The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1948
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHBVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Soils and Crop Conference Held Pcmiscot Group Elects Officers at Coruthersville Meet CARUTHEUSVILLE, Mo., Jnn. IS. •—John B. McClanahan was elected chairman of the Soils and Crops Conference, held at the courthouse here, with over 300 fnrm leaders of the county attending. Otlier officers named were Ij. H,, Gale, vice-chairman; Olln Dillnrd, secretary; Miss Elvira Sellers, registrar; and R. M. Tidwcll and Henry A. Boone, committee members. At the morning session, A. H. Webb, retiring vice-chairman, presided, at which time Harry Barker,! farm planner for thp Soil Conser- J vatlon District, gave a report on (he; services of this organization which | are available to local farmers, Mr, I Barker said Unit about 200 Pcmi- scot County farmers had received j assistance In planning Iholr farm-; Ing operations Urns far. ; Farmers of (he county who li.-xi: made noteworthy achievements dining the past year by inaugurating new farm practices or methods, participated in the mnrninjr program,) rotating their experiences in various I lines of endeavors. j Maxwell Williams of Peach Or-1 chard told how he had used vetch as « green manure lo secure material increased production. I,. V. Jones of Pascola reported thai he had secured nn iucre.-i.v; of 7.G-1 > bushels per a.crc of corn Unit he 1 had fertilized, using a compound i of 4-128. and straight nitrogen. 1 Reports on Alfalfa Kv|ieriiiicn(s Olin Dillard gave Ihe results of two years experimentation mi the Hamlin Farm with various kinds of alfalfa seed. He stated that ninny farmers had been planting Argentine seed, but that resulls or the experiments on the Hnmlin Kuril! sljon-ed that seed of Kansas origin produced approximately tlirrc tons more hoy per acre than did the Argentine, or any other kind of seed. The highest producing variety in this tesl was "Hultalo," which" is a strain of Kansas seed. Barncll Sales of Cottnnwood Point fold the proirp that he user! young calves successfully to "clean" cotton" of grass and weeds, and that one calf was worth morn for (his purpose thmi five geese. He snid (lie calves did not Injure the cotton nny until it began to bloom, al which time he moved them to another field. J. J. Richardson, Farm Home iiipervlsor, reported on (he value of gardens to (lie farm family. He salct (hat records of 30 of lils clients showed «. garden to be worth nn •verage of $417.00 per family. T. A. Haggard, of Stcclc. presided during the afternoon session, » portion of which was given over to election of officers for the 1DJ9 •cnference. Greater Production Ureeil 3. H. Farrar, Farm Bureau secretary, outlined how his arennl/ntion rould contribute to greater production, stating that the Bureau was now making available Johnson grass poison, vetch seed, commercial fertilizer, ditching machines, and lime •preaders. J. Ross Fleetwood, crops specialist, of the State Extension Office spoke on "Production and Conservation of Food and Feed." He discussed fertilizer and recommended extensive use of it In this vicinity He also said that Hie new soybean S-100" developed in Southeast Mis spun. Is earlier than other varieties, and will show a greater yield when planted after June 1st -County Agent .\f. D. Amijurccv presented some Information for the future farm outlook. He requested that these leaders present send a report of what (hey had been able to get done during the next two Miss Sellers, home agent, emphasized the importance of home food production in this time of scarcity and high prices, as well as from trie point of view of a well-balanced diet for the farm family. Teachers Ask Candidates' School Views LITfLE ROCK. Ark.. Jan. IS (UPl —The Arkansas Education Association has plans lo poll each gubernatorial candidate on important education Issues before any votes »re cast, and then publish the answers. Tills was revealed yesterday bv Association Field Secretary 'Forrest Rozzell, during a midwinter meeting of the association. He said the group would not endorse any candldale. Rozzcll said the answers to the questionaires will be published In the association's journal. ' * muon S thc isl ' ps the candidates will be asked to comment upon are- state financial support for schon'ls' regulalions regarding Ihe teachers MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES New Truman Pi fot U.-Col. Francis W. Wiliinms, Air Force pilot with 10,500 hours flying time and 10 yojirs experience, is the new pilot of President Trumnn's private I5C-0, "Independence." Me replaces Col. Henry T. "llnnk" Myers, who retired to lake n civil airline job. Hearings Scheduled For Burglar Suspects NORTH U1TLE ROCK. Alk., .Jan.' 15. (UP)—Preliminary hearing for two men accused of larceny and nuivinc inortf:;^:cd .property out of the st:,tc. in connection with a safe robbery, will be held Saturday at Nonh Little Rork. Wilson, IT. of Wilbmn. and Dan Moody. M, of Uttlo Hock, are accuser! of niking a safe Irom the Grand Packing Company of North Little Hock last May. and' removing iroai it alxiut $2,100 in cash and $2300 in check.-:. Extortion Note Demands Boss Crump Pay Off MEMPHIS. Trim., Jan. 15 (UP) — Whlic-l laired K. II. Crump, 12- year-old Tennessee political lender .showed more concern today ov?r payment of a penny postage duo than to Ihieuls against his life contained In an extortion note demanding $50,000. Crump called in the Km and local authorities before carrying out, demands of the letter writer last nlcht. He carried a brown bag to a specified section of the city, but instead of the money he Inserted a note .saying: "To the eovi'nrd perpetralillK this dastardly thing: anyone could lake' a white mouse with baby teeth and' run you In the Mississippi River." Crump waited almost 40 minutes for the anonymous letter writer to appear and claim inn bag. Finally he gut (lied and went home. Crnuip said that (he hand-writing was the same as In a similar extor- llim note received by him almost two years ago. Both special delivery letters had poslafie due. •"I had In kick In the large sum of one penny for the first special delivery Irllrr niifl linn- this one cost me another penny," Crump said, Police in Rom* Battle Protesting War Veterans JIOMK, Jan. 15, (U.P.) persons were injured today and .1 score arrested when 500 crippled war vol<>j,ms demonstrated In front of (he Ccniral Police station, demanding increased pension* at onre. Mobile police riding in Jeeps and brandishing riot sticks forced a way through ihc crowd. Many of liie veterans stretched (hem- reives full length O n the cohble- Moncs. forming human roadblocJtv. 200 was paid for the cotton. The cotton WILS sold by (he James H. Cross Company, and i| le principal purchaser was the S, S. Stone Company, pine niuff representative of U. S. Rubber. Prices ranged from 27 to 38 and one half cents a pound. The Jrep* forced ahead, »nd the 1 vclerans got out of ihe way In time. The demonstrator! dispersed and! ma.sscd again In front of the 1 nearby Ministry of Inlerior. A representative was received by! Vice premier Giuseppe Saragat, Sanigat promised that the cle-' mauds of the veterans would bo' considered by the government, and 1 pensions would be In keeping wllh advances In Ihe cost of living. Fire Damages Catholic School in Memphis MEMPHIS, Term, Jan. 15. (up) —A three-alarm fire broke out in THURSDAY, JANUARY 15, 1948 Louis Schedules Four Round exhibition Bout NKW YORK, Jan. 15. (UP)-Max Waxman, manager of Leo Malric- cian of Baltimore, announced today that Matrlccian would box a four- round exhibition with heavy weight champion Joe Louis at the Baltimore coliseum on Feb. 9. Waxman said Malric.-iani v/oulrt sharpen for Ihe Louis exhibition by fighting in a 10-round bout with Jimmy Bivings of Cleveland at Baltimore on Jan. 26. Louis plans to salt lor England safely." Then lie on Feb. 13 for i series of personal appearances at > sportsman's show In London. Bulb Record C MONONGAHBLA, pa. tupj-Ben Nelson read a news item about a light bulb said to hav« been In use for 17 years. "That Auslrlan-made nulb in iny halway at home," Nelson said. "i s B im going strong after 20 years. lUad Courier Hewi Wai* Ad«. WHAT CAUSIS • PILIPSYT A bcotlM <0.10ml/., H>« Mini*., * If. ««ui dcxtor, wt Hilt i.lw.,1!,, ,»bj«tl b. ,,nl mi, W M|. ,(,„ | tl) _ ^ M rtodtr wrili*, |. «,. u uu »f*t JJ7 Firth Av... Mw.y.,1, N. Y., Loop Jam* Expensive CHICAGO (UP)—Officials of the Chicago Transit Authority estimate that traffic Jams In tliu Loop add $2,00.000 to operation cosl« of buses and street cars every year, The principal charge Is for overtime of personnel. Read Courier Newt Want Adi PILES TROUBLE? For Quick Relief * N'T nr.r.AT ANT MINCER! N O » » • iiul* you <•»« use at lio.n. to " 'iiiforr or ft. Tend a to *of- attcndaiR'c, and iunuiultneiily lu tPXlhook. Uu'. Pine Bluit Claims Largest ; Cotton Deal in History | PINK TJLUFF, Ark., Jan. 15 (UP) —Pine Bluff locluy claimc<l It hnd hc'lti tliL- lar^t-sl cotton .salt- ever U'aii.s.'iflrtJ in .Arkaj)s;(,s, following ;ni iuic-tiim in whtrli GJSSK balc-.s changicd hnuds. A total of $1,313,- YmFliealtli fruit to &eljf> jtg/it o wmfer upsets When (liseasp-produrins hacleria inviido the inU-stinr-.s watrli oui for -'slmmidi (Uf . . . or diV<\slivc upsets and itiarrliua.s! Sricnc. !i;i.* iliscnvrroil lli;U ttie regular eat- Jn«'>r.-iiich.-i{»[ilcs as \Vasliiiigtoii S(al« Delicious aids the body in (Minlrollin« (lisoaM'-pnidiiciiig liartoria in ihe larf.r. inii'xtiiic. That's ;ui iriiportaiit fa<-l lo kninv about ibis lu-allb f'ruil— in addilinn to llic fad lluil fruit acids in apples fortify natural gci in-killing ac.ids in f/i<- slinnncli. Help Iniilil ynur defense iijiainsl winlr-r upsets . . . eat KI least 2 \Vnsliin«l..n [Vlieious Apples e\iMy day. Gooil eating, gnoil for you! DELICIOUS Hart's, Wonder or TAYSTEE BREAD - - - - 2 loaves 27c SUGAR Admiration "Cup Tested" 92c fi $'•10 / ITUDSM Ixtra Standard No. 1 Toll Can TOMATOES No. 2 Tall Can COFFEE - - ... - lib. glass jar 49C Ea.9c ------ Ea.9c PORK & BEANS-- - - - Ea.9c Garden Run No. 2 Can %P\ ENGLISH PEAS Ea.10c ^ HOMINY - - No. 1 Tall Can / TISSUE I •N". 1 Tiill Can MACKEREL SALMON 23 Wilson's ;{i, ()/. Can POTTED MEAT ,„„, 19 M Tall or (i Small PETMILK 39 Kanc.v Hlne Rose l.mijr Grain ARKANSAS RICE 19 PlSfo BEAMS llb ;r 45 CREAM STYLE SORN 15 Sailor .Man All (Jreen No. 2 Can LIMA BEANS ,24 X". :i().'} Can BLACKEYEPEAS fl 13 l'i>|' C»ta or ORANGE CRUSH _75 Monica's Dime liranri CONDENSED MILK , 20 I'i"inn>-American—No. 1 Tall Can SPAGHETTI 2ror 29 c Di-omedai v I C)/.. Can PIMENTOES Ca 13 Baker's Shretlded COCONUT Large Size CASHMERE Hath Si/.c PALMOLIVE Regular Si/.e PALMOLIVE Heinz Ovcn-I5ake<l 4 oz tan R ....... , 2for 2 for ... 2 for 19' 29 29 23 Ilein/. All Varieties BABY FOOD Iifa 45 Prince Albert TOBACCO fin 10 Frozen Foods I'cach; Cherry, Apple or BLUEBERRY PIES ,62 Sliced Kirdseye STRAWBERRIES 63 li Dozen 15<>x CLOVERLEAF ROLLS 21 Hirdseve CORN ON THE COB ,65 Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Crispy .lumbn Stalks CELERY 15' Crisp Iceberg Heads LETTUCE ,,15< (•arden Fresh RADISHES ,„„ 5 « Red Ripe and Delicious TOMATOES „ 28 Red Kmpcrors GRAPES ,,,15 10 l,h. Mesh Bag GRAPEFRUIT 35 Kull-O-.luice ORANGES 811) ba ,35 Salad-Worlhy CARROTS , IK , 1S 25 Texas Green Heads CABBAGE Ib .4i c Yellow SpanisK onions ,,,io Golden Rip« BANANAS Ib 15 c Liberty Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday

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