The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1948
Page 6
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PACK SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily r*t* p*r uat toe con**cutit» in- Minimum Cbare* 1 lima per line 2 ilme4 i>cx Hue i>«r day 1 ttmM p«r Hue i>er day t ilcue* ptr ltn« per day 12 time* p«r lint p<r d»y ttooth p« ltn« ................ Count *i»* *ver*c« words to tilt Dot Ad ordered lor three or tli-tluiet »ud •topped before «iplratlou will be charged for the uUiuber oj times the ad *p- peared aiid «d Just incut of bill mad*. All CJa&Mfled Advertltlng copy submitted by persons residing outside oj the city mute be accompanied by cash Rat«5 may b« «aslly computed from the aoor« cabl«. Advertising order for irregular lnt»r. lions istps the one time rate. No responsibility will be tnttt. (or mure iban one Incorrect Insertion ol any class II Led ad, A.11 ads are restricted to theli proper classLlLcatlou. *ty!e and type- The Courier reserTei ih» rig lit to wilt or reject any ad Apartment -for Rent One room apartment, 119 Jjikt C Two room furnished apartmrnt, 332 K. Siilh. Phone 433fi. l|17-i)fc-2L Two room apartment lor couple, 2016 W. Cherry. l;16-pk-l& Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main fc Division Phone 2363 Don't endanRer your fa l ly with faulty llres—BUY LEE TIHES Coal and Wood COAL "If it is coal you want" WE HAVE IT. Also Hay-—-Across from Blytheville Compreu We Deliver Phone 4489 11124-ck-U "Plenty of Illinois Coal" At HESTER'S COAL YARD PHONE 3186 FOR Quick Delivery Courteous Service S. Highway 61 Foods FRESH EGGS FRESH FRYERS Abraham's Court S. Highway 61—Call 4666 Crappie and- cat fish. 24 hour service. Simpson Oil Co., Stateline. Wanted' Wrecked or Burned Automobiles Wade Auto Salvage K Klchwty «1 niu-ck-ii • JEU.Y ROMA • COCOANUT MACAHOONB • KAWO-PECAN PIE Baked for you today at DIXIE CREAM DOUGHNUT SHOP. 211 S. First, at. lln-clt-18 Phono J783 HH-ct-tr I CAN HARDLY WAIT! To Ret one of those luKclolln cocoanut cakes Kt Hart 1 * Bakery Saturday. 1'hOKe iwn thu-k layers of fresh ten- ner cocoanul are wonderful] ro-clc-18 Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. We can III! all your needs Get Kenutnt parta Iroro our com. pi etc line. RLLIS POOUE OWNErt A: OPERATOR South Highway «! nt Steele Mo Phone Stella 49 11113-ck-ti We guarantee RECAPPING WITH HAWKINSON •• TREADS Let your next tires be GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH MORE Modinger Tire Co. 41« I MAIM PHONE MO. nu-ck-tt Expert Radiator Repair for Less W» h»T« th« bMt In ndl>tor repulr •qillrnnjnt L«t our tra'ned men boll •ut »na tep»lr lour radlitor (or TOU Quick Sei-vice Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor Co DOUGLAS LAWSON. MKT Phonn 2171 8,8 ci (f Brushes Household Goods BEAUTIFUL FLOORS nt little expense When you ti*« our rental Moor naud- ins i.nchlne. Easy to use for waxing and irallslilriK too. Call 2013. Hubbard Hardware Co. 213 Main St. Venellan blind* now In utock R0&dT- made K K:. Bllndu Deal Paint Stnrc lOfl K Mftln SL phnn* <4ftf) Oil Heaters 25 Percent Off urse nfi-sortmenl of (ilanrinrrt makex to select from. HL/es rnnpi* irom oiif> tn six rooms. The ncnrcliy of »tecl niakpK this offer t\ real ooijorivinliv to t;rt tliflt rxlr* hem for the cold weather »hcad. Blytheville Sales Co. 438 E. Main— Phone 554 __^ _ GIVE YOUR FLOORS~ NEW SI'KING A'iTIKE Sander Tor Rent Bookers Grocery Holland, Mo. l-17-pk-2-17 Income Tax 111- FULLER BRUSHE Sales and Service CLYDE ELDRIDGE Local dealer—Phone 4496 l-17-ck-2-17 IF TOU NEED ASSISTANCE on 1T1K yjur Intom* Tax. please ece me »t ROOM 21. LYNCH BUILDING ULVTHEVILLE.ARK or telephnno 2MO Biter C p ui. Several years e*perleme wltli Inier- nal IlevenuR Department. Fees will be In line with local accountants Ebb H. Carson. 12 30c*-tf Building Material See the special bargains we have in sinks and water heaters: ml < - i , A -V LON E ^CTHIC WATER — Joa, See our second hand ranges We have some real values in this line. HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. Phone 3-150 ____ _ l.H-ck-22 Jo ?our owt, <xncr«Te «ort Mm a ocu cr*te mixer hour ehnn «B lk» 559 "*• Insurance Protection against all INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J Pol'ard Agency Planned Insurance ULENCOE HOTEL HLDO 124 W ASH 8T 127-rR-tl • • 'tv.s',.«•>-••;'(„•-;. ,,;;>i_ ,.;-:- "«• 19-18 writ. F-l Ford H ton trurk h« > 114-inch wh. 6,',-f<>« pick-till body. The new truck, offered in K-ton »i.lon I t ?:^'.'=.? J . i -'u" "I'L 1 !?. """":"'• P-vide.'wider'r a n B « V mc^eU K with * RI OPEN HOUSE ALL THIS WEEK! See The New Ford Truck! IlIllBS 5th at Walnui I'hone 4453 M ^* t - »l«* *>*. children'* i»t. oil Thr«« rooi« un!urjil>h«d hou». Ki»Jy aeoortwd. THrn mllm North on Hlihwty »l. Illli whMl«r, ull aisi SATURDAY, JANUARY IT, 1948 Farmer* Column T>k>n iipj B«T hortt with, c •trip* (round bodr. >nd buck bilr mule. Weight: 1100. Bflb Hodien. mile we»t at 40 >nd • oin. l|n-pk-3l T.ken up: Dark b«r hort« »ul». Weight about 1,000 lb«. Ten Tekri eld How.rd IMw.r.. thre. mll« north of Dell. Owner m«r hnT« mule by ptvlnft reed bill, tntf >d. Or will Mil mule. l/>lt— T«AM Or BLACK HOB8K MULES, one with whlt» none, bor* wel(rhlnjr 1JOO lb«. From nur Cihim.i Nollfjr R ». Smith, Rout* 1. Boi 4«0 _ __ _ l|13-plr-20 WC Allli Chalmer trketor ind eul- tlTAtor. T»lmadgt Gann. Route 2 Runninjr water where you want it is an inexp«n»ive luxury on the farm. Buy the best, a Gouldg Electric Pump from Planter Hardware Co. 1-13-ck-tf i.v 1100 ^ UI> L B * T ""•'•• *«»h» Hwut bi. chain <m on« fool Write . Moon. Rout. 1, »!jih»Tin«. or phon. 33M. ]|15-pi-ia abour. HOC. chain on left Ironl Ph. 2583 or contact Oble Web- Dogwood Grocery. I!l2-pk-19 foot. flier. Mr. Farmer— Let IM sharpen your plows. We specially In farm repairs and all kinds or welding. Also narrow- lor sale. Henry Westbrook'i Simp. J2i N. rirat. phone 4161. 1!12-CK-2;12 I-ior sale: One tenm mules, one cul- tluuor. onp stslic rutter one row rtdlng plop', Doyle. Houston. Dell CALL 2083 Your Kerosene and Fuel Oil Dealer G. O. POETZ for Quick, Dependable Service OFFICE R. K. AT CHEKKY Mo fit I R CVetrac crawler and disc Almost new. Two young helferi. Ben JR, Blyttierille. Route 3. I'S-pfc-21 For sale: Allla Chalmers l« blade isc. J-ronl scaJJoped. J. W. Williamson ROUlfl 3, Lone Oak. l!6-pli-2'j For Rent, Bus'n. Property Concrete block huildiny concrete floor. Across from Armory Hall. Chas. Bright phone 25G6. l-15-pk-22 For Sale, Cars & Trucks 1911 Packard convertible A-l run- nniR condition. Very clean Can be bouyrit reasonable. Call 41S8. _ I3« Cherrolet. good condition. See Mrs. Lunette Ens. Five miles West ol Kciscr. . l]17-pK-2'l FOR SALE: — In perfect, fihape p.m. One A-model Ford Call 703 After 4:00 For Sale, Farms 11121.ct-tf Musical Merchandise Services WASHING MACHINES and YOU WOULD BE SMILING TOO..; If you could discover, as easily as Jim and I did, about "Complete Car Service". We consulted the shop foreman at Ix>y Rich Chevrolet Company atxiut having our car put in A-l condition. We were really surprised to learn that the car wasn't in as had a condition as we had heen led (o believe. You should see it now! It looks like new—runs like new. And best of all—we are paying for the entire job in easy monthly payments. THAT'S OUK JOB—TO BETTER YOUE{ DRIVING PLEASURE. WHY NOT DROP IN TODAY AND FIND OUT ABOUT "COMPLETE CAR SERVICE"? LOY EKH CHEVROLET (0. 2 Wreckers Texaco Product. Phone 578 24 Hr. Scrvie* Seiberling Tires,. trail.-,,, ' raaioa-cvm-one m 7 • I , ,- ° ^ """ pil " ur «- '< """ tlmt" Buarameed—nine dollars un See them ectrlCil ' Appliances repair- " cr " cr « k bottom, bounce, roll! ;ir."rT.£ u &. 8l S[i- m '•%&"$ I cd - BlythevilU- Machine Shop Sant^Ve^^'. "J^f™ 1. _. v . ' __ Phone ''S''8 Hulldlnjs. Price HO.OOO. HOME HECOnDKH. Used as demon- ' _ , , . . 80 ACRES R miles southeast of ParaKould On hlKtiway. ecnool bus. p^sienfier bus mall routes ancl RfcTA line. TS acres in cultlTAtlon. -2 acres woods. all fenced. New 3-rooin Jionse. IlKhts and Jrfr'wi i" h01 in e ',» Al i° 6 room "°" 5e ' ith M*, r "' n 53i: " K»ra S e n " " '«"«ACHES xjc.ilcel 7 miles Northeast of rara- ^_ itd. On mall and school bus routes and RKA line. 63 acres In cultivation. " ~ " iber. 32 rolling •oom For Safe, Misc. Help Wanted, Male HOME HEGonDEH. UiCfJ us demonstrator, priced to EC!!. Maitc records --- jguLnr guarantee. BROOKS MUSIC STORE, JOT EAST MAIN ST. Brand new maliofinnr spinet piano. iS'lu snipping damnse '.o case —[teal ai-Kniti. See H nt Brooks Music Score. 10T fcaat Main street. Telephone fill i!i"J-cit-tf llii'J-ck-ltl3 Slicing Machines n—KatloiiTiJ sllcerjs So ia grorers Also gene- NEW SPINETS" FASY TERMS A3 TBAHS TO PAY LONO A3 TWO • Decca Records • Sheet Music • Estey Org.ins 100 MILES FREE UEL1VERT MORELAND'S Music Store 15 S. Second — Phone Blytheville, Ark. Laundry Laundry donr. WJIli* Bells Green now st Highway 51 North In AUej-. ___ I 3-p*-20 Curtain.; laundered and alrMrtied Movr-cl from 7U S. FrunXllti [o I0n W Chfrry. UT-pk-3,7 Notice Ulobe -Ainc •mrkeis. can al nnnti KLI DELI. -SCOTT Hnlcs tmd yprvlcc '^ii w Mam LINKK & BRADEN Realtors Paragould, Ark. Swap Column 22 rifle. 17 Jewel wrist watch, il.ivl- iftmt and !Jav:al:ni (.'tuna, t-lpctrlc and battery radios for sate or trade at Klbert Hulfuv'.ii's Swap Srion iO.I East Main. Phone 8M. ! L 12-c>:-19 Typewriter TYPEWRITERS ROJRI. -Smith, Corona and RanilnR- ton Portable DON EDWARDS The rypewrltei M:ia llu N Becond st Phitm 3332 Id rfc tl fariuland near Blj'thevllle, Ark. for sale. Jusi on the market: • 300 acres, close In, well worth the Fhona '22(10 money, will Rive possession lor 1948. 12 ; 2J-ck-l!2y lias Jig tils, plenty ol tenant houses, on Rood gravel road. Ha* school bus. running water. The owners fifty sell to scuin estate. This place will carry lonn at S100 mi acre or better, which ..-111 tie nlimrt htilf of purctm^p price. S210 per ncrr. If Interested In such a [arm. it will rent for J'2U an acre this ye«r Sre or mil: Mittirr tsray W. C, Gates "or Ray worthlnston. 115 S. Third 8t. Phone 513. or office 2751 i;i7-r,k-24 Store with 3-room living quarters | WANTED: Man to succertl T Vance »t Lost Cane. Roy Veach. l]17-pk-ia ; ior profitable Ha\v[ulgh business m North i j eml5cot County. Mo 1MO Tani- 111C3. Products well known und sold 20 years. Real opportunity. Write Rav,'- leiRh'8 Dcpt. AHA-210-119S, Memphis, lenn. Or SPB W. Barbou, 610 Lilly SI. Hiythevllte. Ark. l.U-pK-23 yccond-hand Keivsnntor electric washing nmchlnc. Good condition. Pete One nearly new Kerning ton typewriter. Tom Little Realty Co. Phone 8G1. Fire room «lze oil hcatini; eiovp usefl tnirty dayi, Call 2927 aftc-r 5 p.m! Two girls 1 bicycles and. one boy's bicycle. Call 3227. llii-pk-22 Home grown cllmblnE roses. Mrs Martin, 817 chlclcasaivba. l!l2-pK-l9 Practlrally new. Duncan PI* re fola ' Typ/5t s M<ln Phone S5S Sw-p Shop 4u K 10.22 ck U 1 PUBLIC TYPING. 1'lioiic 4J31f Phone HC7. '19-ck-tf frl<l acrrs near Hernle Mo. SI2,SOO_ .11'500 cash, balanre in ten years. 5 percent nlteresj. Sre Johnson, nrolter. Ill F. Rose St. BlytheTllle, ArK. IH6-pK-20 tion. One Heinlngton automatic shot gun Wltn carrylns case. 26" bird barrel and .56" lull choke. 13 boxes shells 1211 \v Main, phone 2260. l[15-clt-22 SllshUy used blacksmith shop equipment fts follows: Little Giant 25 Ib trip hammer: Little CJlant taps and dies 14 to 1 Inch: Burfalow electric blower anil loiGe: 125 Ib. anvil- 58 electric drill fportablel and press' pns weldluc nnd cuttlnc torch antl ^'••^rs. Wade Auto Salvage, phone 3 ^85. l'15-rk-22 Used scales, sneers, meat cr\srs, m^at rhoppprs nnfl compressors. Dell Scott 1211 W. Main, phone 2260. 115-CK-22 Florrnfe live burner cooking stove. Clood condition. 1001 Sycamore Phone 42o5. 1.15-ck-ls One Auto Parts man with working knowledge of Parts Department. Poole Motor Company, Ellis Poole, Owner and Operator. S. Highway 61 at Steele, Mo. Phone Steele 4 9- l-17-ck-21 HELP! HELP! WE HAVE A FINE UD- CAUTY AVAILABLE IK THIS AREA A reall "honcst-to-gosh" set-up lor tnc rlBlit man over 25 years ol age. ivno lias car. ambition, and likes to deal wllh rnrm lamlllcs. Uon t pass tins up as Just another ad—It isn't ror clelalls write Immediately to the J. R. W.itklns company. Rural Department. Memphis. Tennessee. Wanted: Three A-l MECHANICS Apply to Mr. Wright Still ,&. Young Motor Co. Blytheville, Ark. . l|16-ck-M For Rent Vacant house. 1125 W. 8ycamor«. liKJ-pt-13 , Help Wanted TOP SALESMAN WANTKD To handle complete roollng nnd urn" 1 UnCl SRLCS airctill y to iRfse'vol- Promotlon within Man between « 8 ti of 21 »nd 35 to do sales work m Blytherllle Stirtlnr salary $65.1X1 per week. Address re" ply in o»-n imndwrltlns and enclo«« snapsnoi If . possible, to Bor CB c'o Courier Kews. ° ,,) i~ X ^ Lost & Found Lost: Boy's wrist watch lost In Gym ' ""•" Hickory inn. Rett-ard. 517 a J!17-pk-21 Lakr Reward ror Ladle; Elgin watch lost ,. , , " im6.t.. iiuiuuviuji witnin i The c 'Ki'ecti S ic c VMnr L & fa vk 0 rnV S h Vr co : (Continued on Next Pooe) oicrelnad 2. Ohlb. I|i.7-pK-lS J . acreR n cuvaon balance In timber and pasture, tenc ed. Near SIkeMon, \to. $75 an acre. reasonable down-naymcnt and balance at 4 percent Interest. See Johnson, Broker. Ill E. nose 5t. Blrthevllle. *rk. l!15-plc-ja For Sale, Cr'ty Property For Sale 01.0 NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFFICE Good PAS rang«, 511 ID iO ti Eleventh for it, i C>;.*UTY SHOP, fnr sale. All pJi-Ii 15 ' rci'ilTmifiii, Write "— '" j ler News, Butcher We can supply \ou wllh Vnlvr^ KMls. block brushes «nd »cr?ir« cleavers, saws, wire b.i.skcVs price t,l- •riotilains and ta Bs . blicRs and any otbcr sunpllrs you need DELI. SCOTr jail W. MUn Phone 2260 liIS-ck-2,1 Business Opportunities Loans Ideal Downtown LOCATION MONEY TO LOAN .- P loan money on farm land »nd cHv nrnprrty We MBO bu? nnten CONWAY &.HOUCHINS Glcncoe Hotel Building _ fl 24 CK tr j PERSONAL LOANS~Automobll«~»i*I naliirc--coniaKcr-f<irnHuri! Quick Dtl. T«tf jprncc Pcrsonalizcrl .tumiod Comp in or IcLrphone 2!UB C.ESER.M, CONTRACT PUKCHASE CORrORATION 122 W A*h St HlythcvHle Arfc Money to Loan AraBHlous operator wanted to Berv- .h.J Canfl y B » machine, vending Her- J5 r s «a? u HlS-pk-18 Coal and Wood for sale—good coal and kindling. Plenty of it. We deliver. Phone 949. Lewi" Poultry, 419 K. Main. 12-2-ck 2-2 .', - - - owcra. ii \orth, a mn« West or Got- li«-p*-ll Max Logan, Realtor Pfione M34 Lrnch Bulldlni BljthtTlue Arl »-JJ CK.u Meat Choppers Stlmpson—National—Klcr-ti DK.l.I. 6COTT Sales mid struct Phone 3290 12 29-CX-1129 - * h « Outdoor Supplies Outboard Motor Sale Used Cars I BAP.Y STROU.ER. . . B OI Av"TOri"cm7r-i way. In good condition. Bar- riB-»k-23i gi ,j, K I'hone ;«;73. LEE MOTOR SAI.ES in Nice S i.-iom home. bath, all mortem, with gara-re. concrete drlfeway price S6 <MK> Terms, New « room duplex now renting for Blylhevillc has No»- »i w«r<U—10% du,-, 1>ln[ nurnv January otllv on Tainoil^ 3 rtlHl a IIP i i I r- i >* « c *.. K f»«."<"°r5. Snmil down pay- ! model Ij^Ctl Cai'.< ment nolcfs the until April 1. motor of your choice several late and Pick- sea » Prlr month, r room ho-,r from bin lino 14250. Price I22SO. T. Personal Up Trucks Tor sale at reasonable prices. Phone 519. 12-27-ck-lt It yon navo something you don't 1C if it ircci nnfl can'i pot rid of. cry r:i',rrt OCC US DCfOrC YOU DUV ' ^^ltlmanx hwAp Shop, phnni* ^i *m I ^ ^ 5. Mam. Photography - .,„ 4M . 1 8-cte-rf BERT ROHR ^ for the rinr-M In f -I'T.I^ISOS PhotoRrftplirr :ilrnroe Hotel. Plumber For a licenced olumb-r or for ri- nert stove trpalr work call Harjv Meyer* «t Hubhard Haidware Power Meat Saws Mirro - aanitary - Klcen Km — American, also baw lilacles lor sale tcrv ' co Also lwna 5 »»» a UELL SCOTr aiex and Ser?lce fnone 2J60 ll.M-CK-29 Scales \\'e sell Ihe cleanest used fo " r »«iroom«. tn r «e b»th». or. cars on the market, and you'll find the price right too! r>n™ r- iv T™-™-. ™ POOLL MOTOR CO. Kills Poole, Owner and Operator South Highway Gl at Sleelc house and other outbuildings. Kvery- tnlni; new *nd modern. Ideal home ror large family, see or call LOGAN Mo. I'hone Steele 49. 2 2-ck-U Wheel Goods FORlTTuTiCTOK KAKMAU, TRACTOR ('47 model) On display for sale btlrnpson. t.,,,itarr. Barnc« Commit- ' Poole Motor CotllpailV. " i? i •* '?' *<°™'* ""'I markctj I ' ' n ,*" l> ort "»l» platlorm ntid at 1111 W Main OELI, BCOTT ind Scivlce Phone 22flO ll.n-ck-29 Services RADIO RFPAIH DT EXPERT ,,,? c j? llrm " n °*' ! Dro "l" Music store 107 R Mflln Rl Til.n*. U.^J.r bough* ross usc store "i' n .?L- Ttl.Phon. 811 Pianos l > Sells. i lot I On THE SPOT Hiols. " I i? .'f *• lt Ior ' ou ' C «H «"" ll!3-rk-tl CUt.U Poole, Owner and Operator, S. Highway 61 at Steele, JIo. Phone Steele 49. l-17-ck-21 1 Dogs, Cats, and Pett Ktriycit: ),«rRt reddish brown dog In June Issl year. He reUirnctI Ilisl week «ml tins »Rmn dl.uptirared. Party ttep- T ,'?» S "^J15 P |i: » se contact Eugene- still. 1130 Chlrkasawbn. Phone 2449. ror salt. 110S Chlcxa.»»h«. ». ai9-p».J4 Our tire room home .1 1320 Mearn l* tor e«lf. Cull 3120 «rtrr s. I n-pk-Jl Nice four room house and bath on Holly Street. Best part of city. Cheap. BKRT ROSS Real Estate Broker Phone 3816 or 4291 l-13-pk-17 four room hou»» »itn h«th. «uto- matic nol water. Good condition, m- • ine »nd out. FITt Mocks to mum part oC town. On patement. 101 K. Hos »- 1,9-pk-J 11 (-•rocery atore with imnij quarters Ktxxt tocatlon. Doing nice business Near Swill oil Mill, will «u« i m m«- dl«t« po»esslon. 4JO a. SUtetnth. l'7-OH-22 -'our room houn for aale br owner. For Sale or Rent The Austin «nd Son mr»ne ind HT- Ini! riuarters. See Floyd Austin. WMt Gateway. I li-pR-20 12-31-ck-ti Help Wanted, Female Wanlrtl. omre nt*-se. AppJ)- si Hrowiison Clinic. 1201 W. Ash Ht. U13-CS-21 WANTKD: Colored woman for li^'lil house work and ironing. Fridays only. Call 3S08 anvlime. clh-U Help Wonted, Male Diamond OPPORTUNITY Auto Mechanic to be factory trained at our expense \Ve send you to Willys Overland Toledo factory. l,c;<rn Jeep.s through and through. Apply in person. POOUO MOTOR COMPANY. Ellis Poole, Owner and Operator S. Highway 61 at Steele, Mo. Phone Slecle 49. l-V7-ck-21 Oourtw Hm Wwit Ad» I good*- TWO FIRST CLASS TRACTOR MECHANICS Must be experienced in all standard tractor lines. Good pay, new shop, new equipment. POOLF, MOTOR CO. Ellis Poolf, Owner and Operator. S. Highway G! at Steele, Mo., Phone Steele 49. l-17-ck-21 Find out wlul the well-dressed lionif Is wearing* — see Household DON'T GIVE UP! If your "wreck" is worth saying let Langston-Wroten fix It up! Don'! wait until you have a smash, though, to get your car in good shape and keep it that way! Langs- ton-Wrolcn check-ups, repair and maintenance work keeps your car smooth running and economical to operate . . . and most important . . . prevents expensive breakdowns from occurring. Bring your car in today . . . and let us check it for you at regular intervals. We're experts on brakes, ignition, motors . . . we're fully equipped to do reliable work. Experts Do Our Work! 'WALNUT AT BROADWAY *DIAL 555 FOR SERVICE

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