Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 16, 1895 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1895
Page 7
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UNCONSTITUTIONAL KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rfghtly used. The many, wno Jive better than others and enjoy life mor t , with less expenditure, 1.7 more promptly «dapt!ii£ tlie world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in th<> remedy, Syrup o! Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the forir. most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect, laxative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. ft baa piven satisfucdon to millions and met with «the approval of the medica! profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels wif.hout weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs in for sale by all druggists in 50c aucf $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Sy'.np of Figs, and being well inforcied, yon will DO* accept any substitute if. offew 1 - Flaw Found in the Eight-Hour Law of 1893. Illinois Supreme Court Renders an Important Decision—Inspector* Knocked Out. MOL-NT VERJJOX, 111., March. I. 1 ;.—In a unanimous opinion reifdercd Thursday the supreme court holds that the eight-hour law for women passed in ISflS is unconstitutional, and the section appropriating- 820,000 for .salaries of factory inspectors is null ami void. The burden of the decision is that women in respect to contracts are on tile same footing with men and that tin act which abridges the freedom of contract between workman and employer in a lawful occupation is unconstitutional. In far-reaching results the decision is most important. It is the first decision in the United Slates against the eight- hour law and presents a new obstacle in the path of the inovuucntfor shorter hours. The opinion was riled in the case of William liilcliie vs. the people, error to Cook county. This was a suit l.o STOLEN BY SHOPLIFTERS. Consumers of ckwKijtokceowlio arewillinqtopapljlilemoretkn . 3 \ V . the price ctiaged for He ordinag trade tokccos. will find to bnd superior to all others BEWARE •:: IMITATIONS. Three Women at PItulinrch, Fa., Talc* Ooodt Valued at 8JJO.OOO or More. PlTTSHCitGH, Pa., March 15.—Three female shoplifters were arrested here Thursday. The women are sisters, Mrs, Celia Stakely, Mrs. Mary Cohoutand 19- year-old Annie Dennison. The two older women were arrested in Boggs &.Buhl's store, and when, taken to tht station a 50-yard bolt of silk was found under Mrs. Cohout's cloak. Search warranti were procured and the houses of the women searched. A big cxpresi wagon load of silks, dress patterns, two sealskin coats, worth S350 each, gloves, laces, baiH'lker* chiefs, fine shoes, etc., were taken to the station house as a result of tha search. Several trunks packed ready for shipment were also found. Mr. Hoggs estimates the value of the wagon- load captured Thursday at $10,000 and says goods worth at lea.st 510,000 more were loft behind because they could riot be identified. In. Mrs. Cohout's parlor he saw bric-a-brac worth fully Si,r.oo. ACCIDENT AT A FUNERAL. N>WN«^\«V\\\!TOS^JWX^^ CASTOR IA for Infants and Children. IH1»TY year*' observation of Caatoria with the patronage «i? nillions of-persons, permit ntt to spools of it without guessing* It is unquestionably the bent remedy for Infants and Chil&reK the world has ever known. It in harmless. Children like It. Lt gives them health. It will save their lives. In it Mothers hiyrr. EXPERT FINNY ANGLERS. p<ro-IIunilr<'d-Foiiii<l Tnrtlon Cnncht wi test the constitutionality of whatf*"" ,,,„ A1( , or Kil:htfKU . lnch i:,, ni ,,ni« known as the sweat-shop 111 M »H'HI HI 11 PAP CALEflPAR * * You Need It. A Desk Calendar is a necessity — most convenient kind of storehouse for memoranda. The Columbia Desk Calendar is "brightest and handsomest of all—full ol dainty silhoueuus nntl pen sketches and entertaining thoughts on outdoor exercise and sport. Occasionally reminds you of the superb quality of Columbia Ui- cyrles and of your need of one. You won't object to that, of course. Tho Calendar will be mailed for live 2-cent stamps. Address Calendar Deportment, POPE MFQ. CO., Mniition thin pnpor. Hartford. Conn. Till*, Thflr I'M) mil Almxc. PI118 are by far the btst cathartic to use, but you must not abuse their use by haDtluslly depending on ibem for dally stools. If you will use RInehart's Pills you will Gad them to ropulate the bowels and afford repular and free daily stoole, by an oocaelnnil dote of one pl'l Sold by B F. Eeee- ling and Keystone drup store. : Children Cry foi Pitcher's Ca«Mrla. If you 'aok etrenj th, with no appetite, take RlneharYi Pills. One a dose. Sold by B. F. Keesllng and Keystone drug store. ChildrenCryfoi Pitcher'* Castoria. P«l» Lipt ud Fllltrd Clittkl Are a sure sign ol stomach worm* In children, and if not removed tbe ijmp. torn a are more alarming by frightful drt-aom, nervousnest itnd epaams Tbe bes< remedy to use is RInehart's Worm Lozenges. They always remove all klodx of woims and tbe worm nest. Solrl hv B. F. KeealiDg and Keystone drug store. is known as the sweat-shop or eifrht-hour law executed by the ffeneral assemlilyof isu:t. The act provided for thoappointiiK'iitof inspectors and for the inspection of factories, sweat-shops, etc. One section of the act made it a misdemeanor fora woman to be employed for more than eiyht hours in any one day. The bill also appropriated SL'0,000 for salaries of inspectors. Ritchie, with eight others, was arrested and lined for working female employes more than eiirht hours a day, and prosecuted a writ of error to the supreme court. I'Jlght-llour ClMiisu JH Void. The constitutionality of the entire act wasattacked, but the supreme court holds that but two sections are void— viz.: "Sec. 5. No fumiilo .sliallbe employed In any factory or workshop move Ihun el(,'hi hours In any ouo diiy. or forty-eiylit hours In anyone wcolt." ' The court holds that a woman has the same rights as a man to make contracts and that it is an infriug-emeut upon her rights guaranteed by the constitution to say that she cannot work as many hours in tlie day as she may be inclined to. The rig-ht of persons with the ability to contract upon any lawful "subject cannot be abridg-edby any legislative enactment. The police power of the state does not extend that far. The court adds that this opinion is not to imply thatsection 5 would be invalid if it was limited in its terms to femcwtes who arc minors. >'n Alotiny to 1'ny'j'nnpeclors. The other section held invalid is the paragraph of the act which appropriates £20,000 for'the salaries of the inspectors. The court holds that the salaries of all state oflicers must be included in. an, appropriation bill from which all other subjects are excluded, and that the factory inspectors are officers of the state. As the general assembly is now in session, section 5 will probably be replaced with one prohibiting the employment ot' females under 18 years more tha.n eight hours in any one day,, as the court has indicated that such a section would be constitutional. Wtum Batrrwu ifct w» (•«• bar Chaorfc. "Wl**> «n»> *«• a Child. iM cried tor Caatorla> Wbio <DB Mome )Uat, «fc« CIUDR to Cosuwta. Wfcn tot ana dmareu, *oe t*n toem CMorm If your child baa pale lips or' is freiful, iflvr Rinehnrt's Worm pei. Sold by B. P. Kaealiog Kfjiuono drug atore, I'olluli <;nthollc» tit W»r. CHICAGO, Starch 15.—The five policemen svho have boon guarding St. Hedwig's Polish Catholic church since Archbishop Fcehun several weeks ago replaced the secular priest with a clergyman obnoxious to the congregation, were driven..from-the church at 6:30 o'clock Friday morning by a mob of 200 Poles. Twenty minutes later the mob was driven from the church by a detachment of seventy-five policemen and their leader, John Lewondoski, arrested. Officers are now guarding tbe church. Dem»n<U *u Apolory. MADRID, March 13.—Mr. Hannis Taylor, the American minister, Friday presented to the minister for foreign affairs a demand from his government for apology and reparation from the government of Spain on account of the Alhanca affair. Mr. Taylor's action was based on a dispatch from Mr. Gresham, dated Washington, Thursday. 1'rmldent llnmtiward Bound. NORFOLK, Va,, March 15.—The Violet with the president on board passed through tbe lock of the Albemarle and Chesapeake canal at 10:30 o'clock Friday moruirig and arrived in the harbor nt noon. 'It will take the Violet about twenty-two bours to reach Washington from Norfolk. and Pit' Children Cry for 'her's Ca»toria. Deb« Triitl ti> Brcln Soon. WASHINGTON', March 15.—Attorney General Olney will appear on behalf of the United States before the United States supreme court in the Debs case on appeal from the United States court for tbe Norther/a district of Illinois. The case is set for the first Monday in April. .' l.on*it iiU Suit. LKXIXGTOX, Ky., March 15. — Gen. Joseph O._ Shelby has lost his suit to break his mother's will, the jury Friday morning deciding for Mrs, Cluy, the defendant. The verdict was a great surprise and will be appealed. i The rumora is a fish that spends its life in fishing for its fellows. It uses no bait, no line, no hook, but its curious tackle is very effective. Its dorsal fin, instead of being placed as in other 'fish at one-third of the distance from head to tail, is moved forward upon the very forehead. The fin is, moreover, flattened out and furnished with adisk- ]ike rim, by mcansof which thereroora attaches itself firml.y to any object with which it comes in contact. It can cling, too, despite any force that can be brought to bear. The remora may even be killed before his grip is weakened. It is only another instance of the providence of Dame Nature that these fellows have their strange appliance, for they are so constructed as to be able to swim only for short distances, though they move very swiftly for a few rods. With their vacuum attachment they can dart upon an unsuspecting shark, swordfish or turtle. ;ind in a twinkling become inseparable traveling companions. They do not appear to injure the larger fish in any way, but seem to nevertheless bn a source of great annoyance, for if they stick to one individual long enough it will become sickly anil poor. The rctnoras leave their protector and vehicle only for a few seconds at a time, while they dart away to seize a bit of food left over from the shark's or the sword fish's meal. Like'a flash the morsel is swallowed and the parasite resumes his deadhead journey. Frequently sharks have been captured with their bodies all scarred where they had rubbed against coral reefs, oyster banks and rocks in wild efforts to scrape oil the ever-present rcmoras. The West Indian turtle fishermen long ago learned how to make use of this strange fish. Having captured a good, ' strong, healthy specimen, the fisherman fastens him to a long braided manila, line by a loop nrouml the body just above the tail. Then he rows out to the turtle grounds, and, having located a victim prowling along on or near the bottom, pitches the remora overboard. Quicker than thought the little fish instinctively makes for the nearest moving object, and, dashing its head against the turtle's back or under shell, becomes a fixture. The fisherman then hauls in his line, bring'- ing the unlucky prey to the surface and lifting him into the boat. The remora; as a rule, at once drops off when this is done. In this way turtles that are too shy to come to the surfaea or within spearing distance are readily caught, and, more than that, are uninjured, which makes them more valuable for market purposes. Now and then the remora will make fast to a bijf fish, and give his owner a lively tussle. The :llne may break or the angler let go, but the little sucker fish never loosens his hold under water. Often remoras attach themselves to moving' vessels, and ar« found clinging to th<> bottom when the ship comes into port. There are several species. One kind prefers sharks and is always found at tached to these monsters, while an- 1 other vainly clings to swordfish, and a third sticks to turtles. There are three species native to the Atlantic coast, and another is an occasional visitor. They are all lovers of warm water, and are seldom seen north of Virginia. Nearly every sea on the globe in'temperate or tropical climes contains some members of this widespread famil}-. Some of them grow to the length, of four or five feet, and the power of these giants may be estimated by comparing their size with the eighteen-inch specimens which can hold and catch a two hundred-pound turtle.—N, Y. Sun. Mourners and Corpse l-'ull Into :« Cellar by Collapse of th« Floor—.S<'Vi>rul Hurt. FosToitiA, Mich., March 15'. —By the breaking of a lloor in ;i small house 3 miles e:ist of here during the funeral services of Mrs. J, Thompson the living and the dead were piled up together in a promiscuous heap. The injured are: Mrs. Coleuian, W. Thompson, brother of the deceased, and Mrs Charles l.fuck. A half-dozen more were somewhat injured, none of them seriously. There seems to be some mystery about tlie giving way of the lloor, as the house was very strong^- built. The funeral was continued after the excitement had subsided. aomcthtng -which in absolutely «afe and practically perfect a* t- child'a medicine. . Cantortn. destroys Worms. Cantoria ftllay» DYNAMITE FACTORY WRECKED, Kxplosion Oci'urjt ill Michigan, lllowlug It Out of Kxlst«nco. HouciiTox, Mich., March 15. —The dynamite factory of the Hancock Chemical company at Dollar Hay blew up tit 1 o'clock Friday. Telephone and telegraph wires were broken by the explosion. A number of men are missing, but it will require several hours' search to give the extent of the disaster and loss of life. Cmtoria prevents vomitingjipqr Cnrd. Ca»toria cnres Diarrhooa. and Wind Colic. Castoria relieves Teething Troubles. Castoria onres Constipation and Flatulency. , neutralizes the effects of carbonic Acid gas or poisonous air. Castoria does not contain morphine, opium, or other narootio property. Cartorla assimilates the food, regulates tho stomach and bowels, giving haalthy and natural Bleep. Castoria is put up in one-sire Dottles only. It is not sold In onllt. Pop.'t allow any one to sell yon anything else on the plea or that it is " jn»t an, good " and " will answer every pnrpoiie," See that you get C-A-S-T-O-R-I-A. The far-simile signature of Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. CJuiru New Kvlttence. MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., March 15.—The attorneys for the defense in the case ol Harry T. tfayward, now under sen- 'tence of death for the murder of Catherine Ging. are more hopeful for their client than at any time during 1 the last few weeks. They assert that new evidence has been discovered of a character that substantiates several impur- tant matters not made full use of in the trial for the reason that corroboration was lacking 1 . Politics in Ithodo Inland. PUOVIDENCK, K. I., March 15.—The Rhode 'Island republicans and democrats each held their state convention here Thursday and nominated full state tickets. The democrats named George L. Littlefiiild, of Pawtucket, for governor, while the republicans placed Charles Warren Lippitt, of Providence, at tlie head of their ticket. Svriillowi'd by the Mutch Trust. OSJJKOSJJ, Wis., March 15.—The Amer- can Match .company, reeenUy organized here with abundant ca.pital and valuable patents ou match machinery, has sold out to the Diamond Match com pan}'. The price paid by the trus is withheld. IN THE: WORLD: For keeping the System In a Healthy Condition. CURES Headach*. CURES Constipation, Acts on the Liver and Kidneys, Purifies th«| Blood. Dispels Colds and Fevers, Beautifies the Co/nplexlon and-** Pleasing and Refreshing: to the Taste. SOLO BY ALL DRUGGISTS. IBr\ nicely illustrated ciK-lity-pace Lincoln Story Book pivcn lo every purchaser ol o. pickag-cof Lincoln Tea. Price 25c. -Ask your drajrcist, or LINCOLN TEA Co., Fort Wayne. I»C For Sale by W. H. Porter. Spring Curry Comb WASHINGTON, March !">.—The number of immigrants arriving in this countr; during February, 1895, was 0,008 against 9,002 during February, 1804 For the last eight months the total was .130,129, against 199,129 during the same period last year.' Sugar Crop DeHtroynd by Flao^lk. Kio JAXELRO, March 15.—A flood in the Parahiba do Sul river has destroyed the sugar crop in the Campos Dos Qoitacazes district in the state Bio Janeiro. This district produces the best sugar grown in' Brazil. Attorney -Nora O'Connor » Bride. LOUISVILLE, Ky., March 15.—The iouisville bar has lost the only woman lawyer it ever had. Miss Nora Z. O'Connor won her case in Cupid's court; and wp.nt with Thaddeu's J. J. Meder," the -"fortunate' 'man, to Salem, lud.;. where the marriage ceremony was performed. Faulted Away. WASHINGTON, March 15.—Capt. Leonard G. Shepard, chief of the revenue division of the treasury department, died at 5 o'clock Thursday afternoon in this city of pneumonia after an illness of ten davs. Vxi><l»Htt 1.1 u- Kxi urn-oni. Do A>>rU 2 auQ 3D, J895, bom<- ICfflerV excursion tickeiu wlji DC- On ottlu at very chrttp rule* to vinous points in the Suuib nnrt S.'iiu.*etit For m os, Menu tm>p- Over-pi-ivi'geS -ftc »I)pu 'O J. C. KDGKWOKTH, Att , port —And let not folk in judging trust their wit too fast, as one who counteth up the corn in his field before the sun has ripened it; for I have all through winter seen a thorn appearing poison- less and obdurate, which then the rose' upon the sprisr hath borne; and I h;ive seen a ship that Swift and straight has run upon a wild sea all her race, and per ished entering at the harbor gate, ' —Dante. OXE>' and sheep fatten better In com- i pany than when kept aJone. ' Not Good tt!.«k<. Some of the insurance companies of Paris refuse to insure people who dye their hair. Ooct Spring Blade. Soft as a Brush. Fits every Curoe. ( >n« Perfect Comb. Dscd by U & Army «nd by Barnnm cDaacn Circuses, and Leading Horsemen of til* fom Dcajci foi It Sample mailed post paid aj t*»ontmim.-o<iih« oanai*, bPUEiQ CUBBI COM2 CO., 102LmH>Jcu»«i,««yUBend,lnOM»- ART OF REMEMBERING. Ohainberlain'* Bye and Skin Ointment Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter, nail Rheum, Scald Head, Sore Nipples, Chapped HandX Itching Piles, Burns, Frost Bites Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Ey Lida For sale by druggisw at 35 cents per "box. ; TO HOKSE^JTVNEBS. For putting a-horse in a Sne healthy condition try Dr. Cody's Condition Powders They tone up the system, aid digestion, loss of appetite, relieve constipation, kidney disorders and destroy n-orms. gj new life to an old or over-worked horse cents per package. For sale by dru^TS Perfect health is maintained by expelling from tilt: u.--;-<- tuc dlecarca product of digestion. Constipation, with the terrible results following tii-. r.bsor^-ori of" oxcret-i, " •-;••" ' '. '.' •-'. ",-•;.LEMON TONIC LAXATIVE. The refreshing properties derived from L-ci-.:-. i- .• .'.r. ..;-_• r o:: f c and Laxative principles of select vegetable products form .an elcg-'tat tasting- :' _:;Ja I/axaiivo. Ladies will find it of priceless value. Many cases of supposed Uterine Enlargement prove to ^ be bowel accumulations. Gejtleraen will find it'producti've of Appetite, Energy and a C!ecj Brain, a certain cure for Indigestion, Headache and Biliousness. LARGE BOTTLEiS., 5O CTS. AT ALL DRUGGISTS. The .111 lid It Liibu a. Groat Library, Each Voluron in [IK I'lacc. A noted medical writer likens tbe brain to a vast library and each idea, or name, or incident, to the volumes composing- it, says the New York Commercial Advertiser. The memory, he says, acts as librarian and tucks away eacb volume in some peculiar niche of its own. Now, when we call on Librarian Memory for one of these volumes, he usually knows where it is and bands it to us in'stanter; but occasionally he, like other officeholders, forgets his duties. We call on him suddenly, waking him from his nap, perhaps, and he cannot remember where he put the name of Smith or.Jones, or the little,fact re-- garding ttie', 'tariff or Agamemnon's wives ' or something or other. 1 Some 1 * •times-"he finds it after'a moment's search", 'and"" sometimes not for days. But he keeps up a still-hunt for th missing volume, even while you forge all about it; and some time when yoi are least expecting it, presto! tber« i the very thing you are trying to remember. For instance, somebody asked th writer of this paragraph the other day suddenly for the name of a lady am her daughter staying at one of th< beaches near Boston. The name was a perfectly familiar one, being that o an acquaintance; but witb the question it suddenly vanished. It was impossi ble to answer. Librarian Memory was asked for it three or four times during the evening, bat it eluded his efforts completely and for a day or two the event was forgotten. Finally, coming down town on the electric car, witb tbe mind absorbed in other things, the ! little librarian joggled our elbow. '•Here he is. Smithson, volume 41,523, shelf 217." he whispered. As usual, when one ceases to want tbe -thing it turns up. Ah, if one could only change librarians when the old one shows signs of weakening! j CTrleatai uVarers. j An Indian chitty or money-lender : stands talking- to a brother, supremely, unconscious of the eddying throng , about. These chitties are fully six feet tall, witb closely-shaven beads and mide bodies. Their dress of a few yards of gsioze wound about their waist, and red sajidals, would not lead one to think that tiiey handle more ; money than any other class in the east. ...| They borrow from the great English their caste name, ana lend to MS Eurasian clerks just behind them .*ft twelve per cent, a month. lfa.-cbit*« fails, he is driven out of the caste mw becomes'» pariab. The cast* makes qf 1 'his losses.— Overland Monthly. , —"An ounce of prevention is worrf I a pound of cure, ain't it?" said Keal' dering Mike. "Of course it it,™ m plied Plodding Pete. "Well, daft reason I don't accept no job body. Ef I WUK workin' I m\fkt tempUaLter iro OB a strike. An' •ee de trouble I'd be in!"— Star. i banks without •"•''.Vitki"' Security sare that of _ hire-«lK»Ti RrttereS -fre» bcrediurr I __ : tried Yariooi rem«dJe«, tndmmy reltabl* ptv- ilciuu, bat none re- lleredzne. Alter Uking CURED now well. I am Terr grateful to yon, u I (eel that It saved me from a life of untold *gonj. and shall take plcttmmrlK •peaking only words ol praise for your wos»- dcrful raedicfne, and in recommendltur tl»» all who are afflli dcrful mediclne f and sss Tr«*tl«e on Blood laA Db^caB*«frecto>aT SWIFT SPECJKJ A LADY'S TOILET Is not complete without an ideal PGZZONi'S Combines every element of! beauty and parity. It is.b-ijtiti- J lying, soothing, healing,, hidtk- V* ful, anH narmless, and when , rightly used is invisible. A most delicate and desirable protection j to the face in this climate. Issirt spen hsrizg the gostrfae. •.v^.^Jv/V-y'r^-.^ <*••?*••• k« kJ

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