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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 21

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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MONDAY, JANUARY 20.. 1941. (AO tines mentioned are Eastern Daylight having). Aay Inaccuracies to thru procrmma are the result of last-anlaate changes by the broadcaaUnj companies a boat which Th Jenraal baa axt bcca tnforaaed. MONDAY, JAN.

20. CBO OTTAWA (tat Kilocycles) rinsing Stock Quotations. (IK. News ana farm VUrktt Summary. JO CBO Program Summary and Interlude, 43 BBC Newt.

7 00 AServM' ay tTeverskM General. (h Carl el Alhlesie. rJB j-ht and Listen. 7 43 fal. ao Let's Co to the Music Hall a 10 Musically Speaking.

4 WiUoo Woodaule News Com- ao With the Troops In England. JO Canadian Grenadier Guards Band. 10 so Radio Theatrs. 11 oa CBC National Nm. IS Britain Speaks Leslie Howard.

JO BBC NewsreeL CKAC MONTREAL (73a CUocycKa). Oo Lanny Ross, tenor, IS -Light and Club, Jo Nazal re at Barnabe. 1 43 The Don Juan ot Son. 90 Que rener-Vous? SO La Pluie d'Artent. so Le Capttawe Bravo.

30 Amos 'n Andy. 1 Gats Lurons. lson -Radio Theatre from Hollywood. 11 so Alio. Alio.

Les Sports! 11 IS Le Journal Parle. 11 Imlm de Guerre. II Jo Warren Hart's orchestra. II OS PiaJtosoguo. 1 7 1 8ammjr Kave'e orchestra.

1Mb Eddie Duchin'e orchestra. XFCF MONTREAL Kilocycles). 1 oa Musicaie. 15 Light Up and Listen. 1 JO Uncle Troy: 1 45 Sports Review.

as Houe of Peter MacGregor. JO Musicaie. a jo Public Opinion. SO The Green Hornet. Jo True or False.

la oa You're In the Army Now. JO Hollywood Headllners. 10 Jo Basin Street Chamber Society. 11 IS Thought Barrage. 11 an On With the Dance, lino Dave Marshall's Orchestra 12 30 Will Bradley Or cries s.

Music WEAF-NBC SYSTEM Kilecycletl. ten Citixens All. 7 IS Mile O' Dimes. 1 SO Things To Do Tonight Talk. JO Captain Tim Mealy a Adventures.

1 4.V Sport Psge. no Fred Waring In Pleasure Tuna. IS Newsroom of the Air. JO George Burns and Cracia Allen. 1 00 lame Melton, tenor: Francla White, lvrte soprano.

Chorus of 4 voices: Symphony Orchestra; Warner Anderson, narrator: 3a Margaret Speaks, soprano; Con. eert orrhestra direction Alfred Walienetetn It oa "Doctor I. quit program. 10 Ja Show Boat. 11 00 Louise King, the Lullaby Lady.

11 JO Beo Cutler's orchestra. 13 15 You Want Music. 1130 George "The Real" McCoy. 12 44 Lou Breeae'e orchestra. 105 Talk.

1 15 Dance orchestra. 1 JO Carmen Cavallero's orchestra. WJZ-NBC SYSTEM (70 Kilocycles). sa Mualeaar. t.lo Escorts ancL Betty vocal quar let.

ISHER'S Ltd." Haee Taa Taacfl la to "PortsofCail" Oar Weekly Historical Travelog oa Scries? We strongly urge everyone to hear this coming Monday's program. But. to do it Justice, be sure to tune in CKCO Sharp at 7 JO p.m. This MeaeUy Jeeraey with as to the "UNITED STATES" 7J0 Mondays 1 PRICE 72 SALE SUITS DRESSES TOPCOATS STAR CLEANERS SPECIAL TUESDAY! Tender Round Steak Prune OO dteO Your Electrical Servant It EDDY KILOWATT OTTAWA ir.irr.'Hg AT POWM rrlMPANV UMITID Storks St, af II Beef, lb 1 nm.Tro SHORT-WAVE World-WidtSelections MONDAY. a da peat 1)0 March: "Symphonic Moments oy oonnanyi: lecture in Hungarian -by Mikloe AldobolyaJ Nay.

HAT4. 9.11 meg. 22 m. Ble da Janeiro 9.0O Program In Ens itan. rorw ra meg.

m. Vatican City 9 JO News Broadcast and Comment. HVJ, 96 31.0 m. London 9.30 Leslie Howard: "Britain Speaks." CSC. 3S meg, 31.3 GSD.

11 73 14 3 m. Tokyo JO A Report In English. JVZ il meg, zan JLtrt, lajs meg. 19S m. Leaden 9.4S Headline News and Com mentary.

OSC. IH meg. 111 GSD. 11.75 meg. 233 m.

Oaatemala II Do first Military Rand. under the direction of Colonel Irani Ippisch. TGWA. 9SS meg. 31 m.

London 1 1 .00 Democracy Marches talk. OSC. 9.SS meg. 31J GSD. 1173 meg, 23.3 GSL.

t.U meg. 49.1 m. Lendea 1100 "Think on These Things." GSC. IH meg. 31 GSD.

11 73 meg. 29 C3L. (11 meg. 40 1 Tokyo I 20 Radio Drama. JZI, tJU meg.

l. m. Moscow 4 OC Kngllsh Period. RVH, meg. m.

1.1S Bill Stern's Sports Scraps. 7 10 Kitchell's Brief Case. 7 45 Lowell Thomas. 1 no famous Jury Trials 30 This Is the Show variety pro. gram.

DO I Leva a Mystery dramatic 30 True or False. 10.00 Ceiebration Commemorating the Inauguration of President Roosevelt Speakers': Dorothy Thomp son, chairman of tna committee Icnace Jan Paderewskl. Thomas Mann. Albert Einstein. Lin Yu- tang.

Count Carlo da Bforxa. former statesman and diplo mat; Genevieye Tabouls, exiled French author-Journalist: Wall Whitman poems sung by chorus. jonn Latoucnc. commentator. 1 1 00 Story Dramas by Olmsted.

II. IS Bob Hannon, tenor. 11 JO National Radio Forum. 11.05 Dave Marshall's orchertra. 12 30 Orrin Turker's orchestra, ins Mile O' Dimes.

1. 10 Jimmy Dnrsey's orrhestre. 1 JO Johnny Gilbert's orchestra. WABC-Columbia System Kilocycles). IDS "Die Human Side of the Newt, 7.15 Hedda Hopper's Hollywood.

7.30 Paul Sullivan Reviews the News. 7 45 The World Today. OO-rAmos 'n' Andy. IS Lanny Ross, tenor. S.JU Blondle.

00 Those we Love. 30 Pipe Smoking Time. 10.00 Radio Theatre. ll.oo Guy Lnmbardn'a orchestra. 1 1 jo "The March Through Life." 11.45 Newa ot the 12.00 Talk.

1 2 1 5 Sports-Time. 12 30 Dean Hudson's orchestra. 1.06 Joey Kearne' orchestra. 1 JO George Hamilton's orchestra. TUESDAY, JAN.

21. CBO OTTAWA (IS Kilocvlea). A.M. 1.49 Morning Melodies. no rue News.

IS Devotional Period. Rev. Hisey. JO Musical March Past. 00 At the Console.

IS NBC Dance Orchestra. The Norsemen Quartet. 45 Musical Program. CBC Newt. 10 03 Breakfast Club.

11 DO Songs for You. 11. IS With the Guard. 11 JO The Man I Married. U.4S The Right to Happiness.

Jail 00 BBC Newt 12.15 Clark Dennis tenor. 11 JO Big Sister. 12 4s story of Dr. Susan. 1 DO CBC Newt.

US Sweet Hour of Prayer. 1 JO Ontario Farm Broadcast. 1 00 The Happy Gang. -r- 2 30 Tune Time. 2.45 Jeanne Landry, pianist.

00 Against the Storm. 3 15 Road of Life. 3 30 CBC Newa Bulletin. 3 33 U. Army Band.

4 00 The Drama Hour. N. oo School of the Air of the Americas. JO Musical Program. 45 Bob Slater in talk.

Gananoque Banker Taking Ottawa Post George Hay, manager of the Gananoque branch of the Bank of Toronto, will come to Ottawa later this week to take over the man gership of the Sparks street branch of the Bank of Toronto, re placing J. J. Wiruby. who hag beeri appointed manager of the main branch ot the Bank of To ronto in Hamilton. fpl i Whiter better washing.

Cheaper, too, with a O-X Washer. The O-S Aetlrator waahea quietly yet thoroughly. The long-life, permanently lubricated anechanUm aavat money. Come in today and see the new 1M1 xnodeia. Your credit la good at 58 Sparks at THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Romances In U.S.

Film Capital I LEND A FAKBELL. PASSAIC. NJ. Jan. 1.

(JT) actreaa, waa married here today to Dr. Henry Koaa, New York tmr-geon. The maid of honor waa Mary Brian, the actreaa. HOLLYWOOD. Jan.

1 (TT Radio Commentator Douglas Dawson annannced today they plan te marry "early In Mlae Maedonald, newspaperman and screen writer, becomes Anal Jan. tl. London Poor Continued from Page One. zled coat said, "Just where do you want to go?" We said we didn't know. He laughed and said, "Well, this bus will lake us So we all got on, and after a while a big man who was with the little fellow moved back and said he and the.

little fellow were going to walk through a tunnel under the Thames and would we like to get off and go with them. We' said It was a. foot tunnel, not big enough for cars. These two men work on barges carrying freight and stuff up and down the Thames. They leave home one morning and don't return until the next after noon.

They wer carrying tin lunch boxes. The big fellow had been to New 'York six times, before the World War, working on ships. He told us about it as we walked through the tunnel At the other end we came out at what la known as Greenwich. The--two. walked us past Greenwich College, which is very old.

We before some Iron gates and peered through them at some far domes. "Now that said the Utile fellow, "that's the fymous pynted awl." "The what?" I aid. The pynted awlt, he "You know, doncha, the fymous pynted awl the pynted eellin', you know." And then I realised he was laying "painted, except saying it la cockney. So we looked ppreeiativJy. "All American tourists knows if, he said.

"The artist he lyed on his back in a 'ammock for 20 years pyntin' that celiin', and when he got through he found a mlstyke in it snd he went cracked worryln about it "Nobody else-to this d'y has ever been syble to find the mlstyke. You tell the Americans the bombs heynt touched the pynted awl." a a We came to the little fellow's corner, so we shook hands and said The big old fellow got on a double-decked trolley with us, and do you know that this cockney, a complete stranger, insisted on "paying our tare and him as poor as a church mouse! He said people had been nice ELECTRIC Vasher saves; ot it. washes Ltd. Elfin 2-1581 i JEAN PAKKEE. Glends Farrell.

stage and screen Fllro Actreaa Jean Parker and Parker's dlreree from George to him in New York. But' that was 25 years ago. After a while we said goodbye to him and got on another bus. It took lis down into Blackwall Tun. nel, back under the Thames.

Then we got out and walked down into the neighborhood of the great West India docks. They won't let you on the docks, but we could peep through. It was raining now and very cold, and it was getting darkish, We walked amid wreckage and rubble and great building) that stooped, wounded and empty. It was ghostlike and fearsome In the wet dusk. Poor, pitiful East End! True, Londoners say the slums should have been knocked down long ago, but this Is grievous way to go about ita We got lost, and a policeman showed us the way again.

At last we took another bus back toward the city. At Aldgate East station I got off to change to the underground, while my friend con tinued on the bus. It was pitch black now. I de cided to' get a bite to eat. I made out, faintly, the form of a police man, and asked him where could find a place to eat.

He said there was a put around the cor ner, three doors away. I felt my way around hut couldn't find the 3oor of the pub. In a minute a figure stood be side' me. It was the policeman. He pushed the door in the darkness didn't give.

"It's he said. "But you can get something across the street, there where you aee that little light behind the So I felt my way across and into -a tiny place. It wasn't very clean. There were bare tables, sawdust on the floor, and three candles burning on a counter. "What kind of sandwiches have you got?" I asked.

"Hot or cold?" said the man behind the I aaid. Whereupon he dished up a great big fried fish, filled the plate with crisp fried potatoes, and handed it over. recognized the dish as the famous "Ash and I was sort of afraid to est it in such a place, but one bite was all I needed. I never tasted bet. ter fish or potatoes in my life.

My whole supper cost a shilling 20 cents. Igot back to, the underground and bought a ticket to Charing Cross, the station nearest my hotel. When I. got to the station and came upstairs, ready to venture out in the complete blackness of the night, I ssked the station tarter, which direction I should take to walk toward the Strand. all you have to do over here is open your mouth.

In one word they know you're a stranger. And knowing that, they help you. The station man took my elbow, led me outside and across a couple of drives snd sidewalks, snd got me out Into the middle of the street. "Now go straight he said, "right up this street, and you'U come to the Strand." He must have guided me for half a made it to the Strand, and made it clear back to the hotel, which was about eight blocks. I didn't get lost, or run into anybody, or fall down, I walked into the Savoy feeling like King George himself.

FBANK HICalEY INJUXED Frank Hickey, 84, of 257JDal housie street, suffered slight fsclal Injuries when he fell in the path of a westbound automobile on Rideau street near Mosgrove at 7 pjn. Saturday. Driver of the car, Joseph Rocheleau. 99 Main street, Hull, and Constable Murphy took Hickey to the General Hospital After. having stitches put In a cut on his mouth he was able to go heat.

Nurse Is Victim Of Patient's Kick PENETANGUISHENE, Ont, Jan. 20. (CP) Miss Thelma Gerow. 24, nurse at the Ontario Hospital here, died Sunday and her uncle said her death resulted from Injuries he received last Thursday when kicked by a 73-year-old women patient. "My niece waa attending the patient, who was in Robert Rodgers of Midland said.

"The woman suddenly kicked Thelma in the stomach with her bare toot" Will Investigate. TORONTO. Jan. 20. CP Dr.

B. T. McGhie, Ontario Deputy Minister of Health, said today the death of Misa Thelma Gerow, a nurse at the Ontario Hospital at Penetan-guishene, Is being investigated by the local coroner. No Shortage Of Ottawa Teachers Because of War Despite war enlistments and the demands of war industries, there i i i is no anoriage oi icacners in inc public and separate schools of Ottawa, school officials stated on Sunday night. The squeeze" may be felt, however, in the rural dis tricts where the wages are not as good as in the larger centres.

According to a survey by The Canadian Press, demands ot war have combined to threaten- schools across Canada with a shortage of teachers, noticeable particularly in the Prairie Provinces. "We have enough teachers Dr. McGregor Easson, Ottawa pub. lie school Inspector, told The Jour nal. According to The Canadian Press, Dr.

G. F. Rogers, Ontario Deputy of Education, stated there weren't quite enough teachers in the public schools, and thought there might be a shortage next Summer, i Dr. Easson felt this might be true in some of the rural districts hut Ottawa was not affected. Dr.

F. A. Jones, principal of the Ottawa Normal School, aaid there were only eight male students en rolled ims year. Last year there were 34. Separate schools here likewise did not feel the shortage, accord ing to E.

V. McCarthy. Full Military Honors for T. F. Delaney Thomas Francis Delaney, 43.

an Ottawa-born veteran ot the Great War. was buried in Whitby. Ont. this afternoon with full military honors. Mr.

Delaney died Saturday In Christie Street Hospital, Toronto, where he had been confined for several years on ac count of 111 health. He died three months after his father. He was a son of Mrs. Ann Delaney and the late Francis Delaney and was born snd educat ed in Ottawa At the time of his enlistment in the 77th battalion he was employed by the J. R.

Booth Company as a papermaker. On his return to Canada from overseas he moved to Whitby snd married Louisa Miller, who sur vlves him. Others who mourn his death are four sons, Hartley, Thomas, George snd Paul, all of Whitby; two daughters, Carol, of Ottawa, and Ruth, ot Whitby; a brother, John, ot Toronto, and two sisters, Mrs. J. B.

O'Hara and Mrs. Paul Seguin, of Ottawa. (r. BURGH COMMUNITY CLUB. T.

Fancy, M. Wilson and S. Campbell won the semi-sessional playoff for members of the Burgh Community Club on Saturday evening. At the regular euchr games the prise winners were: 1, Thompson, G. Robb, and E.

Lelchnitz; 2, H. McClymont. D. Burton and P. Crabtree; consola tion, R.

Ramwys, E. McConnell, and A. Martin. A neat a snack A fail cearse meal Is serf set as serves la ear RESTAURANT Menus from 25e Tta CSS sUaalag ky MML B1GBT VENETIAN SWEETS Lntrrso tM 8PABKS STREET AMUSEMENTS. JOSEPH BONNET WerM rsssees Orgaa Master ON THE NEW OKOAN OF NOTRE DAME BASILICA assaes atrees WEDNESDAY, JAN.

22nd S.SB. Bet eStea etaat at Lindsay's FrMar. Jaa. IT. la

(t-tses) Fee aarsa.s reaervatleee esS 1-143 kelwsea t-lS i s. AU. SSATS aSSEBVED SI. 75c, 50c I rat krajarsBAM Four Men Held Following Series Of Hull Burglaries- Sequel to a of minor burglaries in Hull during the past two weeks, four young Hull and Ottawa men were arrested during the week-end by Detective Inspector J. Maxime Lavigne and a squad of Hull constables.

The four men now lodged in Hull Jail are: Paul Theriault, 18, of 40 St Joseph street, Ottawa: Jean-Marie Normand, 17, ot 77 Falardeau street, Hull; Theodore Proulx, 18k of 77 Sherwood street Ottawa, and Octave Bergeron, of Mountain Park, South Hull. Arraigned before Judge Achim. at Hull Court, the accused were re manded until tomorrow. Charges against the four include breaking into Henri MaUait's chicken-coop and 37 Deslauriers street, Hull, Snd stealing six hens; breaking into Louis Gaudreau's restaurant at 53 Begin street' Val TVtreau, and stealing cash and cigarettes to the value of $25; looting Mrs. T.

Dunnigan res taurant at 271 Montcalm street, Hull, of merchandise valued at $25; stealing cigarettes valued at $5 from Eugene Renaud's store at 300 Montcalm street, Hull; theft of cigarettes valued at $3 from Wilfrid Paquette's pool-room at Papi-ncau and Bridge streets; theft of $5 worth of cigarettes from Mrs. J. Cloutier's restaurant at 58 Dumas street, Hull, and theft of goods valued at S2 from Mrs. W. Chateauvert's restaurant at 74 Am herst street The men are also charged with two attempted break-ins, one at D.

Lorrain's store at 21 St: Joseph Boulevard and the other at Mrs. Aime Morisset's restaurant at 30 Scott street. Hull. POPE GIVES BLESSING. VATICAN Jan.

19. The Pope blessed today the first group of some 6,000 Agnus Dei which will be distributed to the faithful. (An Agnus -Dei is a small wax disc, stamped with the figure of a lamb and covered with cloth. They are worn or carried during devotions). CINEMA TIME TABLE CAfTTOI.

'The Mark of II SO. 100. 10. 7 1S, S.SS. LAST COMPLETE SHOW S.M.

CENTRE "Melody and Moonlight. 1.10, 3.23. 8 JS. 7.M, 10.00; "Always a 12 10. 1X0.

4.35. 43. S.00. LAST COMPLETE SHOW Let. REOENT "You'll rind 11:10.

323. 40, t.Sfl; "Llla With Henry" 1 103. 120. LAST COMPLKtE SHOW 4.M. ELUIN 12.40.

2 35. SOS. 7.20. S.33. LAST COMPLETE SHOW S.2J.

IMPERIAL "The Border I. 10, 1.40. e.lS. tut: "Dreaming Out 2.10. 4.45, 7.13.

S.50. LAST COMPLETE SHOW .13. RIALTO 122, ISO, S.M, 13; "Sandy Is a 2.35. S.12. MATFAIB "Gold Rush 2.1.

55: "East of the River 3.40. 7.15. 10.10. RIDEAU 'I Want a 12.43. 3 48, S.33, 9.58; "Dr.

Kit- dare Goes Home 2 29. 3.34. t.39. LAST COMPLETE SHOW 1.24. AVALON "Arise.

My 1.20. SOO. 9.33; ''Cherokee 3.30. S.OS. VICTORIA 1.13.

S.30: "Nancy Drew and the Hidden 4.00, 7.00. 10.30. SOMERSET 1 1 on the 1.04. 1.1S. 9.32.

"Rose 3.16. 7.30. FRANCAIS "Western II. 10. 3.13, 7.00, 10.00; "Tomboy" 1100.

103, S.3S. The mbov billing and time tchtdules art supplied by local theatre managers. FREE TEACUP READING Business Men's Lnneb from 11 JO a.m. te 11 a.m. Berne Cooked Meals with your favorite beverages WINDSOR RESTAURANT and GRILL 39 Metcalfe SC X-SS41 AMUSEMENTS.

Bank Glunonr Sts. Pheae 2-eS33 TODAY and TOMORROW 1 caJcud UtaJ A VOCO toaWiea' ntftaw iatssta.nut' eurH-Mts ssnsx PLUS' ZANE GREY'S THE "BORDER. LEGION" with ROY ROGERS GEORGE HAYES COMING WED. "JENNIE" All Seats MAT. 20c, EVE.

25c Aldrich Family A i "LIFE HENRY" srius Jackie Cooper III i O.W Extra! March of Britain Will Noj Fill Japs' Orders LONDON. Jan. 20. (CP Prime Minister Churchill assured a Labor questioner in the House of Commons today that Japan will not receive an order filled by British industry. Replying to a question from Alfred Edwards on reports that British manufacturers were making arms for Japan, Mr.

Churchill answered: "The order was for ge.ars which have now been completed and are under the control of customs. Steps are being to ensure they will not be exported." Mr. Edwards quoted a report that "munition workers' have refused to work on an order' for AMUSEMENTS f- (f Jht year's slap-hoppissl, scrap-happiest cemeely i rata r-' i ''rTN-if B1 HOME I5c 20c 1.115.30 -sjSs auuoci) I i IIl Jn Vttrtmr Hall 1 1 IIIUMlUjUUIUCU Jean Arthur's best performance. CLAU0ITTI COLBERT RAY NOW! The LauKh.Tlme of a I.lle-Tlme with Two Top SUM! MILL AND PLUS Richard Pix Florence Bice In CHEROKEE STRIP" Extra! Children from Overseas TLSCcdOA NOW SHOWING- LAURENCE OLIVER JOAN FONTAINE In "REBECCA" ADDED FEATURE BONITA GRANVILLE In "Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase" Matinee Dally from pjn. Saturdays from 12 30 nHMfflS Auditorium Jan.

28-29 Prices $1.00 $1.50 $2-00 On Sale Now Anditortnm 10 soil, to 10 p.m, Dalhonsle St, NOW PLATING-- Man From Montreal with Richard Arlea Tell Your Children with All Star Cast eve. Children Me Mat. 13c 1941's Also Athlone to Inspect Medicals and Ski-School The Governor General will inspect the Medical Training Centre at Lansdowne Park tomorrow afternoon at 2.30 o'clock. The Cen-Ue is under the command ol N. M.

Halkett, M.C The Ski-School will also be h-spected. A GOOD PLACE TO DIN I Today and every day yenll find delightful meals served at the CAVENDISH roLasa oCr UI.NNKK THE -SNACK BAR' macks, drinks and Delicatessen Sandwiches at all hours. afternoons and evenings. erp Svmnay 24-Hear Servsee 184 SPARKS ST. a.

tt! oa Fn vr 1 1 Uf irtrc 'UMa I41trirar, SJr.talTTI so to the I Now Till Tues. ZB BIO BIT! "Always a Bride'? with ROSEMARY LANE George Reeves-Jena Eidredge Great Spectacle Romanes ARTHUR m. vm, STARTS THURSDAY Hilarious Comedy, "Roadshow" Sensational "GIRLS I'NDEB 21" TODAY TUES. WED. 1 UTINYt DOUNTY CHARLIS iLtK-nrorj! XtA GREAT HIT disarm Dae te El east Length this Pretrasa, we advsse: COMB SAaLT a 1 Today Baby SANDY MUcha AUEX "SANDY IS A LADY" Oliver HARDY Harry LANGDON "ZEN0BIA" Last Complete -Shew 9.35 MaU.

10c Evea. 15c Dinaerwara TOOAT TIL WED. 2nd HIT I ANN SOTHERN "COLD RUSH MAISIE" Journal Want Ads Brine Quick Results. 1.

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