The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1931
Page 3
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UESDAY, I 9 ! 1 . .._ ', i _- ' ?I'JTn?in^?!iJAnK.l_coymRR NEWS lE'STHEUST: O'.n-i:-!^ Wc'.i^n Cou'clj Givo Seme Matrimonial Tr lo Pcr-HV fnyco Hopes This One; Will Last &HiiP^El "—' j-—'- ^gjt? rr~,7^.^ ^-. \ ' T r T. **' -lAl'lC if 1 l^l^'V'O/ )—>- '••I ' -<T'0^1 >• i IllJjl'fV 1 ' f Scliool Note- In tlic Clilld's World Second Reader, 1 hope you will, be back soon. Your frlpir.i, Clara It. Unolin'rry. i- MM Service AI' \NDjU1 ! JT\.^. -Aho i .lil .-ib:iii ir t 1 v 1? II oi nn • 1 <> i \'l m T '.rs. r-.-.'c :s I! n i a i d n er-\Vii:i< Ln i I'i'li" 1 ' illi Pi ml i ' t, -• nearby vil- ^e cl Uraaia. I.i. « -0 tns ju: .11 ci 11 i h 1) n t vo rav i li • ( n !..(. 1 f n ! r 11 I) H % I "']' 3 i i jal an' i o *.' '4 lo I 1^. 11^ 'I s 1 ' 'ill .!•• y nice--! hisr:i't ia::n iy 1 mils wil i In i i l jt\ n pi n u v. Ol s cr h ) <ve b?n divorced by liM". an.! s 11 cr I i i n r n c " rr-e otlirrs died. Nu^hbai-. 1 e " 1 o s c 1 i i ineuiii 11 ti i u s b r 'c bv 7 mine •• e Ins h id in Ihi years—lol» ot ihrsn rail '.Mrs. Etc." and let it c.o •> at. Hut this doc-sn't trouble lie fthe is busy caiiny for l:e tale, c-. ( ;limaled as hiijh as $2:13, 0. whleh came from oil fonn: her land. Sne was dubious, it K slid icn the first v.u^hcr '.veiled up me years 0!;o. Ac-'cii:-c!in^ fj OIK -.ry she leaked a! the ••fioivins Id' a:id remaiked: "Well, sir, lliat has spoiled one K! cow lot." w •iii'.-'s saii-necl il was a lucky l!^e, riUhon^h phe has seme dif- ulty in keepin;; her accounts aiyr.t. However, .-:he iian dc-c::!?a iHions on InisliaiKlF. Her exp?ri- :ct has made her nn authority. ; "Three Timid, Seven Had" •I've had three o! the best men 1 ever made," she declarer "Am! .had sove:i otiiers of abn:ii th:: iiiest men He ever tunic:! out. t?pc til is one will b? the last." ife has had so many husbands .sometimes gets a Lit cu::ius-:: sumcniu™ ;ip il-.eir c>iaracte"is- L.'_'s=me sim], mr,re bad. Hut 15 conficicnl every woman needs m:i. ' Having 11 husbands is noihhv; .be ash.uiied ot," she says. "I lal er wictofs w':-o have 3:11-; (jr a man for 10 yei:-i l''-haven't cvsn tiut a pi'o;io:a'. : had so many I couldn't jftters. Cau'! m.arry but one a; inic. tiiiVc's a cinch." :he stiii gels a-thdi! out of b?- Q bride, nltbo:i:;h she arimit- arria^e isn't what it's craS:e J to te." • I:'. Pasciial c-xplain? it this wav: Caroline ain't nobody's lool. S-rv- husbancls have trie:! tp c!ii;i-l i; her wealth, but ain't, a one suc- dea. I'm not after her money, r nirc her. 1 told h:r I needed a le a:id .-he saicl she reckoned she l-derl a nan about the place, snot S3lic:d." | he's had plenty of troubls with hi:sb?.n:ls arc) usually she ha.= rirt of ti-cm in r,u:ck time—anr" didn't ga ta Reno cither. Her |:nt souab'.-c'h J. w. V/iliis U'lilh. was the most s-.arilins. l/hcn affairs reached a cri- 1 r.!i.-v aircl in fie courts leleclrireii sVc refused 15 .abide bi |'.i- r.i.plial i'^rrri'-riit re^arcanq fir.n ot C73.CO J, oil royalties an I I'ks and bD«:ls. S'ae dc-nied li. l-fe v.-as the laziest and most dis- I;snbl3 of all my husbands." sir |od. "fn the winter h= said it .too cold lo work and in fir Inner it w.^ 1.13 hot. l!c ai- Inccri l-,c wank;! part of thr liey he helper! t» 'create' bul '•' ]i't 'create' enough to pay for his nnd tobacco." |ne sorted learning; abaut. hi!si at 1-1 ,-.ncl ::,-,:•, a! 53 sh:'<; .si:;: _.^;-von?. Sh» lias tricti mn:-.v ••i:-:i'ii"; and now she bclievr-- |Ti.-,i man's n go:d man. vvhat- he is." |"rn on Jan. 1. 1M3. in ,ia< sh as Caroline 1-Yost, she wns r,n orplian H-h-le pl'.'ined inio lite, marriage an:i |i'nally the oil bmiuoss with on- 1C V.-irs I-'irsl Tiaif IT Hr.-:! hu-.bniii. D'l^f ?.Irn.-n->I:! ] n '•fiin- husband." hut he 1-ft h:r ••i:n::-irn L-i:: halt a l-il chilrtr-n." .she siys T'nr'" If-eri d : cv-| rtrn-tn7 th»ir 1C vr-ir- ;'"'• n " r "•cnnri. TAC \Vc.l- i-i !rc":bin nnri ran av:iv | her third. C. K. nronn.i. she •es :i> her "favorite hi-^arirl " | don't siipp'is" .anv woman ha? ll:roi:-!:i as uiiwh as 1 have" | says as jl:o r.-«:!s h"r "hid" "f diin't know as an*- |cn IIIVT !;re:i as iianpy as 1 at limes, and f knry.v they Jn'i b:cn *~ mis?rablc as I have Ithcr li!ir=" 1 s resar;!: !!. rialfleld. of MIII- J as "on-? of rer favovl'c h;i?- | ! 5." bi:' siir rioojii't rare much iiTnorirs nf Ihs others. Heit'? rtifflru'! :•) r,'!ii-"n'i-'- r-v- liiii? aba:it them—wiirn tlicr-! ininv. |ir.uii niiii-: u;:e:i a son rceenlly I'y ^on s:ot a cliv^rrr—It runs in ] faniilv—a:/l proposed \\c remit lo ir.isrv any i:nre. 'Snn ' |-1 him. -Vt-.t Jive your life and mine. I, I . "e a nice man |v-iti!s lo cl.i Ihe ritrrt. thill-;, him on'—and t dirt." Central Ward In a si'i!r>s of F'icllliiB tests has?d o.i Ay res lh» 2A prade has iH-r-r-el rro-iv U n 15 per eon'. '.•he; 1 than the average on the The 2 A and :t!i f,i-.';li>sari? having ;'i>ie inte:e-->t:n'f number of ba. c ,e- i>;-ll name-, based on llv> inulll- ilicatien. addiiion, and subtraction rrmbluatJons. Ui'tty Urt:ok:j Ixiac.* ami- IMille Clinmbiiu have .pioved hv best captains, MS." Outlaw and pupils were de- i.:lif:l Thur-day ir.iminon la huvc il!-:ui :KI mothers on to our Moth:'s Diy Pio;.'.r.i>n. Wj hope yon vill > is'l iis asjaiu suun. The fol- ;; program was rendered: Fi-lccliwi.! by (lie Kiddy's Hand: Hie Oi-lnln of Mother's Day, Mary Ad'h R'.'blnson; Sons;, "Mother", " -vnp.'' 1 : The V.'liilc Carnalion. Billy I.esgrtt; 1'lay, "Mother's i this play was written by Haiclcl K.iilian Rof.cnlhab-. Piano Se!e:iii!iis. l,ii;li' M'.irjciiic Steven:;: llraiiiii'. "Snnn-baily's Molher", Hint-.- "lc.u Kramer: Vocal Solo, ''.ie Cl'l Mo-hcr of Mine", l.lly ii.-cii-; Hfadlns "Only One Mo- lei." pupils; Tap Dance, Alice r .ue. Mary Jean Alllick. uncl (I'.y Kloiy: Readme, "Molher", yncttc Tucker: iMaim nnet. Jean v iir!aini and Harold Nathan Ros- n'.lial; lio.iiliir.;. "HclphiB Mothr." Hetty .In Essary;' Song, "Av- ii-i.-.-ir," pupils; Reading "My Bes Pal", Geneva Alexander; Headlnt "I'lio Sericl" Mary Harynl Down up. 'Vc were asked lo repeat Ihl irosrani In Fynira- High Sclioc issembly Friday morning and w e very ylad to do 50. quite n lot of fun planning for tho ptcufc. They wrote stories about, what a picnic would bo like, In (Iran-Ins' das.-- tt :; >y drew pictures of Ihe pli-:ii ; -. in number class they plunncd the immi, and decided what iniioiiii: i;f each food we wouicl invd. and what each child would bvlii,!. The ill class has completed all Hi? speliiiu: n-qiiln-d foi Ihls vear, I,.,,,. , " •••--- • nnd Mary Hc-ini Mcoie has missed j'''f' ?• s "' " *°" 1 only cue word Mils (mil. We think l '" iK '"" 1 " "" tiuit Is a :,iu- iwi-rd. mid hope she «ill do that well next year. There PACE Doris School \vlia is In tho |hlr<t hi ! The ^A 1 n picnic ami 3Ii children oiijayed - -'Ki'lluT In Ihe p.irk. 1'nl .i:v> several vhls In Hie 2A class lowlnsc 1: u of the nsillnsj wril- who have misled only om- or two 'en by Ixniisc Anderson: ivosiLs In .4vllin< this teim. Tlicy. " Ollr l 'la\s «ciit lo the park for me: Manh.i ivhnkcn. Vivian Jnck- ;« picnic. .n. iin:l Mlldied Srntlh. . '."We played caiiies under the bl; Tlie '.'A bays and itlrls were-I fees. iKlyliii: IC'.UT wrlllng lasl week, j "We had 5amlwlc!it.i, apples, c.ikr. V. R T.nmr was kept at home on 'Cindy, and scdas. llow wo did eat! C ai'(.li::r irv.:.t McD.'.:iald-\Vi'.l T; ci-HalP. In-Wi'lis-Pasrlnl . Lvuis I'.isrhal, is Uur.:ci> - Ci-.ivi.iilk! 1 - Gardner Sho -A-ed Mr. I'art'lial 43 hoi:i nfl:r sh;- '.iivcrccd Mr. V/illis. I Shor! Suiuinary of One Woman'* Eleven Husband* TluFbaml No. I. Duff McDonald — She put love theorv inla piac'.i^ 1 maiTyin;' him wh';i r,h-? was 1!.. lie died when she was ?n an-1 sv ! s si:e v.'?s hajmy wit'i him. lia:i' nt"e chi! - lr;:i by him. : n;:s!:a!:-.i fa. '1. Le? Wal'-rj—"M", tea,-:," siie says. Avres'ed far n-.-ht- : n';. h? in — o-d his band nnd <l:~- ' ir>->eared. She' got an Hn'ch Ardea ' divorce. • ! >li:sband No. 3. C. E. Rrons-i: ; *?acc nnd contentiiK-nt i .urh hiin." He M-F.S kiile-.l in nc:i:lent, le.ivin; i ,"? more children. i Kiijha'id No. 4. Jack li'.inrss—P,.'- ! came paralyzed, sent to relatives hi ; Canada. He requeJited a divorce—! an-t Bht it. Husband No. 5. P. C.:?.v,allier—' L'ft two vi-rck' after th-j marrii-;-'. i "Last interest in me wi:en he found he coiilin't get my rmne;,'," she Husband No. B. John Ciarriner— "Another fortune hunter." she say?, •'"'•^re was rnotrrr rii-o-—^. lusbaud No. .7. Chariic Wliit? in'.susii: CASH IMYMKNTS MOliTLE, A!a. i UP)—Upwards o 2.50 employes on ti-e payioil of til coi.nty highway maintenance liartment. here recently receive cash for the fu.'.l time in sever: ::rin'^s. Til" rmployet-s vvero pa $7.51D. Hrrr.ofcrc fiev had b^e i'suecl script brcmw ol the dep'.el c<l treasury. hud n b-'initlful (count c:l Ins bictiier leiiiB 111; "The next day !lh s'.-:ii!ct fever. So everyone i alxiul th role a Idler to him. Following world." : 0!-,? i>f tlic- lx>st Idlers written. ! Tlic follinvlnq h a slnry by Ther- j man Tinker: m Chh'kasawba Street I,: ^ ^^S^S i^ffi i iWrnr" 11 " 8 ' :LI? "" ill>! ' :<! nml n fll9W "" 1C ," 1 ' Wi K " 1 M"'. A. n. Riii-neld spoke lo tae I am very sorry that your hrnlh- • Sudbiiry stud?nls an:l fiiciilty Mcri- i- is III. and you can't come loirtiiy inniiilni;. lie made an Interest-. chool. ,\f an- writing lo the sick. lii[; (all: cm "IJepresslmis" lie ex- Ve hope yun don't i;el sick. 'plained lo same eslcnl the c.iiiw ^wiii'n yuii co:tie back you will br of our past and piweiil :lepve.wlons. nmktn« clear Hint history often re- a picnic ItSOlf. The 5A group Is (•'riday .afternoon. Hcalt'i Unit Nurse Resigns Position Here !:ji Ru'.h Taylor, recently ap- |:i:liil.;d nurse of the county health mill, lias ii'slsned l:> telu'm to El Doradfi. Annlher nur:.p will Lo l wiltiln 11 r.hat time from the lo cl-pailineiit of health lit Lll- 111' iidi'k. leaving the Injurca girl lylnjj on the ro:ulsltle. She wos picked up by neKro motorists. NEW HAVEN; coim. tup)— Among the "Important contributions, la scholarship" by Yala scholars working under grants ol more than Sl.OOa.OM by the General Education Hoard cited by lVosi:]enl James Itowlaml Angcll is "Kicph.inl Ixirc In the Sanscrit." WANT Girl Accident Victi:n Is Reported Improving! Ola lirowii, 18-year-olil Rhl, who! n:; pi'i-lrusly lnjii:.' ( t In an nulti-, rcilllsion on lli^liway lil RaUii'day • nieht was ii-p:irti-d liiiiirovlnn lo-: day. Hhi- I; u patient al tlic Uly-! thevill,' Imsjiital. I Ci-i-ll Jaiiies. dilver of the car In' which the idrl was rlilin; with t.ew'n companion.; wlvn Ihe accident (HTiined, was sdll iiil.isini; to- tiay. ortii-evs mv m-kliu; him 'on n wiuraul charein; «ri-cklt.s-, tlrlv- h'l:. lie li aliened In have lied S'.'ii.- uf (lie ac:-idi'iit. alrnil; will Hie oliier o-tupanl:i c.( (he car, 7A. \SHQREEST \ LINE \BETWEBI RAILWAYS IJAVr ISIRTHDAY STOCKHOLM. CUPl—The fjwe ish state raiiv.'.iys arc ^VTnlv-Tiv^ years old tins year and the railroad aciminis'.ra'.ion board has decide;! lo c'elehrnle the cvenrwit'- Ihe publication of ?. memorial Irak. The vTJuine wi'.l tml Ihe. development of railway service in Sweden fiuriur: tre last t!iree-c;iiartc: c?:i- lury. About GO.O-M.MO.OOO ci^nrets, a large part of whica are manufactured of American lobacco or imported directly from thn Uniie't States, are now consumed annually in China. Ilrnryclay was elected speaker of trie federal House of Representatives the first day ho was a member. nctaui;!.- have disicvcrc'l o'l th- ni'ire tliere was a divorce. i Husband f.'o. 8. George Luki—S Live.1 with l;im five y:ars. they disagreed and she obtained a civ-ire-. Husband No. a. n. Hntficld—'•[/>-.•? : first .sight." she .•..y;. ''Ho WIF one of my favorite liu.-tnnas." lie dird ti'.-o and a half years after they were married. ^ Husbinc! No. 10. .1. w. Wiiii.s- She rtcscribcs him: "L:izresi of ;!iem all. He siici il wi : ; loo Int ta i--<-r'.- The front pace of ma;-i, J.ipaiies:! morning newspapers is pivrn ove- tOvbaok adverti.-ement.s. T':e Japanese figure (hat as the front pas; U liable lo be sailed they \r:'m'. there only advertisements. Tlie French government has established a fund t-> p:-ovi:le girl- h dowerie.s of S-IOQ eac'.i on c-~n- !,(!'"•><> School The sixth crade of La rise School ,ave tl'.L* foilowini,' pio^iam Fj'iclay "a'rnlr.l! to which the fourth and lifih grades were Invited: Ci'm — Kva Forrest; Cilemical Tricks, Howard Moore; Story. Adelaide Cowfert; Heading, Opal iifc-. i-'arland: Music, John Price Wuld- cr; Seng. Mary Etrnice Layron ancl \'ir|.'iiiia 1-illlc. Unwell Mor.lcy and John I'rice Walelc:- were absent from school lotlay on account of ilh:?ss. U'e are very proud o[ the ,10 new b-:oks tiial have been added lo our library. The GA class will l>e avvcrded a safety per.myu of frrccn and whit,? felt for .'.lining a jileclse of safety. These pupils have entered a fafetv contest. W.' •''•' clad In have Eddie Evelyn Turner . back in school. Her i!c brother has had scarlet fever. The Fourth cjracle pupils are wo-l:ini: nn their penmanship booklets. Lois Diinlap and Mar- Nierstliimcr very [irettj cues. Haciui Aioxandcr's fr-.iher cave her ;i dollar on our book fund. It was, very nice of him to elo this and we thank him so much. The filth and sixth grades arc entering a national safety contest, •~idu.-iel bv the Highway Educa lion Board al Washington, D. C Tlie pupils are writing essays about L ,;uciy and are making booklets Last year one of cur pupils vvor a prize in this contest. The second and third grade. r ~nt on a picnic Friday. They ivenl tu McLcud's Pond, leaving •:chc.ol al cue o'clock and returning at half past three o'clock. Everyone brought something for the lunch, after eating in playing gamcb before returning home. Tlie second prade children hae m .-ijmnic:-, Ic-o cold to -vork in t!" i j. 1 .'- ' ,. winter" ' - ; dilion lhal they marry within Hiifb-n.-l No 11 T^,,; r ii,^i,., : certain time. "He'-. faults yet." Xriser ; '•rrv Clarence Wilson "nrl chil-' dun r-! Riytlreville alici Mrs. s. V. ' F-.i7ier end children of Os-eola j lv "re en,-sls ef Mrs. Wilson S'm- ' riav.. i Mi;- Aline Bowles and Mr. w. I. j C.vmlay arc vi=jti.,j; in x:.->miihis. j "Irs. Urcck. who has bren visit- ' "it her niece, at Orider. Ark., has returned home. Miss Milh o.ilied'ie. student i i;::r.s? at Memphis Bauii-.! hospltil ii s|'rmiiu7 h_- r va-r,tion here 'with nrr parcr.ts. Mrs. Jamrs Rnrk5dale and Miss nntli Jenkins of liivliieviHe motored lo Kriser Sili: r riav o vWt Misses Jamie aivl Irene Nichols. , Misses O:v.?]ir, ^ n( i i.- av n-mtrlas ' "T Wi.snn ?-rre H;.- o, ]r st.s of Mi--s- | Lucy nnrl Virginia Dunavaiit last w:^k end. The dance, sponsoved bv th" P ,'i. A " ' v! '' icl1 WPK Piven ' at the 'f.'ncl audiloriimi liero Friday n:pht was well altended r-fr. nnd Mrs. .Too Mounts shop- r.~> in Oscr^Ia. Friday. -'.Ir. and Mrs. w. F. Pi™ who li.v.-e born \;s:!:iv,. relatives hi i Ivr-so. T-nn.. returned to Kel.ser' f-i:<Hv eiKout- to Cabot. Ark for: a v-i^ii with Mr. |>i ? ,- s parnils | Mr. IMberl Chiles -„-.,,, the guest cf_.lcan Mcore. Sunday. . j .^.irsrs Amelia and Fay Dsurjlas ] l.urv nnd Virginia Dunavaiit and' KElhrvn Watt.s sliopjied In Osccola b'aturday. cow c>rc\i7ccr.c-cr,:i£ —NATURE'S KEHZ^f— l . . EtrcacthcrjyD-r•.:!*. 1r. i n valch»h3tr.-.r.Efo.-™iVn. IVy t3 >rjl>- cl IIWTO lax ith L-£. Or.'y ^c. U'lic A!l-Vc»ctaI>l-- L.ixntir ALWAYS IN GOOD COMPANY To step info a pair of Bob Smart Shoes is io step out happy. You may pay more for olher make*, but you will get no more in Style, Fit or Comfort. This is a thrifty age! Bob Smart Shoes are sweeping Ihe country. Careful, skillful, shoe making — soled for inlisioclion. All sizes, all widths —for all occasions—and oil for $5 and $6. Micvcd tin! Wcn.OM yews l»n rermirrd fir !he its prcii'iil sal'.inrss. The total number of m.-ii 0:1 the li-t ef liie British army, exclusive / cf India, is 148.0IX). Won't CLASSIFIED mi/ SHOES "'Thy Tee the Mart for Sl)/t, Comfarl and Value" JOE ISAACS wwi Don't Rasp Your Throat With Harsh Irritants "Reach for a LUCKY instead" Now! Please! —Actually put your finger on your Adam's Apple. Touch it—your Adam's Apple — Do you know you are actually touching your larynx?—This is your voice box —it contains your vocal chords. When you consider your Adam's Apple/you are considering your ihroat—your vocal chords. Don't rasp your throat with harsh irritants — Reach for a LUCKY instead-Remember, LUCKY STRIKE is the only cigarette in America that through its exclusive "TOASTING" process expels certain harsh irritants present in oil raw tobaccos. These expelled irritants are sold to manufacturers of chemical compounds. They are not present in your LUCKY STRIKE,andso we say "Consider your Adam's Apple." TI'Nl: TN — DnHCc Orc/irj. (rtl, cecry Titcs- drivi Thnrsifciy rind Saturday ri'Ciii'nj; over N. H. C. net- troiks. Including the use of Ultra Violet Rays Sunshine Mellows —Heat Purifies Your Throat Protection—against irritation—against cough

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