The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1948
Page 12
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' PACT TTTKLVB CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION BMTTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS r»t» LW line lor consecutive in•enlon: Minimum , Char?* 1 tlin* p«r Una 3 times per line per day , f times per hue per day . 4 time* p«r Itue, [)ct day , 12 times per line per day «. Month per line POc Count five average words to [ha \\nv Ad ordered for three or six times and Mopped be/ore eiplrailon wiJI Jjechnrg- ed lor the number of times ihe ad ay- pea red »nd adjustment of bill made. Alt Classified Ad musing copy submitted by persons residing ouc^lde ol the city must be accompanied by cash Rates may be easily computed from the Above cable. Advertising order ror Irregular Insertions takes the on« lime r«t«. No responslbJlity will be take., ror more than one Iticorrcct lo&erUou ol Any classified ad. All ads Bit r«irlci«d to their proper classification, style anrt Up* The Courier reserve* the right to edit or reject *ny ad. Notice Butcher We CAI\ supply you u-lili ktilvo.-t *t r pis. bloc- k bru^J i c*. A n o t c ru p t 1 rs ric-flvrj-s. RHWS, wire Jjiiskci*. i>i tec tn« mauldtti}; nnd la^s, mcM btockst nsid any other BiippiLrs you n«ca. »EMj SCOTT rin W. Main Fhono aaoo Jjl3-ck-2jl4 Business Opportunities MR. MERCHANT One of the best OPPOH- TUNlTllCS for incronsing BUSINESS is the regular use of Classified Advertising. Headers in a buying mood turn to the Business Service Directory for the names of reputable firms. IN MEMORY OF JIMMY PRIEST I'll Irnd you for a luuc time n c of Mine," He eald. "for you to love while he' lives rriotirn for when He's drat! Jl may be six or seven years or twe . two or [luce, But will you. til] 1 cnu him buck. Take care or him for Me'/ He'll bririK Ms charms to pindr you, anri should his stay be brief, You'll hRvc Ills lovely memories as £oJace lor your Rnel, "1 cannot promise lu- will stay since all irom *>artJi return. But there ure lesions lau^hL OOA-II there i want this child 10 learn. I've looked the wide world over in my search for teachers true, And frori) Uic throngs thru crowd life* lanes. I've EpJeetwl you. Now will i you Rive him nil your love, nor (hlcifc rhe lalior vain, N'or hRte n\e wticu i <-omc lo call to take him buck n^nni? 1 ' I JRncled thai 1 licara Them MIV : % "JJear Lord, TDy will be clonrt >'or All the ]oyt. the child fihuJl bruii; the risk o( srlrl will run We'll shi»ltcr him with tenderness We'll love him while we m»y, And for tlic linpiunes-s we vp Known forever yratelu! may; But /;hail ihe nilKo;s Cf\ll lor hltn much sooner irmn we've planned. We'll orave the bitter Krtc* that comes, and try to understand. End, Mom. and Sis. ][]5-pK-L6 Apartment For Rent Sinfill clean apartment. 817 Chlckn- *awbfi. couple on!/. Gentlemen pre- Apartments Wanted 'I'wo or three room furnleliert while Box AS c[o Courier N'ews, li!)-[ik-17 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Ideal Downtown LOCATION For Btiy (ypc ol Kntnlt utocit or dry Boortb. &lrnm heated hull til nt:, rraionable rejii Lease If Ue.slred. C'nji he bought reasonnblr, ror npnointmcin ^ A millions operator wanted to KPTV- irc CiilKfy Hnr tniifhlm-.s vcti-Unir Hcr- stieys nnd oUx-r vvi-IL kno\vn DUTK S^-H- >'HSh rotimrod. Kvery imp] leant will hp Ititrrvlr-wecl. Wrlln, n)vr: niionc j number, Hox AT c;o Courier NT-V.-K. Coal and Wood For .sale—Rood coal and kindling. Plenty of it. Wo deliver. Plione 04!). Lewis Poultry, '119 K. Main. 12-2-ck 2-2 Wood, *;t5f> per rick. tJ. C>. Flowers IlnLf-nillc North, 2 miles West of Cio.i-' "^ l[6-rik-2t C67TL "]f it is coal you want" WE HAVE IT. Also Hay—Across from Ulythcvillo Compress We Deliver 1'hoiie 4489 CHAPMAN SEHVIOB STATION Mftln As Division Phono 2563 Uon'l cndanRcr your fR- uy wUl) Hultr tires— BUY LEE TIRES Passenger, truck or tractor tires—Your Firestone dealer can assure yon miles comfort and safety. t-12-ck-lG Wanted: Wrecked or Burned Automobiles Wade Auto Salvage K. Highway 81 Phone 3785 HH-ek-u Jeep parts now available »( POOLE MOTOR CO. We tan till nil your needs Oet genuine nnrts Irom our com^ Bleto line, ELLIS POOIJ:, OWNER ,t OPERATOR South HlRtrwny 6t at Ktcclc Mo Plions Slo>!e 49 ' • 11112-clt-tt We, guarantee RECAPPING WITH HAWKINSON TREADS Let your next tires be GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH MORE Modinger Tire Go. 4H » MAIN PHONE 250 li:8-ck-lf . Expert Radiator Repair for Less We have the best In radiator repali equipment. Let our traced men bol out and repair your radiator for you Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell. Phillips Tractor Co DOUGLAS LAWSON. Mgr Phone 2171 _^^^_ 8 » cl « Building Material See, the special ta «'e have in sinks nnd \vate heaters: FOOT r>OIi " LE B< JWL SINK Plenty of Illinois Coal' At, HESTER'S COAL YARD I'HONK 3186 FOR ' Quick Delivery Courteous 'Service S. Highway 61 Foods FRESH EGGS FRESH FRYERS Abraham's Court S. Highway 61—Call 46(56 ljC.pJt-2,6 Crnppie and cat fish. liour service. Simpson Oil Co., Stateline. HIH-ck-ir Household Goods BBA UT1 KU L~FLOORS at liltlc exncnse ma'cn^''^^ 1 ^-;^ JS"^"- ni«l IMllshlng too c"ll 20IS " Mn IJnl)b;ir<l Miirdwnrc Co 213 Main Si. We have refrigcrntoi-s, gas washing machines, electric ranges for sale now. HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. Phone 3'l»0 Insurance See our secondhand ranges, We have some real values in this line. HUBBARD 6k HOKE Appliance Co. Phone 3-150 ~*l? re .? rE some ot thc ftMUFM that mase the 4-WHEEL-DRIVK UNIVERSAL JEEP, INVALUABLE on construction jobs. It terrcs as a 4-whccl drive trartor J?l 8r ?, ae i an , a '"""S- r r«o Joep pou" tako-oll furnishes up to 30 h n to operate shaft and bell driven eoiiin- ment. und slj speeds lorward ntirl t»o reverse speed up moving matcriats on cramped sites, look it over at PP °°"L_ MOTOR COMPANY. Ellis roole, Owner and Operator, S HlRh- »»? «1 mt Steelt, Mo. Phone Sleclo 49 Ii8-ck-16 O» jour own ccecnrM nor* and MT<> Mnt • OOi. erete mlKer by day or tgur Rune W Boi CM. Blrthjil, °, Protection apainst all INSURABLK HAZARDS Plione 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance GLE '?£°? "OTEL IILDQ '» W ASK ST _ _ Laundry Curtains Inuixtrrrd MOVM , rom 2Har J rd \V. Cftcrry. l,5-pk-2 ^ranMln to ini l|7.pK-2, t-00 ns MONEY TO LOAN CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe Hotel Building B.24 ck U The new 1948 Mrics F-I Ford If Ion lr,,ck l,n. » IM-inch whcelbase with ,,-fool mck-uplxxly. The n«w ,,,,ck. offered in .,.,o, v C^'™™,!* 'l 1 "'!;.?' 2 '! 0 " ''I. 3 ;' 0 ," "r^ 1 " P™.vi,!e_. widtr ,Br.^ of n<*M'< and RI OPEN HOUSE ALL THIS WEEK! See The New Ford Truck! iinpaiy 5lh at Walnut Phone 4453 Oogi, Colj, and Pets i'UITIKS [or MIF, 'lloo~crilcknsawb7, )n r -'llC ^«7!>.^ ].y-pX-J7 laa.: Jilack Aon. ohlldr«n'» pel. Call • For Rent Cacnnt house, I us w. Bycarnore. _ lilU-pk-18 Tiiree room tinfurnl&lketl house Newly derorutcd. Three miles North on Highway 61. Kill, Wl.ecler, Sill 31BI , Iil5-pk-18 Farmers Column Taken up: stripe around Bay horse will, black body, and black rmlr T BO " H nd g Oln. i:i:i-]in-2! wllli whllc^nose. bo'fti filng 1200 Ihs. From ne&r Calujiict ly R. K. Smith, Roirt* i. HOX ^go' l|13-plc-2d Running water where you mt it is an inexpensive luxury on the farm. Buy the hcsl, a Goulds Klcctric Pump from Planter Hardware Co 1-13-ck-tf ,, 1 ;' 01 ' a " le —Scverai reulstercil spoiled roltmci China inKle hogs n G Hrii wnr«. ii 0me a. Slccle, Mo 'ono nine «»"• "' Aklni Corner. J|T-pS-IO l-'or salo: Busters. H ljl>e. IJnsters. p 20. f and M push U Joh I ecri.. 1>,,]| i V p c j,^ oa me is <;»cl« s . one heavy ,i u ty want loot disk, one iwo IHMOIII AC ujow one M» M ,.y Harris 101 Super Bm l cuUlvaior sVS iS ",'! «'. cllltlv '" < ' r type iiluiuer hce w. U. Wldncr. Yarbro. Phone 669 ______ UH-r.k-17 Farmer's Column !, n "J-'i i'" lus. Cnaln "SK" " THURSDAY. JANUARY IB, 1948 for Salt, Mi$e. Col«[nan to «OV«. OOOd C< i« cooking « 133. Call l|H-pk-n ^"Ulllully WJnUhed j Second-hand Kelvlnator" Hotne grown climbing Martin, an Clilcka.awb». roses. Mrs. H12-pk-l!> p£. racucally " ev "' "un.can~l'~hyf«~sofa' rhone 4467. Jiy-ck-if ,„.-.;•- Hf'nlnBton automatic shot gun With carryl,, B cute. 26' bird barrel mid J« lull choke, is hoses ihells. 1211 W Main, phone 22&0. l;lS-ck-22 Slightly used blacksmith shop equipment as follows: Little Olant 25 Ib trip hammer: Ullle Giant taps anil 1;* to 1 Inch; Hultalow electric anvil: 5.8 ntl press; «nd ua hlowcr aim (oriie; 125 Ib. electric drill welllliig Wad. Auto <|jorlahle) na cmttHK " Salvage, phone l;li-clc-22 Uaetl scales, sneers, meat cases, meat i'lVS 6 .",'"' "^"wessors. Dell Scott. •m w. Main, phone 2260. 1J15-CX-22 Florence five burner coofclns slove. (•ood condition. 1901 Sycamore I'hone «55. l;lS-ck-I8 Two KIMS' OJeycJe. call bicycles 2227. one boy's I,IS-pR-22 For Sale OLD NEWSPAPERS COUHIEK NEWS OFFICE . on one fool. "nuom I Write Good (tas range, 511 CALL ^089 Your Kerosene and Fuel Oil Dealer G. 0. POETZ for Quick, Dependable Service OFFICE B. R. AT CHJiRKY 11121-ck-tf SS .Strayed: liny mure, niaok nmne t'Ji;hi about 1100, chain on left troni loot. Ph. 2583 or contact Oble Webster. Uoswood Grocery. l;12-pli-is . I*"' "'"•"""•-I-" lls sharpen yoTTr Plows We specialize In farm repairs and nil kinds o[ \vcldlng. Also narrows r j\ al<1 - "<""? Wcstbrcok-s Shop. 225 . Plrst. phone 1161. 1:12-01-2,12 f-'or sale: One team inutcis. oiic'cul- lator, one stalk culler, one row Mltlne plow, Doyle Houston, Dell. Moilel u Cl.trao crawler and disc Almost iicsv. Two yomiK hellers Hrii g f »'g. Jilytfiovllle. Rome 3 l 6-'pk-21 tor sale: Allls Chalmers 16 biaile disc, Front, scalloped. J. w. Wllllarmo i Home 3. Lone Oak. >;6-pk-2o' l-'or «sle — 1500 chestnut posts. G'h-de -Mlaclleton. stcel«, Mo. Plume 9F22 __ Mr. Farmer: Spare that new truck or car. Buy a Jeep for the dirty work. Blytheville Willys Sales Co. 110 E. Main. 1-14-ck-tf Loans 1'ERSONAl- LOANS/AlUomoullc-slB- I « « Power Meat Saws wirro — Hamtnry — Klccn For Sale, Cars & Trucks '"•"6 EI.-,t.dmasier liutck lour door •Man. I wo tone, radio, neater, spot- HBhls, Phone 2818. I,'1-I-J|K-17 Packard convertible. A-l run- :ontlltlon. Very clean. Can he reasonable. Call 4IB8 1 U-ck-tC Jina In or telephone 20211 tiENEHAL CONTRACT PURCHASE COnrORATTON 112 W Ash St niythcvllle Ark. lH.24-ck-l.j24 Money to Loan Do you need a loan to repair or rc- nodel? No down payment, no mor- age, no red tape FHA APPROVED HATE 5C,{, ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Phone 2U1H Blyttierllte. Ark Lynch Building Meat Choppers Stltnpson—Nutlonal—KLcen Knt-aan- ciLry— Knpkl choppers from 1 3 H P t> 25 11. p. Also knives and plates itnd cplacement parts DELI. SCOTT Kales and Service 211 w. Main Phone 2250 12,2!)-cK-l;2'J blades. UKU, SC-OTT Kau-s and Service I W. Mam . Phoue 2260 lZ;29-ck-29 Scala ilm]i.^un, Sanitary, Darnes Compnt- srules lor grocery and markets. AIKO hnlrh:uiks portable platform find beam scales DELL SCOTl 1 ti.ites and Service 1211 w Main Plione 22150 12,2a-ck-23 Services WASHING MACHINES nnd Rlccl.rical Appliances repaired. Rlylhovillc Machine Shop Phone 2S2S. Ii:i3-ck-lll3 RADIO REPAIR BY EXPERT Repairman Call Brooks Music Store 104 E Main St.. Telephone 811. Pianos bought and sold ll!5-clc-t[ Musical Merchandise NEW SPINETS "II T T o ER r^. AS LONG As TWO • Decca Hcconls • Sheet Music • Kstcy Organs 100 MILES f'REE DE1.IVEHY MORELAND'S Music Store 315 S. Second — Phone '1222 Blytheville, Ark. 12 12-ck-tl Slicing Machines Globe—Attirrlcrm—National sllceis for market*, c^le and grocers. Also general hand KIICPIS I5EI.I, BCOTr ifalrs nnd Service 1211 w Main Phonfl 22fi{l 12 29-rk-l;2a Swop Column -'On SALE: — One A-model Ford In perfect shape. Call 793 niter 4:00 For Rent, Bus'n. Property Concrete block building concrete floor. Across from Armory Hall. Chas. Bright phone 25GG. l-15-pk-22 For Sale, City Property House with two large heel rooms Jar^c slltlui; room, larue Kitchen, porches (one glassed In I two servant houses, one wrusn house and garage nice rdwood floors, lots of shnihbery nnd sJinde on two lots. Adjoining the .h school on Hearn. Shown ny appointment only. Call. 2321 day. H25S Ill Kht. ' H!.s,nL--lK Beautiful Large SUBURBAN HOME your bedrooms. three baths GE heating system. (spacious lawn, servants house anil other outbuildings'. Everything new and modern. Ideal home for large family. Bee or call MAX LOGAN REALTOR LYNCH BUILDINQ PHONE 2034 N. Eleventh. 1II5-CK-23 Used if Good Condition * 1 Year Old Reg. Sales Price $39.50. Get this one for $20.00. First call 3898 Monday afternoon. 1-10-tf BABY STROLLER. Parkway. In good condition. Bargain. Phone 3673. 12-31-ck-tl Help Wanted, Female Wanted: Office nm Browiison Clinic. 1201 se. apply at W. Ash 5t. l|13-c!t-2l Salesgirl. Hours flexible. Contact 'flvillno snanks. 1521 Hearn niter fi >.m.. phone 2669. t|15-pk-17 T«-o girls. Call 4377. IllS-ck-16 Help Wanted, Male HELP! HELP! WE~HAVE~A FINE LOCALITY AVAILABLE IN THIS AREA A reall "honcst-to-goth" 6 el-up Jor | HIE right man over 25 years o; BEC o Has car, ambition, and likes to ' il wim larni lamllles. Don'i nass '. tins up as Just another nd—it isn't tor actaus write linmedliiwly to the J. ft. Wathlns Company. Rural Department, Memphis, Tennessee i|15-ck-ia WANTED: Man to succeed T. Vance . lor prolltaule Hnivlelfrli uusl/jess in , hortu Pemlncot county. Mo. 1500 families. Froducts well known irail sola 20 years. Ilcal opportunity. Write Riw- ', jjlstl'i Ocpt. ARA-210-119S. Memphis ' qt C " n u, , r SCe W - Batb <>"- 610 Lilly at. Blytlievllle. Ark. l|I3-pk-23 Positron Wanted Trained nnr Telephone 666. s« wants private duty. Help Wanted Man between ages or 21 and 35 10 oo sales work in Slythevllle. Starting sauuj- 563.00 per «ek. Address re- PD in own handwriting ami enclose sniipMiot. » possible, to Box CB c'o Conner News. lla-k.'i'j Lost & Found Unmet cluster rln(r. Reward. Call Losl: Goltl-rimmed child's glasses, hftturrtny afternoon between Uougan hi. and Gem theatre. Call 3959. Reward. _ lili-pk-21 Tan bllllold In vicinity ol Rltz Thea^re. Reward 1 . Phone 4315. l|H-nk-n -X3st—Black leather folder containing postal finvlngs bonds, war bonds Rome money. Reward. Return to Vlroria E Sivctt. PO Box 732. or Kress (tore lc '- l|13-plc-16 22 rifle. 17 Jr-.i Innrl ;inrl B^varl rintlen- rnrlHi- Kllvrt" llviirni.u Kif^t Mnln. EM. wrist ' r .^atf or trnrte at Sw^p Snnp. 403 _ ___ . i Nice four room house and Doil't pn( off that ltd any longer— if you wnnt to recover tliat mLt- rlnccd «r!irtr !ry n Classified "Lost nnrt fouiul." They set results. Typewriter n nr . nrw nln:ui s»ny spinet piano. lism stllpplni.- d»,,,n E r to rnio-Hca Ufcam. be,. It at IlrooVs Music Store li tast Mum street. Telephone Kit __ HOME liKCOUI>E!i"iy sliator. rnccd to sell. I 13-CK-tI _ -*• Hplvillt. Iradr-ln nini Bunrnntfrtl-nlnc dollars i llrooks Mu.-lr ato-c 10 ri-i. rricphoi,,. an 1 TYPEWRITERS Roym. Smith. CoronR and Retnln?- .<">n Portable DON EDWARDS ~ hc Typewriter Second St I'hinfl 3382 1<S ck tj Notice ,"';'„," '•° 1 ; 1 ," l "?"°" trHokT^lr.ictor 1 i iiri;\liom? Irv tin- n. u \vni\- co l '4i<i"V V T!"n' II ri E w '-" rVS s *" : rih"T « p 'il ul moa 'y- Ew »» *l:h us Kltjrrl Hulftnan'j; Swsp Slirm jii v Main, l-honc 859 ,(i jj ck f, Outdoor Supplies OulboaVc! Motor Salo Now at Wards—10";. dl JnntiKry only on inmmi. hfA Kinv: Motors Krnnli nc- •rient ,,„,<„ , llc molt>r „, ,v 5 ami :t HP Personal K you have soinothlfn: \\> i -^n me<t and ran l ^ri TUI or uv rl >.- Hviirmnn-s Swap snoyi. phono'KV' v E - Mal n. l (1-,-k Plumber For R llrciiKcd plumli"r or for r pert stoic rrpalr work rail lint Mcytn at Hubbnrd Hardware j n u-ck-tf I rl.-MI.IC TV1MNG. •hour 4:i;i;i Typist win call lor It 1 lS.pX-2 15 Used Cars T.KK MOTOR SAI.KS in Blytlievillo has several late oflol Used Cars and Pickl-P Trucks for sale at reasonable prices. Phone MO. 12-27-ck-tf oco us before yovi buy! soil Hie cleanest used "n the market, and find Hie price right POOL1-; MOTOR CO. Kilis Poolc, Owner nnd Operator T -JSouth Highway 01 at Steole -Mo. Phone Stcele '10. on Ho"y Street. Best part of city. Cheap. BKRT ROSS Real Estate Broker Phone 3816 or -1291 l-13-pk-17 quaite Store with y-room living u Cane. Roy Vcacli. : Kour room House with b.itn. aiuo- nallc not water. Good condition, m- ildc and ont. Five blocks to mnln part ot town. On pavement. 101 K se - J^-pK-21] I.OKI—Ladles Elgin Watch. Saturday on .Vain Street. Gold band. Finder call Myrtle Rylee. 3517. l|13-pk-16 „ KOvernnlent bond Belongs to Terry Billfold contalnlr In Mox theater. -, t , u Moorj OncRl. Call 856. Personal STEVE HOOVER. Everything Is all lxm. your family wanis j-otl to come Private Rooms NEW SIX ROOM HOUSE. 2 baths Hullt this year. Two blocks from city bus hue. two blocks, from school, three blocks from business district, three blocks trotn church. Sec M L Nichols (ownerl. xichol* Barber Shop, back of city Drus Store. Phone day »15. nl«ht 361'J, l|13-pk-IS Orocery *torc with IKIEIQ nuartcrs. Rood location. Doing nice business .Near SwlH oil Mill, will Kl»" Immediate possession. 420 S. Sixteenth, l[7-rjk-22 Konr roon 112 Lilly. hon for ate by owner. llH-pk-Jl . for Fale— Call Leo Brawler. lilo-px-17 For Sale or Rent One or two rooms. Kitchen privilege optional. Phone 2^80. l;H-ck-21 lirclcootn. kitchen privileges 11)1 E sycamore. l;9-pk-17 Bedroom. 3U H. Ninth. Phone 2338. Bedroom, men Bedroom. 318 K. couple. Call 9IV2. l[12-pk-2-12 Ninth. Call 2228. 1 J-pk-25 romfnrtahlp brrtrortm Clo^e lo tow Men nnW 310 \V Walnvit Wanted to Buy Several trailer loads of CORN, HAY, and POULTRY Phone !MO, Lewis Poultry, 'II!) K. Main. ]-2-ck-2-2 •I'he Austin and Son gara^n and llv- Inc nviartcrs. Si-c Floyd Austin. West Gateway, ' 1 U-pk-JO Small modern home. Close In. cash. White PO Bos 12«. Blytheville. sKlnK iwrtlculars, l|13-pk-20 THE RAZORBACK Announces A New Service DELIVERIES MADE ANYWHERE WITHIN THE CITY LIMITS \Ve Specialize In Hickory Charcoal BARBECUE ALL KINDS OF SANDWICHES FRIED CHICKEN Telephone '1341 JUST A FEW OF THE MANY FINE LATE MODEL USED CARS YOU WILL FIND AT THE LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY* 2—T9JB Chevrolet 4- Door Sedans 1—19J6 Chevrolet Town Sedan 1—1946 Ford V8—85 ,4-Door Sedan 1—1941 Plymouth 4- Door Sedan 1—1 <M6 1'onliac 4-I)oor Sedan 1—1916 Plymouth 4- Door Sedan !942 Buick Sedan- «t(c 1942 Buick S«dan- ette 1941 Dodge 4-Door Sedan 1941 Chevrolet 2- Door Sedan Trucks lar K e and small, Chevrolet, G.M.C., Fords, International, and Dodge, '39 to '47 models. lasy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan We Never Close Sale's Dept. Open til 8 p.m. LOY EICH, CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut St. Phone 578 BRING H BACK TO CHEVROLET FOR SERVICE • PARTS - ACCESSORIES S E B IK **• TUDEB AKEJRS CHAMBLIN SALES CO. T SaUt * STUDEBAKER * ferric* D Enjoy safely and peace ot mind through regular car TT« inspection. : £j • Put in Good Running Order ^> • New Paint Job JQL • Check Electrical System ^ • Brake Lining and Steering 1 JL A food Mtartkw ot IMW »nd nud truck*. Ateo, E at 1»W DM £ R L " STUDEBAKE RS DON'T GIVE UP! // your "wreck" is worth saying let Langston-Wroten fix it up! Don't wait until you have a smash, though, to get your car in good shape and keep it that way! Langston-Wroten check-ups, repair and maintenance work keeps your car smooth running and economical to operate . . . and most important . . . prevents expensive breakdowns from occurring. Bring your car in today . . . and let us check it for you at regular intervals. We're experts on brakes, ignition, motors . . . we're fully equipped to do reliable work. Experts Do Our Work! * WALNUT AT BROADWAY * DIAL 555 FOR SERVICE

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