The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1948
Page 11
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THURSDAY. JANUARY 15, 1948 Fat-Fried Meats Are Digestible Proper Preparation Is Given Emphasis By Experienced Cooks Science comes forth a B aln to disprove an ancient theory. This !L ft brflli?s the welcome news thay*meats fried in fat are not , held by many. Interpreted by well-known home Rcba economist, Budgets Prosper From Care in Choice of Meats Pay attention io variety meat* during thMe days of conterva- llon and budget-balancing, jays Hcba Staggs, famous food au'thor- ty The.™ meats add variety, m their name Implies, and they are economical R nd saving on food at the same time. Another point to consider in favor of variety meats: the Imn- y will thank you for Introducing them early, because they will meet these delicious "fancy 'meats," a/ "ley are sometimes called, often as their Interests broaden. Each variety meat has , delicate and distinctive flavor, and all are Ihe UMls of special dishes in many famous restaurants. , A stuffed beef heart will provide I two meals for the nvernge famiiv.' Hip smaller hearts, such as pork, laml) and veal, are delicious when barbecued find served with rice, or braised a i u | accompanied by veff- P!:ib!p.s. Liver („ another of the variety meal, that take, well to _BLTTHEVn-LK (ARK.)' OQURIEK NEWS Grand Champions Named At Memphis Sfocfc Show MEMPHIS, Tenn.. Jan. 15. (UP) —Black Bird Ann* F II, owned by Marshall Pickrcll and son of Augusts, Ky,, was named grand champion yesterday at the fifth minimi Southeastern Aberdecn-Aniius Livestock Show. The Plckrell . animal also was name champion femnle of Ihe show, with Ames Plantation nindt Bonnett. owned by the Ames Plantation of Orand Junction, Tenn, named the air evacuation planned for today. reserve fenmle champion. i, The grand clmmplon bull via Hill prince Klcho, owned by J. H. Qulcsenucrry mid »on, o'f Winchester, Ky. The reserve champion bull was . Ames Plantation Dond, owned by 1 I lie Ames Plantation of Grand > Junction. , i HEADACHE Cip»dini CAPUDINE Information means that deep-tat fried foods and those prepared I'l' the met liar! known as panfry- i"E are as well, though more slowly, digested than foods prepared by other methods. Th<? "lie qualifying factor is that these foods must be properly prepared. The reason this sllpri.^ttfoti arose i the first, place, acording to Miss Stages, was because the fat in which the foods were prepared was raised to too high R temperature, This caused a breakdown in the fat with Ihe result that the food was harder to digest. To avoid this situation, Miss Staggs, cautions, that when cookiii" with fat. as With all other methods of meat cookery, a low temperature nmst be maintained. The return of deep-fat thermometers to Ihe market is an aid in control of the temperature. In cooking in deep fat a constant temperature of ,360 degrees P is safely below the point at which the fat breaks down. At (hp tarnr lima it. is high enough Io cook the me"' , HANKOW ' •>»"• '*• (yP)-Amer- throii K )tiy before the rrisnv brown' £.*" mlssl<m '"' les evacuated from "liter confine Is formed A simnin i , lm P crll<:t5 Yangtze River Valley , home test for Ihe MO etrce F nnrk fl',1 ^"^ "> a t Comrmml/t ^^7^-5^ ±3 l sr -^'" ^^s^sj I brown^m^,^ „, t °<^ n | ^^^ «-,„ j method known as pan- i chow said they we're aTto'nishcTat ' for cut.s of ho»' well infori . Sweetbreads are a memorable dish when braised with vegetables and served on toast with rich VCK- elabte gravy, Tongue, too, 9 dds variety and flavor to menus when accompanied by a spicy sauce such RS currant or raisin, or a tart Jelly. Chinese Reds Growing More Hostile to U.S. fat ing which is used foi meat with little fat and for thinner chops and steaks, low temperature is also important. The meat is cooked in a small amount of fat either that which has been added or that which has accumulated from the meat during cooking, n. is cooked over low heat, and turned frequently during cooking for even browning. Menus for Sunday . '"icd the ordinarv Communist soldiers were on the subject of American aid to China's Nationalist forces. He said the soldiers even knew the exact amounts, of aid which had been proposed. The more certain it. became the intended to aid United states Generalissimo — *••" vjTTiici anssimo Chiang Kai-Shek the more hostile the communists became, he said The speaker said he had not needed an American coasulate warning to evacuate at first because he believed it was "alarm- but soon became convinced that he could accomplish nothing BREAKFAST: Grapefruit, fried Philadelphia scrapple, enriched >..,... ,„; tuuu toast, butter or fortified margarine, .by remaining tart jeliey, coffee, milk. j T!i e slaying of Dinner: Baked ham, candied sweet potatoes, broccoli with mock Hollandnise sauce. Pascal celery apple pic, coffee, milk. ' SUPPER: Tongue salad, baking powder biscuits, butter of fortified margarine, stewed drier! peaches Icily layer cake, tea, milk. During cmntehipdays,- the male- scorpion ?0 cs for walks with the y of his choice, during which a they "hold claws." - „ _- three American missionaries three tiays ago was ine [Irst incident where violence was used or even threatened according to a report of tile American consul yesterday Consul Edward Bacon said the Communists were for less hostile In tile medical missionaries than to those representing the religious organizations. - Afl American missionaries In the Yangtze Valley region were urged io leave today as fighting broke _°^t near Laohokow, endangering BAKERY SPECIAL COCOANUT CAKE Two layers covered in Fresh Shredded Cocoanur 69c ON SALS SATURDAY ONLY! ~~ ™~ ~~~~~~^~~~^~, , Telephone Your Order — Dial 2073 HART'S BAKERY horn MAYROSE TEST KITCKIf Rolled Rib Roast of Beef Place the Mayrose Brand rib roast on a rack in an open shallow pan in a moderately low oven (325" F.) (Use no water.) A meat thermometer is the only true test of doneness, but the following table of Minutes per Pound" ii a useful guide. «!!!• j »ai lilt Minut»« P»r Pound 3 to S Ibi. mm. 37 „,;„ FOR DELICIOUS LOWCOST EASY TO COOK! Tender! Fluffy! (( Simple, quick, easy to cook! Tender, (hilTy, delicious! Rich in natural nourishment! THE BEST QUALITY RICE/S LABELED... Kroger-Cut Beef gives you MORE MEAT, LESS BONE & WASTE CANDY BARS, 13? Assor 13* CHEESE SPREAD 93 Windsor Clu!>—Wisconsin Quality MARGARINE „ 37' Kalmore. Kainomiclil i PARKAY ,42- Assorted Varieties WHEATIES k? 15° Breakfast of Champion* The Kroger-Cut remove* excess bone and waste before your meat Is weighed and « n ^ y Kroger-Cut Beef. Top -. b. Grades of finest, grain-fattened beef Rive you better W . . "h« Kroger-Cut give, you better vaJu*. priced. U. S. Graded good or choic* Wholt Ib. Ib. CIGARETTES „„. 1 Popular linimls LAMP BULBS, 12 25, 10, (JO \Viill SP!C & SPAN ,, kB 23 Household Cleaner KLEENEX 2 Kroger Cut CHUCK ROAST FRYING CHICKENS Full Drawn — Ready tor the pan. CUT-UP CHICKENS Bocks, Neck. Ib. 35e; Wing, Ib. 45c; feg,, Thigh, Ib. 87« Braasr Ib. 89c BACON sw ,r s 49- SALT MEAT, b 49< Sugar Cured Facial Tissni's for 33 C Armour's IVORY FLAKES 39 For Dishes or l.dy.—), KC . ['^K. The Rcady-to-Ear Meat. Good for Lunches. 12-oz. Can FLOUR 50 Ib bag- KROGER < 20 ' Avondale 25 Ib hag 50 Ib bag—$4.19. 15 Jar »50 PORK SAUSAGE ,, ; 55 l KROGER Vnciiiim Coffee TEA BAGS t ::;,u is PANCAKE FLOUR Kroger K'ro K er Etf AP MILK IS 25 PRESERVES ",« Kn.jjcr. Vilamin I) Adrle,! Kroger 1'cach 25= SPOTLIGHT COFFEE ». Hot-Dated. No finer Coffee. 3-lb. bag $1.75. 2 63 Pomml BuUer EMBASSY J L°' 19 .Salad Dressing HUMKO ^ b Dsrnty Cooking Fal PURE LARD;,'!' Kirm White MEAL While Corn SPAGHETTI Kroger Dinner GELATIN ,; Kroger Assorted BEANS Grcal Northern PRUNES Evaporated 10 Lb Bag I 43 I" 82 29 3 7fl C I'kgs. *W Flavors 35 \ I,b Bag SOUP Scans 29c Campbell's Tomaln. Peaches - No. 2'/ 2 can 27c Avonrlalc Sliced nr Halves. Peas - - 2 No. 2 cans 29c Srllnol I)n.v_\o. I Sieve. Salmon - - - toJI can 43c Chum Corn Beef- 16-oz. can 33c Sl^r Hash. Corn - - 2 No. 2 cans 35c StancUr.l Whofr Kernel White. Lima Beans 2-lb. baa 35e Ory. Celln p^d,. 3 ** Sfrongheart DOG FOOD 4 '«*. 29? 1 Lux Flakes ORANGES -'•.Lt.%- U1|1V> I "'I J fill GRAPEFRUIT 8 Seedless Pink TANGERINES Sweet Juicy l,h. Mesh PEACHES ','C* Stinsweet RITZ '£ Nabisco Crackers LAYER CAKE. Caramel Creme 21 C 23 C 31 e Lb Mesh Bag PEARS 2 Fancy Oregon Howells CARROTS 2 J-rcsh Fancy Texas Golden „. 19 SWAN SOAP 2 •«« Grapes Fancy Calif. Reds 2 », Get this Amazing "Nee-Action VEGETABLE PEELER Ik with the flonttnq blade PfEU SHREDS SUCES EASIER . . QUICKER , ELIMINATES V/iSTEt SPECIAL OFFfR only Moil-in off«r with coupon in 10 Ib. bag Krogtr POTATOES 50 Lb Mesh Al» Bag I U. S. No. 2 Reds—Washed .

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