The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 8, 1947
Page 5
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'PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.y COUKIBR NEWB FRIDAY, AUGUST 8, 1947 HIE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COtmiEH NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES. Publisher JAMES L. VERHOEFP, Editor PAUL D, HUMAN, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: W»Uace<Witmer Co., New York, ChlcnRO, Detroit, Atlanta, Mempliis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at the j»sl- offlce at BlyOievllle. ArkanGo.s, under act of Congress. October 9, JSlT. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier lit the city of Blythcvllle or any rabur^n town where carrier service Is maintained. 20c per week, or 85o per month. By mail, within a radius of 40 miles, $4.00 per vear $200 for «ix months. $1.00 lor three, months; oy mall outside 50 mile zone, 510.00 per year payable In advance. Meditation Vet 11 Hllle bl.-c-ii, il mi!'' shnnlii'i'. folding of the haiuls In skcii,-Vr,,v,-rl,s » • * is death the last sleep? No, it i.s t final a\vakenins.-Kir Walter KCOII. Understatement One of the inembers of the House Un-American Affairs Committee says that its investigation of Hollywood, scheduled for September release, "will be sensational." We would surest that the first thiiUf the gentlemen should investigate is Hollywood's adjectives. No quickie producer would demean his worst turkey with the single, mild description of ''sensational." So if the gentlemen of the committee are out to make a real production of lh*'ir Hollywood epic they'd better hire themselves a Hollywood press agent wlui will start with ".stupendous" and work up there. Ray of Hope at Lake Success out of the League of Nations, and war followed. Hut it is unlikely th:tl Utosu nations outsuli- Uie lUissiun orbit will permit Hie UN t<> K<> the way of the League. Voltaive once said, "If there were no God il would be necessary to invent Him." Paraphrasing that famous olr , scmilion, Mr. Austin has said, "If there wore no United Nations, we should have to organize "iu> f'»" lllnl purpose 'of discussion)." Tlie nations must continue to- talk within the UN if there is to be faith in the future and hope of peace. It is heartening, then, to learn that in spite of "the cold Heel shoulder," there is both fiiitli and hope in (he minds and hearts of some of the men who must guide the UN over the perilous emirso ahead . ; Ll^i The 40 Million Dollar Question TELL US ABOUT" TMAT CONTRAPTION, SONNYI i In the wake of Russia's veto nn Uio TJ. S. proposal for a two-year Balkan commission, there is sonu> comfort to be gained from reading two dispsilclics from T-alic Success by NtfA writer S. Burton Heath, failed "The UN' and tlu> Cold Kcd Shoulder." Mr. Heath talked lo lliose chief repvcsentsvlives til" the Uig Kive who were available, and to lesser ofriciahi. China's representative was ill. Kussia's Mr. Gromyko, not, surprisingly, wasn't talking. Bui he did t r et the views of the American, British and French delegates- And he talked lo Poland's Or. Oscar Lange, which gave him a diluted Russian opinion. Britain's Sir Alexander C;ulo;rar. said he frankly was disc -viiiraiiorl. America's Warren Austin admitted disappointment. But Alexander 1'arodi '-.( France and Dr. L:mi;e. re.jecled any hopeless view. Of COUVHC there- 111:1;. scions prejudice behind timism of these delegates about the UN. Theirs is a Kreat responsibilily. and responsibility often breeds loyalty. Also they are aware lhat (he UN imisl not fail and that the world's faith in it must remain. The disagreements, quarrels, sljilir mates and failures of the UN are well known. They contain the germs of another possible war. Rut let- us see some of the things that give hope to some of the men most intimately connected with the organization. First, as Mr- Heath points on I, the UN is not the cause of tin; east-west split. It merely reflects it, "thus keeping it out in the open where there i;-: a chance the two sides may talk themselves into agreement and mend the rift." Sir Alexander told Jlr. Heath that the only reason for giving up on the UN would be if the UN is prevented from solving the Balkan and other problems because such action would infringe on some n;-.tion's sovereignty. But Mr. Austin said that "as long as representatives of the 55 member nations continue to meet at the conference table to discuss the issues, voice their suspicions, and seek lo mediate their disputes, there is always hope fo.r agreement, for progress, for peace • . . It would be the height of folly to stop treating the ailments simply 'because the economic, social and political health of the world cannot be achieved overnight." The mere presence of unfriendly nations at a council table will not prevent, war. Japau and Germany walked VIEWS OF OTHERS When Gamblers Take Over r.iimblini' i'" » more or M ' ss wholesale basis is tolerated in many sections ol Ihe country on tin., sin-clous grounds Unit Hie pioplc will Kinnble .so v.hy nol let them; It's Uicir money. Thai's us silly as say Inn men will murder MJ why nol let 'em? Another myth Is thai gambling ciinnol thrive in ii community where Ihe people are hnnestly opposed lo it. Of lhat is nonsense as is beini; demonstrated in a Louisiana pan.sil nein- New Orleans. The New Orleans Item. In u fine display ol public service, exposed conditions in the parish, a ".sel-ir,i" which reminds ol Al Capone in Ihc old days in Chicago. H showed Ihe hold tin: l!iiinl)lcrs l.ave un Ihe .sheriff and Ihe district attorney's office. "Now." says Ihc Item. 'II ts bcini: shown that, the residents of the community can expect no liel|. even from the Judges of the district,. Al! official doors nave been slammed against Ihe. ,:iti/ens in their cffurt lo net, law enlorceinenl official), to enforce the law." The judges refused to issue warrants lo search certain gambllnE club;. When seiir.jh warrants failed the cilt'/ens brought Mill to padlock tin- clubs and a judge declared Ihe act unconstitutional. The case will be appealed and the Hem says Ihe InwsnHs will serve a good purpose tor ihey are forcine the judycs to choose openly between the law and Die gamblers. And it, adds: "Perhaps in time the cillw-'ivs will gel tired of being pushed around In the courts. Perhaps they may even end up electing judges who will enforce '.he law.'' Gamblers in that Louisiana parish inusl have started on a small scale, "felt their way" until they became strong enough to "lake over." Thai's why it is always smart, for the people of a community to scotch the gamblers while they're of the tinhorn variety. If not they're liable lo beccme king-size and hard lo hanille. —AR K A NSA S DEMCO RAT. 'Compromise With Russians Now Looms as $400,000,000 Headache for Taxpayers^ U. S. WASHINGTON. Aug. 8. (U.P.I— Secretary of State decree C. Marshall has advised tlie Senate Appropriations Committee thai any effort to force Russia lo return U. S. occupation currency plates might, peril diplomatic relations between '.he two countries, il was learned today. Marshall's stand was revealed in a loiter to Committee Chairman Styles Bridges, R., N. 11. The plates were used in tinning out, money lor occupied Germany. Rep. Jaber's 'Operation Meat-ax' Did Heavy Cutting Job on the Government's Expenses TWO AOKK'lU.Tim.U, THAMS Ily I'KTKIl KDSON N T K<\ Washini;loii Correspondent WASHINGTON. Aug. 8. (NBA) They've all «onc home now. But for several months during the last | TIVU tennis operated on Agricul- session of Congress, .some :IO my- I unr. Howard U Friend and Ro- sterloiis characters operated nuclei j bert 1), Hummer ol Ihc Indiana '-•over ii- Washinmon. checking n;i ! stale Chamber of Commerce cot on government expenses. buwlcd out on the floor of Con- They became known as Tin mer. gri'ss by Clarence Cannon of Mis—Tabor's Bureau of Investigation 1 sour! for writing a rough letter S'nys Taber: '"I'hey |inl In bnsi-1 mation and other agencies. They i-ss' mclhmls anil llii- si/.e of the cut $10'J million from lllr- S2DC mil- ill inilii-alcs I hi- joli they iliil." I lion budget request by final vote for his Meat-Ax. 52:11 MILLION' AT WAI! IIKI'AKTMENT At War Department. Elmer C. Upton of Balabon and Katz. Chicago; Arthur E. HnUI of ConsolUlaled EdLson. New Ycrk; and Thomas J. Qninn of New York Slate Chamber of Conmiert-e did the job. Fili- Sunday School Lesson Kciipliirc: Proverbs 4:!i:i-5:4; 31:1013; James 1:1'M5 By WILLIAM K. GlI.ltOY, n. IX A writer staled recently lhat four million Americans have heart disease, and lhat over half a million die annually from it. This seem- ngly appalling .situation is considerably mollified, as ihc write: went, on to point out, by the fast thai by proper diagnosis, care, and treatment, the number of dca'.hs can be greatly reduced. But I '--it" the .statements to emphasize the mili-iil place ind importance ->l till! hciirt. To Ihe wise men among the indent Hebrews th L . heart was 'lot only the center of man's physical bein<;. but, il .symbolized al->i the center and source of his moral anil .spiritual life. Me thought no- only with his mind, but with !iis heart. "As a man thinkclh in his heart, so is lie"; "Search Ihe for out of it are the issues of life," I'uiiiy or hem I, therefore, became Ihe .supreme and necessary condition o' a good and wholesome ife. us much as pun: hloM is iho condition of a healthy body. One can live with a diseased body, for time at least, jus 1 , I1S one ca. live with a diseased soul, but tin seeds of destruction are there. AMI the conditions and demands A t!ood moral health are as imperative as are the conditions and ",e- munds of good health for the be- dy. What (iocs it mean to be pu.-c in heart? The common tendeHv is to think of "purity" chiefly, if no!, altogether, in terms of sex; but purity of heart means a great deal more than avoidance of what Saint Peter <r Peter 2:11) MS called the "fleshly lusts that economizing "O]>erali a; | bark to Indianapolis about, the SKi | al savings were $234 million on 35.7 billion. Two consulting engi-- neer.s. Arthur B Hoberts of Cleveland and W. n. Correll of Richmond, made .ipccial checks on Ar- million pcami'. price .support pro- Tiie other team mis C. Actuully. sav,; Rep. .lolin Tab?. , of New York, chairman ol ihc ;^ livn ' WrlhiiKtan an<l Charles H. House Appropriations Coiiniiil'.:-e. York C. Final "H wasn't ., meat-ax Job. A l;;t".)f ""-' "'niltinu from the work of the people don't like the way ' ate. bill I know BARBS BY IIAI; C«>CHRAN Only two in every IW have sinBimj voices, according lo a xlnli-sllciaii. Try and u-ll thai to Ihe guy in the bathtub. I op»:-what I'm do! P.;,' They can't, bulldoze me." The ;(0 mysterious charades"; were recruited [or Taher bv Car! Herbert, of the St Paul Mu'nicip-ti Research Council. Members o> '!,Appropriations Conimiuer nu'vor knew w F ho wore. Ti',cv rC'-:r!- ed to Taber. They were paid, v.'he.n^ work. Others v:ere employed, $25 a c'.-iy plus al!o,v.inci'-, nick. ' ••• for a maximum of ?H3 a day. Tiv- tal cost of tlie operation was :>bjn* ?50.f)00. But onlv alter {he session was all over wri:W chairman T:->- bcr tell who th<v were and what they did. Nec'li- s; u> say. mine was .subjected to ibr- loyalty test. At Civil .Aeroiv uties /Vmho--:'v :\ three-man ten'.r, '.'.'as resn->nsi'jlo for a $70 mil'ioj: ml, from -y^r million to $113 m ''.'on. They -.'.-;'. r: Gordon W. nif ; - T Price Wn'er-j Milwaukee tux hoiLse. New YoikL William II I Seidman of N Msh for romplinmils ami liiiK ri'innrhs. vou're enliili'd tn Shoulder pads may be removed from new urn's styles. Makini; us a bunch of droops? * * » One of tlie casler.l ways to gi'l into a boh: to sil around just \vaitin;; for an oprnini,'. » » • A lyriter says it takes a man 25 years lo Ir-ain to be married. That doesn't [jive him imicn f:pp(ntnnily tn decide if he likes Ihr idea. Iwn team: wvc S132 million, ll 5()i:i million tiilal. Savs Taberf "Tliis department h:is ".ju-l srowert like Topsy. We i-oiild Mivt- S:!0 'or S-10 millinn nutn- by a g'md joli itt reorgani'/.atiun." At Maritime Commission, n learn headed Ijy Eci-.vnrd A. Kracke. Haskin.« ,V !-'ells. New York, went to John M. Dtiii- Irust officer. Hunt- inKtoii .\',itinn;i! Bunk. Columbus, O,: and Mnurk-e E. Pelollbot. of Po(iso:\. prlouhel. New York. They hacked Sio:! million off a request ed bmi^i-i of S-l-n million. Kays 'I'ulier: "Tlii'V riiiliul Sriil.'i iritiinn iu a sprchd finul llu: 1're- ••irtenl liail mil (alien uiva.v frnni thriii aiMl ^H milliiin mnrr IINUH.A llloilry nnt rt-Uiriu-d f<» Trfa-sury." At I:i'.f-rior. !,eo II. .Sundcrinan. nnMillanl.; ,J. K. York: George A. The appropriations committee nade public last night secret files •>!" Ihn Slate. War and Treasury Departments that .showed Ihe Soviet Union got the pliUes in a ieree diplomatic tug-ol-war in 194'!. Al that time. Ihe records lisclosed, Marshall as Army Chief of Klaff urged thai the plales bo urned over lo Russia in the in- eresl.s of Allied unity. The diplomatic defea', may cost, the U. S. Taxpayers up to $400,- CCO.OOO. some committee members fear, prom the p! ites. the Rus- ans have struck :i»i unknown (|Uiinlity of occupation mark.s. Large .sums fouinl their wny bade lo U. o. oecupatioi; stildiers who promptly cashed them in for American dollar;;. Kom" eoimiiitter. meinb<>rs now claim iha!, Hie u. S. Treasury is left hoMini; ihc bag. The once-secret diplomatic notes and memoranda disclosed lhat, prim- to the Allied invasion of Europe, Russia issued at least Uyo llllimatinns to her wr-steir. i.lly to surrender the plate.,. Her threat was lo print occupation money of her own pattern unless Ihe U. S. plate; were handed over United Stales oficials finally yielded to tn... demand in fear that if Russia cuniL-d out her threat, this would irreparably disrupt all plans to treat Germany as an economic unit. The Army currently is "lonE;" .some $38G,r>30,CGO on these occupation marks. War Department, officials say. however, thai, this total is being reduced lo $160,01)!!.000. and will be wiivj'.l out in 1843 by the spending of the marks for services in Germany. The government records showed that the first shipment of plate photographs, secret iiik.s :ind paper samples to Russia was made in April 1344 as American officials were striving to maintain Allied my engineers. They cut. back appropriations S1I7 lo $502 million. .Says Taher: "Vnu raii'l tell anything alioul Hie War Department. They need a lut more expert :io- Six high-powered accountants \vcre assigned to check on Veterans' Administration: Thomas J Cravens of Pcnnsylvama 3ta'.e Chnmbcr of Commerce, Claude S. unity for the forlVicninmt; military operations. Before that there were hurried night conferences between Andrei A. Gromyko. then Russian ambassador, and Secretary of Treasury Henry Morgenthciii. Jr. Both Morgenthau and Secretary of Slate Cordell rtull held out against the Russian pressure. Then Marshall suggested in n letter lhat it might be best, in the interest of unity, to meet the Russian demands. From Moscow. U S Ambass-ulnr on its rvxsitive side. It, is r.ot w . Avcrp|| Harrlman-'now secretary of commerce—cabled tlw final ultimatum, it was that unless an against, lh? soul. here are othc: lusts that arc a? :l.iinagiii<> to the soul, and that -ire perhaps even more destructive ;<_ man's fello-v- meu. There is [he '.lift of po'Ji'C and Ihe hist of wealth; and thetv is even the hi::', of ease, and tin; lust. c. pleasur' 1 which unregulated and unc i'iiol!r.d c.'ri deslrcy in i«?.>i th,; -..raise <:; il"ty a no the •jji'Hiiliou to ful'i!! reastvi.i'i:" obligations In the world. Purity, teo. must be considered ncy. secretary, and Ronald M. K:-'-j Hewitt and Clarence L. Tinner of Cham, lax researcher for tin- Los J Philadelphia -- all C. I>. A.'s — Angeles Chamber of CoinmeiT\ wen! to work on Bureau of Rer-ln- Italloway of Wisconsin Chamber. William R. Long and William J. McGlone ol MnssachllEctts FedeiM- llon T'axpayers. W. If. Sigerson. business consultant of New York and E. B. Nutt of Standard Oil of New Jersey. Says Tal»i-r: "They iHd a vvlrale nf :i .[nil, yol acctiiniliiif; sriiuirpil :nvay and retlurcil the Intal huil^el hy S71 million." Ii v. ;is still SG.9 billion even after Iliey Hot through. Chairman Tal.H'r says he hopes to eniphiy the .same '.ecluiiqiie nex^ vcar. eno'.igb IT resist the teinplntiors of evil; ii. is necessary to be moved by the impulses of good, and the r/j'.'.cr of love. Purity means strength, as well as freedom from taint. Purity relates to much more than sexual conduct, but that- docs not mean that purity in that area is any less vita'. The Bible, always affirmative answer was Idrtbcom- hif;, the Russians would make their own plntes. a book of realism, is very plain and outspoken concerning right relations between man and woman I imc r-cUib tcm-nev 'record "lor V.'lav on the one hand, and evil associ- ! orei . tn <- u . honM ,- com . s( , vc . s;f ,,' dnv ations on the other. II commends by defeating Paragould 42~ to 17. 15 Years Ago In Blytheville — BJythevillc golfers kept their the virtuous woman, who will do her husband "^ood and not evil . •Leo Linlzjicli juvenile stir of the lilythevtlle Club was Iw med- all the days of her life." and it lalist for tlie day. pacing the firld warns against the "strange worn- with a low score of 15. over par c-f (les'.rnclion. holds yood. Hues are the ways of Ancient counsel still IN HOLLYWOOD ••••«•••*&••••• SO THEY SAY The average today is completely confused by the whole setup. He doesn't know- where his money is going and he wonders where he is £oim; lo be hit next.--(iov. Thomas K. l.'i wry of Nrw York. » • • We should leineinbcr, as we look toward Ihe fuliai, lhat tin- mine fully we beltevv in and aihieur Ireedom and equal (ip]>orluinty not simp!* for ourselves but tor others—ihv --rcaicr our ;iccompUshmrnlr. us L Kord II. nation will \>r. Heiuy The hour has come for Europe lo or^anl'/c or — Premier Paul Hamndicr til France. » » » The major opportunity of our generation lo increase the weallh ot Ihc nation lies tr, ihe de- velopniet^t of o\ir great river systems, — Piesidenl Truman. * t * ^[orc lhan ever, universal disarmnmcul. vt - iiiinciaUcn- of Hie weapons of mass destruction under a kind of international control which is the. only sound beginning of limited world government, seems to me our sole Immediate hope. — Norman Thomas, Socialist leader. (While Erskine Johnson i:; en vnealion. oiit.siandini: H*,!l-.-Muni personalities are pun•ii-iu::r.i: tor him.) BY IIAKKV ,1AMI'.S HOLLYWOOD (NHAl -Ail over the country tiiey an 1 ::a;.:!r.; the. :nu.sic i,-; tU-:nl. 'out i; Wasn't sense enough to 1,'- dn-vn. I don't believe it, !Thi- Millie M-I^I.-I-.S and I ij-.lsl returned Iroai i .-ix- l ;ei?k lour of onc-niKhrn.s :i:vi ri'>\\- we're lourim; Ihe vxi-i i-oa'-t. The fcids are si ill djni-in^ ;uiri Mill buying records, bill Ihi'v ! (Hiite as nuu-'n money :<i and their nuisirai t;t:,r-, chanced. Fronting my band lion Heaeh. California lo 1'r.v. Rhode Is'.and, tin- (ian rt- around the bandstand n.|i lune.s. In the pus'. Ill yi-.i: . through my libiarv. I ca:. N, their likes :;re v:ir\inL: The Harry James o:<lu-.- ttle more lhaii pin HHMJ -^ '"orded a hitli- 'Inn.; You Made- Me I.'i-.i- Y,. i ortunatelv for us. it iu:i love us. O;-r ;,;i till want to hear us i;'i icky son 1 , :-s wi-l: :\s ".^1^ , oon." which also hr-!i>i' ilor.ey in tlie bank. TIN" JIVK the war. the ja.r-.n i:ud in ive tunes ran -.vild. We lost popular to be 'The -One O'clock Jump." "Sin strinneiital." "Tr u in pe 1 Trumpet Rhapsody," '•]•']: the nuinblc B.-e." "Fh'\,P. M,,' 'and many, many nuvv. Life Is .selthn?, down a liu',- and this is reflected in the -.v,v,- people, want to d.iuee .and the Lines they like to dance to -Wncn Yci'.'re a Loiii, 1 , Long V.'i\- I-tom Home," "It Seems lo Me 1 u: Heard That £ong Before." • HUies in the Night," "Don't Take Your Ixjve From Me," "T Don't Want lo Walk Without You." "I'll liuy That I3ie:< uade." :iiui oiy muv.i;'" I j pr. , Xo. ihr iriiMi- luisiiu'.s^ on'' dy- ini;. and it isn'l dciul. Il's just as a'ive n.s i; c-au be. but thi- tmullc's taste is ;-i;:un:;ii'.' T JI:M. as v/oiiU'ii :; skirls ;ue ueriiiu; tourer. andT-ien's shirls :uc veitini 1 : louder. It's still rlir i;reaie:,t Uniil tin; \\urlti to siaiKl in frt>:U ;ii JUuiiciK-f ;nn whi-n- in ihis . o:in1 vy and j^ivr the'seat to I>MI f-v-1 i:.d roinance to rhvihnu Hun-'s r,o i;tr hl;o iL and t «./nildn'I 1 1 •;;;;(• ;! trr iv.iv t h:ii ;. \OIOIAIX:V IN ^HiSIC As t r, i 'A h :i i r< r>: t m n n 1 h ;i :'.i I K xl yrar \s ill hrin^ to the- nuv-iii- A'orl d , / T U-el i h;i ! \\ r v. 1 ill > i-M 1e down lo Miintulry like tlu- rest of Ihe t-j'.uniry, Mtisit-lans :HT p;iil nl "l his \vn:ld" ;nul not "Mil. o! it." a:i r on ic prople believi-! Oar ,- :il:un'.'. will l>:!, in ki'i-pinu' v.ith tlie nmo^n -ui^t- ha'.e lo -pen 1 t . ;i 1.1.1 o;ir '.nusir v, ild and "l:n«.)k ki- I ai:!e lo d;'.:u r !<» d what's more, yurll rcu'.'ti /e 'he mi'V<'.y. r:ui«'omrnJs will be mon- siinp'.Li and vocalists will con "epilrati' siiiL-inu ratlier than svvocniu :. •But. music rnn'f die be. ui.'i 1 sic is r.;» much a part of onr p ple as ratitu: ar.<l slcenin.:. Wo > \vlif-n \\~e'i r bliif and •.vlirn \v hnppy. There's ;il\vays a soiu our hean --wh<'tl:er a sjnirj-Mj;:;. 1 ,^ome catrhy little nine. McKENNEY ON BRIDGE 3 N. 'T. Possible ttvcn With a Void iiy WILLTA:.! E. MI-KENXY America's Card Aulhori'.y \Vrilli-n For NEA Service The Iram-of-four champiansbip it. tl-.i 1 recent Mississippi Valley I'ournauien; in St. Louis. Mo., wns von bv Charles ll. Corfu of rhil- idcl]>hia. John E. Simon and CJor- lon Kchcrck of St. Louis.' and Mr. iml Mrs. David C. Carter of Kanns City. MD. John S'.ir.on does not play n real deal of duplicate bridge, and the fact. that, he prefers rubber bridge is borne out by his bidding on lodav's hand during tlu; St. bad belter make it. 7vl',ik«n r j lo- rlay's hand helped Simon rtncl his tcanvmales to win the crmmpion- .ship. Simon (South) won Ihc npcniiiR diamond lead in c'.iurjiny with the ten and took the queen of clubs lie cashed the ace of el'.frjs and led another club, hoping lo sec I lie suit break. East '.von vvilh the jack of clubs and ret-tined the five of hearts. This trick w:v; won in dummy with the ki:w arid Simon led a heart back iron dummy. Urchin'.; the ler.-siiiir. Another club was led. East v.-in- nitiK with the kins;. East returned another hiMrt. Simon won with tor two rounds of the 37 par the nine hole course. Following closely on his heels was James Hart of P»rngou!d with a 7fi and B. A. Lynrh of lllythcvilie with a, card ot 77. Young LinUnicn and Hart divided their inat-:h each scoring one point. the ace and cashed his good club. (West had made the mistake of blanking dow-n to the -ice of diamonds and (he king-queeii-U'ii of spades, so Simon led the kinr. of diamonds, forcing West to win. When West led the king of .--pa.Irs, Simon let him hold that trick- Then the ten of spad?s was led. Simon won with dununy's jai:k and cashed the ace of .spades lor his ninth trick. down a You'll I nnt s . aU'r tu European Ruler HORIZONTAL 2 Bewildered a Pictured Euro- 3 Employs pcan mon.irch, . King ^ His country 11 Kxcrcisc i3 Scrap 15 On the sheltered side 10 Cover 1G Indians Behold! 5 Waxed 6 Remainder 7 Type measure 8 Girl's name !) Heat ir i o[ j To ;»v i futur '• I those who say :h.'iv is nn for a new ornh^strn toila>-, 11 say nothing comes o.*sy, and if u plug loin: ennui:ii. you're bound lo get there! Simon A None V A 1084 » KQ85 + A Q 7 4 3 Tournament—Neither vul. Soulh West North East IV 2 * 2 A i'.iss 3 * Pass 3 A Pass 3N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening—* 6 8 18 Length measure ]J) Oceans 20 Kit 11 Capital ot Tibet 12 Sister 14 Cast 17 Tellurium (symbol) 27 Before 28 Evil 29 Greek letter 30 r,air 33 Chemise 34 Despot 36 Anger 37 Cubic meter 43 Cloy •H Show displeasure 45 Heredity unit 40 Vcfielablc 47 Game '< 48 Portent S3 Height i Louis toiirnninrnt. Only rubber three The addition of 1.5 per cent or cf the rare cvement Mlam- | bridge player dares to bid bium to copper and soft brass will; HO Iriiinp with a void suit, help preserve Ihc hardness they ac- However, after getting into the quire bv cold-working even wlv.-n conlrael. and especially when void exposed "in te in pern Hi res that v>o>dd! in his partner's suit ,;he rubber ordinarily solU'n Ihem asain. briclgo p!a;cr would decide, that he Susan „ 23 Compass point-' 24 Whisper 28 Moisten 31 June-hue 32 Consumed 33 Aver 35 Scandinavians — 38 Pronoun 39 Niton (symbol) 40 Spoken 43 Vessel , 47 Orifice 49 Be concerned i 50 Military helper 51 Persian poet 52 Chess pieces 54 Assert 56 Samples 57 Sound VERTICA1> '1 Achilles'/ . Crete 41 Operatic solo &5 Lieutenant 42 Limbs {ab.>

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