The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1948
Page 10
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PAGB TEH BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NKWS rRTDAY, JANUARY 19« CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Coal and Worn/ » In- o Ch4FM . 1 tlm* p*r line ..... . i ttmM p#r lin« p«r d»7 .. i tim*» p«r UD« per day • ttm«* p«r lie* per day U Um*i p*r lin« p«r an ...... c Month wr lln« ...... . ..... ; ... We Count IIT« «v»ra£« word* la the line Ad ordered for thre* or itx limes and •topped before ciplrattcn will be charged lor tfi* &unib«r of titnei the ad ap- M*r*d and kdjiutment of bin made. All Classified Advertising copy eub- uttted by persona residing outside of tb« city mu*t be accompanied by cash R«te* may tx easily computed from tlio Above table, AdrertlBlng ord*r for Irregular inaer- Mont taxes th« one tlnn rat*. No rMponalbUlty will b« lake:, for more than one Incorrect lascrtlon of *ny cluslfled, *d. All *d* are restricted to their proper clarification, style and type. The Courier reterrea tb» rlshl to edit or reject any *d. COAL "If it is coal you want" WE HAVE IT. Also liny —Across from Blytheville Compress We Deliver Phona 4489 Apartment For Rent Two room apartmMU •0)6 W. Cherry. for couple, 1'16-pk-JEt Apartment* Wanted Two OT 1hrr« room iilrnlBhrd. white Boi AS c;o Courier New«. l;9-pH-l7 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services "Plenty of Illinois Coal" At HESTER'S * COAL YARD PHONE 3180 FOR Quick Delivery Courteous Servica S. Highway 61 Foods CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main ft Division Phono 2.' Don't endanger your In- uy wl Multr tire»—BUT LEE TIRES. Wanted: Wrecked or Burned Automobiles Wade Auto Salvage V. KlKbw&y 41 Phon« FRESH EGGS FRESH FRYERS Abraham's Court S. Highway 61—Call 46(56 Th* new 194S Mriea F-l Ford H-*HI tnick VIBI • H 4 •'inch wheclbnie svilh 6" £-fbot pick-Hptxxly. The. new truck* offered in Ij-ion, ?^-ton, 1-ton, 1 U-ton, 1 -ton, 2}-£-ton »nri 3- ton capftcitiei provide a wider range of models and capnciiiec th«n tvcr before, including the F-7 a»d F-8 series— the largest trucW* Ford h»« evar built. Grapple and cat fish. 24 )>our service. Simpson Oil Co., Stateline. 1 CANHARmy W A TT ! To not otic of ihosn luscious foron- nnt rakes BI Hnrl'K BtiVcry Snturdny. Trmse two thick layer* of fresh lender coeormul are wonderful! lifi-clc-lB Household Goods I f* OPEN HOUSE ALL THIS WEEK! See The New Ford Truck! former'* Column Running water where you want it is an inexpensive luxury on the farm. Buy the best, i Goulds Klectric Pump from Planter Hardware Co. 1-ia-ck-tl *'or Sale—Several regl«t«re<l « polled folium China male hoge. R. G acfi- wiim. Koine 3, titeele, Mo. On» mite east ol Aktni Corner. l]7-pX-10 J-'or »»Je: Husiern, H »nd M nuAh typp. Jdubten. >'20, ?H and John JJt'fT-e. full lype disk. 9Ba. 1HO J6 bludcs, one heavy duty «IKJH loot illsx. one two hoi coin Ac plow one Mitjuicy Jlarrls 101 Huptir Ai\rt cultivator, on (,- Jl t\]icj M culllvnior type planter Kee W. K. WtUjier, Yarbro. Phone 669- Taltcii up: Bay mart, weight ahOMt 1100 Jb5. Chain on one fool Wrlie Leslie Moor*, Haute 3, BLythevLUe or jitwne ^JHfi. IJS-jiK-lS Ht rayed: Hay /nnre, Dlnclt mane woighv about 1100, clialn on le/t front loot, I'n, 2583 or comae* ObLe Webster, DOB wood Grocery. lllZ-pfc-19 Mr. Katiiicr— Let \IB Ghnrpen your plows. We Rpeclall7.r- In form repairs and all kmdB o( u-cldlUB. A!BC harrows /or salr. Hflnry Weslhrook'a Hhop 225 N, PlrBt, phon« 4161. l|12-ck-2jJ2 Kor AA!C: One tenm mnleB, on* cul- 11%'ator, onn stalk cutter, one ro«r riding plow* Doyl« HouMon. Dell. jeep parts now available A POOLE MOTOR CO. W« on Illl aU your needs Ge% genuine part* from our com plete line. STATS POOLE. OWNKR A: OPERATO Boutb Highway 61 ftt Steela. Mo Phona BtMle 40 We Ruarnntee RECAPPING WITH HAWKINSON TREADS L«t your next tires b» GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH MORE Modinger Tire Co. BEAUTIFUL FLOORS at little expense wtifn you URfi our rental rJoor Faming i»^chlne. Easy to nsr lor wnxInK rut iiollsriltiK too. call 2013. Hublmrd Hardware Co. 213 Main St. We have refrigcrKlors, gns washing niiu'hiiieK, electric ranges for sale now. HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. Phone 3450 i|M-cX-n «M I MAIN PHONE 2J01 Vcncilim blinds now in ntock. Rcnrt?- m«de K.. Ni. BllnUa, Deal Paint Store 109 E Mnlu SI. phcui» 4469. Phone 4453 Model B Cletrae crawler and disc. Almost new. Two young heifers. Ben Craig. Blyth»vl]le, Route 3. l|6-pk-21 For fiisto: AHLK Chalmers 16 blade IIKC. J-'rOJIl tcul!o|ic<l. J. W. WllllnmSOll. Koine ^, Lone Onk. 1 6-nk-20 For Rent, Bus'n. Property Concrete block building; concrete floor. Across from Armory Hatl. Chas. Bright, phone 2566. l-15-pk-22 For Sale, Cars & Trucks y^S Itoadrnastcr nn. Two lone, it Hs. I'hoiie 2BI3. Bulclc four rioor illo. heaipr. Bpol- CALL 2089 'ff Your Kerosene and Fuel Oil Dealer G. 0. POETZ for Quick, Dependable Service OFFICE K. K. AT CHEKKl r 1W41 Hacknrd conrertlbl* 1 , A-l ruri- me conrtltlon. Very clean. Can be oiiKJu reasonable. Call 4183. 1113-ck'U FOR SALE: — On* A-model Ford In perfect shape. Call 793 utter 4:00 u.m. For So/e, farms EI.ECTROLUX. I will bt In tills tnr- mnry most every week. Anyone In- tcresicd In new cleaner, service, or clri.ionstnuion ]usl write: H. 1,. Wilson. HlHJ iilmt.owlivwn, McmriMs. Teniu I'hone a5-7U54. liu-pic-n Expert Radiator Repair for Less •^ulpment. Let our trained men iKill •ut ftml rttpaLr your radiator for you Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillip* Tractor Co. DOUGLAS LAWSOM. Mgr. Phono 3171 8i9 ck U Income Tax IF VOU NEED ASSISTANCE on filing your income Tux. plertsc Bre mo BV ROOM 21. LYNCH lUJILDIN'O UI.YTHKVILl.E.ARK, or lelcphono 2940 Bllecr vc B rBl' y?.Irs cxprrlrn-re with Entpr- nal Ri-veiiuc Driinntnpnt. Fees will he in line with Jocnl ncrounltm.s. Ebb. H. Carson, I2i30ck-tf H(l ACHES 8 miles southeast of Faragmrirt. On hit;hwiiy, fit-nooi bus, pRBse 111 nil routes and RKA line. 1 a acres in cutilvaUoH. -2 RCIPS vfoorts. nl (cnrcft. Nnw 5-room lions?. llRtu.n ant vvftirr In house. Also 6 room house 40s 50 barn, 20x30 barn. 23x34 Rftr,*R \v I in Jlvlnp (|iiartrrs. A soocl lartn lioocl buDclliiKa. price f 12.500. il!2 ACHKH Located 7 miles Northeast of Para ucmltl, Oi\ mnlt niul school bus rovites nnd KK\ line, 61 acres In cultivation '2'2 acrofi [>nsLure. 7 acres limber. 5'. acres creek bouom. balance rolling Ifiiul. One s-rooni nonse, one ^-room tenant house. Barn -JOxoO. Other ont- huildinss. E'rlc* JIO.OOO. MNKK& BRADEN Realtors Paragould, Ark. YOU WOULD BE SMILING TOO.:: If you could discover, a« eRsily as Jim nod 1 riid, about "Complete L';.-' Service". We consulted the shop foreman lit Loy Kith Chevrolet Company; about having our car put in A-l condition. W« wert really surprised t« learn that the car wasn't in as bad a condition an we had been led to believe. You should see it now! It looks lik« new—runs tike new. And best of all—we are paying for the entire job in easy monthly payments. THAT'S OUR JOIl—TO BETTER YOUR DRIVING PLEASURE. WHY NOT DROP IN TODAY AND FIND OUT ABOUT "COMPLETE CAR SERVICE"? ItOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 2 Wreckers Texaco Product! Fhon* 578 24 Hr. Service Seiberling Tirei Musical Merchandise Insurance Building Material See the special we have in sinks and water heaters: »IX FOOT DOUBLE BOWL SINK— TORTY GALLON ILECTRIO WATER HEATER—W8. See our secondhand We have some real values in this line. HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. Phone 3450 Ot your own concrete work nnd «AT< K*Dt » coi.crcM iXLlxer br dny <ji hour Phon- 480 Bot K9, Blytherllla Ark- §1« o» tl Butcher We CBH svipply you with knivrs. *t€e]s, block bm.shc* Rim Rrrnprrs. clenvers. sa*s. wire bnskrts. pncp tnc moulding and ta^s. nipat hlocKs and fcny ovttcr supplies VOM t\rcrt. DELI. SCOTT 1211 W. Main Phone 2J60 1 15-rlc-2 li Protection against aU INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pol Lard Agency Planned Insurance GLENCOE HOTEL BUJO. m «• ASH ST 13,7-clc-tt EAST TERMS. AS LONO AS TWO YEAHS TO TAT. • Dccca Records • Sheet Music • Estey Organs 100 MILES FKEK DELIVER? MORELAND'S Music Slore 315 S. Second — Phone 4222 Biytlievilk;, Ark. Laundry I.niindrv donp. Willie HrLle Circrn now nl Hlghwny 61 North In N John's Curtnin.s laundered ami si rn chert Moved from 2U S. Trnnklln to 100 W. Cherry. l»7-pV Notice Why BtienU money- SWAP wllh \is Lln-rt Uuflmiin's awhp Stiop, -10^ fj Mnfn. Fhuno B53 io;22 ck (.1 Outdoor Supplies Outboard Motor Sale Now at Wurtls-—l«7t cLlscoutit <! •JaniiRTy only on In mo UR 5 ami Sea Klnj; Minors Small 'rtown n;rnt Jiolds tho motor ol your t \UUU April \, 1 13- } HP p.iy- For Sole, Misc. Homo grown climbing roses. Mrs. Martin. 817 Chlctnsawba- Iil2-pk-19 PractlraJiy new, Duncan. Phyle none 4*67. lia- Swap Column '2-1 rltle. n jewel wtlst wntrh. Hnvl- nct and Hnviiniui Clilna. otccirit- atul battery radios tor sute or trade nt •J!l>nrt HulfiiKin's Kwnp " Shop. -1'Ji iitst Alain, fhone 85y. l|12-cK-iy | Don't put off that nd any longer— t you wnnt to i-ecovoi* (hat itii.s- jilar.ed article tvy u Classified "Lost, and found." They gnt rp.snlts. fi4() ncres near Bern!* Mo. t\'2 bW Jl-lUH cast), balnnrp In ten years 5 percent iilteresi. SPO Johnson. Broker, HI E, ROSR St. Blyiri*vllle. Arh One Hemlngton mitonifttlc nhoi gun. i;i6-ck-18t with carrying case. 26" bird riarrcl rnd i :i6" lull c'hokfc. IS boxes Bhelts. 1211 W. 'lain, phone 2260. Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Royal, SnUlh, ion Portable Corona and Remlnit- DON EDWARDS Tile Typewriter Mm 110 H Second lit Ph^ p 3382 \6 rk ti Typist TYPlNCi. Will rail for Used Cars Personal Loans MONEY TO LOAN We IORII money on farm land And city property We also buy notp.-i • CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe Hotel Building 9,2-1 ck tr Business Opportunities MR. MERCHANT One of the best OPPOR TUNITIES for increasing BUSINESS is the regular use of Classified Advertising Headers in a buying moodi D ° r turn to the Business Service n " dc " Directory for the names of reputable firms. PERSONAL LOANS AxitomoDlte-sljI- nitiire--ronmlicr-fi]rnHnre. Quirk, private privlrc Prrsonnllrod R Lien tin a Come in or TPlephonp. 2!«28 OF.NF.RAL CONTRACT PURCHASK CORPORATION 122 \V. Ash St. BlythCtlllo Ark Money to Loan Ideal Downtown LOCATION For any typ« of buslnrss. Small Etock 0' dry goods, fit earn heatrd bnlldltiK rwsonablc rent. Lease If desired. Can tx bought reasonable. For RpDointmriH AmblttotiB operator wanted to *orv- lc« Candy Bar machines vending Hpr- •hefft And other well known bars 1345 cash required. Even" applicant will be Interrlcvetl, Write, K\\-C pncme ntimbpr. Box AT c.o Courier News. i ncpd a fonn l No down Dayn .jsC. no red tape FKA APPROVED RATE ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Phon« 203-1 Lynch Building . Ark. H-33-cit-tI Cool and Wood For sale—good coal and kindling. Plentj^ of it. We deliver. Phone 940. Poultry, 419 E. Main. Lewis Meat Choppers Ktlrrpsnn—Nauynnl—Klcrn Kiit-b lUry—Kftpm moppcrs troin 1,3 H to 2i H. I' AUo kntvec tmd nlnteh rcpUccinrnt part-i I>KLL scorr «»Les RntJ Service il \V, K!am Phnn* 220 12 2U-CK-1 2! Musical Merchandise Hrbutlt trmlp-ln tBdlos-i .iftrnntrrcl —ninp dollars up & at Jlrooks. Mxulr Slorp. ]Q7 Ei fcitrcpt. Tolrphone 811. 1 HOME RECORDER Usrrt n?: sttaior Triced to K-11. Siakr If you have jsomn tiling you t •en ftnrt can't Rpt rlt! ol. try t uilmnu's Swap Shop, phoiic WJ Mn1n. -103 i k-tf 7'Jil RCTPS. 40(1 acrrs In cxittlvntlon, mlancp It) t tin her antl pasturo. henc- d. Near SlkMton, Mo. 57.S mi ncrc. TiiRhlr r(n\rn-pavninti I nnri hnlnnre 1 percent Interest SPP Jontison, :cr, in E. St. BlythevlUc, For Sale, City Property SHOP. Tor Kale, AH new Write Box AV cure Cour- SUBURBAN HOME >"our bertrooni.5. three tmltis, OE .teating sysirni. spurious lawn, servants 11011 h« and oilier nuibullcnngs. Every- LJUIIK new ami tnoclcrn. ideal home tor laryc larnlly. ace or call MAX LOGAN REALTOR LYNCH BUILDING PHONE 2UJ* 1US-CK-22 SILBlitly used blacksmith shop equipment as follows: Mule Giant 2S ttJ. rl[> hammer: Little Giant tap.s find lies 1 4 lo 1 inrh: Buffnlow plpctrlc blower and for^e: 12S Ib. anvil; 5:8 electric drill (portahlr) and prefis: welcllnt; anrt cutting torch and ses. \Vart« Avito salvage, phone J78S" lilS-ct-22 U.sed scales, sllcers. tncftt rases, mpat. choppers and compressors. Dell Scott. 1211 W. Main, phone 2260. l]15-ck-2J Florence rive burner cooklnK stove. (iood condition. 1901 aycamore. Phon» 4255. Iil5 For Sale OLD NEWSPAPERS COUHIER NEWS OFFICE 1011 Goon (ins range, ill N. Eleventh. BABY STROLLER. Parkway. In good condition. BHV- gain. Phone 3673. 12-31-ck-tl Photography In for ttif l\npst ULLUSON PUolop iletiroo Hotel. rortrnlt^ — it'F . c^ll -i:r;v. 1 ]6-cX-2U> Plumber Kor « licensed ,nlnmli«r or lor rrt siovft rcimlr work call H Meyers at Hubbanl Hartlwftrc Power Meat Saws birro — Snimnry — Klcrn Kill — All niprlcnn, also f*v rjlsxdos lor Mln or rental service. Also hand wuvp aiirt tlps DELL SCOTT Ssvte* and Scrvlcr 1 W MAln Phonf 22RO 12 2ff-cX-29 l.KB MOTOR SALES Blytheville lias several late I model Used Cars and Pick I Up Trucks for sale at reason able prices. Phone 510. I 12-27-ck-t See us before you buy! We sell the cleanest used cars on the market, nnd you'll find the price right too! POOLE MOTOR CO. Ellis I'uole, Owuoi- niui Operator South Highway 61 at Slcele Mo. I'hone Sleele JO. 122-ck-tt Dogs, Cots, and Pets fitr^ynt: I,nrRp r' brown tloK In nir UIM y«nr. Hr roturnrrt lusl wrrk nl fiKS n^nm (H-^r\|ipraTtMl. P.iTly ^crp- rnc stLll, Nice four room house am bath on Holly Street. Bes' part of city. Cheap. HURT ROSS Real Estate Broker Phone 3816 or '1201 l-13-pk-L7 Help Wanted, Female Wanted: Office nw Hrownson Clinic. 1201 apply i AFh St. H13-ck-21 LOSI ck round Uariift ctu*t»r ring;. Reward. Call 2875. l|14-p)c-21 IXDSI: Gold-rlmmcd chltd'» gJtHe*. Sacnrrtay ftft«rnoon between Dougan St, and Gem theatre. Call 3B59. Reward. l|14-pk-21 Tan billfold in TlclnltT of RLtK ThtR- ire. Reward. Phon« 43 IS. l|H-pk-l7 Biurotd containing KOT«rnmpnt honri In Mox theater, Brlongs to Terry Moora Oneal. Cull E.SS. l,8-pfc-l7 Persona/ STEVE HOOVER. ETerytWng i* fcVl rujht. Your family want* you to coma horu«, lj§-plc-21 Position Wanted The Jeep can handle ANY job No slowdown or de!ay--rpgRrdl«* of bad weather, troublesome loads or bad ro&dfl. Sec It at POOLE MOTOR COMPANY, ElltR Pool«, Owner & Op era tor, S. Highway 41 ai Steel«. Mo. Ftiont fitcelf 49. 1IL6-OC-23 Tralnrd nura» want» prlrate duly. Telephone 666. Ii9-pt-17 rnvote M One or two rooms, optional. Phone 2480. Bedroom, kiich»m toycftmoc*. ' fiedrooim, 114 jr. N Bedroom, men *r Bedroom, 318 K. Comfortable bedroo ^^en only 310 W W Wanted Several trail CORN, HAY, ai Phone 949, L< U9 E. Main. Small modern hotr Whit* PO Box 116, parilcularj. Wanted to buy or cry x nnii «Unn »t»w Jiving q nailers In radLiis or Blythevlll or on Busy hlghwa cfli'e of Courier Nev Ninth. Phoill: 2:i3S. Cull '2223. II5-PK-2S loads of 'OULTRY. Lewis Poultry, l-2-ck-2-2 .on combined with brick. In 50 miles Le In cm ;il I town Salesgirl- Hours riexlble. Contact raultne. Stianks. 35^1 Hearn after 6 p.m.. »nonc 2869. i;i5-pX-n Help Wanted, Male Scales SUmpson. Sanitary. B,\r»fs (.'ornpnt- IriK ?ralrs tor grocery nnd maikpt* A!MI FatrhanX* portable plntrotin nnd beam KCjUcs nn.L SCOTT Sales and Service 1211 w, Moin Phonr ?7r*(\ Services room linuse with bath. nUtO- 1 HEL.P! HELP! WE HAVE A FINE 1,0101 waier. {."rood roncUUOn. in- I CALITV AVAILAHl.E IN THIS AREA. id out. Five blocks to matu A reall "honpst-to-posh" set-up for i own. On pavement. 101 E. ] HIF tl«ht man ovrr 25 yerars ot RR*-, •jftio ims car. Ambition, and Ufc«s to (loul wltli fnrm fanilHes. Don't pfvss inis us) as another arl—It Isn't. For dcLAlls write In^Tnecllntnly to Lhe Waikins Coi»pnny. Rural De- 1 psirtrncni, Memphis. Tcnnessrr. li--yk-22 ' store with living quarters session. ^20 S. Sixteenth. J-'otir roon •\1 l.ULy, ttotiSR lor aalc h>* owner. for Rate—Call l,ro . 1'io-pJe-n For Sale or Rent TUn AMstln and Ron Kara^e and Hv- n^: TIM R vt evs. See Floyd Austin. Wf st For Sale, Misc. Coleninn ,«tove. irood Tour tmrner itas cooKlnjf con tin ion. Price 58.S. C«U Cllli'kit'. uli Pho llfi-ck-ia doc, rhlUlrrn'x prl. Call I I5-|ik-22 rtitMird : re rnllr? Wheel ft North on mil 37fll 1.15-pK-lR 12-2-ck 2-2 , H*lf-rrJl« veil. 1150 rick. G. O. Flowers, t mllw W«t of U' WASHING MACHINKS nnrt Kloclrira! Appli.inres repair- oil. Blytheville Machine Shop Phone 28'28. nin-rv-i 13 Hcfontl-hRtid Kelvmn^or r I e c t r 1 c: .-BslilnR marlilne. Good rnndltlon. Pete tlie PhinUier. 109 N. First. Ijl3-ck-tf One nearly now Uomiiw- ton typowvitrr. Tom Tattle Really Co. I'bonc 861. l-16-ck-23 \VANTF;D: Man to Micceed T. Vance lor prolHable R.iwlelgri b\i5Vnrss in Norlti PrniU.cot County. Mo. 1500 fRm- Ito.'. I'cnilLicts wrll knovn and sold 20 years. Rt-al oppnrt unity. Write Raw- leicn's l>rpt ARA-210-M!)S. Memphis. '['rnn. Or see W. Rarbou, 610 Lilly at. Hly the rllle. Ark. ljl3-pfc-23 Wanted: Three A-l MECHANICS Apply lo Mr- Wriglit Still & Young Motor Co. Blythevilie, Ark. l;16-ck-20 For Kent ise. 1125 W. Kycumort. IilO-p)t-18 Hefp Wanted -, MUSIC STORK, 10; HrMUr^ tUiOOK.S KAST MAIN ST i,^,1 n< i»,S'- ma Jl°" ny . s P Inet i>' RADIO RKPAin HV TXTFRT Rr;>\ir[iiftn Cntl [lioukr, Mut-lc -Stoir 107 E Main St , Telephone ftU Pianos bought nnd solrt 11 5-rk-lf On THE SPOT »hots, CUM.TSON I'lioto-^rnptirr will have a in tin tlirrc lo lake It for you, CM1 4177. Cllrurnr "otel. llin-rk-2 16 Slicing Machines csiobe—Amnitan — National sllccr.i for mftrkeiK. calo ni\d grocers Also general hand Flivors. DELI, KCOTl* Rates and BervUe ; 12tl W Main Fhonr V ^) I U.39-tlt-lia9l Farmers Column TnV:e» n;t: Hnv liorsc with blork ' ftrijie around Itoily. nnrt hlark hnlr mule. \\'cl^lit: 1100 Boh Rod-nets, tmlr Wr.^t of 40 fliitl ?, Gin. 1 13-pfc-21 Tnkrn up: Dntk bay hor.T nnil*. \Vrlrht ftl>ont 1,000 lli<;. Trn vents old H'v.\aicl HnivriF. (lirrr mll*-s north of [Jfll <v,vi-,rr ninv hr\ve nnile hy ;>avinc Irrd hill, nnd Rd, Or M 111 fipll mule 1 l.nst -TKAM OF BLACK HOT*RK MTri.rH. nn^ -,vllli \vlilf nO«r. hnr*i u-i'lclilnir I2'in !bv Fmm lirnr Cnlurn^l NotUy R- K. Smith. Route 1. Bos 4RO 1 n-pk-20 ve ronm p1 thirty clays ?p oil hcfttmtr . C«H 2927 Rtlcr > \vo Mils v.-Um-. '1 nl For Snip—-I,')00 r Mirtflteton, Kte-r-lr — Road Courier Mcw« Want Adi blryctc. CftH blryrlr. Till. Man between up* 1 * of 21 *nri as to IPS work in Biythevlllr. Stnrtlns SfiS.OO rier wreV. A«1 dress reply in own tiandwrlline anrt rnclosf. >nr boy's snapshot If possible, to Box CB r'o \.\Vpfc-22 Courier News. l;ll-pK*W THE RAZORSACK Announces A New Service DELIVERIES MADE ANYWHERE WITHIN THE CITY LIMITS We Specialize In Hickory Charcoal BARBECUE ALL KINDS OF SANDWICHES FRIED CHICKEN Telephone 4341 DON'T GIVE UP! // your "wreck" is worth saying let Langston-Wroten fix it up! Don't wait until you have « smash, though, to get your car in good shape and keep it thai way! Langston-Wroten check-ups, repair and maintenance work keeps your car smooth running and economical to operate . . . and most important . . . prevents expensive breakdown* from occurring. Bring your car in today . . . and let us check it for you at regular intervals. We'r« exp«rt« on brakes, ignition, motors . . . we"r« fully equipped to do reliable work. Experts Do Our Work! ___ *DIAL sss FOR SERVICI

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