The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on December 4, 1968 · Page 44
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 44

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 4, 1968
Page 44
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44 Wednesday, December 4, 1968 The Ottawa Journal Below The HiU by DAVE MOMN smmmmsssmmsg: FANCY THAT; Saturday night Abe Murray was closing ip his smoke shop on Bank Street, in the midst. of wildly cheering crowds celebrating pttawaGrey Cup victory. There was singing and drinking'and kissing 'and horn tooting. As Abe focked his" door, a middle-age man approached him and asked: "What's the matter with everybody? Has everybody gone crazy?" Which all serves to remind us there are those in ouf midst who hawtvnot (alien prey to football, madness.' Bless 'em. , TRAILER LIFE: We were listening to some members of the camping fraternity tell of their experiences, and overheard this story. We do not attest to the truth of this one, but it goes like this ... A couple were hauling a house trailer down the West Coast. It was a hot day and the husband was tired. He wanted his wife to drive, and he planned to break some rules and sleep in the trailer. It was agreed she would drive, but she told him she would not drive through' Seattle traffic and would wake hjm up before Picking Up the Pieces Around the Grey Cup BANK AND .SPARKS: City of Ottawa Coin Club has made, arrangements for its' first coin show, to be held t the i Talisman in May, according- to Jack Roberts . . . Hal Lee 'says that drinking man's diet is so effective that after a few days his hair started thinning . . . Speaking of drinking, makes us think of smoking, and a recent claim that 100,000 doctors in the U.S. have given up the habit in the past five years ... Ken Eady tells about the. man who called ihis boss and said he wouldn't be in to work that day, because his wife broke an arm his. - . . DRY GOODS: Recent press release from the department of fisheries tells of another 4.4 million pounds of salt fish being sent from Canada to Nigeria and Biafra. A few months ago some 6.5 million pounds of salt fish were sent . . . And not long ago we learned, through our , armed ferees, that the water in those countries was not fit to drink and much beer was needed .. . .'Seems a little like, throwing a party., and just putting out pretzels. QUOTABLE QUOTE: Sam Koffman was telling Margene Adkins why he "should get married. "Wouldn't it be nice," said Sam, "if you could go home after a game and there was somebody there to say: 'Nice catch. Now take out the garbage'." PARTING SHOT: Sign on a, Bank Street store door: "The Rough Riders Collect Stamps!" HIIIMIIlnillllllllNIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIirilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Channel Guide CBOT.Ottawa 4 WWNY,Watertown .7 CHOV, Pembroke . 5 CBOFT,. -Ottawa ihdt-7 Di,krah CFTM. Montreal 10 p'tsburBh CKWS, Kingston 11 WHEN, Syracuse 5S CFCF MontreaI ..... ,2 CBMT,, Montreal ... CJOH, Ottawa , 13 iMHiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiii Television WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1968 4, I Huck Finn (c) 5 Western Theatre JS Early Show 7 Jungle I La fourmie atomique (c) 10 Le 5 a 6 11 Underdog they got there. Agreed. He went into the trailer, stripped to his shorts, opened some windows, and lay down to snooze and enjoy the breeze. The wife soon found herself on a wider highway. From four lanes she was soon in eight lanes and couldn't pull over to change drivers. She struggled along. She came to a traffic light and, flustered,, she stopped without using the trailer brake. The jolt woke up the husband, who thought there had been an accidentrHe jumped out f the trailer without dressing the light changed and she drove off. CHARLOTTE'S DATE: At the Rough Riders - Sooners victory dinner Monday night, Alderman Charlotte Whitton happily introduced her escort for the evening. He was 15-year-old Colin Barnard. The ex-mayor claimed that Colin, when a baby, attended her first reception (accompanied by his parents) after she was first elected mayor. "I want to make sure he votes for me when he's 21," she winked. It would seem, therefore, that she has no plans for slowing down. Formula Guarantees One Heart Attack TORONTO (CP) A United States doctor says he has a formula guaranteed-to give persons at least one heart attack by age 45. Dr." Richard C. Bates of Lansing. Mich., a specialist in interna medicine, told a service cluK here Monday ingredients include being a fat male, livingsjn a city and earning lots of money jwhile sitting behind a desk. eating too much meaKand dairy products, s m o k i ike cigarettes and never exer rising. - men get into tne naoit ot drinking 15 or 20 cups of coffee , a. day "well-laced with cream." Dr. Bates also suggested drinking a lot of whole milk "because there are two pats of butter dissolved in every glass of whole milk, so if you can make away with two quarts of milk a day there will be 16 pats of butter fat for your diet right there'.' ICECREAM . Also, eat a lot of ice cream and meat well-marbled with fat. Pipes, and cigars have no effect on the heart, he said, but two-pack-a-day smokers "have over three times as many heart attacks as non--smokers'." ''" " "Alcohol neither prevents nor promotes heart disease," he said. "The hard "work, nervous tension bit, in relation to coronary heart disease, has been greatly overplayed." Dr. Bates said that one statistic that stands out in studies is that "the higher the standardof living the greater the incidence of cor onary heart disease." MARMADUKE THE' FAMILY CIRCUS By Bileane - ttWIWIiiMH "tw. VOftalf Like, dog, when you're doing your thing, you really DIG it, so YOUR bag is MY bag, man I " "Dasher, Dancer, Donner. , .let's see. Dancer, PRANCER, Dormer.. . .Dasher, 4, S, C Bugs Bunny (c) 7 Early Show Richard 11 Flintstones' 13 Pierre Berton (c) 4 Cuisine 5 News World 3P Report ( Ghost and Mrs. Muir (c) 7 News S Nouvelles Locales II TaU-Metro (c) 11 City At Six 12 Pierre Berton 13 Newsline (c) S.10 9 Sur le vif (c) f.M t, Ntwi 5 Movie St Huntley- Brinkley (c) SS Report 7 Nawi (e) 11 Ironside (c) 12 Pulse (c) 13 Merv Griffin (c) ( C DENOTES COLOR 7.H 4 Something Else ' 5P Truth or Consequences SS Newt (cj Smn on -Sis 7 Movie (c) 11 News (c) 12 Star Trek (c) 13 Take A Bow (c) 5S Roport I Aujourd'hui (c) T.1S - ' Tete-Motro 7.11 4, 8, 11 Mothers. In-Law (c) ' 5P The Virginian (c) 5S Daktari (c) I Commando du desert (c) 10 Great Produc. tions IS Sports Hot Seat (c) .H 4, 5, f, 11 Mission Impossible (c) S Hockey (c) 12, 13 Hockey (c) 8.31 5S The Good Guys 4, 5, 8, 11 The Public Eye (c) 5P Music Hall (c) 5S, 7 Hillbillies (c) IJI 4, 5, 8, 11 Music Contest (c) 5S, 7 Playhouse (c) It Real Giguere (c) 11.11 5P The Outsider (c) I ; . IMS I Les Martin (c) 10.31 12, 13 River Inn (c) 11.41 t Telejournal II Nwi (c) 11.H 4, 5, 5S, 5P, I, 11, 12, 13 News (c) I Telejournal II Sports (c) 11.05 11 Sports 11.11 7 Sports (c) 9 Conema 18 Late Show 12 Pulse (c) 13 Sports" (c) ' 4 Night Final 5 Report 13 News Cap (c) i Spectrum 5P, 7 Tonight (c) 5S Movie 13 Merv Griffin (c) 11.40 12 Movie 11.50. 4, C Movie H Nightshirt 12.31 13 University (c) THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1968 POGO 0KCFN0KM L HTOTfc-wn -7 HfcX' tJWCAX. I vmas CAfla. J 1 TTT-.Tl MARK TRAIL 7 -v. M WT aiCC AND I ABE GOING V SI CI BY Tti& mE I s&ftr E 1 OUT TO LOOK AT THE A JUDGE PARKER ilOQOOO IM THE UST VEAEI KMC LE5S THAN 0 OOO LEFT; TIL NEVEK GAMBLE AfiWM .WEVEK ""E! ruwBerrV . Y emr? this b imhn'. wete umims Y i pout 1 r 'ST . .t 111 ivtuic. uw.iw.oe intre r-r'V1M I J F I M if.M v HU n k ABOUT HfiWT? AviBW - s m ... mm i m -.m . v v .1 1 1 1 r 1 , n 1 7.M 3P Today (c) 741 SS Calendar 13 University 7.45 11 Metro , Matin S.K IP Chain Letter SS Capt. Kangaroo 13 News (c) 8.31 12 Sound of 12 Rompfer Room (e) 8.45 4, 5, SMI Mr. Dress- Up I. 5P The NowShow 5S Magic Toyshop 7 Education II Toast and Coffi 12 University IS Think About (c) 1.10 4, 5, C, 11 Ontario Schools 13 Schools I. 31 4, 5, 8, 11 Quebec Schools 5P Gen. Hospital 5S PDQ I Scolaire 12 Romper Room (c) II. N 5P Snap Judgment 5S 7 Lucy (c) S Science 11 Voie des femmes (c) 12 Magic Tom (c) 11.31 4, 5, 8, 11 The Friendly Giant SP Concentration iS, 7 Hillbillies (c) S En mouvement (c) 10 Soins de beauts (c) 12 Ed Allen (c) 13 Bewitched (c) 11.45 4, S, 8, II Chez Helene, 4 9 Msr. Surprise 18 Scnool (C) DENOTES COLOR 11.1 4, 5, 6, 11 Ontario Schools P, Personality 5S, 7 Andy of May-berry -S La souris verte 18 Voie des lemmes (c) 12 Bewitched 13 The Women (c) 11.13 9 Cinema 11.25 4, 5, I, 11 Pick of The Week 11.31 3P Hollyw'd Squares 5S Dick Van Dyke 7 PDQ (c) 10 Serial 12 Marriage Confidential 11.55 ,4 News 12 M , Lunch Date 5 Good Afternoon 1 Lovexof Life (c) 5P Jeopardy 10 Capitai 12 In Town 13 Comm. Not 12.0S 13 Picture Page 12.18 II News I2.1S 10 Serial 13 Dodo 12.31 4, 5, SS, I, 7 Search for Tomorrow (c) S Movie 5P Eye Guess (:) IB Movie 12 Big Spenders (c) 13 Movie 1.18 4, 8, 11 Lunch Date 5P I Love Lucy 35 Password (c) 7 Gen. Hospital ' Cinema . 12 Mike Douglas ' (c) I.t8 4, 5. 5S, 6, 7,11 As the World Turns (c) SP A Deal (c) (c) l.H 4, 5, 8 Bonnie Prud-., den (c) 5S, 7 Love Is Many Splendored Thing SP Days of Our Lives (c) 9 Les Saintes cheries (c) 11 Ed Allen 248 4 Girl Talk 5 Afternoon Show 5P The Doctors (c) 5S, 7 Guiding Light v (c) ' 8 Coronation St. 11 Almanac 12, 13 Perry's Probe (c) 3.81 4, S, 6, 11 Take 30 5S, 7 Secret Storm (c) 5P Another World (c) 9 Femme d'aujour-d'hui 12, 13 People in Conflict (c) S4I 4, 5, 55, 8, 7, 11 Edge of Night (c) IP You Don't Say (c) 18 Madame S'Amuse (c) 12, IS Doctor's Diary (c) 4.M 4, 5, 6, II Weaker. Sex (c) 5P Match Game (c) 5S, 7 House Party (O 9 Bobino (c) 11 La Cabane (c) 12 Littlest Hobo 13 Big Spenders (c) 444 4, 5, 8, 11 Top Team 5P Mike Doualai 5S Flintstones 7 Dating Game 9 Pirate Mabnule , Rin Tin Tin" 12 Family Theatre 13 Uncle Willy (c); IIIIIUIIllllIlllllltltllllllllWIMIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIllltllllllllltlllltlllllllllllltltllllllltllltlltlllllllllllB BETWEEN THE LINES ;. Elvis Bridges Gap By Sandy? Gardiner The man who is synonymous with rock V roll returned to television last night. Complete with black leather and gold lame outfits, long hair 'and prodigious pelvis, Elvis Presley came back to the small .screen after anbsence of 12 years. The undisputed king of the rock set decided the time was ripe to reappear before the masses who made him a show business phenomenon. Simply titled "Elvis," the CBC special was an hour of music which delved into the past to 1 unearth the numbers which a decade ago a generation saw fit to buy in the millions. . Presley's crown as the world's top single record seller has long been lost to the Beatles. But - the Mississippi charmer has maintained his appeal despite the longevity of his show business life. The big question with last night's TV show was, of course, how Elvis would project in his video role revival. The special itself was almost an hour of straight music with Elvis singing some two dozen songs including "Hound Dog," "Jailhouse Rock," a gospel medley and a couple of contemporary items. But there was no question of the sound completely reverting to the clatter-bang of the Presley hey-day. ; To begin with, it was the Presley of old trying to com municate with the new listeners. - And then it was the new Presley trying to convert the old faithful. , Carrying an- hour long special on his own was undoubt-. edly a burden for an entertainer who hasn't made the live scene for 10 years. It showed in his early mo-.ments which suffered from poor editing and the distraction of a cage-like stage In which the star sang and paced, not totally at ease, in time to the music. Nevertheless, Elvis showed in the 60 minutes he is a star whose resources haVe only been lightly tapped. He J no longer needs, the sensationalism that spiralled him to the top. Instead he offered a calm, new image'. And the TV program was a stepping-stone in the right direction. It was an expensive production that combined simplicity and elaborate staging. Yet Elvis, although nervous to start, knew exactly how to involve the studio audience. His many years before the film cameras have given him experience to project strongly on celluloid, ' He came on strong last night, despite sloppy editing which often cut out his casual reminiscences. Elvis Presley will be around -for some time to come and, as in the past, for many acts to go. wniiiniiiiiiiiiiiMMiimiiiiiiiiiiHiniiiiiinniMiiiiiimMiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiic Television Highlights CBOT 8.00 Mission Impossible. "The Elixir." Guest star Ruth Roman portrays the vain and dictatorial widow of the president of a small South American country. The IMF must depose the widow who plans to forestall free elections in her country and seize total power. 9.30 Edmonton Contest. Five finalists of the National Performing Artists Competition, organized by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, in a 90-min-ute television showcase (in color). The young prize-winning artists are: Arthur Ozolins, 22-year-old pianist, from Toronto; Samuel Morrison. 17-year-old pianist, from Vancouver; Avril Colleen Letourneau, 19-year-old soprano, from Edmonton; Otto Armin, 24 - year - old violinist, from Montreal (formerly from Winnipeg); Gloria Richard, soprano from Buctouche, NB. 11.45 International Cinema. "Courtmartial." Karl Boehm, Klaus Hammer and Christian' Wolff appear in this drama where three sole survivors of a German ship sunk in the Second World War are Hailed as heroes until an investigation brings forth? other revealing facts. CJOH 8.00 Hockey Night In Canada: "New York at Montreal." The New York Rangers meet the Montreal Canadiens at the Forum in Montreal. Play- by-play description by Danny Gallivan. 10.30 The River Inn. Catherine McKinnon welcomes guests Les Siroccos and Michael Vincent. CBOFT 8.00 Hockey. New York Rangers at Mont'real.- 11.35 Cinema. Three films: "Un moment de paix." Starring Kurt Weber and G. Halouber. "Berlin no 65." Starring W. Al-thoff. "Le rideau blanc." Starring Helene Dieudonne and Michel Robert. RADIO HIGHLIGHTS See Classified ' Section Issie Says: "Itt ' MAPLE LEAF WEEK at Bywaid Meats . . . com in and avel" ISSIE COHEN MAPLE LEAF Atll'd i 01. pkgl. LUNCHEON Meals ea. 25c - 4 pkgs. 93 12 oz. tin' HAM IUKCH Heal 49c MAPLE LEAF Vac Pac RINDLESS BACON . lb. 75c MAPLE LEAF half or whol BOLOGNA SLICE . lb. 35c MAPLE LEAF PURE LARD .... lb. 25C 4 lbs. 8S MAPLE LEAF WIENERS lb. 49c LYONS INSTANT COFFEE .6 oz. 79c Byward Meats 'LIMITED ' "Th9 Largest Selection ot Moats In Town" 46 BY WARD MARKET BRTHER JUNIPER P "Better dab some of this on your shoulder blades before takeoff, fella." WHAT TO GIVE 1 FOR CHRISTMAS? 1 l or a second 1 Residents of Bank St. B CALL NOW for more information 731-8250 ; SklduiiL Gailevtsion Ximited ' t '

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