The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1947
Page 3
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^THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, 1017 Earthquake Kills One in Santiago Cuban City of 62,000 Rocked by Tremblers; Hundreds Leave Home SANTIAGO !);•'. CU11A. AH". 7. IUI 1 ) — ji'oiir rai tlK|imk<'>; sin >k eastern cul/:i dnriiiK Hie niii.!, leaving one person dead :irr! ien injured. The (temblors, ]asiin« up to 15 .*<•• comls each. cr;»'.;(d binklin-;.; -i dred.s of per.sons ,ae,.'^; to |>, ; , ,;s lo .slci?|> out the r.: hi. Oilier Inealil'e-: •:,, K:,';lern Cnha reported leelinn (He .vluu-ks, hit-, i.h.e only casualties were repnried in Santiago de Cuba, a city of '12 (,03 Population. The lone iaialiiy ,\M.^ allritinted In a he:ut alhu-k, !>•!', liilMliK dehi is vas hhnned For injuring others. uvo seriously. IClcctric po\ver in .Santiago de (-ul)il was knnc-ked out, ior on.? hour and -10 luimiles. In 1113:). an eanhqiiake in Ihe city took many lives -and caused extensive property dniiKiRC. Punic spread throunh Ihe city U'lun llnve additional quakes occurred duriii" the early niorniiu; llonr.s and many persons ieit the eilv. .sec'kiiij; safety in Ihe eomury- .side. Cuban Army r.nd Navy authorities took over Ihe task of maintaining order. BLYTHKVIMJSJAKK.) COUKlBIt NEWS World Troubles Prove Need for Effective UN To Make Global Peace More Than a Mere Dream llv S. lU'UTCIN IVKATII N'KA Slal'f (N,riTs|H)in1enl l.AKK SUCCKSS. N. V.. . 'NKA) ,_ |.'mm a si'itl in tlic> f\ nailery: 'I'lu' Atomic Kiu-1'j.y Commission wsu aiiniittiiu: llial it i-oulJ n,.i iiuhirr. liiissiii to ro along- on an isstif so vital that (In- othor nalinns ha<l (c, hstainl firm. Amhvi A. tiroinvko was iiil'onmnjv the Sccunly Council Ilia! tin-Soviet Union would nr-vor I'cmsiMil to M commission to watch the CriTo-l!;d!<im !r"''!Til!:i \v;ir situation little 1 Allmnia was li'lling the world thai tlui United Nations had no i!;,.., T i,, ...,,,| inside her Lorelei's "• • • Ml " ! PAGE THREE - \'»l " res!s in,,.,, L-eliel, K••.. junta,,, u ,.,,.e,| 'n. ; ..|. ,,,„ Corn Be/f H/f Hard Jby Dry Hot Weather CHICAGO. AUK. 7. cUP> — Cora uc'll. raiuiers i:iossed iheir tini.cri today nnd jjrayed lor a drencliiii'- i-ain to save .sti'ui'l'li!].; crops from serious ilrxiia<\e But I he wciitheniian Kav c them little hope. The corn crop, beaten by .sonic of the worst corn- Browinjj wcalhci- in years, was in itrcont need or heavy rains wliliin I be .next, lew diiys. The wcathenniin could promi*- oidy scnltereil thnndersliovvt-rs. Already considerable damage vva i reported on the sun-parched prairies where corn, the nation's basic [•rop, is Hi-own. .Some runners compared the hot. dry winds s wee|ii:i across their fields wilii (hose of Hie droughts or t!-,e middle 1030's. The crop outlook was ruflecte.! on the Chicago Board o[ Trade. where September corn luturcs rcjsr- J.I. Raymond <;, .luhnsuii, lell, i! Cal<!',vell. Ohio, and r'nmk ContKuijdilon, uf Spniie.lield, Mass., niiike a lin:,l id;.ntilii'iitioii cl:.eck i.iefon- tli-'interring one <i[ ij,u AniiM'iean war dead al Ihe U. S. Military Cemetery at ]!(.nri-Cha[,< lie. IVIi;iii!i>. First .shipload of fili'.'U Unit's is expected lo k-avo for the U. S. early in October. ' Cotton Council Head f-o Spe«k On Kv S. lillliTON IIK,VI'II NKA Sliil'f ('iiiTes|niiuli',,t In Ihe Committee on Achinssion o! Me:,- Members. Griiinvkii 1 -: lo;l dcjlilly leilnu: Uitsnin's all'i.s ilallj' that they were liars. :m;l the iircused reiiri'seiuiitives uf Ilie other ixmers were bawling hi:n out in the slronjiesl lan.;,ia^e \rt lu\ird in this eupilol ol Hie x.orid. In offices ;md col riders, ile'k; and porters, Mvtclaric.s and mes- sen^i rs earrietl on tiieir rool ; :i.' r.s though nnihini; 0111 <H I lie ui- diniiry was ]ia|i|)i-nin'i Hlanr.nj; Kiissia-ino.s: ol them lor tl,.- im- p.isse. hut assuming that e'/eiy- lliinjf would work ii.self om. Jl.nior executives were K:\:, ia;: lo Iricnds. ofi tin record, ;h,u Hie Uiiiled Nations was lacing a vi- lal te.'jt. Il iniua Imd .so:ne s,.iu- lion. ihe.v said, lor either 'lie Balkan .situation o]' llial in Pat.' i'.ine. or iKilh, or ils ])reslie.e \voniil c l r*i() on', ol siuhl. And Sir Alexander c;.,,|,^an, lirhish ambassador, thai ( nioinenl lo make clear 'lo -ne he i had never .said Unit, U the Ual- jkan sitiKiliun «as not .solved, "we mivht as well tear nj> the di;'i'- tei—and p:uk up." I.NriIlNGi:i) SOVKKKICN'I V 'Otir failure lo ln:d suv!'. a MEMPHIS. Ti'tin. AH... 7. (UIM another ordinal y failure. did .say and do say i,; that we migbt as well lear up the charter —and 1:0 huriu- it we vre pre- si B hled reason dial such in at- ftW At. the UN Hei'nriiy Council. Kussia's Andrei in veto us Poland's <;:;v:ir;e .Id, i :!:• Sueh disaitreemenls disi'!.ina.;e Ihe world, l,n see lio|>e in the taet can Iry lo eoinproini:. Ihe spec'iali/nd ai-eoei, i'^:-:£i^ 1 K'..Si!S.*J'-jj^t..^ n ^ v _^ lom.Mai raises Ills I land r, a uoncommi'ai ally ''I Hie UN leader:;, wlu • '.t' ond \\ hiell nal lour MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES 1 his Old Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief V.'hcn <lisorc!ir«,r kidney fui.e'tin.nwm'ita B0150I10U3 matltr So remain in your LlooJ. it ™>y c.msp miecma liacknrhc, ilicuinallr JJ.i.ns, JeK lining, loss of ])i-j) ami entity. KL'l- rJ'!ln'(^ l ^ : !, <i: ' chca ""'' J'zzi"«s. i-Vcuiicnt or tonier Y^ 3 %vitjl Enjartini: nnil Lurnink; ^nn : «illTik°-™r a in!sii sl f, )r D Mn ' 3 , ''-' sn" 1 ,", 1 ,"^ 1 £'^.M, ""'" nl "' ( ' v '' s llW!lv lr " m lhlM ' 1 " sll ' ll "«'-"ts ol 111.' United Nations tion's so^L'reignty. The Uniled Nations a;>i)ccts And Warren A'.islin, who ii'itli Groiuykoaiul Ca^o^un eompieUs Ihe ''ClB Three" delegalion, m.ule ,,, „ ,, , i'"'iil abundantly ih;,| th.j v .-rv , < '•„ I'","''' •'", "•' a 'lroi:l>!es that dlsconraijo many '.».IL" Ihe teie , , ', - te.uie.s of col, ,„, I,,H a K ncuUuiv Ti:e l.vo-driy coiifereiu-e will sc't-i . to develop ide::- for increasing '.h . ,„ hi]n . ,-vidence (Hat the "united Nil Lions is vitally needc-d by the v/oild. "The issues, the aretnuenls. the And nr. Oscar dele;;ide. "as a Ki, ordination of reeoM'-U'iic-liuii :ti various ,Ei,vo| ean eonntries." a,e 10 spei-iali/.ixl nf: eics covering a wide Scorco Newsprint Burns; Loss Placed at Million , f inn <'' s:| 6i'cemeiils and llic agreements I lull have crowded l,he brkl lilu of the United Nations all are de'n- C'list.ri'.lions of llic need for siic-h an cir^n]rz:ilion," he luUI me. "They clearlv show the I'.-.-er.iiv NEW VOI5I'- .\i,.. 7 ui|., _ p - If'"' "laintainins: and develoivm; n. Ihousand ton, 'of nev prnl Vas -- 1(mB , !ls '-^"'seiHalives ,,f Ihe c'eslrnvf,! n-,,' ii " l S1)111U ;' ls i>-.= nieniher nations coidaaue to <.<.sl,oj«d ea:,v todnv ,n a SDt-tt-l. nM , ( . u tl . ( , c , a ,, ft ., t ., lcc ,,„„,, u , ois:uss the Issues, voice 'hi-ir sn- , rUn ' " ' jpiiions. and .seek to mediate Ilicir ine );api'r. o«net, l)y five New uisjnites. there is alwa'.s hope lor SS^oV.!'^/'''''^,-!^''^' ''V' S va!llc<1 '!' iasreemcnt. lor progress, lor I'eacu. mi.ed at $,].()! li.lilll). jea.'.es dirficult to cure. Thev "row JJic ni-w.-piii.: hartlnen stored in j'.vorseif they are ignored or iso- iiip warehouse pending transfer to i worse if they are i<;nore:l er is.i- v!".!'' .? w ";'<-"<>uscs of llic Rally iiinued work' and continnod uiih ,. V ' ,'^'"' v ^" rl: '1'iiues. tlie Neviare far inore effective rinvaUves. jork Worlci-Ti 1,-,.,•.,,,,. iheSun and ! It would b? the hislll ol lolly lo 11 l ronrev-v _ s t a]) treating the aihnenl.s : rni|il.v because the ecmiomic. scci. 1 .! ami for! nolilical iicalth of the world car. jccl-s. The international lal«,r O, - \\\ ,', ".,:,: I '•""" Kani/.alion. taken over Hie Leiiuiie 11,,, ,'1,.' ,..."., ,,'... ,,,„ of Nations, already is Imiclionin/:. ,„." '.'' '''"' The World Hcahl,-cremation, in w i ' ,'..i " I roiim. ihr air-fnetion heat- not lie achieved overnight." 1 «ui:!>rsonic mis- The diplomats all led thit too " l ; : .' v .." J " lcr v-:ly litt'c credit is heine, given lo Ilie 'I C-'ahfoi'iiia j Uniteci Nations tor the activities i |of th(- relatively non-con!rove;sial jy:'-i c ; ( iay to an all-time liiqli of Economic and Social Council, and f-'.M- :: a ijtlshel. 111 < ii.'ere ami Ilie |.'nr Kii'.t, 1 ' i' ' er-ani/ed. 'I he In'el - ial Iliiiil: im.s jnsl mid ob- 1] -- "'! ifie <'.!jl) inillloii^ it P - .-d 1'Vanee f ( ,i- reron- i«'!i. 1 ia' lilten,iulon;d Civil a>n Ori!iinl«ill<)ii is Imsy ;;,: jjiojivsed uniform LV.OI- i li'i adept inn by member 'i al', however, a cinleh ,'heel: •"e. in,d Ihe cflectiveni'ss ol i'r-'iip:, leiiudns lo in- den " p| l. a'.'.in.';!' most o] Ihein a"' in tbe ctr^ani/.al iuii',1 i:irs;., is not in mnsl ol iliay pi-event a lot Kiinienl hui ninil.s the scope Lives there a girl with soul so dead who never ro herself hath said— "/ Wish I Could See Myself In Technicolor!" \ HI, . Nowyi)1| , ;1| , • l "P v '"" '!' <l<.vcl,,, )t .,i !,v Annlt.l S '"•'.uniKillv f« )r Toi-h ,,i,. (ll| . cs . Vnm . The Choice of Models and Stars . . . For that New Look— Natural and Lovelyl only $100 ROTHROCK DRUG STORE \Vo Avo lYostrjpiiou Sprrialists 205 West Moin Phone 451 and Personality Voice Years of Successful Teaching Experience For Iniormutlan Call Mrs. Eddie Saliba Phone 2536 124 E. 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