The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1947
Page 15
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, 1947 BLYTHBVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally iate per lint tor consecutive In- **r:ions: Minimum Charge W« 1 time pet line lit- Z times per line per day J2c 3 times per ifnc per day be 0 tlines |jer line \we day ic 12 tlint's per line per day „., ic Muuth per line t'oujii fii-i; average words to the I Act ordered fur three or six times and (topped before expiration will lie clutg- *d for tin.' number of times th« ad appeared and adjustment of bill m&du. All Classified Advertising copy suh- niliicd by persons residing on I side uf Ific oily must lie aceomsi.iniett by casli. Kales inay be'easily compiiled from the above table. Advertising order for irregular Insertions lakes (he one time rale. No responsibility will ** taken for iuio Uiau one Incuirect Iust:rtfim of classified ad. For Safe I.i\le inoiifl John IX't-ro cOim»m*. motor, Slicking attachment, good rendition. Hny« Sullivan. liurdcU?. . 781. " 4-nk-Jl I JMcyeli!. ;:ot)i] condition. Phone '1160. | New House on 2U35 Carolyn Sireel. lis owner. l J;lGii »i once. 4-i)k-8 1 -2!a gallon coiniler ite cream free v/Uh cabinet. £1000. M. L, Ki )>>ione 07. Manllu. 7ia8-pk- tlurully we soil lots of Fln:i POJIH upholstery frio'tnei'. Km' -Ci^i: cu>',o nirrs ItilJt, Deals ?uhir More j-on six DAYS 1200 Itolly and Division Street. ' lois. '2 Jive mom (Iwi-Um^s. out- fur iil:;!ictl. t'on^idiT otlcr over SfcOOO.OO 1-uus 5250.00 iij>. Grocery Im sines; with livliiK Ciiuirtcrfi. For Hrul Es title and VI re Insurance, rh icli tllrt rilllnr*. rock. Delivered avai. "lr! rdulcrs. cinnil 11,5ft p"* Ha l I'll for Sol* "•RYERS. Scientifically raised m brooder. Never Ueen on Hie ground. .15c per Ib. on foot. Abriiham'ft chicken farm. Boulh Ill-way 61. tioxl to u'.il Legion Airport. 7ils-cK-8]lS piece .mahogany dinette suite. Like new. 310 W. Walnut. I'h. 23257 2-1 till tf ?ov Fine Portraits— It's O'Steen's Studio. 7 19 ck 8 19 Ellherla canning poaches, Fresh vegetables, fruits meals and groceries. Open til 8 o'clock every day Phone 20:12. Joe ' Hcstei Grocery, Highway r >l South Helow Swift Oil MiM. 7 22 pk-8 22 MERCHANTS OKPl mora Cftr-^s. wiUK-!n coolers re- rrlKcruion;. ami bc^-erojio footers <m nviiltnlilc /or Immediate delivery Also Ice crrtmi cabinets EUU! comnrc'fi& Bee DcH Scott. 3211 \v. Mnirl phone 22CQ. Gi2t-rk-8''>' ; Ono 42 modal W. A, 20-\VIHu- tractor with half trutk motor. Complex «> wilh 20 It. 45 mudfl Tori Smith tmllcrr wltti C-U[!L- nicks imii rmmd- IJILJ front, Thl.s Job in A-I eoudl- tloii. Priced w soil in $3150.00, Also 45 nio'-Iel Ford tractor with Si Irk and Hrown-I.Jne TraiusinKsJon. Complete with L>-i rt. Carter truiliT. Good riihijcr uiicl new motor IMceil t« sell at S2.C!)0.i)0 . Si'i; or WrltL^VIiyll Ueriy. liebcr Sjiifti^s, Ark. K 7-pk-l 1 iirui: -size Kstnto Healrola Coal clrctila- tor hcrUitit; stove. Like new. Itcn- KOimblc. 512 So. Secoml til. lift IT 5 p.m. 7-]»;-li For Rent Do your o\vti concrete work tiiul sv.'e Hftiit ;L <xjncrrlo mixer by ilnv or hour. 1'houe 4£J9. llox CVJ Blvlhv.— vllle. Ark. H 2-ck-:) |()ue Holmer HUSK, black and white fin- Kitle with case at half price at Hrooks .Music Store >,107 East Main Street, Telephone S1K S (i ck ti* 2 ncres ea*.t or Ulythcvllle. SI 10 ncre. |200 ucre.s northwest of Stccle. Mo. I Cioocl Improvements. Bai-^LiSn, |l20 acres In SonlliL-aM ^^ssn^l^l. IIIfjIiTy tmprnvetl. On yrnvft ro;ul ani[ 111]Inc. - r jO Hcres ncnr -50 & 8 school, |lluvp several other lnri;e furins \vortU UK- money. Cnll or see Flctcll-'r risher. HlythevlUe. phone 243-3. l-Ur-.-3 rooms nnd hath. 2 blocks from Tost Office. Jimnecllfite possession. |5 ruoins and bath. Noot nnd clean. C'nn he IliianctHl wHU either Pit A or G. I. loan. Near pruk on pr.vt'il Strf-[;t. ooms awe) hath on iwveil street, O ootl location. Moil erately v>*' «cd. Easily financed. .iirfse suburban home. 3 bedrooms. 2 baths. Cool shiuly hiwn. city v/n- ter. Plenty ul Rimlen ftiirt orchixrtl tpace. Quick jm-jsc-s-^cn. See or call Max Lo};»n, Realtor. E. T, Iluiibard. Kati-fiiniin. Phone 2034, Lynch Blrji; 2-ck-3 •lay your coal before the vrInter rush. Let us nil your bin. Phone '1B9. Box 659, Bl.vthevine Ark. 8:2-ck-9 (MtciHldsii furriers ind J''arii J.rr.'I i ers- \V e 1 *:>.vf some n I l E) fs '-"« r v _...; -?0. 80. 120. 1GO, .P.D :,^r-- :"M!:IS nnd larger tnicts th-: -rn^ i> Ji-iimi In this section of Hie cotuxlry. Tlu, 1 ?': laiuls lire sume of the l»lt;hcst W'jcu of soil ajitl iiiipiovements. :\ll Irnc: tor f»rn>s. On state highways, school bnse.s. inntl anU bus routes, electric lights. \Vc are taking urlvllegu to nsk yon to cotnc in and talV". t;j MS Dither thiin to describe each ln<h- vidiml fririti. Vfc have places to s\ilt •A\\ inlert'iitttl iiurtles who wnnLs to own :i home, bnuill down payments uJ easy terms over a period of I years A-lth low rate interest. ifulos I^iml Co. cross from CHy Hall In Hale Blclg. •thL-vlllc. Ark. RICH E. Klules—Broker M. Heck - He 11 t>- Hamcr-—Sales- mini. a;i-)>k-n |"rc.sli en nil Ing n caches. Ice cold wat_ ctuns. PonHry. Baljy Chicks. Lewis , 410 Eitst Main St. I'h. 0 7J9-CK— I or 2 Hale trailer beds and wagon, beds, l also truck beds tiny size. Hunry Wcstbrook Shop. 225 North First. | Phone i9-;2. T;il-pV-8]U e something you Jfn't need? Tr.ide • sell It at Swup Kh->o. 401 E, Mrrin.. I Phone aS9. 4130-ch-tt Bedroom, ronvcnlciit to batli. Gil w Main. Phone 3325. TI10-nX-{ " Comrortnblc bedrooui. Attic fun Men only. 310 W. Walnut. TiM-uk-t Apartment. -10L E. Ash Lilly New honrc doors, ut-pi, .jrh-e own. Jack Robinson Kin oftli'i 'J unfurnished rooms. No children ri-j. sired. 1001 W, Ash Si. 'V>-'j urnIshefl >)«:drooin. Kllehpii c.i. 2IB H. Davis .Street. Ford batteries arc available in six different sizes. AH arc covered by written guarantees. If any Koril bntlery fails during tho first 90 days in service, it will be replaced without charge by any Ford Denier. After 90 tlnys, ami before the expiration of the guarantee, replacement will be made" OH the basis of service received. AtWAYS LET US KEEP YOUR BATTERY UP SO IT WON'T LET YOU DOWN . . . BRING YOUR CAR IN. REGULARLY FOR BATTERY INSPECTION AND 'JERVICE PAGE FIFTEEN Hend Courier News Trent, Ads. I SCREEN DOORS JI'oNt si/os now in .stock. 10. ('. itobinsdn Mir. O>. WALNUT AT BROADWAY Botlroom. J5I8 Hearn. Cotiplc tir twirls. Photic 3I(!0, Mrs. ELigone Antcn, 8<4'pk-9 Bedroom. 314 N. Ninth, ph. Wanted to Rent iiiyone with house nenr needing cotton pickers, nsk lor Myers. r -I room imrurniKlieU apartmeiit. .snmU hoitfiC. See C.V 13. (Bvisl Ket.- lH'cr. Plioitc 3977. 80-pk-D Burnished nuartinent. Coi ypnr okl son. Ph. 2231. nnd four s;7-ck-ll Services Eddie Saiiba anci 1 Engineer Roof Conring, Industrial and Household Paints Cull for frci. 1,'iiul )ns|u>i'l!im . . . i.ct IIH- solve ymir julnt |m>l>- k'tlis. ruvluiy Dlslrnnilor for Co- lonlill ItHlnhiK Mini Cti.-iiilml <:«, 12-1 K. Kentucky ,\vo. Hlyllicvillc, I'hone 25.'!)! Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Slio T. L. MARRY 123 MISSOI1KI 8T. I'll. MZ7 Notice After this ilnto I will not be n*noM?l- ]*;•> lor di!l>LK Incurred by :uiv i:'-r- sons othur Hum my.sclf. O. \V. Miuli- iaEh buyers for farm lands illa Jf you v/aiu to i--e.ll see -I- C, Cliupbi, M;»nil;i. ' For h finest, dt'pcntluhlc ])linnl)ini; services r. ;t 11 .'!2S<). John H. Frasor, at ;11,'! Saulli Lilly SI., lily (hevillc, Ark. S 5 i>k 12 SANITARY WORK. i:]fntiln{? COM tjool Rohcrt. Allen, Ph. W.I. Pumplns lp tr )lwy Sec Lnrry Kncas Tor Payroll utitl In- conic Tax Service, bookkeeping nnd General Secrelartnl Service. 109 East Main. Phone «» 7!17-uk-8U7 oys Ijlrycle. " inontlis old. Hair | Hear 1000 W. Main. 8. luMHEK-2 | met. On tfrav mllra Norll) of l roiul. rioyd H -uk-8 Cnlu- [readle .sewlny; innchtne. Ph an. Mrs. c. A. Tnnt. "*! Pk-Jt worm morn i n % circulator Stov" I S7S.OO. 318 S. Lake bt. <5-pk-0 MONEY 'IX) LOAN Do yon need a kwi to reyntr or remodel? No Zi>wn payment, no mortgage, no red tape. FHA approYed rate R%. Ask for details. MRT Logan, Realtor, phone 2084. Lynch Bid*., BIrtiveriCle. 9-2S.-ck-tt Help Wanted Yomiij Minbltlons person s to 7 hours a 'toy work. i;ooil fii>laty, rar r.-r-r- s:«ry. Answer Box 100, r j',~ COI^-LT News. . SS-rjk-ts Strayed I-C Coinhtne at 2. f,-p\i -) J There is a definite series of steps l-cellulose to ^u^'y~-e to etU>'\ n\- |)hol lo acetic :i;Ul lo nxnlic nuld xheti molds cause the dceay of od. t:(l c.-»r purls ot nil nmkf. 1 ;. We liavr • lOO used tires, tulmr.. am] v/lircls lor yoiir Lratlcr.s. I>r1i:r(t rl-OH. HoroLtX I Auto I'nrls. ]»:iou.' 732. Air Bns<! Wanted to Buv lincli tram Army truck. Bnrksilalc uiIiiclnrlMi; Co. Plionc 2911. lilv- ' for wrecked nr aulomohilos. \VailP Salvage, NfU'lh Tliway plume .'17S5- ,S r> t Auto (M. if Anil I.OHR Dislancc Ma egolpm»nt. Competent Help intt«ly Insure [nd Misc. Seiyl Serrlce k Stormf* •« Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Large Dividend Savings Low NetT Cost Protection For Service W. L. TAMKE |«M K. Da^Hs St., P. O. Bon 431 Phone 2487 BlTthtvllle, Artt. 1 Rlark horse mute (white iiOFe> \d hands, t years old. R. S. ITnrns, 111 Wnlnvit St. R'4-pk-l! Ebb H, Corsosn Tax Consultant Tiix Itcjiiirt.s—Accounting Itooin 21, Lynch Hlcljf. - Write 1'. 0. l!o\ ;Ki!) Phone 2940 Elytheville Position Wanted r.xceltt-ul L) tilt VI (1CI-H. 1 Orlver. t'.ooi l. can ^Ive , Ircr. rcfer- For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel BIdg. >< T24 W. Ash St. CARPENTER SERVICE Minor lirpnlrliiK. Screen Wort Palntlni:. Rpplnclng Windows Slpps, nn<l oilier work. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. Telephone 2801 Shipment of Bassinettes Just Arrived! TOT SHOP f 110 So. 2nd St. i Phone 2308 SON PLUMBERS Contracting and Repair Service Prompt Service—Local and Out of Town Phone 3553 City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 For Eipert Re pain , 321 East Main Ht Felix A. Carney Help Wanted neat :adv. who Is Intelligent. Roorl on shorthand, and fiomo bookkeeping, to tin ycnerul orflc.^ work. Permanent. Apply to Hox COO, '7 n Co\ir- ler News. BM-ck-u Saleslady Wanted . | Kxcellcnl sjiles opporlun- J ity ;it Miss Wliiltsill's \ | Shop, Apply in person to • I H. H. Campbell. | For Sale of Trade projectors. suUabtc Tor snuill the litre or clrcv'lt. Imvr tp.'O ^oo<i lorn t Ions for same Holland Tlieatrr, HoDnnO. Mo, «5-nk-,'2 Lost Gr(!fn billfold between I.L!>crtv ITI. Whltsltffi. l.Ihrnit reward. Mrs. Oovl Hondrrson. 1001 W. Ash. l)h. 2t>7fi. O-rtj-8 SALESMAN WANTED nlcKman tor Ark. <t Mo. Trrrl! >r/ ;• srill pnteiiti-tl speciality over -)5 '."rlf Bob -147. .Totir.'iljoro. Ark. 5-pfc-! Good terrUor>- now opr-n for rxprilenc- c'l salcsmnii. Myst furnish car An- nlv In person Mkl-Sonth Dlstrlbur- ins CO. Plion nc 859. Man Wanted — For Rawlfl" 1 ! 1 <\f\- ncss. In city oi Blythcvlllo anr" pev ernl nenrby loCAlltles. No cxiwrlenc or capitol nccr.-yiary. Sales easy ti make nntl prollts large. Slnit liunic dtntety \Vr|t,o Rnu-Ipltili's Dope. AKH •27-190. Memphis. Tenn. fl'S'pk-8 TTas 20,000 Post Cards SPRINGFIELD. Mass. (UP) — Robert W Dluhl hns more than 20.000 items In Ills collection of picture post cardr. HOA! Tims For Inspection RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MARK OH MODKL,. Rfi- I.IABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We aill for nnd Deliver FRED CALUKAN KIcctrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Kndln S:iles anil Service IOC South First SI. we're proud to offer*.. Tli« riflM tool* and equip mtftl aio licio to do yovir tepalf woik ifptnedfotcly, ,SVny >vait, wlicn you can »n- :)oy beUor performance end oppeciance MOM' end hlgHec liade-la value luTer on?. and to have you meet our WfLL 7KAINED S7AFF Tfio men on our lofvlc* il<jff ore our greoteil onef. Cacli man ii fudy trained otiJ anxious to't4<v» v oy -' lEiuy make a hobft of doing '(jooJ work at fulr pricoi. PS about monthly on our tOW COST- -i r^^' A compfero stuck of g**^ uine peril li ovoifobf* for' any replacemtrtts n*td*d In your tar. You'll alio find Ihert v/e Kave all lh« <Sc- ccnoriei that can add lal much lo molorEngpf*aiur*,j 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 hiccups cun l>« uinyl nltrlti'. dor tvpmli'd Uiul, enroll by Inliulliuji NOTICE TO PUBLIC The l;iw ofllceii of Cjeni! E. Unirt- lc;y IIHVB lw:«n moved t» '111 W. Mi\in. (Arross street from Mont- yoninvy Ward.) DON EDWARDS "the 'TyjuvirlteT M»n" • IIOVAI., UM1TIT, CORONA »nd KKMINGTON PORTABLE 110 N. BECONU ST. PHONB JS83 (EyRry Tr»na/ictlnn MOST BE BATiaFAOTOBY) I FARM LOANS Yon c«n now secure I he most al- nictlvo Hi nil lonii in lilslory. T.ow :itos of lnU'rrsL, uxtrnnicly long Icrm.H with Ulwrnl prcpnymenl H-ivllcijes. I'l'iicllciilly no oxpcuso Uhichcd. Tf your proscnl loiui d"ra lot, lirar less llinn r> pur emit, you will ccrtnlnly bis InlernslMl In our Farm Lomis. Dnllniltcd ninriuiil ivnllahlc. Kncli <m oppnrlunity •nay never exist, uualn. So If yuu wisix to finance uv rcflnniicc, write nr sen A. p. nir.Tuicii IJnid'iI Insurance Aiie /i \V. Blnln—fiiianl lllytlicvillc, Ark. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Hcst Prices Kirby Drug Stores CAN WATKK AID IN ARTHRITIS — RHEUMATISM? Vi:s—It It's Mountain Vultey Mineral Water, the famous henltli water from Hoi SprhiKS. Arknnrais. MOIINTA'jN' VAM.KY hcl;w stimulate kidney nc- tion, cllmiimlc-s Uie wasles—so oricn tlic nnderlylnu cnns'c of Arthritis and llhcinnatlsm. CROSSTOWN WHJSKEY SHOP Main and Division Hlylhevllle, Ark. HOT VTI1KK |ilays havoc with your rai-'w cooling . cloifjjiiiK pan moan Korious troitlilo. And lh»so worn, tlirwul-hari 1 tires bucnmi! daiiiforons on hot slronls juid liiRhwnys. Why not luivo onr service dupnrdncnl oliock your cur for dimjremns cfindilionsV 'Ilid'c's IKI obligation. ;iii'l you >, r et security from worry! LANGSION-WROTEN CO. Corner Walnut ond Broadway Phone 555 RECTAL DISEASES (All Tjpes f "Guess Hi' wifd w;is rifflit • . . Sliouid'a hatl my hrakos rclincd at SKAV MO'l'Oll COMPANY: ICE COLD! Watermelon Cold 2'/2C Ib. Hot 50c ca. & up Blytheville CURB MARKET 130 K. Main Phone 073 We Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkinson Treads Let Your Next Tires Be GENERALS Cost More — Worth More MODLNGER TIRE CO. tie tu Main I'lUCM.LA'S POP 1'Vff got 3 grest ids3 fteze/> /'// quit my job and we'// bui/d us <? cabin here in mountains.' I i itiipprovod Approval IVe won't need much nwney? We'// have a few, con's and raise our own vegstables- ^ game! Let's do it! Gy AL VERMEE1 But I ft wouldn't work!. Be practical.

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