The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1947
Page 7
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, BLTTHKVILLB (ARK> COITRDER NRWS 'Noogans Fourth In Southern New Lightweight Champion PAGE SEVBN 3-Way Tie for Low Spot Ends with Crax Sixth, borons Fifth l!.v .! U K HM?\'i:V (United I'fcss Spoils Writer) ATI-ANTA. Oa., All;;. 7. lUI'l — CrUlll:i]iau(>.v HiimitlBham :uul Atlanta were back in single- file iu Him order today in the Southern Association alter a one-day ti'.if- '''<' jam at luir-ili place ycs'erl.r.' 'I'. MJ panics y\ere rained on 1 , i.i-,1 ninht. Inn tin- two tli:it v.crc play- ^cd look care or imtanulitlj; \v::;.-y[Clay's llin-c'-ttiiy ti ( , [<>i- the lovvv first-division berth. C'hatUniouiia took over undisputed possession uith ;\ 4 io ;i v,in c-ver last-place l.itlli Keek. liirmhv.-.liam. idle ill ,Nc',v (.ii'eall.-; hrcail'ic (if rain, occupied li'ili place nil alone when Atlillll.i obliuil'-t'y In 1 ,™! iu Mobile. !n to 4. Thf loss slioped the Crackers down into sixri-. n'iir.c, Ultle I'or-k ni:thil Che.tlanooaa II) t:> 0 but lhe I nokoiil 1 ,' ].ir!l',-i Kncib kept ''ii' Pen blows 'well scattered as h" \vfiiL the route to win. Ills mules l.nmcherl Uli:'ir live binges in lln- first nrul third in- Nin^s iu si ore tv:o rim;; in each frame and ci»re out with a 4 uj :j victory. Sears liil a home run for I.illle Hock v, ;iii nobody i,n in tin. liftli. Hani House slai tec! on ihc mound for Hie Ptbs r.nd \vas chaiv- cd wlln llic lo.'-s. .Mobile poinv.'ccl Ken Gabies and Cimrlic MlM.o:i !n~ It) hits :iml coupled them \Kitli four AHantn errors to \\lii over tin; Crackers, II) to 4. Frank !,•.«;:> jjave ,,p 11 nit". including a nmth-hmins; round tripper l>y Atlanta's Ernie Lo;;;in with one mati !il)o:i/(l, l»i t lie registered his I'.rn victory over the Crackers this sl'i.snn. Kirn (iai)le:;, relative neweomc-i' to tin: Allan' i mound .staff, snf- 1,'crcd his lirst loss a!l»r two slraii'.h: wins, it wa.s Mobile's third s'.rnh'.;.' 3urnham and Hays Designated To Pilot Softball Loop All-Stars WiUiinns, rit-Jit, l:\tu's hulHphin. W?Hi:iri! nlfitiinrry in I In 1 <;ih St. Louis, Boston In Headlong R.tish~C&?d$ Up and Bosox Down Uussdl lluy.s of Ihe Pete liiiriiiiMni nnd ,ere cho.sen i,y () ti illy Softball | car ur I lhe Urjihcv'll,' Y'.-, Kollball Com- ill lee m a iineiinu In the YMCA oslerilay in (]„. ),.;i (;m " s ,,n. tur team liurilliam. manager of lhe l.ov 'icll team an., May:.. m:ina};ci' of he Hay.-, liin.ns, were selected I)-.he (jump t,, i, iui ,|ie all-slur sipiad ippi>lnte<l a i yi:ieidar,'i mcellni! u- alnst the saiii,, wholesalers in -in ill-star til: tuiiiorrD.v nbtht. The liimiir Muiail will be ciinip'.isi'tl )f Iti mimljciv mcliidlnc, two plt- •hers. friini il ,. -.even lemalnlnr, emus in tin- leajjuc. The .select io.i of Ihe nil...i:-.,- ptichcrs by ilu - u'as made due to iiucli coiii:m-ei'i. v (h iu developed itler the aiinoimcinn o[ the original plans v-hlcli called for irl- Ini; lhe nil-Mar manauers c'..oose ihelr own hiii-ler- 1 . To Select -Ml-.; J. P. (iiuroit. mylheville Y.VCA for the olivets leatn cho-cn \e:, an ail-star MIH n< ,, fused with the /,j will be iiniiiiun. pliiy-olf llcxi u •• learn will lie i-" ,, best players t',,>n din'. of l.oy Klch, llrsl base; John Dm i los. of Phlllliv. Motor, and I'mil The Hv> (iniil names of lhe 1041 and iiii'inbprs Uploul. of lluys Slim-, second base; sottbal] s eiis[n: will be played lo- tili-nn Hunch, m llnys Store and. nluht wllli Piillllps Motor inucUne Hill l)e I KIHJ. i,[ Owens Drtiii. short ' Hays Klore In the first gmnc and Final 'Y' Softball Games for Season At Park Tonight Auctioneer To Selll 00 Fine Horses lly COKYEI.ll'S I! VAN" U'uiteil I'rcss Sparl-, Writer! KKW YOR!v. All;: 7. K!P> Last year's poi,':a:it winners, 'he ML l.anis Cardinals and th<- V.-::-;\ Red Kol. botli were in a licadlon.; Hrioklyn Df.d'.;eu;. their fiith loss in six I'ames. A three-run home run by I!ob ItT.iolt and a Iwo-run double by Nanny Feinandey. nave lhe Braves lei'ly all the rims he meilcd for hi-: Ulh win. Joe llal- BASEBALL STANDINGS SOIJTIiKHN 1J-.ACUK W. Mi:bi'c New Orleans Ch.attatico^a Uir]ni[i!;liatli AlliMlla Men.;:li!s I iMIc Hn.'k 74 7.1 til ('[) i ush today t:n'. Hie Curds <Y,V-- Ten was lhe loser. "'" and :ii- Rasa*; v.<-i-, !.,:; Tli,. Giants beat the Pliillies, ; . ryim; ilav.-n. St. Limis triii-MK':! C'm-iiif , I'., :>. In come v.'itliin six panics of nrooklyn. Tliree runs in the firsi .-.- walk and Walter Cooper's double, i';>.\ y.'ere kicHn;; away a 1 'o 0 j pave Larry .Jansvn enough lor his BIUIIC io Wiishint'.ton. ivlne'i IT,; I 12{h victory. The Giant.s not six only K.-<> hits. Ii wa- the sr-vcui 'i j hit;;, none of them homers, in win- loss in eight i> lines f nr I'osto:: niiu; for I he ninth lime in 12 starts. lirr.oklMl . -St. -Louis . New York . l-'cstim . Cincinnati Chicago . • NEEDLESS TIRE WEAR • HARD STEERING • "WANDERING AND WE/WiNG 1 • TIRE POUNDING co TO AN EXPERT; OUR MODERN STEER3NG AND WHEEL AUGNR1ENT SI-RVICC IS BEST FOS VOUR CAR REGARDLESS OK MAKE SHELTON MOTOR CO. I'll,,,,,. .UK I!) West Ash SI. appear:: determi 1 !''-! lo lire- sent Ilie American I ea<;uc p< n- nanl to the Yankees virl'.vi'v 1 v default, mid cost IK' 1 Red Sox- Re. eond place a.s Detroit jump-- r l .-head ot them. For Rt. Louis, last niith','.- tij- mnp}i wa.s its sixth Mr-'iuhr, art! Kil'l in the last, 18 nsru-s. Tin; Yank lead Ins urown to t' ttames as Ihe Timers and lied 3ny I'allerc-d. Last night's Red fiox-Wnshiprtfoii ^aine npiiearei! to be Hi: 1 kno:^'.o:lf blow to fainl l?.!>,-toii hoi'er T-,e Nam didn't KI" the ball out of Mi.! infield on its hits. F.riilie Yost Int. a grounder lo Bobby Dnorr and ):eiii it. out. Uoerr tlu-jw wildly try- in;; for the ctt'.. Then Buddy 'Lewis binned safely io move Yost to I bird and Yos; scored on a double i>lay. Karl .)n!,i!.scin V.MS lhe loser and Mickey Hr.efner. who j;ave up five '.va j liu- winner. The CttKiin:-.!. took advantage of lliree Cincinn.i;: errors to score three imf.ivnerl runs — the margin of victory. £( Lin Mllsial and TeVrv Moore immoral for the Redbird.s and Ed Lufcon wot a two-run homer for the Reds. Cincinnati ontlill. SI. Louis, niiie to six. Huston l><nvns niitlErers Wiifp-n Rpahn jiilrlied boston to a 7 to 3 victory over the stricken victory fi-.vr 11-." Crackers. The otlir-r fchcdult 1 ;! samp. Motii Iiliis at N'aslivi'k'. was rained out. Pittsbmitli walloped Chicago. 7 to -'. as RoRi-r \Volff \voii lii.s first National l.eaene N'ictory witll an eight-hit job. Jim Hllssell balled in lour runs with a homer and double. The Philadelphia Athletics dumped Ihe Ynnke. s. 5 to 3, on Hill McCahan's five-hit hurlim;. Hobo N'ewsom was t lie loser when IH- yielded fciiu singles, n sacrifice, and Ihrce walks in the sixth iiniini;. Aided by a Yank error, the A's made four runs in t'le itiniiv. AI Clark. Uiliy Johnson and Sam Chapman hit, home runs Detroit hurdled over the lied Sox into set-end place by beating Cleveland twice. Ki to G, and 7 to 5. The firs'. |!iiine was s_cLtlEd by a nine- run c'chth inning. Delroit had balled i:ob I->!!er out in Ihe seventh and !hen sent 13 men lo bat in the next inning. The Timers continued t ( , hit hard in the first two iiminss of tlie nighlcn]). i;ct- ting all their rims iu those inn, inus. Ten hoir.c rims v,ere hit, in , the two names. Hank Edwards nnd I Hank Rn>-V:o;vsSi, lx)th of Cleveland. , i ach sot two. The While .Sox lic!;c<l the St. Louis Hroivns. 7 to 3. witll a five- inn bur.',!, in the second inning. If.ilpli Ilod'iiti irinletl with two men on to hlyhlislit the inning. Yeslerday's Star — Hill McCahan of the Athletics, who held the league-leading Yankees to five hits in scoria;; a r> to 1 victorv. NATIONAL W. Pet .021 .riH3 .535 ,5'iti Pet. lil 1 ) .•'77 .461 .'•IV AMKUICAN LEACIIF. IV. I,. Pct- N'cv.- York t ti :;"; .(ii:j !)efroit .";{ .|f> ., r ;.|i Uaston 5:t 47 .. r )v;o Philadelp'nia a:; 5, C-:]e\'elalld -j'i f,; Was-liinKton -I,', :»; Cliicaj'o . . .11; ;,7 <;.|7 Kt. Louis ;ic; 03 .3G4 Yesterday s Results Chattuiiooga 4. Lil.'i" IIr.i ; >: '3. Memphis nt Waih.ille, IMII. Ilirniiimiiain nt r-,'e\v Orli rain. Mobile ID. Atlanta 4. NATIONAL t.i:A<:iii-: T;'.!.-:iiiirn:i 7. Oh; • ivi) '.'. New York 5. f 1 hil.rie.j)li:.-, 2. lio.slon 7. Hiook'.yn ii. St. Louis C. Ci!ii'in:,:.:i :i. AAIKKICAX l Philsdellillia 5. New Yolk 3. r);-tinit !3-7. Clcvi.,' 1( | G-r.. Wasliincton ], 130.4' on fl. Cliilaso 1. St. J.-r>:lis 3. Government Starts Work On Atomic Laboratory ECHENUCTADV. N- Y.. AUL'. 7. Hjpi _ Conr.'ruciion work will! ft.TVI. totiay on tlie fovprninctil's nr-w 520.000,000 r.lomie leMvurh la- borntnry at the Knolls near her-. Trie G.'iK-r?' Electric ComiJ.uiv '.viil operate tlo laboratory for thf f:<-yernincnt. Today's Games SOUTHKKN IJ:AGUK Nij;ht. inline:;: Mernphi.'i at Nnshville. Tattle Rock al Clial!anoo[jtl. Atlanta at Mobile. Uirniinuham at New Orlenns. NATIONAL UiAGlIK BrccMjn ,i( RO..IOH. Phiiarielphia ai New York. Fitliljuri/h at Chicago. St. Lnni.s at Cincinnati. Read Conner News want Aos. AMERICAN I.KACUK '"lostoii al VV.ishin^ton. Cleveland at Detroit. Cliicago at St. Louis. Only games scheduled. The United States c.rtrjv.s nearly f:5f) vnrietie.s of ivheat on a commercial scale. These units arc reconditioned strictly in accord- ;tinc \vidi factor)- mc-dunls—dutches, brake shoes, c-r;lIlk^IlllfIs, :uul many others. They give the same service and long life j, s new units. You can buy International Exchange Units from us and pin ( hem in yourself, or we'll do the installing. ]-or any kind of truck service-from a simple lubrication job to a complete program ol preventive maintenance —conic to us. Ottr .skilled mechanics use International-Approved equipment and predsion-etiginccrcd International I'art.s. Our .service provides real ton-mile economy. I'lione or.. Atop in today. 3/2 SOUTH 20° ST. PHONE863 INTERNATIONAL :' MONEY On Fans — 25% OFF! * Pedestal Fans * Hunter and Robbins and Myers Attic Fans * Ceiling Fans ALL SIZES '! liis hi;; oven!, i.iuv uh<>n you need Ihom inosl ' BLAN HEATH I'linno S2S SUPPLY II!) Wosl Main Street: leaijiic iiii-li he .said , f r Nine, .TtJll eeietiny of thi ai.-.!- .spokesnui *'.'i-'il thai the 'dr. was merel" id n'.il lo lie c.e -f.'H:-' nine which ;J : ilowlllK li\ All-Git.; Ihe m,'.- •.nil-. In l.n Wliolcsal.:.- Balilia i:llarlie' : \\"iolesnle In Tomorrow nifihi t))^, leauuu all- slur.s will op|Kse Ihi 1 Wliolesnlers, UK- leaipie cliumptons | n Hlythe- vllle's first all-star lilt. Tlie postseason play-off will Ix'tjln Tuesday tl ".•*",, |,IIL>-,,II v.ui oettm i ues- ilay nil-lit. The scheilnl,. for ]>!ny m Hie pliiv-ol'J will be announced 'lat- .':l of l.oy Klrli, osier, ot Sam' Johns titnl Charles Walker, of t'hnrlle'.s Klcir- tric, third base; J. Ii .Williams, of Hays and Mii'-lln Cirlffln, ol Loy Klcli, Calclier. 'Idcr-l'oh Mullen, of Sum Johns- A. t.'. Hunch, of Hnys Store; Pal (tlilliinin, ,,] Ark-Mo |>eAvor; Kd inethericl-, of i.ny lilch; and Alvln Din-Ins, ot .Sam Johns . liters of lhe honoi- s<|tliul will Hoot Man Sets RcCOfd name their si.ii'ltii B line-up li'inn ' - vm. M lids Kroiin iiii,| will decide on how and when lo make Ihe sulwlluitlons In order to rhc each member n chance to play. Cnurott said. The r.amo will be a ii'i'iilni sevcn-lnnlnij at tali, Son Ledbellc". uiaiuiHei 1 ot tin- Wliolesalers arnonnced (oday Unit | lie had sclcctei! J. C. Whlitle. re- Itular Imrler !i>r the Cnoe,'r.?. to k with his pUriicr. Harvey Dor- In lom ( irr.,u i.lijhfs lilt, hue lo Die lad that the Wliolesnlers hnve one pllrher and II will be ne- ary lor hlr: 1 lo plich in tlie re- ir lea«ue i;i>me I(in1 ( -,li|, the Wholesnler.s wire allowed lo ehnose a pilche.r from :,h, remaining leanis. Tomorrow niithfs lilt will III II O'clock. but ti team, am] nu> Unit rti-i'ivi-d ; , ed Mslier. al'. of the ,,11- iiii,inlt:if.:..! v,-i ... ive Mslier. .,, ti.e owe us nrtljsuhts .lack Wlnttle. of tin* Loy Klc'i team, who w-i-n selected by the olfl- clnls Io Ion! «)[• the honor leain. The two iiiteli'.rs were selected on the basis oj Ihi'b ability with their iison leeiinls |!Jveii .simm coilskl- !•.•-,. hnrlerK will work ,n,. hair Innings each iiaet rs were nlven the their own slnrtlni; airott siild. All-Slur Team •ration Th three and on, mid'the 111:111:1 ritthl lo name pitcher, Mi. ( Otln-rs (I Tile olber iin'tnliei-s of the I earn re as follows- inflelder.s \fan Ashby. of Kam ,/eiins. mid Kil Time in Hamblctonian CiOSIIKN, N. Y./ Am:. 7. IUPI oslieii rciiiine,! to normul lodaj iller Ils nuisi exuUinj. Hniublelon nil, with I lie '1,1100 natives still Ini/- ',lnt{ nbont lloo'. Mon. Ihc record Mvukliii! wlmier, arid :1 collnpse of ilaiids . which injured T2 i:crsons. llool Mun won (he second heat of (lie llrsl-ot-lhrcc ci|tlipi'llllon veslenlay with a record (linlim of two mlnuu's ilni. -riu. collnpso of ofliclal lrl]is. 'I honiiison paced Yar- liro with ;, triple and u slnulc. in four (rips. 0. a. smith, Blythevllle 'tivilcr nnd hoisenmn, iinnounced today that, 110 bead of Tennessee Waik- ln« horses would be offered for sale nt unction Prldny In his Hie liiim located 0:1 jsoulh HlghNniy Knyci'e from npproxlmately • 1? or 18 states lirvc announced p'.svis of nUuiuHiit; tills snlc, Mr. Snit', l .slaled. anionx Ilicm some of the Smith's' best horsemen. The sale will open nt 0 n.m. Mr. Kmlth slated that most ft the horses llmt will IK; offered fijr sale .will work out In his barn tlils nncrnaon and that the public Is Invited (o attend these workout3, nnd the Mile. Ihe stands, while siiectnctilnr, lips- |)ltall/ed only two persons. I loot Mon. a black coll owned by Ca-illcton Karms. WHS secand to the nwored riiidney, the R. II. Johnston slur. In the first heal, bill" came back nobly under the <i;ilci- mice of sop Palln to win the ne.v. two heats and tnke first money of r}.M.fl7U.' BlytheYittc 'Y' Midgets Defeat Yarbro Team Tile lllylhevllle Y Mtdjjcls feated the Yatbro Cirndi: team •>:> lo 11 in u sollluill name i:!:iyeil on the Division Huect dl.i- inolid yeslerdav iifleMioon. l-aimley iiltctied fiir the inlduei;; and allowed only seven Int.s. Walker Inn led lor ihe visitors mid nave "P II Mils. Kiror.s made by ihe Yarbro lenin \veii- costly nnd ac- coimled for .-.everal ol the Mld«cf,s tallies. Tommy Moslej paced the Midijet.s at the plate w:th two hlls in live CITY LOANS Repayable in Small Monthly Installments Low Interest Rotes Quick Service BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION - 124 W. Ash St. Phone 3545 •Hearty- Vigorous -foil-bodied r/tf^iitii KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON E»m TIM£S DISTIUESV BOMPANY • LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY- js !> ygars cf nio^e old — £6 proof Now Is the Time to Order That Made-fo-Measiire Suit An Expert Tailor Will Be In Our Store FRIDAY & SATURDAY With A New Fall Line of Imported Woolens At the Location Where You Get Better Cleaning In 8 Hours HUDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER TAILOR 320 West Main St. Ely they ill*, Ark. Phon« 2612

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