The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 8, 1947
Page 2
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BLYTHEVHyLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, AUGUST 3, 1947 Chinese Facing Famine Threat ! Estimated iO Million | Hjomeless in Flooded • Area; Crops Ruined 1 By'EARNEST IIORIMIECHT (UniUd Preis Staff Cbrre.spomlcul) ? NANKING, Aug. 8. (UP) —Tills correspondent has just completed a night over hundreds of square miles of flooded farm land between the new and the old courses ol the Yellow River. Millions ol limucless Chinese are threatened with famine I his \unlei ' in this rich rice-producing mei in Northern Klnngsu Province. which the Nationalists captured from the communists In last year's • /ifhting.. ••• Torrential rains raised rivers and j canals to tbe highest levels in 15 ' yeats','according lo Chinese reports which estimate thai 10.000,(iO'J villagers and fanners have been made homeless to" waters rushing from gaping holes iji. the dykes. Flying over the area at 0.030 f""t. one could sec nothing but water although occasionally small islands j of . high ground topped by jjrcen | \ crops stood out In marked con- f ;iast. ' -"High" Orountl Flomlc'l • At lower altitudes,' it wns possi- ble''^ see waler washing down! doors in villages buiit on ground ] considered "bigii" in the <!ry sen- j sou','''or running throni-.h buililli'.ns ' in 'isolated country settlements. ^ Few people were sighu-J. : You' coul'l Ictate roads in some places only by sighting ihe tops j of tree* lining them. | ,. The 'Klangsu provincial sovern- fnent asked llin central government in -Nanking for help and lu.'iuc- (lofis ill coping with tho floods. •> Reports reaching Nanking said the whole arei in Pethslon, Norih- bast of Hsuehov. and Suchien. Eoutliehst of "Hsuchow, was com- I pletcly flooded. Hsnehow itself was reportedly half-flooded. f • The floods were said to have af- j fcotert 10 districts, destroying 80 per- cent nf the crops. i lit. Gen. Albert C. Wsdcmeyrr's fact-finding mission will tly over the same area lomnrrov; when I'.ie general returns from a weckY^nu- of 'North China and Manchmi.i. Inspecting 275,000 Dam Circuits ^our Aircraft, r Made in U. S., Seized in Cuba HAVANA, Aiif! 8 IUP) — Cuba as seized foul Anierlcan-inade mil- tiiry planes which landed illc- iilly in Cuba. Navy Chief of Staff ;ommmtore As»itn IIHV* said ycs- crdny. ' Mr derlincd I" say who owned (lie lnne.s. or where they came from, ^cither would he discuss clun'ROs >y tin- Dominican Republic's am- jassador to Wa^ilnKion, Julio Oreg:i Frier, that revolutionaries were gathering men nnd planes In Julia lor an invasion of the He- j nihllc. Planes .witter! by tho Cuban RO- vrrnmeiit, were described as a Liberator heaMy bomber, two Vcgii Ventura medium bombers, and a Catalina flying boat. The Naval Chief ot Staff snld Ibe C'atallna would be hnnricri over In Ihe Cuban Navy and the other Ihrrc plain's would be given to the Cuban Army. Tho crews, he salrl, "will be treated In accord with currrnl Immigration procedure." lie did nol elaborate. Oelensc Minister Santiago Vil- loeli said be imdcrstood the crew of one <>f the plnncs was of French nationality. iwster Press Conference The broad - billed ^parrow Arizona 'migrate.! northward California, In autumn. ot| First while man to ncl fool in to. Calilornia was Juiin Rodriguez Ca'orillo, In 1542. Brothers Wed Girl Friends They Swapped Al a press eonfercnc-c i" Washington. Squalor Owen r.ic'.v.slor Maine, chairman of the Senate Wat Investigating Committee, iinswets rharges made by plane manufacturer Howard Hughes lhat Ilir-v.':;tei cffered tp enll off a subcommittee probe Into Hughes wartime dealing il Hughes would agree to merge '1WA with-Pan American Airwiy:; and support urcwstor';; community airline bill. (NEA Tclcphoto.) Ketttuckys Noblest" STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKV IMS whisky Is 5 years or more old —86 proof EARLY TIMES DISTILLERY COMPANY, Louisville, Kentucky It's only cxi;?, but it looks as if the !,:« Angles electric system's col a good Idea; inspecting high volltigc lines Irom lielicopivr. Tne job. under way because so many linemen are on vacation, includes 2"5,'ji!0 circuits from Hoover IDtim. iNEA Tclcphoto.l j i . AlSSbCO an.v.iOn of Younit j to, * Pedestal Fans * Hunter and Robbins and Myers Attic Fans* Ceiling Fans Inemociatir Clubs in North and 'south Ml:-si?.sir.pi C.-)iin!y was in- Idlc.iled tnrlav with the aimoim.-c- iivicnl Dial Arthur «. (TodrM Harrison of Blvlhcvillc and W. A. Fuller of <;-:-eolc hiive been se- let-led ir-.eml.'i'r.'ihip drive and l>n>- jcrani <.'h:i:rinen Inr their respeciive d'slricts. j The Y-nif.}: TJemocraii: Clubs of lArVansis. willi licndiiln'i'H'i's in 'Iittl'c nock, nr; sri-Uiii': lo estab- ilish clubs In each county. ObJ2:Uvo.s of the Arl:inti:is group (or the c'lmln-.! y>:ir nrt tr> laimrh | ;in infrnn'.ilional piogriim for \o\]llfT peojili: on iiroblems of l^ov- |i-rmnent-. t;> ur';e rjvmeuL of pnll !trx™s before the Grtobcr deadline Und to bring about a 1=3 per cent i eastinc of bailols in the next KCH- Irral eler;tion. °t-\lc president of Hie Arknnsas s is Eidnry McMat'n. liot ;ps. nr:j.seciuini; attorney for tli Judicial Oistrict. I.I. Guv. athiin Osrdrn of Mornllon is crrtnry-treasurer and Cbancel- Fr.'"ucis Clierii- of Joiicsbaro cxn-ulive rornmiUeeman. 'WEPT FAI.M lif'AOH. F\i.. Auc B. 'UP)- -.luliiui nemic/tt. 25-ye-ir- old iNav vetei'an. wns on i hoi.- rymoon lodav with his HritL~.ii xvar britlo who \\ti.s si-.p|X)scd lo bc"omc s sister-in-law. Julinn's brother Austin, a. former GI, hid propped mBrria-.-o lo lUrntricc Lamocrt of Stoko- \'ewington. London, while he was overseas. They matle plans :'or her rrival to this country. When she walked down the saili'lilr-nk in Baltimore on .July 52. Julian aiul Austin greele.l her. II was lovr at first sight ior Doris aiul Julian. yesterday Au.slin got a marriage er-se to marry his hometown girl AT;i] v Gr;i::e Holland. Only then did the story eomo out that A'.in in and 13oris had "both changed their minds on marriage." 'Denis who ,var, supposed to marry 'Austin, tnnrried Julian .Sunday. And Auston. who was sup- pcscd to marry Doris, will miury M.iry "any day now." The HcnneU family said t'.iat it v wi>.s n tnncliy sUviation ^L first, but everything worked out :uirl there were "no hard feelings.' 1 F!»ler Has Close Call When Plane Tangles in Wires ATLANTA. O.I.. All'.'.. H. <UP) Tovycr Ktcvcn. n native of Haugen, I Wis.. denied clisivijcs today that he waved to girls on a residential I stn-cl shortly before his two-seater plane langled with a power pole. Irate neighbors siiid that the former army air lorce.s pilot had been [lying dangerously low. The plane wrapped itself around a maze of hiSli voltage wires and burned. 'Die blond Klevcn .struggled free ; n[ Ihe plane, scaled a wire to the pn'o and shhmicd catlike lo the j around. He su.'ferecl only a slight. sc-i.Ut'h on one hand. I When power repair men got th?rc j Kkven learned that his plane, a I mass of twisted metal caught fire from contact with a 4.I1GO volt We Handle Your Car With Care! Wheel Alignment -—=-*~ Kliminalc unnecessary CNpcnsc in of your tires by letting us ltce|! car in perfect alignment. Our teed work will save you mone Kieven inissrd coniael. with a .flOO volt line making his way to pole Irom Ihe plane, and twi^e epped on a GOO volt insulated cder line to street car wires. This bit; event need them most! when yon BUN HEATH Auto & HOME SUPPLY 'Phone 828 .11U West Main SI reel •I HE l-OHNTY Japan to Be Sent 60,000 Bales of American Cotton COI;HT FOR IlISTHIC'l OK' siississ'ii'ri COUNTV, ARKANSAS. NOTICE Notice is hereby Riven lhat there IBS been filed in the County Cour of (he Chickasiiwba District of Mis issipjii Covml;:. Arkiuisas, a neti ion of L. O. Thompson. Jr.. all Uheis askinp for the annexiitio o the City ol Blythcville, Arkansas of the follnwiiiB tnritory in the Chirkusav-ln Dir-lriet of Mississippi County. Ark-'.nsas. lo-wili Ij)ts One <1> and Two 12). Sec- linn Ten HO'. Township Fifteen 115) North. Kango Eleven tn> ''' 1sL on lile with said j'dition in the office of Ilif Clerk of sai<l .Couri nnrt the unnrrsieiirrt hn« named by the petitioners as person nuthnii/rd lo act in the promises. Tho rjourt afore <ai<l haN fix:-d I lie 3rd day " Scplemtcr. A. 1>. l!)17. as Ib. for a lieni'iim <•" : i;li 'l petition and all inlpii'r.trd |Cr.<ins aic NOV.- nol- ATLANTA. Ga., Aim. 8. (UP) Mire than 63.COD bales ol cotton vMII be shipped lo Jap:>n in Iat2 August lo lielp reduce U. S. inil- lary occupation cosis and ai the same l.ime sustain the economy o lhat country. C. D. Walker, di- rcclor of the M. S. Department o Agriculture's cotton braurb. sair tierc today. Ii; addUion, plans have been :,p proved to p.urcbasc allntlu-]' -1 ! >.OC ijalcs. anrl 50,000 bales nf cottoi waste, or eolton. ii wu'c is vailnblc, for later shipncul, h aid. Walker said possibi'Uics for ad litional shipments of cn'io.i t Japan have been dir.cuvicd. hi lint decision on (he ma-ier av,.i: he return of povcrnuient an trade representatives who aie Jopi.n making a study of iho [i sibilitics there for Incrcaserl use American cotUnu. Walker said practically .ill the cotlon bought under C.v.: .lapa- neso program thus fur is ol short staple and low pratlf [rniu old- ilale|crO]> sleeks. Japanese illill;. m- as- soVted. have plenty of n;i:j 1 l.iVor, nul circ set up to handle Ilu; law ilv cotton. the then Tuneup - Lubrication Your car's motor will hum smoollity if you bring it to us for regular checkup. Our experts will spot those minor fl'iws before they rtcvelop into serious trouble. : ondlcr to Handle Naval eserve Matters Here Orar Femllcr, DlythevUlc ntlor- ey who holds a reserve emnmis- on with the rank of lieutenant- ommanrter, is among more than 90 Naval Reserve officers who have •<-u selected as local representa- Ives of Hear Adm. A. S. Merrill, ninmnndanl <>I the Eighth Naval District, the Navy announced to- lav. AhlioUKh in an inactive duty sta- s, these reserve officers will rep- •osenl Ihe rommandant by handling award presentations and other Naval Hr.M'rvc mutters in their localities, the Navy said. 'An Enclish church toilt i has a wa'l painting which bobbed hair. n IS80 shows Expert Motor Care You can entrust your motor troubles, no matter how serious, to us. Here you'll get a prompt, accurate diagnosis ot your car's ills . . . and factory-trained men will make those repairs efficenlly and economically. SALES East End of Main St., Blythcville One Tasie . , . A Book Of ThHSfs! court ifird to &:c pre^enl in on the date r,o fixed. Given tills 31st day of July. A. D. 1817. L. G. Thompson Jr. agent, 8 1-8.15 Highway 61 North at Holland, Mo. /^fc NEEDLESS TIRE WEAR HARD STEERING "WANDERING AND WEAVING' TIRE POUNDING co ro AN EXPERT; OUR MODERN STEERING AND WHEEL ALIGNMENT SERVICE IS BEST FOR YOUR CAR REGARDLESS OF MAKE SHELTON MOTOR CO. 1' «« 110 >Vcst Asll St.

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