The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1948
Page 9
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 1«, 1948 BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS Published Evtry Friday in th« Interest of Farm Families of Thii Agricultural Section. FARM NEWS-FEAJbRES PACT HTHB For Bttfcr Famtt« I Featured For Thii gietioa't Ft*. * STe*»iv« Far&MM. Extension Service Arranges Fertilizer Conferences for Mississippi County Farmers A »eri« o! discussions on tolls and fertilizers by Dr. R. P. Bartholomew, in charge of research at the University of Arkansas' College of Agriculture, are being planned for Mississippi County by the County Farm Bureau and the Extension Service, it was announced today by County Agent Keith Bilbrey. Dr. Bartholomew, who U the* state's leading authority on soils and fertilizers, has accepted nn invitation to meet with Mississippi County fanners for the purpose of discussing the present fertilizer situation, Mr. Bilbrey said, and plans are being made to schedule at least attend the discussions. The purpose of the meetings, he explained, is lo better acquaint, farmers of this area with the use of lertilizers. "The use of fertilizers Is a ne\v thing to mast Mississippi County farmers and they need three such meetings in North Mis- | schooling on how and when to use sissippi County «tud one iu Oscco- 1». ' Dale* to Be Announced Date.5 for the meetings have not fertilizers and the type to buy," no said. Mibinronnation Alleged He y.ivo as another reason for the been set, he said, but It is expected ! sclicdtilins of these meeting* tl that the discussions will be hold the • "P"'l'«B»nda beins spread by some ..... , i ferlilizer salesmen m the county. Utter part of this month He said The t accl|SC( , the Kal( , s . that the North Mississippi County meetings would probably be held in Blythcvilfe. Manila and Leachvill?. " meetings will deal pri- men ol "mis-informing" farmers .is to contents of their fertilizer and overcharging. "I have received corn- Hogs Eat Coal marily _ wilh tevtiliMi-s," Mr. Bilbvcy j [hey W1 ,,. c cll .,',.ged as much a.s $13 said, "and every farmer in county that uses or contemplates : „ are told was as go0(1 a-s the using fertilize™ of any form should one beillg U5ed by them a ,, d wh i ch from several farmers that I It sounds corny but even the hons are sharing their Teed with Kurope. On llm Ross iirnnni hu m near Pueblo. Colo., Marie Mafsarotli. of Pueblo, feeds Hie porkers a diet of coal mixed with ro.k sail. Allhiniiili coal will not fatten the hogs, it's a good conditioner by kcepinj; Diem tree of worms. I,\I-;A 'IVlepluito ) ! more per ton for a fertiliser which i New Poultry Contest for State Planned CHICAGO, Jan. HI. — Arkansas poultry breeders will fop able lo continue tiielr March for supi-i ior meal-type chickens with another stale Chlckon-of-Tomorrow content In 11HI), It wns iinnounccd here to(lay. 'rhe iiutkmui committee af poultry ie.iili'iK .•.npi-msliiK I ho pio;;nim, iiu'emi!! hi'iv. \iitrd unanimously lo conlliillc tlm educational tirerilllli: ronti'M tluonuli nun. Tin' Industry- wide- pviiKium was orljunnllv M-I up nil u ! hire-yeiir Imsis, wilh two ><";ir.s ol stale soul iciiloniil conti".l: i-utmnr.itmr. in a pvanrt mil mini fhiimplntirlun Mils spi'ln;; In IK'lu- Wiiir. 1'Nirlv to]) bm'di'rs thvouilh- out 111.' 11:1111111 will send ii. t I Ihi'si- linuls, where they will I) huK II.MI mid ruiM'd iinurr idi'niical colulilton::, sulKM'vised Uy » s\il>- coniiiiUlt'"- lieiidrd l>y II, L. Klii.ul i M'lihir <>\!eliMi>n piuiltry lill.slKilul- man ol the U. S Depin t luc'ill jf Ai'.I'LClllI HI!'. U'lOlH'I'.S Will I'IM'U! JY.HUO in pn^'.-j iiwiuded liy A :in.l i' l-\!iid KUn e.,, :,puiiMirs ol the cou- li .-I. lu Aiknn.sns juodnccs npiiroxinmie- ly HUKO.OOO rhlcki-n.i and 50,064.000 ilonoii ei:i!s nniiiially, wltli a miir- value u( $n,OOD,000. L ol Arkansas' poullry hreed- cr.s wi'io nuurdi-il certificates of quality for tb*ir\*utlttndlnf pcr- formanfia In 1MT. Jo* 8. Rwd of Sprlngdnle and E, B. Oriln of P*y- elteville captured top honor* in tRt 1041 state cont«*t with their whit* wyandotte*. Get a Start With Spring Plowing Get a Lift With Our Easy Payment Plan! i Put your tractors and farm machinery in good condition for the work at hand by letting our International Harvester mechanics service and repair them Our free estimate on repair work \ives you much time and more money; and here you get the best in mechanical repairs to be found anywhere! srw. INTERNATIONAL I HARVESTER 3/2 SOUTH 22° ST. PHONE863 TRACTOR NEEDS AND CALL YOUR FORD TRACTOR DEALER ,. • EXPERT REPAIRS • REASONABLE CHARGES • EASY PAYMENTS Always a Few Used Tractort on Hand for Sale! Dial 2777 tor Service RUSSELL PHILLIPS Tractor Company Ford Traclor* Dearborn Farm Equipment South Highway 61 Gath'mgs See/CSjSoil Conversation Funds to Pay Soil Benefits Scientist Named To Aid Arkansans FAYBTTEVIU.K. Ark., Jnn. 16— The appointment of Marvin Lnwson as state soil scientist on a cooperative iKtsi.s IjcUu'on the Soil Cotiser- WASHINOTON, Jan. 16—Rep. H. C. ("Took") GathniBs o! West ..,,. „, McmpliU today was preparing ;o ! vatioil Service of the U. S Depart- make a last-ditch appeal to the I mc ,il of Agriculture and the ARI-I- House Appropriations Committee In ! ailluvel Kxperimcnv stnllon hns an effort to obtain funds to com- | b ecn nnnounced by Dean Llppevt - plete payments to Arkansas farmers who engaged in soil consenn- lion practices bst, year. formed by Ihc Soil Service that there Ls "no chntiec" that additional payments now due Arkansas fanners can lie met by utilizing unused funds from nllocrt- lions of other states. Them are no unmed funds, he was told. "The situation at this Lime looks anything but bright, but i have not quit trying," Mr. Gaining.* said. He sni»t that the only ehiince for meeting the remaining payments unu- appeared to be throtigh a special deficiency appropriation. He icported he i.s now compiling factual dala and information to put, before the appropriations committee in his fight for money to meet the obligation to farmers in Ar- Kllfs of the University of Arkan.sii.s Collcijc of Agriculture nnci Mollis El. Wiliaois. slate conservationist of" nati ueen in- j n, c 5 0 ji Cnnscrviitlon Service si I Conservation uulc R(lck _ Ml . LnwfOU wm ICRI» i>f At:iic-iil1niL'. in l-'aycl t Thr Sail CoiiM.-LViUitiit SCLvU't- 's nmkliiK H si»U M-icntisl nvitttiililc in purh .stJito to xvorh In cloM.- cotjfXMn- lion with tlu- Kxpi'iiuu-m Htntiim i-r the Liuifl-Cii-ani fifHi'iic. lit i-<u»]K'r- tvlioii with sliiilnn iiurniKiinists, Mr. Law.suu will jMovidc terhnlcwl tti- rod ton for suil roitMU'vation roirvov work in the MMc. An employee of the Soil CmiM'rvatfon Horvli-r. Mr. Luw.son win In- rrriiiTiii/rd us n inrmbcr tif thr Kxpoi liuont HUtllon Muff. Mr. l-Jiw.'ifiM uiiiiliintrd from (In University of Arkmr.jis In lt)L'^ with a dcpt'oo nf b;u-]ir i lnr tif Ncirnrr In odurntiun. Hr l;iui.'ht vnralinnal iti:- rlcultvire at Ml. H^ for ;,ix yrars tain his lieatli[UfU'lcis v -at the Col- and then sprni the J/>]loi,vinn 1(1 years I wilh the .Soil foiW-rvution .SPITIre chosen Lawrence county lo receive a mcrii platiuc for reporting the most ouLstnndinp 4-H Belter Methods EJcclrlc program In 1947. Tlie plaqije will be presented to the County Extension ofJicc at Walnut, Ridge. The County Extension office report suited that '^6 4-H'ers participated in the program in which awards were provided by the Westinghouse Educational Foundation. They found better methods in connection with.such activities as cleaning, laundering, wnshing c.s, and nKimtuinitif! fann machines. Dotibs Of Walnut Ridge woi» tlu: coKiilv mi'dal in (hti 1947 us soil suiTeyor. survey supeivlsor. nnct n.s.slslanl slale con.'.ei vationisl. Since 1915 he lias been wovklin; In with the Bureau of Plant Indiislrv of (lie U. S. F.>cpt. of Aiulciilliiie. ' Mr. I.awson assumed hl.s new duties Ucceniber ail, MII7. nl I.i-\iin;ton, Kv,, MTiTlary-hi'siMiri-r nl Uic InLi-inn- t lonul liiiby ChiL'k A.-iMinalLoii : t'huirruiHi ol ih<- Nuit'tiiiii Clin-k* n-ol-Tomorrow Commitu-r, "Inductty U'adfis in'i- in ttunplole :iKi'('rmrn( lluU lln- niobium tiluuild IK- ctmiinui-d," Klsulc i^itd. 111 l'hm i - lorr, ill tin- mni(-,t of tljc imiio commiltoi 1 , A :im! I 1 Food .Stoics liave ;i;ri'«'il to I'untimn? Iht'lr npnn- Koiv.lup o£ Hit 1 program. Iti'iic'^ai of stiUc conti'M.s will alford Hit: ]U)ultry J mh i.s try a nohlrn opportunity to spffd up its .siircrsslul liro^rnm Inwjivd lh<- uHliiiittr i;o:il of I ini-r i-Jnrki'iis (or i-on.Mmif'is find innvHMMi icturns to jnotluccrs." J. O KuiniH- ol K»yctlovllU' ^ t'h;unn:iiL of the ArkatiMis (Jlu'i'k- en-nl 'I'oiiiorrow cfiinuulire. It was Hliucil thivt. Ihe import- fiiin; ol 1 he i-onlivit to Arkunsus i.i itidicuted by Jsiti'nt olfh-ial rrporis .showing thut tlie inniltry industry trie awards program. Lawrence County Wins 4-H Better Methods Plaque The State Extension office, hn.s wn.s later proved infprior," he said, "I have never beforo seen pn nutcli mis-in format ion put out oy fcrtilizor sfvle.smen and I think that flicse mpcttnR.s will be very worth while to Mississippi County farmers." he said. WHO HESITATES BOSSED/ "If it's a hiU'd-to-fiml item that you crave, Our business is built on the money you save. Satisfied customers COME BACK-FOR MORK Rock-bottom values at the TRADING POST Store!" PHDUt 8« *10 WEST ASH HtBI'S THI ANSWIR TO EXTRA traction Arkansas soil conservation funds were cut by approximnlely 7 1-2 per cent under original estimate, < National 4-H "lj'etter"Met'hod7 Elcc- which were made when the pro- grain ,of practices was mapped out last .spring, Mr. GaUungs said. Under normal conditions, he explained, the difference between the amount of the funds actually made available to Arkansas and the amount of soil payments earned by farmers would be met by the transfer to Arkansas of lunds made available to but. unused by other .states under the program. This means that unless Congress appropriates a special deficiency fund, fanners of Arkansas a.s well as some olhcr Southern states may be deprived of full payment for soil practices which !he government encouraged them lo undertake. Seeks Re-election T.TTTl,E5 DOCK. Ark.. Jan. 1(1 MJl'i —Jnhn K. Bull of ICuyeka Springs today became the second slate or district candidate to file- his corrupt jinulces ptedniHWith Secretary of Stale. V. G. Hall, lie will sri-k le-eleciion as i-hiincellor of the 1:-1U Cliuniri'iy IJJ.slrict composed nf Heti- lon, Washington, Carrol ami Mitill- son counties. GOOD/YEAR Thia-exclusive Goodyear melhod ol 100% liquid filling any Irciclor lira add* up lo 25 % moro drawbar pull . . . saves lire, trciclar and oqnipmonl wcnr . . . gn!s moic work done por hour. Havo us pump Salulion 100 Inlo all your tubes — regardless of lire brand — lor amazingly increased Iraclor elfic'ioncy. Goodyear Service Store 410 W. Main DIFFERENCE Not all fann loans arc alike—and (here's no other farm loan as is the Kf|iiilabte SoricL.v's loan. For instance, there's the PREPAYMENT PRIVILEGE which means thai you don I have to wait 5 »r moru ycsirs before you :an pay your loan off. Take your farm income and pay off any iinount at any time—you don't oven nave to wail until a regular interest pay in if date !!! TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. 213W.Wolnuf Guaranteed RADIO REPAIR hy Kxperl Call S11 Brooks Music Store 107 K. Main W l HAT Ilic \vlcriuiuy h to your livestock or iht doctor «a your l.imil), we. JS your M JUt) -1 1 jrris <lciltr, «r« to yoiK f«rm ni.i|-lunery. 'I'r.iintil anil I'ljuipjicd lt> keep your equipment up lo p«r, we kiHuv [lie;i({C! of iiiM.i!liiin only gcnuin* Miiwy-Hurit n-pitir p.irii . . . p;iru in.ulc of thu sunic materials, on thi smm« mtch- iiu-s, Hi llic s.nnt lii>;h simulants of accuracy » ihi p«ni th«y f»pl»c*. Never liiivo we sulil n macliinc just is a mtchin*. Rathir, w«'r« In hutiiirn in st-ll yim llic pctfnunance ... the irvingi i» rim* »oi l.iluir...llie lii-lier wftrk ill M:inc)--U.irrii iractort, corahinM, dower,, |ilt>w<. ,IKcs. |>!,in(ers— nf llic ctilire line. 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