The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 26, 1952
Page 2
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THURSDAY, JUNE 26, 1952 Gamma Globulin Promises Best of Polio Treatments (AUK.) COURIER NEWS By ALTON L. BLAKKSLEE Associated Press Sricnce Reporter NEW YORK w_The best immediate hope of preventing paralysis from polio | S lne gnmmn Plobuhn (G.G.) sliols being tested this summer. But even if G.G. works, it won't supply the fina) answer against polio. B For it is not a vaccine, which could .d^.ui:, wnere polio broxe out Then permanent protection it could be used to protect a town's lurtiitiitj [jniwui luii The G.O. shots would protect cnilrii-nn for perhaps only three to six weeks The shots might have k^t" be repeated several times a *^ summer. Bin G.G.—if it works—probably foiild becninf a fireman to put out Polio epidemic's, and limit their spread. Tlial would mean practical c'omroi to avoid many cases of paralysis. The reasons for the limitations of r '-O lie in some facts about immunization. When disease germs invade us, bodies start makine anlt- lowed, It would be impossible to give G.G. repeatedly to all children and adulu In the nation. The G.G. has to come — right now at least — from human blood, and (here simply would not be enough unless all Americans donated vast quantities of blood. G.G.'s main use would he in areas where polio broke out. Then -^ ^ u ,„ ,,, ,, [CVL A UTWIJ S children, and to keep the disease from spreading. Polio apparently spreads by intimate human contact. Tests probably can be devised to s' ' ' prospects of finding good methods of cultivating enough virus to make a lot of vaccine. The virus then could be killed or weakened sufficiently to make a perfectly safe, efficient vaccine, using all three types of virus. Work is going forward on all of these problems. One encouraging fact came from the monkey experiments using G.G. It was found that only a small amount of G.G. antibody is needed to neutralize the polio virus while it is in the bloodstream. This means that a vaccine does ests probably can be devised not have to be as potent ns scient- show which of us already have ists first had thought. Apparently r own aritthnrimc on^ *,—. ;~- „•„ ..~~.j *„ i._ ... l'F"'t-"ii> our own antibodies and protection against polio. Thon G.G. could be given just to those who lack antibodies, thus making the supply E0 farther. The most complete prevenlalive we need to make only a little bit of antibodies. The weak vaccine to do this would be easier to make, and it would be safer. -..*. ...„.., vijiiL|,it-Lt: pi i'vt'niiHivc would he a vaccine. One vaccina-1 K] rt O«I.«!»».... lion might give permanent pro- '^° VplnlOnS On Trial of Reds Vaccines already have been used hrwViiip -i .-i i- ~ f • «•«.!. iiiir a miKjitjy nave OPPn JlSOfl boriief. Antibodies are specific pro- successfully on monkey.,. We don't tern agents which *--- •• ' ' the invading germ and make it [ i »-"»*.» ua i e utrcti liseci ire specific pro- successfully on monkeys We don't combine ^vith | yet, have n vaccine for humans, harmless. but the outlook is getting bright. First of all. March of Dimes re LOS ANGELES WV-A federal judge has denied a move by de- Ar.^ssaa-.'B d?,E~™ SMrssis SLS :: i - -.11"" >» ijuiio viiu^i \vnicn . protected. Our ami- cause disease in humans. The vac- t Ipa^-p r CCr ! "r" P rod ' lc ' n S.j c i"e would have to consist of all or at least are ready for quick action if dial germ comes along again. Vaccines Alsn Used This is known as active Immunization. Vaccines also do this jnb. A vaccine is marie up of germs that cause a disease. The germs first are killed or weakened so Mliey can't cause sickness. But the -perms still can stimulate us to make antibodies against them. The antibody proteclion aroused this way is lons-lnsling, or even sometimes permanent. The G.G. shots would be passive Immunization, which works Quite differently. With tiie G.G.. you would be getting antibodies marie by another source, not your own. Your own body would not keep these donated antibodies for very long You would not. set up the factories to make your own antibodies, unless there was enough virus to make your own body go into ac (ion. The donated G.G. antibodies apparently would last only three to six weeks. Then another protective dose could be given, if the polio epidemic was still on. Most of us already have had flight and probably unnoticed cases of polio. We produced antibodies against the virus. Our antibodies are carried by one protein in our blood the gamma globulin or G.G. The G.G. for these tests Is being supplied from jjjKed Cross-donated blood. - In monkeys, polio virus goes into the blood before It strikes the nerves. While the virus is in the blood, It can be made harmless by shots of G.G. The human tests are designed to learn if polio virus acts the same in humans, and can be stopped by G.G.. before it causes paralysis. If effective nl all. the G.G. would protect .children only If they got the shots before the "virus entered their bodies, or a few days after the virus had already come in. It takes a few days in a few weeks , for the virus to incubate and start invading once It has been swal- three. Large supplies of artificallv grown vims would be needed, but scientists have found that they can grow the virus on tissues other than brains or nerves. Tins-raises Divorce Invalid, Court Holds l-OS ANGELES tf^The divorce thai railroad heir Henry E. Html- iiiRton n obtained in Nevada last March is not valid in California a court has ruled. Superior Judge Thurmond Clark refused to recognize the decree as valid when the issue came up yesterday during trial of a divorce suit brought against Huntinpton bv Martha Outlaw Huntington, former model. Worry of FALSE TEETH Slipping or Irritating? The'-judge n^de the ruling after Nefr''..^^^^^.^'^^.'^ Huntinglnn'K attorneys asked that! whcn '"" ••• •-'•• -- •----'" California Communist leaders to obtain opinions from a Yale professor and four other prominent men. The defense asked yesterday to have the five, all non-Communists, give their opinion as to the validity of the trial. Federal Judge William Mathes ruled, however. Ilia! the Smith Acl under which the defendants are being tried, has already been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. Any opinions on its validity would be Immaterial, he said. The defendants are charger! with conspiracy to teach and advocate overthrow of the government by force. Iceland is 39.758 miles In area. 'e's action be dismissed. T couple married in 1!>44 and Mi Huntington asks S2.300 talk or laugh Just -- ,-- — . aug rlnkje a little FASTEETH o tcs , ™s pleasant powd your iv es a itMiiuiiyiim asKS Si,300 a month security by tinldinc plates 0 support for herself and their two I ly No s<«<">ir. eooer. pasty tiste "r small sons. t. e , e 2." K II s alka'ine (non-acid). Get It Was Easy on TV, You Just Gulp! NORFOLK, V». IJV-K WI1S easy when the man dirt It on television— so 6-yenr.nld Nancy Jane Giles nlso tried the trick harmonica act Something imisl have arme wrong because Nancy swallowed ihe inch- long musical Instrument. Examination under a fluoroscope showed the harmonica was just where the girl pointed. The doctor took n wait-and-see altitude A week later an X-ray showed the harmonica was breaking up and (he metal casing threatening the child's stomach. An operation was performed and the harmonica removed. Nancy's doing fine today Postal Furor In England BRISTOL, England '.fl-The British Postoffice prolostcd formally today against a city mayor who has been i-utlmp? in on the postal monopoly by sending goodwill greetings IhrouKh private channels The protest went to (he Bristol Aeroplane Company, which last month sent a helicopter on a sales promotion tour of Europe. The pilot of the helicopter delivered goodwill letters from Bristol's mayor to mayors of several European cities. Shocked English postal officials complained this breached the postmaster general's monopoly "for the conveyance of mail." Come In! SEE IT NOW! 's MEALTIME MAGIC! &ipocd BACON So quick to fix— so good to eat ~1 cr Food Freezer and Refrigerator combined! t C yd a -malic Defrosting Roll-lo-You Shelves e New Cycio-matic Uvekoldl See the new CjcLi-malic Frl E i<lalre now! Also the new DcLirse. Master and Standard models—priced from $199.95. Adams Appliance Company, Inc. 206-20* W. Main fhone 2071 58c fd. 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