The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on August 22, 1940 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 2

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 22, 1940
Page 2
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, .1940. een in ion THE OTTAWA JOURNAL international Plot S Assassinat of Leon Trotsky- Funeral May Be in New York Of Russian Revolutionist Pickaxe Assailant Now Identified ; ; As United States Citizen MEXICO CITY, Aug. 22. ( Police Commander Jesus Galindo aid today the pickaxe assassination, of Leon Trotsky "has the aspects of an international plot". He did not elaborate. Trotsky,, genius of the Bolshevist revolution, died last night In police hospital. The former Russian War Commissar had been exiled from Russia in 1929, and a .refugee in Mexico since Jan. 9, 1937. . : ,- , Braisi Pierced Br Axe. Trotsky's brain was pierced by a pickaxe wielded by Frank Jackson, who for months posed as a ;-great admirer" of the chieftain of the Fourth International. Jackson, beaten by guards, was taken-to the same hospital where Trotsky died. . . . Trotsky's associates, and Trotsky himself, charged Josef Stalin, head of the Soviet Union and long-time political foe of Trotsky, and the Ogpu, Russian secret police, with responsibility for the second assault on Trotsky within three months. May 24 he escaped harm In a machine gun attack for i-: i ,1 ma .AwlH murc man w mcAiMiw were arrested. 'Jackson confessed Immediately aften the assault Tuesday night, but police resumed their questioning a few hours after Trotsky died. : Say Assailant U.S. CiUxen. In his first statement Jackson said he decided to kill Trotsky after being "disillusioned" by the Russian's recently expressed political views. Police said they would publish his latest statement, perhaps tomorrow. They added that Jackson was not a Belgian, as he claimed, bat a United State cltlsea, formerly of New Terk City. Police also detained a woman listed as Sylvia Agaloff, Of Brooklyn. N.Y, whom they said was Jackson's sweetheart, but whom Trotsky's associates said they thought . was Jackson's wife. She said she was unaware -of any assassination plot and wept as she recalled she had introduced Jackson to. Trotsky. She said she was a sister of a former secretary of the exiled Russian. ' Mrs. Trotsky and surgeons were in Trotsky's tiny hospital room when he coughed, gasped feebly and died. Mrs. Trotsky It W. ...and 16 Stamps Buy ONE 85 WAR SAVINGS ! i -i ; -. - ' ' ' ! Quarters, dime, nickels all help to fill Canada's War Chest when used to buy War Savings Stamps. Use War Savings Stamps as prizes as presents as gifts to children. When shopping take your change in War Sayings Stamps. 4fuays remember the more you buy, the more you sow. THE ROYAL BANK OF CANADA 'i 'i i ( " War Saving Stance are sold at every Branch of this Bank Motor Coach Drives I I SUNDAY, AUGUST 25th KIDIAU UUI BUS AMD BOAT TRIP Leaving th Chateau Laurier S.4S am. 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At first the hospital said the body would be kept there over night for an autopsy but early today after a death mask had been made by the noted Mexican sculptor Ignaclo Asunsulo it was removed to the chapel of a private funeral home to lie in state. President Sends Regrets. President Lazaro Cardenas, who gave Trotsky refuge- after Norway expelled him at Russia's behest, sent Gen. Hernandez Lament, a member of his official staff, and three aides to the chapel to pay Mexico's respects. The officers took a turn at standing guard of honor. 4 Lamont said he brought a "personal message of condolence from the President" for Mrs. Trotsky. She went to the home, of friends to spend last night. Funeral plans were uncertain. Some of Trotsky's aides said burial "very likely" would: be in Mexico City, but definite plans had not been made. Funeral ia New York. (In New York, James Cannon, secretary of the Socialist Workers' party in the United States and mentioned by certain Trotsky followers as likely new head of the Fourth International said: ("We plan to hold the funeral here to give the working people of New . York an - opportunity to show their reverence for the memory of this great leader and their hatred and contempt for Stalinism.") . In the chapel, Trotsky's face showed through a glass cover of the casket A satin coverlet extended to the chest, over which his hands lay folded. The bandage still remained on his head, but a deep gash showed over the right ear where the assassin drove the pick into his brain. On the casket was a card In Spanish saying: "I am sure of the final victory of the Fourth International. Go forward". An explanatory note said these were "the last words of Trotsky". On the wall was a red banner of the Mexican section of the Fourth International. Despite the late hour at which the body reached the chapel a crowd gathered and moved slowly through the chapel for the remainder of the night In death, the Mexican public saw much more of Trotsky than It did in life. He was a .virtual prisoner Buys One Stamp CERTIFICATE - - A : ' ' even pennies -they in his ( own walled-in house in nearby Covoacan mortally fearful of "death at the hands of Stalin". . - . . Police ' stood guard inside and outside the chapel. . ... Tells of Attack. . Joseph Hansen, Trotsky's secretary and one of the first to reach him after, the attack, said Jackson must have hidden the pickaxe, a short-handled Instrument with blades 12 inches, from tip to tip, beneath his coat as he entered the estate. Jackson also carried a revolver and a dagger. , Jackson was beaten over the head by Hansen and other guards with pistol butts and fists. . Mrs. -Trotsky screamed to them, "Don't ' kill hmt". Hansen broke his . right hand in the melee. Joseph Hansen, Trotsky's secret tary, told of the wounded man's declarations. Hansen said the former leader of the Bolshevist revolution also gave him this political testament: . . "Please say to our friends that I am sure of victory of ' the fourth International. Go - forward!" , (Hansen, in a telephone call to New York, was quoted by James P. Cannon, secretary of the Socialist Workers' Party, as saying that Trotsky told him: "I will not survive this attack. . Stalin has finally accomplished the task he attempted unsuccessfully before.") "Trotsky knew the assas-sin. 'Frank Jseksoa', person- ' ally for more thaa six month", the secretary said. "Jackson enjoyed the confidence of Trotsky because of his connection with the Trotskyist movement in France and the United States. Jackson visited the house frequently. At no time did we have the least ground to suspect he was an agent of the Ogpu.". Hansen said that Jackson entered the heavily guarded Trotsky home in suburban Coyoacan at 5.30 p.m. yesterday and told the grizzled revolutionist he had written an article on which he wished advice. The secretary' said that Trotsky Invited Jackson into his study. Heard Bounds of Struggle. , The first sign of the attack to reach- Hansen were the "terrible cries and . sounds of S violent struggle". Two of the secretary-guards posted about ' the house rushed into the dining room, next to the study, as Trotsky stumbled out, blood streaming down his face. One of the guards tackled the attacker while the other eased Trotsky onto the floor. "The assassin had apparently struck Trotsky down from behind with a miner's pick or alpenstock, the point penetrating the brain", Hansen said. .1 , "Instead of dropping aa- conscious as the assassin had', evidently planned, Trotsky struggled with the assailant. . As he lay bleeding on the floor ' later he described the straggle to Mrs. Trotsky and me. He told me: "'Jackson shot me with a revolver. I am seriously wounded. I feel that this time it is the end. ... I feel that this time they succeeded.'" . At the hospital, before he first lost consciousness, Hansen said Trotsky called him to his side and dictated: "I am close to death from the blow of a political" assassin, who struck me down in my room. I struggled with him. He had entered the room to talk about French statistics, t He struck me. Please say to our friends I am sure of victory of the Fourth International. : Co forward." Sketch of Trotsky's Career. Leon Trotsky was Nikolai Lenin's most powerful assistant and confidant when the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia in 1917, following the collapse of the Czar-lst regime and the bloody days thereafter. As Lenin's right-hand man he was the first Commissar of Foreign Affairs and then War .Minister it was generally believed that he would succeed his master upon the letter's death in 1924. But Joseph Stalin, present head of the Union of Socialist Soviet . Republics, wrested the power from him. Sworn Enemy of Stalin. ' They . became sworn enemies.' Trotsky was stripped from his offices and banished. He became a wanderer driven from country to country until 1937, when Mexico gave him refuge. Below the Rio Grande this stormy petrel was almost always In trouble of some kind. He wrote voluminously; called Stalin and his followers "an unprincipled gang of wreckers"; declared the Comintern was doomed and charged . that he was being hounded by the Russian secret police. - ' He wsj often in personal danger. Shortly after his arrival in Mexico a guard at his home was shot by unknown assailants. He was guarded after anti-Jewish disturbances in Mexico City in 1939. He had a row with Diego Rivera, the famous Mexican painter at whose home he first- lived in Mexico, and moved to Mexico City's suburbs in a house that was described as a fortress. He escaped death on May 24, 1940, when a salvo of machine-gun bullets swept through his bedroom. Ho and his wife were unharmed, but his guard, Robert Sheldon Harte of New York City, was kidnapped and later found dead. The police arrested 20 Mexicans but were unable to fix definite blame on any one. Trotsky asserted that Stalin instigated the plot through the Mexican Communist party. Trotsky, whose real name A was Lev Davydovtch Brony ite.n, was a native of the Ukraine, where his father was a prosperous Jewish farmer. He embraced Socialism when he tvaa If and left home. Two years later he was arrested ' ASSASSINATED LEON TROTSKY In police round-up and thereafter was frequently in trouble with authorities. He wandered in various countries and met Lenin in Finland. ,- . During the First Great War he was shipped from one country to another and was living in New York, writing for various papers, when the Czar abdicated. He sailed for Europe where he -met Lenin and others In St. Petersburg and engineered the coup that resulted in the overthrow of the Kerensky regime. Second only to Nikolai Lenin when the bolshevists seized power in 1917, he was the first commis sar of foreign affairs, then became war minister, revivified Russia s war-weary soldiery and built a military machine which held off Japanese attacks in Siberia, check ed Allied troops at Archangel, smashed White Russian armies on the east, south and west and carried the red banner of communism' to the very gates of Warsaw. ..Called in those days 'the Napoleon of Bolshevism" and "war lord of the Soviets", his nsme constantly wss coupled with Lenin's. When the latter died in January, 1924, it seemed that the mantle of power would fall gracefully upon the shoulders of the Junior member of the firm, and he tried to don it But, always an individualist in communist party councils, he had made enemies. Besides he hsd not formally Joined, the bolshevist wing until 1917 and elders of that faction, henchmen of Lenin since 1903, deemed him . an upstart They allied to Joseph Stalin, executive secretary of the communist party, ; stripped Trotsky of his offices, expelled him from the party late in 1927 and banished him and his chief political lieutenants. The span of his rise end fall wss ten years. Propagandist In Exile. Yet his was a voice which mis fortune could not still. From exile, in Turkestan, Turkey, France Sweden, Norway ana Mexico, ne Quality CAKES ALL THIS WKEK 1 lever whit cake with but terscotch Icing; topped with chopped , C a M . nun JJW A freshly Roasted Milk fad CHICKENS f Phen Year Order. We Deliver. Telephones: S-41U 1-M17! I -MIS Try a Cup ef Our. famous Coffee 17. J. LiriTTELL ek SONS. LTD. FRIDAY SPECIAL! Fresh Fillets of Haddock, lb. in BANK STREET SOMERSET W. 131 WELLINGTON 23 t- FKEE DELIVERY SELLABLE v ROOFERS rttoruugh Work. 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He wrote, gave interviews, and, on occasion, made public addresses in Russian, French, German or English. Polyglot secretaries translated his ful-minations into yet other languages. Meanwhile .'most of his fellow exiles had recanted and been readmitted to the Soviet fold. Was Interned In N.S. HALIFAX, Aug. 21 (CP) Death of Leon Trotsky in Mexico City tonight recalled to Nova Scotians how he had been taken from a ship here in the First Great War and interned in this province. Captain F. C. Whiteman of the Royal Canadian Engineers here, remarked when he heard of the Bolshevik leader's death he was "probably the only man who ever, fingerprinted Trotsky". He was second-in-command of , the Government concentration; camp at Amherst, NJS, in that war. Trotsky, he said, was seized aboard a Norwegian ship in Halifax and interned in the Amherst camp. "He answered our questions but he refused to submit to fingerprinting", the officer said. "We had quite a straggle with him. "Trotsky had j quite 'the most powerful personality of any man I've ever met before or since". Captain Whiteman declared. "He was a man who when he looked at you seemed to hypnotize you. He gave us a lot of trouble at the camp, and if he had stayed there any. longer he would have made Communists of all . the German prisoners." . ' . Straioplane Hops" Over Brazil 'Hump' MIAMI, ria, Aug. 21. VP) Pan American's stratoclipper. Comet, flew into Rio de Janeiro today alone an oversea and over. land route that brings the Brazil ian capital to within three, days of the United States. , ; i . - The 20-ton land plane, cutting across the hump of Brazil, blazed a new trail over which regular passenger ships will fly two weeks hence. . - j . Heretofore, Pan American. Clipper ships have flown around" Brazil's hump, a distance of 5,717 miles from Miami that rmuirad five days to traverse. I The new route, never' before flown hv a passenger plane, trims two days iram toe iiymg ume. ,. ! 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John Lowe, MA, dean of Christchurch, Oxford, Eng., and formerly dean of divinity in Trinity College, Toronto, - has been named a trustee ot - the Rhodes Trust. A former Canadian Rhodes scholar, he is well known -in the Capital. .. : ; His wife is the former Ruth Maud . Burpee, daughter' of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J.7 Burpee, 22 Rldeau Terrace, Rock cliff. After service in the Great War as a sapper, Mr. Lowe resumed his . . .1 . mtIA a education ai irinujr miucic, ana was awarded a Rhodes scholarship at Christchurch, Oxford, and was later asked to return to his old college in Toronto as a faculty member. In March, 1939, he was appointed dean of Christchurch, Oxford. . Aged 41, Mr. Lowe has two sons and a daughter. Confirm Promotion OfCol.J.H.Hogan 1 Promotion of Captain ' J. ' H. Hogan, M.M as officer commanding the 2nd Battalion of The Gov ernor General's Foot Guards, N.P.A.M, is confirmed. He will have the rank of lieutenant- coloneL Col. Hogan, who, at the out break of the war succeeded Bri gadier C. B. Topp, D.S.O., M.C, now on active service, as-chief pensions officer for Canada' fought overseas during the last conflict as sergeant and later brigade observer with the Royal Canadian Artillery. In the early operations of 1918 he was wounded and following a period of convalescence in England became a cadet In the Royal Canadian Flying Corps, with which he was serving at the termination of hostilities. Col. Hogan won the Military Medal during the battle ot Vimy Ridge in 1917. Col. Hogan, who tor 14 years has been an officer of the G.G. F.G.'s, was married in 1924 to Miss Gladys McCarthy, of Ottawa, and has four children. Donald, his eldest son, is a gusrdsman in the same battalion. Col. Hogan is at present at Peta-wawa, where the 2nd Battalion of the G.G F.G.'s is undergoing two weeks' 'intensive military training- " Af the Theatres "Lillian Russell", the drama with music which tells the story of America's first glamor girl, is showing today and Friday at the Avalon Theatre. Alice Faye is starred in the role of the famous beauty in the film, the plot which covers three decades. The great men of Lillian Russell's era, the colorful spots she made famous, and the songs that were popular in her day are in "Lillian Russell", with aU their magnificence and appeal. Don Ameche, Henry Fonda, Edward Arnold. Warren William and, Leo Carrillo have prominent roles in the Avalon attraction, which is showing with Jon Hall and Nancy Kelly in "Sailor's Lady". !.- . "The Man in the Iron Mask", now at the Rialto Theatre, is based on the Alexandre Dumas novel and tells the . dramatic ' story of King Louis XIV of France and his twin brother, Philippe. , King Louis, it will be recalled by readers of the Dumas classic, considered Philippe a threat to the throne arid had him Imprisoned in an iron mask. The ultimate re lease ot the royal prisoner-by D'Artagnan and his fearless musketeers in time to replace the venal Louis and bring relief to an oppressed nation, is brought to the screen with fidelity to the original novel. Louis Hayward plays the dual lead, with Joan Bennett as the beautiful Maria Theresa of Spain. The added attraction is "Gambling Ship", with Robert Wilcox in the leading role. MAT SUCCEED TROTSKY. MEXICO CITY. Aug. 21. Joseph Hansen, long-time private secretary to Leon Trotsky, said to night James P. Cannon, secretary of the Socialist Labor Party in the United States, probably would succeed Trotsky as head of the Fourth International. : Hansen said; Cannon was the "logical man", j ' Flying Officer Desloges Reported Safe and Well Flying Officer Jean Paul 'Desloges, of Ottawa, who is on active servicevwith the Royal Canadian Air Force in Great Britain, has not appeared on any casualty list according to members of his family here. They recently beard from him and he is at his post of duty. Flying Officer Desloges is a son of J. F. Desloges and Mrs. Desloges. j I WILL BAR NAZIS. ' NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y, Aug. 2L The New York State Federation of Labor in convention here today passed a resolution aimed at excluding Communists, Nazis and fascists from holding or seeking office in the Federation. Kroehler. 2-piece Damask-covered., Reg. $119. Special 395 Kroehler, 2-piece Damask-covered. Reg. 163. Special $13 .Snyder, 2-piecr Figured Damask. Period. Reg. $180. 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