The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1947
Page 13
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, 19-17 BLrrrnsviLLE (ARBL)' COURIER NEWS Survivors at Hiroshima Find Bomb Blast Meant Liberation And Celebrate on Anniversary (EDITOR'S NCTE: Two years act) an nlom bomb fell on Hiroshima. Peter KalLsrhcr of the United Press Tokyo staff lias gone back to the world's first fltom-dcvnslalcd city to see what changes time has wrought. Hi:; dispatch follows.) • . lly I'KTKIl KAI.ISCIIKK ... • ,. I (ell. Mayor Shlnso iininnl mng a (Umtcil I'rcss Staff t'orresiwixleni) bell ill n lower creeled at the esll IIIKOSIIIMA. A,ig 7 '(UP. _ mated center of lhc wirtMayor I I he special atom bomb festival nn-lHnmnl: in n statement, ashed Aiiic- nlvnrsary" edition of Hie cliugofcu rlca to send a "pence bell" lor th? l^ess, ^Hiroshima's lainest daily, lower, and wished to make Hiroshima ad International memorial city to |Ncacc. I Tlirougli Uic Raping window cams ' the strains of Ihe GTtli Australian infantry battalion band playing "Waltzing Matildn." I asked Mur.i- was off the presses, and the 4t- yoar old Yoktjnatsu Murakami, ns- sistant chief of the printing: department, sat ivith his shlrl olf smoking a denrcUc. His chest nntl throat bore thick leathery scars—kalolds—the mark of the lUotn homb victims. lie los', a l(>-year-o!(l daughter and a t'.vo- son when hLs house col- Inpsed in (he blast. ; "We arc ver\ lucky to be able to publish today," Murakami lv- gnn "ff wo had not decided to mov;> the presses to a viUnRc six miles outside Hiroshima three months before the bomb fell they would have been destroyed. "Nearly all members of the editorial staff were killed in this building " The concrete building still stood - -pitted. Ecovelied and, like nearly all surviving edifice's in partially reconstructed Hiroshima, with no glass in its windows. Approximately 25,000 new frnme wooden shops and dwellings clot, the devastated aroa giving ths city a little the look of an Amcriciin frontier town. father proudly Murakami spread the lahloid festival edition out on the table and through the Interpreter pointed out the large Japanese .characters selling forth the three-day festival program by which Hiroshima was celebrating Us atom birthday. There were street dances, fir':- WASHINGTON. Aug. 7. (UP) — works, band concerts, bargain sales The Army said today that congres- ana a mamrno'h sports competition. I sional budget cuts will make it At exactly 8:1.^ a.m. two years to. necessary to drop 12,389 officers, the minute si'.cc the atom bomb' and 605 warrant officers in fiscal . kaini a question that had bothered me: Why the holiday spirit to commemorate an event lliat cost Hiroshima 100.000 lives and levelled 0! per cent of the city? Murakami looked surprised. "Because we art the lucky ones." he said. 'Tor us the bomb meant the end of the war and the beginning of a new era of peace. We realize the sacrifice we had to pay was large but if it. means |>cacc w.' arc willinc to pay It." 1 asked him why then he was nol celebrating \\llh the other townsfolk. He rubbed his hand o/cr his chest scars like those of 0,001 others In Hiroshima which will never disappear even with plastic surgery. "I somehow don't feel like it." he said. Army Prepares I To Operate on I Reduced Budget BAKERY SPECIALS Lady Royal Cake Two layer cake covered with fresh Orange icing Containing dates & pe- cons. Jews in England Reprisal Victims Wove of Anti-Semitic Activity Worst in Post Eight Years LONDON 1 , .Aug. 1, <UP>--;i)rUalll's first wave of null-Semitic activity in eiglit years was obbin-; today after five days of trouble in wlvlcli nearly 100 persons were ;o'- icsted for offenses auainst Jews ranging from window-smashing lo attempted murder. Not since Sir Oswald Mcsley'.s Fiiscist biiicksiiirls cliarijpd lhrui!:;h London's teemiuj; Kast End J«sl before Ihe war has tills country witnessed mass domomtrailons sisnlnst synaijojiucs. Individuals nnd Jewish business houses. London, the center of Jewi,;h populalion in Itriluln, nnd only three incidents last niclit. In <We of them a man was ranlum! as he beat a Jew wllli u revoher. •Pt)liec Quoted him as :;ayia-- he would liave killed the Jew' hail lie been able lo qnl (lie nun 1 > fire lie told police hf w - as M'ukJii.^ rr- riress for tbe hany:iim of i/.vo llrii- isn .ser^eanl.s in Hiiiesuii". Of the hundreds who tco'v part In l!ie incidents in l.nndu.i. Live:- |)ool Man rhrstc i. niMk mnl, Brlghlon, Cardiff, nnd CiUi-jpow ninny were prompted by aiH:er ovt r Ihe hangins of the Uritons oy the Irgim X.\ai L<nmn, !3nt aitliioi'i- tics said a ;;oodly number ol demonstrators apparently used ;m- •ti-Sc-initisin as a. n|aks lor a wholesale looting ol Jewish jimit- ises. The worst incidents were in Mnnr.lic.slcr and Liverpool. They Included arson, bealiur; uf Jews, .street lighting, ana lootuu;. iL'ist niKlit li;e Jewish residents of 'Manchester -imposed a volini- 'tary curfew on tlimcsclvcs, nnd there were no incidents. In Liverpool the .street lights were kept, on all night. Only six minor 111- .cidcnts occurred, among them the .smashing of a window in ,\ Jewish npl.olstcry store. Only one person was arn-sle:! in Liverpool, compared with -ID the previous nin;lH when or,r.vd:i thrcntencd lo j;et OKI o: iiaiid d(^- spilr appeals by city offit-ials not to attempt to wreak revenue, nn innaeent Jews for the hap])-j)niu;:; in Palestine. During t!ic clomcivilraiinns, a minor arose in the fCast Kim of 'London that Mo.sley's liuUy boys were p'anning to ninrch auain. and Jewish war veterans wjre |>re- parinp, to resist. lAllhcuiih the purported p!;ms never materialiL-ed, the wide cml- .•nco given to the report was an ndication of the alarm fe he Jews. Scotland Yard experts in I'orsivc movcincnls v.erc :,i • eports of the anti-Semitic int]- :lenLs lo determine whether f liad any over-all orgnnh;:u.i'.i:i any Mich •<entity- as rcmixinis M'jsley's new disbanded nnion British Fascists. New York Youth Heads Legion's 'Forum' Senate WASHINGTON, A»B. 7. (UP) — Kendall c. KliK; of lllmca, N. V.. yesterday was elected president pro tenipore of Ihe Ainerlean Legion boys tonini ."Semite." Hut some o[ his tcilovv "l<'|)lsla- tors." unfamiliar w ltli p:u-Hamni',- ai'v procedure, mntk'red darkly Hint there hail been n "frame-tip." Tliese dissenters IhoiiKlit (lie of- life should have (join 1 lo Ihe rlvnl candidate, Ix>wcll Smithson, of Ciiillleollie, Mo.. However, King's election finally \sns conceded l-rlikli <!Hs ISnimlroiilsiiiii KiliB was „•],.,.,.,, ln ) , ohl j n ; U !»n\ t ,' |l | I ;;'?,' l !! rl ' : !!P 1 ' '"'I' ""'>-* <•<>!by I'him,, llra.vkell n ,,f Koko ' <u :»it»,!i:.|»hs and portraits mo., ind, ,loor imin of ihema-i 1 ' 1 K " l " ) " 1 "" "'"' "'"» '»nr»lial* ha, Jorlty parly. pn,,, k i, itunia,,, Jr . 17, of.Mimiu Holly. N. c., minority Joader, nn-si'nled Sailllison, nl- so 17, as Ills candidate. brni presonled lo the LeliiRh tlm- vci.slly library ly nu\xtl II. Honeyman, New York and •C*]IIor.ila iilliuni'jv. Tile letters lire dated PAGE THIH^EEN, over a period from NoV.~6.' ITtf, "ttT May 15. 1839, and bear.tlx *feu-' turcs of 27 of-Napoleon'* mi'..Ury" leaders Head Cornier News Want Ads, On Sale Saturday Only! Telephone Your Order — Dial 2073 HART'S BAKERY SiiRar More Precious PAWTUCKET R. :., (UI'I —A thief who cntsrcd the home Eugene L. Berjje-ron passed up jewelry and look (mly two sugar ration books. Head Courier Ncw.s Want. Ads. Ifl48. The budget ;,s passed by Con Rress will allow the Army 211,00 fewer civilian employe.-; than i requested. This will cut the total working force of the army, including those in and out of uniform, from the requested 10 1. •103,781. The Army asked for 132,18!) officers and got npprnprialirnis for only 120.COI). It asked for 5.205 warrant officers rnd received money for only <1.GOO. We Handle Your Car With Care! Wheel Alignment c unnecessary expense in wear of yotir tires by Icl('ing us keep your rnr in perfect ultuinmcnl. Our guaranteed work will s;iv c you money Tuneup - Lubrication Your car's motor will hum smoothly if you bring it. to us for regular checkup. Our c.\pcrts will spot those minor flaws before they develop into serious trouble. d ,, » v -/• Expert Motor Care Yon can entrust your molnr troubles, no matter how . S erj ( , u , Si U) , IS . Hcrc ,.„„.„' BC , a lj r " n 'l>l, accurate diagnosis of your cars !i)s . . . nn(1 factory-trained men will make those repairs cfficcntly and economically. LEE MOTOR SALES East End of Main St., Blythcville All Work Done 15y Fnctorj-'l i'iiincil Men Fitzpatrick Jewelry Store Jl takes only .'! minutes to open ;in account STOP! For Good Food Tfl Air-Cooled Tim t -Ml'i- iit .10!) \V. iMiiin Slront, lor- DR'rly l;iu>wn us 'I'lio \\ r oiul<>r City drill, lia.s iK'cn lioiijilit by Kllioll aiul 'riii'iiiin .Itilin.s, Mini will ho known us Hi.. JOHNS CAKK. Oiwii diiy Mud ni)'.l)l ('xi'i-i)l Suniliiy. Closi-s Sunday mulil ;il 10:1)0 o'clock—Ki'oix'iis Moir ilay nioi-iiiiiK ill 5:00 o'clock. Vixil us soon ['or truly I'ino fotnl! Plate Lunches — Steaks Chicken — Hodges Chile — Sandwiches — JUilNS CAFE Courtesy Good Foods Reasonable Prices Qt-fc_ Owned & Operated by Elliott and The/ma Jo/ins Tip bom the Smart Sey Ud, vlllta " f ITIIUbX. ~ W HO is it t!i;it's first (o spot - and quick- cst (o go for - :i really fresh new fashion idea when it eonics along? Tlic ladies, of course! / And who is it that, according to careful surveys, put Buick far ahead of its price class and up among the lowest-priced three r when they name the car of tbcir innermost choice? The fair sex - but naturally! /\nd who is it, when you conic right down to it, that gels the most practical use from enough stirring Fireball power to handle the day's travcl-johs without strain and struggle? Who relishes most the restful case of wide, O cushiony scats, nnd the Missful gentleness of sill-coil .springs that make rough roads well- mannered nnd good ronds glnss-siiiooth? Who goes for n cur hig enough to he com- pnny-minclcd — yet light and easy enough in handling (r> p;irk without a tussle, and flit slr.iilow-liglu through market-hour Iniflic?, Who, good friends, has the fniruiy's smartest cye-for-a.huy — the slircutiest size-up of what's really good ?, No one hut the Lady ol the Household I Oo we toss out this thought to you menfolks: Chances arc that you've been hunkering for the kind of thrill that lurks in this grcat- licurtcd, great-powered beauty. You'd sort of like to get your hands on a car us big and mighty us this - if you thought the better half eould he sold on it. Take our tip — she's already sold. Favored sis it is by recl-hloodcd males, no liuick we've ever offered has won the smart so* tiuitc like this one. . So why not pull a pleasant surprise some evening soon? Just come home and say, "Well, I plaecd an order for a Buick today. They're taking 'cm with or without a car to trade." Then watch her fall all over your neck! June in HENRr 1. TAUOR, Mutual Nclwa,t, Montfo,t an j f,;da,i HIGH-AND MIGHtr. Slip Ihli now bumptr folk ovof the ip«iol bumper reinforcement h<m, and in a ii«y H hoim Hi, husky p ! cn i r Kioh. Qt>rck-iur» —ca»y—lafe. Whenbette, automobiles ore built BUICK will build them ONLY BUICK HAS ALL THESE "\ - .,. •"I, -V'T.1 •1 •• •> K-Vi ••I t' i • i: 't * AIRfOIL UNDIKS * f IRESXII POWER *SK£Wr ZONE BODr MOUNJINGS *BRO/IDK!M WHFCU * ACCUniTf CYUNDCK BORING * HIICWIIGHT FIS1ONS * SUICOIL SPRINGING * fUll-UNGTH TORQUC-TUK D«l« * PCRMI-flKM STEERING * CURL-t,KOUNO lUMffK * STEPOM PARKING 8M« * DtfPfUX if HT CUVHOHS * UN SWART WODHS * BODY Br FISHM \. EN CO. Walnut and Broadway Telephone 555

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