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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 9

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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I ''WEDNESDAY, JULY 17, 1940. r- V' 'v THE OTTAWA JOURNAD I 1 I I I DOROTHY DIX kj Nobody Can- Foresee The Girl of the nuture Women Have Always Weathered All Changes, and Probably Continue to Be Themselves 'J HIGH school boy is concerned bout the kind of wives (iris will make by the time he is an eligible bachelor. "I'd like to know what sort of a woman I shall fie writes me "What change will have taken- place "by tomorrow in girls who today are as generous with their kisses as it their lips were Si free-lunch Will a girl who has had affairs with different fellows in the pace of five years be as dependable as my mother, or will a faithful wife have become a museum specimen? I am worried. I don't see how my girl or any. one else's girl can weather the storm that confronts Well, son, neither 1 nor any one else is seer enough even to hazard a prophecy as to what girls are coming to, or what they are going to be like 10 years hence.

They have changed so much in the-last decade that what they are going to do next is a mystery that is still on the laps of the gods. We have seen them cast into the discard the clothes, manners, morals and traditions by which their sex had been guided for thousands of years, and substitute a new code of their own. We have seerj them shed the veils of mystery and most of the raiment in which maidenhood had enshrouded and boldly flaunt their charms, or lack, of them, in the face of an astonished We have seen them making imitation men of themselves and wearing breeches. We have seen them submitting toughness for tenderness, vulgarity for modesty, hard-boiledness tor gentleness and sweetness. We have seen girls who used to sing "the lips that touch wine shall never touch mine" guzzling cocktails and reeling drunk enly out of the doors of sight dubs.

So what next? 1 It Is anybody's guess. Perhaps the girls who wear shorts now in 10 years more will, emulate the Call PIN ARB'S 174 Rideau Street jar those special Joods'that are difficult to obtain. Ripe "Olives. Super QQ OC OflVe OB. Tasteae-ao-.

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Perhaps marriage wi 11 become an outmoded custom and when a husband and wife -lose their taste for each other they will simply part, without, all the bother of going to Reno and the expense of having to pay a divorce lawyer. Perhaps children, if such encumbrances still exist, will be turned over to the Government to rear by mothers who are too busy running for Congress or building a railroad to attend to Johnny's manners and doctor little Mary's cold. I Perhaps by the -time you get ready to marry, son, 'every married woman Will be a wage-earner and a man will pick out his wife not for her beautiful eyes or her sweet disposition, but for the kind of Job I she holds -now. Perhaps the thing that will attract Arabella to you win not be your prowess on the football team, but your skill with the needle and. the kind of pancakes you can make.

Perhaps there may not even be any homes to cramp a wife's style and everybody will live in transient hotels or tourist cabins and get their vitamins and calories out of bottles, Instead of pots and pans. And perhaps men win not demand chastity in the girls they marry, or expect their wives to be faithful, and they will regard any couple who stay together more than a few. years as lacking in enterprise and belonging to the horse-and-buggy days. You never can telL But, on the other hand, 'girls, having run wild, may. face about and go Puritan.

Perhaps after they have had their fling and found that they got nothing but a headache out of it, they will turn back the old ways of i Jheir mothers and grandmothers and see that being good is a woman's best line; that gentleness takes a girl farther than wisecracking; that men want women to be better than they are, not worse: that skirts cover a multitude of the mistakes of nature. Pon't. forget, son, that. no chameleon can change its color quicker than a woman can her character, and so when you are ready to pick out a wife, you may find that Arabella Is wearing as many petticoats as hr grandmother; that she can bake a cherry pie equal to the heroine of the old ballad; that she has cut out the kissing and the petting and all that went with it, and that she will mske the honest, faithful, true wife-to whom a man can safely entrust his name, his honor and his happiness. So.

don't worry about what girls are going to be 10 years hence. They will all right And, any-, way, when you fall in love you will think they ire DOROTHY DIX. Today's Menu By BETSY NEWMAN. A casserole dish always simpli fies meal getting, and if you don't approve of eating sausage' in the 'good old summertime you can substitute other chopped meat-beef, lamb or veal. The larger green apples would be very good used in the Russian apple dessert Today's Mens.

Casserole Dish Carrot and Nut Salad Russian Apples Cheese Tea or Coffee, Iced or Hot Casserole Dish. 2 medium sized 1 can (about 1 onions cup) tomato 2 medium sized sauce potatoes 1-2 tsp. salt 1 lb. bulk. 1-8 tsp.

pepper sausage. Dash paprika 1 No. 2 can corn (2 cups) creamy style, or equivalent in fresh corn cut from cobs 1 Grease casserole and pack in gradients in order given except tomato sauce. Make sausage into little Four tomato sauce over all, cover and bake slowly at 3S0 degrees F. lor 20 minutes, then remove cover and continue baking until potatoes are done and dish nicely browned; Carrot and Not Salad.

4 or 5 large 1 cup chopped carrots nut meats Scrape carrots and put through food chopper. Mix with nuts and mix with mayonnaise. Serve, on a Russian Apples. Apples-. Mincemeat Pare large, tart apples, leaving a strip of skin about middle of each; core thoroughly and place each apple on round of buttered bread.

Fill centres to overflowing with rich mincemeat and bake for 1-2 hour in hot oven (400 degrees Baste several times while they are cooking with thin syrup. Serve with whipped cream and cheese Birthday Club JULY 17. Bobby Barbour, age 9. Lois Cunningham, age 13. Donald Davidson, age 7.

Carolyn age 7. Roland Fairfield, age Helen Claire Randall, age 10. Garry South, age 11. hy Grow Old? By JOSEPHINE LOW MAN I f- A i 's. i It v.

i iimifn- isti i itwr rf "ii3 TRY STRETCHING! Stand with the feet a comfort able distance apart, arms at aides. Bend over at the waist sweeping the Arms downward toward the left foot Raise the trunk and arms upward, reaching aa far toward! the right as yoa esn. Bend trunk and arms across body to ward down Then the left and then sweep again toward the 'left foot go In the opposite direction. MOW nice it wouldbe if we 1 1 A cpuia piaster ourselves wim some gooey concoction and know that it would make us supple and limber! As fsr bsck as 15S0 B.C. people understood the benefits of suppleness, both to health and to beauty.

That long ago, there were sev eral recipes which promised sup pleness, if, applied regularly. One of, these was a salve made of ink. vermilion, goats fat and honey. I'll stick to my exercises, thank you! Most of the sufferung up and bunching down processes, which seem to increase with birthdays, could be avoided with daily exercise. There is no necessity for haying a stiff spine at 60 unless you prefer it to exercises.

Many stretching exercises increase elasticity, grace, and loveliness. Try this one. Stand With the feet a comfortable distance apart, arms at sides. Bend over at the waist, sweeping the arms down ward toward the left foot. Raise the trunk and arms upward.

reaching as far toward the right as you can. Bend trunk ana arms across body toward the left and then sweep down again toward the left foot. Do this in a lazy, relaxed manner, taking plenty of time for the stretch and pull of the muscles. After a few turns go in the opposite direction. If you are too lazy to stand up and exercise, of course there are always my stretching exercises to be taken in bed.

If you wish them, send a three-cent stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for my leaflet SETTING UP in BED, to Josephine Low- man in care of The Journal. INDIANS TO PARADE. BUFFALO, N.Y, July 18. In dians from Canada and the United States will join in an international parade next Saturday, observing the anniversary ox the Jay. Treaty of 1794, permitting them to travel freely between the two nations.

UNSIGHTLY HAIR en face and limb, painleaaly and parmanenUy removed by ELECTROLYSIS Margaret f.lcGroria 17t NEPEAN ST. (Apt I) TELEPHONE S-44SS 1 BABY'S TEETHHtG UPSETS QUICKIY CHECKED TOOK. I AST rat "art a But he Md mot get a fmr wiui it-M baby's etkw kt vtaa ba woa'L Bart what eat wbt attthtf, Mrc Inbx, CooMcoa. mi to nr: av. aot toat aaa mjfht'a rett througa tatthinc aa I altraya aw my aid tlaadby.

Baby' Owa Tabitts. They art wortb tats might is $oU." Aad Mra. B. A. Sebha, of Gait, itrt: "I hart tivaa Babf'i On TabWtt aty bah tirl aiaca aa a Una vaakaald aad.

altboucb at cut bar tartb rapidly all law BMiara at tact) tbt baa atvrr yat tiliwl ua at aigbt. I aoald aat ba wUbett Uuaa tablaa." Girt IbM tab. tirarMastbis tabltta at Om ant sa a tMibia fvt. Eanr ta praawt ia actiaa. yrt aaia.

Aaalytt eartia-caia ia avary packai. Alas tfaetivc hi Coaatipatiaa, Slwpla Verar, Diarrbaaa, L'piat Steaacb, Cslie. Sonplt Croup aad FiaUttlaata. Get a box ea aa eftca atrikaa is tha aisbt. li caatt.

lioaay back yoa an sat attuaad. SANITIZED Dresses Salts DRY CLEANING Gives Your Clothes NEW LITE CLEAN Kata 0 I I 2 SfaJiafaetartBS rernas LA DTEKS STORE YOUR FURS is) abaoluta aaiaty la our rclrlger-atad cold ttorastj vaults. Bammar Storait Ptas Kaiilnn tBdadat World Wide tBtuimac Limited: LadJef Caatumier tHi Sparks St I-15M Britons to Pay Higher Income And Sales Taxes By i. r. SANDBBSON.

LONDON, July .16 CP Faced with war costs averaging 000 a day, Sir Kingsley Wood, Chancellor of the will introduce an emergency budget in the House of Commons next Tuesday whfch is expected to feature a sales tax on a wide range of commodities and an increased income tax. Some idea of Britain's war costs may be gained from the treasury returns for the last two irveeks. Expenditures totalled and revenue 41,322,000. This left an apparent deficit 6f against which is set proceeds of the national drive for the loan of savings to the sUte. Imposing Sales Tax.

Since the Government annoi ed severat weeks ago that it in tended to introduce asales tax, there have been many objections voiced, particularly among trade unionists- It was reported, however, that the Government intends to retain, the main features of the tax while limiting its application. iCanadar has had a sales tax since 1920. It began at one percent, and has gradually increased until the present eight percent rate was adopted in 1936.) Sir Kingsley is reported to expect to reap 200,000,000 a year from the sales tax which would Indicate his list of exemptions will be reletively small and the rate relatively high The treasury favors sales tax" not only because of its high yield but because it would put a brake on public spending, which is necessary to build up individual pools of credit which could be tapped in the form of loans to the state. The budget msy contain other devices to curtail domestic consumption and divert goods to export trade to build up foreign credits, particularly in the United States and Canada where exceedingly heavy commitments must be met for war purchases. Present Income Tax The income tax' now stands at seven shillings, sixpense in the pound.

There has been talk of increasing it to 10 shillings which would represent a tax of 50 percent but this is considered doubtful. It is more likely to go up another shilling to eight shillings, sixpence with exemptions narrowed. -f i Native of Brockville J. C. Jamieson Dies TORONTO.

July 17. (CP) J. C. Jamieson, secretary-tress urer of the Pure Gold Msnuf sc turing Company and the Blue Rib bon Manufacturing Company, died here yesterdsy. He was 70 years of age.

Mr. Jamieson was born in Brockville and in 1886 moved to Hamilton where he was connected with Thomas B. Greening in the tea business. He came to Toronto 37 years ago. NOW.

Underarm Croam Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration L. Does not roc dresses, does not irritate skin, 2. Nowaitiagtodir-Csnbeased right after shaving. lostanthr stops perspiration for I to 5 dsrs. Removes odor from penpiradon.

4. Apure.white.gtrttrlrM.Hiio- less vsnishing oesm, i S. Atrid has been awarded die ApptovsISoloftbe Anvrirsti Insoture of Launderiag for being harmlni to fabocs. as MILLION Jera of Anid hTebeateld.Trya)ertodyi taOkaataaal 1st -mi 191 cV rAMOTJS TOR QUALITY FOR MANY YEARS bank SOAP SALE CONTINUES See Our Windows CAMP BILL'S DRUO STOBE 71 SPARKS ST. S-S13S LnutB crry-wiDB oeltvebt.

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i Home Service Let Corrective Exercise End Your Figure Faulta. J-jOW we women enjoy slacks and shorts for their comfort and for their young, modern look! But if we're broad-hipped, there comes the awful thought: "How do I really look in these things to others?" If we don't do the right exercises, hips have a way of spreading in these dsys of automobiles and easy chairs. Unused museles grow slack and soft. To have slim, youthful contours, those flabby tissues at hip-joint and thigh should be waked upend that's just why you ought to take exercises like this Slim Heavy Hips and Tnlghtv 1 Lie on righ side, legs straight with right arm under ear and left hand! placed in front of body to keep balance. 2--Pull knees up to chest then, straighten legs extending them in front of body.

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Send ilc in coins for your copy of BEST. EXERCISES FOR HEALTH AND BEAUTY to Home Service, Reader Mail, 60' Front St Wn Toronto. Be sure to write plainly your ADDRESS, and the NAME of booklet. Soldier Is Held Charged With Assault TORONTO, July ielK Arrested at Camp Pte. Leo Poitras, 38, of Montreal, was brought to Toronto toinght to face charges of assault and robbery.

Police said Poitras beat and robbed Caroline West of Toronto on the night of July 4. She was found unconscious in the street near' her home and has been in hospital since, 142 Patients Saved in Fire TOLEDO. Ohio, July 17AV-Rescued without injury from a flaming wing of S6-year-ol4 Vincent's Catholic Hospitaljl42 patients were cared for today in other parts of the institution. rire was discovered in the wooden annex shortly before last midnight and 21 Are companies were required to bring it under control Working -with only water-soak edVxinaesthetic masks as protec- Ition against smoke, nurses and oociors movea tne pauenu irom the wing while firemen played water into its rooms. A few patients were affected by smoke and some became hysterical, but none was hurt.

District Fire Chief James Conway estimated damage at $33,000 and blamed defective wiring for the blaze. MiP. Would Trade Island for Debt LONDON. July 16. KB Oswald Lewis, Conservative, member ol Parliament suggested today that a British island in or near the West Indies be sold to the United States for an air and naval base "in full satisfaction of the balance of our debt outstanding to the United States in respect of the last i i NT' r- sJJV YOUR HEALTH Copyrighted by tha McCoy Publications, Inc.

TE GET the term boil from -the I. fact that a boil was supposed to represent a "boiling: within the -i The causes of boils seem to arise from both outside and Inside the body. The outside cause is an invasion of the skin by the staphylococcus, which invasion msy occur by way of a hair follicle, by a sweat or through a small scratch or cut However, the body is apparently able to resist such an infection when the defensive powers are normal. It is when the resistive powers are lowered that the. staphylococci! get a foothold.

The most important cause of boils is -therefore-the cause arising on the Inside of the body. Boils are encouraged to by faulty eating i habits and also by I those habits of living which encourage enervation. Constant irritation of the skin through continued rubbing may also act as, a predisposing For example, when the back of the heck is rubbed by a stiff collar, the neck may become the site of a boil. Changes It" blood chemistry may induce a crop of boils, as occurs in dia betes, in which disorder the patient may oe very susceptible to boils. A boil is an acute inflammation of the skin occurring within a limited area.

It may appear first as a small pimple, soon surrounded by a dark red swelling. At this stage, the painfu) sensation reaches its height The local swelling in creases and within days will come to a head, or come to a Murphy-Gamble Just in from England Lib erty of London Printed Silks 2.50 yJ. The wide world over there are no fabrics so beloved as creations. What delicacy of color! wnai aeugnirui Dienaing oi son anaaes: wnat ex-, quisite fineness of silk! Now, despite submarines, England sends us more Liberty' Golden Bird Silk Prints. 32 in.

wide. Yard 2.50 New! Liberty of London Printed Linens, 1.25 yd. 'For rare distinction in dresses and sportswear choose from these marvellously color-blended Lir erty Printed Just come from the convoy, they're in lovely blues, greys, greens, yellows, etc. 30 inches wide. Yard .1.

1.25 MurpMy-Cemble's Street Floor. 'VI Dainty Guest st i Delightful Belgian Creations an Exciting Purchase Made Before the War, point being in the shape of a cone. At this stage, pressure from beneath will cause a discharge pus and later the core will corse) out When nursing a boil, one of best rules to observe is to keep it clean and let it alone otherwise. Picking at it or squeezing it wiU make matters worse. Most boila should not be opened before Jftor -48 hours have elapsed.

It yoa wish to hurry matters along, yoa might try hot applications. Dip a clean cloth in hot water, folding so that it will cover the boil and considerable area around it Cover with a dry cloth and keep a. hot. water bottle over this. Continuous, moist heat may help the, noil to come, to a head sooner than it would if you waited for nature to take her course.

Once a boil has formed, strict cleanliness of the skin should be observed. Such cleanliness helps to prevent spread of the infection. It is a good plan to have a largo boil lanced by a doctor. The lancing is done to allow the escape of dead tissue to hasten the escape of the core. It also relieves the tension.

When boils form repeatedly, check your living habits to make sure you are eating correctly and avoiding enervation. When they keep on coming in spite ot good habits of living, your physician and let him find out what is wrong. The article BOILS AND ENERVATION will be seat to any reader desiring it Simply forward your request to The McCoy Health. Service, in care of The Journal, enclefting five cents'in stamps and a large self -addressed envelope. A.

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