The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on February 18, 1967 · Page 41
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 41

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 18, 1967
Page 41
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Saturday, Februcry f8, 1967 The Otto wo Journal 41 5- . NIGHT BEAT Things May Soon Swing in Hull '67 CALENDAR Free Parties On Tap Next Week Three f r e e to-t h e-public parties are on Up for the Centennial centra next week.. i munoay ui togs win oe the desired dress as the Ottawa Centennial Committee hosts participants in the Montreal- Ottawa crosscountry ski marathon. A dance open to all will follow a banquet for the skiers, who will come skiing down the Rideau Canal to the Centre. ' Friday The Happy Wanderers and square and tap dancers will entertain from 7.30 to 9 p.m. as a prelude to a dance geared to the teenagers. Saturday will see a program of entertainment aimed at adults ... 90 minutes of folk singing and dancing. Following is a list of centennial events in Ottawa for the week of Feb.' 19-25: MONDAY Montreal-Ottawa cross country ski marathon banquet and dance centennial centre. TUESDAY Canadian Progress Club centennial dance, centennial centre. . Carleton University centennial lecture series, "Close to the Throne, Some Personal Observations;'' Transport Minister Pickersgill and Senator M. Grattan O'Leary. Alumni Theatre, 8.30 p.m. WEDNESDAY Centennial intermediate public school hockey night, auditorium. Ottawa Film Council film show, "Show Canada . to Canadians," City View United Church. Opening of University of Ottawa Winter Carnival, dance at centennial centre. THURSDAY Plaunt Memorial Lecture, Dr. Kenneth Hare, Carleton University Memorial Theatre, 8.30 p.m. "Show Canada to Canadians," National Museum. Centennial assembly. Pine-crest Public School. Montreal old pros versus Hull old pros, charity hockey game, Hull arena. 8 pjn. , FRIDAY Stories, songs and dances of Canadian V ethnic groups, a presenta tion by Pleasant Park Pub-' lie School pupils, 7.30 p.m, Ottawa Public School Teachers "Centennial At Home." Holiday Inn. SATURDAY Centennial party, centennial centre, 730 p.m. International Centennial ski jump championships. Camp Fortune. 1,589,499 Library Books Borrowed in '66 Figures released Friday by the , Ottawa Public ' Library Board show its 12 branches had 1.589,499 books in circulation last year, an increase of 42,137 over the previous year. Borrowing of periodicals increased to 21.680 from 19,594. Library branches ans w e r e d 36.255 reference ques t i o n s, loaned 8383 pictures. 8.009 I records, and 2.881 films. - iti - By DAVE BROWN of The Journal At least seven of Hull's major hotel operators are in the csi of drawing up a list of type of entertainment they it to present this year and ludrs everything from go- go giro and sword swattowers to reviews and spectaculars., Right now, because of a municipal bylaw, they're a little restricted. .They can have a band and singer. But thksinger can't move. And ttiat'sNall that is allowed under thiiylaw. Feeling among the operators "Is that they don't "WantSlo go back to those days about 10 years ago when Hull was an open town. What they do warn is a chance to compete with Ottawa and Eastview. Some say they may bring in entertainment without the bylaw's approval. It's a munici- - pal. law and would mean a fine, but wouldn't, affect their licences. "TiT one form or another, .there's going to be action in Hull in the very near future. ' . Sitting under the wreckers' vJummcr seems to be good for business. Things are booming at a couple of night spots that will very probably be torn down in the near future. -; ' At the Interprovincial Hotel, "(Wrier Marc Cayer looks at the Interprovincial bridge and the way traffic must bend around his hotel. And he thinks that any day now somebody .is going to take out that bend. When that happens, there goes his hotel. " - In. the meantime, he's making the "best of it and has no complaints about the business. -Next week the Interprovincial is bringing in a group that made a big hit there a year ago, and have taken a few giant steps since. ' In French, they call themselves "Les Guerrieres" and in English: "The Beetlettes." They've Just completed a tour o U.S. Army bases and are on the verge of breaking up . the group. The Interprovincial booking will be their last as a group. Then the five pretty girls In the five blonde wigs will split into two separate .groups. The Plaza, which will come down to make room for Bank of Canada expansion, is also booming. It's almost ai if 'there was a farewell party for the old place every night. Entertainment is provided by a go-go girl called Do- minique, who works herself into a sweaty frenzy five times a night. She goes to New York next -week, and returns to the Plaza the following week. . Stephanie Glass, playing the Executive Penthouse, is celebrating her third week as a professional, entertainer. And it's a safe bet she'll be around a long time. Musical comedy Is what she Wants to do, and what she does bett. She doesn't like In be told she comes on a little like Barbra Streisand. "I dont use any of her material. It's all my own. I don't try to Imi-tete her." The Golden Rail at the La- fontaine Hotel is continuing its policy of booking novelty acts. Next week they have a dance team coming in. The boy-girl team does its routine on roller skates. Successful Montreal television singer Flo de Parker will be the headliner. . Jhe Che Henri has redeco rated its upstairs lounge and now has dancing nightly. Music, is provided by the Three Jacks. It's mainly folksy and pop, with a little ggo. CHESS HO. M. UOAIN Black - Ptocts tit, U H rap n MAM IS wMte it PMcm Whltt to pfcnr ond win. Solution noxt wvtkl Wftoi would you dot Th position I m to oomo T. PotivsKa n H. PS- nit, Amsttrdom. 1954. Solution to lost wtok's Problom (Eddy): Kty. I N-Ri. onto of Hosttnos El-world cKompion. Mikhail Botvkv nik. now SS. Is no longer tnttrostsd In tht tltlo tvent. but Is os koon os ovor lor topflight competition. In In Hastings Prmir h ncountrd a flkl of tolonttd youngstors ( at th tn wr under 21 mors, Including Enrksu Mocking. 14 yar old Bnuliion cham pion, ond II yor old world tunlor champion, Boris Kura)lca, of Yugo slovtol ond monogsd to com through afttf romer rough going. His on loss was to R. D. Kern (If) of England, wftil h solvogsd last positions ogoinst M. Bosmon (20) ond J, Pnroso Ens-land. Scans: M. Botvlnnlk. USSR. iVi-iVt; W. Uhlmann. e". Germany, SVs-Vii M. Bosmon, 5. Kurojica ond V. Bolo-shov. USSR. 3-4 aocfli J. Psnros. 4Vt. 4V; E. Mocking. -Si R. Kosn. JWJVii W. Hortston. England. M. CMnriok, J-t aach. Whit: M. Botvlnnlk (USSR) Black: M. Crarnlok (Israol) wklt Black WMt . Black Q-Qt 1 wsy RESUMED IT , NPULU DEMAND SUNDAY IS Member of: DiNits aim AAA, DAA CAITf lUNCHt OA . LADIES' DAY-' ( Complimentary Filet Mignon, Mushrooms To Each Lady Accompanied by a Gentleman) DEL RAflCHO (1 Mssat Oftvo Wast at CorUnf I SHI CARUNG AVE. g.wn "Si V Asssasswasssi wh8 mam FRANCIA DOMINICAN BOMBSHELL Johnny Brown and His Orchestra TIKI-JO POLYNESIAN CLUB S33 Montreal Road CHINESE FOOD Served from pjn. to . 1 ajn. DANCING NIGHTLY SUET HUM IS NOW YOUR HOST HAVE FUN - MEET PEOPLE BALLROOM DANCING CLASSES Wednesday and Friday Evening COURSES START MARCH 1 and 3 6 Weeks Fee 9.00 Instructor Mrs. Jeaa Scott Enroll Now Facilities Limited OTTAWA YM-YWCA 127 Metcalfe St 236-7M1 17. P-ORt It. P-ON4 OR-B1 I. P-OB4 P-KN . P-K4 B-NI J. P4 PJ1 4. N-OB1 POBS 5. N-Bl B-NS t. B KJ on-m . B-KI P-K4 I. P-05 P-OB4 O-O KN-K2 10. N Kl BB II. 0B O-O II. P-B4 PsP 11. BxKBP N-K4 14. N-B3 P1RJ 15. NsN PkN It. B-K3 P-NS O. P. Whit; E. Mocking (Braril) Blnck: M. Bosmon lEnglond) wklt Block whit ' Block t. PP JO. O-OBt II. -N-R4 n. or-ni ' 13 RlRch U. R-Nt IS. NP M. BxR 17. O B? M. R-OB4 O-ONI It. BS P-K4 30. O-Kl H-Qt 11. B-BS Rsslons PxP PB4 tVOl PlP BR O-Ol R.N OBI Nil CARLETON UNIVERSITY invite you to hear DR. F. KENNETH HARE .lecture on 'UNIVERSITY FREEDOM IN THE CANADIAN CONTEXT" Thursday and Solurday, Feb. 23 end 25 Alumni Theatre, H. S. Southern Hall, 8.30 p.m. Th ksctwor for this roar's Alan B. P taunt Mamorlal LKtvras, Or. t. Konrttlti Hara. Is Th Mastr. Blrkbock ColMg. Unhnrslty of London. Rocantly ft was n f ' Spink i Commission which kwesttgotoa froskiat studio m th Ontarl unlvorsitHjs. , I. P CM PB4 t. POS . P-Qi 1. P4)B4 P-K4 4. N4BI P-KN) J. P-K4 B-Rl . B-OJ 7. 0B I. KN-KJ t. P KNJ 10. P B4 11. O-Ol it. ao-o II. OR-BI 14. N-KNI 15. N-Bl It. K NI 17. PlP W-QHI IS. PP N-NS I. N-NS ' R-Rl JO. PP BlP Jl. BsB RB JI. N-NS RxKPIa IS. NR NlN 4. O-Kt H-BS t IS. K-RI KN47 J. N-RJ Rktf I 17. P R4(b) NMctl M. K-NI N(5l-07ch J K l! N-Olch W. KN ' N0 11. PsR I N N Rcsians (al Tht start of 9 surprising socrS ftcial cnunlorHittock that cutmlnotos In n brilliant final, (b) If 17. PxR, K-Sti It. ony, O-NJen Is ttthal. I BuB PR1 ' ORS 0-R4 N-Ol KN-B1 O-O K-Nl O-R R kl PP V . A 8 r a piosbsn mrs ifFt(T . IT A CHOIR mrt INIIBC MONDAY, MARCH 6th, AT 8.30 P.M. Capitol Theatre Tickets 2.50 3.00 . 3.50 - 4.00 . 4.50 PHONE RESERVATIONS 729-1121 Tremblay Concerts 1 1 IS Dorchester Avsv, Ottawa J 4 S LIVESTOCK LAND . LONG TCNNELS" OMAHA Two-thirds of the ! CHICAGO There a re 24 i livestock of the VS. is ra.sjj'ra:;ay tunnels more than one Isvest of the Mississippi. I mile long in the U.S. OTTAWA GIRL IS AIR QUEEN Green-eyed Luanne Lawson, a sophomore in borne economics, has been crowned queen of the U.S. Air force ROTC at. Purdue .University. Miss Lawson. daughter of Col. and Mrs. Robert M. Lawson. 1253 Ne.l Way. Ottawa, is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorontv. A PROJECT OF THE CENTENNIAL COMMISSION esthalGuadamtowpTraeiMs iATeiixEollets CmmU Koband r4k Omm Cow Capifol Theatre Wednesday, March 1 ' 8.30 pjn. TidUts: $2.00, $3.00. S4.00 Sl.OO " A Canadian Festival of the Arts Event Box Office Now Open at. The Centennial Centre II. p.m. Phone MS-I63I (Old Union Station) Room 20B 1 Rldcaa St. ORPHEUS PRESENTS irlltll..! HI 1 1 1 Ml I JTTTTTT in mil 4A fiiu ll 3111 OTTAWA TECHXICAl HIGH SCHOOL ADDITOSIUH . APRIL 7 to 15, 1967 FOR TICKETS PHONE 729-1933 l-7 MONDAY TO FRIDAY 1.00 - 5.00 P.M. Presents-March 1 and 2 at 8-30 pjn. GLEBE COLLEGIATE AUDITORIUM LES JEUNES COMEDIENS DU THEATRE DU NOUVEAU MONDE wtth 6ATN UMttCHE in on evening of plays, poetry ond songs by the legendary Sponish playwright Frederko Gcrcio Lorto including Trogi-comedit de Don Cristobal ond Les Amours de Don Per limp) in. Orchestra Seats S1.50 Balcony SeaU $1.0O Telephone 234-0334. Box Office ot 219 lourier Avenue West in lobby of Conodion Building doily (except Soturdoy ond Sundoy) from 11 o.m. to 5.30 p m. Moil orders to Theotre Foundation of Ottawa. Suite 207. 227 lourier Avenue West, Ottawa 4. Please make cheque payable to Theatre Foundation of Ottawa. r , Now Appearing Delightful STEPHANIE GLASS TONIGHT 3 SHOWS Music by Charles Coleman Trio in the RICHELIEU LOUNGE - JACK McPARTUN - SUNDAY DELIGHT i GOURMETS DELIGHT Six Coarse Meal Fine Food Salle Duvemay Favourite Beverage TREMBLAY CONCERTS presents MORISSET & BOUCHARD AT TWO PIANOS in 0 programme of Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Schubert and Debussy A Few Seats Remaining at 2.00 2.50 - 3.00 3.50 . 4.00 TUESDAY, FEB. 28 AT 8.30 P.M. CAPITOL THEATREx Reservations 72B-1121 R.A. OPERATIC SOCIETY'S x CENTENNIAL PRODUCTION 'ffitTheDeck' Broadway Musical Comedy MARCH 9, 10 and 11 OTTAWA TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL TICKETS RA. CENTRE Phone 733-5100 THE DAVIS AGENCY, SPARKS ST. ONLY MINTO 1967 Spectacular ice show featuring famous Canadian, American and European skating stars. March 30, 31 and April 1 AU DITORIUIY! OTTAWA TICKET SALE STARTING MARCH 13th STARTING MONDAY GUERRIERES Tk siast spsctsasVsr Ismliln ensss ssraol In INTERPROVINCIAL HOTEL NO COVER NO MINIMUM Reservations 777-5234 II giVwMfo HOTEL THE HOTEL CLOSEST TO THE "NEW RAILWAY STATION f- Fealures: COMPLETE DINNER 14 oz. Porterhouse Steak 3.75 fcCSINESSMEVS BUFFET $1.25 DONT FORGET Now en Sunday Yon Con Get Your Favourite Beveraae M V ll m RIVERSIDE DRIVE 746-4678 I I M7 RIK PKINCIPAU . , 771-3S1 ' ; I r- .... -.I OPENING MONDAY, FEB. 20 I J,S I : HOLLY CARROLL fotf "Canadian Song Stylist" f J r' - ONE MORE j LAST. TIME TONIGHT " V 'slt WEEK j Georges Lafleche V. I j Shows 8 and 10 p.m. (except Sun.) i I J Continuous dinner dancing f i r" i ' I I J from 7 p.m. to the music of - ( ' J I I N. Len Weekes and his 'i -JV I l X rchMtrt-, J v 71 I; v Table Reservations r,-. I H "THE FABULOUS " CELTS" BELLE CLAIRE HOTEL QIKIN aear IANK ' - .svVs at .., Ike

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