The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on November 8, 1967 · Page 43
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 43

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1967
Page 43
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if 46 Wednesday, November 8, 1967 The Ottawa Journal S3 mmmmmim am mmmm'm 3sm 301 AjfkwWS (Cant, trwn Pmung Column) VIKINO . ELECTRIC BROOM. I'Jj uenerol E Metric floor polishor, S3t- 731-4340 after 4. VOLKSWAGEN WHEELS, oltwr VW porti. KMta. VOLKSWAGEN . 7JJ-21S1. GAS HEATER. 170. WASHER. WRINGER. EXCELLENT condition; automotic sfiaet troner. 235 ' 061. WASHER AND DRYER. WESTING house. Brand now. never hoofed up. SJSO COW. 4S-ZV7I. WEDOING DRESS, site 1M. TO-990J. HEADPIECE, WESTERN SADDLE, IS INCH. EXCEL- Mm. SIS. Box D-nt, journal. WHEEL CHAIR. DELUXE MODEL, hearing at, u Fourth Avonuo. WOODEN PACKING CASES, 8 X II X II. SI each. 7-2i2f. WRINGER WASHER. Itet INGLIS. 2-oeed. Lint saver. St. 77-2t3t. WRINGER WASHER. EXCELLENT . condition, steel single, dm, now mat tress; crodN. 740-2321. WRINGER WASHER, THOR, VERY good. 150. 122-1175, evenings. -WRINGER WASHER, INGLIS. EXCEL- Mnt condition. MO. 733-4143. ZIG-ZAG SEWING MACHINE. AUTO-- malic, makes buttonhoMs, mo on burtons, doos embroidery wont too. Balonc owing 157.2a toko over payments. Call 335-700 anytime. t TIRES, 1 RIM, 7-75-14. til. KEN-moro wringer washer, JJS. . Girl" lot. SD 12. 324-5110. 1 COMPLETE ROOMS OF FURNL-turo consisting of white French Provincial btdroom sot. Scandinavian living-room stt and beautiful dinette set includes all accessories. Sacrifice 1425. suitable terms. 74-J75. j I TRANSISTOR AM'FM RADIO. - Supersonic $17. aTMsTI. 25 MOFFAT STOVES. EXCELLENT. condition. Must be seen to be appreciated. 14 ts. while they last. Cohen ,ond Cohen Limited. IM3 Mer ivale Rood. 33 WINCHESTER SPECIAL CARBINE and box of ammunition. 175. 735-112. BO STEEL SCHOOL LOCKERS, 17 each. Green Valley Lumber, 300 Mont real Rood. 744-4133. TV RENTALS INI MODILS ALSO STEREOS. TAPE RECORDERS. PA systems, indoor and outdoor. Rent can be applied to purchase. Alpha Stereo TVs. 733-710. TYPEWRITER CLCARANCB NEW PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS. J-year guarantee, Wilson Typewriter Service, 23 Montreal Road. 740-flte; 747-117. . SUNS I rl A'.L MAKES. TRADE-INS AC-- cep!.d. Guts ksr rent. I icmre is-1 sued BrMs and Co.. 3C8-307 Bank; between Mac Lor en am 231-011. Open FrnMy till f a.m. RENTAL CINTRI TYPEWRITERS AND AOOINO MA- inewi. om mostas. eree aauiisry. ae- tiei; 740-4777. TYPRWRrrBR NTALS LATE nsOOCLS. GOOD CONOlTION. tgaciol student rotes- 731-4712. TV BINTALS ItaS atOOELS RENT CAM BE APPLIED TO PUR-chose. Alpha Stereo. TVs. Rental. Soies. Sorvica. 733-2at. tlhUFlCHIVlJiARS NEAR HERON ROAB AND BANK LeTimrt and aootuascee e reduced prices. Seme scratched so-ed. dented plus new Shscft and nsenutecturors and lac- 31-aris. SAVI MOMIT OM TMKSa By LAOter FULL SLIPS. SUBS , tl ; nvlom, fina ouoiav. 13 dot.t boll Hipa. mini and go-go. subs-. I cents' each; hghs. a. 4, s le-'. auos. so cants; ladws' tights, smotl. medium large. 11 a; lodws' and gjrtr tMwnal pviamnl. 12; ctuldran's flannel pyk m, pubs. 2. e. t'i cMtdren-s carton at-va. 4 ha 14, If cents: laaw cotton eia. 34 a a. It at: loco ckstha. dox If cents, lea Us. fl cents; Hon-iwnrtl Monkats. MIR 1430 pstri ladies panties, smott mednwn. torge 4 pok-s tl. Add ! tolas baa. Sand Vorwty. Baa 311. AHVad. Ont. Fraa Era ItOBBY TOOLS ANO SAWS. BENCH SAWS. RADIAL "gfi,, J 1 fn4 Rrtts. er I saws, kwnter s. It see M. Zagerman and Ca. Ltd., VPS Bay- vwwRoed. am """' I asACNIMR 1HOP 1U PPL 111 Smaftimo COLLARS. BEARING xketv cheAa v-aunrrs.1 chain, biochs. wr rape cobM. clips. ! Co L4 . let For the Best Buy in Carpets or Broctdlcvm Visit . . . ANG4.0 fRENCH CARPfT 114 Staler 237J292 BROADLOOM NO rXTEREST OR flNANCt ttHARGES FOR 90 DATS 5 10 Larky Oeen Snjmpt Ontorio Corpet Industries 232-7169 30U SXtt. TEENAGERS. PfXES. BOOTS. re new. 141. 771-7317. skis with Bindings, t pairs Red Ami. Hart, Red Star, height 714. Mt new. 274-71 is. 3011 Infers AIRSTREAM FRANCHISEO DEALER Srwab preview ef 7 n. teat mter- Trent Road. BelMvllM, Ont. Tehsphena tsi it m em. CLEARINO FAMILY SIZE TENT, troPan a paving mm to S2S. To Tnuurr iota. 74-7341. Ottawa can CUSTOM BUILT BOX T9AILERS Reasonable. 173-171 733-) SHASTA TRAILERS. SEE THE tU models now ot Mxntfieurs T'Otter antes. Trent Ron, bnurnlle, Ont (ttlim-aaii. WINTER STOar;E. PENDLETON , Arr-port. lor freiter-S. tent troHsrs end Boats. Phong 733-315. between and 7 pm. ( FT TRAVEL TRAILER. candtnsn. 731-434 COOO 301B TriHen (Conf from raced log Column! 17 FT. MARATHON. GAS EQUIPPED, -sleeps a. si.ara. ee-aui.. If HOLIDAY TRAILER. SELF Contained with propone fridge, oven, stove, spoco healer.-3 system lights, electric brakes, toilet. shower, hot water heater, pressured water system, 3? gallon capacity, pas bottles, trunk. 721-5944. BRLLEVUR TRAIL! PARK RAMBLER. PYRAMID. TRAVEL trailers, mobile homes,, accessories Orlcons. 24-l47. . . NOTICI CLOSED NOVEMBER 4 TO 11 FOR 1J. stock taking. Opened ABC Camping, Almonte. 302 Articles Wale. APARTMENT SIZE PIANO) OR medium upright, any condition. 233- vj4. . . . BICYCLE FOR 13-YEAR-OLO BOY. coaster broke. 733-7510. BOOKS WANTED LIBRARIES. ODD tors, ijeogropnics Ploytoy to Plato. z34-vzv. CAMERAS. ENLARGERS. MICRO- ecopes. binoculars, photogrophk equipment. uouKrs, 3 sank street. CASH FOR TYPEWRITERS, AOOING fling cobblers, flat lop desk, office cnosrs. zje-iem CHILD'S SMALL TARl F Aim ruAis set. enrome preferred. After 7, 744- I24B. COMBINATION FREEZER - REFRIG- erafor or treezer, biae-o-bed. 234- S1S7. DEER SKIN AND MOOSE HIDES wanted. Coll Ottawa Hide Company, evr-ju4 or rjs-vts-i. win pickup. ENGINE FOR GILBERT -AMERICAN flyer, s gouge. 745-2M2. GIRLS COMPLETE BROWNIE forms, good condition, sires 72S-xe. KITCHEN RANGE. WOOD. LARGE size, with reservoir. 27 Anno Avenue, . 77S-523. LARGE TRUNK OR PACKING CASE. 74-4532. evenings. MOTHER NEEDS COLLAPSIBLE wheelchair for pofopteglc boy. Ri onoMe. 15M543- OLD OIL PAINTINGS WITH FRAMES ond bronze statues. 17425. ONE TO TRADE. 145 VOLKSWAGEN, 23.0k) miles for km) model or low mileoge econolina truck. 733-0303. PIANO WANTED FOR STUDENT. private. 73t-7fll. PIANO. ANY SIZE. WANTED" 1AV 7311S. PiAh U'bEl V NfrM.lil N mrhe and s-e Cash on the spot 715 7071. iflNG PONG TABLE. HALL AND shssr cor pet mg, pwux pretarrad. ua- Ttlz. REFRIGERATORS. STOVES AND household furniture. Highest prices POM. Ua-47tt, TEAK DINING ROOM SET WANTED. 733-4203, TELEVISION AND RADIO WANTED. 7TJ-13S. USED VALVE REFACER WANTED. Caw l-aTI-3032. WAMTCD. PftOPtnaaossAt, till avtor. Fender pre ha red- After 1 3 T3-I437. WANTED truck ki BUY. ECONOLINE condttMa. 733-4MI. WAR MEOALS. ANTIQUE. GUNS FOR private cattacfMn. 773-0313. ereianus. WE BUY. SELL AND TRADE EVERY ITefcelepjJ vOa 10 fcO1 - WaV teatnT's4bl extTeSVOxf Furniture on ApsMiancas. 119 Wett- 777-aaaJ. RALPtt-J UltD FURStrrUPB LTD. IMMFOIAIE CASH FOR MOUlCHO O eamrtura, fetr 734-11 RIIO-S Wit FURnmiRR CASH FOR HOUSCtitXO FURNI-tara. aupllisncaa. Ml Glltdltwn An m. mini. 303 eMti tJafJ KsVaM 14 FT. PMULDED PLYWOOD BOAT 25 hp jahnsen and tre ter. 47 3111. 1 FT. B EAUTIFUL. COMFORTABLE Cruiser. caiieaitasMi teas seaapa A 3t bp exrltaxsr. Srattar. sl.tta. 731-777. BOAT STORAOI llNllOC. OUTStOC. RUNABOUTS Pad va delivaratL asonattck Xsr ne. erMOSI PORTLAND VACNT HAIbOR LTD. OTTAWA AREA, TROJAM SMFP. . tee me new teal crsnsar. cam. many axtraa. SAJ'A 113-173. 30U Utalat'lmtsui CEDAR TStFFt, at CENTS UP. rch. oval 731 -OS2. MANURE FOR ttty dell ear ad. SALE. ANT OUAN-74S-27M, 304 KkUrwt ALL IS CHALMERS 012 DIESEL. hat Deere. 3 hiwuutm buckets Corteton Place. 2S7-2S77. MINNEAPOLIS MANUbE SPREADER bt good enape. s ply tVrs. tlTS. I- cn-iTgi. SNOW BLOWER. COMMERCIAL, never bar, tata. 234-ipti. LOADER AND BLAOE 123-2737. 1157 INTERNATIONAL BACK HOE. 7 .. terms. Croon Voftey Lumber 31 Mentum Rood. 714-140. 305 MkSA. ANY AMOUNT wood, delivered OP FIREPLACE 7314J47. FIREPLACE WOOO WHITE BIRCH. 1-47V-2WM. FIREWOOD. It A CORD DELIVER ed. Muexe, 744-42S. SEASONED FIREWOOD, awe. aetrvered. 4V3 37V4 SPECIAL FIREPLACE WOOO. BIRCH- Nweie. taiatmg slabs, si delrveied 7H-2773, 304 DEEP CUT SPECIALS AT LOBLAWS A rimer Fancy Assorted Peas. n. a, hn 243i Amer Pmeoapi Ttd-Bits. " " " 2a, 69a Generof Mill ugtss. Daisies an Whistles. A . torh peg 4Jf Leotows Pride of Arabia Can. herd crsnser aeolar model 34 Tratow sedan pieie wnh Pyevj bridge. Mew an dnv parr. Used 75 p. Owens hardtop ee-areei cruhwr. verv anod cand-tam. I I I- 306 MirkdLUsktt Coot, from Prvctdtng Column) A&P . ,f00D STORES FROZEN CLEARBROOK RASPBERRIES 15 01. pltg. Spcciol, 2for 690 DOMINION 10 STORES TO SERVE YOU 14J3 MER IVALE ROAO ' .HAMPTON PARK PLAZA 1 344 RICHMOND ROAD 1224 WELLINGTON STREET BANK and SUNNYSIDE ST. LAURENT SHOPPING CENTRE 1S2 BANK STREET MS RIVER ROAD 10 BYWARD MARKET - 30 ST. -JOSEPH BLVD.. HULL 307 N Stock ADORABLE PEKINGESE. EXCEL- lent breeding, registered, will sacri- lice. 13-2303. ANIMAL CENTRE. 531 RIDEAU. POO-dws. spaniels. terriers, watchdogs, kittens, vaccinated. BEAGLES. REGISTERED, a WEEKS. Telephone 124-2111. $35 each. BEAUTIFUL MALE PEKINGESE OF 2 years. Must sell. 724-1644. ieejue Inviue A aiiDCBncn doa aet free Otwwa Kennel Club' ,LW Dnrw. S-14.140 I BOSTON TERRIER. 3 MONTHS OLD. recti stared, mole. 115. Perth, 1-247. 173. BOSTON TERRIER PUPS. MS. 7 weeks, rogtstoted. Manilla. 537-5512. BULLMASTIFF. OUIET, AFFECTION- OtOtt fOffsVMSi 0t90ttnC9 trot tared. 7Vs yeorv 733-4235. CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES. REGISTER- I. else canary and cage. TSO-isot. COCKER SPANIELS. REGISTERED. black and white ports-color male pup pies, v weeks. 733-vuv. DACHSHUND. REGISTERED. MINIA- ture. max mum weight t pounds. EXPERt'batHING ANO CLIPPING. ' Pickup and delivery. 127 :144. I FAMILY TRCAT.LOVABLE. MALE. ' silver stonoord poodle. I year, roa-i aonobla. 3t-aI31. FIELD TRIAL- BRED LABRADOR Kaigshsn. Ill tilt. IINIATURE PINSCHER PUPPIES, ahart hoired kitaliigant males, regia-tered. Ready at Cnrtstmoi, Smahe .Foils. 3t3-3s2. PART LABRADOR PUPPIES. FE- a. 777 ain. REGISTERED MINIATURE LACK 123-374, accniTFaco American cockers eel lent mood laws. nt-JHH SAMOYED PUPPIES FOR SHOW OR P-t (72-151 a. SMALL WHITE MINIATURE POOO- SaS. I I27-!117, SMOOTH FOX TERRIER, registerad, chsmpienahiR breed in 7I333SI. ! STITTSVILLE KENNELS. PETS clasped end araom- ptet loot Somerset West. 2H-OP; Stittrvtue. Utiles, Camp Una af STUD SERVICE. BEAUTIFUL WHItf inmiatara poodle, champ anshio ba ana Plipoi twn. Sorvica fxssranhsed 733-1372. SU LAN SUNG BOARDING KENNELS Par drscrtmesanng dogs Soactaua. WHITE I year at. MALE TOV POODLES, 77-t73 ASM IA TURK OACNSMUNO SASOOTH HAIRED. BLACK ANO TAN. t weaas. wen b C7I2211 30S toriri. ITwHdi BALEO HIT ANO STRAW, LARGE bales. 3S-241. BAMOUET. OTTAWA VALLEY WE Item Haras AsastiutMn. Aekiniiilir Hon. tickaft 13 M. meal an dencmg tickets by Mav. 11 T relet awn e t tnnsvtna Xetvwn. taaj lamer set w. 3344)737 - OONkEV I1ENNV). YEARS OLD. pentle w t ctnMren. ITV t-7S7-lt41. HEN aAANURE.Vs TEAasljLO OT 7r.. LAMDRACE BOARS. BREO OILTS. ana open etna 0 Amine 1 rst xxn. J. LEICESTER SUFFOLK. NORTH Caunfy Chmnai fonts, tombs, yeorv W. E. Batten. 1-443-545. PART COLLIE AND pupa, eacellent eMstcb I SHEPHERD sga. (34-147 WELL MATCHED TEAM. AND yean at. Chrsirs. ofsa asm d Mrs. Harry Benson, RR Ne I. N e I b Augusta. Ontarks. Phon M-st3l WILL BOARD 1 OR t PONIES AT Chinrobei. 1-432 1411. M TONS OATS, I TONS BARLEY, tat ton. 7eS.Ss32. 3 WHITE FACED yea's. Ka-SSts. HEIFERS, l's 3M SWAP OR SELL HOUSE AND 17 lots kt Fwrido. Alps I0M Oursmobi Boa D-133. Journei. 142 STUDEBAKE. V. AUTOVlZ flCa trflbjg Jas If Wf-'etx (Wff 1 l fwt. Corleten Pioce. 257.277. 3091 Vkm (mm ILTYINO 1V43-41-4S44 SILVER 0OL- 9Tm ptTrVfinafJ Jl fxWPat flSC VrjeUV Need nXt pieces. 771 Bant. 234- 4372. COINS WANTED PAYING 143 tor ItsJ proof llta tats and Set ar Tear piesaidutMn sets. 132-2311. WANTEO. STAMP COLLECTIONS and arcsextettotejns. Bin Ulrich, 12- irtl laasais. 400 ADAMS THE CARPENTER. NOW open tor tMsMess at 1)04 Ban Street. Oul country ouoiay cabinet moling, homg and shjrg hnpreements, gen. rot corpentiy. No lob to amor!. Can far estimate. 733.545. ALL riNDt OP WINDOWS REPAIR, ed. (74.1774. dee heassd. personal. fed. raasan-auw. Susenn Hebrni, Ua-iall. WANTEO. WE WOUID LIKI TO mate ear rat wm e Persian er part Persian mota. (31-71II. I- ; 1 I 1 Radio Highlights CBO tl KCl CBOP 115 KCi CFRA SM KCl CKOY . 131 KCi CKPM Its KCl CKCH $70 KCl CJT 43 KCl CBO-'. PM 1M-.I MCI CFMO-FM 3. MC , WIDNISOAY 4S CBO and CBO-FM the worse at lis- Half-hour news .program. 3 CBO Sseadlaai. The It-U of six episodes from the 13-parf terMs, ne i rains, smKn ran on ao'jndmgt last year. .3 CBO-FM CMC Vaaceauer Chamber Orchestra. Conduced by Jchn Avison. peiieos and Melisonde. Fouroi Lucille Overture, Gretry-Corsei Five Portraits of Picasso. Somerti Symphony ki C major. K 245. Mozart. (. CBO-FM HMOS. Talks bv James A. Leirh ond Brswster Kneen. Program deals with me syste-n ot seigniorial tenure Introduced to Quebec in the 17th century. f.S3 CBO Midweek Theatre, u For Every Eye. by G. Bessette. .3 CBO-FM Adve!iliin Tt. Ira. SerlalUatlon of Mark Twin s cla-Flnn.Th 0yn,u" Huckleberry t.l CFMO-FM Cancerl Heel The National Orchestra of So In ai works by Hotffter. GuirMI and Folia J CBO-FM 1U mi tl- sky. Epitaphiwn for Mule, clarinet and harp; Double Canon for string quartet; VrnentS for Diano aiufl arrhetrar Monumentum por Gesualdo dl Vanosa; n sermon, a Narrative ond a Praver lt-je r an u.iu.. iM 0vesfr. Conducted by Kenneth EIM-way. Pastoral Suite. L. E. Larssen; On '"e "w Tirst cuckoo in spring. Delius; Two Etudes tor string orchestra, Godfrey Ridout. le.3o CBO-FM Sympkaay Han. Toronto Symphony conducted bv Sail! Oiava. Pot me Dense. Debussy; Per Beit era TM Tar-Yen Cheng Nono; Beccnus and Arlana SuHe No. 2. Rous- la rm.nm UlKi,j wanes. Pieces by Scarlatti. y"eTt. ' "'"i". w. &'6 "euSS and BeTliOr. CBO The Aee ei rieiieero Fomous women ot the 17th and Itth centuries: Nino dl L'Enclos. Guests are Carmne Langs ton, Sandra Scon and John Vernon. THURSDAY WJ3 a.m. CBO O email. Musk and conversation with Canadian actor Bruna GarussL 400 (Cant. ttmuh ALTERATIONS AND DRAPES BV axperMmced se rates. 7204)14. ART INSTRUCTION. FORMULAS ANO j niorjmenro.s. e.. w. ijrysaota. si - "" - - Blanche beauty sal3n. ivi . muwe t. v.w ewnr sxuea ot 434 Rtaeaa. zae-ti aj, STAG CARDS. 17 Keith's, 733-1017. CALL OTTAWA NEIGHBORHOOD Services. Discords (ram your home provide work on CARS TO FLORIDA ANO ALL WEST- arn cttwe, Nartai AmarKOh Mba D Uvery. 214-7311. CHROME KITCHEN E- 32S anytlena. DANCE SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL teaches awn vthaia In belkeain danc ing, Prlvata S far tl. graup 1 month. 15. Limited time amy. ReTnv tar now. Open da te. Ill Bank. Z7 4231 er ZStlSA 'DFLKACV FROM EASTERN CAN-. ode " Kmsmen Oyster Stop. Her. la, Cstisewm Phone 734.2311. RINGS. DIRECT FROM rv I3M734 . mm DISCARDED CHAIRS. CHESTER Jntga. 22)- ED JOINER. FORMER WEST ENO service station operator, weufd uee .to Invite his am an new tremds ta rap In and say " net to" af the Imperial Centaur Car Sews. Hit Rtt- rui p.m. See yaw seen. ED. ELECTRICAL JOBS AT REASONABLE talis. Fraa estimates. I3e-s7es. IIMHV YOU'RE A -FUNNY C meet me nightly Mav. 24-Oec. I- Ottawa Tech. tr be curlew reiser Nt. ' FUR COATS, MADE TO JACkET. sal g. leosonoaie. s- 2344)27:. GENTLEMAN. NOT 01-O. PRESENT-ly residing as Maririnl. woe fe corrwipariNnra and eccositnot visits. r4elai7 wl3bfTtRl jjtJ4TftMFa MtJlnw" GENTLEMAN, 42. WISHES TO MEET D-K7. GENTLEMAN OCSIRES TO MEET Ft En D-224. HEARING AID SALES ANO SERV. tee. esorfta Met As OpncMn on Hear. mg Ant Censeiliad. I239VS WeWlnpien Street. TTS-Teaj. j MEATINO-ALTEiTaTKINS ANORE- Free mhmwtae. tka-Ux. LA POINTS FURS RETIRINO Foei wsness. Everything mvst a mctuo-i mg sex on mi Large steel vwett. ess.; By apxunremam, uf-ms LEAVING Per . w nor I. FOR CALC-ARV MOVEM- 2J7-W73. ajutkE suaE ihai rou READ csssrwteMy saeoaesfr every 1 On The Journat s spans pnge. MASSAGE BY OUALIFtEO MA4- easa. tar nnxtmtiinre con m-hvs. MEN. LET US HELP YOU ENJOY A rJP"g7 tnCRvrRJ Wfj. Tlt Cjw"efwfeJ"is , pVOHALJ. YOU-. rAVOftrlTC KfNC Jrl tpyeytl WiWf. K--. r-- Owirft mrvla&. F t- rrjt. For TyyyTVirta3j. lIVBTt hivftf cvr DtrWH: BM tm. D. AttlS pV.ONTpjtATltC STOOlO M- snrTf-resIfTlC tfj"" irw-llaatJInRjfew ttOifAtj teVOtM btC- 1 snTT1) zm. PLUMBING ALTCIIATlONt ANO t- poirt. new bonmamg btstolted. reo-sonobn3 rota. Fr itimaes. 234 PREGNANCY TEST. CALL HABER-man Chemists. I Lourler West 3JV 3erl PROFESSIONAL B A R B E R I N ( petpe By Pppamtment enly. After A tIS-1437 PURE RUBBER APRONS. WOMEN S Prices. v-crete)nt erdsrt taken. D-717, 9UALIFISO AsASSEUSI Ca Aliss .Rha. 314-3451. OUALITY RUBBER STAMPS ta order, test service. ITS. I a READINGS, CARDS, MINDS. PALMS. . I Ml etfetstng. 7774773 1IR CBO-FM MM-Meriung meet reel. Jim coward presents popu lar music and Inter views with musicians and performers visiting Montreal. 1.S3 a.m. CBO-FM Afternoon Concert. Works by 'Schumann. Menler, Franck and Kodaly. 3.3S CBO This Week's Cemnser. Schumann's Cello Concerto in A minor, performed by cellist Janos Starker and the London symphony orchestra. at( CBO and CBO-FM The World at Six. Holt-hour news program. eJ CBO-FM CBC Winnipeg orcnetrra. conducted by Eric wim. Concerto for . Orchestra, Surinoch; Euryantho Overture, Weber. . 7. S3 CBO riM Lights, conversation and songs from foiksinger Pete Seeger. 7.(3 CBO-FM The Aga at nance. Famous Women of the 17th and Itth Centuries: Madame do Sevigna. I-S3 CBO Chairs to cancerl. The Festival Singers of Toro.ito conducted by Elmer Iseier, In a prog, am recorded Oct. IS ki the National r y. Mass in G major, PouMnc; Three Songs. Debussy. S.M CBOP Vancouver Chamber Orchestra, conducted by John Avison. Masgues at Bergamesquos, F a u r a; Serenade No. S, Mozart; Suite Hebral-oue. Irving Gllck. I.J3 Co C1C CeMbrtty Recital. Pkmisl Vladimir Ashkenazy. In a concert recorded In the MacMlllan Theatre. University of Toronto. Adagio el B minor, K. Sat, Mozam Sonata ki B flat. Op. 10s, Beethoven; Barcarole, Op. 40, Chopin; Sonata ki B minor. Op. St. Chopin. - o.ot CBO-FM Stadia RecrteL A program ot Indian music. CFMO-FM Cancerl Man. Music from Gilbert and Sullivan opera!. IS.3S CBO Mask Free Expe. Leopold Simoneou. tenor. a t CSO-FM Ytkedl Menuhia: Master Mwicisn Concerto No. 2 in B net tor oboe. Handel; Suite Hi. 1 in C maior. Bach; Sonata No. 3 In D major, Op. let. Brahms. 1S.3S- CBOP Coaodioa Organists. ' Dr. Charles Pee her of Toronto. Music 1 ." T"' "" """Wf i a. ' ralA .Mt i far. tStestra. Conducted bv Eric Wild. Con certo- for Orchestra, Cartas Surinech; Euryantha Overture. Weber. CBO Seta. Paul Brodta. saxophone, with Myrlam Shectar at the piano. Elegy. Bruce humeri Concertina da Camera. Iberti Caprice an forme da Velse, Bonnoau. 11J CaOM bet Carte. Peter Ebart diacusses opera arexiuciton. 400 hraub (Conf. from Praceexng Columnl- RENT SANTA CLAUS SUIT. SS. BOOK now. t7-43ta. U sa meet gentlemon 45. Six O-303.I journol. ; iRHYTH. WANTINOTO GET INTO' msstrexe greup. nen. za-srm. ,, SEPARATED WOMAN WOULO LIKE y and look attar c title wmie memer works, tar Jan. 15, Bm D-72. Journal. SINGLE. LONELY. UNA TT ACME 0 Fmd new tr lends, compenianan-p. The Fr exdshto Club. 237-1317. baa 0-144. TMB -EARLY BIRD- GETS THE Oyster. Phone 334-2111. Ksnamon Oyssar Stag, Cenieuw. Mav. la. TYPEWRITERS. RENTALS. REPAIR PStana I4V04S4. UPHOLSTER. CHESTERFIELD SETS, asttmehn. 234-732 VALENTINE'S STUOIO, BV APPOINT. mant only. 235-1171. VITAMIN SPECIAL. EFFECTIVE Chemists. 12 Lovrwr w. 3Jt-3n. WANTEO. RIGHT HALF OF -TAKE Off Shett- ttJe bm. Willing ta shake Baa O.III. JexjrwM. INVITATION CATALOGUES ; toanr. all stvMs. Mwest pricas. tasl wnie p. e.enw-1, 7Z7 I0B7 WILL SMA"E SMELL MONET NF CD right seJe ll.aoo. its Le tat lit. PNna. Baa let. Che Wtvar. Ont. VOUNg"VOTE1TanT LAOV WISHES 27 7 VOUNO kUN. 22. WISHES TO Mf FT IP-1. seme age tormse anata a JaurtuM. Must be socieMe pa eVsa O-IM. rou ARI IIMIOUI AND SO ARE WE IN CANADA TO fm The- per. Me matches vnvr needs sve etatef sacmt acientHts t eat a tit".tr kwmiSic twn Centre. 134 Slater street. O 2M-4U4 TteOMAl and COLIMS PRINTING. INTERIOR . EXTERIOR. mrwvaed. ansa estimates, very arlree, r 239-3177. MRRIVALR SAUNA ANO MAtlAO RELAX IN OUR CEMUIME FINNISH nawna Baas. Far isui "t ma tan 725- IMV SEND FOR - FREE . BOOKLET "Tn bentfitt a Ownmj yovt own Kom eersvt rentmg." WRITE MR. SIMR00 "BOX D-198. JOURNAL . 400A Trastiiit. ANYONE MOTORINO TO T1MWINS. Ft buy aflornaan Mev. I or But w due M MUet M. BkMl. 334.711 RIDE REOUIREO TO piANOROALE e2S4s! 402 leTSeBf tWtt REST HOVE, nursing core. MICE LOCATION. Evemngs. 2341113. SOI M Rtty Watt. ALUMINUNI INSTALLERS WANTED 1 a m. (21.7205 BARBER. EXPERIENCED, ALSO AP-prentlca. Phone after 4 74. 234-3011. QUALIFIED ALUMINUM . WINDOW INSTALLERS .,, ond QUALIFIED GLA2ERS Union Rotes RAMSAY INDUSTRIES , LTD. , 1900 Ogiryt Rl 7456J32I 501 Mali Hel Wanle. (Com, from Preceding Cehrmni BETTER OPPORTUNITY IN THE - taxi business. Be in business t ot yourself through. Ottawa's largest wiv moil progressive taxi llrm. Ap- vr w nwrivui noaa. BOYS AGED IMS. . EARN - EXTRA money with part-time ob working oner school and Saturdays,' canvassing newspaper subscriptions. Over-brook, Parkwood Hills, Hampton Park oreos only. 777-3105, ext. 1 coll Mr. nan. between 12-3. . BUSINESS MINDED YOUNG MAN. mgn st now education, to siart as order clerk and train for te-hnical material saMsman. Send resume of personal and any previous work .r cord to Box o-lll. Journal.. CABINET MAKERS AND HELPERS. full- and, port-time. E. K. Cabinets. 771-7041. CANVASSING, DOOR TO DOOR salesmen, experienced, with cor. hire, train ond supervise young boys, aged 12-14 ki obtaining newspaper subscript lone. Full time. Lucrative commissMn, plus cor allowance. Coll Mr. Hall. 777-3M5. between 12 2. CAR SALESMAN WANTEO. MUST be over 21 ond Donoaoie. sales ex. perlence helpful. 725-3074. COOK REQUIRED FOR DRIVE-IN restaurant, no experience necessary. 7IM0i. COOK WANTED. MALE, SAGA FOOD Services, Carleton University. Apply in person. Coll 2J2-lfOS. DELIVERY BOY WITH BICYCLE. 5- aay week. 232-3472. DRIVER SALESMAN OVER 25 FOR established dry cManing route, excel lent opportunity. Apply to Heed en tice only. Brookshiro Cleaners, 77 Boyd Avenue. 3 bMcks south ott carl. Ing at Webbs Motel. ELECTROLUX HAS OPENINGS FOR one full time ond I part-time repre sentatives, fcxcetwnf opportunity tor man wirn cor. 733-400S. . SHIPPER AND - RECEIVER Krwwlorjg of UKtrtytlc com-pxirttnts on .ossot.. Top wogts. company benefits, iteocry m-ploymtnt, ooNrutmrntnt ' oppor-lunities. Box D-188, JOURNAL SiiiDSons-Ssars Rquirt EXPERIENCED RUG CUTTER full tim prmonrt potrtion, x-ctlWtit corn pony bonofrts. Apply in person tot PfRSONrJEL LHPARTWiNT Simosons-Sears 1250 ST. LAURENT BLVD. i DELIVERY DRIVERS ttHmi tor tiptrRMfw lyf-t. MJSVt tN(JV COV9M tVV f4 rmi& kmmm9g l 0ttiw Itrtftt, Arflf PfKSONNEL OfriCC . FREIAAANS DOWNTOrN EXPERIENCED TV TECHNICIAN Apply In (wsfajtM MR. J. sVI0COyVFIEID RCA Victor Compony Ltd. 35 ABERDEEN STREET OTTAWA OPPORTUNITY FOR YOUNG MAN to become qualified PARTS MEN W or willing, to troin ombitiOut young men to become txperi-enced ports men. riof ports experience en estet but not essential. Applicants must be between ooet of 20 to 21 At Went 2 years high tchool erjucotion, rntKhonicoln kxlined Ond chouf-ftur'l licenc rcfuirrj. Apply in per ion to Harry Ardlty, Rant Monoytr. SURGENOR MOTORS LTD. Cor. Sparks ond lyon Sts. SOt Hdtt Itlp Wet. (Cent, tram Preceding Cnhjnml EXPERIENCED FLOOR MAINTEN-once man with cor. part-time. 324- ' . EXPERIENCED TIRE REPAIRMAN. chauffeurs licence. 171 Wellington. EVBCBiBuren timet nance cook. days week, 234.7774. si Leurter East. EXPERIENCED SERVICE STATION attendant references, per man ant employment, good wogas and work- Ing conditions. Sunlight Oil Ltd.. ISIS u. Laurent Blvd.. comer Ballast. GARAGE DOOR INSTALLER. EXPER- tencea, must nave truck ana toots. Taylor Garage Doors ot Ottawa. SB coesor Avenue, urtowo. IF YOU ARE CONSCIENTIOUS. WELL groomed, and have sabjs experience . you oeserve a superior career. I riming, supervision, modern oHica facilities provided. Call the Action number. 233-1154. Thomas-Keillor and Company,- "Realtors," ' mng Wright. 77t-774t. LABORERS WANTEO FOR LAND- SC oping. 713-334. LARGE FIRM REQUIRES EXPERI- enced relksbMr truck driver far city delivery, 5-doy week. Box D-234. Journal. SALES PEOPLE .NEEDED IMMEDIATELY For Outsid soles work on weekday evenings Only. Salary plus cotnrnissktns. Interested persons may coll 236-5632 WtEKOAYS-l - 9 p.m. JANITORS AND CLEANERS REQUIRED IMWDIATtm Mull be experienced. Apply in person to MR. TONY KINMRAUN IAYSHOM tENTAl OTFICI 60 VVCfMIDC( CRtSCINT I O ns. Ki 10 .. JIM TUBMAN PONTIAC Recajn-et 2 EXPERIENCED 2 MECHANICS Due ts toroe x recti in busrnrts. Our mechone;! hov reoched between $7,000 ond 18 000 per If yog fegl you arg covofele of this kind of ptrforrnonc parcrse tontad CAl HuXnitS So- a i JIM TUBMAN PONTIAC 1770 SANK ST. - 73340S0 INSPECTOR, BOEING .0F.CANADA LTD.- VERT0L DIVISION 7tiirtrt th tervxes of an experxmcH Modnrai $hoo Insoector. . . ContMote Shoulfj hove thorough krowirctag of pjexhmg ' tnoo Pffjctces Rmj be wpoWe of -rutaw-M tM matfmm porti uveel m prgxitioa mtrumenfv txparnmx hi iwaanf ond cmimsj hrroutt on asset but no luewliuL Aflroctnnt waoti. I brrol Denefrtv Sena) frtotri concarbwuj gxssa.a3rv, or coll coliext . A, MrCOBVICC BOEING OF CANADA LTD. VHTOt OiVRIOnl ABNPtrOR. OWTAtlO 6IW2J4215 INDUSTRY ANALYST Nottonol Fmonciol InstitutioR rtuWri on Rnotytt to arjluot end prepor trrports en th OPerotxnt an fmcsnooJ etgncVaj of Conodion firms oppryirvj tor credrt. Pielgiraj srnl b frvea) to ottpticonfs with t degre m Cwrvnercg. (.jsmrst AetmamUtolajw, or ennrrMjerimj between th ooes of 25 Br-J (xpgrsenc srrtti wvduslrtol firms and formltortty with tWttiaJ ltrstemefrri snlej b on asset Reply statin oae. experience oruj Ruofifoivs h Box D-229 501 rU. Itlp Wt-rttJ (Cent, tram Piacedlng Column) MALE CLEANERS WANTED FOR full, ar port-lbwa. Apply at 2M Caeper Street, Suite HV Irons ajn. la 4 bm. 2344)477. MAN OR BOY WITH SOME. EXPER l-izias . PART TIME DRIVER FOR SNOW , plowing. Apply 51 Preston Street. PLASTERER FOR SMALL REPAIR lobs tar real estate o hrm. Baa 0-734. Journal. PROMOTIONS HAVE LEFT TWO VA- M as ear Bank Street enVe. If ar 21. hove the tar one ef these soles past- hom, Raol estate is one el the hssteat growing amlaiiiiwa totoy. Why not COM Ernes tngrowi. 7314271. arml susv lor canfideaisol wane as Shipmon Limited. -ReoMora." ROOM SERVICE WAITER REOUIR- ad. Apply m person, aeartm nrno. - ROUTE SALESMAN FOR CITY AND country routes raojuiraa at Richmond Bakery Ca. LML, Rkh-tnond. Ont. (3I-2234. , . SERVICE STATION ATTENDANT wanted. Apply ta rwrers a see. Baseline Read and IHuhetoT 3. SHORT ORDER COOK WANTED FOR days. Apply La 1 eexixi m enxwej 331 atantreal Read. SIGN PAINTERS, EXPERIIFMCEH amy, all aanetas. wages, eaerixw. ONTARIO PROVINCIAL POLICE Rtquire Recruits to be Iroined os AUXILIARY POLICE KKJuirertarrtts ori Citizen ar eVttts aubtect ApplictltioftS Rtoy b otttoirwd from Aux. CpJ. G. FISCHER Inm 729 5047 - 7 P-fR. Prov. Const. L E lOWRY Phon 7432683 - 7 p.m. SALESMAN lIllreCVUAt. SALESMAN Required by toro furniture store, fevtout ajeooreincR pra-ftrred, Soeory and cornnsrltajn. ol benetlta. Apply is parsoa Mr. F. LAFILAMBOISE 194 RIDEAU BILINGUAL INVENTORY CLERK To be rsrsponvbi for ttw iiiuina. tvcrsToina ond noueeeowuj of Ouf furnoc ond burner pom esven-lory, toiojt latriaTajritdidj essentasL. thitagl toJory $750 to S265 r App-7 GLOBE -PARflRD 3M BAW STREET PART-TIME EMPLOYMENT . MOTOR ROUTE DRIVER FOR rtTWSPAnR MirvtRY M ATLMIR. P Q. AJrEA. 236-5632 I to f tai JOURNAL Age 21-3S Eouctxhon. Crest 1 ar muh Meet '.

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