The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 9, 1947
Page 6
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-PAGE Stt BLYTHBVILLE (ARK.y COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, AUGUST 0, 19-17 Threat to VA Training Ends; Checks Mailed '' : LITTLE RQCK, Ark., Aug. 9. (UP) ^-The 'threat tp the' Veterans Vocational Training program in Arkansas apparently ended yesterday When an attorney for radio'com- mentator James MacKrell announced that he has been instructed not to' apodal Mackrell's case against the State Education Department to the Arkansas Supreme Court. After the announcement, made by Attorney John R. Thompson of Little Rock, Education Commissioner Ralph B. Jones said. "Now thai the threat of court action has boon removed we feel that the program can be continued and whatever Is necessary to Veep it going will be done.'!. Earlier this week Jones had told the United Press that he was halting payments to school districts from state funds, pending outcome of MacKrell's suit. The commentator had sought to enjoin the department from using any part of a $700,030 appropriation in paying salaries for on-tlie-job training. Jones had explained that the money was being used as a revolving fund to ic-nnburse local districts, pending a three-to-six months lag in Veterans Administration payments. However, the commissioner said that he believes the Educaiton Department is now in a position to carry on the program from federal funds and said the first reimburse- incni checks fit the 1947-48 fiscal year were moiled out 'today. The checks totaled $350.000 and went to the smaller schools who were in dire G. I. of '63 Marshals Comrades Enlists in Air Forces Chnili's II, Brady, SOD of Mrs. Jct- tiu Mm' IJracLy of BlylhevMk', lias enlisted in Ha' Army Air Forces fur ttiroe years. Tech. Scrgt. Ollio n. Grishiim of the licmilLIng Station here announced today. premature baby was found in Die Rotters si'wer system on July 10. Clmi'iies wi'i'o filed In Dcnloii bounty Circuit Court by rroset lor Ted Ci)X,scy Thursday against Dr. Neil Kslos. about 70, and his ivifc, Mis. Edith Eslos, Coxsoy in Ills inforinntion alleges (hut thi' elderly couple administered drugs Lit their liogcrs home to a 19-year-old uniiiniTled, pregnant woman mid Hint such treatment caused the stillbirth of her child. The woman, n resident of Tulsn. OKIa., Is now in a Tulxa hospital suffering from an Infection. Coroner William Burns, who conducted the investigation after the baby's body was found by John Wilson, water department superintendent, said Die young girl had signed a statement accusing Dr. and Mrs. Estes. last national encampment, of the GAIi veterans. Kcen-inimlcrt and a zealous student of current affairs, lie says Russia is the biggest threat to world peace and that U.S. foreign policy must be hacked up with a polcnUaHy strong military establishment. need of funds. Jones asserted that his department and the VA are attempting to lake up "some, of tin- lau" in the program but assorted "it it becomes necessary again to transfer state funds to keep the i)iop.ram «<>- ing we'll make such arrangements-" Arkansas Doctor, Wife Held for Manslaughter BENTONVILLE, Ark., Aug. 9.— (Ul'"—A Rogers, Ark., doctor and his wifn face charges of manslaugh- I (IT here today after the body of a ADOPTION' NOTICE Walter Diinciik aniT all whom It may concern, shall lake notice that CD MIC 1 duv of August. 1047 petition was filed by Glenn Wallace Hunch and Pattye Marie Biulcl in the Prt bate Court of thi; Chick- a.sawba District of MiMissipp County. Arkansas for the adoptloi ol a certain person, named Chri t«l)lier Lance "Diniciik. Now miles you appeal- within thirty day.s af ter the date of thi.s notice an show cause against such applica lion, the petition shall he take: as confessed and a decree of adop tion entered. Elizabeth Tilylhe County and Probate C!er Reid ami Kov. attorneys. E'Z-'J DCRTH of a ©by Hilda Lawrence; Oisliibutcd by NEA SERVICE, INC. I XXX. "OCARE the doctor, Lillian, 1 & scare him you did me last night," April said. Lillian opened her eyes and gave a 'fugitive smile. Dr. Kloppcl's quick intake of breath made April laugh. The doctor's capable old hands moved ot once to the girl's temples and \vrist ns if he trusted only what he could touch .and count. Mark wntched. There was a bruise under the bandage, ugly, swelling. "If you can talk," he Kind softly, "I'd like to hear what you have to say. . . . How long have you been conscious?" "Since last night. Late last night." . .:» "Anybody know? 1 ' ;! Her smile was wry and painful. "Am I crazy? No. Not even Fistcr. . . . I've been wondering when you'd get around to mo. I wan tec 1 to talk to you." Her eyes clouded "I thought I heard music last night I'was still groggy but I thought I heard a music box. And if I did—" "You heard it. I was out in the liall, outside this door. I found the box, and I know what it was used for. Docs'that-fit in with what you know? 11 • "It fvts something*" ' she said "You know she was murdered don't you?" , "Do you know?" . ' "Maybe we'd better get together Blow by blow description. . . -• was working on a night job when they had the party and i took U off. But the party was too youni for fiic, so I' went up to my roon for a cigaret. You can check will Jewel, she*took me up and I thinl- she knew who I was. I lived 01 sixth then, in the room under thi one. When I got there 1 wrot some letters and had a smoke. Bu I turned out my light for that am sat on the window ledge with th window open. That'was when heard the music the first lime. knew it was a box: of some kirn >ut I didn't know whoso. An verybody wtis supposed tn he iving fun downstairs. It didn't ake sense. ! got curious. So 1 anecl out and looked up ami own, trying to place it. I placed right oil". There was an open imlow above mine-, on the eighth oor. Miss Brady's liedroom. here was a light on, too—dim, ut on. That was one for the book, vt, music, open window, ami liss Brady was supposed to bo—" Wait. Where arc the medical upplies kepi? First aid and all inf.'" "Two places. Fistev's on second ml Llrady's." "Good. Did yon see Miss Plimi- ner send a girl.up for supplies?" "I didn't see it happen, hut she vas tryin;; to rope one in when 1 eft." Her eyes narrowed. "Say, dial how?" * * * "Where was 1? Brady's room Music." "Brady's room," lie repeated. "And Brady at the party—01 se. . . . I decided to have a look I \vent out to Hie stairs ant valkcd up. The fire door on I! ightiv. was propped open, and could see to the end of the hall girl was backing out of Brady' •com and locking it. There \va in open door right beside me, si ' ducked in and closed it part \vay 'It was dark in there, f coul< watch her without being seen. Slv came up the ball, walking fast am not making a sound. She w.i wearing sneakers." She wailed fo his reaction. "Anything familiar about her Posture, anything?' 1 "No. Except that she duln't loo —right. She was the same as all of us, same drcs:;, same mark, but there was soni(?1himj else. She didn't look—right. Then 1 heard the elevator ringing and remembered that I'd heard it before, when I was walking tip. "The girl was hcnring it. loo. and she muttered something and nveci JOKtcr, rumosi rim, I thought 10 was a thief ami I wus afi'aid e'U j'.cl iuviiy. She'd passed the OHI where I was so 1 stepped ut iincl started after her. But the mute I dill that, I Jcnew il was boner. "She heard me and turned her ead. She stopped where she w;is, irnort her heart nnd looked tniighl through me, straight trough the costume, down to me, t-'. She didn't say a word, she eid her head oil one side as if ic were taking mu nparl, memo- j/.in}' mo, making sure she'd know again. I ducked back and closed the oov and waited to die, Tliore wns oiuelhiug tevL'ible about thai look, t came through hoi- musk nnd nine, and 1 knew her eyes were fllin" me she'd kill me then and here if she only dared. So 1 stayed viirro I was, with tlin door locked, ntil she had time to gel away. ?h.ert I \vent down to my own •(join and locked myself in there, oo. 11 O you go back to the party?" "Not for a long lime. 'I was ifraid. I was afraid to show up n that costume. So 1 stayed in ny room until I knew they'd nn- maskcd nncl then I went down wearing my regular clothes. No sneakers on anybody, of course. I looked. KvL'i-ybody liEippy and liavitu; fun. No cracks about the way I was dressed. Not a single person asked me where I'd been or gave me a funny look. Nobody tried to keep' out of my way. That's all. . . . Except thai she knew who I was, all right.'.' She loiichcd her head with cautious lingers and winced. "She wailed a long time, but she finally landed." "Arc you too tired to tell me about thai?" "There's nolhilis to tell. I don't know what happened. 1 \vas having a shower, late, and somebody tinned llic light otr. 1 thought it was April, acting up, so I said, 'Cut it out, kid.' ... I didn't hear her Uiat time either, I guess she wore the sneakers atiain, but I know that's v.'ho it was. Something hit me on the side of the head and the next thing I knew I, was in this tied." (To We Continued) Free De/ivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY I'hone 204S 1044 Clnckasmwbm INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete 1'roLecUon • Accident & Health • Hospilnlization • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation First National Insurance Agency 108 i\ T . 2ml Charles Cl. BLLLncr-W. M. (Bill) \vil.sni 0 COrtt. IM7 BY KFA SERVICE. 1KC. T. M. ftCq U. S, PAT. Oft. The U. S. Marine Corps was or- ! Between now ami thU ilina to- banlzctl and permanently lislislj- j morrow, it is estimated thai a'osul. lished during the administration i 10) •Ijilllun niotorlU's will strike of i'rc.sideiu John Adams in 1703. the earth's atmosphere. Club 61 Blythevllle, Arkansas Highway 01 North Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By EUOENE P.? WELL. Mgr. For Reservations Telephone 044 that 'unavoidable increase' when you sold ur, ntw c;u? Well, now the same thins; h:is happened to the rent of your suite:" FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By TVIKRRII-T. BS.OPSER » ••••••••••••«;•••••••••••««•«••••*«•••••••••••••'. GATEWOOD GROCERY i Phone 975J Ark.-Mo. Slate Line I on the left at the Arch v t ft. 7 Crown 1.35 Calvcrt 1.35 Schenley 1.35 Cream of Kentucky 1.35 Three Feathers 1.35 Hill & Hill 1.40 Old Taylor Four Roses 5% Beer GAS, reg 17.9c;. Ft. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.63 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 51)1 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6-90 4.50 .per Ccse $3.35 . . . .Ethyl 19.9c /"; ^ • :All BrandsCigarets,ctn. $1.35 j ROOT. OLD CODGEE- YOURE JUST ALL WOEW our. AREN'T YOU. DOYT COPR. 1 = H BY NEA 5LRV1CJ ICE. INC. T. M. RFC- U. S. PAT, n Chamblin Sales Co.; Inc. Sales StudelKiIcer Service First by Far With a Postwar Car Modern lime-saving tools are provided for our Irain- sd mechiinics. Thny HKI; their skill and the, tools to KIVC you belter service. We repair nil makes of tvirs and trucks. Guaranteed Used Cars IMG Fnril Sinicr 'i-rtoor 1H41 Plymouth 2-rfoor 1941 Plymouth 4-iloor 1940 Tontine 101G Chevrolet !<• ton Pickup I!MB GAlt: '/; Ion I'icklin 19tS DndgfiVi ^Tou I'icklip 1D41 Chevrolet '/i Ion Pickup Lots of Others to Select From CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Your SUidebuker Dealer "First by Far With a 1'ostwar Car- Hill Cliamhlin —UK & Ash St., Phone 219.>~- Lux Cliainbl'ii WASH TtJBBS H (liirucs WWBE.I OUGHT TO CONFESS SOWETHINS I my HOPED TO KEEP SECRET FROW KEIHG IT'LL SWE VOU ONE INTERESTING FkCT TO MENTION IN INTERVIEWING BUSTER..... 50»t! TOO LME TO SET IT IN THE SCRIPS 5Ur I'LL HIH HOW Ht- TURN KB / 3W\PIMG BLUEBLftTES. / MK.KCONTZ! IT MAS BE (-*)0 IMS BUT WYE GOT i' HOM.UV! MEPE ITH i, ,VW K.YHNGLE THOf^P ? TO TM MJ P Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople [e6AD,govs/ VOUR PLIGHT ^ THKT STABS j/ LET'S "llriGS TGARS TO NW EVES/ A US FORT\^oA ROOST \M 6T1L HF^SNTT PERFECT&'DV - • - • iTHE ItATERM^L COMBOSTlOM/ iMnTnp U&.C-ue?-^~f?ivr ^Ki LEfT ON! BASE. ILOCKlLV HV MftC = FETTLE -— LET If KftMSPORT VOU TO VOUR SPOT—Ai^D p S'OUR. CORc^- POPPER.MWOR, AND LET'S LUMBER Ouf Our Way By J. R. WiHiams HOW'D WE COME TO 6ET LOCkED IM THE ATTIC? WELL. YOU SENT U5 UP TO WAKE HIM AM 1 WE DID —AW HE SEZ ".OOK IP THEM TRAPS IM THE ATTIC HAS CAUSHT AWVTHIMG,' su: r.r-i^ VIC FLINT Not l.tirk Alum 1 BY iVUCUABI, O'MALT.EY JUST ONE OF THOSE! THINGS,! CUESS.H6 ' GOT GOING SO FAST HE COULDN'T MAKE THE HAIRPIN TURH. CORRIGiN, STATE TRAfflC BWflDC WERE WORKING FOR MR MOOUU.L1KETOC4.IM8 DOWH ANO LOOK AT V.'ITH t, THIRTY-FOOT FALL LIKE THAT.HE DIDH'T STAND A CHANCE.TOUGH LUCK HAI.I'M MAYBE MORE THAH TOUGH LUCK VWS IMVOLVED U4 THIS. CAN i use roua RADIO TO CALL THE CITYHOMICIDH SQVAD RYDEi; Expert Assistance HY KOOAK MAKTLV OOP Kitchen Popartmcnt By V. T. HAMLIN ISCW \%i K>>VE BiG FEED. KVv= B'G 6iCLV ^HE.TOC- ^K ^ 7pr&fff : ft£ : ?-&* -> DUMP'lM IN TH'POT-- NVE.'UL EO1L "THIS / ' HOOTS A NO HSR BUDDIRS 't'(A VRtt.OPWW. VWES.V. P« Vft&T llc's fJunc Slit MR. SUOD .. _. "FRKTI'IIAU.MAN

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