The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 9, 1947
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VOL. XI,1V—NO. 11C BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THBDOMWAHT NEWSPAPER Of NORTH** ft ARKANSAS AND 8OC7THKABT MISSOURI Blythevlll* Uallj BlytbcvlUe C«>ut»r Blythevllle Herald Mississippi V»uej LAMM BI.YTHKVIbUC, ARKANSAS, SATDHDAY, AUGUST <),I!M7 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Bulgarian Troops Reported Poised On Greek Border Military Authorities In Athens Concerned Over Developments ATHKNS, AUK. 0. (L'.P.) Crock miiitiiry authorities said loiUiy Lhcy had received reports Ihiit B t'ai'inn troops hsul maxsed in the border iii-cji i'ruiiliut; Greece. Detail.'; nf liie ri;pm'Le:l Bulgarian nnnj' movement were lucking and official quarlc-rs v. ere unwilling to speculate on what significance might ho attached In it il tho reports v.'er," Ij.ln'o i>ut. Press dispatcher i -.poueu lhat : strong guerrilla bnnd ;,u'ferc< heavy losses when Ore's lioop; and planes rcpiilsii'l an nitack 'irmrsiltiy niBlit at N!>:;.UU-S. in Ih Zagoria area of Epirus. The Russian L'»:i;;i;;.sy protested, to the Greek i;r.y?rniTn-ul that Greek policemen iiad been hailing two embassy employes. Lotteries, Raffles CHICAGO, «., i)O3i'd of Iruvte lernallonnl was commend today tlon's by-laws 'i •-. n. <ui>> — Th" >,: .':( K'wanls In"sp-'ed to re- that the orgauiz;i- uiO'rted to member clubs f'oi.i holding raffles giving "door 1'" on tickel sales. The action \vis rxiiectcd as un aftermnlh lo a J,MWIISI> held by I tic Ahoskie, N. C.. club several weeks ago. In that drawing n Negro won new 'Cadillac but wn.s denied it because he was colored. Alter the interiiallorml intervened. Ihe Ahoskie club gave Ihe Negro 53,200, the amount at which Ihe car was valued. Two members of tlie Ahoskie chit), Noah Garrctt and John Jenkins, came heie to appear before Ihe hoard of trustees, which Is holding a two-day session. Ice Supply Short ow So ' Beams, Blisters. Burns, British Military Train Derailed Jewish Underground Threatens More Damage to Railroads 'War' Continues In Spite of Truce Dutch and Indonesians Accuse Each Other of Launching Attacks JERUSALEM, Aug. 9. (UP) _ A British military train from Cairo was derailed tndr.y by an explosion reported to br> the opening move in a Jewish underground campaign to destroy all rail lines in Palestine by the time the next fruit crop is ripe. The train bringing troops back from leave in Cairo was derailed near Wilhclm-.. in the vicinity of (he Lydda Airport. The locomotive aud Tour cars left the track. The fireman and engineer were buried under the wreckage, but no military casualties resulted. Two Jewish youths who fled tlie scene of the wreck were arrested after one of them wus wounded in a gun battle v.ith police. Another youth carrying a sub-machine gun. escaped. Two contact mines had been pl'ac- ed on the rails and exploded" beneath the engine, toppling it into a ditch. TVK lender and two coaches were derailed. Menahem Beigiit, commander in chief of Irgun Zval Leiinii, was reported to have circulated a warning to all citrus merchants to ship their frint by road in the coming .season because all rail lines would be out of action by that time. Privately circulated pamphets warned all travelers to beware of using trains which, the pamphlets said, would be subject lo daily sabotage. The underground warning Kbastert lhat not a yard of rail line would be left inla<jt. Reports circulated, but were rejected by police, that the Itgun- isls had mapped a campaign of wholesale tank robbery to' gain funds which hnd been cut olf by the Peter Hers-xai group. The reports were lhal u, 0 Bcr . Eson group en', off funds to the IrgunisUs because or Ihc hanging of two British sergeants kidnaped at, Nathanya as hostages for three condemned Irgunists. BAT'AVIA. Aug. 9, (DP)—Dutch and Indonev'an communique. 1 ; reported today iiie most serious fighlini; since a Dutch-Indonesian "truce' 1 began. The Dutch charged lhat 301 Indonesians, in the largest single at- 'tack of tlie "truce." assaulted Bonriegr.nkoeloii, i:nar Sscrabaj.l, Java. Another Indonesian attack was reported on GoeeocK, near Sc- marang. An Indone,si?.n communique 'har.'.-ed simultaneousiv lhal Dulc!) 'mops entni-cii Tochhocgcl. four miles south of A'nbarawa, in Ensl .lava, yesterday. The Dtltcli vvUh- rircw, the Indonesian annpiinec- inci:,:.siild, niter inflicting slight su^ltics on. 1 p.dOiiesians. Indonesians have -warned that they will resume their scorched earth policy, unless Uvilch advAiv.'es cease. The Dutch said many towns in Sumatra have teen looted. The factions in the Indies, acting under United Nations pressure, agreed to stop fish'.ing at midnight last Monday. There was some delay in f-ctt i }-. the order' lo scattered 'Indonesian llllils, and the Dutch continyed^ _"clearin<?" operations •-. i:i araas whlrh they already had cc ucfd The Dutch said today -thatsine: the armistice began. Kl Dutch soldiers have been hilled, 32 won cd, and one rnpnrled missing. This virtually equalled (lie rate of casualties which Iho Dutch reported during the two-weeks of open I fighting. In Blytheville Area,DealersSay Supply from Memphis Shut Off, and Then Some Relief Promised niyllicvillc cHlnens were dealt t!ow this morning when the managers of both ir:c plants hero an- rcimced that their stock hnd bc- eome exhausted and thai some cm tomers would have to go without ice today. The ice plant oificlals blame Hie lee famine o\\ the 100-phis U'in- pcraliirc.s that hove been prevalent here tho past week. "People are buying ire fritter Him we can make It", one. plant offi- cinl .said. "We have Ijcen making on an average of 85 to SO tons o ice a day and It just isn't ciiou<;! to i;o around in this hot weather We have trucks .setting Idle hen at the plant and drivers with noUi ing to do." lie said. Another plant official explain™ lhat Ills plant was entirely too sinal (o handle all liis business In IJly Ilicvlllc and that he had been 1m porting 44 tour, ot Ice daily trim a Memphis plant but now I'ln Memphis firm has issued nn idti malum slating "no Ice". Sonic Itclicf I'mmiscd "We arc doing Ihc lies! we cai on what we can. manufacture here, 1 ic said, "but thai is far from ;.. lough. Onr customers will jus hsvve to he. patient,." Tiie situation v:ns rcllevcti sonic what when the nivinger of one o the plants received word from MCI: phis that 11 Ions of ice would b available there today. However. Ih official pointed out that the sit iiiitlon still remains serious an would probably result in the ra UoniiH', of ice *o customers. niylheville is not Ihc only tow lhat is iiffcclcd by the ice famine however. "No ice" signs are reported u> b hnnglnt; from ice docks in I.cacti ville. Manila, Stcclc, Cnrullicrsvlll. and Kcnnett. Lester Godwin, man aRer of the City Ice Company plant on North Highway 81, state that he had ordered the docks i his plant, closed for the greater pa "f Ihc day and that no ice woul bo Eoltl from the dock except teiUui, hours Farmer Killed After Shooting His Wife, Son ROME. On.. At),?. 0. (UP)—Homer Shcdd. fe-j-ear old tenant farmer who killed his infant .son an- critically wounded |y, s eslriinw{ i ccn-nse wife was shot and killed today as he leveled hi.s shotgun at two sts'.c highway police Shcdd's !8-ymr old hc!dini, r ti;cir seven tnby wiien he fired, of lo,iviii« him old man" fihedd fled into ihe v:')"ti ler the shcotinr; |-sl ni^lu Authorities . fouhri him •jcc!: i iv through a window of a farinho'inc and ordered him to surrender' \K he leveled his weapon lo fire'the ofu^crs killed him. Shedd married his wife years ago when she wa.s 15. v.'ifc was months old accusing her "because I'm r.n al- larce Firs! Methodist To Send Delegate To Ohio Meeting Miss Iva Scay. president of the Ycv.nh Fellowship of the First Methodist Church in Blytheville was chosen at a MYF Cauncil meeting in the church last night to be a delegate to tile Conference for 'Methcdisl Youth In V.e held in Cleveland, Ohio, Dec. 30 lo Jan. 2. Ten thousand j-Minjt psor.-'c and adult counselcrs wili allond lhc Hireling, one of the lari:e>i. in the history of MctlicdiHin. Miss Jo Ann"nann aiir| A'Vss Riilll Sc.'.y were chss'on nltcrnales. Miss Mamie Adams, secretary of Ycntli Education of First MMho- dist Cliurch. will be one of ttic in adult counsellors to go from the North Arkansas Conference. Tin' council vr.Lcd to st?.it .'« bi-monthly publication of the ac- t.ivities and wcrk of [tie MYK o! the Tirst Mc'.hndist Church. The first, i.^uc will -je published Tuesday. August 12. It will be written by. edited and published by y:iii:s pccp'e of lhc church. IJuth Sray was in of ttic devotional perio^ of the meeting and follow.inu Ihe business session a social hour was held. from JCtfUVAt jmd i^yti, Mo , his nock? to buj Ice and fh-it the were buying all that he would 1_ them have. He added, however, (hi the sale of ice to out-of-town cli: lomers had stopped and would r main that way until the silunt!'. has eased some. But Stays Under IQQ-Degrees the first time In nine days the incrciny eased under ll» mark yesterday us the tcnUH'rulmc ilo|)|)cd Us dully ascent ill For enlury eh iif M degrees. Since Thursday i>( last week, the temperature here has hit htglir f 100 degrees or more, reiichlns n penk or ur, on both Monday mul Other parts of Arkansas con- nucd to swelter under ItO-plus aiJiiiRs. hnwnvcr. It was hottest i I'jit Smith ycslerdiiy, where lie niercmy reached 103. Hot nights continued here, iiouilh. and tf;o weulherman sees 10 ImriK'dlalc end lo (he most rotracted hut spell of the season lu'.l holds promise of more 1CD- esrec or higher readlncs. Tlie cwest •temperature hore during nst. niRht, wns n dei'.rces, Ho'ocrt H.aylock, official weather ob- crvcr, re.pc.-;ted lodiiy. •The foi'ccaf:t lor Ai-kansas eall- d for partly clnncly weiither lo- Iny with little diniiKC In lemper- nturi 1 , Karlj miH incomp'etc returns lo the U. H Weather liuronu In Ul- I c llwk showed ]-\>rl Smith nr.nln the hoin>st apoi In the stale ycs- lorday with n bliuorlm: in'i de- ri-crs. Fmi smiiu stands tie<l wilh Qilbcit (or Dm mason's hiiilius'.— 109 decrees earlior (his week. In srcond spot yesli-rday was Trx.ii-kann with 10?. Pine Illuff und Mnnlicello rr|)or(ed 102. Uttic Kock wn! ISnle.sville 101. mid Mar- rltion n rolatlvely cool 97. July '•) | h was' tho last day this year tl-,;u UH. mercury did mil rise us iij,.|i n . s |03 di>i:reos-.innk- ii>K Icday 11it- HI], cnnnectitlvc duy of 101-jilus it'mpcnitures. : ood Pact Signed By the British With Hungarians Three-Year Agreement Reported in London; t Other Deals Pending U. S. Considers Protest to Stalin Russian Refusal to Open Seaport Irks State' Department WASHINGTON, Au^. n. (UP) — Ihe Slate Department. ch;ifln<; under n Soviet him ng'iinM American naval vc.-iscls enlering Didr(.n. today considered a rrcond (irolest lo Nfoscow over conllnuini; Russian occui>ation of the Chinese port clty^ Diptr.mnlic officiAls disclosed that the mailer of s-indln^ a pro- Icsl note to (oltow up tine of Jan. G was -under uctlv,.: study by the department. Russia continues vo occupy Dalrcn despite i\ Saviel-Olvinev; ni-.cord of Aug. M. 1045. in which tho Russians agreed to restore the port to Chinese s»verci',;i'ty. Disregarding the foi'inrl agrcc-menl and combined Chinese and American objections, the -Soviets havc- por.lponcd evacuation of Iho port, for two ycors. The Unilc'd Slntcs in Identical notes send to Moscow and Nanking in January said il "perceived no rcnson why there ahtimil be fur the r delay in o|)eiiliii>. lhc porl, CJuncsL ailinmutratioo, to n McMath Asks Full Probe of Father's Death HOT ErRTEvGS. Ark.. Ai:s. " Jr> — Victorious DI nol'ticia rosed ranks behind their Icadi ProsccutiiiiK Attorney Sidney McWnth loday as lie buried his "7-year-old father, tho victim of three shots fired by the son's bointihii, blonde wife. The war veteran candidates, lend to victory over the lonE-reiirn-ng ncUiacal marliinc of cx-Miynr r. 'Mcl.-m^hlin. acted xs |>allbear- crs at the funeral of Hal McM-nh today. They included sociali'.c Mayor Earl Ricks and Circuit Judge Clyde H. Brown. The eldcrlv McMath was shot nnd kll'ed Thursdav night, by 25- Vcar-old ,Ainic McMath aftei lie allegedly abused one.of the prosecutor's horses. The prosecutor fnid that his father, who had hcen rfriiikii:;. became enraged when his wife remonstrated with him loIlon-Jng his trcatmer.t, of thenn- imal. He said Mrs. Mr-Math Hohenzollern Jewels Missing Kaiser's Qrandson Reports $500,000 Loss to U. S. Officers LONDON. MIR. '). I U.IV> -Cirenl iiilain und llungai/ today signed i Ihree-year Inoil ngi'conienl. ef fei-live Imnu'di'.Mi-iv, under wlilclv, HID isrillsh will receive ineri :iuantltles of fondslufl'i, itritalu will rccoivo from Hungary bacon, egg, 1 ; and lard in (HinntltlcK to be hirrcr-.scd over the llnrc-yciir pi'ilod. S; wns n-.veulMl The agix'cmcnl. provided thnt llriliiln receive simfiuwiir oil. beans, pea:;, wine, fruit pulp, pcmU.ry fruit and vrgclahl;-. 1 ;. load mhilslry did not dls- delall.s on tin- -imounl m of Ihe food lo I.M- riiccl-ed uf;re:'nu.nt u'ns the sectnu kind sli;ned by Hrllaln will fresh Tlu' close vnluc •I he if Us [i ciiunlry of Knslcrn Rnrnpe. similar one Iiud been sinned will Poland, and the llrillsh were i.c- t;oll:iliii|; wilh UKUI.IN. AUK. n. (UP)—Amerl can Army detectives loday rcporlc they are lumUnti for uppruxltuulcl $500,000 In llolien/iollcrn crown Jewels which me missing In Hcrlln. An Army criminal InvcsUKulUii division ofllcersnid tlie gems liictud cd diamonds, emeralds, rubles an "cvcrylliini; else." The Jewels wer reported stolen from a house In th American scclor of the city "u cou pic of months ago." Tile disappearance was reportc by Prince Louis Ferdinand, grand son of the laic Kaiser nnd Kalserln llcrinlnc who died Thursday in Fninkfurl-on-Ocler In the Russian Zone. Pcidliiiiud said that he had reported tho loss to American army 'investigators. He added with evident irritation that tin: Investigators promptly put himself and his wife to whiil he called "a truth scrum" lest. Ferdinand and his altraclive blonde uifc Rosa, were nn^ry about b-imf subjected to the truth serum test and said they wanted lo see •J4jj_U*n laiLllls Clay and liobcrl fcy Mil, political adviser to cn- JMP* «MDpl»lnt. chartie hvstcrical with fright and Truman at Shangri-La For Quiet Week-End THURKONT. Md.. -A-lg. n (UP) —Vrcsident Triimon, ieadinn the !ifc of a !e;sureiy vacationer™ sic -t late this morning at Shanorl-La his mnuntain retreat in the Ca- ;oo:m Mountains, and had breakfast at 9 a.m. EOT with Mrs. Tru- nmii. The President arose at 8:39 a m EDT.. almost three hours beyond hi.s usual awakenlr.2 time. Court Session Scheduled A session of Common TleasCcurl will convene at the Ccurt House here Monday morning \vith Coun- tv Judge Roland Green presiding. Civil cases Involving amr/.mu up to Sl.ODO will he Iirnrrt. Suspect is Hs!d For Taking Cosh From Tcnnsssean Police today ar,^ investi^alinp the thctl oi about S20 from tlie cabin-camp quartern tif :i TcnncsAut: buyer here to atle;id a horse .vile. The money, in n biilold. war. taken Thursday inslii from UK panl.s pceket of \V. H. Carpenter of Lcwlsbtirp, Tcnn.. as lie slent in a cabin at the Di-lta Cabin Caiup on Soulh Division Street. F.nlranre to the cabin was obtained through a rea" window screen, police s;\i<l. \Ii-. Carpenlci's billfold was foun-1 tliis morning .north of Ihe. ca'j'h camp r.lcng a Cotton Belt spur track. A Negro is being held in Ihc county jail here tor Investigation in connection wish Ihe thru. Firemen Called Firemen answered a raM tn ib" Joe Williams' residence at 4iG East Vine yesterday afternoon when an oil heater get out of control. No damage lo the honsr. resulted. fir-ins." The elderly man was shot, he (ollr-v/cd iMrr.. McMath into Iheir sur-'.irbnn home "with clinrh- ed fists." He died before rcarhin^ hospital. The shots were fired from a service revolver which the you',hful \7cMaCn carried nshorc as he led Ihc Marine a-ssault on Bouitain- vil'e. He received a spot battle- -- to ...^,.,, i.n.~. lield proinofiinn lo lieutenant co- | """>' Krowii^ Mrs. A. M. VanWinkb lone] for his work in that engage-'"" " ~ n:ei>t. McMath immcdintcly asked Judge Brown to .place the case before the regular grand jury next Thursday. Brown will also aPPoinl a rpcrnl prosccv.lor to present lhc cn^e. no charges have bee:i filed against Mrs.. McMath, the •n "at/norma eondttjon," »nd — th»t AmericKiw he |x-rmttt«fl to visit and reside ,-n Dnircn. A second American protest prc sumably wmild I)-; sinrlnr to lhc firsl though il probably would be worded more (orc'.-fiilly: China last June strongly protested against Soviet refusal to itvi: up to ihe agreement and asked (or c.slahlishment ot Us nnlliorily in. Dairen. Russia countrrcd wilh the assertion Chat. Chii-.esc troops could not enter Ihe city, since the state or war with .Japan had- not. been formally held that Dairen should icniam! fcrence at Stoncvillc. Miss.. Aug. Ifl- 111.der military supei vision o f So-1 18 . "• w "s announced today, vict troops until the peace part E - D - While, nsslntnnl lo Ihe 0 WRI signed. ' • | S. Secretary of Agriculture, will The controversy ;n-cr Dairen was!' ; l" !nlt for government; Oscar .lotm- ' son. president of the National Colton Council, will speak for the cotton industry; and J. I.,. McCaffrey president of International Ilinvcs- .er Company, will speak for (arm machinery manu(nclurer.s. The talks will highlight. n two- day program of discussions and dc- mmslrattons by top admlnislrnlors ind technicians of lhc farm equipment Industry, the land grant colleges of lhc cotton producing Slntcs ind United Stales Department of Agriculture officials. One of the featiirer, of the con- crcncc will be a panel discussion presided over by Ellis T. Woolfolk, president of Die Delta Council. Ransom E. Aldrlch, president of the Mississippi Farm Iliireau. will serve as chairman of l.he conference, which will seek means by which the Income of the cotton belt farm workers can be raised Ihronch the Mechanisation of cotton and related crops. Mechanization OfCottonTopic Of Conference ' MEMPHIS. Tcnn., Aug. !). (UP) — Leaders of government, the cotton industry nnd farm ecpilpmcnt industry will discuss their rcsponsibil- _ ity in cotton mechanization nl a terminated by Ircaly. It, belt-wide cotton meclianhnlion con- rcvi\'cd yesterday v/hcn the PJatc Department disclosed lhal Rufsia has refused since March to permit unarmed u. S. naval v.isseis to make roullnc tails at the port Pressure Groups Under Scrutiny House Committee Watching Moves By Federal Agencies WASHINGTON, All!,'. II. (IIP) A rpccliil House ccmmltliM! 01 iMiiird (iidny iiK' ri.7s.Vble Slnli Di-piirlnifiil. ti Hi-mills lo prriiu KniKlIz-! Illeanllv u, ;., V cr of tlie "Mur.shiill Plan" for economic to Kuvope. Coniinltlco InvrsllBMors vveiv in- strutitetl by RhHlrman Forest. j\ Harni;::.-;. R., Ind.. | o wan Stuli llepiiTlment actions cliisclv. 'Ihiv were told lo )ju on tlie' tiwkou for nny effort, to brine incysure at Cnipvss to enact the fol-olsn re liof program. The committee— formed to In vestlisale pro|iaininda efforts Ijj Icderal aRcncli:(i--Kl,ressed that Ihi meril.s of Ihe .program were no In question, Committee Couaie Prniik T. mw snld 'Ilnrncss na r.nnrernert only with -Die possibility of i'let;al- lobbying in ||,s fnvcu 1 . Present huv forbids the 1152 c federal funds to exert infhienr direclly or Indirectly on lefrlsla-tlnn However. II l:i permissible ior in acency to keep Icelslntors tu\:l tin IMibllc Informed of Ihe facts. •Hnw ,sniil Ihc q'le.slilon of lllni'.u propafianda was raised by tin coininenl.-i of Stale rx-paiimen k'lttaches n ".seltlnp; J.-jb" Hughes Stakes Reputation on His rluge Flying Boat By ANN HICKS »nil JOHN I,. SW.KI.K United I'rrss Staff Correspondents > • •••. WASHINGTON, Ati>r. !). (U.I'.)—Howard Hughes'to- fi.v .linked his professional reputation as n piano maker on is stilHo-hR-flown 200-ton flying l>naL, stating that "if it s u. ^Mlui-e 1 pvobiibly will leave this country and never come !:;ick." . Again facing Ihe questions of the Sctiale War Investigating Subcommittee Inquiring Into his $40,000,000 In pliinc contract,-! — one o[ which wns for the glgniitlc cargo plune, the Junky millionaire Industrallst said he would pin his future career on it. ...,.-. ..,.. Bill ill the I line Hughes said the (lying bout, "Hercules," on which the government 1ms spent |18,1)00.000 may never be Ilown because I It is too large for one man to op- crnlc the controls manually. Apparently, however. Hiip.hcs did not fed that lhc flying boat .would have to fly to be it success. He siit'.l the research oiv 11 would 'be of i;renl viilue to aeroimutlcs. Already, ho snid, the plane append to have shown the efficiency of iilancs decrease when they go beyond n certain size. . .. ' lnvi'«:ll K :|lion Hlghli^hta Other highlights o f today's'ses- sion of lh c Investigation: 1. Hughes said Army Air Forces procurement officers displayed "haired" townr ( > him because ha didn't- entertain them us much 'as other nviiition comimnics did. This caused a .title.- -1,1 the committee room, because much of thq Hughes Investigation has been devoted' to study of cntcrlulnment expcndl- tiircs hy Hughes' employes. '"I'hey thought me stuck up, loo liood for them," he said, "hccauja. I sat out In my Hollywood bailiwick Instead of going to . Wright Held (Army Ah Procurement Heart.. Winners) to kow-tow to them." * 2. H Ihc Senate wished to make n "really fair" Investigation, ho said, II would find that combat pilots' were "enthusltisllc" about his v>ho- lo-rcconnalsnnce plane. The "government awarded Hughes »2lj600- Cno (or construction of three of the Mrs. Caldwell Dies; Funeral Rites Tomorrow Mrs .Tosie Cnldwcll .|n Ensl Cherry St. «-jf ( . r ; G . II. Caldwell' died last night a', Blytheville Hos- pilnl. She wns 75. Funeral scn-i-e; mil be hcl'' lo- morrr.w at :i p.m.-I Cob), Funeral Home v ,'ill: the Rev D B nicdsoe. associ.ic pastor of Fir*:' I.aplist Church. officiallng, assisted by the Kcv. Daniel Sla((ord pa';. tw of the Firs'. Church of the Naxarcne. liursl will be at Elmwood Cemetery. The CBldwcii family moved here in 1320 from Bnkcri=vill r , Mo OtVr than her husban i, M Av rjald-.vcll is survived by four daughters. \frr former Anne Phillips of Slate •Springs. 'Miss. 'Her husband indicated that her plea would be self defense. Four Missco Extension Agents Attend Meeting Four Mississippi County Extension Service ar.cnts arc In Fayeltc- ville loday whuie they arc attending a conference at ih c University of Arkansas. They are C'-'.mty Agent Keith Bilbrcy and Assistant County Agent O.-iCnr Harelbnkcr, both of 'Blythc- villc. and County Agent D. V. Ivfaloch and Assistant County Agent Clay Mocrc. both of Oscc.ila. The Rxtcr.sioii service conference will continue through Tuesday. iiid Mrs. Fred Stevenson n || O r Blytheville. and r.Irf. j. L. Mal.ct of Springfield; two «' us, Ross Cai;l- nnd John Crur.wdl, both of Elyllicvllle: f o -i r Ir.othprs and three sisters. Pallbearers wi'l l>i- \v I Sli'c^ Charles McDanirl, V«rcns Gaines. Jerry Frntikham. I ec Reaggan Rayminri Dixon. Cobb Funeral J|r:n<. j s ju charge. Two "Air Flivvers" Off On Flight Around World NEW YORK, Aug. 9. (UP)—Tile 10n-horsepower "air flivvers" tonk off today from the Tclcrboro, N. J . airport on the first leg of a projected leisurely round-thc-worM flight. Piloted by George Truman. ' of Saskatchewan. Canada, and Clifford V. Evans. Jr.. of Washington D. C.. the two little Piper Cubs which pack less than one-fiftli the power of any previous plane to attempt to girdle Ihe globe, took the uir at 11:11 a.m. Em'. I: iccessary lo secure congressiona ipproval of Ihe Marshn'.l Pinn. Th Sllnlc Do))arlincnl progi-im. whlcl is si 111 t:i tlie discussion ,«l.v,'i! would be worldwide plan of ccn It is expected l^r controversy to provoke a ma- at Die next ,ses slon of Congress. Con^rcsrjioua c'ommiltres arc touring Eurori this Kummcv to gaiu needed in formation. How saitl lhat three oilier %n'J ertunenl apcueies are vuicler In \'csllgation by the st.if Tliey arc the Agriculture Depart .ont,, the Office of Ciovcrnmen J'jr-rls and the War Dcparlmcn The last agency '.ins r.een ac cused of conducting a propa^.md campnign In belialf of univers: military Iraining. Row <lld not dp Uiil the alleged oflcnsca of <.-lher Lwo dcparlnients. tl Mrs. Recvie R. Smith Dies in Sikcston, Mo. Ol.IiUTHKRSVir.I.KMn., A'iB. 'I. -Pimera] services were held Thin s' ] a.y (if. Bike-Ion. Mn.. for Mrv Ilccvie Rosclla Smith, 77. who died there Tucsdav at, the home ff a dauchter. Mrs. Smith war, I lhc mother of Mrs. Warner Phil- ' lips of Caruthcrsvillc. •Born in Cape Girarricau Cniin- t.v jslie moved to Sikcslon ivi'.n her husband who was a rlivslmn. Surviving are Tour dniicliters, Mrs. H. T. Wainman of Sikcslon, Mr*. Phillips of Carlllhrrsvillc: Mr;. Mrs. lona Crowe of Hirlinsen, 'lexas; Mrs. Jesse Oranl of Mr»r,<iv, Mo.: and one son, J. Fred Smith of Otccola, Ark. Services were held at the liome nf Mrs. Wninman. Rev. M. Ci. Joy.-c. Methodist pastor, and interment was in the Sikcston rc-.u- rlcry. Hindus Protest The SSaughtcr Of Sacred Cov/s NR\V nmLHI, Tixlln, Ai:^. (UP)-- Hiiutu.s from nil j);irl,s India pcithrrerl hrrr tnday to JII-P.- rlrmniuLs for :i Itsj-sil b^t; on tl' i;il IDI; of sncrccl co'.'.'.s. Tiif! AH-IIiiulir Courrirpiicc 1 ! al5 lind on i;,s nurnti;! :t propor-nl t r>:rluclc nil M^lcuis from key IK .•iitions in ttio \ir.\v IndL:in 13»iv imnn ^ovrrumriH. ItpiipitMrs llindu.s roRiirfl rows ;i ?:irre(!—a fact which ha,s coulril: \\lv.\ hcnvi\y to Hlnfiii ir.cllon with Moslems, who look upon rr/A's :t.s soiuuthkn^ lo rnt. '] Uc Htntltis, who ;\rrivcd hcrr j hv lr:iin, fjnnc, bullncrk cart and fiffjol. \vcrp ciu;oui';«:;rtl by vi-;or- j our, aiiti-r.ow-kiilini; cnmv-Aisn lie- by U;unkrishn;i Dalinn, Ylayor to Confer On Housing Deal Four from Blytheville To Meet With FHA Officials in Texas Mayor K, H. Jiickson ulll lonvo onlght for rorl Worth. .Tcx-js, vht-rc he and Ihrce oilier nlylhi-- Illc repiescii'.iitlves will confer Monday wilh ofliclals of lh c Fcd- 1'id Housing .Mjcncy's regional of- K. A Idee, manager of Ihe Vnl- rnns Housing Quarters nt llic Air la.ic lii-rc-, Attorney Oscar Fendl-jr, ,nd .joe Kvims, imdlloi' (or the V1IQ will u-nvc Memphis tomorrow Horning by plane und Join Mayor Jackson in Port Worth. The UKiup will meet with I-'lliN. offlclal.s nt 10 a.m. Monday lr> dl-i- ~mis continued tiperatlon of Ihe nil- )asc hou.ilng area imd the, y of ticqulrlng additional facilities. Mic.y expect lo bo back In Illythe- 'Ille. Wednesday. The City Council meeting scli?- ulcd for Tnesdiiy night hus been lO.Mponcd, Mnyor Jackson said, mid nay l>6 held the pillowing Tuesday. Harper to Take Oath as Judge In St. Louis W. Ilnrper. who has been an Interim nppoliitincnt by CAUUTMEIiaVILI.K, Mo., AUK 9 —Hoy " .'Iven President Truman to serve ns riiv- Ing Judge o( the (cdcral court in Missouri, will vn lo St. louls to take hLs oiilli of office in (he Federal oulldiiiK In that city, It was announced here this morning. Mr. Hm-per. n lender In Missouri affairs of the Dcniocnitlc. Parly and a personal friend of the President, was appointed to succeed Judge Caskle Collel, who wns pronmlcd , ] to serve on the U. S. Circuit Court! ' lcl tio " planes, none of which ever flew lr combat. ' 3. Hughes salfl some o( his •difficulties with the Air Forces stemmed (rom an "unfortunate Incident" when AAF Chler.Gen H-H Arnold was bavreri'rrom his Pa'clfld Coasl plant while he w«s biilkUng nn aircraft "behind closed doors ' 4- Hughes snid Wright Field iprd cuicment officer^ wouldn't "touch me with a 10 fool pole" because o' a "(avorltlsm" charge once m»3e by one of his engineers during com- Appeals. and Truman Doctrine Slows Commies' March Westward I OUfSVTLl.R. K:y., IAll£. ft. '(UP) —Publisher Mark EthridKc. who erved as U. S. representative on Die Balkan Inquiry Commission. warned lust night that Greece may fall 'to her ,Cominiuilst minority under the hammering of Ilcd- stfli'rcrt guerrillns." In a radio address over WHAS, ICtinidire said II. would he In "pcr- iccl n-cord" with the. pattern es- tnhllshcd by Russia In her Eastern European v-o!icy to move across Northern Italy and Inla I'niucc, ont:e Greece has fallen. (•Jlhridcc. publisher of the ILouii- villn Courier-Journal, mul Times, said the Haiku n Commission had rnncluded from ils findings that and. lo a lesser c:Ucm | a Hughes plane Iflckhccd craft. .•'•.'" Mcytr Still Mlwln^ . ' 5. John Meyer, Hughes' $260- weck publicity agenl, still w»s monit llic missing. U. 8. Marshall in mod with n subpona (or ^the pafl ly-Bivlng agent, were looking' fcj. him to return for further question-1 Ing. li. Hugh Fulton, former couivs"! of tlie committee, plumped hirnseil down In the witness chair and iak- 1 ed lo be henrd. The committee would not. hear him. Fulton has been nccuscd of trying to .get ins committee lo soft-pedal the Hughes investigation. He was counsel 6{ the" defense investigating committee when President Truman was coiri- milleo chairman. In relaling to the Senators his difficulties with the Army Air Forces, Hughes sn;cl lhat he had been Informed by ope high-ranking off Icer that other officers considered him "stuck up _ to good for them." j He couldn't remember the name of I his Informant.. "When they came to Hollywood] Alabama, and 11114 aria, supported • I ignored them." Hughes iald. tiiierrillu warfare in Greece. "It .Is my ottn bcilc." ..nal the commission, in a minor way. anrt Mur so-culled Truman Doctrine, in a major way, threw the masters of international Communism , ott their timetable," he Raid. Fined $50 After Wielding Sharp Knife Durini; a session ot Municipal Court this morning, a Nccro was found guilty of assault wilh n deadly weapon nnd another Ncpro pleaded guilty to a charge of petit larceny. Robert Lcc Soward. Negro, was fined $50 nnd costs on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon resulliiii: (rom the s!a.ihli>g early this morning of a Negro woman. While testifying about his flying boat. Hughes said it, .may. never be flow.; because it Is so large that no mtin is strong enough to operate Its controls manuallyl However, he said that he hoped that the conlrol problem could be solved. He said that the .pro'bliim ' had been licked on a test system • Mi the hanger, but that he was^noV- sure whether the solution would- wor'.t on the plane itself. Six Die in Train Crash LONDON. Aug. n. rUP) — A London Leeds train collided wi'.h a southbound Iraln at. Balbv near Doncaster loday. and the London and Northeast Railroad said sl:< were killed and about 50 were injured, thy induslriah^t and iieuspr.ijer owner. He prcmi.~>c.'d lo fast lo the death unless slaughter ul cnws Is prohibited within a Sear. The Hindu-ruled Kashmir slate already cives s:ich protection lo frnvs that r.ot even a bottle ftf V.ovril - Hi ilain's famed beef non- sommr -can be carried In by n visilor. Experimental Plane Crashes in Bay; 3 Die NF.YV YORK. lAllg. fl. (UP) — Rescue workers .sought today to recover the bodies ol three crew mombcrs killed when on 'American Airlines S130.CCO ex pc r 1m en t a 1 plane crashed Into iHowc.ry Hay last night wb'.'.e attempting an emergency landing at LaGuardia Field. One o[ the two men who escaped before the p'aiie sank was in a critical condition. Odom, on Round- The-World Hop, Ncoring Tokyo Grace Taylor, during an argument „ ", r.ver whiskey. She wr,s cut over '?'" 5c /° the eye. Soward pleaded guilty. T. .(. IJIokc. Negro, pleaded! guilty to a charge ol petit larceny- and war. fined S2S and costs. He was charged wilh stealing n wrist walch (rom n Negro cnle here. Tile Court this morning also look a forfeit on a $10 bond put up by J. B. Nccly on a charge of speeding. \ug. 9. (UP)—Flight" •:lin Lamb said to'-' not x tnat Shanghai, authorities ad• vised him shortly before 9:3D a.m • ! CST that Capt. William Oda-n Train Hits Automobi/c; Walnut Ridge Man Hurt JONESnORO. Ark., AUg 9. (UP) —Dennis Chester Turbyvllte, 21, of Walnut Ridge, wns In a hospital here today for treatment of injuries su(fered early this morning ..when his car was struck by a train in Walnut Rldgc. His right arm was amputated and his condition was described by hos- pilal atlcmlanls ns critical. Lamb said he was unable to obtain from shanghai the exact time nt which Odom passed over the airport on his flight from K»r«c»i, India, his last recorded stop. . Long Hop Contemplalfrt TOKYO, Aug. 9. (UP) — Army Air Force officers at Yctola Airfield -wid today they had drop-, lype fuel tanks ready to attach' to William Odom's rovmd^thc- world plane it he decides to ?o non-stop from Tokyo to Chicago. Weather AKKANcAS — Partly cloudy today, tonight and Sunday. UU1« change in temperature.

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