The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1948
Page 6
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KA.GK SIX BIATHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW3 FRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 1048 Prospect of Meat Shortage Looms Farmers Raising Fewer Hogs, Cattle Due to Corn Prices Demand Subsistence Pay Increase •uiy property owner, or citizen, place located In the City of Blythc-; In accordance with the provisions: attending such violation. apalnst any and all damaiifs to per- villc, Arkansas 'iitid established lor sons or property occasioned by the use of vehicles. moving of any house or structure,! <c> The word "person" shall mean of this ordinance, the operator of: Each Police OITicer shall vehicle shall upon entering also attach to such vehicle, a notice such parkin;; space, Immediately dc-: to the owner or operator thereof said bond shall be posted on eacli and include any Individual, firm,I posit or cause io be deposited, a five • that such vehicle has been parked occasion where a house or other co-partnership or corporation. [cent coin or one-cent coin, of the' in violation of a provision of this structure shall be moved and the <d) The word "operator" shall! United States. In such pinking me- Ordinance, and Instructing such Ixmd returned upon the comple- mean and include every individual: tcr, as directed In the Instructions owner or operator to report at the lion of the work and after inspcc- .who shall operate a vehicle as the i on said meter, and immediately put office of the Clerk of the Municipal [Ion by the City Engineer to as-! owner thereof, or as necnt, em-; meter in operation and failure shall j Court of Blytheville. Arkansas, in certain whether or not any dam- ployce. or pcmillce of the owner. j constitute a breach of this Ordi-1 regard to such violation. Each such nee h?s been caused by the moving. <c> A parking meter space shall nance, and shall subject such op-'. owner or operator may, within 24 Section 4: Any person, firm, cor- be defined, for the purpose of this; erator to the penally prescribed In hours of tile time when such notice poralion or association of persons • ordinance, as a space for the pur- section 13 hereof. Upon the deposit was attached to such vehicle, pay to (Bjr United Press) The prospect of another meat shortage developed today us corn belt farmers reported that lliey are raisins fewer hogs and cattle despite record high prices. Palmers are becoming wary, a United Press survey showed. Many recall how the bottom dropped from beneath farm prices after World War I, and they fear the same thing could happen again. But most of the fanners Interviewed said their main reason for cutting down on the fattening of livestock Is the sty-high price of corn. Most animals are fattened on corn, and the crop failure caused-by last year's Spring floods Seedin 6 " ! ° US Crl '" P '" " vcstock j Traveling I" a rented bus, a delegation of student-i set out for Washington to ask the passage of bills 'Tne B 'Dcpartment of Agrlc-.illurc j raise Ihc subsistence allowances of veterans Attending college. Here, well-wishers give the group a royal reported that the number of cat- setidolf from the University of Chicago campus. (N1SA Telcplioto.) tie being fed for market Jan. 1 was the smallest since 1040. Tlie j department estimated the number on feed the first of the year at 3,774,000 head, a 12 per cent rccluc- violating any of the provisions of pose of parallel parking, as a space this Ordinance shall be deemed 21 feet, more or less. In length guilty of a misdemeanor and up- along the curb, and for the purpose en conviction thereof shall be fined , of diagonal parking; as a space ' of such 5c or Ic coin or coins, and ' the Clerk of the Municipal Court, Immediately putting meter in opera-! as a penalty for and In full satis- tlon, the parking space may bc law- I faction of such violation, the sum fully occupied by such vehicle duv- i of 50c. The failure of such owner In any sum not less than $25.00 ; feet, more or less, along the curb. Imr the period of parking time in ' or operator to make such payment and no more than $100.00. ; marked by appropriate linns in the' accordance with the tlnjc limita-' lo the Clerk of the Municipal Court Section 5: This Ordinance being street and with a parking meter j lions as designated on said parkins;! within 24 hours, shall render such necessary for the immediate peace s ct in place adjacent thereto, and safety of the Citizens of Bl \- Section 2. The City Council is tlicvlllc, Arkansas, an emergency hereby authorized to establish ccr- Is hereby declared to exist and tain zones, to be known as parking meter. If satd vehicle shall remain •, owner or operator subject to the parked in any such parking space! penalties hereinafter provided for beyond the parking time limits flxcd ' violation of the provisions of this for such parking space, the park- Ordinance. , tion from last year's 4,307,000. Last year's meat production hit an nil-time high, but so did consumption. The American -j- I WCQ /n Dutch War Indonesia North Carolina Executes ! Hotel Rat Race Gives this Ordinance shall be In full! meter zones, within tl)e fire limits Ing meter shall indicate by its dial Section 12. In any hearing of force and effect from and after : as s< >t forth in Ordinance No, 475. 'and pointer, such illegal parking, the Municipal Court of Blytheville, Its iHissaKe. | The parkinE meters to operate as I and in that event, sxich vehicle shall Arkansas, on a charge of illegally Passed and approved this the 13 ] follows: be considered as parked overtime parking a motor vehicle, testimony day of January. 1943. E. R. JACKSON'. All weekdays except Saturdays-'from 8:00 A.M. until 6:00 P.M. and the parking of a vehicle over- that a vehicle bearing a certain Atlcst: Frank Whitworth, City Clerk. Negro in Gas Chamber RALEIGH, N. C.. Jim. 1C. (UP)- Sleuth a Workout — _ time or beyond the period of legal license number plate was found un- Mayor Saturdays—from 8:00 A.M. until ( parking time In any such part of a: lawfully parked as prohibited by 9:00 P.M. j street or avenue where such me- ! Ihls Ordinance, ana such further Sundays and holidays excluded. (tcr Is located, shall be a violation i testimony that the records of the And from lime to time hereafter, of tills Ordinance and punished ai registrar of motor vehicles for any ns Irafllc conditions require, In such' hereinafter set forth. Slate show that said license plates other streets and avenues as are ae- 1 Section 7. It shall be unlawful were Issued to the defendant, shall GIIUINANCI! No. 484 ] icclcd by the Council of the Cily and a violation of the provisions be. priira facie evidence that the An Ordinance relating to traffic, of Blytheville, Arkansas, for the I of this Ordinance for any person vehicle was Illegally parked, was and regulating the use of public location of such zones. j to cause, allow, permit or suffer' so parked, permitted or supposed st'vets and highways In the Cily And in such parking meter zones any vehicle registered in the name to be parked by the defendant. /. of Blytheville. Arkansas, prcscrib- the Cily Council shall cause park- of. or operated by such person to be certified copy showing such fact CINCINNATI, O. (UP)—The Hf/! regulations relative to the ) n g niefers to be installed and shall r.arknigof vehicles upon such public n.x the time limitations for legal A Negro who ROt n Christinas noli- of a detective sometimes has it-, . .streets ami highways; providing for parking In such zones, ami the hours t lislicd tor any parking meter zone parked overtime or beyond the pe- from the registrar, or deputy reg- riort of legal parking time eslab- istrar, shall be proof of ownership. the , Installation, operation, main- during the day or night when the 'as herein described. tonancc, supervision, regulation and parting meter or meters must be Section 13. Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of Section 8. It shall be imlaful this Ordinance and any person day from death died calmly in llups and downs. the rental, purchase, supervision, *t the butcher's counter, and she j East Indies Island of Java may have to pay -von higher prl- Unofficial reports said the Re- ces'for It There will be more meat publican covernmcnl agreed, mrtcr than Americans were accustomed considerable pressure from Un led to eatt g before the war, but not'Nations delegates, to work 0.1 a a* 8atlS ' y lhC PrCSCnt h " ¥y I t'h™ ™cl?S on Cl ,he m Du«ch-dc- Cotwray said the shortage huss-flncd demarcation line. been developing for several years. He said that livestock producers fg/ Arrests Woman have been marketing their alii-j .- >..«_ TL-tt mals at & rate exceeding production On Auto Theft "to ke'ep pace with the consumer demands of an Inflationary period." The trend, he said, has cut Truman to Get His Balcony Despite Critics WASHINGTON. Jan. 16 (UP) — Mrs. Millard Flllmorc Rot her While House bath lub and President Truman Is going Eo get his second floor balcony no [natter how loud MTTI.E ROCK, Ark.. Jan. 16 (UPi | n | S critics shout. The Federal Bureau of Invcstl-1 Mi- Truman told his news con- the number of grass feet cattle on I gallon today was holding an nl- a-rcnce yesterday that the $15,000 I tractive 23-year-old woman In de- i m i colly now being built on the fault of 55,000 bond on charges ol ! g ou th pi the Western ranges. ,,„„„„ . ... _, ,. ! aforesaid area have not been Cones of the Coulter pine some-. sl ,r CC ssful as is desirable; and times wclRh more than four pounds. „ ! such meter is or Is not legally In easuring ,2 inches by six ' inchel , o WHEREAS, because of the habit use Each uarktnR meter installed i and a violation of the provisions of shall 'ndica e by proper legend the this Ordinance, to deposit or cause protection, inspection. Installation, . operation, e, control and of mimei-out onentors or motor le sai parking time established by | to be deposited in any parking ,nu- i vehicles-of Mi-kins'for'lone iieriads i the city; and when operated shall i ter, any slug, device or metallic lot time in close prosimltvlo an- ! indicate on and by its dial and substitute for a 5c or Ic coin of the other motor vehicle so parked on pointer, the duration of the period United States. ORDINANCE No. 4R3 m.,^. ,,,x Jtu . , u,,,*.^ ..~ ,'<»»,.,., ~,, . AN ORDINANCE ENTITLED," AN the most congested parts of the of legal nnrking. iuul on the exynva- OHDINANCE DECLARING THE city's busiest streets tends to fur- tion of such period, shall indicate | of the Police Officers of Jhe City, parking BUSINESS OP MOVING OK tiler Impede traffic and in addition HOUSES TO BE A PK1V- thereto constitutes a danger to LEDGE? ESTABLISHING A 1,1- life, limb and property of motor- have lines or markings painted CENSE FEE THKKEI'OR? Fix- ists. pedestrians and others; and placed upon the surb and-or st ING TIME OF PAYMENT AND WHEREAS, it Is the opinion of adjacent to each parking meter PIIOVIOING PENALTY FOH Hie Council of the City of Blythe- the purpose of designating the park- Section 15. This ordinance shall lie deemfd to be in addition to, „ .. ,i , ,, . ., j . and supplementary to and not in Section 11. It shall be the duty COIlflict with nol : rc|)eal of prlor or existing ordinances of this City, but shall be an additional acting in accordance with the in- TIIE VIOLATION TIIEKKOF- villc, Arkansas ,that the best meth- Ing space for which said meter is Section 4. The City Council shall slructions issued by the Mayor, to ; provision for the regulation of markings painted or report: 1 traffic and parking in areas and (a) The number of each parking ' zonc - prov ided herein, meter which indicates that the ve- ; section 1C. If a section, part of hide occupying the parking space | a section, sentence, clause or adjacent to such parking meter, is j pi,rase O f this ordinance shall be or has been parking in violation j held to be unconstitutional or in- tioned to bc used an deach vehicle parked VND FOR OTHER PUIIPOSKS. the balh tub didn't change the ex- Gen. Eisenhower to Be Rankin Offers Bill to Ban In Georgia GOP Primary Advertising of Whiskey ATLANTA, Ga.. Jan. 16. (UP) Secretary W. Barnaby Hill of the nc| , j onn Ei Hunkin, D., Miss., has'erick A. Miihlenberg, R.. Pa., who Georgia mlttce said today that Gen. Dwight Public Pays WASHINGTON. Jan. 1C. (UP) — 'Icrior of the building. Mr. Trutnan replied that it certainly made some changes In the Interior. Tlie president defended his balcony project shortly after Rep. Fred- Section 2: It shall be unlawful talnlng the same. the cost of establishing and main- i section 5. When a parking space j in any parking meter zone is par- tor any person, ririu. corporation NOW. Tt'EREFORE. BE IT OR- , , v »ci S viih the adjacent curb or side- 01- association of persons to engage DAINED I3Y THE COUNCIL OP j w »lk, any vehicle parked in such In the business or moving houses THE CITY OP BLYTHEVILbE, •• p lacc s | la n be parked so that the or other like structures In. over, ARKANSAS: i foremost part of such vehicle shall introduced a bill lo bar newspapers s "5's he is Ihc only architect In I theville, Arkansas, without first Ordinance. upon and along (he streets of Ely- Section 1. For the purpose of this : be nearest to the parking meter; ami any other publications nrtvcr- i Congress, arose on the llovw of the Using alcoholic beverages from In- ! fl °»se lo say (hat no "tenant" had lerstatc transportation, through the 'he right to make structural chnngrs mails or otherwise. ; to suit his personal taste. Violation would be punishable by j "This building belongs to tho nncs of not less than $100 nor more ; American people," he said. than Sl.OOO, and imprisonment of > from six ntomVis to a year. j Dewey to. Test Strength /- ,.1 7> • nti- l/n Oreoon GOP Gciiefte Bus/ness Office *"*-yvi> uwr Announces Promotions when a parking space in any park- The word "vehicle" shall m g m cter zone is diagonal to the any device in, upon or by cllr t, or sidewalk, any vehicle parked having obtained and paid « city li- t <ai cense therefor from the City Clerk, mean The amount of said license shall , wliich aiiy person or property is ! ; n an y such space shall be parked bc tlic sum of Slao.CO per annum or mn y "be transported upon a I w i( n (he foremost part of such ve- and shall be due and payable in highway, except a device which is hide nearest to such meter. January of each year. ; operated upon rails or tracks. | Section 6. When any vehicle shall Section 3: Any person, llrm, cor- | C D , Tt ie word "Street" shall mean | tjc pnrked in any space adjacent to poration, or association engaged In nny public street, avenue, road, which a parking meter is located the business of moving houses or oilier like structure 1 -; and having been duly licensed to so engage -shall, in addition, to the license fee herein provided, shall post a bond with the city clerk in the indemnify the boulevard, highway or other public ' SALEM. Ore., Jan. 10. (UPl— Thomas E, Dewey, governor of LITTLE ROCK Jan 1C (UP'— Ncw Yoi 'k and Republican prcsi- Hiurh B. Patu-rami. Jr.. national ad- i dential candidate, was entered to- ; «>"' °f S'- 10 ; 00 '" "';";»""» «•<= vcrltMiiB manager of I ho Arkansas <l«y on the ball-i for Oregon's prc- City of Blytheville. Arkansas, or Gazette since his release from active fcrentlal primary, duty in Ihc Avmy .Mr Forces in Jan- ! Oregon's piim.-.iy on May 21 will nary, 1946. has been named assist-' 1>c tlle 'trst test of how Western ant business manager and advrr- G OP sentiment will run in 1948. Using director of the paper. Ed- I _. _ ward V. Murphy, who hus been ad-] Read Courier News want Ads • thai You otten t>el From Lumbago and •vcathcr, ecntls many folks to tho sfor ,r C-'J2"3. Often vn-i start to fo' nick relief after thr* nr?'. spoonful. Crv -": l"so cr'v j>^ <' : -^"- -V T*,,v O-~~ vertising director, has been named D. Eisenhower will deflnllely bc general manager of KLRA. the Ar- entered In Georgia's first Republt- kansas Gazette radio station in Llt- can presidential primary since re- tie Rock. construction days. i — — The primary has been set for May 11. Hill said there were strong Indications that the names of Thomas E. Dcwpy. Harold E. Stnssen and Sen. Robert A. Tall will also bo entered in the Georgia primary. Young energetic liquor salesman interested in hard work. 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