The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1947
Page 14
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FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLi: (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, 1947 s Appeal To Marshal More Aid it Ain't Honey, Honey! / '• WASHINGTON, Aug. 7. (UP> — ;-~J*oli«h (Ambassador Jczsf Winleri- , .wka'. yesterday appealed to Sccve- ' imry'of SCale George C. Mai-slvill 'to reconsider Hie U. S. Decision to Eliminate Poland from the - American foreign relief program. "' TJfe United States announced a ' *w«ek ago that because ot the nn- ' proved food situation in Poland ns reported by a special U. S. commission Poland was being elimi- ' nateo from any part of tlic 5332.- OCO.flfcO relief program. PurihDr- more Congress nlrendy Uacl cut out '$18 000,000 from thai appropriation with the understanding Hint - neither Poland nor Hungary should reoefvc any. : <Winlewlez also appealed to Marshall to have the United States include Poland in grain allocations which would permit the Polish government 'to buy Brain or the 'open market in this country L_ Poland's appeal was made by ili t ambassador during a 40-mlnutc I conference with Marshal!. - "fi told the secretary of slate, the 'ambassador said to renorier after the coherence, "that It wa "• Poland's intention to have th best' uossiblc regions with the United Stales. I asked Secretary Marshall to reconsider the elimination- ot Poland from Ihe foreign relief program." Coyotes, Slay Away! NORMAN, Okln., (UP)—A scientist 'who can concoct virtually any smeil, depending on what the situation requires, has perfected a coyote repellent and sent it to a Mrs Ceola Johnson, or I.os Ani'eles, sent her G-year-old daughter ,5nnel to tlio kitchen to t;cl n j:ir of honey. Ky mistake, the youngster tool; a jnr of iint poison mul sampled it. After emergency treatment in the hospital, she full all rl(jht. Above, Janets ex. yjression shows her 'opinion o( at-.t poison as a 'Iwceu-ineal snaclc. Harassed st ,cVi"aii. 'In Monl:im. Dr. ltal|>h Bienfans;, national authority on odors and professor of pharmacy at the Uiiivci-sity of Oklahoma, received the request for 11 coyote repellent from V. M. Lon>;, Montana sheep rancher. Charge File'd In Murder of Mail Clerk U'lTLK HOCK, Ark., .Aug. 7 (UP) — Ira C. Bell, Little Rock Negro convict, today was technically cliai-iu'cl vttli tho murder li coniu'dlon with the deatli of Percy w. Hill, railway-mail clerk, on he Missouri I'nelfic station plawi :iorc lust Jan. 4. The charge wns I filed by I'rostvutlng Attorney Ed-; win 13. Dimavray. Dunawny explained that lhi> olmrges was technical in the sense that It was filed only to preserve testimony of Cubic Iji'e Johnson, a second NPBi'o vho i.s scheduled to die in Arkansas' electric chair Friday morning. Johnson, who ficcns- od liell of the murder of the St. Louis man on the eve of his .scheduled electrocution two weeks ago, received a two weeks reprieve from Clov. lien Lancy at that time. The governor's olftJe said barring unseen developments, Johnson; will die at dawn on Friday. Johnson was brought to Little liock today where he testified in preliminary linnrlng held for iJ before Municipal Judge llarjiei Ilarb. Bell denies :my eonncctton will the Hill murder and ixuthortu .say they doubt II they could ob tnin a convlc'.ion solely on John son's testimony. Scheduled to die Friday alon with .lolm.son is a Forrest City Ne (;ro, Willie LCD Dukes, who was con victed or the brutal .'issauH-slayln of a woman Inxi driver at Forrcs City. Dukes' scheduled cxecutlo last, Friday was postponed for week •Alien top officials of tl state prison were out of the stnl Kesl MlLUiUUY. Mass. (UP) — Mason H. Shaw, Janitor of the Town Hall, Im been granted his (Irst vacation In 20 years. Selectmen voted unanimously to slvc liirn a rest with pay. Activities in the tosvn hall will be .suspended while Shaw lakes It easy. Club 61 Blythevlllp, Arkansas Highway Cl North Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By' EUGENE POWELL. Mgr. For Reservations Telephone !M4 "This is my sister Dorothy—she always gets sick at birthday parties before the rest of us have half enough to eat!" FIUl-C-KLES & HIS FR1RNDS Yes, iivil Who? By MERUU..1- BU)S?S13R DCHTH © by Hilda Lawrence; Dislrilmlodby NEA SERVICE, IMC. -XXVI II M ARK stood with his back to the fire and looked at the four faces turned to his. He had talked steadily for an hour. i "Thnl's all for now," he said. "You'll liave to wait until tomorrow for the rest*" "Are you waiting for tomorrow yourself?" Roberta asked pointedly. He said there was nothing else he I could do. With Foy in Hope House and Foy's boys niUrollin the Hope House halls, nolliin. could happen. Nick shuffled his feet. "I've hat didn't cut. With his own eyes ic had seen them lincl needles in layslacks mul thread them with camels. So' ho told them to go head. "We.may liave a little trouble-," Douhili admitted. "No clam: ticket. Where'll we bririi; it?" 'Call me at Klimpel's . . ." he said. M been .thinking," lie said. "What happened to the costumes, Mark'. 1 " "That's in my little hook. That's one o£ the tilings for tomorrow. That, Phimmer, Harris, and the girl named. April," His voice was strained. "Tomorrow. I'm counting on toinorrow. . . . There's that blue suit, too. I don't know why it should vanish. She wasn't weaving it when she died. I can't see another girl •stealing it, but it's gone." • "The one she spilled tea on?" Beulah asked.', "Yes.". . "The answer to 'that is positively childish.' It's at the c-lcan- er's. Don't ;\vorry about it. Bessy and, I Will. ge:t it for you tomorrow," .'--'•: He gave her a look lull of pity. "May 1 remind you onoe move that this" ')'s New York?" he said. "There are about a couple of thousand cleaners — " "There is exactly one cleaner," she .answered, "and he is somewhere between Blackmail's and Hope House." He began a weary diatribe on their prospects and was about to cap it with an. a.xioin -when he stopped himself in time. Where Bessy and Beulah were- concerned. an axiom was an ok! saw ISS PLUMMKK looked from ' Miss Uv;idy tci ttlu tloeloi', ;iiul then, fcai'Cully, U> tlic detu'cUvc. Ho wiis smiling down :it lior, in a nice Wiiy, us if lie untlursiood ho\v she felt. You want In tell ino something don't you?" he ;tskcd Kvuvely. fov? Yon sent hcv to' my room, j Hi) \vh;it? I wtisn'l tlicrc." "1 know," she s;iid humbly. "I'Hii svetc dov.'n in .the kitchen' with Miss Sinull. I didn't' moiin nnytliinf, Miss Unuly, I'm only Iryintf to slfiiiKJiten myself oilt." Slic lurnbd to Murk. "I know it wiis liur. And even if I hmln't iiown for ccrltiin, I'd h:ivo iiussed. ISccnuse she walked up. Slio. \v;is llic .only one wlio did hut. She wiis nfrMicl of tlie ;iuto- iu clc\'iUor." * * * PIIE elevator. Bhc could hear It riiiining now. H hud been quiet or ]jeth;ips a minute, but now t was niiinini! nuain. "Whiit time wiis Hint, Miss 'liinnnei 1 ? Helwccn 8 and B:'JO, "Ves, sir." Shu turned heavilj in the had and faced the door. "I have it on my mind that lUitl Miller was murdered." No one spol:c iinlil he said "Why, Miss Pluum\cr'.'" "t ha\'c; it on my wind, that' all I ean say. And I think th one that did it knows how I fuel. "Do you know who dill it, I'lummev?" "No." They had left the cloov and the hall was quiet. could hear the elevator the distance. If it .stopped at her door, she'd know. "But 1 mil responsible in u way. I sent her to her death." He sat beside lier en the b«l. "Tell me what yon mnan' when you say you sent I'u'.h to her de;ilh." "K .w'.is H\e niciht n! the party. I sent Hulli upslairs ID net the banUiiKcs when the i lief was hurt." Miss llraily said, "Kulli? Yini sent JUith'.'" She ans\ve\'iid pninfully. "Yes, Miss Brady. I knuw it ^-as liiith. She spoke to me, 1 knew her voice, and s:::tl where T.Iiss Urady's n;om— :•" She stopped ami wet her lins. "Go on, Klhel," Bliss 1 Irmly said. sharply. "What ar- you sloppmK "Nearer 11:30." "She didn't come hack?" The elevator was stopping. She ward the biy metal door slide hack with a muffled clang. She had less than n minute. "1 never saw her again, never, never. Somebody brought me the iodine and bandages, but I don't know who, 1 don't, 1 don't. I found them on Ihc desk a long time later, lull 1 didn't see who put them Ihcro. -She didn't, 1 know that, she didn't. 1 never saw her uguin. She was dead, Murdered." l''(njf:...'ns. coming down the hall, coming to Ihe door. Slie closed her eyes and waited. Dr. Kinppel was the first to spc;:U, and his voice was mild and natural. "Good morning," he said. "It looks like a while Christmas, doesn't itV You know Mr. East? Mr. Kast, Mrs. Kister." Ella didn'l answer. Miss Plummer heard Mr. East say, "How dc von ili>, Mrs. Fistor. I wonder ii you'll yet me a gloss of water?'She heard the rattle of the glass ii, the coaster as he took it from tht bed table, heard Ella's heavy tread crossiuK the room, going back ti the door, ;|!ohi{! down the hat without a word. Heard Mis: Brady say, "I'm leaving, you don'. need me now." When .Oie was sure (hey wen alone, she p>ll mil her hand blindly. "Ajjncs," she whispered "Agnes. lioom 'JOG. Talk to Ag. ncs, she knows." (To He Continued) Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chlckasmwbm INSURANCE dial 2311 For Coinplcle Protection • Accident & Health • Hospitnlizatioii • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Pluto Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation First Notional Insurance Agency . 108 N. 2nd Cliarlcs G. DlUncr-W. M. (1)111) Wilson GATEtOOD GROCERY { Phone 975J Ark.-Mo. State Line on lite left at the Arch | 7 Crown .............. 1.35 I Calverr ............. 1.35 I Sehenley ............. 1.35 : Cream of Kentucky. . . 1-35 I Three Feathers ........ 1-35 I Hill & Hill ............ 1.40 ; Old Taylor ............ • Four Roses ...... ...... • 57« Beer ................... per Ccsc $3.35 I • GAS, reg ......... 17.9c; ........ 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THE MNSTEP. ^BE THIS COMES UWDSR'tHs STROK& ItV-AV/ CAMPAIGN TO ^^» HSADIKS6 OF VOlRE- &O ALOfiS Vi^TUTHE BONS Of* ^K TAPPING -~- BUT T\v'O 'frtEIRVftCACtlOli.'-^—A LIGHT .^Hr ENTEKTAINSIAEirtTS'X. WIST OF Trie \vJp,er^cvA HEKE ^Bfr CAIWRESISV ASE tn& AMO THERE,'ANOTAEY'LLSe 1M Mfv5OR!S SIDESiAOVOS 0\IER30Vet> to ABASSDOM trtlS ft&R 'AMD THE ICRLJDE SCRAP ASSEMBLAGE; BOSTER'S AMD Ihi M.V ELI . AT Out Our Way By J. R. WillI Jams THE IWJlN? NEVER WOuuD "TELL WHITE WAS-DIIPUT w-VMT WHITES IN) "(H COlJUTRY-- WELL. AFTER C'_' CMlEF GGCOM1MO WAS A : AT FOKT SIL.L I \YHMT TO SEE r, a- tt&Y VOU MARKNESS KID, cj!^T RIGHT OUT OF THIS LIVERY STABl-E .' -T'OUR FDLtiS H,\~> I iV BDU6HT A BLASTED AUTOMOBILE.' THEM CHAIRS / '• \r I'lnKF 0 \\^V \^:^ ,/ ' BORH THIRTY VEARS TOO SCOM VIG FLINT An Accitlcnl'.' BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY RAI.VH 1,AN VWMISS DOLLY.'MISS OCtLY/J \OUR KATHEK HAS HAD •/ AN ACCIDENT.' f --^\ & !' Vfl • YOU'VE MEH RUN RA6 GWAUOVHiTHECOU«l 8YA<51RL.WHYOIO'/r MOO TELL ME 1OO INVENHD THE Q4WE? 1FFEN VOU GO (XROUN 1 SHOWN' POSE LITTLE MTENTIONS- TO ONE SKOVT, EV1ER' DMAE IN 7DIMT VJIlt EXPECT IT RET> RYDRH O:i the Ti.iil THEY'RE O£1 BIDCJAR MARTIN Hit fOR ti-lE tlinSER.KMCK.' > tHERE'LL BE AFO55& AFTE U5 ISS BOOTS ANP HSR BUDDIES 8-7 :. On Second ThouKlit Ily FUKD HAUMAN DOCK'S? {ARVO.VOURt f\ WtPt^OO TO Lt"\ Me. TPACt TV\t JOB'. OH, j-7[ W»N,«- MT^; •—^ *-,c- y-z.

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