The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 8, 1947
Page 7
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVIL^E (AUK.y COURIER NEWS Parole Board Releases Trio from Missco UTTLE HOCK, Ark., A'Ag. 8. (UP) — A tot?l of 21 Inmates of ,' Arkansas's sta'.c prison today hold -. paroles, following action of the State Parole Hoard yesterday. In addition the board recommended six furloughs and one commutation of sentence nnd denied two applications for uardon. Among those paroled were: Robert Adkins, grand larceny: Mississippi Count) 1 ; November, 1946; five years. Eugene Belcher, assault to rob; Mississippi; March, 1947, one year. Joseph C. Cherry, burglary and grand larceny; Ouachlla; November, 1946; two years. I/oyd Trot lev, gland larceny, Mississippi, August 104C; three years. Steve Wilson, Negro, burglary and grand larceny; Union; Feb. 1914; 10 years. George Willie Flood, Negro, burglary nnd grand larceny; Ouscl:!- ta; Nov., 1946; two years. Return of American War. Dead Underway Shelby County Records Burned Inadvertently But Official's Face is Red MEMPHIS, Tcim.. Aug. 3. (UP) —When the lady satil, "file UiU." Hatlie Fuller Ihouglit she 6:,ld, "fire this," so Hatlie threw the official Shelby County commission records into the incinerator instead of the filing cabinet. The • story as il came out today was OILS: •Hattie is a mairl nl the county courthouse. Recently,' County Ccnx- Iluriiccl Chef Takes Action JjOSTON, (UI'J — he burned hi.s lingers otice lot* often. Homer Henrlchon or Dorchester, FKIDAY, AUGUST 8, 10-17 a Htj.ston chi'l, invented a "safety pie pan lifter" which enables a cook lo remove- a pio from the oven without- lunching the hot plate. i , ^ r Club 61 Blythcvlllo, Arkansas — — Highway OL North Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only Under the direction of U. S. Army personnel, ISelfiian workers start disjr.lervvjg one of the Anicr- icnn war dead at the U, S. Military Cemetery ;it Ilcmi-Cliapdle, Ucli'iuin. The woottcn collin In the background is used lo transport the body to the identification point nt the cemetery before placing it in il casket und shipping it to Hie next of l:in in the U. S. missioncr Ertwyrc! W. Hnle signed Hie oHiciul mir.utc book fill 1 tliu period Juno 6. 10-13, thmusli July 3, 1SM7. When lie w;is Ifnisliwl, his secvcUu-y, Mrs. Vio'.cl M. ttcrkcr handed the book to Iluttie. 'his.' 'nnd dumped I he 11 iiv.h b:ioV: down the \vusle inlo the U'.rnace. The janitor !jy D- fiUUO. shoveled Ihc; records 't b['en lired. Uul tij(-> File this," Mrs. 'flnilrtwurS jrommissioiior's fncc is ml said. Hallie thoiuuit .she 1 said, "Jive Tired or I| After « Yc;irs CillKAT PALLS, Mont., (UP) — C. L. pelersri!) sought, to end ; 41-yenr inan-iiipe when he chnrgci his wife, Pcnmlln. w ilh "nagging, and fiuilt, finding" in a divorc 1 complaint. 9ERTH oF n SOU dhf JiJdda <£aws&ti£ff ~O by Hildo Lowrcnco; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, IMC j XXIX ' A ONES wns expecting tlicm. •"• Marie knew thai before they reached her door. He had slopped at the hall telephone to call Foy's man on the seventh floor. He lolc) hi '.hat no one was lo enter Mips Harris's room and added that "no one" meant any thing in hum LID form regardless of how it dressed ar.d talked. When he turned from the phone ho saw the floor ot 200 Etanding open. Agnes was wailing. . "Well, Agnes?" he said. I *'Come in, sir. You loo, doctor. . . . So'she lost her nerve." | "Was that il?" Mark asked. ' *'Yes, sir. H's no good in me trying to explain, it has to do wilh too many things. And aside from that, nobody likes lo he the one to point the finger. But I've al- \voys been a bold piece- I want to talk. And since you were the one lo bring* this thing lu light. I want to talk to you. Foy had his chance, and what did he do? . . . Are you in as big a hurry as 1 am?*' 1 "Yes. I want lo sec Lillian Harris as soon as possible." • Something like affection showed in her eyes. "You're n citlc one. Now you come over here, both of you." She led them lo her bureau. "This" is what "Miss Plummer wanted to tell you. One of i thb things." She gave him the cos- i tume, neatly folded. "Shake it out, show it to the doctor. He knows what it is, he's seen one like it before." He folt as if lie had seen one too, even seen the one he held in his hand. He knew the fringec lashes, the yellow cin'ls, the twisted, pouting lips; the long, ful sleeves, the clumsy sktirt lha would almost touch the iloor. He folded the musk and put it in hij> pocket with a casual air, because he also knew the small, browr mole. . v "I've been wondering what hay pencd lo Ihc costumes," he said. OCKICD up in Iho linen closet. ' The very next day. Every jiii who wore 0110 turned il in ml was checked o(f. AH except he one that was blirnect. You know which one. . . . I'd like to c:ill your attention lo that hem." "You don't have to. I saw it," She .sat down abruptly. "I'm .so reUevcd I could scream," she said. She was almost crying. "Air. Kast, we've had a terrible time here -and a lemble night that's just passed. We ean'l have another. If we do, I don't know what may happen to —to one oC us." "To any one of you in pnrticu- lar, Agnes?" "Maybe Miss Harris, 1 don't know. May be that's what's killing us by inches! We don't knmv, we can't be sure. There isn't a single one I'd trust, not one." He gave the costume lo Dr. Kloppel. "Can you gel this out of the house for me?" Dr. Klopjjcl hesitated. "Foy?" "Foy had his chance," Agnes said, Dr. Kloppel opened his large, Id-fashioned bag and turned his nek. Then, "Nobody saw me do rat," he said. "Where did you to herself. Hut somebody knew, mid knev. f she \VCHI Id n't be bade until tiic next day, it tliL'ri. And. her room wus unlocked. Knsy ctLougli lo slca! Miss Campbell's costume, easy enough to change from unc lu another in case oC blood. Ensy enough to I nek your- :;ulf in a bathroom. "May bo the second- floor bnlbroom," A g n cs elaborated, "then bide the extra ono in the packrnoni, where it wouldn't be found till :>pnn<{, :md Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By EUGENE POWELL, Mgr. For liuservations Telephone 914 "All right, I'll lend them the money—here, you'd better give it to them because the job is alt yours of getting it backl" FRECKLES •& HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER Message Ht'ceived walk clown one (light you calm as Q HE paused, but it wa:; clearly for breath, tit it other people's conversation. "And there's something el so. loo. I UilkctJ it over with Miss PHimmcT hist mi;ht f and we fixed (he lime. The. lime is right. It (Us. 1 ' She had been watching the rat; dollies having their fun, she over by the desk, and d to .see them. That is, she'd laughed until she paw bow mean they acted when Miss Plummer bei^ed fur someone to run her orrmul. Nasty fjirlSj every one-, ungrateful as they cotne, shaking their huutl.s and cackling like !*i!<!se, Sht'd tried to yuess which ones they were, because .she meant to uive them what-for in the morning. And Hint was when she'd seen the peculiar one. V" Mark repeated. "Not in tonks," Agnes said, "un- ices you count bunchiness. Peculiar in actions. She was kind of following ono rai; dolly around, I GATEWOOD GROCERY j Phone 9751 Ark.-Mo. Stale Line oil the left at Hie Arch tt PL 7 Crown . . . .'. ........ 1.35 Calvert . . ........... 1.35 Schcnley ............. 1.35 Cream of Kpntucky ..... 1.35 Three Feathers ........ 1.35 Hill& Hill ............ 1.40 Old Taylor ............ Four Roses ............ 5% Beer ............... GAS, reg ......... 17.9c; Ft. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.63 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 Bth 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6-90 4.50 .per Ccse $3.35 . . . .Ethyl 19.9c All Brands Cigarets, ctn. $1.35: Free 'Delivery ChambSin Sa!es Co., Inc. Slmlcbaker Service First by Far With a Postwar Car Modern time-saving tools arc provided for our Iruin- mechanics. They use llidr skill and the correct, tools i.o give you better service. We repair all makes of cars and trucks. 131G Chevrolet 15 ton ricliup MC C'.MC '/• Ion I'uklui in 15 Dad^c^i Tim I'ickiip 1011 Chevrolet 'A ton I'ickup I'M NOT CATCMIMG. ANY LION '. I INCLUDE ME OUT' r-—,-— PICKARD'S GROCERY Guaranteed Used Cars I S^ S , i \ I ITS OfJS OF TilF SOWiEBODY'S, \. WOS! LET560.'// 5LE/ I ^ , ., ^ lillfi T'oril Super 2-<loor I'.ltt Plymouth 2-cloor 1041 Plymouth 4-door 1!)40 routine Phone 2043 1044 Chickaaawbft Lots of Others to Select From CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY INSURANCE Your Studebaker Dealer First by Far With a. Postwar Car —RR & Ash St., dial 2311 For Complete Protection • Accident & Health BY LESLIE ITJHNR* WASH TUBES OSIW T I CON'T KNOW HOW FY 60TVDUB PHOfO- GEAPHOFKEE.WU'D PEO.'.MSED TOSEUP \\ TO K& WHEN fOU \VEKtVHRU.BDT IT NEVER P_S. KMUKhK ftPMITS THH BUStER- FWEP OKW OHCE 1 IXMP HERE'S PHOTOSTAT O' THAT P1CTJE-E! LUCK11.S USEP TK i.vOTHEK I0i?i (VND HE'S EfNSlW EECOaWZEP. Hospilalization 9 Fire • Automobile • Liability • Riivglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation BKOUciHT OTHER' FAMT PHOTOSD' 10 BREAK IN ON VOU LIKE ONE KEIVJSVE FHOGKiVA I WOULDN'T ViIS FOP. M.LTHE- THIS— BUT THERE'S NOT the first place, Agnes?"' her. She was like somebody ,i up a stray sheep—hevd- like. I couldn't lake my c her. She Rot the other dolly i the desk, vighl under Miss Inmmcr's nose, as slick as you . Almost threw her, she did. ust like she'd been plannm;; all Then she wenL away herself, mingled, and there was no telling her fv<nu the other*. A little while later t noticed a dolly on the stair landing, going up. 11 looked like her, the hucichy one.' lie kept the excitement mil ol his voice. "The other doli, the rmf she pushed, that one v;as Miller, wasn't it 1 ." 1 "I said ,von \vere a cute Agnes ar.recd suberlv. (To lie Continued) i\ SECOND TO LOSE She. told them, with curiously cw digressions and none of the odd hazards that usually besel her lass. Her heart kept out ot her hroal, her hair stayed Mat 031 her read, and she was not laid low by i feather. "And what's more, I aiow who it belonged [o, I ured il oul. f know why it wasn't nisscd." It had been handed oul to Miss Edith Campbell, "she said, a third- lloor single. I'ul ou her had the same as the rest, the murriini; o the party. But Miss Campbell's father had been taken sick, aiu she'd been sent for, so she'd gont acvoss the river to Bogota tha afternoon. Not many knew shu'c gone, she was a quiet girl thai kept Insurance Agency • 103 N. 2nd Charles O. Blttncr-\V. M, (DUD WJtson KUGAR MAKTLN 1 LL FltfT> OJT THEY CAViP "TONIGHT, ,s!£lL ,V= "HISSS5 F US, CviASGS WONDER. HEY.' HOLP o>J A A K05S 0: 1 RIDGE/ Our Boarding House with Ma j. Hoople ByJ. R. Williams o Dice Mf«>C.'Crt£ YEK--AM OLD At V EXPERIENCED H-\MD WOULD OF ASKED PERMISSION, THEM APOLOGIZED !M AW-VM MATO lt I- IKE IM v.^ SHT K BULL' UT IT AND PUTS IT it* THE mu THE BROCCOLI /-' LET'S GO STEAM SHOVEL DPERKTIONi To ASPECT \LJ5CLB--lTC FIRST AID TO [•3 FOR ^^.V CODP DE G!?AC THE OLD BABV SCORCHED LAST V. T. HAMUN T ^^^.-J- ^^|p^^^fM^>r<^jH\i;K'}••tlt•\ G3ow WE'LL FORGET 3OUNJ Tragedy THEY S410 ^ajjHSJ*^ E WENT OFF ^T CO.Vf ON.' IE ROAD AT TIE VS HWRPIN TURN ] // ON THE HIUt..y It " '/? VIG FLINT BWly shot oiat of thepod as " it had been boiling. Hy T'REO HARM AN \T n\ ATICHAKI, O'MAT.T.KY twrt UAI.IMI WE LL TAKE CAS.YOU'D BETTER THHOW 5CWE1HIN3 V AF.OUMD "iDU. ill my v;eight on the accelerator fwldril i'\)t GOT TD ra oo T-OK. VOO! SOLi OO WHO'D DO T. RUK) OLVV, ft WO bring us there in time to help A.J.Mogol. M85.ROSGVW, X TftKt !V\t\T JOB! I CAN'T •=>« sou V.MOR.VO •7 I OON'T KNCV/ J AMYTHINO-WE * JUST GOT A CALL FROM THE STA1E POLICE.

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