The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1948
Page 11
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 1948 BLYTHKVILLE (AKK.) COUlllKK NKWS PAGE Synthetic Rubber 'Prospector' Fights Seepage pi n_Lj In Mid-Town Search for Gold ' •. 1 .";. : 'I'. ELEVEN Urged Private Industry Seeks Opportunity To Improve Product ^ BATON ROUGE, La., Jan. IS. : (UP) J?-Prlvate oweiirshiii of synthetic rubber plants would result in a greatly Improved product that coiilrt compel* with natural rubber, H. W. Footer said today. Foster, general manager of chemt- cal products department of Stiuidard Oil Company of New Jersey, giving his campany's policy on synthetic rubber, held that the absence 'of private operation In that line would better research and Improvement Standard pioneered synthetic nib- ber In the U. S. and still Is ,a big producer. The company is gohiK ahead will its research on synthetic rubber along with its production program It Is planning new uses for ils products—especially butyl—the latest being a farm traclor tire. The product Is being used for Inner lube and many other Items. To Dedicate Laboratory . ( Fisher, here for dedication cerc- monles of a new Esso laboratory urged government stockpiling of natural rubber in sufficient quanti. ties to bridge a lime gap between a posible future cnting off of. one natural rubber and full-scale reactivation of synthetic plants. All synthetic rubber and synthetic rubber. raw material plants now owned by the government, lie held, should be made available for acquisition by private Industry. His plan involves agreement* between the government and purchasers or lesors of the plants to provide for keeping them ready for restoration in event of another emer- ;ency. jl"We feel," he said, "that there is a :tter than even chance that with the program recommended, a vigorous synthetic rubber industry will develop In private hands. Says Competition Needed "The supply of natural rubber •eerns likely to continue short, particularly In view of government, stockpillng.'lor at least, another two years. "Privately owned synthetic rubber plants, if government manufacture is discontinued, would have a great incentive to produce greatly Improved types that would be capable of competing without protection against a plentiful supply of natural rubber three or four years from now. "Furthermore, there can be no doubt that the technological im- •provements which are both inevitable and imperative in a competl- ; live market will prove of great benefit to the entire nation. "Conversely, the absence of pri- / vatcly owned and vigorously competitive synthetic rubber plants would, deter research and'improve- ments " By T.t Roreri I pay dirt. United Trrts guff Correspondent) I Soine muddy coins were found in GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla.Mlic bottom of (lie mucky pit, but an. 15 <UP)—"Prospector" a. B. it turned out that they were Just Mobley fought a slow battle against' a handful of pennies tossed In by a quicksand and seepage today, but prankster while the prospector's the pit he la sinking In the middle weak old eyes were turned In another of this town's Walnut Street con-j direction. tinned to grow today as he searched I Mobley wasn't discouraged, IhoiiKti, for $4,000.000 In pirate treasure. land neither was his sponsor, Dr. The 80;year-Dld gold-hunter be'gn'u | II. II. Humphries of Jacksonville, his third day of digging with a steam ] shovel and oilier modern equipment today for the chest of gold coins he Is certain lies 30 leet under the surface of the mlrUown street. By last night "Mobi'rley's Pit" wni 21 feet deep anrt 21 feel square, even though steam-shovel operations hart to be abandoned for a while when hoses draining muck and water from the hole burst from too much pressure. The ancienl prospector, blinking through . thick spectacles, yester- : (lay mndc another < test;with his home-made tllviiiing''rod and s'al-1 "Yep, the gold's there all right." He grasped Ihe handled of Ills wicker basket-glass tube "dip-meter" and said lie felt "a steady lug just like a fishing line when there's a bite." The gold burled below caused "I guess a ton of gold would pull her right out of my hands," lie said. Spectators Skeptical : Skeptical spectators couldn't no tice anything special aboul what lb£ gadget was doing bul Mobelcy explained that "not one man In 400 can work my machine—something in my system works like a batlery and I can .'eel il." The crippled old man bundled himself Into an overcoat and directed the operations of Ms crew of contractors as they gouged deeper below the city street. Fla.. who believes the prospector Is working on n "scientific principle." Humphries, who lias already gon. to some $8,000 expense in hlrltii; construction crews for the digging, admitted he was ready to sponsor excavations elsewhere If the current search on the Mobley principle pnys off. Humphries said he has outfitted $«.000 trawler for * gold-hunting expedition to Parmm», By MERRILL BLOSSER Famous Bonking Family Scion fatally Snoots Self OAKLEY, S. C.. Jan 16. lUP) — Anthony J Drcxel III, scion of one ] of (lie nation's most famous bani- Ing families, accidentally shot and i lalally wounded himself Wednesday ' night while examining u souvenir ' CJeriiiiui |>lslol ul his Winter pliin- iiUion In-re, il was disclosed yeMer- day. Mrs. Isabel White, a friend of the family who wa.s visiting the Uri'xcl estate, satil the 34-yrnr-old bnnkCT was scaled at a liible looking ul tlu> gun when it discharged n ml struck him In the shoulder. Once during the day a spread that Mobley had report struck : CALL EVANS GROCERY For Free Delivery 2597 313 South Second 16x48 Army Surplus Building SECTIONAL See Our Drmnnstratlnn Builillnf Kreetrd In (I.) PRICE $365.00 F. O. B. LOUISIANA Much less th,in the cost of material a lime. Thesr buildings made of pre-war lumber, have been used ;is hurrAcks. They cmne, lo >nu complete, roof, floor, doors, wliulowK, uver 750 sq, ft, floor space. Four men can enrel In two days. Put Up a Home for Little Over $1,000 DSK FOR HOMKS. WAIIKIIOUSKS, FARM IUHLIUNXIR Also Available 16x10 Buildings, price $11)5.00 willi floors SPECIAL OFFER Due to the limited tims we have to fulfill our iiiirrriimrnl contract we will supply eiuiuRli NEW ronfinjt and NEW asphalt brick siding In completely cover cllher of the above buildings at absolutely no extra cost. MARION SURPLUS SALES Wayne H. Dunean: Company Kepresentatlve. «05 Ward Ave. Phone 8.16 C':iruthersvlllc, Mlsiourt Canadian Favored PRAGUE, Czechoslovakia. Jan. 16 (UP)— Barbara Ann Scott, Canada's lovely world champion, was expect• ed to win an eaiy victory today in the finals ot the women's division of the European figure skating championship. The Ottawa skater had 12 placings • «nd 106.7 points alter completing her six complusory figures yesterday and; held a commanding lead over her ue.-u-est rival, .Jirina Ne- kolovakia, when today's free skat- Ing competition began. Miss Nek- olov« h»d 23 pliclngj and lOfl.7 point*. Buy Now Pav Next Fall !/2 Down—Bal. Oct. 1 HUBBARD Furniture Co. Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Site T. L MABRY MISSOURI »T. ra. XXXI an'eternity Bob lifted his head and jusl looked at me. I felt his eyes going over my face, painling it forever on his memory, the way my black brows climb into erratic peaks, the way my gray eyes are almost black because of their -lashes and large pupils, the way my lips quiver like a child's before I'm going to cry. But he didn't let me cry. He gave me a little push arid made me stand alone. He moved away from me. "You'd belter get ready," he said. He made his voice mallcr-of-facl. It was daylimc, now, his voice said; Daytime and time for work. Yes, we had work to do. It had been agreed that we would not drive to the studio lo- gelher. There was just one chance in an odd thousand that the person who mattered might see us together and become suspicious. One chance In a thousand. But we could not take that chance. So Bob called a taxi and wnnn 'it came he said to me again, "Don't be afraid. I'll be there—to take care of you. And it will work It has to work!" I nodded. And went down and got into the taxi. "Massive Studios." I said to the taxi driver. My voice was light in my throat. I was suddenly sick with fear. JT was a nighlmare. One of those nighlmares where even as you dream you have the feeling that you've been through it all before md you know what is going to lappen before it happens and you know you ousht to do something to keep il from happening, bul you can't. Madge Nnrney and dark, handsome Mark Sevrens. who had stepped Into luckless Art Clevei' shoes,, were ri.-hearying the same scene I had walchcd Avis nnd Vrt rehearse a week before. There ivas the same setting, the same looding while lights, the same >ody on the Door with the knife laiulie between the shoulder Jlades; Madge even wore the same Dine evening gown, cut down to IC.T sir.c, that Avis had worn. And n thn bacl; of my mind I could icar the echo ot Avis' voice when Madge began: "Bui I wouldn't 'lave used a knife . . ." Jeff stopped her there. And :hat, too, was like that other time. But now he was gentle. Too gen- ;le. His voice was almost a purr i.s he explained the way he wanted his scene played. You could see Madge straining to c;,leh the exact mood he was trying to put into words for her. Trying to catch the double impact of shock and fear the situation called for. She stood still for a moment laking it in and then she said quietly, "All right. I'ni ready." "Good girl," Jeff applauded. Madge werrt back to the far side of the stage. She began her walk toward the body. She raised her eyes to Mark Sevren's face. She read the dark accusation there She began her lines—the lines I was sick of hearing, the lines ] repented so bitterly ever having written. Once again she was pouring her hearl and soul Into a part sickened me an evil tiling o save himself and one of his lands hit MadKe in the face, slid lown across her face smearing her nake-up and leaving a streak of •ed lip rouge from her mouth lown across her chin. JefT called out angrily and everyone stood still. "Sovry," Murk Sevrens apolo- make-up woman over Jeff bellowed. "And and this lime it Ambition is such when it serves only a selfish en<i when it twists values until a human life is cheaper than a bit'o! tinseled slardom. ^ND then I fimc. Mark Scvrenb had started to move towart Madge. That was nr». in the script, and Madge knew every word, every gesture, every action Ihe script called for. His walking toward her surprised and confused her. she half-turned her head to look (;ues- tioninciy at Jefl and she did not see what was happening. Mark stumbled. He threw out hit hands "Gel I) ere . hurry." Delays made him furious. One of the technicians ran back to the telephone by the dooi the set lo call the rn.ikc-up department. I moved back, too. I walked back and stood where I could sec whoever came through Hint door in answer to that call. My naits dug into Ihe palms of my lands. In a moment now . . . a moment . . . Someone was at the door. The doorman opetu* it anil nudiled his he.'Kl and opened il wider nnd for one moment I snw the woman wilh the make-up kil standing there in the sunshine. She slipped through like a shadow, the door closed behind her and she was lost in the vast dimness of the set. She was only a sound, th inic clicking or high heels 01 floor. 1 moved to meet Die footsteps. I said: "Sorry we bothered you —il wasn'l necessary after all. Someone found the lipstick you made for Avis Vaughn. The wardrobe woman is helping Madge fix her face." Our timing was right. Ravell- couldn't stop to analyze the situation, to think about what said or how unlikely II wns that Avis Vaut'hn's lipstick would turn up at that particular moment or whether or not it would suit Madge's coloring. She only my words—"the lipstick you made for Avis Vaughn"—and on the stage she saw Mndgc with a lip- si irk al her lips while a wardrobe woman held a larKe mirror before her. Ravelin flunK herself past me. She raced for the screamed. "Don't, Madge—don't! Don't u.^e that lipslick!" reached the girl. She lore the lip- slick from her fingers. (To Be Concluded) OUT OUR WAY By J.R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj.Hoople TH BULL AIN'T DOlM AS WELL AT THAT AS HE DID AT THE TRADE WHICH HE STUCK AT TILL HE MWE A SUCCESS-- BUT HE DON'T STICK VERV AT THEM K-M-SE TEE BIFOCAL GLASSE ' ARCH TROUBLE. VW-fOU IS YoLf Re GETTING AS FAT AS A CHINESE IDOL, BUT THIS TREATMENT WILL TAKe SOME OF THE SUET OFF YOUR EQUATOR.'~~VOUR •JOINTS ARE FROlEtJ, BUT I'LL "5OOM H WE YOU AS UMBER AS A IASSO/ FATNER.'-i- KILLING w.e A MASSEUR YOU I'UKCKLKS A HIS FRIEND^ DO YOU CMILORfN YOUR Aiwr ncsifu.v A &)Tot.o- FASHIONED. HE SAYS.' WHAT DlSORAClT F-L/L lANiSUAGE/ IT'S TRU!. r ,--- HESJCR. 15 [ TH UH--RATMER. V SHE SENT YOU WELL FMD ---^-}A SOLID GOLD AMD A eir OLD- I BUTTON HOOK' ANB M£ BLACN 'WOOUN SICVK:- 5? AND HECTOR 6USGY WHIP? WMEHBER. BECAUSF SflE'S 'I to enjoy working with my wonderful new »tove—1 just put th« dinner In and don't hav« to come near It ajjain till it'» time to tat'." I'UISCILLA'S I>OI AL VEUMEER •/Mommy, are you f-/en though you (o wash dislies and cook and scrub floors and You heard what Mother said. She's happy! A/am stop asking ]}y MICHA1CI, O'AIALUW mid KALI'H LANE 8 Mcritx) to play Along with Sony* until I could catch Tier wRh h«r brothers HERE -I'll HELP YOU. WATCH OUT/ HfseoTAtttNf CAN'T SEEM TO KEEP MY BALANCE OOPSt I HA 07 WO MORE LITUf WMKIE5 m\ll YOU WERE GONE, SHONYA. s—s FINE, HONtV.WHADOVA MY WC HEAD (OR GRiENER ...... PA»TU«5? 8 felt SortyA's hand reach for my billfold. I must have let my left shoulder crop too far, tryinf to stop her, WASH TUHBS IJy LESLIE TURNER 1 . TWS SIM MM BE A SCKMTIFK HI7MZ.P BUT H6» HAD BWTV ISOTT* SET OLHft HERE! EtPEKWEMTS WTO LHSEK MllMW.5 KWE Kl» UND FRO* (WOUJ nlt- EARTH'S BILLION MAIE5 IHME CHOSEN VOU . FOR THATHOUOR! tlMFORTUNMELS IHftT 15 tWPOSGIBLE! UNTIL OUR WCWC \& COMPtETED MILL REMMN OH TUE PREMISE Ml WKK K bklf IWSHED TIUISHOWTKEWORUJ MON6 *WW, TO WIND UP R fEW W=FMRS By FRED HARMAN AMD DOtJMMOHlK COMPWIOS -u, 0 ,. VlEAH' BUT I>\WORRIED IHtKt \ Art-M.T \«c c^r\oDii.\' OHARCH£E CJUICKLr PREfAffES THE 55 CAR SAF£ foR (TRACKING HMB RBASOrt To V30RKY ABOUT JOE friAT COWBOY/ By V. T. HAMLIN ,. A.MOS. r... Hey-' MOLYCOW, HAPPENED TO YOU? HOOTS AND HER liUDDIKS By EDGAR MARTIN DO'S. TM-AWV WOV41 W

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