Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 17, 1896 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 10

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1896
Page 10
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^jm*'^mmx ^gy^.v- - '"'" PiPTV •-', -v.:-.::^ ^'.rS'"--''- -'.. • .'••: • --;•-• E&NX'; '' < .J^^fet^ li'SL ; . :: '' r-o 'Ith a better ,.,—-., latuve oi the ma vanish before p ;s—pleasant effiorUg- -, There is comfort to V WAGTAI^slc^Efl ^ST. "* O i, SprlnE"'V the THE — ._ , over in Soleurc, • enterprisiD'fflbird over in aoieurc, i'^pycry ^ cr s^ifS b TSSJ^« 1 ^.^i w a^fous,for.ite.wa^^l™.'«. -.SAVED AHI LIFE... '••''•'. '. ..;. 1st, Beav.or-'l The hot I- -Esme'3 ...--.tray.. ;.:,.;, ros p. ."\Vhy.f could -1 all -the of in the cm-ions. 1 attention and presented^. ; The lue pood IwW- ™ -**- wl)en its.btfne- jkaae, that^gnj-nuiaa.ui'ca .W tb" -»•' ^STwnjffgyrup Co, only and sdtL by _^^H ^^»L .«,«o/1iA*; flTG tnC« *y^J. _ _:_:_ ^ ,. n .^her rcmed.es are with any FIRST CU Southe ..SUNSETil STYLE Pacific Co. 'ED" TRAIN. loute—New Orleans ;to' ' •' "• San Francisco. April ICth, The itlons given the .Irons of the above past tourist season, mouncement of plans of finer service with to anything. yet mtinental traffic.-. re-Inauguration of [.MITED" this fall. rtbme Seekers. jthern Paclflc Co.. "Sunset connection with the "Queen >nt Route" are running the through tourist. Pullman leaving Cincinnati every evening for Los Aiigeles and tnctsco., ,„ excursions are specially con- J, and thelobject is to enable those l.o not care to buy. the-first-claw .'trip-or one way tickets, to; .enjoy ifortable ride with sleeping car and no change of cars at the low second-class rate. • further Information, address W. , OONNOB, Commercial Agt. S. P. .Cincinnati, O. ,'••'• w. G. 'NEIMYEB,,G, w. Agt. s. P. Chicago. 111. fl. F. MORSE, G. P. & T. Agt 8. V THBNIW FRENCH REMEDY. .^together.-iii-0'nesl a uenrlij^ti.*?. The olHn" lu'st/'iittracted Qjill'n j-.-T • - It ;>jas-picked up vi-llnire museum,:;. aS^es fou'r; Inches :tton' sho\ys .that.il: "'time to pwt it' 'itbUt-the-little 'to ber'tied'in a -i«.>« " --get fett er, . -d oc^an- to jiti. w^^i^.., — — •three' botllM was «P .and abopt. It'ls worth, to weight- in gold. We- store or house without it. store. lay ]hiiienting : 'tha.t,her is grillirig u ^'rr s te*V'*hreo Pesth:- "^r^^ ?B\,aii>t U .,^.. r7 ,, : -*-eek of ' t? t -^o-daV '™<1 T-^l tliat : b a d,before,be town, after, to^a> ; ^^ y is ..^,^ b t^e^ e the- mo „ . and the.-.yivid scarM -., f,.,'' •..-_. , lirfkATM awn rid •raiblish a'MUiuijboiv of mologtaiJ'-'obscTViVtloois oarfih. .StoiTins »•«" ""*"7;, "tmlvin" tr* most compte* S y*m lo^J^ I ^rtliq-'fcto.- Wi 'the world, ttoe station It .you?" : she;sa1 . "Halt post . ', ,,^ cxoected is , MJ C . ..««--;- •t» l^ntl™ J±^S?^£"know |,^.^ faithful al'- -observation* nwunu , »»- .^nt ""^^ an d Starrtpir'ftom Japan, yW£ ™^ receiT ehim." . :• -i^h> .ivsteni lor studying . n jo" v . Esjo ! SS;'«!:S I hope." -, • - "liplcases you-to be r he answered, quietly-;. --Have YOU-ever read A •>[as\: ;: ,Arth:ur?" she'sr men .understood:, You! that'l •;..• A NEST OF'WXTCH.SPRINGS.. many different positions before they could be made to.bold ilrmly. , : 'The birds'have shown -wonderful in- "•enuity in fitting the parts together. The largest piece of metal-used was the ; mainspring of hn ordinary watch. A few pieces of gross were used to bind all the pieces together. It would be a tedious undertaking for a man;to do it as'well, • :' .The curious -little metallic Driest is .very serviceable..' The pieces .of, steel are so firmly fitted together that there was very little danger that they would, be loosened by wind or rainstorms: It presents a very uneveii appearance on the outside, for.~it is .covered with, curious, corners and sharp little projections, But..«li the crevices on the inside have-be'en filled so that the nest's, interior 'is-lsnug. smooth and comfortable. ' •'•'...'•' •. ' ' .'v, •' ••• ' • ' BUOKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The best salve In the world lot cuts, .bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rfceuin, fever lores, tetters, chapped hands, chilblains corns and all skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay. required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. i?rlce.25 cents 'per box. For sale by' B. P. KeesIIng.. „ ., 'In Australia lioi^s aiiid cattle'are now betog ;branfle'd 'by electricity from Rtorage^lxittea-.les., TJie'-tem-peratui-c Is. uniform anxl ttie brand saie nnfl art«st)c. FOB OVBE FIFTY TBAB8. MM,' WinBlow's Bpothlng Synip has *een uaed for over fifty years .by mil- llons of mothers for their children while teethlrig, with perfect incceBB. It ioothes the child, aofteni the gums, illnyg all pain, ;curei wlW colic, 1 and !• the 'best remedy .for . diarrhoea. It will relieve toe poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by druggists In every part of the world. Tweaty-frve cents a bottle. ^Be sure and art for "Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Byrnp, •o other kind. •'••' •' .- and take MEETING NATIONAL EDUCATION ALASSOCIA- '' ' Mket. By mull ll.OOper paokM»fflr«. wttli»IHi»'»»««' lwi Ctw» orJWOM Circular Free. Addrw* --. -., MEDICINE,,CO.,.CHICAGO, IIL F6r sale\by Ben Fisher, .ana;*^*. .A..Uttie glt-r iii Sherman-, . _ . > a cow'si Iiorns,..ft8ke*l what r tHeyi On being -Isold -she.- exclaimed: -"How do »he blow It?' '.••'"' v: v _ T HE ONLY True Bl<K>d Ptuliie prominently in the public d»yi"Hood'iSareaparllla. Jrt Hood's and ON LY . . . . ,.. For above . meeting whlcli takes plkce. .at Buffalo, N. Y., Jtily 7th to lltb, 1896,' tiio Wabash 'Railroad company will sell tickets" July 5th and -'vJBth; at rate- of $14.80 -for thr,r6und trip, good for con- tinuons passage tn both directions/ By special arrangement tickets can.be expended to Sept 1st, :i896l" For details call on or address ; 0. G, Newell; 'Agent PLAN YotlK SUMMER pUTINQ NOW-GO TO PICTURESQUE .' MACkiNACYIA'THiD 'COAST' ;;, ' ' : '" l^-.^-to-av' ^ TJiXV.te^aia It may that the very bes : ing the: tired but nervo" healthy .vigor'is Electric,Bi medicine Is: purely "vegetable,- ac ^ giving tone to the nerve centres IB .the .stomach, .gently stimulates thc .Liver and Kidneys, and aide these organs In throwing, off impurities in the .blood. Electric Bitters improves; the appetite, ; aids digestion, and.is pronounced by 'those Tvflo.jjaye-'tried.it'.as the.very. best blood pnrifler and nerve;'t<mk!- ;Ti-y.it Sold for 5Qc'or $1.00 per bottle at ,B. t\ Kee'sllng's drug .store.;-.;; • the (-•^.positively top.tive4 ^ ™ seeyou; , ^^S^E^SK here?" J£&hat s are you doing - ii-£ \vas n uvr3 _:•»,..-.. . . T cff testo r -; ' beCB ^d^<land,Esme;' ' u • _wij»i'Ai;'^l** uTk/MIT ^ofyou.tole^^^^ Do deed, goocl — ., y -^^r-Si r ncOa e K^s^-S^a 1 OC. -Hie Boer wlftawsscs iiu England hi connection . \vltli tlie'.'Jameson.case, one of the ;most . intenesHiff is Lieutenant Edoft, the' 'grandson, oij President Ki-n : ger. It. was'' 'he wJio; wenit out 'to meet DIP. Jameson ..and .was • disanned. Mr.: Eioff pMC'was «t one. time ra-ivate secretary to ;'his-.'"taiaier-lD.-Uiw, the President. . The son entored ;-tlhe public service, and is now a lieutenant In the police statllomKl-ait Krngerdorp; • AMONG, SOME OF .THE FAIREST ' Of tuJs.con'tiitientVaild 'Ip the tropics, malaria, poisons, the- atmpspiiere' with its pestilential breath', sowing the- seeds of disease arid death .in eyery /direction. '''en It: Is in such . live' aind^r«meaiial;'qnalities: >if Hos : tetter's .Stbmacli ; Bitters' ore' most con-. '' , For .every form .ot malaria it Is a signally' efficacious rem-. edy, and conquers .disorder*-, of tlic' stomach, iiver:and bowels; Remedies inactivity of the: kidneys and .counteracts; the weakness : ; and lack -of stamina: which Invitee 'disease- >y levelling thb. barrier .^lilch a .vigorous'- operation of: the' digestive ;aiid secretive organs opr' poses ;.tq-,it, : ;' "No defensive mediciue in use has^^rrooger commendations Jn pro-. ,1ng-o quite true, she continued,: her hand oni his a and listen! You .see,., ^ come .to'.tliis-.some day,.n well tell you here' as anyw.he we cannot- fight against fate, -an fates are against.us. Look! • It\ be ten. years at least:before you-co , marry, me, and then I would be a mi eie-nged ; woman: And. even if I coul wait, what arn-I to do diiring- tJiose te ^ years-?' Grandmamina, you know," she . went on, turning her 'face, how appulH ing-in its pallor; toward him, "and le'ft me £50 a year, and since her deat I have been living, ''yes, living on my sis ter's husband! Think! .The proud Esme St. Maur actually living on charity!" ' "But surely,!' Arthur broke in, "surely—" • T "Of course they dontt say.so, but I know, I know. -They have three children to educate, and look at the position they have to keep up! 1 know Frank's income is b>,no means large, and I feel Tve no right to be a burden :to them when. I've a'g-ood offer." "Who is the man?"ilie.said, .dryly. -. /,"Ix>rd' : EiHbor.ough;"iBhe answered, a L r : vo •ier... . ; - .. •'-:-.>tAjian-»in>P.9t qld.enough to .be your grandfather!" •KerBaiia, gettii? up and '•Standing- bemdie her.jy"po you care for ' '''' "''' fessional quarters 1 'both,.for 'ptfrlty.. and; rerrieddal qualities. —To show Show. Icing ia trout .wUK live, a Dexter, (Me.) man'-clnilims. that ho ciiugJut-a.'brook troiit when : -a v boy,;kept ft; is cnpt-iTlty,.: .aind that'It .lived for \tweriity yerti'S: • .•;... '•'..•''•', \ • •. •-; Persons; who have a coughing BpeH every' night, on account of ;; a -tickling sensation "In the throat, may ^overcome It -at ojnce; by -a::dose. ; of; One% Minute Cough' Cflre-^noi M, Johriston;.: . ...' Jolito E.-'Pansoris, of N-ew York, tlie ; sugar -niflgnate, wlirgjvjs-a schooi. house ' - ' ioosts;. 1 ' . ... from .-Detrpit, ... lahd 1 for "the ground 'trip,'.;; iEciudtng, meaia : . an<i':;.-berths. One -'thousands •miles 'of . 'lake', ride on new modern'isteel s'tca-mers- for, the above; fates'. Send- 2c •for' ' tUusfea ted" pamphlet. . Addres|r.'-;' • '' ''"XTZl-!t^P,.A;;,;::-- Detroit,. Mich; • • ' >; . " • . .' <•. '.. Harvey Was thc : ptoiieer'of. modern surgery;- dtopoveniing, as :he d>d, the :clir- culiutijion '- oif rtlie- blood,: he lalJ.'tlie fo«n'- ''' :.".'' It •woiild. be;ihard..to convln<?e;.a -.man ' '' ;guffering 'jf rom. ''. . . 'agony JS'dine to a; mJserobe'wlth/an-'tin- pronouucaijle , '.mine. " .But ione'vdcf se 'Of •Oe^ltt's -Colic 'a"nd ; . Cholera Caire . : wlU :^convlnce tyin' . T ; uBder the/patronage, of iSe leadens' of ,:fa«fbilon- r pf toe itiine.'; Igy- we'can ; . real tie, ^perleinced'wfieBP'Oiej'Ibecphie :Inflanied.; 'Im^^f^^'.-.^^^-^^^;^ dues'JnJflViOTatioiiv^ •'•' that : .if-1 have another-.man's image hi my heart. I must live it down; I must force myself to forget it." ' - v ; . /.Arthur walkeil.a-way.to the balcony. • "Do not make it harder for me," said- Esm'e; her voice full of sobs. 1 'JWh'nt ''rim I to do? ; . I .cannot do anything tp <?arn"m,y own .living. Look at me," she said, ;bitterly, drawing herself up to her full height; "a-perfect woman, strongand healthy,wlti.a.'small fortune spent on eduoatlon; anil yet, now that I am thrown oii'ihy own ( re8ource8,.why _•• . 4 U _l_ A 1.aW A M l\A++AV> t!i^T\fl • ane : oif 'tlBe suburbs of -%ew 1'ork .In 'memory cif 'hte clJlMren> It will .cast" ' 1 " 8lze r 1 .^results:- 'DeWitt's-LIittle E.arly-.Blseraict' gently ;ibut1:horonghly, cui'tag,Indlgestlon,:.dys-- pepsla I'aod . 'constipation. : 'Small-: pill, ' ' ' ' / Tfie' fflfe*'- -'great -flM^ljiy.atf ;Ainericnn; . i;iSilii^^ ed : tl)e;ioss. aiuounting.; .to, .ov.el;?3",000,o6oL , \Jiftcob, ,. day '18; breaklngjlj ' •• ioia^pieWttt'S:' Lle;;Ejiily, f ;Eser the mail wlto ^^hadvtako'n ; them '.-tip. aroiise iulsh' ilyer.n'tf /'M !: Jotinston. ,: . ^ . his ;iiugglsh' r ilyer.^n'tf /'M !: Jo • in:, too rwarm ^place; • gas.' ; affecia;, tliom; ^^i^-.^.^.«.^xi> i :i : .t>.i»aeilrt l -..l'oi l nf1ioi.!MnV nnVffp-\ -.-::.. . -- • ^"Tfo;: 1 she answered 1 , lowering her eye- iTds wearily; "no,. but I respect^ hini more than— thaii anyone; but'.you.' ... '••:•• "Esme," said Arthur, hotly, "how di'tterent you arv! \Hovv calculating "and worldly, you have become! ; I remember my little Eame .holding fortli •fiercely '-that love was the one thing- in loll' the. world, that to marry, a man -without .love wis the greatest wrong a- woman could do him: that — " "jVrtHur," she said, "what can I do? I Intend, if I marry Lord Hillborough, to bp a good -wife'to him; I cannot be a shop girl could inake 'a better linbg; than I .could! : Bear 1 it, dear!'', she said, going over to: hiin. «vx«-i™^ •_ _•.. ^ • .' . '.« -.__-|!tf ^ this must be th« end;*'- VDeares't,'' he said, Itfa broken ;voice, "it ia only the/beginning'. You love me. 1 ; iind'-yet ybu'm'arry. thi8;inanI-.V; It is the :.beginning':of wretchedpeM:for you and 1 him-an'dme,'.forallouVliyes!" ; .•..>•,:. , , '- : "Arthur," she ; : ; aaid.y;: Blowly, /.'"you lijiow mfe. -I-:h%':made:up my.mind, ; and' I.wijrcar'ry It through. • There is> •>•'• ... • • L'__L^i—j«« *v.&-.'T cannot do i Boprce y our. T^, if you can let your-head gbverri your heart. " ••••••f cahnot'helR'it;, Articmr; I am, en' to -Lord' Hillborpugh, 'and sliall s marry;- him s in-,0ctober;^ I: cannot bear. another scene like this, .Bid jne-good- by a'nd . go. . now— forever;": she, . added, ' -' : '-' 'veg.s,. •.•-. . ... '"i-The* 'inan-'looked ia*!h;er .for. a, second- 'and then.iook '.,bothv;her; hands- in his, "yeSi-CTveetherat,::! will..bid you good- Jb'y i an'tt leave ' you" forever;" ' But- let me - . ? you.- .tt.".Is- not niucli -to ask,/; and I ^prbnifte- not to speak : one .word, you '- *'-.ave 'fiur- wpul* not'-like, :;$*e'-wlU,.;,have ' • ;: e "\^-^vTnreejaour»,ai,ver iiio.w;jivyc»j v^v-^ - ^^!^ej^h v t^wiJdll^pon.thft ilneelin^^Bwn ^^^^m^m^^ ^r A \^ :sassssa lea feel : S 7 3I2:ei to 'see,you therefore I sh again. You cool Oown;- X.1 will, and I prefe not to see it stages of lever ; that ^i.a<i^ lend it|Tits height,: viieath the- •mean?" - "I. mean that never see you a; "Arthur,' n*i»- ^...VM; .^,, ^ , understand me. . lipit only until you could see. me wi tUopj||witliont loving nje.". • •, ••--,- •' • $jji!>':"-^ : <- - .-,'.-• ^ "That will never^wi^dear,' he' saia, "and as I.am. ncTtete see-you again I am glad to have iStniydttifpr the last time'as I'liked toMii..'yo'« f best^-«»-I " jniny heart. . have always pictur^ou inwy hea "You are-gettin$l»tlmental," 'You are-gettii snid, with a'torced will be cold;" Arthur took the few drops from a into it., "Excuse me si nasty touch of o-ro, and take my . coffee, like an: old w * ' -.-"Fever, Arthur.?"^ and looked at him.' haggard and,111. I did oitternbon.- I .wlsK- ; yl back to: that horrid II you,-take more,carex yougolng to London r '"Oh, do not talk to: hurriedly; "tell, me have you been p and poured a il gyeen bottle , a'lew weeks 1 ih:iny tea or I .' , •- ' ent : forward ^tvi'ou look t notice ittbis ...j not go ^liy don't • v thenian said, iput ; yourself. >lng all these •'Beginning' tntil about Iblillne Jaily betweeri ; St »n the following Leave St. 1030 :p. mV dally. Leave Chicago; at p. m., dally, Indnt •trips on I a. in., and' leaf! gunning time i 'Trl-weeldj; . st leaving .St-^foseph| and PrIday;ev«nJ The; ntly; ,^I >»«re ere.": and. I voice years ? -:. Have '• you' again?," • : -'IV.-. , . "No," she answered-j • never cared to go back "Then you really ~ cared, Esme?" The _ Was terrible to hear.; bC u ^. ..—. recovered himself. "Thf-JB quite like one of those evening*. Feonly w ant the music," he added. .^ a different tone.' . .K, . , -. A silence fell betweef-tJieni few' minutes. 'They <•-**- -•* .talk except on the i wished to a.TOid7 Sudd] in answer to Ar the curtain on the. low again drawn .back and schky stepped out. ' "'Ah," • he'saiB',''geiitl: nipht' there .Is but one-.si and his- gloriojnavvoicte bo passionate Reeling into " w6ndcrful-~love'-'«bbfr ; '' 1 so many hearte. .and City .of inestw«it,of P iebnnt; propeller^ J Service flrst^claas. < fandalla trains. 'Tf| f audalla Line stOit* feot of Wabash a\ ' In her that! •'*-. 'she' bli'ng shook the: main - : . ; restrninedvhini»e)J . rtown his^eoftee wit leaned -back ji> eyes. Meanwhile tlu on.- "'

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