The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1947
Page 4
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FOUR BLTTHEVILLi} NEWS THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, 1947 Emily Wixson, Society Editor I>hon« 461 H. Stovall JiV To Wed Hot Springs Girl Of wide social interest is the .111- luncemenl nncic today of the en- rvsnt of Miss Patricia Lie O\.v- r of Hot Springs, daughter of Mrs. £. Glaznc-r. 409 Earing St.. Springs, to William H Stovill, 'Jr.", sod of Mr. nnrt Mrs. W. II. Slo- v»11. 663 West Main St. The iwcddlng vil.l take \;\Mt Air.;. |31 at the First Christian Church in Hot Springs.': Miss Olaznei.htteridert I'.iqh school Iri Hot Springs and the UniverM'.v of Arkansas, Fayettevil!e, where she becamjs a member of Kappa K:ippa Gamma, social sorority. '•Mr. Stovall wa.«, graduated fmin Blytheville H !(-•!> School :r.i;l will be. a senior Ihlr Fail ::t the University, of Arkansas. Ho is a member of Pi Kappn Alpha fiTt-rni'y. A 'veteran of service in the Mar:-. 1 Covps .duriiiR ihr- lie w.vs ?','.- tloned' in the South I'.icilic l.v; two years. Miss Roc Complimented ,At Desscvl Bridge Party Miss j Mary Sue Koe, bri'nveiivt, as npnored last nv;ii'. hv >-s & Ernest' R. Jnfks-en. her •; i I^-M'. Mrs. Jcseph W. Mc.!!«»cv, ::iiilV:s John 1C. M-Hnnoy when th'y in- tertained witli a down irrio.v •<• the Jackson home on We-;; I-.Ia'i Strrct.. 'The j four tables of ;,'i" •' >>'•• eluded' Mrs. John F. C'"ii::c >•'• Ccokeville. Tenn., s:s'w of .'.';' Roe; l\er mother. Mr.--,, flnnv.l H 'e and the brldcprccm-el.iuY. :iuj:h er. Mrs. Marcns Evrarcl. -' Roses, zinnias, daisies uiH ::Mcr were pjfccliiely arruii:e.i to '"••':< irate the hr,:r.e. Ccmcrir.i; :he r- i ol honor's Isible v.i : .s a tiM '•';-'? ol rcses and bud varcs of zSnni 1 '.; • ; centered other tables. Tn bridse e.nnies, Mr?, r.i' 1 ';' ' Ilavhcs Fan- \voii hi?:i seve ;:' " pnci lirUlpo prz' wcsnt io M;>.'i Dorothy Jean Ilirsi:;sr:i. Mss'/Kre was printed a Vilu-;- ket anil blanket cover '..y !:2r '••••:'•- terses. She wore r. yllj.v cli" .:- brny frcck and « t"ra!,e D. >:•"-- ccn gladicl: o.nri vein-,-. Ul. u ;:•-•> presented to her by'tlic h-.v,;i" ?.o,. ; Miss'Coleman Honored ; With'Parties This WHv Miss- Cora Lie colemr.n has \w.t honored at several social ev^nt this week and more parties ar; if planned for her before..her re.' :;n- ti Will Wed Blytheville Man Bits of News Mr. and Mrs. W. J. McNair. who have Ix'cn visilli>8 Mr. .uul Mrs. F. llaiber lor the past week, hiive eiurned lo their home in Aug- isla, Cia. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Humphreys >mi <l-i,r:hier, J.aNclla, iincl Mrs. Ciiaee Wilks and son. John \Vil- lii'iu, are spentiiiu: u weeks vacation in the Smoky Mouniailiis. i.viis. John Uuchanan and di.iigh- ler. Ann, wil! «o U) Memphis to- inriiTiiv:, where Ann will enter the iiaptisl Hospital for a lon.silectomy S.'tmday moinint;. Mrs Ike Miller lias oeen dis- •nK'Td from Um Bar, Eye, Hose and Throat Clinic in Memphis, where she underwent :in eye operation. Mrs. Meyer Nimdchn.ln of Pel Mnr. iMn,, a niece of Mrs. Miller. •A III arrive tomorrow to spend 10 lavs with her aunt. Mr anil Mrs. J- C. Liy.son and children, (lien f!ay and Sharon. )ean l.aysmi and Mrs. IWor'ls J'os- er ol 'Detroit. Mich., rev'imccl i.ime today alter hanm; v:silcd Mr and Mrs. linyd Tumlinsoii and riniilv here for Hie past week. m Porman is in St. Louis to[lay on Wcodir.vv Hrvalll ol little liock the uuesi ol his nister. Mrs. Anabel H. I-'iU. and son. Loiue ivarl SUUvell left today tc.r' Sikeston. Mo., wnerc she will At The Hospitals m,viiii-;vii.i.B IIOSITAI, Admitted: M.uhn JMf Boyell, city. 1' Hi'own, Luxjiii. Dismissed: O.xiper Carver. BraKi; Cily, Mo. Ixuina Crump, city. Mrs. lierhcrt Wilson, cily. Tun Bieedcn, city. WALLS IIOSI'ITAI, Dismissed: Jan::'s Haider. IU. 'i, city. Mrs. Toil Kin;.;, city. G. C. HurUm. city. Mnxlnc I'Yirshee. Hi. 3, city. IIAI'TIST IIOSI'ITAI,, Memphis Dismissed: Jurne.s Malcck. Osceola. Tom I.aiiBley ,<:ily. BIcLI niOKK CLINIC. Memphis D-smis :ed: Mrs. L -M. Williamson, .Johuv. Miss Wilhelm Attends Conference at Peahody Miss lama B. Wilhclm. activity dim-tor at Blyliieville UiKli School. lefl yesterday for Nashville, Tenn., lo iillend 11 conference on high school oxtrri-cul ricnla activities at I'eahody ColleR.V She was accompanied Ity Mrs. Juke Huffman. Follow iii|> the conference. Miss Wilhelm and Mrs. llnfnnan will co lo Maryville. Teiin.. If) b" (inesls <•! their autil. Kslejia Kny, ant! daughter. ncssic Day. Coming Events :' : ::v i'atri'in 1-ec Glannpr of lint i.f v.'ilir.uii li. Etovi'.l! of ulythcville in :ui:'.niij-i'<l tetiay. /vii^s Edna George Becomes Bride iOf Sol em "•iitchey of Birmingham Air.;. 7.- Miss I'Tdna Oeorne. daiii'.hU'r "I Mr. <*•! I.uxiirn. became (hi; In idn of Haicni It IM rrir". Hltehey ^[ Rir[iiiil!;h:nn, Ala-, i :,( weci'.lin^ eerenidiili'S yvsleidav niririiiru '. cl t'nr [iiilirieulaCe Cnneeptirn Ml I'!;. M 1'raici:, Me Ccvitl. paMoi. ijllicia'ed i r <i friulKls and relatives ul liu <(ui;' iule f:l:ldio]i. fev-^- - rr.O ili:::r b.i.sket ; bride and hrii'.mro liarents. Mr>:. GcoiY a civp ,v. IV -,. <i! ' I.ern v.hlte ^ladio'ii. OL'ei • and fern against 1 ul VVo'.idwaniia trees fi.rmed a seltllli; lor Die n:... CanclU-s 'ourninu in ^.n :cie!L.'jra east a son and the liy IJ l - - tion as North Mississippi Csun'.y j J. l; M ."";;. Homo' Demonstration Agent be-I '/)..',",,' conies'effective Aug. 15. L ; ... ",,, .,.' Mrs.. B. B. Wiison y.'iis ho.'-'.f-s ,,. | .^;. ,', ; with a supper parly in her h-ivr I'-", " i .'; j ! Tuesday nigh 1 ; ot Simpson's C:i(,- ;,.;.;'„;;:,.',' ! StB'c-iinc. Aincng gti?. 1 -''.:; »'::s i.V .'.I i Godscy of Gr:eiuvoi.a, ;<. C.. M',i:Coleman's nephew, who cane lure 1 to drive her o'.:l car back to r;:-tcn- ; wood. Tile I.emc denia:isU':U"-':i i leader, who v. ill retire In h; - r : home in Greenwood, v.'as \r:>^-'"~^' : <' '.,n new Plymouth sedan by Nurih .-'"'•Mississippi cppntians. , • Mrs..W. T. O'oe'rst, and )i?r dai^'.i- : - : ;ter, Mrs. S. S. FaUerEnn, were lv•-.- 'tesses; Monday afternoon wir'.i ?. .bridge party coir-plinientln 1 ; M:-Coleman. . The Oberst, home. 313 West ~>'^^ St.. was attractively (!e?m-..'.eJ with Summer ilewers for the ov::- sion. In bridge games. Mrs V f' Mrs. S. P. Ma-'.!'.:. srrand. :.ivi ''"' Hennaii Crom. cut e":i •'' ; : pri7C. Miss was prcsrn'. rd a gi!t of l:ngerie by her 'u; .i teases.. That night. Hi" Home D:'!irvis'r i ti"ii CHih at Dogwonl imnnve Aliss Colcman v ith a s'npp'" r-'-"' ^ and a'.breakfast on Tuc-d,>v iv.i: M Ing after the K:OUP spcn> Ho u::': >in the clubho-i^e. Members <ii t!i club presented her a (Ufl. Cox-Childs Wcddmr, Solemnised in Osccoh -The wedding of M>s A''". Coiv, dnnphter o[ M'". i-'-'i '••'- Lawrehee T. Cox of Kc:-'V. lo J. ahilds. son <>; Mr-. R: v.::, .Maxwell, and Mr. dlT.t; mollier wore a liininied in la-.H'- saye.'; of featheri at liieir Klvnild'.'r. ;-ene. Th:> salin-iaish- j Mrs. I). It. Ahdelnmir of Port l was ds'corated with Chester. N. Y.. had char;;c of I lie tuie.'.L book. Presitlili'; ai In 1 ' reii eslnnent 1al>- le wore Mrs. l.nuis (.n'ori'.e c>[ O:-;re- ola. Misi Miilili™ Kalv.ill.y of Hay Minuet te. A!.i . nn<l Mrs. John Hhlbley of Nriv Madrid. Mn. 'file hall was <l"rnr:ited with balloons ill IKIS'el . . ., ...[lead 10 days as I la' Kliest of her aunt and nndc, Mr. and Mr.-. Roy Mis', Polly Stewart left Wednesday I")' .laeksou and -Brownsville, Te'nn.. where .she will spend two weeks with relatives. M's YV .0 Mofire leti- fills morn- ini! for .lonrstmro to spend tv.o days with her I'railddausldei. Mrs. William '!'. filewarl mid Mr. Ste.w- arl Mr. and Mrs. Stewart, will re- lilin with her MMIIOI row lo spend three weeks with their parents, I Mr. mid Mrs. U. H. Holt, sucl Mr. and Mis. Bryant Stewart Sr. i Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hunch, Mis Martha Ann Bunch. Russell Bunch all oi Blytheville. and Miss Hetlic Kenlcy iif Holland. Mo., have re turned from a two we.eks vacutioi in the West. They visited Dr. am Mrs. K. C. timid in Snlidn. Colo and .1. W. Holms in l,os Angclc Calif. Kn route home t'ney went t the Cirand Canyon. Mary Marearet Autcn rctiirnc last iiiiiht from visiting her sistc M s. R. C. Barnes and lamily ii Whilehuven. Tenn. She also visile her brother. Eusene Aulen, who I 1 RI DAY '['lif- n-:m-a:; •S.iplisl fMiureli will iinch ul 2:'.fO p.m. n[ the nice I at Mrs. Miss First, the Meetings M., meeting tonight oinimiiireation at. ior v.ork in order »I Max 11! Master. !•' and special Ihe hull. 7:30 the FC decree, Parks, Worship- Takes Cruise With Nary (Idle li. Posteil. •.-lass. ySNl), ol [i!. h participating, in he Ciirilibean rifea :le.stroyrr USH Charlc lie Navy sai<] today. scairati first 3. nlythcvllle, a two-week n^ crinsc in aboard tlio Eperry, J'oo Lafo to Classify Help Wanted | from tlie ci-ilin:: tit p i:npom chrysarithe- luili and' fern. C^hild, v.icalist. and his iiivs Carolyn (Jhild, or:. liuth ol lilyihi'Villr. pretent- I .1 s, :nus:c. J heir seli'.-tinns : ;:i " f:ie Lord's Prayer". Sclui- ' : '. c M-i:a' and 'li.'i'.mse' fl:u-ilnot.; Satin r.own | creir. 1 paper Tiie Uk'.c, i:iven in marriape hy shades. li:.L' i;ii:i:-r. wore n gown of white. Ruffles in Ihev rhiides were fas- t:!oal r : ; :iun with a tiglil-liltini; b<>-| teiiecl t:i tile u-fiv.-hment table, een- <i:. vc ami s!ie, r mai-quisetle yoke i tercel with n [our -tiered lake dcc- (.<M v.:in si!'.: i-.iinrvidi-ry and | ora ( ( , ( ) wit'.i pmk and while roses :,i;i(Uic(i willi seed |)i-ai:s. The full • . 1IK | i,,,„„.,[ with niiiiiatnre iisures 1.1:1 ::.l,nd-i.l into a lona train. Her O f n |,,i ( ( c an ,| i ; i ide-r<ioai. P.owers, 'ip v^il was trimmed in . lacy lern mill while iap'i.. :nnn- crvstal eandelahra settini:. 'I he baiunu't wa o'clock. Atlerwaid, Mr. and left nn a W drill]'.: fr Tur Ivavelin 1 .'. Hie briil blue <:uVanli i if ' uii orehul etn : •!:•.•• a: ifl l)ia They will ma Hiriniiu:liiuu. tm a coronet of •a<h side with. bouquet of boiiva- I s, baby orchids and '.•n:d with purple-: >i eliidr,. Ilaliy orchids ' .d ;'.di;Linliiiii lei n Ihe Ijniead ' tafteLa' inc in rd Hie >eivi-d at U I :'. i i '' •: i' j Sii:ii;. ;; i'f C.-.pper lemi., was )-:-r .'-.isler'.!;.:i iifu'. Her sheer wiiUL 1 mari|Ul- ::ic d.v.-s hail a :,wcctheart neck- ] weddinu and r.-i 'jii 1 L nd a tull sViirl, she wore a I Georce l''.irn. -Pije K. ;:..e i-icture liat uf while marqui- -. : ti' :,nti rariu'd a cascade liomiuet •t T'-.tlcrlinie?- ros. s with a tie of nalinc iind .satin lib- al ion iiidii ! tninuhani t man. (i hililry rtf iir; (M,.r; Ill' ion i:i Os-.-eola and b.ini|iirt wa- l:t nl tti'- Oseri'ln re:i In ivir nl Ui^ eoupl" :.l>0 y:iu:.t-% were tin N. Sainya. i:iiii:e !• .loo Uitfhcy. .l.nn dred Uilrhi'V and 1 all of E!ii mir.uhai Hadad in<i d:ne:l Mr. i'.ntl Mr., .in Virktibim:. Mis:..; .\ >. Mr. and Mrs o. ( l-ear [''am. Kil'hey, Mil- Mis Arthur . Maiy. and l-;ili .. :.l! rjf 'ii'l Mr.-. .John .•ii'l Mr... ('.. I i'i :.'.\v Mar I; IV Clnd- •.. Mi . a piitirnt in the Veterans Hospita in Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Chnrbs Grippe .Jr.. O. li. Knuciscn and dnnfihte Miss Muriel Knudicn. '.viU mien the 1XTOAT p.rod'iiclion. "Naur.hty Marietta" tonight in Memphis. Friends and relatives here to al- Icr.d funeral reivices yesterday for J. E. Johii!;on, who died Tuesday, were Mr. tind Mrs. U. -A. Lani;ley. Mr. and Mrs. J T. Brown. Mr. and Mrs. C.. G. mown, Mr. and Mrs. Connie Brown. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hungtrford. and Mr. and Mrs. Seth O'Hani. all of PiRRntl. my.l Mr. and Mrs. Homer Prcsler, Mrs Nettie Plircell. Mrs. Ladye nn:itright anrt Frank noatriglit, ati of Dycrsbui'i;, Tcnn. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Kerloot and children. Oliver Jr.. and Wanrla. of IFo.-ahontas arc vaculionin: here iwilh Mr.s. Kertoot's brothers. icus Craines and lamily. Ku.ssell Gainc.s. and Mrs. Games, I.ncien G:'ines, and Mrs. G-iunes. and R. }j. Gaincs. and family. Mrs. F C. Hathorn and iier three children, 'nicker. Eur.all and 'Judy, have iel\irncd to liie-r in lliiltiesinr!:, Miss., after havina ;-,ren irnpsts of Mr.s. Ilalhoi:i- p.n- Irnls, Mr. and Mrs. (J. F. Tu. fr. l\Ir and Mr.s. Tucker .u-.nnp in- lied them as far as Me'iijiliis, I\Uicre tliev boarded a plane M :'o ll'i San FrVncisco. There ilv:y v .11 lie KU-'sts of their niiiigli'er. Mrs. Ceri! R. iBran.son. and Mr. Uran.'on. medical officer \vitli the U. S. Army. 'Mrs. Branson u: tho mer Miss l.yiicttc Tucker. \vt-iir IKI\ j IK'i nialiriil pci.sltlnii ivltti re. with loral roiu-pm. inking roillllnrHls Write Courier Neivs. fl 7-ck — lf fnr s^]<-5 yesltlon with • witli Hlvtlievlllo linn. P. '", Courier Neis's house rmrl c;irr for '•irv, room ntul board, miiern Aulo Blnrr. m-pk-11 Wonted (o Rent or unfurnished AiluH.s. I'hoiie Medical Test Proved This Great to Relieve MONTHLY FEMALE PABNS Arc ttlstrr of :nr- distil rhMirr this niaV:* 1 \ from p-iln. (. i^i. rc5.t'«sj DO lr\ I hum' pou ni Tn CcniiTi IM 11 ' in h syinptoniFt e' modir^l U-PI I'lnklinm's e:"vcl roitiFirkfibly brlpfvil lo V.OHH11 tinnhl'Tl nils -,vay. It's whnt Doclnrs <-;ill n iitTlnc RftliUlvc. It haa a (jnnHl r'l.nlitti^ rllccL on one "' luojiion f. UMi^f iinpnrtniil orpons. Tnknti r--i:n]iiriv - rinkham'B Compound hrlp-. imikl up r^lsuinr-e lo such .llslrrrr.. Al-n * £:r.*;,t, :.toninrhlc tonic t l.YDIA t. ell. Bb'thc'vjllr. wa" s"l iiii-i- ncrtlay in Osceoln.. The'bride p.ttciuli-il id?: s-hrol 1 niid Mv C'-iil'l.. BIythcyille s-honls. !!e rrnncdtcd wilh the I.?. 1 .'! niction Cr.mpnny in U r -l': : as. Mr. ir.iirt Mrs. Clii'sis guests • rt Mr. pud Mr.-,. here Before guin^ ;o II? make .Iheir home. Birth'day P<uty Given For Kay Blackard, U) - V. : hen Kay Bl.-.eki'.Td ce'!'-.->' her 10(h birthday V.'nir-.: ••::•-. • entertained 1^ cf 3ir- 'i;r.i,:s '.v. 1 a- supper and bxm;:;n-: i:-vf, . the horr^ of her prrjr.i.,, ^.'.r. ; s M 5 Marshall B'aekarsl. | gucsSs.'who included Samsii e •": n ' Wrisht of Kcnnetl. ?.•;?.. v. r, -.;.•-., grandmother. Mrs. Ick" :i!a:'r-.-':i; A breakfast was served T'.ei.-.i:: . mornirjg. -.'. ' • * * More' Parties Given H -'For Out'of-towners "OECEOIA, Au?. 7—Mrs. Ci:.-.r. - Ad^nisr \t-as hostess last ni;^'..', ti EC teer.-igc guests with a dm;, ;•, j COmpllmentins Miss Trie/: Iicir>r- wn and her lip'js^gurst^^ M v;- Orsc^ Johnson of.. rTevrCasliP, I'M. »r.d Slits ] r ranc'c3"ChanilJ2r!iii of X"-pb<<= Another of th"i -,i.\i'v r..'- I*lrs bcjnjj given In their honor Gaincs Brothers Make Annual Fishing Trip The three Oaines brother*. . 'Lileien. and H.issell are in .\Jel: ---so. Art:., on their annual jlislun^ trip to W.n.skey Simte. 'I his year they W'crc aernniiVlnicd by P. Tl. Clllter. Ciareir.-e .\; laiv, I, M. Vance, r:eldcr Peny and Jllun Wiitianiron, nil of Hlv^it- 1 , i le. end Oliver Kcrfool Sr.. and Oliver •tr.. of Pocahontas. Thr- fishins party plans ;n re- ' home Ihis weekend. FARMERS! !!i!? IVnn Hcrtlc.: arc aK.'iin caushur much tl 1 .' ti'iittidii! \";i'.v i.'- l!)i- linn' to kill Ihrjic in:'i'l..< :i:"i inrv..nL iicavy In'-si'.- 1 ! 'Ihi' i yntl li"^t HlVtlivi' «';tv t.'i I'di'.t,'..'. ('u'.-c )ii'sts is |>y Aivplaiu 1 ]>" till'.' T: 1 .. ucltiiil ro.-t of il:istin,^ \irr .'ii-n- i.; T;c' U : - than Tt;C i.ost t;f ;i IniKlir.l of boan:'-. Call Planters Filing Service Phone 3721 or 3418 Blythoville The m-v:re:U slnr knnwn i; !'i .r-: nn-i. in tJu .sontbcn-. r<msirll;»tir> of Onlfiuri. IL is a Inin! :.1 :',v i thrr trntli ni;\^nitiutc nnil i> -1 ii'*lit \rnrs hrun the rarllv ia Shows I/very l);iy Uox Office Opens 1:45 Show S(;u'ts 2:00 I.I6TKN TO KLCN 8:00 a.m. ' 1Z:IJ 4:3« fm. Thursil.iy Mild Bin Otficr Oprns at 1:OD p.m. Khnw Starts 7:15 p.m. Orfns Slinrtay 1:30; Klnrls 1:1* ConllTinnns Shows Sat. and Sun. Bargain Night Every Night ICxrcpl Salunlay No pas.^9 bonnrcd on Sunday al the Rosy, Thursday and Friday weYeailin GSEGORY JANE WYMAN THURSDAY, F R I D AY, S A1U R D AY ONLY! EVERYITEM SHARP LYrt EDUCED! NO-MAIL OR PHONE ORDERS. QUANTITIES' LIMITED; HURR"Y INI BUY NOW! SAVE! NEW RAYON BtOUSES, ONLY 2 39 regularly 2.91 3 clays oc-ly! Every 2.98 rayon hloccsc at this spe- u.ct sa\ in^s! Many st) les HI while, colors. Sixes 32-38. UNBLEACHED MUSLIN FOR ALL-PURPOSE USE C f,y fritf 2v» Smooth uiihleaohcd muslin suitable for dozens of general household uses. 68 x 72 thread count. 39". WOOL AXMINSTERS 27" x 48* SCATTER SIZE 3 97 w.r. ; Save 25% on lovely wool trailers — thick deep nilc, clear axminsler colors, Moral and modern patterns. Selected Short Subjects Continuous Shiiuiug Kvcry Day * - ^ < ' v itJ TECHHICOLOR ,n reCHHicoLOR. COMINC. SOON TO TUB UlTX Alljt. il-l."> ".Stallion Hoad" with Honald lira can *• Ale\is Smith Anp. IT-IS ' Slinekins; Miss 1'ilgrim uilh U.-Uy (ir.iblo and Oick llaymcs "The Iliu-Kslers" with Clark (iahle, Dclinrah Krrr tt Ava (iarrincr PRICE NOW CUT ON ALUMINUM ROASTER 98 C . Holds 5-lh. roast! Mirror^ finish outside, sun-ray finish inside. Heats rniick- ly! Buy yours now, save!

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