The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1947
Page 9
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, 19<17 BI/rTHKVILLR (ARK.V COURIER NEW8 PAGE NINE Polio Foundation Distributes Funds Agency Will Spend Nearly $1,000,000 For Research in U. S. NEW YORK, All?. 7. (UP> — The NuiioiiiV'. Foundation for In- fniiLilc Pnralysis nnnouiK'nl loclnv llml 59:8,172 will he di.Unbnted among 2' 'n-ilUiilioiis lo fee usi'it for research to aid in prevention and cure of poliomyelitis. 'Bisil O'Connor, president of tlic foundation, nimoimrecl taat vim:; research projects will receive S28I,- 8:0; $'81,351 pill Ije spoilt tor ve- :>earch on the alter-effects yf polio; S411.232 will KO on odiiL'.Ui:in programs and the r cm a i-i i n $30,740 will lie expended on special investigations of epidemics anc initlie health. The University of Pcnnsylvanit will receive S!C3,C(M for a five-ye.n .study of the metabolic pi-(x.'e:ssos of nerve ce'l.s to itclennine II polio vin:s affccl.s processes Ke-.v Ytjr'K University will euro on a project ;o search for cliom- ienl a^enls cupuhle of preventin; or euritiR polio. The Children's Mc.spHal iti Ti:;S' ton »nd the Unlversll;,' of c.ih- fornia Medical School will co'i- duel fivo - year .studies Oil the growth rate of extremities affected by polio. These studies are intended to form a basis for development, of more effective surgical procedures. A Deep Srno«e McClellan Suggests Forrestal As Truman Running Mate in '48 MTTI 1>: HOCK, All:.. AilR. 7. tUI>l — U. S. Senator John L Mc"el an. back in Arkiiiiuis for the 'irst time In eii;hl months, loday named iS^ereliiiy ol nc.vnse j.imcs W. Fni-nvsli-.l tis the must, likely DemocTullc vice presidential 'cuu- didaie al the present lime, .VeClellan said that President Hurry TniMviu \sil. "ot course" head the Democratic ticket and ait! 'I believe l-'orrc.slal 1^ I he man to be metuiunetl for the In a Chicago police siatlon eel], Joseph liartynix, 2V, taxes a deep smoke after, police say. lie rontesscd to the killing of :i 1-2-year old Cliarley Bradley. Bnriynik was released from prison hist ,no:,th alter n year term for molestii-s a little i;irl. (NliA Telep'iolo.i Big Aircraft Carrier, l/SS Leyte, Expected to Dock at Greek Ports rest to dale.", he pnint- e<l out thiit he was not iiiakh),? nny eomm'.tmenl.s. Tne senior senator ol At^misHS refusert to ecmment on his lu- ture poiitiea] plans but predicted IhiU luture proposals u> pnur utl- dilional ini'llons of Aim'rh'im <lol- lar.s down the "ml hole" of European aid may meet hunter sled • tlinti in tlie next .session ol Con- e.rcss. lie : - oiidrinned as "inconsistent" the U. S, policy r,l aiding nvissian satolhte natkui.s by appropriating Sl.ana.oco.Oin for tiu'lr aid since V- .1 nay iuid then 10:11:1113 fiveecc and Tin key S100 0:10.0110 lo be used in combatlini' Communism. McClrllmi predk-ieit tliat Demo- eratie fllibn.ster.s will be hronyht I into piny c:irly in i.he next session of Coni;vess n.s Repuhllran nembers renew their eftorts to re,'lye their anti-'.yiu'li, anti-poll .ax or fair employment practices e.rjislalUm. Hie sai<l Dial unle.~s the Republicans are .sucres:;rul 111 amending Senate procedural riiles, the filibuster will be .successful. M?aruvHile. in Faycl tevillo. Ar- nsns' junior senalor. .1. William r'nlbright, said ho was not "too disapiwlnted" sv |, on prcsldcuL Tni- iniin yesterday pwket-veloed the niilloiud .science lotnutntloii bill which he hud helped lo sponsor. "The hill as tlmilly passed had nt least two feut\ires I did not like, FulbiiRhl said. "1 helliwe we can pats n belter bill next lime." ile siiid he believed such a measure, which is designed to promote sclciiiilie study In Ihe eouulry, is veiy ncee.wavy to our iintlonnl dele, HOME CANNING'S 2 - piece metal lid Other 'instill;! ions re. coiviiu: i prant.s include tlv Umver^:;y of Icinciiinnli; Nm-thwcvilc'rn L'niversi- y; Massachuselts General llospial: Meliiiny Medical Collie, .'ashvitle, Tenn.; Jnlms lln;>'ti:is .Icdicp.l School; Washington Uni- cr.sity Met!i?:d 3rny School of Mrfirine and Ihe University of 'iVnr.i ssee. ' WASHINGTON, Allq. 7. (UI>> — The Illi;; U. S. ' iilrcrnll CTITicr [Lejlc. "undoubtedly" will visit :Orcck and Turkish waters tlunus; its Mediterranean tour. Aclm. Richard L. Conolly sr\i t i today. Couolly. cotn:napdqi.-:-of naval k.-rcos ii\ t]ie Eastern Atlantic niul the Mcdilcrninean. told :\ nmvs umferencc a definite date :or Hie lo II:, native Maori rare vas ba.'.ecl on "mutual uinleistaiidlnii. n:ual nriHirhinlly and responsibility and Irleiiilly cunperallin." Mrs, Ware .siiid ehureli workers in New Ze'and ,stro\ r e to i:ive the \voi-;,! eoniinunlly both raclallv and nationally. Continuity, she ' ;aul, has been developed 111 part l,y co- oriilniillon ol inn Inn. tradition and Ohil.sli.inliy. The;;,, iiellvilli's .111- loii'iUleally Hive lire lo ;\ well- develnped w'ii»..> of ri'spoa'it'jlhi.v, Mis. Waie asserted, "This approach has been .''ne- ee.sstul. re.sullliii; In the-' KuroiiiMii unit 'nn.llve rnccs ns two conipoii- ent luces." she reiwrtcd. "Its example, If followed, will uojvi! '.he tsrcal. proWem oi Ihe world-native iw:es." Another speaker, u. J,, Wllllims, paslor ol Ihe Ohurel) ot Chrtal, M.'lUourno. Australia, declared Ik liuportaiu for Ghrliitlaiis to tledl- cale their lives lo (he word of God. In addresses nk lask iitf|IH's con- venllon sessions, K. l>. <J. lloll'.ird, p.istor ol the Churcli of Chrlsk, Wellington, New Zealand, niul Diiniol >iapn de Lara, u leader of I'nc Ciiurcli ol Clirisl in Mutlw, discussed joiilii aUlvlktes In Au«Iralia mid I/illn An:trk«. Read Courier News .Wmnt A* Ile named as objjelionul feiiluiv.s t>l Hie bill (be complete enltnu- Off of i he fnuiulHtlnn's admlnli- ratlon from prcsldenlinl and eon- |rr.s.tlnniil control and the absence if provisions lor .spending M'ien- ;lfir- lands In slalc-siin>oited in- slllutioiis. New Zealand Race Relation Example Cited iriri'-p,M,o. N. y.. .AUK. i. iiii'i —A .si)e«iher at Hie third -vovld Convention ol Churches of pointed loilay to ivlntions l>etwi i en whites and Nenroe.s in New V.ea- land us iin i>x;mi]iU! lor r.iav; tlirouphdiit the world. 'In a prciiiired specli. Mis. M'ny Vare of Wnist Clmreh. New X.ea- nnil. said her country's ippmaeli l tor yo Koine-conned tood Jin! rireil lo ICil — DOME > down, ]or i s teale'j! fit!, any Molon uie be- couit ll'i lure. Can f3 t)ie eaiy way — visit, to Greece and Turkey Ini.s not been determined hy ihe Htiito Dcparlmcnt winch is iirrnntilui; details. The T.eyle. accoinp:niipd by destroyers and cruisers, left for Gl- bniltri 1 on July 1!). Conolly H'SO lock cave of a number of report,; and rumors at his new.s conference. He denied that r>,f(H U. S. Marines .soon will he :.rnl to Greece s ; Uniled Nalions !)ri]-iltn' pa- tiol A kpd if l]u- l.eyle v.-onld curry an atomic btnnb. tie repliivl lai-lly, "The Nal'.v docs not talk about the atom boinlj." Tlie American naval forces in the Mediterranean, he sntd. are 'definitely not" aiilini; the British .in searching for illegal Jewish icfiilice ships. The npprosininlely 100 carrier pbincs alioard I.he I.eyte will be the only American Nava! aircraft alin}; in the Iroubled Mediterranean area, he :;aid. . Ihe a^n,i]-;d. \vlio plans (o ]~e- Mnrn lo hi.s London hcfidcuiarlcrs 'on Friday, said there are no plaus lo increase Ihe present six.? of American -Naval forcer. In the M;d- itciTHiican. Twelve ships, including Iho I^-yte, were dispaiched July. 19 lo I'clievc other ships In the Mediterranean. \ \ \ .'•'' Every Our Store Is Air Conditioned Make Day "Sundae at Owens' Flavorful 'Super" Sundae 25 C K*nr9 Fresh Nutritious Ice Cream I'clolirnlc Wilh (lie Town Knclv Summer Day f In Reading From Our Menu Kf?n & Olive I'irucnlo OICCK Ham Salad. SANDWICHES , . . . 2;>c Tuna I'i; . . . a."ic Hani . . ... 2~>c Chicken Specie! Plate Lunch Ev Jumbo Ice Cream SODA Refreshing Healthful 15 C OWENS DRUG STORE 8 oz 'A' Grade All White Duck 9' and 7i' Bcmis Bag Co. COTTON PICK SACKS Large 7 6 in. Size Made by Victor Now Showing Large 16 in. Size Oscillating Your G.E. Store in Btythevillo You can't match the "heart" of BIG-CAR QUALITY AT LOWEST CO! Champion Va/ve-rn-Heact Design} addllfoti lo (jiving you Iho ou til on ding per- farniuncc-fifflciency of a Valve-Tn-Heod Thrilt- Mailcr En^Tnc, C^lcvrolol givoi you Ihe BIG-CAR ancJ luxtjty of o Uniilcol Body by Fivhor— po/lcrn of tint coatftcrvfl —and, of courie, "Body by Fiiher" is oxcfuiive lo Chevrolet in the lav-'es.t-prica range. Tho new Chovrolel^ is the fow*i motor car with a Valve-m-Head inc — The typo of car engin* which holds all records for efficiency—for giving maximum power from every ounco of fuct. Moreover, CfovroJet'x Vafve-/n-HcotJ Engine is the "champion of champions" on all these counts: Valvc-in-Heod performance at /owes/ prices; (2) billions of mites of service to owners; and (3) number of owners served. In fact, this sturdy Chevrolet Valvc-in-Hcad Engine has delivered more miles, for more owners, over a longer period, than any oilier automotive engine built'today, regardless of type, size or prkttf You and your family want iciil inoloring icfcty—whenever and wherever you Iravcl — mid hero again your cholco r, CliovrolcL h's soundly and sturdily built, will. BIG-CAR QUALITY through end trtiough, lypificd by TUhcr Unistccl conslruction, the Knco- Aclfon Ride and Positive-Atlion Hydraulic Brakes. That's o combination of safely foctois found only in Clievrolel and higher-priced cars. You can'r match Chevrolet's BIG-CAR COMFORT til loweit coil, cither, for it brings you the higher degree of riding-5Tnoolhnc« onH road- slcodincs'. imparted liy "^y- tho famous KneG-Acllon Gliding Ride—^and thii, too,iscxclustvo to Chevrolet In its price range. Bo wise! Keep your present car in good running condition by bringing il lo us for skilled service, now and at regular Intervals, until you secure delivery of your new ChevroM; Come in— today t CHEVROLET LOY EBCH CHEVROLET CO. Walnut at Fifth —Blytheville, Ark.— Telephones 453, 3715 ff ,

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