The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 9, 1947
Page 7
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 0, 1947 BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COTOffiR NEWS PAGE SEVEN'" CLASSIFIED [ADVERTISING INFORMATION rat* per line for consecutive 1»- »y rifo In! mum Charge ................ *o« Itlme per line , ...... lit I times per Jlnc iwr day ........ J2c I limes per lErie ptr day ..... i*e • times pc'f line |i«r day ........ Je llJrtif-i jier line t«r day ........ 5c |ionili per line .............. I.GIJIIL five average wot 4s to the . fcj urtU-rtii for ihrce or six limes and l'I't'O LcToif expiration will be chary Itor the numbvr of times the ail ap and adjustment of bill made. ClaisiUtil Advertising copy sub uted by person-! rt-sicilns outside of fity must be accompanied by cash Urs may be easily computed from the live lalilc. veriisiiiff order lor Irregular luscr- takes the one lime rate. ri'siionbiblllty will be taken foi * Ilia u one iu correct lusertiuu u: HiMlfLeil ad for Sol* FKYER3. Scientifically rntwl In brooder. No?«r been tm the ground. A5c per lb. on foot. Abraham's chicken farm. Souui Ill-Why 61. Next to old Legion Airport. 7ll5-ck-aU5 r> piece mahogany dinette suite. Like new. 310 \V. Walnut. Ph. 2J525' 7 24 ilh If Fur Fine Portraits— It's O'Steen's Studio. 7 19 ck 8 19 For Sale Klberta canning peaches Fresh vegetables, fruits meats ami Ki'iiceries. 0»ci til 8 o'clock every day I'hone 2fi32. Joe Hester Grocery, Highway 01 South Uclow Swift Oil Mill. 7 22 pk 8 22 J«- mock-l John Dccns coHirunc-, 1110• or, racking lillneliinciit, cood con- llllon. Ihtys Sullivan, l)unl(.'itp. oh. 'ill. 4-pk-il rood con<lltlon. rhonc 3160. • Kalion counter ice crcai k-lth cnbimit. $1000. H. l-liojie 91, Manila. , rrce/.er Kitic:, hvirally v,'C setl lots of J'ina j Wl*. Dc-als Pa.,,. ^,_^ f , „, •:CIAI, I.-OH six • 2(irj iioiiy anil Division Street. 2 . 2 live room tlwelliiH^. "»e fnr- ilslH-ci. consltliT otrer over SBOOO.UO. l,ot.s $250 (50 up, Orotery IjusitiefiS "•Ilh ilvlui; qnarti-rs. I'or Ural Ea• atu :I:H| Fire Insurance, Phone iekl 2334. 8C |>k-i:t Hnhner ai'torilitin, 120 IKS, black and while tin- lish. IM-at-tii-ally new. Kor (sale with case at half (price at Brooks Music Store It(17 lOast Main Street. Tele hone Kll. 86 ck 11" MERCHANTS 'o^fil cases. WRlk-ln coolers, re Irlijerators. Rnd l^sveratse coolers Rr BvnllnblK for Immediate rtfllvery. Alst Ice crertin cabinets hnd compressors See Dell Scott, 1211 W. Main plione 22iiu. Ciyi-ck- Real Quality At A Bargain Price On<; 42 model W. A. 2(MVIilii; irartor with nail truck motor, conmlcic With '2G ft. -15 model Fort HniUli trailer with c.iltle racks IUH! romul- iny front. 'VMs. Job in A-] condition I'rlct'd to Sfill ul JJ15000. Also 15 iro:lfl Ford iniclor with Stick nm\ r,rown-l,l;H' TninsnilKsJoii. Com- )>l«t«i v.llU ?-4 ft Curler traVlwr. (iooil rubber mid new (not or. i'rlt:<><l to sell :il $2,6<JO,00 . Set; or Write Virgil Ucrry H^lxrr apl'lnk's. Ark. For Kent Beilroorn. convenient to Main, phone 3325. btti. ell w ! 7IIS-pk-8llG I Conirortnt>tP hcilroorn. Atltc fati. Men only. 310 W. Walnut. 7i30-|>k-8130 New tenant hnn^i 1 ttoors. Hes>, nrli-e In town. Jacic Robinson i-ln offli-- |eiu!on: F-irmpri: i:icl i-\lrni !^-r.'l Iwtier.s. \Ve huve i-^irte. ot l'.\H -;tiv list TO. 80. 120. 1(10. .r/.D ;i"r.! Vi.rrns [nil larger tracis Ui'-'i -an! !>•• !'-iilln VllilB .sectlun uf lliu counlrv. Tin.-..; fids are some of tile lilsln-st tyi'M soil and Inipiovetucius, :\u tr'AC- .r larms. On state lilKhwuys. school • uses, mull «i«l !»'« routes Mi-ctrlc IslitJi. We arc taklnn iirlvlleae lo Isk sou to come Ul and talk :.i ns lallKT tliutt to describe each lilili- lldiiKl furin We liavc places to suit 111 Iritcrr.steil parties who wants to lw:i a hoiiii-. Small dovjn navinents M ea^v te.rms uver a ueillltl o[ s vvltli lo\7 riite Interest. . (Torn Cttv Hull In Hate niilc. Hllle. Ark. Lsell K. ulnK'S---T5rolter 1 M. Beck - Hen u. IMmer—Salcs- •all cannltis; iieaclitn. Ice cold water- lielons Poultry. liatjy chicks. Lewis • . jjllry. 413 East Main St ^ • 2 tiale trailer beds anil wagon beds. •ISO truck bells nny sire "jf"'/ estbrook Shop. 225 North Flrat fhone 39.12. 1ill-pS-8lil te E0me.thln» yo'.l I'-n'r, need? Trade - sell It at Swop En '3. 401 B. Mum. coiivcvt your old treadle machine •ito :< modern portaulc electric. |[ilji $39.50. 10H E. Asll. 8-|jk-ll Pomiiic. K cylinder 5 msscneer uijc A-l sliapc. tlaillo, heater, etc. Ilionc 29G3. _ B/J-pK-11 n,otl'.l. 12 3!-i;K 1 Ilio - nhono^ra-ih. Tabl 1 ' iieUroom. 3M N. Ninth. Ph. 2MB. 5-l)k-0;5 Fisr-iLsht'tl sipartmcnl. Couple West KcmueViv, phone 31 SEAT COVERS Heal ([iialHy covers lo I'll nearly any mnko, any model automobile. Made of dur;il>)<' Sail Clulli, tlicso covers will last and last ! They're Washable - - $24.50 only $15 GourU'r Alls, SCREEN DOORS Most now in stock. K. C. lt(>l)ii\s<m M>r. Co, Eddie Salibo Roof Coating, Industrial and Household Paints Call f«r free limit liis|..vl!.m . . . Let me snlvo yunr pulnl |ir«b- U'liis. KiK-tury Disti lljnlar for (!<>- luiilnl liellnmi; :unl riiriiilrul O. 121 K. lu-ntucliy AVC. Ulythcvilk', Phone 2r>.'!li Regular Price This Sale - Nice (urnlslictl hnd room. Kilcheu ;>rl- •Ilori<?. 21B E. Davis. 8-l>h-12 Atti-iitlon Kld.s: Just opi-Hlii die horses nix! ponU-s :\\ Piivk inslrnclloiis itlven lileuitly ol^l cowboy "Otic ;— Sad- Walker bv the " Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any HUu T. L MABRY »ZS MISHOUHI KT. PH. 3627 WA.UNUT AT BKOA.DWA.Y PHOME 4-53 Wanted to Rent Furnished apartment. Couple and four year old son. Ph. 2231. ev-ck-ll Tiy Sept. ^ furnished or vmfuvnlshed 'apiiiluient or hon^e. Adults, rhone 2270. Can furnish references. 8,7-|)k-M Furnished nv couple, children. Mrs. Carter. Phone J^2 RcLninlller cafo new owner wants fnr- nlsheil or nufutnlshed house or a- part;]i«nt or 2 furnished sleeping rooms. Phone 2462. 88-ck-l5 Services For honest, dependable plunthini; services call 32S!). John H. Fraser, al 513 South Lilly S)., B!y thevitle, Ark. 8 5 l>!c 12 Female Help Wanted Position Wanted 8E1.I.. CHRISTMAS CARDS. 50 I-'OH £1.00 WITH NAME. Make extra money easily. Show sensational value. Nanie-iinprliileil Christmas Cards 51} tor £1. Other values, tilt; line 51 assortments. Free samples. Write Southern Greeting Ciirus, Dept «0 MeCi.ll llulltllFiK. Mcinuhls :). Tenn. I M B E !l - 2 miles North If C!»H!On gravel road. Floyd Har*-'.< ( SANITARY WORK. Pinnillns I'nQ cleaninir cess uool recentxcle tp.nks. Robert Allen. Ph. ran. Far* )Iwv n lin- N'acU'ne-s — SIn'je.r electric anil Wheclcr-V^llson treadle. 108 E. ill. U-r.K-ll licoril Jelly Krnpcs. Call G71. Ma]or I. J. 1,'lttle. B-ck-15 nedestnl fun. Ph. 2M2 or 3506. 8-cX-ll parts of nil mirees. We luive 'ri tires tiil>es. nud wheels for trailers. Triced rUjllt. Hocotfs I'arts. phono 732. Air Il:*se |r Sale! 1 acre, •! roi'in rcsi tc. im\v viic'jinl—ncijoin citv limits, 100 yds off highway (il Hoiith. Gravel Uad. Price SS'iOO, S2,00n lash, balance SSI .25 per luonth- II. C. Campbell: thoiio -MO or 2<)30. 8 0 pk 3 12 >ee Larry Koeas for Pnyroll nnrt Income Tax Service, booktoccplnir and General Snr.retnrlal Service. 10H East Main. Phono *r- a 7H7-ok-8!n MONKV TO LOAN Do yon nerd m loar lo rey&lr or remodel? No u!>«m payment, no mortgmg*, no r«J tape. FHA approyed r*\t R*. Ask for details. MHT LoK«n. R»»HoT, phone 2034. Lynch Ebb H. Carson Tax Consultant Tax Reports—Accounting Ko«m 21, Lynch Hldg.' Write I>. O. Box.. 039 Phone 2940 BlyrheviHc Kxcell'-nL driver, ^ood eomlHiny. free •o travel, run Kive- elnunicler reter- noes. Phone 3573. 8 ! 4-pl!-II For Complete Protection Against Atl INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. CARPENTER SERVICE Minor Ropairlng, Screou Work Pnlnlkne, Ilrplnclitij Windows Steps, anil other wort. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. Telephone 2807 Shipment of Bassinettes Just Arrived! TOT SHOP 110 So. 2nd St. JMione 2.'1«8 . EARL WALKER & SON PLUMBERS Contracting and Repair Service Prompt Service—Local and Out of Town Phone 3553 House moviti.U', 13 years experience. I'lenfy «f equipment. References, Level-j in<;, foundation repairing VirKil Folcv, phone 2105. | 8 8 pk !) 8 corn, ion mishRls. r. Graccy. Varbro. rhouc n -p I'll find "i coni»letc line of JEEP \FT8 at POnl.K MOTOR COM- Stt-He. Ml?.so\iT\. Fhont- sttelc prompt service. to !icalrol:« C stnvc. Like : i'>. Second ^l clrniila- n-!w. Jieri- Kt. nftor 7-i>V:-l I In ta-il r.iid rlilfffrob^. liolh roiullllon. Plume 20C5. 8 ft-tjr.- Kxpcrt riidiulor repair I'oi less. We have (he best in radiator repair equipment. our (rained man hoi! oul and repair your radiator for yon. Quick Service. I'ickup and delivery. Itussell I'hillips Ti-jtdor Co. Douiflas l-invson, Mjjr. rhone 2171. S 9' ir rn'lc. nii'dlum sl^c nlaiio. liv rultl Ivory with mirror. ron<liUnix. 1Z4 F,. Ki-nt HC/D Wanted . , Answer IJox 100. *7,~ """'. Wilh orkin" c Courier t po^lllon with lO'-rtl COH r- Til. nilltltms. \VrLt« (linn fnr rn}p<z tinsltlnti with lo) fninnv WILh HlvUinvlll" firm. 8,7-ck-tf for |,iHri']i. 1 •nlv » 1 ;AT tis** txni) r room nno ii A\llO St . 87-|>h-ll I/ t. COURIER NEV'S". 1n"->' s'anHHv?. so'*!" "v^ hility nn<l urcat ran^rltv for irn;s J* wi-M n»<J fft.vor.iliW si. ;;orv,ood I?. Ohio. leal And l.nng Disl.incc »tely Insured |t Mlac. Seivlc *a «<}n1pnt«Dl. Contract Bk Horn* 8«rTlca Htor«* 99. 3801 Wanted to Buy /inch frotn Army trnck. Harksdale MnnuractiirhiK Co. I'hone 2911. niy- thevlllc. B:5-rX-13 L'ash for wrecked or .junk automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Hiway (U. phone :!7,S. r >- 8 f> ck tl Sell ns your car nmv and net the hle,!i- est jxjsslhle price. f'OOI.E: MOTOR COMPANY. I'hone Slcele -10; Steele, Strayed I Black Iiorsc m\ilo fwliitc nosel Ifl hniuls 4 years old. ft. S. Hnrns, 111 WnTnul St. B:-!-i)k--ll City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 Fur Kxpcri Repftln 3>4 Fast Main Bt Felix A. Carney Saleslady Wanted I i Excellent sales opportun- j at Miss WliillsiU'sI Apply in person to! 5 H. It. Campbell. ; J ify • Shop. For Sole of Trodc Two 35 mm portable movlni: n!clur<* nrolrelc-r 1 *, snltable for small theatre or clrcvilt. have two KOod locutions for same. HolTand Theatre. Hollaiul. Mo. R.Vit!<-(2 Notice cash buyers for form land* near Manila, If you want lo sell vo\ir farm KPC .J. o. Chnpln. Manila, Ark. 8;4-pk.ll 555 For Service D1MVK SAKKF.Y! Call u^ when you need to clian^e over to n spare. \V<s'll fix your puncture immediately, so that you'll always liavo an extra tire in ;('i(i<l condition. Our emergency service jjoe.s everywhere. Slop and Dial 555 (he minute you have cat- iroulilc! LANGSTON-WROItN CO. Corner Walnut and Broadway Phone 555 RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODUL. IlK- L1ADLE WOHKMAMS1I1P. PHONE 2642 We call for and Delr/or FRED CALLIHAN Klectrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Itudlo Sales and Service IOG Soulh I'Jrst St. OPEN ROADS ARE «j=3iW Thy highways art. 1 jammed with cart; crowded v/llli folks i!oin;< on a summer vacation trip. Most of these cai's ate 7 or (J years old. Naturally, there itt ;i lo) ol car Uonblc and the garages along these vacation ionics just can't talti* care ol Uic rtcmatul for aulo service and repairs. They arc snowed muter with work. K you arc planning on an auto trip, be sure to get your car In as neiir perfect :;hanc as possible before yon v.lurl. We arc :iny.Ious lo help you have n (rouble-free trip ... so NOW brine your car to Us for a complete and thorough inspection and "Check-up." _V LET US CHECK YOUR MOTOR jnd sec if nil rfce p.irf« % ara working PL^ MtigVil. took over your gcncr.iloT, your spatk plug*,' your battery, mff battery cables, fan belt, cooling system and ice that everything Is In ^r gooJ order. / V^ BRAKES .^rc moir important. Poor brakes arc dangerous. Too many Kv jcckltm driven arc on Itic road for you (o t-ikc cfianco. Your braktt mm should be fn proper adjustment . . , and if needed be rclined. |^ HEADLIGHTS should bo correctly focuicd and adjuttcd. Faulty hcad- KV lights arc one of the greatest rojd lusardi. JL STEERING WHEEL AND WHEEL ALIGNMENT, If your steering vh«l WiW± if too;o .ind your car thhimics and shattei, you should bo sure to have My It ccmc<tcd before you start out on a short 01 long trip. Easy Payments on REPAIR JOBS: Spend your lime ntul money before yon tlnrt on a trip and HAVE MOHK TIMK aiul MONEY to spend on your vacation. I'ov your couvcaicnccj we now will repair "your car and put it up in first class condition . . . nml (hen Instead of paying the bill all in one lump uuni, you can pay it in sinnlt wccUly paynieiitu. Drive in now for u Ihoroiiuh imjiection ami I-'RISK ESTIMATE. WE PUT SMILES IN YOUR MILES WE USE ONLr FACTORY ENGINEERED PARTS LOYEICH CHEVROLET CO. 301 Walnut St. Phone 578 An QUiito of splilri-'s wob woulil cxUnil 3W inilrs If stnili'.lilcnctl out. NOTICE TO PUBLIC (The liuv nftlccs of Otnc K. nrnd- lt!v linvc l)ct:t» inovtn\ to 'Ml \V. Mitin. (Across slrcol from MmH- gonicry Ward.) I FARM LOANS Yon cnn now secure Uio iiiosl nl- LniL-llvi! fnun lonn In history. Low rales t)f liilcrcst. cxlrcnicly IDUM Irrnis with Illwrnl prcpnynionl vili'fii's. Prncllcnlly no expt'iiKt: nt:]i(Ki. H yonr present 1mm tUJC.-i not licnr IKS Hw" !> I 1cr «'" 1 V ( >" will rcrliilnly l» intercsled in out Farm Lmins. Unltinllctl amount iivnllablo. S'.ich !in oiiiinrUintl) nuiy never cxisL nenln. Ko If yot wish li) Ilntnif-'C or rcllimncc, wrltf •n- sri! A. V. IHKTKIOH llnilrd rii.siiranrr. Auracy 20!) !i W. Main—Guarrt itlytlievllle, Ark. DON EDWARDS "T1i« Typewriter Mm" 8M11II, CORONA and KKMINOTON FORTAHUE lit) N. 8EOOHD 8T. PHONR W8S lErerj Transncttoii MUST BE SATISFACTORY) PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed I5est Trices Kirby Drug Stores CAN WATKK Ml> IN ARTHR1TI S — RHEUMATISM? YES—If IL's Moiintnln Valley Mlneml Water, the famom hoallh vrntcr from Hot, Springs, Arkansas. MOUNTAIN VAM.EY lielps sllmulntc k I (1 n ey action, cllmltmlr.'i Hie wastes—so or[cn Hie uncle: lylni; cause of Arthritis nm! Rholinintlsni. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and IHvlslon Blytlitvlllc, Ark. RECTAL DISEASES (All Tjfff "N'n wonder SEAY MOTORS bruise repair dopai-lmont is always ijusy!" ICE COLD! Watermelon Cold 21/zc Ib. Hot 50c ca. & up Blythcvillc CURB MARKET 1.30 K. Main Phone 973 ! We Guarantee • j RECAPPING '. with i { Hawkinson Treads i ! Let Your Next Tires B« j GENERALS • ! Cost More — Worth More J MODWGER TIRE CO. ! tl« E. Mala

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