The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1947
Page 11
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, 10-17 Brewster Denies Hughes' Charges Senator Waives Immunities and Assails Industrialist i WASHINGTON, AUf 7. (UP) — [ Howard Hughes' elinrui's iliut Sen. Owen Brcw.ster offci'ed lo cull oft a Senate plane contrail liivestiiM- tipu if Husjhcs would Kgrm lo nil nil-line merger brought a prompt denial, under <u!h, from the senator yesterday. In a draina-packed nnd bitter session, the lanky West Coast millionaire swore ilmt Brewster offered lo call of thr Senate invc-ili- BatiQii of his $40.000,000 war plane contracts if Hughes in turn would I •IB roe lo nu'i'Kr his Trans-Wovlrl ' Airline with Juan Thi:i>:''.s I'.m 1 American Airways. A few moments later Urcwsliv waived hi s rij-his as a senator and look the stand in his own defrn:t ' "I never <lid." he said. i Brewster sail' Ilu'dics' cliiiryc was "lnconc:>ivaljle" and :uldc;l that it "looks more like Hollywood than Washington." Plane maker IIiiKhe.s Is al--o -\ movie producer. Brewster is cliairman of the Senale War Invesligatinj; Conmiltiee A subcommittee hc.uled by F.'n Homer i.'erj?uso:i. n.. Midi.. i s con- unctmi; the inquirv into Hii"heV alrplnne contracts. Hearing Itonin Jimmied , In a .siifioc:itini;l.v-jamnicd and brilliant ly-lis-hied hea-.'in,. mo-n Hughes repeated under oath wlial lie had several times chmvecl in the newspapcr-s — that Urcwster used Ihe threat of inve.stiatian in an iin.sueces.sru! effort lo "blackmail" him into the merger Brcwstw-s offer to call 'off the prolie if Hughes would merge TWA with Pan American was made nt a luncheon in the. senator's Mayflower Hotel suite here Hn •h"" said. ' ' " While he wa:, thinkin" (he mer"er propcsal over on the West Coast the industrialist continued, a committee lawyer visited a Hughes attorney and charged there had been "si $100.000 payoff to Elliott Roosevelt." in connection with the contracts. This. Hufc-he.5 said, "was the application of screws in my direction." It was Elliott Roosevelt, .second son of Ihe late President and then an Army Air Forces colonel. <.vho recommended inn-chase of photo reconnaissance -planes from Kntrhos. Though AAF engineers didn't, like tile Hughes pb.i'e. the contract was awarded. Brewster denied Hughes' story of the alleged offer in totality. He snid that was "impossible" that on ^iich a short ncquaitUnncc with Hmg'.irs he could make such an offer. Admits Knlcrtnmiii;; Hushes He ireciilled his lonq public career as governor of his state. ,,n.l as member or the House nnd Sen- BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUIUEK NEWS Refreshing Style '^Z™ n ' 1 ' " told Ferguson: •tlo:i of mine shull seem to have been ealulated to embarrass the commit lee in carrying out Its high res|»nsibllll[es. I am most deeply regretful." Of the piano-maker's statement HUCIII a "proposition" 111 Ihe Mny- l.slnglc overseas airline). "1 (lisasreed," lluxhes said. "Then lie told of the Mayflower Hotel meeting, where the 'alleged "ofler" was made. Hughes charged that, "I'nu American was Ix-litnd" Ihe probe of his wnr contracl.s. F'i-Rfefl «1 ™,H., but said h, ..>..-<j'i'iji.•.-•'.';£- 'V'S^j'S;^ii "research them " iiite.trs«-iaM»i4aK2ffi!iia ne toici or n tin ar In public life as long us I have been could, on so short an acquaintance svi'.h Mr. Huyhes. .liave made so bald a proposition 1<s he here describes. "It sounds to me a little more like Hollywood than it does like Washington. "1 am sure that no one here of iiiny competence would make such [a proposition, i.iul I can assure you ' thai I never did." Hughes detailed his mealing with Brewsler. He was unable to supply exact dale-.- or sequence of e- lie would try to . --. -- ircc-mmutc lele- -' that the new Paris; phone conversation with llrewsler n't 1'ic wackiest in when the senator was in Kansas (!:<• world, Mary Monde. Hollywood screen aclrc-rs. models n millinery fantasy concocted of a in-etxc] siKK-l; and liquid refresh- City. Hughes saitl Brew.sler invited him to come to Ills apartment upon arrival in Washington. "I was a little h'ary nnd met him ate. Ilrewster artis.itted thai he cil- lertnined iiu.-.l.e... lor limcheun at Ins M:iyil!)wtr HolL-l suite. "I paid Ihe check - fijiii) oin of my own p,H-kcl," he addeci. I'riii'lictilly all of the testimony thus fur in the open hearings has revolved around chubby Joint W. Meyer. Hughes' publicity man, wli.-> spent ahnoa "pickiiiK up the- cheeks" [or various person's IluRhcs wanted entertained." Hughes had asked permission to crc.'js-exruiiiin- ijrcw.ster, and to c'.tll adtiitional witr.csses. Hul Ferguson ruled out such direct qucstionin:' 'The siibromaiiltce will not give cither you or Ken. Hrewsler Iho right to cross-iXMIIIIU- each other." Ferguson said. 'That is the nile of lire commuter." l-'enuist'ii addud. however, thai bolh Hui'hi's and Hrc'jster could sulimit questioif to the subcommit- It.'e, and they v.oulrl he asked. Alter Hiic.hes reaffirmed his newspaper remarks about Urewster. Ferguson :ssk'.'i| Brewster if he wanted to takr: the stand to reply to them. "Yes, t ccrl.Linly do." lirewster said. At one point in his testimony, efresh- j "I wns a IHtlc h-ury nnd met him lioltles. I in his office the moniln:; after my arrival in Washington," IHii-hes Said- PAGE ELEVEN Cheaper HUE lUllor .Sought BKUKKTuEY, cal. <U1 J >—Chemists mn>' -soon discover « praetlenl commercial methcd of syntliesi'/.- ! pyrethrin, eiilef lni;vedlenl ot a popular inv.-ellctde, I'yrethrln now is derived from the (lower of the pyrethruin plant In Asia and costs more than $35 a pound. Ur. William M. Hcskins of the Unlver- slly of California college said synthesis infi'.IH reduce the price lo a fraction and nl-;o mlphl produce a moi'e si able insect Lcule, He said Brewsler talked about a mull Kudo of subjects, including British commercial airline supremacy. jet propulsion, and Ilrewster plans for a "chosen instrument" RACES Don'* Miss Them! THRILLS! SPILLS! • Full Racing Program • Stock Model Racers Old Car Derby See Jalopies in Action Mississippi County Fairgrounds Admission 60c Sunday, August 10th, 2:30 p.m. Sponsored by Dud Cason Post 24 AMERICAN LtG/ON : for Hot Rolls Now you can always count on delicious hot rolJs the family will praise, thanks ro the new OMAR WONDER MIX. This fully prepared mix (including yeast) assures you of uniformly excellent results every time. And you'll enjoy baking this new easy method. ing! FOR YOUR FAVORITE STYLE . 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