. 28 ARNPRIOR, Sept. 29. (SpecialsActing in co-operation with the Government's recent request, Arnprior will adopt daylight saving in an effort to conserve electric power for the use of war industries. Mayor A. H. Reid issued a AMUSEMENTS Day "MARYLAND" and ITONICHT! STACE-NITE MAT. 20c rou to ;;s vau r5S JANE WITHERS A SO Catrivrv-Fx H,n PLUS; THE THREE MESQUITEERS PIONEERS OF THE WEST Robert Llvinrston Dnncan aaaK-. Si , - v INSPECTOR ARMITAGE, presented with the King's Police Medal yesterday. AMUSEMENTS. THE HAPPY GANG ARE COMING TO TOWN! WED., Oct. 2, 8.30 p.m. AUDITORIUM SEATS 50c. 75c II AU Rescrree On Sale at Orme'a. Ate AM f TODAY inn Dnrai SUIklnj Tbi StKi WhinCijitTtOaPindi! 01UM-JAYWARD DJeliCXtGCU . DANCE VfckiBovm'ssrorye SKre-sfreef anew girls 2nd HIT Daredevil Drama ot the Alrt "MEN AGAINST THE SKY" Richard Dix-Wendy Barrie Give to the Emergency Call of the CANADIAN RED CROSS AMUSEMENTS. hl'lilliliT Teaav "Untamed -4e Little Mothers' STAGE TONIGHT Alf Darby Ventriloquist Ted Gray and Hit Orcheatra Rhoda Cordon - Bill Merm. M.C. ITS ONE LONG, LOUD UU1CHI TOMORROW i Mrt. ef"' i tiff' h "Money and r hheWomas)' "Sousdroa with EXTRA! Stt" II Jeffrey Lynn i y. r.. . j- nr.. svi SEE IT! GAU-Tta- COLBERT-Iffi RR r'-fi a- r v t. ,i u ijir i -i is i TODAY and Until Next WEDNESDAY Doors Open 12 Noon from the Chief Constable of the City of Ottawa and the General Manager of the Bank of Montreal. "It affords me great pleasure indeed to have this opportunity of presenting the King's Police Medal, which Is only awarded for exceptional cases of courage and skill, to Inspector Armitage for his conspicuous gallantry." Inspector Armitage Joined the Royal North West Mounted Police on Dec. 1, 1014 at the age of 24 as a constable. He served overseas In France and Germany with the R.N.W.M.P. Cavalry draft from May, 1918 to April. 1019. Upon his return he wss assigned to detective duties and was promoted to the rank xt sergeant in September, 1923. He received his commission in 1933 and was transferred to the Criminal Investigation Branch at Headquarters in Ottawa from Edmonton. He is married and has two sons and a daughter. In addition to his war medals and this latest honor, Inspector Armitage also holds the King George V Jubilee Medal and the long service medal of his own force. The King's Police Medal was instituted by King Edward VII in 1909 and has only been awarded to one other member of the R.C. M J. Assistant ' Commissioner T. B. Caulkin.j who was present at Wednesday morning's ceremony. proclamation stating that daylight saving time would be in effect at midnight Saturday, September 28. lc CANDY SPECIALS for SATURDAY ONLY ASSORTED 0C1 CHOCOLATES OXC VENETIAN 4 III. CI Aitortment ...Oh wiw WALNUT 9 Ibl. CI ROLLS 4t A8m',nrtt8ed 2,b-51c CHOCOLATE MINT 91 m a PATTIES Bex VENETIAN SWEETS - UMITEB 200 SPARKS STREET You'll Enjoy a quiet evening with friend In our reatrul Grill. Every convenience for your enjoyment, rree Parkins at Rear HOTEL Bank and Gllraour Sta. 2-3761. "CALLING ALL HUSBANDS" Bok Lauihten. M.C. Ernie EdtUuln at the Plane EVE. 25c 1:1 h :i KINT TAYLOR KATHARINI AIDII0OI ILYSf KNOX IAUIA HOP! CtlWS JtSSII RALPH HARRY SHANNON VAUGHAN GUSU RAND HOOKS k. Renalde Raymond Hatton Only three other pictures have ever been considered sufficiently important to hold over in the huge Capitol . . . "Mutiny on the Bounty" 'San Francisco" "Mr. Chips' and now "BOOM TOWN" THE GREATEST OF THEM ALL! HONORED Canadian Troops Overseas Are Armed With 'Tommy' Guns Canadian troops overseas are now armed with weapons made notorious by American gangsters, "Tommy" or Thompson guns. They are light, rapid-nre automatics for use at short range. Possibilities of the guns for use by Canadian troops in Canada are being investigated but they are now normal equipment in the British army and units 'of the Canadian Active Service Force serving overseas have received an issue. All Clear Stew New Shelter Dish ' LONDON, Sept, 28. Kf) All; Clear stew and Stop and Go salad are two popular shelter dishes. Both are made with chopped cabbage, the All Clear stew with the leaves and the salad with the heart. Quick Rwulle. AMUSEMENTS 111 NOW PLAYING Cont Show Daily from 1 p.m. THE YEAR'S lOVE-ON-THE-RUN FUN HIT! JEAH PARKER FIRST SHOW SAI tbniv iauai ate "aJ TO-DAY Mere adult thaa se completely . HATUftl AND SATURDAY anytblBg he's ever decte before, yel appealing te all . . Mother, Dad, and the kiddies toe! IN TICHNICOLOft LAVS--Aaa;.i ii ic . I li.u auxu. I CLOSING DANCE L VltJESIDE GARDENS Britannia Park, Saturday, Sept. 28th Berkley Kldd's Orchestra THE OTTAWA ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO. ied musical hit.'. "MUSIC IN MY HEART" Tenjr Martla - Rita Haywerth Oalbeaale St. NOW PLAYING WALL STREET COWBOY wlUi Ray Rosin CONSPIRACY wttk AJaa taae Serial, '"Canea la Ortrlaao" yiMt Chapter Serial, "Dick Tracy Returai" lt Chapter Today Tll Saturday Zna Ultl Waurloe Bridie" VlYlea LelfB Rokert Taylor The Journal Want Ads Bring Australia Ready Meet Challenge NEW YORK, Sept. 28. CP) The Marquess of Lothian, British Ambassador to the United States, said in an address here today that Australia and New Zealand would offer "formidable resistance" in the Pacific to any challenge from the totalitarian powers. Speaking at New Zealand's Dominion Day at the World's Fair, Lord Lothian declared "if ever the seeorlty of Singapore er the Dutch Islands er the islands ef the Southern Pacifle Is challenged by the dictators, yea can rest assured that they will encounter a Roet formidable resistance from the ever growing organised strength of Australia and New Zealand". He added: "It will be sble to strike with immense speed over the far ranging spaces of the Pacific right up to the corner bastion of commonwealth security in the East, the great naval base and fortress of Singapore." NOW I NI HIT TIL PUDDLESTONI TUES. I EASL OF DONALD WOODS nun V if a -. v r AU reaiare Robt. Toanf to "FLORIAN" TODAY - SAT. txTiTUuYxi'Csurnuia Dance and DIno ia tte beautUnl RaJabew Reeaa Jimmy Garrett And His Orchestra From 741 p.m. Until Closing PRE! PARKING LOT Standish Hall HOTEL, INC. Dial 2-2603 Hull, P.Q. NOW SHOWLNO Dorothy Lamoar In "THE HURRICANE" ADDED Warner Baxter In THE RETURN OF THE CISCO KID" Matinee Dally trora I on. Saturday (rom 1230

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